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File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (129.9 KB,1280x720)


what the FUCK
Were the theories about Satoko being Lambda correct the whole time, are you fucking kidding me?


Possibly possessed, or possibly the nature of the game changed, all that I can tell right now is that the true nature of Gou is about to reer it's head in the next episode.


File:Es1L4AOVoAsLUyo.jpg (1.57 MB,1660x1646)



File:1470390370132.jpg (42.03 KB,225x350)

I love lovely lady lambdadelta!


Fuck, it actually makes sense when I think about it. Bern's power is the ability to create a miracle out of any odds that aren't 0%, while Lambda's ability as the Witch of Certainty is to set the odds of any event happening to 100% (next-to). It would completely explain the seemingly godly lucky roll of this world.


File:the great detective furudo….jpg (160.33 KB,1280x586)

Satoko should've known that she'd never outwit the great detective.


cant imagine this isn't a recent thing
only recently did satoko ever show signs of looping, wonder what changed


File:SAME GUN.jpg (135.78 KB,1280x720)





lambda did grant her favor to takano against hanyuu(???)
maybe she shook up her game plan


Wait, so Satoko wasn't in terminal stage last episode? She was actually "sane" the whole time?


File:1346181416961.jpg (17.73 KB,174x231)

Yeah that's what it's looking to be. People have been throwing around which witch they think is responsible for this, Featherine or Lambda, but my bet's on Lambda being behind this. From what I understand Featherine shouldn't be the one overlooking the game right now, and this kind of trickery doesn't seem to be her style. Also the way that this world rolled a even better than perfect outcome points to it being Lambda since her ability is to make any outcome 100%, so a roll of fate like this would be nothing to her, neither would all the other worlds Rika suffered through.

I think that given Takano's defeat and the way she's given up most of these recent arcs, she's not Lambda's piece anymore. I'm pretty sure that in Gou Lambda has switched her piece from Takano to Satoko.

Wonder why they only released the ED2 cover and not the OP2 cover... Which character is going to show up on it I wonder...


But why with Satoko? To mess with Rika the most?


probably yeah


Not that I wasn't expecting Rika's adventure in St. Lucia, but maybe there was a better time to do it...


It was pretty obvious that they'd keep people waiting for whatever happens after Satoko pulls out her gun. Going from that to a relatively laid back episode fits with the rollercoaster ride style Gou has. Now people will be building up their anticipation of what happens after looper Satoko is revealed and when it will be shown.


rika isn't allowed hopes and dreams


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (169.11 KB,1280x720)



damn pico has to defend himself these days. times have changed for traps...

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