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File:1536972018208.jpg (126.13 KB,1100x729)


The nice thing about spring is that the sun is (usually) still up when I wake up. The downside however is that it's bright as hell outside when I go to bed.


Uh... do you sleep the majority of the day?


Nocturnal, huh? Yeah, I end up that way most of the time, but I like winter because if I stay up way too late there's still a good chance the sun is down when I go to bed at like 6AM


File:[ASW] Yofukashi no Uta - 1….jpg (77.92 KB,605x579)

I am a son of the moon. The tranquility of night runs through my veins, the illuminating stars guide my soul (to moe).

8 to 9 for me. Midday at worst.

File:a27902567e70f655b2b5dd474b….png (97.5 KB,400x560)


Is spring a season of fat or slim?
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summer -> being slender
autumn -> gaining
winter -> being hefty
spring -> shedding


yeah that seems about right for my cat


File:1604127331.png (1.39 MB,1518x1075)

Spring - Watching your weight (increase) to get beach body ready
Summer - Eating to replenish nutrients lost when sweating
Fall - Temperatures starting to cool, eat more to prepare for winter
Winter - It takes more calories to maintain warmth when it's cold, so you need to eat more


So what you're saying is you need to constantly eat more and more.


That about sums it up, yes! Don't forget to drink water and other delicious drinks!

File:11-June-2020-Japan.jpg (32.4 KB,639x359)


Most images of megamouth sharks are incredibly cursed


herp derp


File:durden_images_moray_eel.jpg (113.36 KB,1200x758)

That might be the least disturbing image of a megamouth shark, yeah. It almost looks like a moray eel there, and their dopey appearance is kinda cute


File:9.jpg (212.13 KB,800x600)

herpaderpa durhpuh


this eel looks like it's going shilling a product on youtube and this is their thumbnail pic


The video of two discovering a boat was non-disturbing

File:de96d89390d393a7cc6a7f9543….mp4 (1.24 MB,480x852)


My springtime maids
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Wonder how good robot AI maids are now...


Good enough to take over


What the heck that's adorable.
The way her eyes track is so lifelike.


This man has been at it for five years. On the one hand, it makes me feel aaaaaaaaaa, but on the other, God bless him.


The nice part is that his project could actually be in a pretty complete state by the end of his lifetime. He just has to hook up a GPT chatbot with it

File:1577230424791.jpg (257.62 KB,1280x708)


what are your opinions on the spring season?
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File:Quiscalus-quiscula-001.jpg (196.2 KB,1180x1024)

I wish I had a microphone so I could record the birds outside. For some reason they've been having big parties in a nearby tree the past few days and I love listening to them.
SPRING IS GREAT! until the bugs wake up


I don't like the cold so spring is good in my book.


Great for growing plants


I like the cold so spring is bad in my book.


This seems like a nice channel. Good second monitor material as I try to learn gardening. Maybe I can have tree trunks for forearms if I do what he does

File:cat-nap.mp4 (6.32 MB,360x640)



File:Tumblr_l_1356996613084267.gif (902.06 KB,250x250)

whew... I'm safe.. won't be hunted


don't think I've ever seen a cat sleep on its back like that. They're very protective of their stomachs generally


They are but if they are in an environment where they feel secure then they will expose their bellies.


mussing up the kittys belly and psychologically ruining it for everyone permanently


sakura birb

File:f76ddb3cf69290ba85b61a2f23….jpg (874.95 KB,1457x2064)


If while reading Animorphs you spend a lot of time imagining what it would be like to be controlled by a Yeerk, getting to know it and its circumstances, empathising with it even as you are aware that it is a soldier of the enemy of Earth, and showing it human experiences... doesn't that make someone an M? Like a really, really, really big M?

(pic unrelated)


Instant painkillers, someone that always cares about you, more power because you and the Yeerk can coordinate together, happy meals with extra happy. What's not to like?

File:licensed-image.jpeg (582.9 KB,2048x1365)


Do you have a favorite spice?
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No, it's Anise!


