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File:e5b1127baf.jpg (319.56 KB,900x637)

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mamoru blog


programmed blog feature


wonder if they made this using an old pc looks exactly like i'd expect out of something like yu-no


Not sure, but I know we definitely need a lot more where this came from. I'd like to see a whole wave of this style to return.


why is it a jpg


More like 16 bit -TRANSLATION NEVER-


to reduce quality


16bit sensation xenoglossia


File:Screenshot_2.png (34.71 KB,666x476)

they figured out i was browsing /megu/


who is they?


File:1686937509993.png (129 KB,610x722)

Jews, obviously


the guys that set up web filters at the office


File:1699636155755526.jpg (110.57 KB,1280x720)

It can't be helped.


At the w*rk pl*ce I only browse it on my phone using phone data.


he set it up with a lotr reference?


File:1521960710028.png (40.31 KB,490x411)

made some hot cocoa on the stove with marshmallows and whip cream it was boson


made some black coffee to enjoy with a sweet cake because im out of milk its going to be boson




File:1642103981238.jpg (18.9 KB,246x314)

I hate my father's obsession with guns so much. I hate it so much. Combined with his aggressive and depressive tendencies I feel like I might be murdered in my own home whenever he decides to pull out a gun and start messing with it. It doesn't help that he's a conservative loon. I doubt he would be able to understand my aversion other than chalking it up being a pussy liberal who wants to take his guns.


File:1424999545342.gif (432.08 KB,600x338)

i'd like to say that it's gonna be okay, but it's not my place to do so
is moving out an option?


File:[ANE] Denpa Onna to Seishu….png (2.57 MB,1920x1080)

Can somewhat relate (though I own/like guns) and what I found to be the more effective for myself was getting my father hooked onto more entertainment focused center or apolitical commentators instead of Alex or whichever bozo is getting them all fired up. True crime youtubers are fairly good for mine to watch, although sometimes worry that he'll see me in one of them and then shoot me preemptively so maybe that's not too good...


bullysnuggled my cat and he made some fun noises


I can understand the mentality of wanting to own firearms if one has a lot of property and lives in an area that would take the police quite a bit of time to reach. Yet, nothing worse than a casual gun owner who doesn't have proper training.


anon should get his father hooked on loli and yuri content, imo


File:06a364172225d8b736e944b417….jpg (599.93 KB,637x900)

im so cold at night. the heating doesnt work here


sigh I'm sick and I got the flu


File:20231202_091528.jpg (4.01 MB,4000x3000)



sleeping on the job


File:121d9af0e1f5dd3459c68b868d….jpg (1.76 MB,1350x1080)

Got a new cactus as a gift so I'll post in the gardening thread soon.


File:20231202_222640.jpg (540.54 KB,4000x3000)


fapped to pippa lewds


post pic of bullied cat and recording of noises


ill enough to not even game properly, this really blows (my nose)


the nose knows


File:LFG_pip.mp4 (1.76 MB,1920x1080)


felt like that a few months back for the first time in what felt like forever and it was awful
good luck getting over it anonymous


Trucks are great. Heck yeah. America


snow making me sluggish


File:c08a49e9e4d96686e20a446e44….png (827.52 KB,1240x1748)

stopped browsing dogshit websites that endorse unironic faggot-shit, bunch of fucking hypocrites


Everyone in my house (including me) got horribly ill :(


You have a cute cat


That sucks i hope you get better


*oops wrong thread


File:ae308535f1f7500af51a35f851….jpg (560.36 KB,2480x3102)

My package arrived early!


Thank you. I'm still not doing so hot, but the worst has already passed.


Your welcome.


Agreed, the average "gun toting redneck" is just cringe inducing and makes me sick. Nothing is wrong with owning firearms for protection. Just have to keep it to yourself and don't even let anyone know.


File:tegaki-1701779686848.png (12.55 KB,380x380)

best not be badmouthin' us gun totin' rednecks, boy


Keep thinking sounds are synth when they're all based on bowl/pan instruments


Organs always sound like synths to me for some reason.


Illness update: last night it took me forever to get to sleep and stay asleep. This was in part because I was so feverish that I couldn't have my legs touching or they'd overheat, and in part because my dreams were really fast and loud and kept waking me up.

I feel a lot better now though. I spent most of yesterday on the couch resting, and I plan to do the same today.


File:72778673_p0.jpg (649.51 KB,1890x1030)

failing 3 classes due to absence


That is not good... If it wasn't so late into the semester, I would recommend that you drop those courses.


reported the bug no. 690000


I have been having a lot of game burnout the past few weeks and today i am fixing that by playing doom 64!


snow set on the ground... temperature nows ticking to the negatives...


try focusing on the positives



File:R-1701881873280.jpg (3.85 MB,4080x3072)

nice rainy day


File:R-1701881883574.jpg (4.13 MB,4080x3072)


Rainy days are the best


scared myself by accidentally lifting a spoon a couple centimeters and then dropping it
it made a loud noise


get well soon.


File:c07a87fb877a91b9cf596511ef….jpg (891.56 KB,1340x1840)

Think I need more sleep... passed out in my chair and have no energy to run...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCyBKcikfLU pizza tower tracks remind me of arthouse RPGMaker games


doing the maccabre dead worship thing. Hope I can watch maomao solve brothel murders instead of eating family dinners today


instinctively entered the shower when i went to the bathroom before i even started my workout the cold is getting to me


Looks like a nice place to stroll
Wish most American properties were all gated and private like this.


Peppino Ramen is too cute!


played a doom map today for doom day


my bender is over i think, was pretty fun while it lasted




Bender. Slang for excessive drinking.


thought your blender broke


Well, I was replying for Anonymous. Maybe their drinking left them unable to type blender and they broke it in a drunken rage.


coffee maker broke and im mad


i'll never forgive konoha for ruining otaku culture


failed to take a cat pic because I forgot my backpack at the supermarket


serving sizes are retarded. I wish the FDA would mandate nutrition info per 100 grams instead.


i get so sad when i stop being drunk


I hope that all cats go to heaven


My room is always so dusty but i can't even get it properly cleaned without moving so many little things around. What a pain.


no more depression blog...


Use a mask, the drywalling kind


I've been sick for the past ~5 days and the office holiday party is tomorrow so probably have to skip that.


AGGHH my bidet is GARBAGE and it BURNED my ASS


I hope you get better dood


hope he gets better after the office party


File:1487431877142.jpg (165.01 KB,1440x810)

fiber supplements are so slimy and gross...


people are STILL partying with the world cup song
as early as 6pm
why are you taking them


File:K NAAN - Wavin Flag (Coca….webm (16.64 MB,852x480)

This is the best one


Start with a h and ends with a d






was eating my 0.5/5 health rating cookies on the street and an old man passing by said it was unhealthy and contained bad water


and people say AI is unrealistic...


un/realistic is a word you apply to non-real things
reality can be as crazy as it wants


Niche computers are very important





some finn is currently downloading frieren from me, what do?


set him up da bomb


Hurt my hand the other day and it's still healing...


Geez, US$400 for general admission to an F1 race? WEC tickets are $60 with grandstand access


My cat ripped up my bedsheets with his claws


PIC of cat amid ripped bedsheets


My dog used to do that.


File:IMG_20231216_110342573_MFN….jpg (3.47 MB,4080x3072)

goin' up the paraná for the weekend


How clean do they keep the waterways down there from the industrial junk.
Back 50 years ago the pollution in the St. Lawrence river was terrible from industrial waste stuff and lax environmental protection laws



Lobby: kissue
Pass: kissu.moe


uhh for what?


new pass, friends


Sakaki is the best azumanga daioh character


blog streamers who play games are the worst


I have this weird addiction to using 2ch liveboards when I'm up all night. They're terrible but the users there admit very funny things unprompted


File:20231217_145033.jpg (3.47 MB,4032x3024)


I think Texas is the best state


Only the north part. Things are pretty dire in the scrublands


holy boson flip what a great cat


Im too dumb to drive a car or ride a bike. What now


those are probably the least of your troubles


can you ride a scooter?


im too scared to drive
i have a bike though


just take the train


Live in the boonies


then driving is easy


I scissored my best friend and it ruined our relationship


write a medium article about it




Kissu meatup.


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (350.36 KB,1920x1080)

please god sage your contentless non-blogs so this thread isn't a general sticky at the top of /all/ again


people should sage their regular blogs too


I suppose it is fitting, that the Frieren poster hates when people age.


guess I'll up the bump timeout another hour


actually it shouldn't have bumped this at all..


oh, did I forget to enable the blog function or did it turn off?


File:[SubsPlease] Hikikomari Ky….jpg (383.87 KB,1920x1080)

oh yeah, I forgot it was supposed to have a bump timer thing on it


bump timer is now set to two hours!


The grandfather clock in my head wont stop dinging....


How does someone be too dumb to ride a bike. What happens when you get on one


File:1702490760776574.gif (46.6 KB,400x353)

Thank you


spermed to becky pics after watching her episode in spyxfamily


pretty degen


how much should I pay on appartment insurance


uhhhhhh I have no idea


dang i should have started reading the 16-bit sensation manga sooner


spent 250$ on rental insurance


per year? i've never had that sort of insurance


yeah, yearly expense. It's a bilaw thing. If part of my property or self were to cause damage to another person's property or the unit(water damage for example) I would have to pay damages.
I also tacked on identity theft insurance for a few more dollars because why not.


also if I were to burn down the unit. Things like that. Otherwise the landlord's insurance company will start getting involved which is not a fun time.

And the unit is like from the 60s so there's a lot of things that could go wrong.


File:71900725_p6.jpg (247.82 KB,1500x1875)

bad things are happening to me but im good!


how good


File:IMG_20231219_184042.jpg (2.03 MB,2976x3968)

insured against cyber harrassment


get fl*pped


File:65436346543.jpg (428.52 KB,600x700)

just good. not great. positive.


writing linus tech tip gay fanfiction


File:0807c1dc88bb1a449035139ca7….png (567.14 KB,695x900)

It is almost christmas!


File:1700339907634229.jpg (289.38 KB,767x984)

I'm selling some things in order to earn money and noticed one of the Tamagotchi I own has increased its value a bit. It's a remake of the first gen of 'gotchis that was released around 2018, I didn't pay more than $10USD for it and I saw places online selling the same model for +$40. I'm not really sure how the economy for these things work, but I may as well keep it in case the value keeps increasing. It's in perfect condition + comes with the box and manual too.


When i was selling a musical instrument I bought second hand I put it through the inflation calculations and it basically gained in value a few percent then vs. now.
So what is +40$ might just be 10$ a while ago


Tried brewing tea with moka pot by mixing earl grey leaves with chamomile and lavender flowers. Came out excellent.


I want to get some sort of device that I can use to remote control my PC in case it shuts down due to power failures and stuff. Doesn't seem like anything is on market


i got an uninterruptible power supply in an attempt to solve that class of problem


From what I see a UPS is anywhere from 30 to 10 min of power. Good for momentary interuptions I suppose


Learned that there's an anime con right up the street soon and even though it looks super gay I'm tempted to go just so I can say I've been to one.


I definitely don't have the personality (or lack of anxiety) to do the con thing, but if you can handle it, it might be a good experience. Just remember that for the most part it's a social event and you can't expect to see (m)any weirdos that potentially share your interests in niche stuff, but if you go with a tolerant mind it could be something worth experiencing at least once.


you'll probably just find that most people are just following the pace of a small group of socialites while others are like you


I'm kind of hoping it is like that. There are all these panels for shounen and dub VAs that I'm sure to hate, but the other people there might be fun to chat with for an afternoon.


visit the anime con and blog about it in a thread


File:FhlcbhjaUAE6PAZ.jpg (387.83 KB,1105x2048)

>you can't expect to see (m)any weirdos that potentially share your interests in niche stuff
Japan is probably the only place where you can actually meet those types of people.


File:R-1703260079790.jpg (3.42 MB,4080x3072)



4 days until I have an apartment in my own name...


late christmas gift


Wapanese mindset.


you will never sage his otaku spirit


you will never age his otaku spirit


that's called being eternally seventeen


feeling like death. Hate december. want to escape to a place that's inconvinient to show up for christmas


Should I watch Versailles no Bara


wrist's been hurting for the last few days and i finally found my gamer glove but it's only for left hands not right ones....
yeah why not


It is a rainy day


>Versailles no Bara
>The feminist movement of post-war Japan was divided between consumerism, which advocated for the individualist pursuit of personal pleasure, and socialism (as embodied by the New Left), which rejected consumerism and sought a collectivist response to the subordinate status of women.[33] Following the Asama-Sansō incident of February 1972, in which fourteen members of the United Red Army were killed in a purge, an increasing proportion of Japanese feminists rejected socialism in favor of consumerism.[34] According to Nobuko Anan, a scholar of Japanese visual arts and gender, The Rose of Versailles embodies the tension between consumerism and socialism as a work of mass consumerist culture that nonetheless depicts what Ikeda describes as "the inner revolution of the Japanese women."[35]
up my alley



This was back before all these topics were talked to death
And also it should be noted that pre-internet feminism is quite different to what it is now


Feminism will have it's place again in the discourse eventually. Perhaps it starts now...


gonna sperm to zundamon trap pix


Artificer suck


Sunny days with big clouds are the best


mom gifted me a subcomandante marcos shirt
not sure i'm gonna use it...





i have to say it... that's really cringe


The irony of selling shirts of that...


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (301.3 KB,1920x1080)

That is not how you use a verb!


yeah that post wasn't use at all


snuggling with my cat and he is being very cozy and snug




pic of cat in the coze zone


snuggling with a cat is never gay


It's not gay if they don't have balls.


File:IMG_20231225_225049.jpg (2.66 MB,3968x2976)

out with the old crap, in with the new






not watching


how could you...


File:17034409642.jpg (19.48 KB,339x447)

i did bad thing again


cat just sneezed




666 of evil sneezing


finally finishing up on Shield Hero Season 3 and i'm not sure if I just changed or they did too much, but damn this is teeth gritting to get through.
Most of the plot and character interactions/motives come off as painfully retarded to me.


