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R:10 / I:1
There were a couple charts translated on 4chan about a poll in Japan asking men and women of various ages about their favorite media.
The source is this: https://xtrend.nikkei.com/atcl/contents/18/00960/00001/

This is the first chart.
If it's to the left of the middle it's more popular with men and inverse for women. The Y axis is age. The size of the blip is, uh... popularity in regards to how many people gave that response or something.
R:4 / I:3

R:47 / I:11
Where are /jp/'s resident gays? I got some great news for you
R:23 / I:6
R:49 / I:19


R:4 / I:3
be yourself, freak
R:29 / I:9
Like music to my ears. (っ˘ω˘ς )
R:4 / I:4
how are hikkis supposed to deal with a tactical birthday assault
R:6 / I:3
R:23 / I:5
what OP/EDs do you like? I was thinking about the popularity of LycoReco when it came out and how nice it'd be to see more anime inspired by gunslinger girl since that was one hell of a boson anime. the OP for it being one of my favorites and having that early 2000s english indie song for its op. also do you remember that in the same season lycoreco aired there was another original anime "engage kiss" that failed miserably and was just a soulless gacha cashgrab checking boxes to try and hook a playerbase, lycoreco had no tie-in and was the biggest anime besides bocchi so goes to show how far creating something good takes you compared to trying to cash out on the trendy market researched ideal money printer
R:4 / I:1
i think these guys were egging each other on
R:5 / I:4
which purikyua is your favorite
R:13 / I:4
fuck my ass
R:15 / I:7
Does everyone prefer the Railgun stuff over the Index stuff? It seems like that's generally the case. I really can't remember my own preference, but I think I felt the same, although it's not as stark as it is for some people. How were they different again? Uhhh... yeah.
R:17 / I:12
R:61 / I:9
What does /jp/ think about city pop?
R:47 / I:14
R:15 / I:10
The dumbest part about the big brudder thing was that it sounds exactly the same as brother, it's not even a different word. It's just a spelling change.
R:119 / I:63
on topic sager
R:116 / I:73
Now that there's a bunch of people that have at least seen it in the stream, Undead Unlock is pretty amazing, huh? Seems like a nice high budget production. I haven't been excited for an action-y anime in a while
R:19 / I:7
When adding up a series of numbers from 1 to n, we generally follow the formula "X=½n²+½n".
The sum of all natural numbers, ie X=1+2+3+4+...+∞ would then equal to ½∞²+½∞.

Since we all know that this series equals -1/12, that means that
½∞²+½∞=-1/12 //we multiply by 2
∞²+∞=-1/6 //we add ¼ in preparation for the first binomial formula [(a+b)²=a²+2ab+b²]
∞²+∞+¼=(3-2)/12 //we employ the said formula
∞1=-5/12; ∞2=-7/12

You cannot prove this wrong.
R:12 / I:4
¥12 episodes is way too low to be anything but advertising
¥you can't expect much from an anime that's 12 episodes
¥they need more time to make a good story than just 12 episodes
12 episodes at an average of 22 minutes is 264 minutes total. The godfather is 175 minutes.
R:9 / I:3
R:10 / I:3
What if Zundamon was a girl?
R:19 / I:9
Without love, it cannot be fapped to.
R:66 / I:25
There's been many a time where I've stumbled upon a character and ironically stated, "Yup, that's me". Pretending or even lying to myself that I'm that character. But that's not the case here, this is me. I am literally Magia Baiser, Baiser is me. The mangaka wrote the story and I was who it was based on. You could not possibly craft a character that was more me than this. That's because if you were to change anything it would not be me, since it's me.
R:20 / I:4
I really don't know what to think of this gay robot show. Everything in it seems to be a parody of super robot mecha, but somehow I get the feeling it's being completely genuine about those elements and will only ramp them up over time.

Also, I hate hate hate magical shields that render conventional weaponry useless. I hate them. Don't show me fleet carriers or attack helicopters if they're not going to be allowed to do anything. Fuck you.
R:3 / I:3
Tehe pero~
R:31 / I:12
Have you ever watched an anime just to have discussions with your friends?