File:R-1679690323012.jpg (351.47 KB,1042x2560)

I put it on chicken breasts


Pink peppercorn maybe? I don't really know. There are spices I really like but have no idea what they're called.


Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, chili peppers and ginger, in any combination. Especially when added to cocoa, coffee or tea.

I thought paprika was always made from bell peppers, but that might be because it's the same word in my language. Amazing on soft boiled/baked eggs.



File:beddd5e4645af7bed82050c771….png (2.79 MB,2058x1080)


At one point I was worried about AI being able to replace the capabilities of other people, but upon using it and adapting it into my lifestyles I've found that it behaves in a similar way to the hypothetical brain-computer interface where you can upload skills into your head or be able to directly interface with technology.
Through introducing a chatbot Q&A style interface it's much easier to acquire information, much like you could as a kid and you could ask your parents simple questions like "why is the sky blue"(and they would say Rayleigh scattering of course). Instead of having to hunt for knowledge in books you can pick it out and have it read out to you in numerous styles.

ChatGPT lets me learn a lot of concepts which I've been unable to figure out on my own. Though I might have figured them out through working with industry pros who picked it up from other pros I've been able to put the knowledge in my own hands solely through autodidacticism.
It's ability to write out examples helps greatly for people who pick things up better through written examples than they do from reading documentation and you can ask it questions and it will do it's best to answer.

So to put it in a simply, AI seems to be a tool which is best to draw out the latent potential of humanity and push people into situations where they're capable of learning anything that their brains allow them to.
At which point we can ask the question of what is done more efficiently by human and computer... since we are fundamentally different engines... one based on computation of electric signals and the other chemical transfers between neurons.
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File:triparrot08.jpg (34.25 KB,414x356)

stochastic parrots!


i'm not sure, but I think I'm noticing a massive flaw in the system where it sometimes refernces articles which were never written and are no recollection of.

I ask it for a source to some information I'm skeptical of and it provides a URL of which it points to a 404 and archive.is doesn't have the URL for.
Concerning that it can't correct itself.



in the future, AI will procedurally generate sites to quote for the sake of supporting its own arguments
this will hopefully delay the arrival of the singularity


very humanoid

File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (173.09 KB,1280x720)


wtf it's almost June??
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File:2c438e04792b1b4895b5e50715….jpg (116.85 KB,682x765)



its STILL spring!?


its NOW spring??


File:🐦🕊️🦅 .jpg (324 KB,822x1000)


The path down the route of the picture book otaku is a treacherous one, but it's a route that must be walked on...



File:waterfox_5Pcnt8Mqiv.png (8.24 KB,123x64)

What the heck.
What is this madness?


cha chohn chachachachohn
pipii ririr piriipripiri

File:fa76aeeac0c3b337a6c91a2f3….jpeg (152.09 KB,848x1199)


Welcome to Spring,

Spring Wheat planting begins late March to April.
Don't forget to get started before it's too late!

This season Spring ends on Monday, June 20.
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One month until spring end.


One week until spring end.


The weekly forecast has highs of like 95-100 F (35-38 C) for the entire week... Spring is ending...


File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (318.68 KB,1280x720)

>Spring is ending...
To be more direct, /spg/ will close for the year on the 21st and /sum/ will open!


One day until spring end !

File:537cfda4da517c910b9008de74….jpg (240.96 KB,1000x1000)


cute picture of spring


Gonna enjoy this image for a few hours and then see it next year!

File:a_cure06b.JPG (194.22 KB,800x800)


ready for summer

File:C-1654845271853.png (618.47 KB,1018x592)


I wasted my spring indoors looking at sns feeds and writting code.
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File:dead_inside.jpg (39.38 KB,462x461)

I did nothing


That's not wasting, that's enjoying.


File:93817476_p0.jpg (1.74 MB,1180x1724)

Wasted my time watching money flush down the drain


The proper term is "sword and board".


sounds gay

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