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mamoru blog
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I'm having brekky before I go to work


god utena's ending is so fucking good


File:ab1e095f40.png (1.63 MB,1731x980)

They really upped the story aspects in Jongsoul


Wait... eating coffee beans?


internet costs have nearly tripled since the start of the year so i went and took the offer from a rival ISP to get 50% off for six months with a lower speed
the full price was actually worse, i planned to switch back after those six months passed
and the guy came, and he installed the cables and stuff the same day they took my door to the workshop, and i had it sitting there unused for a week or two
my old ISP is infamously hard to unsubscribe from, and they gave me repeated offers with bigger and bigger discounts (even the automated bot was doing it!) until we reached twelve months of 50% off discount
so then i called the new guys and was shocked to find they actually give you the explicit option to quit rather than going through a labyrinthian menu of set responses until you can reach a human bean, and we agreed that i'd pass by one of their offices tomorrow to drop off their modem
surprisingly, i have lost no money


I hope everyone is doing good!


File:d1562544d1.jpg (282.86 KB,1815x949)

I won jong soul


File:anz.jpg (207.21 KB,811x788)

stopped going on some dumbass forum because obviously it gets tiresome to see oldfags treat newfags like a new person of the month and move on. also i don't listen to newer trash anyways so yeah.....not going on the jmusic forum anymore. also constant headaches for some reason yaaaaaaay


I am at work


now they gave a counter offer of 70%... but it's still just 6 months so no


I pay just under 100CAD/mo for internet. If I got 70% off it would be about 6 pizzas


30% off*


with this it's going down from 16 lunches to 8 which is pretty good but also pretty silly


I feel like I'm getting shafted. I pay 1000NOK (30CAD more than you) and only get 500mbps up/down. That's like, two pizza deliveries.
Meanwhile in Romania it's just €8 for 1gbps up/down last I heard.


Did youtube remove like all the items in the recomended feed to push up their shorts feed...


Got this blaring.


long day at work today


File:87896e407633914da9c8cb7461….png (1.7 MB,720x960)

My anime HDD is dying. Good thing I backed up all my media files just a few days ago.



> Computer games, Music, Restaurants
Aquaplus is diverse


gonna watch hibikid euphonium


been trying to get chat AI to switch topics without mentioning past history. 'clear' didn't work. 'change topic' didn't work.

'penis' worked


found someone's list of the things they had downloaded from anna's archive:
planes, fantasy, drawing guides, gravure, various illustrations, and What's My Cat Thinking


time for me to have the invention known as a showerbeer


File:Chotenchan and P san refer….png (782.58 KB,1425x1075)

couldn't be bothered to wake up for it live but Chotenchan's birthday (Tanabata) stream was fun


need new glasses


any megane enjoyers who can recomend some cute girls I can get inspiration from for designs


gonna watch girls shab cry


Developing a gamebook where (You) the MC is stuck in alternative 1992 Eastern Ukraine.
It's in the style of a fighting fantasy book.


uncle needed tech guy support so he called me one of his employees was having trouble accessing a share folder on a machine that wasnt even plugged in


File:R-1720566604232.jpg (3.25 MB,4080x3072)

the back of my new shoes are busted and i believe have begun to damage my socks so i'm switching back to old ones


File:R-1720566685445.jpg (2.78 MB,4080x3072)

i had stopped using the old ones because of their ragged soles so what i did is switch them around and now it's all good


you might need new shoes


nuh uh it costs money


tried frog legs in a soup. They're kinda gross and boney


File:c3e27a88d4459833d890f7955d….png (145.14 KB,1664x1988)

ate grapes and read posts


Were the grapes good?


File:[Elysium]Lucky.Star.EP15(B….jpg (387.18 KB,1280x720)


How long have you had those?


File:1707070264640887.jpg (9.74 KB,221x198)

Good to hear!


i think i used them for a year each, maybe >>130057 for less than that


All my boots look like this. I've been wearing them like that for years and they don't cause blisters as long as I have on socks. Not wanting to damage socks seems like an odd thing to be worried about. Mine last forever no matter how much I abuse them


I bought new shoes a couple months ago because the bottom got stuck in the mud and when I lifted the shoe to walk some of the bottom stayed there on the ground


Buying quality footwear is getting really hard. If you want some good advice I suggest getting into work boots. But don't ever think of spending less than $200 (probably more like $250 now) on them. If you buy cheap boots they will fall apart in 3-6 months like your shoes did. On the other hand if you buy expensive top of the line work boots they'll last basically forever. I have several pairs that look awful due to being worn for years. But they're still water proof, comfy, warm and protect my feet from everything. The main reason I replace them is because the eyes for the laces give out after 3-4 years of heavy use. But I've fixed that with my last couple of purchases by opting for boots without laces.

You want steel/composite toe, water proof, ankle/shin high boots with a good sole. They'll feel a little stiff for about the first week or so. Then they break-in and feel like slippers. After they're broken in you can slip them on and it's like walking on clouds.

Shoes? Can't help you. I used to buy stuff like Airwalks and Vans 20+ years ago because they were cheapish and built really tough. I still have pairs of Vans from back in the day that are as solid as my daily wear work boots. Wore them for years and gave them tons of abuse. But Vans aren't like this anymore. I know because my imouto tricked me into buying her some a few years ago. I was shocked to see how much they cost now when we went into the store. That pair I bought her lasted maybe 6 months and she tossed them and came asking for another. They fell apart as quickly as Nikes.

My father gave me this advice long ago: Never cheap out on anything that separates you from the ground. Boots, Shoes, Beds, Tires and those type of things are things you want to buy high quality versions of. They'll last forever if you do. If you try to cheap out you'll be spending money on them all of the time.


Yeah, the shoes I had were about a decade old so I can't really complain. I bought some Topo athletic shoes off Amazon after doing some reading since they have a mail-in return policy thing.

>Never cheap out on anything that separates you from the ground
Makes sense. I definitely went too long with my old pair, but it's just not something I thought. Boots would be cool to have one day, but I can't really justify buying them unless I start to spend more time gardening or something.


You don't need to do hard labor to enjoy comfy work boots. My favorite feature of my work boots are the steel toes. People trip over and kick my feet by mistake all of the time. Then they apologize because they think they hurt me.

I don't feel a thing. If anything I should apologize to them. I'm a bit clumsy so those steel toes come in handing. No more stubbing my toes multiple times a week on random objects.

They're also good in case I get into a fight or something. Just have to be careful you don't kick someone too hard and break their ribs or skull with them. I've heard they're considered a deadly weapon in some jurisdictions.

I went to boots full time because it seems impossible to buy quality sneakers anymore. You can still find decent dress shoes but it's really hard to find kick around sneakers these days. When I do buy shoes I buy them from a local shop. She still repairs them and everything. I just got my old dress shoes re-soled a month or two ago. They'll probably last me for the rest of my life at this rate.


today wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be should be more optimistic


realized yesterday at midnight that i hadn't printed the document i needed for verification of today's exam at 9AM so i briefly panicked and searched for a place where i could print it at 7-8 in the morning because i needed to be there half an hour before it started and to get there i reserved a cab and woke up at 6 then walked briskly after getting there and the exam was ez peasy cambridge c1 advanced easiest test of my life


going to work soon


File:tegaki-1720815146215.png (17.33 KB,380x380)

saw a black jeep outside
fully open (no doors or roof) with black leather (or imitation leather) seats and I have to wonder what they're thinking about their decision when they go outside and sit down after it's been baking in the sun on heat index days in 110f+ (uhh like 40c)

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