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File:John-Coffey-From-Green-Mil….jpg (1.04 MB,2048x3072)


I like coffey,
and not like the drink


My body is so weak to drugs I even react badly to caffeine.

File:IMG_20210502_174411.jpg (2.59 MB,2976x3968)


Good luck finding these where you live heh
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I've had multiple people mostly from Mexico and other parts of South America tell me it's not meant to have beans and they most surely wasn't chilli peppers either. I also thought chilli came from Mexico because a Mexican told me so, have I been lied to this whole time by the Mexican?
Well I'm from Canada so we kinda did? Though the Bristish did most of the work...


chili sold in america are called "chili with beans" because chili itself doesn't have beans
it really stands for the mixture of tomato + beef + chili pepper
>Well I'm from Canada so we kinda did?
seems that copypasta about canadian cultural identity is true


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (356.47 KB,1920x1080)

This makes me hungry for hashed browns. Mm, potatoes.
I don't really under the food purity thing the thread devolved into, but I don't understand food snobs in general. You're performing a very primitive biological impulse and it shouldn't be used to create and intensity social divides. But, people are tribal so I guess it's fruitless to struggle against


There are a few places around my area, usually beer breweries that sell this, but it has a real hipster tax.

I enjoy those cheesy taters so much that I learned how to make them myself, and I usually hate cooking anything.


>Well I'm from Canada so we kinda did
That's like saying the chinese won the vietnam war.
That's like saying the Russians won WW2 by defeating Japan.
Canada has never once won a single war in it's entire history as a country. Hell Canada isn't even a sovereign country because it bows to the Queen lmao shut the fuck up countrylet.

File:d9c206d1e3.png (603.99 KB,990x930)


Is this desert?


No, but at least it isn't plains




thank goodness for that


File:IMG_20210501_174409.jpg (2.81 MB,3968x2976)

the hell is wrong with beets
why are they so red?


was super heating a wok with oil, then I poured in half boiled egg and wet beats
exploded and I threw beets all across room. Left red mess everywhere

File:1551943446138.jpg (38.48 KB,400x391)


post your face when you didnt watch any anime today. here's mine
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File:agony.gif (724 KB,480x360)


File:mJDIVL3.png (172.82 KB,1470x987)


File:1579437687782.png (262.04 KB,591x716)

i started watching a series that i really liked and i thought to myself "wow this would be even better if i have some beers while watching it" except i got too drunk and now i don't want to watch it anymore. i let the anime down. sorry anime


It's alright. There's always next time.

- Sincerely, Anime


File:The.Shining.1980.US.DC.108….jpg (311.06 KB,1920x1080)

File:20210425_101321.jpg (8.41 MB,4032x2268)


Temperature is still going up and down, but at least nature knows it's Spring.


Some trees around here thought it was Spring last Autumn when it was unreasonably warm. Sadly there's more confusion added to it with the temperature plunging. Thankfully I don't think we hit freezing, but it was close


I was right to hate AC
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File:Air-conditioning-units-off….jpg (157.97 KB,800x531)

I saw this one, too. I marathoned a lot of episodes of Tom Scott and there's a lot of good stuff!

>AC recycles air
I don't know how it works at office buildings, but for homes air conditioning units are built outside so they can suck in and push out more air. If you have any trees nearby you need to clean up the pile of leaves that accumulates around them. This is also why everyone knows if a skunk went off within a few miles.

The video did make me breathe heavier both times I watched it...


A/C units don't suck in any air, they pull it across the condenser to remove the heat from the system. It's a closed loop.


This was my assumption my entire life. Huh. But I have an air conditioner thingie connected to my window that prevents me from opening my window...


This makes skunks even more impressive than I thought, then. Even with all the windows shut and from miles away I can smell them in my room


File:500px-ACcycle[1].png (48.88 KB,500x475)

Window units function the same way, although they're not perfectly sealed so they do let in outside air.



Does it seriously cost 12$ to buy a sandwich?


If you go to a good sandwich place it does.


we truly live in a time of extravagance

File:ec9378eb2dc60e620bb1f33bda….png (521.52 KB,589x800)


it's snowing outside and snow is piling up
winter is not over!
revert it back to /win/ NOW


File:[SubsPlease] Non Non Biyor….jpg (179.46 KB,1280x720)

It might drop below freezing here this week. I'm glad I didn't do any planting yet, but what the hell is going on lately?
The future climate does not bode very well for humanity


Hope the sun randomly goes into a deep, long-lasting solar minimum and the climate just mellows out and perpetually stays in a cool Spring-like temperature forever.


the future climate is changing in favor of NEETs


Just as planned


I wanna EAT

File:IMG_20210415_045455.jpg (2.49 MB,2976x3968)


felt like i didn't get enough fats today so i threw some butter and penut butter onto rice and made a boring looking rice pudding with no extra sugar
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I generally just use rice to complement spicy stuff like curry.


I made a fruit curry once. I had it for dinner but it would probably work for dessert too.


I like rice, or tolerate it I guess, but there's no way around it looking really boring. It's a bunch of soft, little rectangles without any notable properties.
I still need to learn how to make uhh... Mexican rice or whatever they call it. The stuff they serve with tacos and refried beans. It tastes pretty decent


That's not dessert though. It's like eating American deep fried chicken. You wouldn't eat chicken after dinner


Damn now I'm in the mood for a burrito...

File:Hash-browns-1024x683.jpg (127.56 KB,1024x683)


These things are impossible to make
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the potato is the worst part so yeah you're gonna feel like shit eating that


God, I love hash browns. I could easily live on them if it were possible.
Might buy a sack of potatos I next go shopping so I can try to make these


they're high starch but they have nutrients to them


Think I understand why I fucked up my first time trying to make these now, didn't do any of that potato cleaning/drying part.


such an EASY junk food

File:Biggi_tarantula-frog.jpg (761.88 KB,2400x1594)


There are examples of symbiosis out there that are pretty trippy.

Like these spiders who keep itty bitty frogs around to safeguards their eggs from smaller insects.
Then there's ants planting fungi in their colonies, feeding them and later reaping the crops. They also feed off the secretions of other insects, so they protect them and sometimes even massage them to get more secretions. Certain species of ant have workers specialized in doing this alone, corralling them and all.
Really, ants are amazing. Some of them raid rival colonies and enslave workers.


File:ant.jpg (59.54 KB,1066x600)

Ants are even better at forming civilizations than humans are. Did you know that there's a global society of argentine ants?


Muthafuggas even got graveyards n shit.

File:01. Sayonara Zetsubou Sens….jpg (66.13 KB,1276x720)


haru, uzuki
my heart was full of hope


File:01. Sayonara Zetsubou Sens….jpg (73.17 KB,1276x720)



Things I would not post on /qa/

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