How did it go? What are your experiences with IRL friends who watch anime?
R:18 / I:8
Happy Valentine's Day Kissu! This is for you~
R:15 / I:2
What are some of the most obvious Doujin setups you've seen in anime? Was catching up on the Slave one this season and the 'cost' for dominating the MC and using him as a magic beast being the user has to accede to his (ever-growing) desires is such a clear setup for a sex scenario that I'll be surprised if it's not shown in the anime itself.
R:8 / I:6
Whenever I look at Alice I just feel like I have to go to Alice and be with Alice and see Alice smile and be there with Alice when I go to Alice and see Alice smile I will be will Alice and Alice will smile and I will go to Alice
R:5 / I:3
Saw a bird today.
R:6 / I:2
*chug chug*

Why do girls do this?
R:8 / I:6
Artist caricatures can be neat
R:21 / I:11
pasted mc
R:120 / I:52

Little Sisters

R:40 / I:11
R:32 / I:10
Anyone gonna watch the Superb owl this year?
I honestly don't give a shit I'm just curious.
R:15 / I:2
Have you ever noticed that Japanese song lyrics don't actually rhyme at the end of each line?
R:3 / I:2
R:7 / I:3
R:8 / I:2
R:9 / I:2
cracking open a cold one
R:4 / I:2
R:11 / I:2
Let's have a wanderful weekend!
R:14 / I:5
I still don't understand it. How is curry so highly regarded and practically magical in these shows? Is there a Japanese curry company (that one that sells those cubes?) behind this?
R:3 / I:1
R:114 / I:51
Meet this season's show-destroying-overreacting-generic-male-lead that prevent me from enjoying an otherwise nice show.

Sh-she's looking at me? AAAIIIIEIIEEEE!
R:12 / I:7
Another internet argument successfully won. I can't be stopped.
R:14 / I:5
move over, elle
R:8 / I:2
the one youtube cgi animator is getting a full anime it seems
R:4 / I:3
So, about that reactor funding...
R:10 / I:4
>who are you quoting?
R:26 / I:13
Mommy... im hungry
R:4 / I:3
R:18 / I:6
Fern has been posted on kissu for 4 months now and
R:4 / I:1
I reckon Futari Wa Pretty Cure might have the best BGM out of all the Pretty Cure anime
R:5 / I:2
stop it weird skull
R:3 / I:2
R:51 / I:15
What cute little gobbos!
R:3 / I:2

R:37 / I:19

Kissu Song Pre-Stream Music Suggestions

I'm going to be making an intro video thing for kissu streams in the style of https://youtube.com/watch?v=WyJj1A-Z0wU , but using various songs associated with kissu and the streams we've done.
So, uh, I guess this is a thread to make suggestions!

Here is a handy list of everything we've watched! https://anilist.co/user/kissustreamed/animelist (there might be a few missing from 2019 or so since memory isn't a perfect thing). OP and EDs will be the easiest to remember, but other songs are good, too. We should try to avoid the recency bias and include a variety of songs from the almost FIVE years we've been doing these streams!