A storm cut the power. I hope it comes back on before my phone dies, I feel lost without access to the tubes. (´・ω・`)


File:17037246985951806458689222….jpg (2.7 MB,4000x3000)

Finally own an apartment, an insurance plan, a phone plan and an internet plan.
Now I just need a car and a girlfriend and I'll be a norm.
Though I am still renting the cat


i like the cat





You aren't renting. The cat owns you. He's even conned you into paying for comfy apartment on his behalf.


There is a joke that dogs think humans are gods because we give them food and shelter, but cats think cats are gods because humans give them food and shelter


Just got horrible acid reflux...


caved and subscribed to bocchi's onlyfans


friend is getting gallbladder sugery and is going trauma center under the knife today
hope he doesn't die


vomited my entire breakfast on the way to the hospital
now it's time to wait for fifteen people to take their turn
wish him the best


so my appendix is swollen and im gonna have to stay here for several hours more as they run some blood tests
tell him to give me my luck back kudasai


take my luck instead!!!!!


tomography will decide whether it's surgery or not
if confirmed it'd be fairly early appendicitis which isn't bad, dad and gramps got theirs removed too
granny on dialysis next to me is feeling cold


or not dialysis.... not sure


Appendectomy is common enough that most TV shows had an episode for it. I wouldn't be worried, but good luck with the removal if it comes to that!


medical blog
tummy horts


this but clinically


At the doctor's office, medical assistant got freaked out at a freak high heart rate, but I'm fine now.


got freaked out at a freak


freaked out >>125372


scheme@(guile-user)> (use-modules (ice-9 readline))
While compiling expression:
no code for module (ice-9 readline)

I don't get it, 4taba's deps won't install the required files anymore


ate 'dines




I lived
still stucm here and haven't drank or eaten anything in the last seventeen hours


with chipotle hot sauce


friend's gallbladder surgery went well then he took a big nap
he is in pain but not debilitating pain




I... got it... libreadline-dev is required...


scared a homeowner when i went partway down their driveway to try to pat a cat at 11 pm at night


it was a noble attempt


eizouken op just popped in my head


These modern phone operating systems and aux features(for the Samsung line) are actually worse than some of the older Huawei models. In terms of purely hardware, screen and camera it's an upgrade, but it's missing a bunch of timesave features I liked in my old phone


I Could technically program some fixes, but I wouldn't dare risk bricking a new phone with a root


Had very sad nostalgia over my childhood, typical stuff.


File:20231229_123906.mp4 (10.65 MB,1920x1080)

Hate rgb so much. Got this thing for as cheap as an outdated console and can put one of my gpu into it


oh man can't you turn that off? no buttons or software or a little funny cable?


Probably there's some pre-installed utility. I Booted it but I'm busy cleanings cathair and dust out of my gpu swap


Look out, boys, we've got a GAMER over here!


figured out by trial and error that i should not rotate my thorax


pic of cat who leaves hair in computer


Gonna switch to windows11 when I get a new case, gpu and cpu


not sure if this is a scam or not, but the modern samsung phones got rid of their LED notification light in favor of low battery consumption 'always on' displays. But it still burns battery for no reason. Perhaps to lower phone life.


So I visited a work colleagues home. He is my age (mid 20s).
I thought his wife was his mother at first!




File:[SubsPlease] Hikikomari Ky….jpg (399.37 KB,1920x1080)

Bumping a /qa/ thread to say "oof"?
Blog thread....


thinking about writing terrible video-game esque fiction again.


go get mad over necrobumping next


jeesu... just how expensive was it to build the shinkansen rail line


friend is reading steins;gate
he says the mc is a maddo scientisto who singlehandedly invents smart appliances
really ahead of its time


gonna watch that psycho pass movie that released this year


spent ages unable to figure out why mpvacious didn't work on ubuntu and after a couple years i figured out it's because i didn't install xclip


Happy New Year!


continuing to watch the psycho pass movie that aired last year


maybe you would like to celebrate with some new catpictures


naisu first second getto


happy new year


The concept of Psycho Pass is too good to die


Heppy New yearsu!!!


for new years celebrations I rapidly developed flu symptoms, barfed up my dinner, and now I have to shuffle over to my car at 4am to buy some flu meds to help me sleep because I have been tossing fitfully for hours. Oh and work will probably think I am one of those guys for calling off the day after new years because “””sick”””

come on rabbits give me some luck…


Happy new year


my entire body aches
im sick


I'm sick too. What the heck happened this nye


well this is just awful


hope you guys feel better soon


I'm ok!!!


you all got sick due to talking about your cats without posting pictures of them. get well soon


File:C-1704222627583.png (15.75 KB,1043x127)

searching for phone numbers so i can speak with a human being, and i come across an unedited "sorry, as an AI..."
from guatemala to guateworse


que asco


did nothing air today? what am i to do?


File:29a2adce677d2e6c3542b07aea….mp4 (1.7 MB,1280x720)

stomach hurts
hope I didn't get a stomach virus


some people here were refusing to post cat pictures... be careful out there everyone


inverse toxo


dad asked how did i know about phimosis


my monitor has a dead black pixel, nooooo


Guess I'll have to use dark themes from now on.....


have you tried waking it back up? Run an application to cycle colors for 24-48 hours. Always works for me. I've brought back a few dead pixels like that


can you get me one? It probably only died a few hours ago


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhXMDrPgIhI guess i'll run this for a while


My next motherboard+CPU+Ram combo will be watercooled... because why not


got a small ulcer on my lip and it was horting when eating salty foods yesterday.


Those are always annoying


got frikked out by a friki


Any cool utilities where I can track my max bandwidth usage over the course of a month or so


like peak mbps and stuff


File:5ad7705304.png (54.6 KB,856x803)

chatgpt answer


Back at the hospital for a third time... bellybutton is bleeding and has pus



Sorry for what


For rubbing your bellah >w<




finally done being sick since New Years


Wasted today reading about ancient net culture


dark themes are a pain with reflective screens and lights


blog blog


File:a8cee15d4f126d635cbff08f37….png (408.77 KB,800x601)

Every time when I wake up, right before I open my eyes I expect to be in my room as always, then I open them and it's this place instead. Still not used to the passage of time. I got stuck in my loop for so long that I forgot it was even a thing.
Should see a doctor, should clean up around here. I'll go out to have a burger.


File:meirl.gif (952.26 KB,250x176)

I'm sick for the first time in five or six years. I haven't stopped throwing up my stomach contents since this time yesterday and I can't sleep.


File:1499389491599.gif (245.77 KB,500x564)

I had something like that a few months back, it was quite awful and I was bedridden for a few days. Hoping you feel better soon, anonymous.


Thanks for kind words. I've heard it was going around but I rarely if ever get sick. I take a supplement that ramps up my immune system every day so I was surprised I got sick in the first place.

I've been feeling bad because I had to resort to smoking some cannabis to keep food down this morning. It's helping but I don't like thc so I don't want to use it again. I can only get away with it maybe once or twice before I start to worry about it showing up in my pee.


puke blog


death blog


sage blog


kami blog


cunny blog


File:unnamed.jpg (70.87 KB,500x375)

I want to stop being a filthy NEET.


File:ksnip_20240105-104914.png (4.11 KB,504x162)


Option 1: take a bath
Option 2: get a job


read a comment that said "very cute and..." and mentally autocompleted it before reading the rest
"simple", the word was "simple"


Having Mongolian Beef for dinner tonight.


File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (531.74 KB,1024x576)


Ate the mongolian beef and it was filling.


File:2015-10-01-773255.png (441.31 KB,527x720)

today i ate a burger and played tarkov a bunch it was ok


finishing both PRAD and Onimai in the same day means i double up on the post-series blues


you could always read the manga


File:03f91b8ac1c021c1856484f392….png (23.53 KB,290x795)

Gonna minecraft and build a massive fortress


Actually maybe fuck that, might actually play a game called Princess and Conquest, based off of the Towergirl Series (from /tg/).


last time grandma visited i deleted hundreds of videos from her phone by hand
a ton of stuff that took up 10~15mb each
and disabled her whatsapp's video autodownload
now it filled up again, because she watched all the videos anyways
had to delete a few hundred once more
turns out the problem was that she deleted the messages without ticking the box to erase the file from her phone as well


Thinking about thinking, been watching Golgo 13 (2008), it's pretty good.


File:win98.png (364.65 KB,627x446)

I got a Pentium 3 laptop in the mail yesterday and put Windows 98 SE on it to play around with. I had to burn some CDs to get what I wanted. About four total I think. I also ran a patcher called 98SEtoME on my install to get some of the good stuff from Win ME over as well. It was pretty fun to mess with.


oops accidental sage


the blog has a sage algorithm built in


just took down my christmas tree, the holiday season is officially over now


turns out glamour does indeed derive from grammar
so does grimoire


I wonder what its going to be like this year


my body just can't adapt to waking up at ~midnight and continueing to ~6PM


have an almost full bag of potatos...



File:410a272ba9.jpg (559.91 KB,2560x1440)

handy. I suppose it isn't actually doing anything, because my display properties are the same, but kind of interesting...


File:72674db2b4.png (736.02 KB,2560x1440)

doesn't do anything, never mind


I like cats


File:1682217608867.gif (2.02 MB,450x273)


Must headpat now


tsukareta.... pout pout pout


a crab just nipped me


my brain is messed up
it's time for me to sit down and catch up on seasonals but all i can think about is a show on my backlog that i want to watch now sigghhhhh


there's nothing really appetizing to watch this season


I am watching 23 anime this season.


How could you


My penis can only get so erect


File:2024_01_15_18-11__tU2.png (58.44 KB,1075x434)

i only count 21 for mine
what else is there


oh wait still have lum and nozomanu in plan to watch


NSA woke my computer up from sleep


When it gets cold I think the person living bellow me turns the heating up to max. I have My thermostat set to zero yet it's still 25c while outdoors-6


free heating


unfortunately heating is free while electricity isn't. So the electricity from heating my computer and running appliances is actually being wasted.


my raise this year was only ten percent -_-


File:[AK-Submarines] GIRLS und ….jpg (292.13 KB,1920x1080)

you should use more electricity


I pooped


blog thread....


scat blog


-16C... It's COLD


>implying you cant just heat a room to sauna temp by leaving a xbox 360 on all night



File:1692894984433.jpg (180.08 KB,720x960)

You called?


room-heating thighs


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>green sage


a gyaru with disgusting fat boobers sexually assaulted me and made my brain go poof


there was a guard at customs with a genshin pin on his suit
klee, specifically


File:1704762245246.jpg (206.99 KB,1920x1080)



I wish this happened to me


thinking about using lotion for the first time


My hands have been very dry recently so I've been needing to put lotion on them every night.


it puts the lotion on its skin


I pooped


that's not worth posting about....






It is pretty cold and rainy today


it was a dark and stormy night


File:R-1705886099515.jpg (4.15 MB,4080x3072)

freaky freaky


ate sandwich with peanut butter and banana


downloaded 200gb of BDs to get the OP/EDs


thought all the ice had melted when I went to get the mail.
It hadn't and I fell, but decades of video games have given me predator-like reflexes and I wasn't hurt at all


Madness how oil can go past 100c


I am finally working up the nerve to write the kind of trash that will appeal to women.


Grim dawn is a fun game


woken up by thunder and still tired...


Woken up from messages from boss


File:e46d890b0d4204bf29425387e8….jpg (231.69 KB,1536x2048)

ate edamame


feel like I should pay respect to the SMT franchise



did you read the original 'digital devil story' fiction that inspired it


File:R-1706153494986.jpg (3.41 MB,4080x3072)

the baby is DEAD


Spooky things are not cute things


File:R-1706157950110.jpg (352.53 KB,1280x1024)

I disagree


Google keyboard has it's flaws but at least it's better at understanding my broken english


SwiftKey isn't bad either. Samsung is just TRAAASH. I want a Huawei again


File:sample_e84e525046c0819de86….jpg (751.94 KB,850x1005)

I love cats


all the snow has been frozen over with frozen rain...


15 days later my 'next day delivery' computer mouse is here after snow and then ice


File:media_GDF1jT6WwAAmiUe.jpg (80.98 KB,720x900)


coffee was too hot
burned my tongue


Caught myself doomscrolling again. I feel as if I'm trying to prove some kind of point to myself by doing so, but hell if I know what that point is. Kuso habit.


File:F14kstzaUAAwJgR.jpg (152.22 KB,896x1344)

I saw a woman saying dumb stuff online again. I came here to announce I have successfully resisted the urge to reply.


/secret/ spared another thread


not sure if good or bad, but i suppose good?


good because i don't know how much longer i can hold in my funposting for vermin's sake with gnfos down


The creator behind /secret/ will hate me saying this, but it's best used as a GNFOS clone


File:1492275258143.jpg (55.01 KB,500x491)

Who's the creator behind /secret/?


Advantage of having wide phone. Impossible to drop down sewer grates


yunocchi phone


watching bokuyaba
main girl is very /qa/ with her eating habits


gojo's flashback was better than the shibuya arc


>>>/secret/ you mean? it'd be good if people knew how to be more lax there


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (301.13 KB,1920x1080)

blog thread is for blogging


Phone keeps asking if I want to connect to my neighbors oven or microwave or something



want to eat but also want to act disciplined


my girlfriend uzaki-chan just raped me with her fat boobers


gotta need, a need to read GURPS splatbooks to relearn how to play it and what rules we need to have.


any simple 2D game concept people want more of


Just reminded me Uzaki is another one of those femdom series that sort of faded away in popularity because it became a vanilla romcom

Nagatoro's the only one still in the mindshare I see, even though it became wacky school hijinks as well


i feel like a hack that can't even write anything right.
fuck football too.


I love mtn dew baja blast in the morning


File:1451519077274.gif (510.18 KB,531x579)

Very interesting. Thanks for posting.


Is the term benchmark inspired by weight lifting


hmm no it seems to be 19th century geographic stuff


watching mahoako on the bus went better than I expected


lots of meetings at my email job lately


I say that the economy is mostly comprised of inter-business transactions


Anyone wanna watch Flash Gordon (1980)?


Watching Flash Gordon (1980)


Finished watching the movie, it was as good as I remember it the last time watching it.


This one was good. I am satisfied.




oh yeah... I completely forgot to make a thread...


it's not too late!


