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File:Taiga_Nl0wY6znSn.png (7.21 MB,3176x2290)



I've been considering how this season has felt more like work for a bit of the anime I'm keeping up with. With that in mind I'd rather just be strict this season and focus on my backlog while only watching whatever piques my interest as something I'd want to keep up with weekly. Although a problem I've found is that stuff airing this fall looks pretty nice, so who knows how much time I'll end up with to focus on my backlog.

So blah blah blah, what are you looking at next season and do you have any plans for it that don't relate to what's airing?
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face what


File:sbavc1ilyy401.png (89.79 KB,835x522)

your fears


File:[MiG_MuX] PriPara - 063 [B….png (2.7 MB,1920x1080)

The start of this season has been good.

...Too good.


File:[SubsPlease] Komi-san wa, ….png (2.25 MB,1920x1080)

It's out!

File:68170101_p0.png (691.88 KB,1023x723)

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it's what all the girls are talking about
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i'd vote for you


waterfox decided to do another "we're updating our look!" update and now tabs are randomly broken and my cookies/cache were cleared. Gee, thanks Waterfox.


can you wait until i make it first? thanks


They very well may be banned or dead by then anyway.


been trying to sleeo for the past hour or so but it's so hot i'm having trouble why the HELL is it so hot in October

File:aikawarazu mircopage tanab….jpg (2.98 MB,4749x1353)


Post an image that you have saved but can't remember why you saved it
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At any rate that definitely does not seem like pragmatic footwear for combat.


I was thinking it was for rituals or training or something like that and not active combat


Probably to keep the feet elevated from the ground, if it was flat he would get mud and dirt over his feet when he walked.


File:1434222583986.png (764.82 KB,672x1020)

There's a lot of stuff I have saved that I don't know where I'd use it in...


File:squirrel salvation.jpg (24.02 KB,400x432)

same for pic related, I really like this macro but I never get to post it

File:[xPearse] Magic Knight Ray….png (645.71 KB,960x720)

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><Anonymous> like say someone starts a thread about mecha it's gonna take two years to reach 200 posts

Let's prove him wrong.
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File:[Nofunloli] Megaton-kyuu M….jpg (140.09 KB,1920x1080)

Megaton Musashi is on the super robot style of mecha, lots of technobabble and shouting out the HISSATSU WAZAs and such.

Potentially building a complex story with a lot of characters, but we'll see where it goes. Could end up completely flopping, you never know.


I think the biggest problem with Musashi is that it's a mecha that had no mecha in the first episode. I might give it a try, but how do you do that?


yeah, they've had some really weird directional choices so far. Like you said, no mecha action in the first episode, despite that (at least so far) being a pretty big focus of the show. And they keep doing previews that end up having very little to do with the next episode. Feels like they're flying by the seat of their pants sometimes.


I think for what I'll be keeping up with Sakugan and Denchi Shoujo are what I'll be keeping up with. I'll probably save Muv-Luv for when it comes out on BD so that I can watch it all at once.


File:[SubsPlease] 86 - Eighty S….jpg (Spoiler Image,267.57 KB,1920x1080)

Also it's pretty crazy that in a single season there's potentially 5 above average mecha, and 3 that have really high potential. Wonder if it's starting to make a comback.

Also 86 s2 is airing if anyone's watching that, which I was somewhat excited for but now I'm not so sure after seeing that they copped out from having the main character die and be converted to the legion.

File:1fbeef3aa8d88f18f87195c9d1….jpg (171.33 KB,650x694)


How do you like to spend your free time /qa/?
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Mainly spend the days watching YouTube, and chatting on IRC and sporadically posting on Kissu. I also spend a lot of time nerding out over cool tech things I'm interested (mainly displays). Every now and then I'll also play some video games. Pretty rarely now I'll watch anime; torrenting is just too much of a hassle and the streaming site I used to use now has annoying, unblockable pop-ups, and I don't/can't tune into the seasonal stream which is what kept me up-to-date for a while since it stopped working and shows starting at different weeks and stuff has made me just not watch stuff very often anymore.


>torrenting is just too much of a hassle
How so? It's fairly easy for me to just horde a large collection of shows and pick one to watch whenever I want to.