So... LET'S HAVE A PARTY NIGHT prestream video!
R:19 / I:7
Is Touhou reclining or rising?
R:3 / I:3
Be honest with me, /jp/
R:4 / I:4
ITT side mouths
R:5 / I:1
What website do you download subtitles from? I'm looking for subtitles for Seikon no Qwaser specifically both season I and II as well as the picture dramas if they can be found. Doesn't matter if it's in ASS or SRT format. I've been looking around and most of the sites that I've been on don't have Seikon no Qwaser sub files.
(picture not related)
R:18 / I:12
Who is the character you'd die for and what makes you love them so much? For me it's Tsukimiya Ayu. I've loved her for as long as I can remember. She's just so damn cute. I love her little uguu〜〜〜's, I love how easy she tears up, I love the way she always eats taiyaki and I love love love her tiny angel wings. Ayu, Daisuki!!
R:11 / I:7
can any sleepers here confirm whether 8+ hours of sleep actually makes you function better
R:44 / I:12
This is the ideal female form, you may not like it, but facts are facts.
R:13 / I:7
When are we getting an ecchi mahou shoujo anime about imperialist and pro-shogunate girls fighting each other (before making out) set in the Bakumatsu period? Just imagine, Perry-san mahou shoujo with two massive K-cup gunboats. That would be pretty dang sweet methinks.
R:11 / I:6
¥Anonymous... to you, who loved me... I give... this planet
R:1 / I:1
pet cat
R:45 / I:22
Dumbass princess
R:9 / I:4
R:7 / I:2
¥Wow Anon, you're really confessing to me... I don't want to be rude or anything but... I don't know it's sorta weird that you remind me so much of my family's servants, not that there's anything wrong with them. They work the fields well, greatly even. I'm sure any of the other girls would love to hear these words from you. Maybe in another universe if the red string of fate were tied differently we'd be the best pair made in heaven, but...
R:10 / I:5
Wow, Anonymous. Seriously?
How embarrassing.
R:12 / I:2
It's said that what distinguishes western furry from a lot of kemono is the presence of a snout, but what happens when the non-furry characters have one too?
R:1 / I:1
R:4 / I:1
There was a fish in the percolator
R:16 / I:9
The last Sky Precure episode has aired. We are now officially in mourning. Are you hanging in there, /jp/?
R:9 / I:6
Give me your now obscure memes
R:7 / I:4
R:10 / I:1
What determines if people get cavities or not? Always worried that it seems like everyone gets them yet I've still not had one. Does it really just come down to not eating candy and brushing every day? Or are they inevitable? I've had toothaches when my sinuses have acted up and those are bad enough, can't imagine having to get my tooth drilled.
R:18 / I:4
mion blog
R:13 / I:5
I think I understand now. This show is about how even a tolerant society inherently keeps gay men from being together because it foists responsibilities on them that are incompatible with the life they want to live but cannot simply be rejected by the individual.

The giant robot who aggressively pushes the Jap boy to pilot him represents work obligations that run men ragged and show no care for how it depletes their mental energy until they're too tired to pursue their relationships. Even if he doesn't want to do the job it seems like he has no choice but to keep going to keep his life the same and is thus unable to chase a future that may or may not work out and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as the prioritization of work creates interpersonal friction.

The clingy naked feral tard babby girl represents family obligations and the expectation to marry and social duty to raise children. Even though the American doesn't want these things, he has to play along with what others think and can't shirk the responsibility of taking care of someone who depends on him even if it comes at the expense of chasing his own desires. This leads to jealousy and strife because it appears to be a betrayal when the exclusivity of their relationship can no longer be maintained.
R:8 / I:4
Remember, remember...
R:1 / I:1
snakes are having a rough season, huh
R:33 / I:16


There's a Palworld server we're playing together if anyone is interested.
I'm making this thread for greater visibility and also because the chat system is quite lackluster (and maybe to encourage other people to play).
I've stayed clear of the early access survival etc stuff, but this is pretty fun. I don't know how long it will stay fun, but building stuff and capturing stuff is right up my alley!
R:2 / I:0
Toei's doing another cg anime again
R:1 / I:1
I forgot to say rabbit rabbit!
R:9 / I:4

bite blog

this shab just bit me
R:1 / I:0
R:9 / I:5
derailing the best thread on /jp/
pretty sus af if you ask me tbh
R:2 / I:0
how come nobody told me death's stranding was good
R:20 / I:8
R:12 / I:4
Dare I say it? Anime of the year?
R:0 / I:0
R:19 / I:13
R:15 / I:7
hey do you like my sockd
R:7 / I:2
Don't say it...
R:0 / I:0
Apparently this is exactly how they do rendering and after-effects in all animation nowadays
R:4 / I:1
R:13 / I:5
¥ You got any games on your phone?
R:3 / I:3
R:0 / I:0

Let us pray

And the OtaKING will make himself known to the norms, and the norms will know the OtaKING in that day and worship with sacrifice and offering, and they will make vows to the OtaKING and perform them. And the OtaKING will strike Normokuni, striking and healing, and they will return to the OtaKING, and he will listen to their pleas for mercy and heal them. In that day there will be a highway from Normokuni to Otaland, and Otaland will come into Normokuni, and Normokuni into Otaland, and the norms will worship with the ota. In that day SHABs will be the third with norms and ota, a blessing in the midst of the earth, whom the King of Ota has blessed, saying, “Blessed be norms my people, and ota the work of my hands, and SHABs my inheritance.”
R:7 / I:2
So nanoka~
R:12 / I:6
Why does japan hate angels and heaven so much?
R:1 / I:1
R:4 / I:2

How to become a better poster?