Too late now!


remembered berun and v's cute gay date from back when and my heart started beating doki doki fast


when is cool-guy going to get in on the action




File:1479850045800.jpg (22.78 KB,377x451)

drank salty yoghurt water


Ate pizza today.
God she is so cute, I wish the VA didn't die.


watching bokuyaba and wishing i wasnt stuck reading blatant dubtitles


wishing there was a good browser


What's wrong with what we've got


wishing firefox was better




What's wrong with it, other than occasionally introducing pointless UI changes no one asked for?


Craving tempura.


Gonna have a Calzone with Pepperoni, Ham, Hamburger, Onions, extra Mozzarella.


Calzone ordered


It took me so many years to realize that there was a difference between Capone and Calzone.


File:0cd3bd434aafdde2ab9f45b2c9….jpg (618.4 KB,1600x1503)

Ate like 5" of Calzone, got like another 5" left to consume but I put in the fridge for now.


File:b17fc7226fc0a58cf80ade642b….jpg (102.19 KB,689x974)

ate a matcha youkan


File:magical gohda chef.png (237.56 KB,395x700)

i wish the asian stores around here had more japanese products
their canned foods are pretty good from what i've heard


i drank water


how much


a bowl's worth


I buy Great Value distilled water because of how hard it is. Spring water tastes plasticky to me now. When I pour a jug of that Great Value water into a bowl, I rely on years of milk and cereal experience to guide the water into the bowl.


i do not understand


uhh, it's hard to explain the taste of water. Distilled water has a very neutral PH, but spring water can be slightly acidic or basic.


File:c6a6ad65b32015c4333bd1f8fb….png (537.28 KB,1250x1750)

whenever i travel somewhere else i always miss poland spring
i've tasted 20+ kinds of spring water and the only one that comes close to it is voss which is completely tasteless


File:1560293749755.png (143.18 KB,298x274)

fibre drink is yucky...


This is a weird question but does anyone else find using a touchpad on a laptop very cumbersome? I hate it but not enough to start carrying around a usb mouse


File:9b4f25a91ccd53072f04dccd1….flac (29.72 MB,175x175)

touchpads are a fucking pain in the ass.


File:73a302e35119c8483f7670e12d….jpg (1.89 MB,2526x2771)

just use trackpoint which is better than both touchpad and mouse on the move


i've been using a touchpad for nearly my whole life....


brushing up on my French. Haven't practiced in years. Just using Duolingo for now and I've breezed through the first few levels. Wonder if there's a better way.


I get the impression, from the people I've dealt with, that duolingo is nonsensical feel good learning.


si tu pense que tu veux apprendre francés, tu peux parler en francais ici.


oh wow... google corrected me into saying frances instead of francais


It depends on the language apparently and is more about the gamification creating a habit


a common impression is that a ton of people who pick up duolingo stick to the app alone and don't really touch on other material
precisely because of the gamification that so much learning doesn't have
sneaking in some spanish


my scones arent rising


scones are reclining


You need to sing at your scones!


i need to use baking powder for a more controlled rise


did you freeze them for 30 minutes before baking? That adds a lot to the rise factor
Also did you properly knead the butter into the flour? it takes ages


File:perfect-scone-recipe-43504….jpg (24.44 KB,750x499)

i kept the butter and milk cool before adding them (not the egg though. that was room temp). i think i kneaded the butter in properly, i crumbled it between my fingers and it resembled the pic from the recipe i was following
i put them in the fridge for a bit before the oven.
i think its the yeast, stuff i make with that yeast never rises that much. i use it for my pizza doughs and they're always flat as hell


I used this recipe https://afoodloverskitchen.com/easy-scones-recipe
There's even a list section that might give you an idea where it went wrong
For anything baked or bread-like, never trust a recipe that measures ingredients by spoons and cups. Ratios and measurements shouldn't be eyeballed because for anything bread like, accurate measurement actually matters.


if my scones go right i'll post in the food thread
still think the lack of baking powder is the most important thing. i usually gather my ingredients by weight except for my bad habit of eyeballing measurements when i've forgotten salt or w/e


I'm progressing in my English degree and I keep getting job offers from gulf states. The tax-free high salaries are tempting but... I'm afraid they'll take my passport if I do work in one of them
But on the bright side Arabic is easier than the agglutinative languages most countries interested in this offer


File:1656075885002.png (95.18 KB,223x223)

onahole-kun just arrived


I have a hard time imagining Arabic to be easier than Japanese. Agglutinative just makes sense to me.


Arabic is easier because it has an alphabet


Japanese has pretty much the highest barrier to entry of any language spoken today, because kanji slows everything down to a crawl even compared to Chinese. Can't immerse if you can't read shit.


4AM wakeup... should I go for coffee or herbal tea..?


It's why I prefer audio doujin and works with voice acting


Chinese has even more including their pseudo alphabet for foreign words they use made of placeholder characters and then there's the tones.
I dislike that it's just taken for granted that an alphabet is assumed to be better every time. The Koreans went the "what if we did away with the Chinarunes" route and they occasionally complain of lost context from it, given that they have so many common sino words in their language.

It's common for languages to combine alphabets and logograms, going all the way back to Sumerian. Even Western languages have them with things like ♀ or ♂ because they recognize the usefulness of them.

Sorry for wallposting in the blog - maybe it should have been it's own thread.


Nobody here said its better, just that alphabet using and non-agglutinative languages are easier to get started with for English speakers


I've noticed people like marcille, but nobody loves marcille




gonna watch gunslinger girl
dunno which subs i should get


I think the animated GSG is a bit of a letdown considering the premise is deep


i considered just reading the manga since the anime doesn't cover everything so maybe i'll do that instead


His most recent work comes across as a Kenshin Homage


File:37031B217DDE48739288510F55….jpg (677.75 KB,1775x2507)

I already know a fair amount. I'm not using it to learn, I'm mostly using it as a refresher on vocab. The grammar is close enough to English that it's not too hard to read, which I can still mostly manage, it's just accessing everything that's deep in the recesses of my brain that I need to knock free, like pronunciation and object agreement.

J'oublie beacuop du francais. Je ne peux pas parler. C'est tres mal. Ma soeur voyage au france le semtemps prochain. Alors!... J'ai besoin du reapprendre, parceque si elle tombe malade ou se blesse, je devrai peut-etre la ramener aux Etats-Unis.


surprisingly I can still read french very well, but typing sentences takes a while


though, you're second language so your vocabulary is pretty simple


Yeah... I'm certainly not aiming for fluency. Just enough to tide me by in an emergency.


If you get shot down over French airspace, your best bet is probably to pretend NOT to speak German, rather than pretend to be French.


told my cute and somewhat ditzy mum that i found it hard to imagine her as an older sister rather than the youngest sister of all her siblings and she agreed


had a wet dream that I think Nagatoro was in


went to visit mom and fell asleep for two hours...
even dreamed that i woke up had a long chat with her.....


the dreamers


File:Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 0….png (1.73 KB,160x28)

what a great and innovative tag


File:ff66c4591cf020c1245a66ab43….jpg (261.12 KB,1536x2048)

Was trying to go to sleep but while adjusting myself in bed I heard a toot noise from behind me. But I didn't pass any gas, nobody was there and any potential noisemakers were asleep. I'm onto it, and they'll have a hard time getting me if my body is ready to awaken at any moment to fight back.


spent all day thinking about elves


really weird to see a porn artist tweeting about his dying mother while also posting his usual perv blogs.


Either getting weaker or cat getting fatter


File:1450095964798.gif (164.55 KB,597x630)

It's easy for me to wonder why my thesis writing is coming down to the last minute, until I see that I've watched >20 days worth of anime in the past year.


pic of inflating cat
good job


wtf poland spring tastes bad to me now


I had strange dream last night


File:shopping.mp4 (4.29 MB,360x640)

shopping blog
went shopping


Forgot to zombie the blog


File:[EMBER] Oroka na Tenshi wa….jpg (229.26 KB,1920x1080)

Personally I thought the blog thread being sent to bump limit by non-blogs was a poetic end to it


yeah, but im going to be on irc 100% if I don't zombie it


blog-smiting angel of an odd expression


nice tune


didn't notice
Hearing Rick Astley like that is so weird


think my glasses have left a sore on my bridge...


Bleh I must have frostbite my bridge the other day


passed out in my chair and woke up feeling all sweaty blehhhh
guess this is my cue to get some actual rest...


File:1707698355155880.gif (345.51 KB,440x476)

a fellow gentleman of refined taste finally approved my 'booru upload as it approached its darkest hour


have many things to do, but am still lazily procrastinating.


call me swat cause I've killed about forty mosquitoes today


killed a silverfish today


gained some weight


Is it a holiday today


it was an expensed w_rk lunch


only 50% tax deductible


time to chill out to another cliche romance anime https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzume


Reminds me of otherside picnic


File:C-1708391752872.png (5.03 MB,3840x2160)

Holy cute


there are over thirty mosquitoes sitting around on the ceiling and i don't know why....
the stupid nets were supposed to keep them out but no
maybe they're afraid, maybe they want revenge
whatever it is they're not doing anything


and whenever i kill them it stains the white walls


oh my god there are fifteen more OUTSIDE of the net dammit


shaved my beard off, feels nice.


Suzume is a good story if you want a sort of shinto fantasy, other world, thing


killed a dozen more
i have stained these walls with the blood of men


came to the office to escape my dying internet and the store i was supposed to test is unusable due to backend changes


Cleaned up some stuff in backyard... had to kill two black widows and saw a third dead one.
Yeah, definitely shouldn't stack stuff outside to give them space to hide


I hate it SO much when people make loud noises


there's an itty bitty spider weaving its web in front of the monitor and it's cute



killed another THIRTY mosquitoes
the trick is to stand still in place and offer up your legs so when they come you splat them like the fucking retards they are
i've also had good results by aiming directly with my palm and using jumping as an aid when there's one on the ceiling


I recommend you get yourself an electric swatter. It's clean, easy and satisfying.


It's weird to me mosquitoes that suck blood are all female.


but what if i like slapping the wall and bathing in the blood of my enemies


I can't believe anon lives in the fucking bush.


do you have FIFTY dollars to blow?
introducing the BUG-A-SALT Yellow 3.0
a salt shotgun for bugs


File:R-1708738949580.jpg (28.89 KB,679x375)

forgot pic


i'm in the city, what happens is there's been a freakish spike in their numbers
thankfully no dengue from this species
will this help me fend off raiders after the impending collapse


there was a micro outage and since I was standing by the window managed to see the city going dark and lighting up once more in real time it was very cool


/u/ zealots used to be my least favorite type of poster in the anime sphere of IBs, just because of how seriously they would take things that don't really matter, like shipping. They've mellowed out since then, though


don't get how my bro does it
got thai food for dinner, asked what he wanted, he wanted the spiciest pad thai they had. kinda funny side note but they have "Thai hot" as the hottest advertised and then a secret "Indian Spicy" above that, which I got him. I can barely even handle medium but he took a bite out of the pad thai and said it was just the right amount of spice


bite blog


Indian spicy isn't hot spicy though. It's "cooked with a lot of different spices" spicy.


indian chillis are hot though. But then again so are chinese chillis


people always say they dont give the real spicy stuff to westerners anyway


sometimes it's best not to give the customer what they ask for


my brother eats california reapers and regularly spices with ghost peppers he knows what's spicy


Habanero is the hottest you can go while still being enjoyable in my experience


nice incorrect opinon


mexican molè is great honestly loved that stuff


mexican molè is sexo


File:QNIREVo.png (16.43 KB,764x150)

who doesn't love SQL Server RAM usage


first in order to sell some of my ps2 games i had to see if they worked, which means of course that i had to then see if my pvm(s) even worked


hand is too sore to 3D model because of tilling machine vibration
getting older sucks


File:Touhou Remilia 006.jpg (251.35 KB,1314x2048)

Today I had cause to interact with the common people in order that I might rectify a malfunction that had afflicted my automobile, this being the failure of the ventral Indicator light for the change of bearing of the automobile. This is of course an important item and one that's orderly functionality is mandated by the administration of my country of residence, leading me to have to address this issue in as timely a fashion as I might be able to do so.
With good fortune I am happy to report that this endeavour was brought to a satisfactory conclusion and the acquisition of the required item was not unduly impeded in such a way as to cause undue vexation. I had at one point a momentary inability to comprehend the vernacular of the good gentleman of whom it was the responsibility to identify the required item and then to retrieve it from the inventory of the enterprise in which he was employed. But this was overcome and and the condition of my automobile was brought about to a point in which it may now traverse along the public avenues of conveyance in a manner compliant to the local laws and in a manner which will not unduly cause frustration to fellow traverses of said public avenues of conveyance.


File:539313472e3cd7be41048b2deb….png (1.07 MB,1150x1723)

Today I woke up, and now I have to take out the trash.


there was a man carrying a kitten in the subway, couldn't take a pic for obvious reasons
and in the office cafeteria naruto was playing on the tv for some reason


File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (476.45 KB,800x800)

Got most of the dishes in the dishwasher.


friki cafeteria


leverage excessive memory by turning off your GC


I peed


I went to subway today


Impressed that Netflix is adapting The Three Body Problem.
Thought it would stay in China and be a niche SciFi thing


netflix? more like


more less


finally bothered to clear my desk, unhook the main pc, lift the very heavy tower off desk, and proceed to clean (most) of the dust out.
and now i can have peace again from fan rattle


File:[SubsPlease] Kunoichi Tsub….jpg (167.45 KB,1280x720)

Checked weather forecast a few days ago and it didn't show anything. I was outside tilling in cloudy weather just now and it starts hailing even though it's the "bright" kind of cloudy day. A few days ago it was like 82F (which is like 27c) and on the same night it went below freezing. It's going to be another chaotic year of gardening, Harvest Moon on hard mode.


midwest bro huh
yeah as soon as I felt those wind gusts on a warm day in winter I just knew a bitter cold was waiting behind it.


The weather has been so odd for the last year or two. Last winter the trees around here were blooming in January. I got hit with the same cold front yesterday. We went from spring weather back to winter in the span of a couple of hours. It was raining so hard I had to check radar to see if there was a tornado in the area.

Great minds think alike. I am enjoying my cleaned desk. I need to get the air compressor out and blow out the tower though. I try to give it a deep clean once a year. Last year it got pretty nasty inside. The main fans were caked in dust and nicotine stains.