I've done that with a large number of shows already, but all of my stuff is stored on external drives, and due to matters outside of my control, I've been moving a lot, so getting them out and setting them up, or taking them with me from place to place is sort of out of the question. Currently I have them set up, but the hassle of dealing with them is another factor that makes doing anything annoying. That said, I simply don't have the available storage currently to permit downloading new shows either. Eventually I will need to upgrade to a dedicated NAS, but that'll have to wait a long while due to just how expensive they are - also my drives are getting a little old and they feel semi-unreliable so once I do get a NAS, I need to transfer over all of the data on my current drives to new ones.

That's all to say that I've basically just switched to streaming, but again the annoyance of the site I currently use greatly diminishes my want to watch anything either. Simply clicking to pause, to seek, or go fullscreen or minimize causes the site to open a pop-up. It's killing me.


File:streaming pro.png (820.73 KB,777x860)

You could always consult a professional streamer for tips on what sites to use, wherever he's hiding...

File:fighting.png (364.23 KB,640x480)


All the Gundam pilots are magically transported into space with their best mechs.

Who comes out on top and who dies first?
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I doubt he'll be quick enough to die before Heero blows himself up.


File:1422038984742.png (13.16 KB,500x500)

You didn't say they were inside them, so which ones have the best lung capacity?
also was looking at images and I really do love this old ms paint drawing guy. I think he was from a /sp/ comic and somehow he's really funny to me even after looking at him repeatedly


One way it could be figured out and possibly canonically is to put on Gundam Extreme VS. Maxi Boost and have AI vs AI until one is left standing down side is that it would need to be 1 vs 1 in a tournament style.


File:1470605385625.webm (513.57 KB,984x720)

WHY hasn't anyone done this yet?


File:image.jpeg (80.48 KB,995x720)

I really would have done it by now and do mean the whole tournament style and recorded it as well but I only own the untranslated dusty-ass PS3 version with missing content and no means of recording. Damn this chip shortage and my PC dying on March 2020 just another conspiracy by Zeon.

File:1557782240297.jpg (115.49 KB,1280x720)

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What have kissu's gamers been looking forward to recently? Or is there anything interesting/fun you guys are playing now
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That's cool, but it seems like torturing yourself to play a demo for something that won't be available for a few months.


The Elin game from Noa the Elona creator is really looking amazing. There are youtube English subtitles as people in the Elona thread on /jp/ mentioned it'll be on Steam and possibly next year? Who knows, but you can't rush perfection. I hope it's a huge success and he gets rich.


Wow, I remember this. It's coming along nicely!



File:1502565485866.jpg (17.54 KB,250x250)

Waiting warmly!

File:Sachiko Happenings Thread ….png (597.51 KB,900x735)

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Post interesting or unusual stuff concerning imageboards, textboards or related stuff here. This thread is for a more centralized place of limited discussion, but please feel free to make new threads if you want something more thoroughly discussed.
Imageboard Happening Archives

This thread is cyclical with old replies removed as new posts are made.
Last Archived: April 2nd, 2021
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Huh? It's working fine.


I meant russian 2ch


>russian 2ch
What goes on there?


File:waterfox_XHBhdLKhfE.png (11.19 KB,652x54)

Nothing terribly interesting, but warosu is no longer archiving new posts of /g/ and /tg/. Another sign of the times as /vt/ dwarfs every other board archived on warosu combined, so a choice was made.


Looks like there's a new (text only) archive on the block with 2005-08 content from that one archive.org guy's dump a couple years ago.

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Last thumbnail wasn't befitting of a good music thread, so have some chocominto aisu
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I should replay this and its sequel one day.


0:47~0:55? I can kind of hear it maybe.


good fucking game



I really love this track

File:[Erai-raws] Maoujou de Oya….jpg (239.52 KB,1280x720)

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What have you been dreaming recently?
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At first I was in this lego-y game sort place that had destructible buildings and I was breaking into a skyscraper, and someone was saying something about the money already being gone, but no one had gotten to the big one yet, so I went anyways. Then, I was a really modern building and there was some event going on, but the camera someone was using was weird and had cow-themed buttons for some reason and I made people laugh by pointing that out. Then, I had to leave, went to some elevator and had a realization "some girl promised me she'd be with me for two hours" or something. but then I had to piss really bad, but the elevator was more like a levitating glass balcony, so I pissed off the edge. Then, when I got down there were a bunch of people and they were like "wow, you sure had to piss. now it smells all lemony down here." And then I was in a really cool futurist art deco city, and I was this rich dude, but I think I was getting scammed by some con artist, so I left in a taxi and my new butler complained about how I was shaving wrong. Then, I wandered into a building but my butler had suggested I get some "ta-te surgery" which was something rich people did where they got some sort of band wrapped around their eye so that their eyes would become more expressive. but I noped out of that, and walked into a different room and then talked with a dentist, but I was back to being my usual self. but then my arch nemesis business guy came and played a trick on me and said I had to beat some sort of arcade game thing or they'd do the eye thing to me. I played a little bit and I think I lost, but then I woke up.


