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34055 awoooooooo~ [View]
34056 the /jp/ op [View]
34049 キタ───(゚∀゚)───!! [View]
34042 boynpu [View]
33075 キタ───(゚∀゚)───!! [View]
33992 How do you respond when seeing a post so utterly wrong or out-of-touch with reality and the community its posted on? [View]
34025 Buy [s glowgold]Flantasy Flan[/s] Buy [s glowgold]Flantasy Flan[/s] Buy [s glowgold]Flantasy Flan[/s] before midnight tonight Buy [s glowgold]Flantasy Flan[/s] I'm telling the world [s glowgold]Flantasy Flan[/s] [s glowgold]Flantasy Flan[/s] And everytime you see my face [s heading][b]*BOOM*[/b][/s] You want more [s glowgold]Flan[/s] [s glowgold][b]One more Flan~[/b][/s] [View]
34020 Come on, /jp/, get your ass over here. We're going to the /qa/ meetup. [View]
33931 https://youtu.be/-umUCRDwLhQ This fangame looks nice The beta/prelude will be released this Reitaisai Hopefully the full game will be amazing [View]
33949 Does "maid" come from "maiden"? Does a maid need to be a virgin to do her job? What if you have s*x with her though? Can she no longer be a maid? [View]
33875 Is this real? [View]
33783 i like the purty girls with the big bewbs [View]
33922 i see why they call this genre ''thriller'', it's very thrilling [View]
33744 What do you think about card games, /jp/? Even if it's not for the unbalanced or scummy game, the girls can be cute [View]
33936 キタ───(゚∀゚)───!! [View]
33809 https://en.akinator.com/ The last time I played this several years ago the interface was different and he didn't ask as many useless/repeated questions. Took him 56 questions to guess this one. [View]
33870 hop in dude [View]
33863 Is it better to carve away at yourself until you fit into the world, or carve away at the world until it fits you? [View]
33773 koruri 1 [View]
33849 I want to watch the anime titled 'Fairy Dick' so that I can say I watched the anime titled 'Fairy Dick'. [View]
33846 I don't know why but for some reason it seems like my typing speed has improved to be a low 60 on average. And I don't think I've really changed much of my typing habits... https://typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu/ How's /qa/'s speed? [View]
33759 キタ───(゚∀゚)───!! [View]
33835 >/jp/ [View]
33779 files taken from an open source [u https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=hug+2girls]girls.hug/AB0v21[/u] [u https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=hug+2girls]girls.hug/AB0v21[/u] [u https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=hug+2girls]girls.hug/AB0v21[/u] [View]
33784 What the f*uck, you don't put FRUIT on a pizza under any circumstances. DROPPED [View]
33733 Make it so that every thread on the first page is a kunoichi thread. [View]
32870 Cheap coffee is to draft beer as energetic is to being drunk [View]
33201 In the beauty of nature, a /jp/ man will find peace and companionship [View]
32891 homu mimi mode [View]
33694 Do mangaka really look like this? [View]
33722 Name of girl in green hair from this video? (pic not rel) https://youtu.be/-4FkfYIZw14 [View]
33668 /jp/-kun, denwa [View]
33679 Sometimes it feels scary how well vermin befits his avatar [View]
33649 the /jp/ belly of suffering [View]
33475 I enjoy the simplicity of dumb ecchi harems with cute girls sometimes. Although Date A Live can get really annoying at times (whenever Kurumi isn't on screen). Wonder why they don't make these as much anymore, or is it they do but they're all combined with isekai now? [View]
32646 commence: RABBIT DAY 1 1 [View]
33667 whered my skull go [View]
33659 キタ───(゚∀゚)───!! [View]
33666 wow cute freckles [View]
33648 #lowercontents, .main-contents { background-image:url(https://luna.kissu.moe/test/src/1651386447021.png); background-repeat:repeat-xy; background-attachment:fixed; animation-timing-function:linear; animation-name:nekomimi; animation-duration:2000s; animation-iteration-count:infinite; } @keyframes nekomimi { 0% { background-position:% 4000% } 100% { background-position:9000% 0% } 1 [View]
33642 [s heading]BREAKING NEWS[/s] [View]
33608 some of these interpolated frames are just so broken [View]
33621 die pikachu [View]
33567 Schwarzesmarken [View]
33623 FINALLY on a date with a shab yet now's the time when I don't know what to talk about [View]
33616 Kids these days sure know how to work hard for their goals [View]
33592 キタ───(゚∀゚)───!! [View]
33607 This is a lie. My mom feeds me every day. Do not believe pro-work propaganda. [View]