File:1556419781119.jpg (71 KB,533x551)

I think it's been odd all over the country. For better or for worse, I've had the experience of living in the Midwest, the East Coast, the South, and Southwest. Things have been getting more mild and also unpredictable each year. When I lived in the Midwest I can remember in ~2007 getting a few feet of snow each year, and then past ~2010 only getting half a foot. When I moved down South, I remember ~2014 there was an extremely mild snow storm that shut down the State I was in. When I moved back up North to the Northeast ~2019 there was only 1 year that I can remember there being heavy snowfall, the rest of the time I lived there there was just freezing rain and maybe a few days of snow that didn't stick and would melt. Then when I moved to the Southwest there was a huge snowstorm that took out the Texas grid, and this year there was that period for a few days where the temperature jumped up to ~90F and now it's back down to ~50F. Checking the weather site I use, it seems that California is getting a snowstorm right about now.

"Interesting times" and all that...


sitting on my exercise ball to work out my core whiel i sit at compy


The whether has been pretty strange where I live in Australia as well, though very much for the better. Most summers would see regular heat waves that would get into the 40s(Celsius), I don't think we have had even one day above 40c for the last 3 years now. The average temperature seems to be lower as well with most days getting to the mid to high 20s.
Also the grass in the fields would usually die as the rain stopped, that has not happened either. For the last few years we have still been getting enough rainfall in summer to keep it alive.


watched DUNC, it was pretty good. the fights were sufficiently epic and the bene gesserrit's schemes weren't ignored


Are you actively avoiding the term "climate change"?


Yes, because the second I were to say it some faggot like you who has politics on the brain would come out the woodwork.


I actively avoid that word too or at least will asterisk it a little




I avoid the world as well because it's so politicized and frankly BS. This isn't anything new either. I remember being a child and them pushing it through the public school system. They told us back then that by the time we graduated we would run out of oil/coal and we'd be living on a planet that was a million degrees in the winter. Of course none of that came to pass.

Frankly, you aren't allowed to talk about this issue anywhere anyway. "They" has been involved in geoengineering for my entire life. Anyone can clearly see the differences between now and back in the 80s/90s if they've been paying attention. It's always blamed on the poor classes using the products and services they're required to use to live day-to-day in this stupid society we've cultivated since about the 1920s. But no one is allowed to discuss the real issues. Like the weather warfare that's been happening since the end of WW2 or the daily airplanes spraying stuff in the skies. I could go into extreme detail about this because it's pretty easy to prove what they're spraying. But I wouldn't expect genuine discourse. I try to stay away from the subject and certain keywords related to it because it always draws in outsiders.

They can't leave one place on the entire web where people might come together to have a friendly discussion about such things. That's why "political" discussion became so heated around 2011 or so. That's when they overturned the Smith–Mundt Act and started practicing open propaganda against domestic websites in the west. That's when the hoards of bots were unleashed on all discussion platforms along with armies of paid posters.

I expect the weather to continue to becoming stranger and stranger as I age and nothing to be done about it. Since there are multiple factions using various technologies to wage warfare between each other. If you're interested in such things I suggest a deep dive into military documents starting around the mid-1950s. They use a lot of different technology to screw with the weather patterns. But it mainly comes down to weaponized radio spectrum and the spraying. Both of which are some of the most censored subjects on the modern web.

A final thought: People act like current weather patterns are something new. But I clearly remember as a child all of the adults commenting on how little it was snowing in the winter. They said they used to get 2-4 big snow events every winter. But when I was a kid I didn't see snow until I was like 7 or 8 years old and just an inch of it was reason to celebrate (and stay out of school for days at a time). When sometime in my teenage years we started getting multiple heavy snows and ice storms again most every year. Which was back to "normal" for our area according to all the old folks. Then around the 2010s things changed again. Now winter was either indian summer or we'd get massive snow/ice storms out of nowhere always at the worst possible time.

All I know is if you study the weather patterns and old texts about them you can clearly see a big change happening from about the late 1960s-early 1970s going forward. The weather patterns were mostly stable up until then with the odd massive storm coming every decade or so. Then the moment we got the ability to track the weather really closely strange weather patterns and events started happening all of the time. They're right when they say it's caused by humans but I assure you it isn't because of regular old people driving cars or spraying air freshener. It isn't caused by cattle farting either. It's just a part of 5th generation warfare much like the bot armies on the internet and the so-called "culture wars". When we gained the ability to bomb each other off of the planet war shifted into other areas that were less destructive to our own side and allowed for more deniability. Any technologically advanced country on the planet has the ability to manipulate the weather through various means or they are a vassal state of a state that can. Weather manipulation isn't all bad either. For example, it can be used to ensure crops don't fail or bring rain to areas where it's needed. But it can also be used for evil as well like any other technology.

It's a very interesting subject to study. There are some good examples of some methods being used as early as the 1930s to make rain. You should check it out.


File:Honeyview_20240305_185943.png (2.11 MB,1200x1080)

Found something cute when moving dead branches and leaves, but it's a cold day so I put them back. If it was a month or two from now I'd move him into the garden, but alas it's too early and there's nothing there.


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (218.93 KB,1920x1080)

I'm trying to be polite about this, but please don't go off on politically-charged tangents. The posts earlier were skirting the issue on purpose, because of the mutual community agreement that such things belong elsewhere. 99% of the internet is filled with that stuff and we don't need to make it higher.


hi fern


big fern belly


File:39ed0bf65e171d2cdf84ba2ea6….png (2.4 MB,1770x1770)

Just remember if you think something is a bit controversial, we always have /secret/ for those random thoughts.



File:R-1709695015746.jpeg (437.02 KB,1920x1080)

I accidentally thought about politics today and it wasn't fun


I am thinking about doing the PhD grind


I'm consumed by it honestly and it fills me with dread often


had to tell some guy to back off at work


File:20240303_013115.jpg (2.89 MB,2894x4093)

Just gotta learn to put it out of mind and focus on enjoyable things. Also having a deep-seated hatred for political commentators helps. If you consider the mere people the scum of the earth then you'll be more likely to avoid it.


I see now. I apologize for making this awkward.


Boss is trying to pay central Asians to do a high quality job and they just copy pasted some code from a library for 3,000$. And it was essentially the code I initially gave him haha.


Dang Kazakh code monkeys


I don't really mind that they aimed to do a cheap job. I'm just satisfied that someone insulting my work and trying to outsource me met the expected outcome.


I have watched 16bit Sensation and it was ok


watching jormungand, dunno what to think of it
the albino girl's kuso english girlboss rap theme music is fucking horrible and i hate hearing it every single next episode preview


File:R-1709815617863.jpg (2.57 MB,3072x4080)

accidental window


File:R-1709817342702.jpg (3.2 MB,3072x4080)

clearer pic


avant garde


aaaa my album is almost done, i am so excited to begin the soul-crushing process of finding a label to sign with
i'm working on the cover art right now and its coming out better than i thought i could do


File:R-1709864050617.jpg (3.54 MB,3072x4080)

so the police and an inspector and other people came and stuff happened and now we're all gonna pool together all the damages caused by these guys and see what happens then now that the govt has taken notice (news broke out a while ago when a house collapsed for the same reasons, their complaints had been turned down the day before they died)
now it's been kinda patched up


did he not get the memo that snakes aren't supposed to exist until mid Spring when they warp in mass from the snake dimension.


File:THE CONCEPT OF LOVE.jpg (53.22 KB,640x480)

watched the trailer for that fallout tv show and felt a tiny sliver of excitement when i thought i saw Tandi
but then i found out it's set after new vegas and now i hate it


woke up with a horting tummy
it's so over


Haven't watched any Wes Anderson movies. What should I go with?


Beats me, I couldn't name one


Fantastic Mr. Fox is pretty good.


I'd stream one of them but I don't like the risk of torrenting western media


saw lightning strike some blocks away and my monitors went dark for a moment but the computer stayed on very weird and a bit scary


shut down an site i've been running for several years and sold the domain to an indian casino


trevor would NEVER make a grammatical mistake like saying "an site", he's too degrees two smart for that


should have sold it to a cp spammer instead


went to the office in the morning in spite of the diluvium that later broke my umbrella because there was no internet or lights
now that i've returned home the lights are back, but there's still no internet nor water now so i'm using mah hotspot
a neighbor managed to get a hold of the ISP and they told him they'll be coming on the 30th
the lights just went out again for parts of the building


File:ec126403b80dcf5b903191b4d….webm (1.06 MB,512x512)

Thinking about trying to improve my words per minute by writing.


Reduce clock speed?


Pot a pill stuck in my throat and drank water and ate cereal to push it down.


bring it back t


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (299.45 KB,1920x1080)

almost feels like I pulled my groin
I definitely didn't because I know what it's like and I'd be in bed instead of sitting in a chair if I did


File:28300429_p0.png (261.21 KB,844x866)

badly bit my cheek while eating spaghetti


File:eb020b465d786d577ce01416fa….jpg (1017.24 KB,1215x1761)

I woke up!


First mistake of the day.


File:GIy7x4ebAAAcMUL.jpg (618.61 KB,2481x3508)


File:osaka good morning.jpg (47.62 KB,597x440)


File:ff8244d940fd3c353e734eae7f….png (458.85 KB,586x729)



having my second iconic milk tea of the day with some grapes


I've heard of these before. How does it compare to normal tea?


File:1619456300439.png (314.08 KB,500x500)

I like it but it's an acquired taste to some, I usually drink it in the mornings when I want something warm to drink but don't feel like having coffee (which I also add milk to). I don't like the taste of straight black tea, so adding milk makes it a nice middle ground between tea and a latte.


hope i have time for anime this weekend
been one of the worst and busiest times of my life for a strait month at least


accidentally exposed my secret fern belly pic collection to coworkers


Monitor their responses quickly. If the winds change abruptly, get out of their Snake.


snowing like crazy today


exposed tummy...


An old friend that's 15 years younger than me showed up last night randomly. Haven't seen him in years. He was pretty messed up on what I assume were research chemicals and crying about some girl that turned him down. Said he'd driven from 3 hours away and came here because he was afraid to go home (still lives with his parents).

I showed up MahoAko and fed him sedatives a few hours later because he really needed to sleep it off. When he woke up around 3pm today he claimed he couldn't remember anything since yesterday morning. He lost whatever drugs he was on somewhere along the day (or ate them all more than likely).

He normally claims to hate cartoons/anime but he was really into the magical girl abuse last night while he was blacked out.


File:dork question.png (263.57 KB,665x965)

>old friend
>15 years younger
How does that work? I don't think I could be friends with someone so much younger. I know someone who is the same age as me and of questionable moral character as well though. The last time I heard about him he was interned in a drug rehabilitation facility. I was never really friends with him thankfully. Wouldn't want to deal with his shit.


I met the kid when I was freaking out about being in my 30s and making an effort to get back into going to social things. He's a good kid. But he's got a big drug using problem so I don't make a habit of hanging around with him much anymore. Plus I don't really go to social things anymore (well the same ones he attends at least). But if he shows up I don't refuse him. He's more of a hiking buddy than anything.

That said, he came to me for advice once and didn't listen. Then when he needed a friend more than ever none of his "friends" would come up help. Long story short I drove a couple of hours to bail him out of jail and then took him to his mother. Who promptly solved the problem he was having (and is the reason he avoided prison for two major drug charges in as many months).

From what I can tell as he's getting closer to 30 himself he's starting to learn and not be such a fuck up. He did manage to stop doing the drug that was his largest problem. But he's the type of person that over does everything. He can't just smoke pot he's got to do massive dabs. He can't just take a hit of LSD he's got to have 10-strips minimum. He can't just drink a couple of beers he's got to drink a 5th of liquor in an hour. That type of thing.

Basically, I'm old and can't keep up with him. But every now and again he gets sad and shows up. So I don't refuse him. I'm more of an absent father than a friend I think.


I see. So he probably sees you as a father figure or something then. You did say "his mother" and not "his parents" after all. Kids of single moms can be fuckups. The dude I know ha no excuse though, he has both of his parents and it's always his dad whom he constantly gives headaches to.


keep having dreams about the bath scene in dungeon meshi


Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something.
When was the last time you took a bath?


showered yesterday
haven't bathed with an elf in all my life


That guy needs serious help


File:Honeyview_20240325_160822.jpg (509.35 KB,1200x1080)

bird helped clean up the garden


File:1706068750383.gif (1.65 MB,500x374)

today was a good day


ate banana
but others are going to go bad before I feel like eating them
such is the plight of the banana eater


Japan apparently cracking down on tourists come April


Apparently it's some dumb "America owns the world" tier stuff that they do like fondling geisha in Kyoto and wandering into private residential areas.


They've been doing this for a while, there are parts of those cherry blossom gardens that Chinese tourists are not allowed into.
That, and the viral stuff about taking a PRC flag to Japanese landmarks or whatever probably pissed a lot of people off


>They've been doing this for a while
Weird thing to say considering tourism only resumed last year.
Anyways. An article on it https://www.afar.com/magazine/japan-to-limit-tourists-in-kyotos-gion-district-and-mt-fuji


No, I mean they've been restricting tourists since like before COVID IIRC


Wandering through the streets of the blog thread, Anonymous searches for blogs, peering through windows and shrugs his shoulders as he leaves in defeat.


somehow my last post in this thread was a week ago
rough few days recently


wait wasn't the bump timer thirty minutes.... i thought it was


File:1549747895044.png (334.56 KB,500x491)

I don't get why tourists are so keen on going to Kyoto. Don't they have shrines and traditional stuff all over the country?


Do not use OneDrive... there is no end to issues that make it a total pain. File navigation takes half a second per nav in the explorer. It makes it so unresponsive it's unbelievable.


I was going to get sick next Sunday so I wouldn't have to attend the stupid family reunion. But now it's been decided it will happen under my roof. Doushio


I miss going to family reunions, I miss my grandma...


>I once succeeded in identifying a Near-RP hitchhiker as a Geordie by seizing on the fact that his /l/ was ーhypercorrectlyー dark in all environments.
this kind of quote gives me life


I didn't care much for Kyoto either.