I was with my parents and got into an argument with my father (he died a couple years ago). He tried to hit me with a left hook, I ducked under and gave him a right hook to his face. My mom tried to intervene. He took a butter knife and stabbed her in the foot with it, causing her to bleed profusely. She's screaming at me to call 911. Instead I grapple him, take his back, and choke him out until he passes out. Kind of a fucked up dream but I am proud that I was able to handle it well.


can't remember, but I think i've had dreams like that


File:__coa_and_ogiue_chika_gens….jpg (360.62 KB,500x750)

most recent dream was about work
don't even remember what i was trying to write but it was some code for work and if i didn't finish the task today I'd get fired


had a dream where I was at an amusement park and I kept doing the same ride that did this corkscrew at the peakish that was really slow, more importantly two of the seiyuu from love live sunshine were there and I talked with them about my favorite love live songs

File:[HorribleSubs] Murenase! S….jpg (176.23 KB,1280x720)

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How am I supposed to enjoy, or at least tolerate cooking? It takes so long, and you need to give it lots of attention. It's pretty obvious cooking was invented before recreation, so how are people doing it today when you can have fun instead?
Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if I didn't have to clean up tools afterwards, but I do. The only thing that makes sense to cook is huge portions that will last for days, but that seems to limit what you can cook reliably.
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Going to be going back to self living soon. Cooking for myself. Wonder what I'll make. Probably just plain rice...


you could try turning plain rice into fried rice


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (234.34 KB,1920x1080)

I think I might try making my own lazy version of that Italian bruschetta thing. Toast, spaghetti sauce and maybe parmesan cheese? I guess I could in theory either chop tomatoes myself or buy them diced in a can, but it seems like a lot more effort than just pouring sauce from a bottle.


my roommate has an airfryer so i think i will make potatoes


I changed my mind i dont feel like cooking i will make ramen
i have to force myself to eat noodles now though because i ate nothing but spaghetti for awhile

File:5b56d4f12d5424837d981e8c32….jpg (777.83 KB,2690x4096)


I often wonder how people in the far future will look back on the internet of the past. So much of the culture is a "you had to be there" type of thing. References and jokes that only make sense to the small group of people it was directed to. Will they even understand all the all the in-jokes and references that we talk about today? Or will it just seem foreign and alien to them? Maybe it will just be chalked up to some type of "lol so RandUMb" humor. Even today, if you showed any of it to someone who wasn't well versed in internet humor, they probably wouldn't get any of it. When you look at it from an even further outside lens, it probably wouldn't make any sense at all.

I wonder if we'll start to see internet history become a popular field that's studied in universities eventually. There's a lot that can be gleaned I think from studying the trends of the internet and how they were impacted by, or impacted current events of the time. Of course, maybe they'll get it all completely wrong, because of how esoteric and insular much of it is. Can you really get any of it if you weren't there at the time it happened? The explanations people try to make today for internet culture is often grossly incorrect.

Of course, it's quite possible that the only thing people will ever document or study is surface level social media like facebook and twitter. Which mostly consists of bastardized versions of older culture from deeper in the proverbial internet sea. To get to the root of a lot of it you need to go past that top layer, which most people aren't aware even exists.

I think it's an interesting topic to ponder. There's a ton of different ways I think it could go, and I have to wonder how accurate any of it will be when it eventually comes, as someone who experienced it first hand for most of my life.

Have a cute Miyu.


that's a real cute miyu


File:1457758710544.png (679.88 KB,612x457)

>Of course, it's quite possible that the only thing people will ever document or study is surface level social media like facebook and twitter
I think knowyourmeme and urbandictionary are about as deep as people will get for stuff outside social media. There's also archive.org for people to submit various internet media, but I'm not aware of any way to browse it like you would a library. You already need to know exactly what you're looking for and people won't know it, so uhh....
The exception is the terrible imageboard stuff that creeps into real life via activism or shootings and such. That will ultimately be the 4chan legacy, similar to the netouyo on 2ch/5ch. Sadly, it'll probably be the imageboard legacy, too.


