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tis the season

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Merry Christmas !

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File:78485997_p0.jpg (243.84 KB,766x1021)


This board will be locked for another year starting tomorrow!
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forever hold my pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


File:91070935_p0.jpg (276.6 KB,725x1024)

See you next year!


File:103853005_p0.png (995.01 KB,1080x1440)

It's closing again very soon. I hope you had a good /xmas/! See you next time.


File:1451004501006.png (403.36 KB,812x1143)

Merry Christmas!


Board locked!

File:e3ffd66db13403462643ca7d58….jpg (89.18 KB,600x872)


Edona Xmas


Tales of Christmas


Sex with Edona

File:1672000080830.png (3.99 MB,2364x2000)



Belated Bocchi Bonzanza

File:103921782_p0.jpg (615.92 KB,2048x1426)




the cicadas


kill, marry, sex gently


Christmas: When they Cry (tears of joy from holiday spirit)


File:umineko xmas.png (352.95 KB,640x480)

"Merry Christmas, Battler!!"
"Ho ho ho ho ho hokyaaaahahahahahahaa!!!!!"

"....Uuooooooohhhhhh!!!!!! Thank youuuuuuu!!!!!!...."




File:kissumas 2022 start.png (54.36 KB,2000x1200)


It's time to start decorating and assemble the party guests for Kissumas 2022! Edit or draw or do whatever you want to add to the scene.

Maybe draw a table because I could not figure out the perspective thing...
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File:1653570624683.webm (104.33 KB,804x892)



Punpun doing his best there not to look up Lala's lalas.
Merry Christmas frens!


she is too cute!!!!


Very nice
Merry Christmas Kissu


Kissu christmas meetup




th-thanks jannu...
*runs away*


File:1671954768293.webm (4.51 MB,1280x720)



Nice legwear.


not sure if it counts as legwear. It's basically pants

File:6d7c135dd50fcc3d0d353346c8….jpg (1.55 MB,2894x2894)


Present day!

Present time!


Santa LAME


gonna unwrap lain


File:C-1671970263236.png (634.58 KB,1200x630)

atheist santa brought me gifts!

File:20221224_214319.jpg (149.38 KB,1013x1800)


H-happi kurisumasu horidays!


File:20221224_143523.jpg (460.26 KB,1200x896)

All I want for Kissumas is...


File:__kurashina_asuka_ao_no_ka….jpg (1.01 MB,3000x1896)

Merry Kissumas!!!


to sniff dat butte.

File:waterfox_SC0ZVmun9i.jpg (656.32 KB,2047x1076)



Santa is a fae

File:2b5d1a6f19b7d1f1b7691bf655….jpg (3.18 MB,2480x3508)


McQueen's Christmas Miracle!


what do they munch on? some kind of christmas carrot?


What is she reacting to in the background?

File:81YURBhelGL._RI_.jpg (482.41 KB,1920x2560)


Does anyone want to watch any anime on the night of the 25th?
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What anime?


OPs movie


thread full of grinches


late to seeing this but that sounds great


There's probably a /qa/ thread you can bump, or I'll do it when I wake up

File:103740827_p0.jpg (1.99 MB,1263x1675)


Short haired brown girls celebrate christmas too, y'know.


big if true






true, therefore big


File:1549396602714.jpg (1.76 MB,1902x1184)


File:R-1671739046706.jpg (113.09 KB,441x471)


merry penis


thanks, you too


File:1669017344284.png (412.26 KB,512x512)

suu suu my ochinpo, aibou


She loves corm


undogged corn? bleh!

File:39f29d607c080664eb5a1cd3be….jpg (283.32 KB,1448x2048)


Be sure to look for /secret/ santa this evening, in a few hours, /qa/!
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Well, if you won't be too busy traveling in 4 minutes you may not miss it...




File:R-1671644584501.png (5.87 MB,2047x2901)




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