File:a47029c9bf5bb49dab31fff9bc….png (1.47 MB,1417x1322)

I helped my dad at a warehouse today and there were a bunch of computers and CRTs laying around. All of them were pretty old and with Win 9x stickers on them. I don't exactly need more computers laying in my room so I didn't take anything except for this very cool and old Acer buckling spring keyboard that I plan on cleaning up and using. It's missing the F4 key but I don't care.


no alt+f4 for you


saw dune 2 yesterday with my dad and brother. thought it was pretty good but i felt like i missed a lot because i havent read the books


I thought Kyoto was very beautiful when I visited. I definitely enjoyed it more than Tokyo. It also has history as the ancient capital with a lot of unique buildings related to it.


I'd assume you did, as a lot of movie watchers appear to have missed the point of how engineered, inescapable and terrible the whole thing is. For example,
>And Paul saw how futile were any efforts of his to change any smallest bit of this. He had thought to oppose the jihad within himself, but the jihad would be. His legions would rage out from Arrakis even without him. They needed only the legend he already had become. He had shown them the way, given them mastery even over the Guild which must have the spice to exist.
>A sense of failure pervaded him, and he saw through it that Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen had slipped out of the torn uniform, stripped down to a fighting girdle with a mail core.
>This is the climax, Paul thought. From here, the future will open, the clouds part onto a kind of glory. And if I die here, they’ll say I sacrificed myself that my spirit might lead them. And if I live, they’ll say nothing can oppose Muad’Dib.
>In that instant, Paul saw how Stilgar had been transformed from the Fremen naib to a creature of the Lisan al-Gaib, a receptacle for awe and obedience. It was a lessening of the man, and Paul felt the ghost-wind of the jihad in it.
>I have seen a friend become a worshiper, he thought.
In Messiah, Paul says Hitler did "pretty good for those days" compared to his recent killing of sixty-one billion people, ninety planets, and forty religions. That's the conservative estimate.


what the hell. konosuba is out and we dont even have a seasonal thread


Kazuma is such a well written character


making it later today...


sappororo really is better than these other types


What the heck are you talking about, it's 10 days away? I'll make the thread tomorrow


File:1687368502525929.jpg (267.73 KB,953x1080)

I forgot to say rabbit rabbit


File:__jeanne_d_arc_alter_jeann….jpg (226.06 KB,2048x1512)

Said my rabbit rabbit for the month.


File:1676583735717.jpg (92.35 KB,600x600)

My PS2 to USB adapter arrived today and the keyboard works without any issues. It's pretty similar to the one shown here https://youtu.be/kvsPI_W-LMk , though mine has 4 vertical lights with one being a power switch that's always on. Since it has springs inside it it's obviously pretty loud, even more so if you use it at an angle.


I made a joke about my sister(who is 22) listening to K-pop and in response she said she did not know what that was, not that she had never listened to K-pop, she had never heard of what the term was to begin with.

Sometimes it surprises me how I will take something for granted as being common knowledge but then it proving not to be. None of my sisters knew who Elon Musk was either until I told them, they also did not know that twitter had been changed to X until I told them, this was only very recently that I told them as well, they didn't know about the Amazon Lord of the Rings TV show and seem to know next to nothing about that kind of thing. I was going to say that they live in their own world but more accurately I probably am the one that lives in my own world. Most people probably don't hear about or deal with these kinds of things as they are focusing on real life things like work and their social life.


huh, aren't women supposed to generally be into knowing all that status and power pop culture stuff?
Not knowing about Musk is kinda odd.


File:1658846164570811.webm (Spoiler Image,1.98 MB,615x850)

Is this your sister?


no they really are clueless its cute


I doubt my sister would really know any of that either unless my brother was talking to her about it. Most of what she knows is just dumb norm tiktok trends or whatever is the latest in her starbucks order.


Basically, though to be fair I don't know what FML is either.


I am proud of being such a good cheat (creative interpretation of the rules) that the sanctioning body of a sport I participate in was forced to add a new rule to the book just because of my actions last year.

I can't drive anymore due to health reasons. So a few years ago I signed a driver to drive our car and took over the dual role of crew chief and head mechanic (and part car owner). Anyway, the rules in our class are supposed to be set-up to keep the cars even and keep costs down. But they don't do good inspections so everyone is running illegal equipment. For example, our engines are supposed to be sealed and we're not supposed to do anything to tune them. But they don't check close so everyone is running a built up engine that looks stock. We even pay extra to get parts with fake serial numbers stamped on them.

Last year I was trying to figure out how to get our car to turn better. There really isn't any leeway in how the suspension is set-up because they're basically kit cars and we aren't allowed to run things like adjustable shocks and the sanctioning forces us to run certain springs and what-not. They've basically taken everything away from us over the last 10-15 years as far as being able to set-up the car to work like we want it.

Reading over the rules I noticed that while we're forced to run a certain brand of shocks with no ability to adjust them there wasn't any rule about how and where we could mount them. So I drilled a bunch of holes and was able to make adjustments by moving where they were mounted. I thought for sure they'd notice but they never looked closely enough and the black spray paint hid all those extra holes (along with some crap I filled the holes with).

End of last year the guy that came second in the last race put up the $500 required to protest the results. We had to hang around the track until 6am while they went over our car closely looking for anything illegal to fine us. They found my trick and three people standing around saw it. Since we hadn't technically broken any rules the win stood and the guy lost his protest money.

We've been getting ready for this year's season over the last month and a half. We had an open testing session on the local track last Friday. I noticed that everyone's cars seemed to be handling much better and lap times had picked up some since last year. Most of the field and all of the front runners had caught on to my trick because someone blabbed.

The rules committee was lurking around and looking at everyone's cars. They decided this was a problem and a huge safety issue. So on Saturday they announced that anyone caught doing it would be fined and banned for multiple races. Get caught twice and you lose your yearly entry fees and ability to participate for 5 years. They aren't messing around. They've decided they're going to look much closer at engines to. Since the top 5-6 cars are obviously so much faster than the rest of the field.

I was thankfully ahead of the game. We built a new chassis over the winter and I didn't make the modification because I figured I couldn't get away with it anymore. I already have another way to get my ability to do shock adjustments back. Over the weekend I bought a bunch of oil in different weights along with several sets of new shocks. I've cracked them open and filled them all with different oil weights. That way I can swap them quickly in the pits as track conditions change over the course of a weekend. They're "sealed" because I sealed them. There is no rule in the book about _who_ seals them only that they have to be sealed. It isn't as good as what I had before but I'm hoping it takes them longer to catch on to it.

I'm thinking this will be the last year I participate with dirt racing though. It's fun but it's costing us way too much money. A local team is talking about starting up their Trans-Am GT car project again. I used to work for them because they closed up shop back in 2016. I built their sim racing set-up. I'm going to call the owner on Friday and see if he's interested in hiring a spotter/car chief. I could use the money and racing is a lot more fun when you're spending someone else's money instead of your own.


nice, always great to make bureaucrats squirm and take advantage of their sloppy work for your own benefit


had a few sodas a couple days ago and im still reeling from the gas issues they plagued me with


Spent an hour or so searching and copy-pasting answers for a pre-entrance coursework assigned by the college I'm not even a part of at the moment. Stupid system.


set up deja dup after I got tired of copy+pasting my files to backup


From Twitter to Visa/Master
I just realized how much US tech has screwed over Japan in the past year


There's a bunch of companies that now each wield a level of power that would normally be associated with nation states. I don't know we can still refer to them as US companies though, when they are super-national and just registering their HQs wherever they have to pay the lowest tax rate.
How much control does the US government still have over them, and how much control do they have over the US government?


Sleeping and waking up early feels great! Played games for an hour, watched an hour of anime, programmed for another hour, and it's just 9AM! So much day time left!


managed to finish work on time this friday having filled out my timesheets so i dont need to do it over the weekend


File:C-1712544970221.png (12.05 MB,4032x2268)

Finally got around to printing the mewkle compositions that I'd been meaning to use as posters since the time I took the screenshots.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (228.06 KB,1920x1080)



Huh, that's an interesting yet simple idea. Can't believe I had never thought of it.


Going to try and find a good eclipse place


File:gununununu.jpg (39.45 KB,640x480)

I'm surprised I don't have a decent Guts-rage reaction image.
Perhaps my standards are too high.


File:20240408_140110.jpg (5.93 MB,2992x2992)

Stare into it


college giving out adobe cloud and ms office licenses, hopefully they dont mind me using OS alternatives... I dont want to install windows....


thundering really badly


Someone used my email to receive invoices for Microsoft business. Is this some sort of scam or identity theft?


It would be a self-scam if all that they're accomplishing is that they cannot access their invoices.

If microsoft has no other personal data from you (other than the email) in this customer account, then you could technically just ignore the emails piling up (or even filter them), though it would be more courteous to inform them that they're sending their mail to the wrong address.
If they do have more information on you, tell them that this contract was made without you and is thus void.

It might of course be somebody setting up a fake microsoft entity, trying to get you to interact with their fake microsoft website.


They are using my full name and emails are coming from @microsoft.com


contact support, because they probably used all your real information to fill out things


What should I say to support?


idk, don't even know who you contact. It depends on what the invoice was for.
but you don't want people to start calling you about their 10,000 dollar azure bills that aren't being paid.


That whatever contract they think they have with you was made without your consent.
You will therefore not pay. If they wish to continue offering their services to whatever entity made that contract, they should contact THEM (though not via the email address that belongs to you) to acquire new payment information.

Also, you should first google some bits of the email you got to see if other people had the same experience, and what happened to them.


Do not use the email as a vector to get into contact with microsoft. Do not directly reply to it or use the links it provides. Google for their customer services.


just post the invoice+mail and remove the personal info.......


first email


Details of your subscription purchase

Thanks for your purchase on April X, 2024. Your Invoice will be ready on April 5, 2024 in the Microsoft 365 admin center. You should be able to start using your subscription in about an hour.

Order number: bunch of letters and numbers interrupted by dashes

Product Licenses
Microsoft 356 Business Standard 1

Additional resources
Learn how to understand your invoice
Learn how to pay by wire transfer in the Microsoft 365 admin center
Learn how to assign admin roles and set up your organization's accounts payable contact as billing admin

Acount information

Organization name: My full name however without written without language specific characters

Domain: FullName3Digitnumber.onmicrosoft.com

Did you find this email helpful? Yes No

Privacy Statement

Microsoft Logo

All links look legit, so I don't think this is a phishing scam.



if it doesn't show on your MS account or credit/debit card I'd just try to find a support email on your account and forward the it to them


second email

Sign in to view your Microsoft 365 Business Standard invoice

Your Microsoft 365 Business Standard invoice is now available in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Sign in to view it.

Blue button saying "view your invoice" linking to nam.safelink.emails.azure.net

If you've already paid, disregard this email.

If you're set up to pay by credit card, no action is required--we'll charge your card within 24 hours of the invoice date.

To review changes made to this subscription, go to the subscription history in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Additional resources
Learn more about your invoice
Learn how to navigate your invoices
Change the way you receive invoices
Change your payment method
Change your billing address

Organization name: My full name
Domain: same as previous email.onmicrosoft.com
Subscription name: Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Subscription expiration date: April 4, 2025

Did you find this email helpful? Yes No

Privacy Statement

Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052
Microsoft Logo

Attached invoice bills to my full name without language specific characters but address is somewhere in other country. It sums up to over 14 Euro.


What's the URL of the sign in?


I did a google search of the address at the bottom and all that comes up is scams


Email from this link does not look legitimate. The one I received I am pretty sure is.

I do not have a Microsoft account. No suspicious charges on my cards recently. I had no luck finding Microsoft support email and when calling the phone number I get only automated responses.




well, you might have an autorenew that just triggered for office. I'd try signing into microsoft with that email and a regular password


other than that, beats me. I'd have to have the email in front of me to understand


I do not


how the hell do people use Rust to do multithreading.
I'm using Tauri which exists to manage state and behavior for webview programs, much the same way Electron does, and it's like.... I can't create a timer to modify internal state and variables because Tauri is closely gaurding it's state from mutation outside of it's defined functionality


I guess Rust is going to be easier when doing from scratch designs because you can control what's mutable and what's not... but wow, it's SO restrictive


scarfed down some thai curry and now tummy horts
how can this be happening to me????


>but wow, it's SO restrictive
I guess it depends what you mean by restrictive, but unsafe rust exists.


Having fun learning math with superman.


got a little jumpscared by the jumpscare in higurashi chapter 2


File:1535301301297.png (171.83 KB,450x532)

The usoda one?


thats in chapter 1 onikakushi
i mean the one in wataganashi, when keiichi starts questioning 'shion' on the phone when exactly she spoke with the mayor when the mayor was out of contact the entire day, and she just cries for some time before saying hee hee hee hee


Just a heads up, I might somewhat spontaneously schedule a stream at 8PM for the 4th part of the GuPz movie. 60min runtime


Bagel with ementhal not as great as I hoped


rained a lot and internet tanked again so the cables may be full of water once more


and now my lights are out for maybe the next six hours


Korean manga supporters have some funny ideas about why they're the future

>In the documentary, Seo Bum Gang, the Chairman of the Korean Webtoon Association explains that manhwa or webtoons have an inherent advantage in the global market because of their optimal mobile readability. Simply put, manhwa are easy to scroll through on mobile devices, making them perfect for leisure reading anywhere at any time.

>Crunchyroll's documentary on Solo Leveling explains that in Korea, webtoons and web novels are part of a "snack culture" where they are seen as a means to pass the time.


lights came back


>It's a difference of mediums, most of those manwha or manhua are digitally created instead of traditionally pen and paper. Also it only seems like they come out weekly to you. They backlog many chapters before a release like with anime and have them colored and corrected, and then release them weekly. If it was being released weekly with no breaks, there wouldn't be break for a story like your example Solo Leveling where the source novel exceeds it.

The coloring fad of manhwa also seems incredibly dangerous


Grabbed a 2nd hand headset for $15, pretty nice.


i love rain but these last few months it's been destroying the building and that's not good
the terrace's membrane has broken down to the point that the sixth floor is flooding and this water is going down the stairs and the elevator shaft which we had to stop using because it smelled like it was burning and the lights went out a couple times
and somehow it turns out all the cable and internet wires go through that same shaft so it breaking means everyone's connection is down
at the same time the holes that the construction workers next door poked into our walls were very badly done and are leaking as well so that's causing a bit of flooding too
extra bit is that the company celebrated my five year anniversary by revoking my keycard's permissions because that's when it expires though that was sorted in half an hour thankfully


File:bird.png (2.33 MB,1200x1080)

I can't really get a good picture (don't want to get close and scare it) but nest is occupied by a robin. I'm not sure if a nest that's eye level is a good idea, but it's on the North side of a fence so it's safe from most wind. Hope I can hear some baby birds soon


I thought Danbooru was a the origin of all the booru's but it's written in Rails while Gelbooru is in PHP and sankuku is in who knows what


watching the eleeto neeto's show


File:1526095374775.webm (225.98 KB,1280x720)


That's not how undressing works.
You can trust me, I'm an expert. I am currently lurking kissu in my underwear.


what color panties are you wearing


I ate banana and now I'm full


got carded when i entered the premises of a casino


What do you mean carded? Did they deal you a hand od cards?


asked for an ID card to verify my age


First time I've ever heard someone call it that way.