Where do people go to learn how to be all serious and authoritative looking in discussion so that when you're trying to make a statement you don't accidentally fart out a poop and stink up the room mid discussion forcing yourself to do a thong change while leaving the others to rise in butt redness about the state of the conversation and horrific smell? It's really annoying having to justify that I was simply having too much fun and didn't notice through their incessant nagging.
R:5 / I:2
Did you know people still Gnutella?! Why?!
R:3 / I:2
R:5 / I:5
R:21 / I:8
Hi, welcome to 7/11.

Pick something out to buy already or stop standing there and get out of my sight.
R:10 / I:0
R:21 / I:9
Performing Maomao's entire book of women's techniques with Lishu-sama!
R:8 / I:2
Happy 7 year (gasp) anniversary to Kemono Friends!
My friends are here
R:11 / I:5
what the HELL is going on in these shoujo anime
R:21 / I:7
Do you guys like idolmaster? The console games are legendary but I like Shiny Colors as well.
R:7 / I:3
Do you ever take the time to file your collection of screenshots into properly sorted folders? I look at the tens of thousands I have unsorted and just give up each time.
R:12 / I:3
¥Palword Has Made A Lot Of People Angry
¥The Many Controversies Of Palworld...
¥Palworld devs are based af
¥I Joined The Biggest Palworld VTuber Server
¥The "Palworld" vs Pokemon Controversy...
¥Actually I Want to Play Pokemon Gun & Drink Booze. (Palworld)
¥How to Get a Gun in Pokemon with Guns
¥【売上世界1位】 "ポケモンのパクリ"と叩かれつつも バカ売れな理由を解説します【パルワールド】
¥Palworld | Part 3 | GameGeniusHQ

What are you fags doing to my YouTube recommendations...
R:5 / I:2
Accidentally suffocated my balls to death with AI................
R:12 / I:4
R:5 / I:3
burgs are an import part of a growing girl's diet
R:13 / I:7
what do you do in your free time?
R:12 / I:2
Let's talk about some 2D with a noticeably worse second half
R:11 / I:5
R:13 / I:4
cat just did something really amazing
R:2 / I:2
¥kinomoto anzu
R:1 / I:1
gonna have to give these girls a smack
R:1 / I:0
R:3 / I:3
R:2 / I:0
Sleepy Arisu!
R:2 / I:1
Need a witch to teach me the gyaru curse. Then I could make the world a better place.
R:1 / I:1
I'm not afraid of no bitin' shabs
R:4 / I:4
funny elf
R:1 / I:0
R:4 / I:3
R:66 / I:43

anime that should be in seasonal stream thread

it's important that we seperate the good from the bad so we know what to consider
R:28 / I:7
>The director Oishi said in an interview with "Monthly Newtype" that it took six years to make the compilation of "Kizumonogatari -Koyomi Vamp-," a movie that originally took five years to make! The entire film was re-edited, retaken in its entirety, the music was reviewed from scratch, most of the postrecording was newly done, and a new opening was created.

So the new Kizu movie isn't just a mindless cashgrab from Shaft, huh.
R:11 / I:6
A girl comes up behind you in the bath, starts washing your back, and tells you "don't turn around, I'm naked."

How do you decide the optimal course of action in this scenario?

Show your work.
R:3 / I:2
shab wife
R:9 / I:3
Do you have a nutbladder insurance?
R:15 / I:10
witch maho shojo wud u raep?
R:7 / I:2
So I'm watching Utena, what the fuck is this bitch's problem?
R:3 / I:1
I like utena more
R:36 / I:6
I am seriously considering joining the Happy Science religion. They produce some good anime and I feel like it would greatly increase my chances of obtaining waifu IRL.
R:8 / I:2
This is a really nice image.
R:2 / I:2
Oyo? Where'd the Kita thread go?

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