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49178 Is there any worse form of torture you could force on someone than forcing them to redo all of compulsory education? [View]
49860 What the HELL, dude. You can't just [s glowblue][b]kiss[/b][/s] the livestock. You don't know where that's even been. That's so gross and inappropriate. That's not funny, not even as a joke. [View]
49974 learning to draw [View]
50082 Damn... [View]
48265 The face of pure evil [View]
49970 With this grand dark energy stored in me, I curse /jp/. From henceforth you will be forced to have a job! [View]
49965 Parliament [View]
49928 Homura is mentally 8 years old. Rebellion literally happened on her period. She does not know how to pay taxes. She does not know what real love is, compromise and respect. She is willing to murder people. She caused BILLIONS of property damage. She fucked over the universe for her teenage bullshit. She literally sucks at math without try and error. She literally cant pass physical education without magic. She is an edgelord, she can't talk to anyone who isn't madoka without being can [View]
49945 kissu meetup [View]
47655 What? A cute school SoL with mecha? Iie, Gundamu yo [View]
49852 how does the 4koma compare to anime? 1 [View]
49878 [s heading][b]CARE FOR A COCONUT WAFER?[/b][/s] [View]
49924 >/jp/ [View]
49887 surprise exam for /jp/ which of these pronunciations are [s glowgold]CORRECT[/s]? [View]
49805 Anyone can be a maid, It starts from the heart! [View]
49841 Why are fairies always such dicks? [View]
49830 new hors [View]
49793 The new one is better than the old one [s spoiler]I've never seen the old one by the way[/s] [View]
49788 Why are elves so lovable? [View]
49163 What is the most [s glowpink]/jp/[/s] danbooru tag? No, it's not md5 mismatch [View]
49790 WHOA.... Crossover of the CENTURY [View]
49778 AI has become a more efficient shitposter than I can ever be. It's a bittersweet emotion. [View]
49748 Hey /jp/, What do you think of Vtubers? Do you think they're just a passing fad or do you think they're here to stay? I'm personally a big fan of Vtubers and I think they're a great way to bring entertainment and fun to the internet. Share your thoughts and opinions below! [View]
49744 https://paste.ec/paste/tqKepYrh#99emBS2ZKhzv2LhgjGUIP2p27rkOfw2gPav8ArdLdM+ ï¿¥Anonymous writes a bot to connect chatgpt to IRC ï¿¥Anonymous immediately tries to write ero with it Kimo as always, kway. [View]