Really? It's been common parlance for decades.


cant stop thinking about incest


edited my first two wiktionary articles


File:F2WFBnlb0AEZ0oX.jpg (116.91 KB,688x1000)

got some curry for me and me mum yesterday and thought it was kinda expensive being $48 for two things of curry, rice, and some naan bread but there was a lot of leftovers so just reheated it today and it filled me up again so if you think about it i paid only $24 a night for dinner


or $12 per person per night
cheaper than mcdonalds and way better tasting


there's two stops for the same bus about fifteen meters apart and nobody knows what the difference is


one girl is standing inbetween the two just in case


my nutbladder aching hurts



Windows 11 criticism list entries for later... a thread idea...
Forcing OneDrive when it's a buggy product.
One drive, when syncing, makes file navigation take half a second per click
Hiding the advanced right click menu behind a menu
Default right click menu
User profiles linked to a microsoft account
I have my real name everywhere on my explorer because my windows account is professional and syncs to it.
Mysterious performance loss across entire system(must verify, benchmarks in another /qa/ thread somewhere)
Settings are handled by an incomplete system where everything is hidden behind tabs upon tabs.
Trying to search for items often leads to you opening an edge tab which doesn't help, because search engines are in need of major updates.
You can not move the taskbar to anywhere other than the bottom.
unwanted and forced update after initial install, but go away after being forced to disable them
Passwords can not have letters in them

Things I like:
Tiling system an be handy but is often a non-feature(and I am a single monitor user). Doesn't go far enough to be useful.
Tabs in the explorer and cmd


you can uninstall onedrive and also disable internet search and the new right click by editing the registry
it helps a lot


yeah, but I could also go back to 10 and install an alternative to explorer and download Cmder. Only thing I lose on is the tiling system which needs more work


i know, i'm only using 11 because sadly i'm forced to


Keeping a ref to my benchmarks when I went from 10 to 11 >>>/qa/119841


Sometimes, city planners just don't know what the fuck they are doing.

At the last place I lived, the bus stops were all upgraded and modernized. The bike lane, which generally runs on the street, was rerouted over the new bus stops platforms to avoid having to wait behind the buses or veer left into the car traffic.
Only, if somebody had thought about it, maybe they would have realized that you can't ride your bike over these platforms while a bus is stopping there. It's impossible to see the people before they exit the bus onto your lane.
So, with the new, fancy bike lanes, the bikes are still forced to either wait behind the buses or veer left into the car traffic.


I went to a farm today, got a 1/4th of a cow from these people up north. God damn it was a long drive, like four hours.


How much weight is that? Do you have room to freeze it? That sounds like a lot of meat


It was three coolers worth of meat, well two full of meat (lots of ground beef) and a lot of steaks too. God damn I love the up north, it's beautiful, Michigan is a really nice state and fuck the bitches who hate it.


Yeah, that seems like a lot. Beef is pretty great, but I don't think I could eat much of it in a row so that much seems like too much unless you have a giant freezer.


I got two freezers filled with meat at this point.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (301.01 KB,1920x1080)

Two freezers of meat? How many freezers do you have??


he didnt get it


you got a good time


File:1657505683128.jpg (524.5 KB,900x1291)

uncle manga shabs look kinda derpy


File:20240420_025114.jpg (5.87 MB,4000x2252)

I must say. This multi monitor thing seems highly complex and finicky


no room for cat


File:17135964836754463008442398….jpg (1.91 MB,4000x2252)

Additional mark of disappoint


File:91fa90fae1f54bd6a77d1ea91e….png (1.84 MB,2400x1800)

finally found the secret page on a video game fansite I used to frequent ages ago




Nah, The Mushroom Kingdom. This thread contains hints for finding it: https://themushroomkingdom.net/board/index.php?topic=4777.0;all
One of the rewards for finding the secret page is a link to another page that has a copy of an obscure official browser game titled Mario Net Quest: https://themushroomkingdom.net/mnq/
This is not the secret page itself, and it should be okay to share since it's already been indexed by search engines and become known to the wider internet.


Is there any possible way to make a misskey account without living in japan? I can't figure out how to log into my old one even though I have the password and everything on a .txt file...


I'm actually quite happy with two. But I quickly realized I didn't want them both in the standard orientation next to each other. That was too far a distance for the eye to travel.


Is there any restrictions on accounts outside of Japan? I'm using mine just fine. When I made it you had to generate a stupid code on another page, don't know if it's changed since then


I have two freezers full of meat.
I'm not taking pictures of my meat.


File:9235705812357092375234709.png (313.65 KB,564x564)

>I'm not taking pictures of my meat.
Why do you have to make it sound so lewd?


That's on you.




File:suzu.png (351.4 KB,400x400)

Today I:
Posted on kissu
Ate pizza
Threw out pizza box


Learning C with Xlib, was going through the documentation and stumbled upon this beauty:
typedef union _XEvent {
int type; /* must not be changed */
XAnyEvent xany;
XKeyEvent xkey;
XButtonEvent xbutton;
XMotionEvent xmotion;
XCrossingEvent xcrossing;
XFocusChangeEvent xfocus;
XExposeEvent xexpose;
XGraphicsExposeEvent xgraphicsexpose;
XNoExposeEvent xnoexpose;
XVisibilityEvent xvisibility;
XCreateWindowEvent xcreatewindow;
XDestroyWindowEvent xdestroywindow;
XUnmapEvent xunmap;
XMapEvent xmap;
XMapRequestEvent xmaprequest;
XReparentEvent xreparent;
XConfigureEvent xconfigure;
XGravityEvent xgravity;
XResizeRequestEvent xresizerequest;
XConfigureRequestEvent xconfigurerequest;
XCirculateEvent xcirculate;
XCirculateRequestEvent xcirculaterequest;
XPropertyEvent xproperty;
XSelectionClearEvent xselectionclear;
XSelectionRequestEvent xselectionrequest;
XSelectionEvent xselection;
XColormapEvent xcolormap;
XClientMessageEvent xclient;
XMappingEvent xmapping;
XErrorEvent xerror;
XKeymapEvent xkeymap;
long pad[24];
} XEvent;

Each individual event type has it's own int type but they all only take as much memory as a single integer.
Took me a while to understand what this was for.


File:banned.jpg (463.73 KB,1271x527)

just got banned for posting "furry porn"


that looks more like the back of a quirky racing kart than someone's ass


File:not banned.png (101.41 KB,720x266)

yeah, the ass is extremely exaggerated to the point of not really being porn at all. I also posted the Peach version and that hasn't been deleted. guess someone just likes reporting.


in this one you can at least see her legs, in the first one there's only the feet


was about to sneeze and yawn at the same time
chose yawn


File:1713727435509609.jpg (90.82 KB,1024x1024)

good choice


not much is as terrifying as pondering on the infinite vastness of space and how absolutely hopeless we are in the face of anything with destructive capability occurring to us



i put cat on my lap
he jumps of to lay on desk
i flip him over and lay his back on me while cradling him in my arm
he peacefully sits and purrs for a while until i pet him


you made me yawn


File:66c636652d.jpg (301.81 KB,3693x1732)

windows sure is pretty OK when they don't remove all your customization


I just hate that giant dock that they copied from Apple


pic it or frik it
yeah i'm talking to you
you know who you are


Freak it


spoiled the ending of a vn for myself and now i want to kill myself


you can still go on think of it as a replay with half the time invested


I am posting from work.


File:1352365085464.png (82.85 KB,450x391)

wish i was in japan right now


Sorry I forgot to censor the word


nutbladder aching hurts


watching idaten
the colors are kakkoi
the op song is shit


Mangadex is aggressively begging for money. I thought I could give some.
But there is no donation option. There are only subscription systems in different price classes. The FAQ says I should just subscribe and then immediately unsubscribe. Bah. That just feels icky.
So, I wanted to know what their financial situation is, but all that they are saying is that they money. No details given.
I can't ask them either. There is no email, or on-site communication system. They only talk to people on discord, x, or reddit.
And then, when I decide to swallow the bitter pill and get my ass off its comfy cushion of excuses, I find that they only take credit card payments.
Alright then. Don't take my money.


old lady at work keeps staring at my face. even when I turn my back to her, she walks in front of me and says “I’ll watch you” (we have to work together at times)


I pooped


File:[SubsPlus ] Urusei Yatsura….jpg (441.24 KB,1920x1080)

Okay you guys have completely killed the relaxed nature of this thread with your talk about wanting to be hardcore on 4chan but the mods not letting you. I'm moving it to /secret/ but personally I can't say I want to see it anywhere on kissu (as a user and not a mod)


and here I was going to ban everyone but you had to relocate them...


is “faggot” not allowed? you can get banned for it on kissu?


why are you even saying it in the first place. Is it just to be a tru-4chaner?


the sager


he dodged my question with another question lol


dodgers could be here


No you don't get banned for it, honestly kissu is pretty lax, just say shit in the gamer way and not the /pol/ way I guess?


got the hiccups


I spell it hiccoughs and I am confident that it makes me a better person.


it doesn't because that's a fake etymology made up later that barely makes sense
it's onomatopoeic


File:fbcda54a8d.gif (305.91 KB,79x785)

what in the world causes such strange scroll behavior...


File:ea906dc400.gif (238.19 KB,43x1103)

edge and chrome seem to share the issue but edge makes it seem more apparent



File:37c8bacfd3.gif (120.89 KB,46x739)

meanwhile firefox is locking to cursor position...


and then eating it with eggs for a daily meal


bitch kept saying bless you as I was about to sneeze and ruined my sneeze


effin metal


File:GD8z0jIbEAAdnaB.jpg (286.71 KB,1448x2048)

For some reason I've not been able to sit down and watch anime easily for a while and it was getting on my nerves since I'd been wanting to catch up on seasonals. But today I took care a bunch of boring adult stuff that'd been nagging at my mind for a while now and when I sat down to watch some anime today I was able to watch far more in a timespan than I have been able to for a while. Maybe lessening the burden on your mind is a good way to help yourself be more attentive.


tired of f5ing imageboards I'm going to sleep


my middle mouse button doesn't click anymore so it's back to walmart


Mousewheel is always the part that gives out first for me, too. But I think I wasted just a little too much time to get it replaced on warranty. (I felt bad for having it replaced a second time)


flippin /u/ has a general general???
it got over 1.6k replies in just twenty days


or less than twenty, because the other general general has been up for ten days and it also over a thousand replies (both are counting deleted ones)


third day I'm calling out sick. my worthless coworkers decided to go to work sick and cough/sneeze everywhere, and I have to be the one to suffer for it. if covid couldn't teach retards to wear a mask: nothing will.


That pandemic was more a political problem than it was anything else. I warn you now that this topic may easily turn into an argument.


i want to bark at the 2 posters above me but i don't want to argue on the internet grrrr


File:cyan.png (452.53 KB,679x695)

We could just roleplay as dogs.
Woof woof!


maybe but it also introduced the concept of wearing masks to protect yourself and others during times of sickness to the west. eastern countries (mostly the asian ones as far as I know) have always worn masks in public during pandemics.
source: my bad memory.


*sniff* *walks away*


antibiotics make shit liquid out of my ass and I can’t stop brapping at the same time


You should avoid taking antibiotics wherever possible, for multiple reasons.
Almost no hospital has proper antibiotic rotation discipline, and in any case, it runs you over like a train, like you experienced (which leads to people privately prematurely ending medication too).


File:040.png (190.01 KB,977x626)

hungry but i don't want to cook and all the restaurants are closed so no ordering take out either


>Best by: 2021
Eh... Same decade. It's practically fresh.
Also, it's a holiday, and that means it doesn't count.

But really, I should have remembered yesterday to get the necessary shopping done.


angry at the world


File:1592404429141.png (3.51 MB,1364x1536)

decided to make curry since it's so easy


hmm this time it can't be helped; doctor's orders. but I believe you.


tired of this world going to sleep


File:rika zero.jpg (150.31 KB,1000x1400)

think i'm going to go out tomorrow, i need to stock up on sencha and canned dolma if they have any


Usually the infection is more likely to do permanent damage than the antibiotics are, that's why they're used


That is, if the antibiotics work on the infection, which becomes less likely the more we use antibiotics.
If you don't need them, help society save them for a time when you do.


nutbladder aching horts


god I fucking HATE how kissu kicks you out of a thread after posting. literal anti-QoL feature.


use noto


File:1521737688757.png (147.39 KB,500x500)

i mean noko


default nonoko is so much better on slower boards
you'd only want noko when following closely a fast thread or making several posts in a row


File:1459718635384.jpg (363.23 KB,898x800)

drank a promethazine syrup for da illness and a the other stuff da dogtor prescribed and now you are feelio xenonic for a couple of hours
it's apparently a deliariant but this only manifests at high doses you just took the prescribed amount but now it's nubm
drugs are fun

Makes it really obvious who idiotic outrage culture is on imageboards why does everyone get so mad or need to trollololo all the time
you just need to be calm, collected at a glance, on the hot street for inspiration, elevated like the music on the space station
they are all biologic deterministic machines following the designes of a debased dumb overarching false creator these idiots call god and they bow and pray and kneel and squeal another day all the way so they can say the day will keep away the pay of L.I.A. and the CIA
musles are feeling like sore when use them like run a lot
dot turned red when i drank it

one pille makes u larger
on pille maks u smoll

But I can already feel it's beginning to wear off. Or am I imagining it because I don't feel bad like I did in the morning? Why can't I stay on top of the mountain forever? What if I won't come down? Will "God" come and slap me down that old wretched decrepit fool? I But why do fall Batman? So we can pick ourselves back up again.
No, I don't want to come down. I'm serious I won't come down. Not again. Not after this life.
Reach out and Kiss the Sky. The Moon, she is Waiting for you. That poor Sun, illuminate a small cavern does he shine.