I think Internet culture pre-social media will probably be lumped together with nerd culture, since the two of them overlapped heavily, especially in terms of all the programmers that purveyed image/textboards.

In terms of imageboards they're probably too niche to have their legacy carried on by anyone unless the next wave of celebrities (streamers) somehow have a large amount of oldfags that reminisce about the old times or something like that, and I doubt many of the people that have been with Anonymous imageboards that long would be interested in that, much less easily successful when the trends of cool in modern times aren't so much aligned with that old fun mindset.

Probably it'll end up living on like that one 4chan comic of being a nice memory of the old imageboard posters. Unless by some miracle /pol/ dies and the dynamic of 4chan completely shifts towards something fun.


The answer to your question will all depend on what kinds of communities exist in the future and to which community you're asking the question. The European view of Chinese History is different than the Chinese view of Chinese History and both are different than the Persian view of Chinese History.
If there are still imageboard communities around in the future they will likely have a more nuanced view of their history than the general social media user has of imageboard history. An imageboard community will most likely view their community in how it's descended from "old 4chan" in a similar way that many European states tell their histories starting from Rome or Greece. While the general social media user would view imageboards and 4chan has the same thing and just lump them into the same category as is usually done by Westerners to the middle east/muslims. And their view of them will be viewed in a similar light to whole Christian vs Muslim conflict. With raids or other organized "shitposting" events being seen like the wars or crusades (though on a smaller scale given the size of the imageboard community to the typical social media one) and the exchange of memes will be like the exchange of science/knowledge between the two civilizations.

File:Shobon VR.jpg (1.89 MB,1920x1080)


I'm a VR now.
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I've been messing around with Nvidia's CloudXR lately, hosted on Google Cloud Platform. The theory of it is pretty simple: suppose you already have a VR headset, but your PC may not be up to task of actually playing VR titles for whatever reason. In that case, you could leverage the power of "Cloud computing;" therefore, rather than relying on your weaker PC, you could stream gameplay from a more powerful computer somewhere else.

All told, I was expecting the latency to be pretty terrible, especially after seeing the fumbled launch of Google's game streaming platform Stadia. Much to my surprise, however, the latency was near imperceptible. It's honestly pretty much realtime with the only real contributing factor to latency being the ping time itself. In my case, the server I'm connecting to has a ping of about 40ms. Considering the streaming is realtime, I would have to assume that the overhead in streaming latency is very minimal, probably meaning the total latency is less than or around 100ms.

Also, it bears mentioning, however, that CloudXR is still in development, but for a project still in development it certainly shows remarkable potential. To that end, however, some things have been a little quirky. I tried connecting via the Windows CloudXR client while using an Oculus Quest 2, which SteamVR on my PC correctly identified as being an Oculus Quest 2 and served the appropriate controllers. On server end, however, for some reason it didn't detect that I was using Oculus controllers and instead served me the default Vive controllers which are not fully mapped. The only control that was mapped were the triggers, which is less than optimal to say the least. While connecting via the same method, I also tried two games. The first I tried was VRChat. SteamVR would launch as would VRChat, however, something strange would happen: SteamVR would run into a "Critical Error" and then suddenly crash before VRChat had fully launched. Despite SteamVR crashing (which would subsequently disconnect the CloudXR client, since CloudXR uses SteamVR for operation), VRChat would continue launching just fine when viewed from VNC... I'm not really sure if that means that there's some sort of bug with SteamVR itself or CloudXR or perhaps if there's some issue with VRChat that makes all this happen. At any rate, I also tried launching Museum of Other Realities, which did in fact launch correctly, however, the aforementioned problem of having Vive controllers prePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Hmm. I think I recant what I had said about latency to an extent. It's definitely vrey minimal, but it is noticeable. The application's behavior is very unpredictable, however. Sometimes the client will crash unrecoverably to the point where a full restart is needed. Sometimes you can disconnect (i.e. taking off the headset) from the server and then reconnect. Sometimes trying to connect just results in a black screen which requires a restart to fix. In one instance, I had an extremely tolerant stream - I could take off my headset and resume playing, and even relaunch the client and connect again, while in that likely glitched state I was even able to launch VRChat. Interestingly it ran much better than usual with about a +10 FPS boost. I saw someone mention online that Oculus Air Link has an inherent flaw in that it constantly renders a home area in the background that you can't do anything about. Presumably launching another way caused that not to happen. The stream was also a lot more smooth than Air Link. Air Link has a feature called "Asynchronous Spacewarp". A common annoyance from it, however, is that it causes smeary trails because it interpolates motion on the headset itself, but because it doesn't have any rendering or depth information, it makes terrible predictions. Having that disabled because it wasn't running caused a massive visual improvement. I have no idea why anyone at Oculus thought that looked good, because it's not. At all.

