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File:1591655143739.jpg (304.29 KB,1500x900)


there is nothing more otaku than wanting to literally be the anime character


I wish I had a cosplay gf who suffers from delusions and thinks she's the anime character.


Schizo isn't something to take lightly....


Who said schizo? She'd have DID (like my waifu :^)) which I'm pretty sure is not schizophrenia but a general delusion of sorts.

File:d9564e3847461fe17638dc4110….png (936.77 KB,900x1239)


did you guys get anything cool from looting Walmarts?
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Just nuke the thread then and hopefully this isn't a precedent for what things are to come.


What people want is for mods to be accurate representations/members of the community. It's literally the same the thing that the BLM protesters are calling for but in a lower stakes environment. Instead, of being racially profiled and beaten; posters don't want to be ideologically profiled and banned. /pol/ and to a larger extent 4chan is the imageboard equivalent of what happened to Minneapolis except it's been happening for years and due to the nature of power on imageboards only really large and orchestrated riots(shitposting, raiding, ect.) get staff attention. What's happening in this thread is akin a local level protest against cops that beat/shot a black teen for dancing outside.


dunno how you guys can keep up this meta politics conversation for so long
was already tired of it the first time I saw it


panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic panic


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (185.33 KB,1920x1080)

Oh, I fully understand your first sentence and agree. I've talked to vern in private to hopefully prevent this happening in the future, but I'm not going to engage the rest of your post because it's so unpalatable to me

File:[Kagura] Urusei Yatsura - ….jpg (224.46 KB,1280x960)


There are already countless places on the internet where you can discuss identity politics to your heart's content. There are even several /a/jp/ spinoffs where political arguments are not only allowed, but have become the hegemonic form of discourse, for the people who want to spout buzzwords while pretending their posts belong on a hobby-focused imageboard and not on 4chan. Please don't give this sort of discussion a place to fester here.
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note: this includes imageboards. There are many gotcha questions that are planned entrapment into taking a side regardless of action. You can only run from politics so long if you speak English. Being an admin of an active site means eventually there will be a situation where some party calls for you to no longer be neutral, but turning a blind eye


Politics aren't a mature talking point(most everywhere), and this site at large is not filled to the brim with mature discussion. Given that and expecting people to take a detested subject as seriously as you do is foolish. Even more foolish is if you would assume a point more/less mature if it aligns with your beliefs or not. I'm not sure if you do, but it sure feels like it.


If someone makes political threads on kissu it makes for a good honeypot to weed out users who value their ideologies more than otaku culture. If it so happens that it results in mature discussion such as what was happening before it was derailed , or is deleted by other means then I'm happy.


Or maybe there's people that are interested in discussing politics, so when they see them they respond without really thinking.


Politics is homolust and non-idealist, fuck pragmatism that shit is gay and nothing ever gets done if you water down what you want.



people can go into space live, checkmate atheists

File:me buried under the sand.jpg (260.67 KB,1500x1029)


It's summer already


21 days


Is this board gonna get renamed or nuked?


Possibly the latter, but I think that it'd be more neat for it to just be locked and switched out with a summer board so that when Spring comes again we can see this board in the same state it was a year ago





I'm not going to lie I've probably watched that video more times then I should admit.
In a row.
You guys have any videos like that?

File:EPIU4yVU0AEx_Ld.png (191.05 KB,1391x2048)


Good idea

File:__usada_pekora_hololive_dr….jpg (60.3 KB,1000x1000)


eatin carrots because i wanted to eat fresh apple but couldnt find any so settled for carrots instead ⌒(•ㅅ•)⌒


at least you'll be able to see better!


I bought a pressure cooker thing for the purpose of creating rice but one of the things it does really well is steam carrots. It makes them so soft that it's hard to believe they're carrots.
Need to figure out ways to incorporate it into food though since I'm not a cook


carrots go pretty good with chicken/pork


you know what'd be great right about now, carrot cake


beware of DELTA P ( ΔP )

swimming pools can be fatal, know the risks before taking a dip


I think I experienced that with a pool drain before. be careful of mizuP


I remember that in some rig or something once, delta P ripped a mans insides out...

File:fb57dd01f31ee1d207b30e181e….jpg (107.88 KB,1000x1000)


what are some anime about anarchy and lawlessness?
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Desert Punk
Shin Sekai Yori

Think those involve anarchy and lawlesness in some manner


File:Jim Mazinger.jpg (62.09 KB,400x600)

Watch and read Violence Jack.


black lagoon is about pirates that roam the south china sea i believe


Texhnolyze is a masterpiece
But I would recommend you to watch something cute and healing instead.


Mad Max

File:__laffey_and_rich_evans_az….jpg (217.18 KB,1667x1250)


Society is going to collapse before I'll be able to become a full-time artist.


Society collapsing any time soon seems highly unlikely...


File:2e3cb8f42b1e18a4a5ebd04621….png (1.25 MB,960x1200)

Just don't be an American.



A loli artist?


Host club in Japan is very dangerous and you must not go there. your life will break!!! 0>0


File:1.png (282.67 KB,951x1400)


any interest in AV, nightlife, or being an hostess?


so they're pimps and the US equivalent of the "pickup artist"


What's kissu's favorite marvel show

File:62834895_p0.jpg (455.85 KB,724x1024)


How to make spring good:

Remove bugs
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File:1588636240466.png (531.23 KB,724x1024)

You have some really strange taste anon, but here you go


How to make spring good:

Remove shoes
Let me smell them


surely you would rather have the girl right......


File:anime-girl-cute-spring-che….jpg (83.16 KB,728x455)

dresses designed for attracting /qa/ bugs


File:1550217299041.jpg (200.66 KB,1476x1500)


it's warm enough now to sleep with window open
i can hear the birds chirp when i wake up
it is nice


it's officially spring

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