Why cling to earth when she oppresses you
your dreams and your lives
run away
Reach out and kiss the sky

Don't you miss the stars?

human alien bioligic hybrid

I felt so colourful today
My blues and blacks and reds and magentas all billow out and blaeede away
bluellows away

Reach out and kiss the sky

Don't you miss the stars?

Being logical is so lame. Nerd.
Only norms follow rules. Conform. Do drugs. Stay in school. Stay out of school. Go to parties. Do this. Do that. Wear this. Watch that.
Break the rules.
So lame.

Reach out and kiss the sky


After doing some cursory searching I got some "D3 + K2" combined vitamin supplment, but to my surprise it was a liquid that comes with a dropper. Seems like a far more efficient way to do things as there's a tiny bottle with 600 "servings" instead of a large bottle with 60


File:74537ac2ea1c535afad83037e5….jpg (931.72 KB,1630x1165)

Every day I have two options:
A. Work out and do daily kanji right after work for maybe an hour
B. Procrastinate after work and do daily kanji sparingly while not getting done other things I want to do because those require my full attention and end up working out very little and doing daily kanji at night when I'm butt tired so it's slower and I haven't done any of the things I wanted to do that day

Why do I keep choosing B recently...


I keep playing Civ IV, right now I'm in the medieval era and I'm stuck between Texas and the Kiowa.


File:115196483_p1.png (181.12 KB,771x1455)

Played a bit as Enedwaith but I quickly got dragged into a war with Isengard so I gave up.


I can't sleep. Who do I blame for this?


File:1661390420462.jpg (449.68 KB,1920x1080)

it's been two months and if for the third time no new chapter comes out on the 17th i'll just have to assume ononaka has died of embarrassment
interdimensional witches


>coughed up blood like an anime character
bros it’s so fucking over


Have you had any ominous flashbacks lately?


Who are you quoting?


I just shook out my keyboard.
Not sure why I did that.

The dirt drizzle was only marginally less disgusting than I had expected.


>Who are you quoting?


managed to make a couple of guys I don’t like mad today. one of them pulled a “well ackshually” by cherry-picking one of the words I used. the other deflected to books (for some reason). do people think reading books makes you an intellectual? nearly all of the books I’ve read have been dogshit.


I can't even type right when I'm drunk. Are you some kind of gamer?


My math teacher said you should eat yogurt to replenish the fauna or whatever. Maybe Activia since they market its probiotics so much.


probiotics are a marketing scheme, don't fall for it


meow meow happy gut biome


it's a LIE they die due to stomach acid and even if they survived with their miniscule numbers they wouldn't be compatible with your already existing flora it's a complete sham


obviously you buttchug it


Why would you ask your math teacher for advice on biology, anyway?
Why not... the biology teacher?


To those who are not used to reading, the distinction between valuable sources and not-so-valuable ones is difficult.
It's the same as speech in general. Humanity thrives because of speech, but that does not imply that all speech is useful. But how would a chimpanzee know that the demagogue is both less knowledgeable and more biased than that Anonymous who uses sage for his every post on kissu?


File:[email protected]….jpg (257.39 KB,2186x1600)

Need to stay up all night to write my bachelor's dissertation but it's not even 9 and I'm already too sleepy to concentrate.


today is the last day of antibiotics. hopefully the brapping diarrhea will be done after today.




thank you for your contribution


Thinking of visiting a place on a long bicycle ride (about 5 hours to get there, according to google maps) but not sure if I or my bicycle will make through it alive... Need to do some researching.


File:[MTBB] Spice and Wolf II -….jpg (193.93 KB,1920x1080)


another wave of liquid braps. I’ll call this sequence of events “the brappening”. hopefully this will be the last wave.


im drinking so much water even though my pee is clear
it feels so good drinking and peeing i cant stop


Keep in mind that you are desalinating your body this way.


is that bad? im scared i just want to pissu


just brapped so hard I think my dad heard it from the kitchen. thankfully, it was dry.


You can easily counteract it. Put a little vegetable broth into your water. Not so much that you'd find it salty.


I'm streaming Caveman2Cosmos (Civilization 4 mod) and it would be really nice if people could show up and chat.


I hope I finish training soon. I don’t want to deal with the old lady who constantly stares at me anymore. also, I heard some weird electric buzzing in the bathroom stalls. was that guy shaving? he brapped pretty hard.
sadly, I’m waging


File:1707070264640887.jpg (9.74 KB,221x198)

I wish you good luck


might just make a twitch account to chat with anonymous


You don't realize how useful a sandbox is until you're out of it


fun and games fun and games i don't care about anything only fun and games


File:goose traps me in my own ….jpeg (2.56 MB,4032x3024)

there was a maggot of some kind attached to my window. it was gross so I scrolled the window up to not see it but it crushed the maggot. I had to get a stick and remove it but there’s still maggot guts smeared in that spot. oh, and someone is periodically giving this goose food so it walks up to me thinking I have a snack for it. it’s literally right outside of my car.


feed him you filthy phoneposter


malwarebytes preventing me from visiting streaming sites...


Seems kind of backward to download a virus if you don't want virus on your computer.


XP was a blight on casual PC users


Can you even describe the pre-XP era as having a casual PC user scene?


Yes. But I mean an era where people were opening .exe files from email attachments. Progressively windows has accounted for these people making virus less dangerous


im dangerous


File:1633125609893.png (365.52 KB,1280x1024)

Microsoft Defender gave me a false positive when I booted up 100% OJ.


File:C-1715212572835.png (12.3 KB,377x152)

did i do this on purpose or by mistake.... i can't remember


lolibooru is dead..... damn
it was the last decent place that still tagged toddlercon


good riddance and get fucked


._. *unsubscribes*


it's literally just an extension of loli to the point that when gel removed their label they rebranded the pics with that


File:feeding geese for reasons….jpeg (2.99 MB,4032x3024)

yup, found the guy who did it. he tossed food the other day. this time, some woman got out of the car and left a bowl of food for it. this explains why the goose was so quick to approach me everyday. there’s tons of reasons why you shouldn’t feed wild animals and geese in particular but I guess it’s a victimless crime until something happens to the goose.


Nothing goose-related is ever victim-less.
They are bloody beasts.


filthy filthy phoneposter jealous because he doesn't have anything to feed him


Should be a cameraposter


File:[SubsPlease] Dainanaoji - ….jpg (199.55 KB,1920x1080)

I swear when I checked it wasn't there...


so tired of the old lady who stares at me. she helps a *little* bit but 90% of what she does is stare at me while I do almost all the work. It’s so creepy. It isn’t helpful, but it’s still somehow better than the main woman who “trains” me (she takes out her cellphone and waits until I finish doing everything).

Oh, and the goose hissed at me because I didn’t give it food. I had to squeeze between the front of the car and some foliage to get away. Scary.


phonephosters get what they fugging deserve
should've fed him


File:R-1715358751516.jpg (3.8 MB,3072x4080)



had a black-headed seagull circle around me twice and land by a nearby roof during lunch (I’m eating outside). He stared me in the eyes. I’m usually not paranoid about animals trying to steal my food from out of my hands but hungry seagulls are an exception. I tried to take a picture but he backed off into a blind-spot on the roof.
I’m WAGING, nigga. not everyone can afford to be a NEET glued to their PC.


File:1318535203653.png (68.93 KB,396x400)

Thanks for paying the taxes that finance my NEEThood.


File:1565779176414.png (118.02 KB,789x671)

Marvellous NEETbux
Delightful autism dollars


otouto is still using the same headset we've had for some ten years and its cushions' brownish patches have a very kimoi texture


you’re very welcome 😉
this guy gets it


The crows are more frightening. They know when you look away for a long period and keep waiting to see a patern in what you do while eating


I believe it. They have the intelligence of a human child (I forget what age exactly).


pigeons are smart too but crows get all the credit because they don't need to be trained first to show it.


had to honk the horn at someone today. the guy threw himself unto oncoming traffic (leaving the parking lot, he crossed one lane to get into the second while I was approaching from the second lane; I don’t think he looked both ways). it was mostly safe because I’m a careful driver but had it been someone who DOES speed, it might have been a different story. the guy stopped when I honked, which isn’t the point. the point is to LOOK before you decide to play Frogger IRL with no continues.


That happens to me sometimes too. There are times when I am just way too tired to realize how dangerously close I am getting myself to getting run over.
I do wonder what I am supposed to do about that. During those moments of lack of awareness I lack the awareness to recognize my lack of awareness. And I wouldn't be leaving the house if I didn't have to.
But it's a game of chance that I am bound to lose one day.


I said frogger but he was driving a car. please be careful, anon. there are a lot of crazy drivers out there.


Excel subscription expired...


File:1494787707038.png (144.64 KB,500x500)


File:mpv-shot0214.jpg (280.63 KB,1280x720)

bought women's deodorant so i can smell my own sweat and pretend it's from a girl


got secually assaulted by a gyaru titty monster JK and she made my head go poof


drunkdrunkdrunk i'm laughing again i love drinking when i'm sad it reminds how simple life is sorry couldn't find the bump when drunk thread i'm not sorry fu jk ily


reminds me


Oh nigga you gay


I fucked up on an image edit and decided to spend the rest of the day sulking about it.


File:483c9b2abb6c76b6424e5f2c87….png (1.54 MB,1127x1028)

cringing at my posts, please delete them.
epic. try clinical deodorants if you want to stop sweating, they are the only ones that work for me.


you must learn to live with the cringe


somehow only now realizing the hidamari author did madoka's character designs


grandpa had a coughing fit for several minutes and vomited a bit in the bathroom then got down with the worst posture possible to clean it up without telling anyone....


Is he okay?


better than the average 81 year old


sorry to hear that. hope he feels better.


File:17154699908701315466695625….jpg (1.91 MB,4000x2252)

Drinking Belgium


really light or I'm getting better at holding alcohol. 500ml of 4.9 and pretty good.

Only bad beer I've had recently is some IPA trash


that's the issue with ipa's, they vary greatly so they can be far from appealing to some people


they only have one specific IPA stocked in grocery store shelves here and it's super bitter. They inscribe women on the cans and try to sell it as a female beer. I tried a bunch and they all taste like bleach



chair nearly bent apart yesterday guess that's what a bunch of leaning back does over time
was able to get a replacement from amazon in just a day which is nice and convenient


It took two hours but I finally finished mowing the lawn. It was 4-7 inches long since it rained a total of 10 inches over the past couple weeks and I couldn't get to it until now. When I was mowing it started raining to make it even worse.
awful, awful time


Oh and it took two hours because of all the clogging that would stop the mower, even when I went extremely slowly to avoid it. I had to flip it over to get out the grass gunk a few times. And what normally takes 60% of a battery charge took almost two entire charges so I had to stop to charge it.
why the hell do people have lawns


I started work on turning my Stardust Telepath screenshots into transparencies. It has really nice and sharp lines, so I naively thought that I would make fast progress. But they are... hard.
Seems like the two Dan Carlin episodes that I had saved up for the occasion won't nearly suffice.


wanted to make a "your mom will die in her sleep if you don't reply" thread but I couldn't find the image i wanted


File:bun.jpeg (3.06 MB,4032x3024)

I saw this today


File:curse.jpeg (1.29 MB,3024x4032)


File:Your mother will die in he….jpg (291.15 KB,1213x1024)


>call your mother right now and tell her that you love her
my mom will probably think i'm going to kill myself if I did that


nuh uh i talk with mom regularly and it's not her day here i'm not gonna let burgers guilt trip me at the wrong date


File:1529198100747.png (623.39 KB,750x1000)



this job is simply awful when it comes to training people. NOBODY was trained to train other people so they just do whatever the fuck they want. and of course, they’re going to dump all the work onto me because “he has to learn”. horrible.


it’s almost comedic. I’m with the old lady who keeps staring at my face every second she gets and I point to the paper and tell her the problem with the paper. she then starts cleaning the desk frantically (the desk was near the paper). she wasn’t aware of what I was referring to because to she was too busy looking at my face. I explain to her that that’s not what I was talking about, and pointed to the paper again. she starts frantically pushing the garbage in the trash can down (the trash can was near where she was holding the paper). again, she completely missed what I pointed at because she was TOO BUSY STARING AT MY FACE. unreal.


i'm sure she's embarrassed that she didn't get it now


feeling sad because anon thought i was german


this reads like a fever dream


bored and restless...
even though I'd probably be doing the same nothing either way, being away from my home system is truly torture...
maybe I'll look into syncing my data between the laptop and home system, but even then the laptop feels a lot more restrictive
hate being out


same but I think it's the air right now


File:usagi-chan.jpeg (2.89 MB,4032x3024)

just had a guy cross the street WITH HIS BACK TOWARDS ME. legit no idea if he actually looked both ways (doubt it). then he had to wait on MY lane because there was a car coming from the opposite lane. he’s lucky that I’m a careful driver but I feel like his well-being is going to be jeopardized in the near future. never seen a guy do that; he might actually have some kind of mental handicap.

also I just saw the same rabbit from yesterday. maybe it’ll brighten someone’s day. maybe not.
it feels like one too


>maybe it’ll brighten someone’s day. maybe not.
Probably depends on whether any mothers died in the past 24 hours.


File:feed me.jpeg (866.29 KB,1576x2100)

every day. every FUCKING day I go to work and see THIS.


Swing at it.


I'm in love with ume sensei


File:4rmP3zn.png (2.08 MB,1024x1536)

image board tourist here, this looks like an interesting place, been banned from 2 more active chans, i hope i can learn from my mistakes :(


don't post a wojack/frog or you get instantly hit by a truck


>Teleportation Labyrinth Arc will begin with Episode 19 airing on Sunday, May 26th
Get owned tensei fans


welcome, friend


If anon >>126124 ever does anything ban worthy please ban me instead and edit this post. I'm serious.


based sacrificial anon


starting to get a hankering for peanut butter


File:mahrio_PEuniform.jpg (101.22 KB,1001x1309)

Welcome friend this play is comfy


tattoos are gross


I always roll myself up when sitting down. It's just comfy.
But lately, when I get up, I find that my legs are not working properly. Some nerves seem to be temporarily jammed. I guess I'm getting old.