So, in conclusion, CloudXR is very promising and works well at some things, but over all, it needs more polish.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (232.23 KB,1920x1080)

I'd really be uncomfortable beaming my personalized escapism content to the big data-harvesting mega corporations doing this stuff. Doesn't that concern you at all?


Well, sure, but I doubt they'd be harvesting enterprise customer data. Tracking usage for billing is one thing, but I find it hard to believe that they would snoop in on someone's virtual machine and hoover up data stored on the drives and inputs and stuff. Maybe they do, but that seems like more than they'd be willing to do, especially since I'd imagine they have a lot of enterprise customers who'd be very unhappy if their corporate information was being stored on separate data collection servers. That'd probably run afoul of corporate espionage laws.

As far this eventually being developed into a commercial product, maybe. For all intents and purposes I don't really see much difference between this and connection to first party game servers to play some online FPS. But, suppose Facebook comes along and says, "Oh, sure, we'll let you stream and play your PC games so long as you agree to our privacy policy and TOS," then, yeah, I'd feel a lot more skeptical and cautious.


viva project looked really cute, that and spice and wolf are the only things i'm considering getting a VR headset for, but two games isn't quite worth the expense...

File:test2.mp4 (4.83 MB,1280x720)

 No.68117[Reply][Last50 Posts]

a thread for anime (or other media) captures or screenshots that you don't want to make a new thread for
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good doujin


File:[CR ONIBE] Love Live! Supe….jpg (367.85 KB,1920x1080)

Love Live is so nice...


File:[CR ONIBE] Love Live! Supe….jpg (262.51 KB,1920x1080)


She's one of those Chinese zombies?


File:(clipboard)1634783207689.png (2.67 MB,1180x777)

File:2kki.png (145.56 KB,417x425)


Let's play Yume 2kki, kissu!
It's a sequel fangame of... you guessed it, Yume Nikki. I did some reading, and it seems like a plurality of people prefer the works of a prolific creator named wataru who left due to stress and took his contributions with him. Because of this, we'll be playing version 1.12. We can always play a more recent version some other time.
Unfortunately, as an RPGMaker game it's not a plug-and-play deal. There's an installation guide on the wiki but I can give the gist of it here. ( https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Installation_Instructions )

Step 1
Download and install RPGmaker2000RTP English. This archive.org link will create a download pop-up https://web.archive.org/web/20160306073027/

Step 2
Download and extract the game: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fjyim3e77d32bj5/Yume_2kki_0.112b_Patches_1-5_ENG.7z/file
It's important that you're not getting any non-ASCII gibberish text in the folders. If you have the main data folder displayed correctly as "ゆめ2っき" as opposed to ASCII gibberish then it's working.

Step 3
Extract this stuff into the game folder so the folders line up. It has some assets that were missing from file in Step 1.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File:__urotsuki_yume_2kki_drawn….jpg (89.82 KB,1024x955)

You may need to install some Japanese language pack for your version of windows if you can't get the game to work. (ignore the RTP stuff, we installed it in Step 1)
If you don't want to troubleshoot stuff this software was mentioned in the installation guide:
Windows XP to Windows 8 uses AppLocale: https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Installation_Instructions#Installing_AppLocale_and_the_Japanese_RPG_Maker_2000_RTP
Windows 10 uses Locale Emulator: https://yume2kki.fandom.com/wiki/Installation_Instructions#Installing_Locale_Emulator_for_Windows_10

We can also tech support in the thread since there's some smart people here


File:Player_R80RN1AuFd.png (42.75 KB,1920x1080)

As for myself, I'll be taking it a bit slowly. I'm going to wait a couple days for people to install before I start making posts and stuff.
Let's see if we can get a bunch of people to share stories!

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