File:AND MAKE IT DOUBLE.jpeg (2.78 MB,4032x3024)

prepare for trouble…


Stop making pictures and RUN!


I was combing my hair in the restroom when someone tried to mask the sound of their braps by flushing the toilet. it didn’t work at all. they sounded so wet that I had to run out before the stench kicked in.


and feed them double


File:hungry bois.jpeg (1 MB,1576x2100)

they already do that



we are talking about you...


File:berb.jpeg (3.25 MB,4032x3024)

the middle-aged woman who constantly stares at my face almost tripped because she was staring at me.
these days are so dogshit because no one knows how to train. they just whip out their cellphone and watch TikTok/Facebook videos or socialize with co-workers while I do all the work. I guess there’s the middle-aged lady who says “I’ll watch you”. Gee, thanks for being helpful. I’m so grateful.
Anyway, here’s a bird.


File:tastes like chicken.png (80 KB,260x260)

How long did you search for a bird that looks as angry about his coworkers as you sound?
Is this you?
Did you sneakily-like post a picture of yourself?


birds of a feather heheheh


i'm f*ck*ng stupid


Why do you say that you are fucking st*p*d?


I'm feeling better now, sorry.


“Angry” isn’t the word for it. But yes, it is me.


File:6c83304f7f.png (111.49 KB,872x989)

This kind of thing and Apple desktop maintaing a 5% market share is why consumer boycots will never be a thing that works


quoting a feedback aggregation post in an undisclosed location
>We saw that the ability had some play and could function even at higher levels, but it was somewhat underwhelming when compared to meta builds.
>After some discussion, design's plan is to see if we can move some values around in the ability balance tool and test if we can get a little more juice out of the ability, but we're leaning toward shipping it as is, preferring to err on the side of low power as long as the ability is fun to use.


File:footfag jannies SEETHING.png (85.31 KB,900x180)

>post thing on 4chan
>nothing happens
>tell a footfag to kill himself on 4chan
>suddenly pic related


File:8e3ce0126bcb653ee808e51cca….png (894.78 KB,1024x1024)



don’t know what this means
you can’t make me take my meds




File:cope.jpeg (558.32 KB,2100x1576)


File:filthy phoneposter gets w….jpeg (3.58 MB,3656x2071)



Leave megan stallion alone u sandwich fodder


they are federal agents


Birds should not be


dug your own grave, now lie in it hehe


i am navigating the web with voice alone
feels pretty cool


>voice today
>brainwaves tomorrow
AI is getting scary…



File:Shelf.png (7.61 MB,1944x4032)

Assembled a shelf with help from #qa friends!


the store had a special on salmon and ground beef so I made Salmon today and it came out great. the chili will be done soon as well.


good ol' particle board


I wonder how much more expensive actually wood is


I’ve been feeling in a pretty good mood. I’m treating myself to some “premium” tea. maybe I’ll play Dark Souls 1 later. I’ve been feeling somewhat nostalgic for it lately.


I put too much dark chocolate in the chili and it came out kinda bad. I’ll do better next time.


File:..........................….jpg (43.69 KB,583x498)

>dark chocolate in the chili


Cocoa powder is a surprising but common ingredient in chili so probably something like that


a lot of mexican mole uses chocolate alongside several spices


had 4 smores... might eat 5


sounds yummy


I’m still getting over from being sick. I’m basically healed except I still have the urge to cough. for some reason: coughing intensely or frequently triggers my gag reflex (my doctor said that was normal). I usually throw up saliva, (as weird as that sounds,) but this time it was *slight* food matter. I’ve gotten sick all my life but this only started happening in the last decade. I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this either.


im really hongover


waves of massive stomach pain. no idea why. I was fine until I drank some flavored water. this has never happened before.


You might be mildly allergic to aspartame. A lot of people start to get bad reactions to it even after years of consuming it. Check the label and see if it's in your flavored water. Most of them use that instead of cane sugar so they can claim to be "sugar free"/"healthy". I refuse to consume the stuff anymore because it is known to have several bad side/health effects. You're better off being a sugar addict.

If I want something sweet to drink these days I try to stick with honey or cane sugar. No sugar in my coffee anymore though. Only for sweet tea.

I am sorry you're feeling ill. I hope you feel better soon.


recently companies have been phasing out aspartame in favor of sucralose (which is not sucrose)


That stuff is just as bad. I've gotten bad reactions from consuming too much of it. Mostly horrible diarrhea


I love how modern chemistry is at least 30% about getting past consumer protection laws.
Coming up with new substances faster than they can be banned.
Did I say "love"? Dang.


Thanks anon. I’ll do that.


Check out the history of aspartame and the FDA sometime. They did a lot of testing on rats and refused to approve it for human consumption back in the 1970s because it was known to give rats cancer and suspected to lower IQ. Then a new president came in with a certain someone on his staff and one of the first things they did was push through approval of aspartame. I'll let you discover who that person is (hint: he's an important figure in geo-politics that served under multiple administrations. They even made a movie about his life recently).

Most of the stuff they've brought to market in the last 30-40 years is pretty bad for you. It's why I have a hard rule now: I do not consume anything that has less then 60 year history of human consumption. Food and drugs that is. This is pretty hard to do where I live. I have to break the rule often if I eat at other people's homes or eat out with family. But in general I try to stick to it. Especially when it comes to medications. Which I try not to take at all. But if I do need something for pain or sleep I refuse to take anything that was approved after the mid-1980s or so. Even a lot of those things make me weary and I only take them because the older (cheap patent-free drugs) were pulled from the market.

You have to be pro-active about these type of things because it's obvious the people that are supposed to be looking out for us on these issues were bought off a long time ago.


Oh and I know about those "research chemicals" you speak of. I met the guy that came up with MXE at a party once. He wasn't a very nice person and he didn't take kindly to people suggesting that he hadn't produced some wonder drug that would solve the problems of K. He denies it gives people bladder damage to this day. Despite the fact that a lot of people got hooked on it an binged themselves into the same problems they would have gotten from doing K.

Chemistry is interesting though. I still like to follow the new developments in that sector. I try to read medical journals/papers and stay up to date. I try to keep up with the latest in designer drugs to. But I no longer have an interest in consuming them. A lot of them are bad news and you're basically being someone's lab rat.


I am spiraling into negativity


File:[MTBB] Bakemonogatari - 07….jpg (313.14 KB,1920x1080)

Just pretend you are a battery and flip yourself to the positive side.


File:1701732867138412.jpg (6.22 KB,221x237)

I have been getting gaming burnout and it sucks


Find a stable orbit.


going through character development, not necessarily growth.


thought the cord for my right headphone went bad but no it was the right headphone


feelin like a fool, but not a pierot


File:de62347f65.png (587.41 KB,1144x1278)

stupid onedrive


today was awful how could today be so awful


made a burger with onion rings. the onions were the frozen kind, so they weren't that great, but the burger was good. I've been neglecting how much jalapeños can add to a meal just by mixing it into some veggies.


somehow a hobo inside the bank is managing to rest while the alarms go off
it's just him and no one else i don't know what's up can barely see his foot


there's no aspartame, only sucralose like the other anon said. dang, I guess I'm not gonna drink this stuff anymore. even another anon has gotten the runs from it.


File:1586453224213.jpg (103.53 KB,1280x720)

dumb j*b-doers disturbed my slumber


some guy behind me switched lanes and sped past me only for us to stop at the same red light together…


File:sample_5cb812b8839e487419b….jpg (178.81 KB,850x818)

firstu timu?


actually i tried cleaning out my old icloud pictures and it traumatized me. Now i can’t listen to l’arc and ciel anymore…



I've met that guy too. He's such an ass.


going to work


watching NL react to reddit


Cat stole my chair


You could me mildly allergic to a dye used in it or something. An easy way to test is to rub a little bit on your skin. If you get a rash you'll know something in it doesn't agree with you


File:probably tastes like chic….jpeg (2.31 MB,3024x2204)

didn’t shower or shave last night so I had to do it this morning. I didn’t have time for breakfast so I had to skip it. *sigh* the consequence of laziness. at least I have tomorrow off.


I completely forgot my job gives bagels on Friday, but since we have tomorrow off, they’re giving them out today. I’m saved… from starvation at least.




based NEET but you forgot j*b


Yesterday my priest tried to set me up with one of the girls from church. Not sure if this is a good thing or not, I definitely feel called out.


Based on what?


I counted a bunch of items that were numbered by their filenames. When I caught myself doing that, I tried to excuse my behavior by claiming to check if I hadn't made a mistake in the numbering.
I was almost more embarrassed by the excuse than by the original act of counting. To avoid thinking about how disappointed I was in myself, I just continued counting.
Turns out, I had not made a mistake in the numbering.


based on deez


File:duality of man 1.png (2.92 MB,1170x1873)

can I post 2 images at the same time? sorry to experiment but there’s a lot about phonefagging on kissu I don’t know yet.


whoops, guess not. I really wish you could delete your own posts.


If only there were a thread to test-post, or an arrow next to the post number to open a menu.
Gods, why must we suffer so?

Edit: Oh hey, I found a raisin in between my seat cushions.


you can delete your posts....


File:love.jpg (109.14 KB,850x719)

When the readme starts off with
>It's time for magic and for you to lose your sanity.
you know you're in for a good time.


I ate a hamburger with jalapenos. it wasn't that spicy at first but after I brushed my teeth, my mouth is on fire and for some reason my right nostril is too.


File:mpv-shot0177.jpg (184.12 KB,1920x1080)

There's lots of camping utensilia for sale but I don't know if I have the required qualities to make good use of them after I buy them.


I got the "12 days of hot sauce" novelty gift for Christmas. I just opened it a few days ago and so far the sauces have been disappointing. They're supposed to get progressively hotter but I'm already half way through the bottles and none have been that spicy.

Upside is I have enough hot sauce to last awhile and at least most of them have tasted it. Wasabi was actually #1. I think #12 is the Carolina Reaper sauce but I haven't gotten that far yet.


I actually love spicy food but hate wasabi. it's truly strange.


File:2024_05_24_00-38__WmM.png (152.63 KB,2700x2160)



Say the most beautiful scenery of a huge tree with beautiful flowers in a dream, sad that wont ever see it ever again...


blogger on his way to work to educate grandmas


File:R-1716629724355.png (306.79 KB,588x588)

Jesus, that's a spooky video.
I kept expecting somebody to die.


I hate Canada geese so much. We didn't have them here until I was a teenager. Then they started landing in large packs and staying for most of the year at our pond. They used to cross the highway and I'd try to kindly herd them back across to the pond. But they would try to attack me. I learned pretty quickly to bring a big stick whenever those assholes decided they owned the road. My Grandfather got beat up pretty badly by one of them one time attempting to herd them back across the highway.

They got so bad you couldn't even fish in the pond anymore. They'd chase everyone away that got near it. They nested on one of the banks and decided they owned the place. It's illegal to shoot them here because they're a protected species despite the fact that they breed like rabbits.

I did finally scare them enough that they left me alone. One of them was being a huge asshole while I was trying to do some work at the pond. I picked up a rock and threw it at him. I was just trying to scare him but I ended up beaming him in the head. Knocked him stupid for awhile. He hissed for a bit then decided he didn't want to mess with me anymore. Since then they keep a wide berth whenever I'm over there. I scared them for generations (that was about 20 years ago).


File:Utawarerumono.S02E09.False….jpg (240.67 KB,1920x1080)



Is it better to pour beer into a lukewarm glass cup or to drink it from a cold can?


store the glasses in a cool location so you don't need to worry about this
and glass is always better


File:17166762082026446557639619….jpg (2.34 MB,4000x2252)

There's these mugs I use for coffee that apparently have a vacuum center for low heat transfer


I have surpassed my daily quota of needless things. Why do I have a daily quota of needless things?
It makes me feel needed.


That mug worked well. Kept my drink a good temp for 2 hours


what would a needless thing be


Anything that don't serve to maintain or advance yourself or others.
Anything that in the future you would look back on and say that it didn't really go anywhere.
Or, if you are really bad at doing needless things but really want to get in on the gig:
Anything that will not have a measurable and positive effect on the universe 10^10 years from now.


I tend to believe that everything someone does has personal worth in deciding their story. But not all stories end well


File:[SubsPlease] 16bit Sensati….jpg (325.75 KB,1920x1080)

had a nice piece of pizza leftover that i reheated and it looked really tasty and i went to salt it a little but the saltshaker broke and the cap came loose and dumped salt all over my pizza and ruined it this is the worst day ever


sigh... no "dad went out for a cigarette break and never came back" episode


https://www.youtube.com/shorts/WVbu_QMUAiU you can actually see the serrations in their beak..


File:1496987299482.gif (624.64 KB,316x316)

spent all day feeling tired and doing lawnwork and yardwork and spring cleaning and now im even more tired


gonna go to work early to fill in my timesheets


>spent all day feeling tired
Same, except I made a point of visiting my mother for tea and croissants and after that, the day sort of went alright.


File:food.jpeg (2.55 MB,3572x2744)

I made pot roast. tastes okay.


carrots, all shapes and colors!


"Just a little more," I told myself, "I'm almost done."
Why do I keep believing myself? I clearly don't have my best interests in mind. This is an abusive relationship.


File:1678260308228.gif (1.68 MB,500x500)

That looks good


File:__roon_azur_lane_drawn_by_….jpg (861.26 KB,2072x3277)

Why is there no "I smoked the dude" thread here?
Serious question.
Like we have a drinking thread, and everyone supports drinking allegedly, but not smoking? What gives?


there was a blind man in the kiosk. he would ask if there were any customers, and if there were he would go to the back and search for the right item with his hand while asking if he'd gotten the placement right
others he already knew their location and things to heat up he would leave by the oven for the shopkeeper to handle while he wasn't attending other customers himself
very curious
also indians keep messaging me on whatsapp with generic one-line greetings and i block them every time
how did get they my number? i receive zero spam emails, why would something i share even less suddenly start getting them


Weed is highly illegal in Japan and you will be culturally ostracized for getting caught with it. Meanwhile alcohol is so commonplace that the concept of alcoholism literally does not exist.
Please respect their culture.


>Meanwhile alcohol is so commonplace that the concept of alcoholism literally does not exist