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File:[HorribleSubs] Mahoutsukai….jpg (92.79 KB,1280x720)


Laid in bed a couple hours only to not fall asleep. Why can't my mind shut off when I want it to...
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It's not worth it... Being awake throughout the night is worse.


Today I'll make up for my lack of sleep for sure


File:1482000596417.jpg (83.25 KB,600x450)

Got a nice 14 hours of sleep!




File:__hanazono_yurine_jashin_c….jpg (1.86 MB,2893x4092)

Time for some spring necromancy!

Oh unholy gods of Death, I beseech you to imbue this long dead thread with you're black magics, so that it may once again walk on this mortal plane!

File:e300cff27a26486ec8a5c422d5….png (2.41 MB,1300x1839)


Welcome to Spring,

The season of rebirth and virility.
As the layers of ice melt it reveals a time forgotten.
Migratory flocks embrace their old homes.

This season spring ends on Sunday, June 20.
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The only things that come to mind are equinox and solstice since they're purely position around the sun and not anything to do with the earth's tilt


April, May, June too far




I forget, does summer start the 21st or 20th


File:Screenshot_20210619-043544….jpg (91.55 KB,1439x461)


FUCK the Law, and FUCK the Man!


File:1323678111391.jpg (48.27 KB,937x579)




File:[ANE] Fractale - Ep03 [BDR….jpg (240.78 KB,1920x1080)


If we ever did get the technology to find and travel to another inhabited planet it would probably be less interesting that we think it would be. Most likely we would be incredibly worried about bringing disease to these denizens and of disrupting their lives and ecosystems, so we would just watch from space and never actually set foot on the planet.

Hardly worth the effort really. May as well get rid of all of these space programs and save the money.
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File:1617403161174.jpg (218.08 KB,1382x1500)

I don't care about finding another civilization
I care about knowning and seeing the wonders of the Galaxy with my own eyes and understanding reality as much as possible


Actually I think maybe this is not such an issue after all. Because life on other planets is not related to us in any way so our maladies might not effect them at all, it would be like humans getting a jelly fish disease from touching jelly fish, actually even less likely than that.


I only care about civilization or at least advanced life otherwise it would be boring. Like how Mars is incredibly boring, why would anybody even want to go there? I don't think it will ever happen, even if it was possible once it actually occurred to those idiots just how boring Mars is they would not want to go any more. It certainly is not worth the effort and I don't think we are anywhere near to it anyway.


I can’t imagine most people/organizations would be worried about any sort of biological exchange unless it is harmful to them personally. Essentially, as soon as procedures and measures are in place to insulate humans from most adverse effects the alien biosphere would have on us we would run roughshod all over the place with little regard for the impact it would have on the biosphere. Some people care but as a whole people do not care beyond things that affect themselves; if there was some economic incentive it would only exasperate this sort of outcome. We don’t and won’t attempt to control all outcomes, interaction between planetary biospheres will have, only the outcomes that immediately adversely affect humans.


Assume the aliens have guns


Warning: politics (of bees)


more details


bees are kind of like humans if you think very abstractly


bees are kind of like what humans would be like if humans were bees


So even bees use the metric system but Americans still don't...


File:beep.mp4 (2.12 MB,854x480)

bee political discussion:

¥Don't you understand? This debate is a farce! Everything is controlled by THEM!
*headbutts and beeps you*
¥THEY have our queen captive! This new hive location you're so excited about, we'll never be able to move there! THEY won't allow it!
*headbutts and beeps you*
¥Can't you see? This isn't a tree branch; there are no trees on this island! It's an experimental station set up by beings beyond our comprehension! They've labeled us with tracking dots and are monitoring our every move with their all-seeing machine eye!
*headbutts and beeps you*
¥What was I saying again?
Welcome back, worker #347. Now about the location of our new hive, I've found a nice spacious hole in a tree two kilometers to the northeast. You should come look at it...


We did it! Now to figure out what everything actually does...
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good news, shitty media as always
really hate "here is why you should think this means the same way i want you to think" thing all medias do today, treating people like idiots incapable of thinking


DNA looks like Flan's wings apparently


Science has gone too far, we only need to know about the genomes of Sabre Tooth Tigers and Giant Moas so we can bring them back, we don't need this.


I thought this already happened 20 years ago. Well, I guess it's good they finished.
We're like 98% junk DNA though, right? Finding the 2% seems like it'd be really annoying. Plus, you'd need tests to find out what each part does, which unfortunately will probably mean some evil experimentation going on somewhere...


I don't think we will ever know what each part truly does. The body is an incredibly complex mechanism that has evolved to be like it is for a reason. I kind of suspect that however well meaning the intention changing any part of our DNA could have unforeseen consequences in ways that we could have never imagine. We could reduce the amount of nutrients the body stores as fat only to have the body panic, stop maintaining or producing muscle and divert all resources it has to producing fat because of the issue it now has in doing that. Or we could remove the ability to develop some kind of malady only to then create another.




kinda hurts my ears, too much interference noise or whatever it is, like a radio station that's out of range


We're living in Amerika for now, but what's it going to be like living in China?
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File:371887c5533e6570c8a8b46389….jpg (1.97 MB,1716x2022)

China: copy Japanese, admire America, think Chinese.
The third point is the most important. Whatever they do to imitate others, its only on surface, but the mindset stays the same.


USA is still a cultural juggernaut, just not necessarily for us here. Hmm... I'm not sure if Japan would count as second. UK still exports a lot of music, shows and movies.


Isn't Jackie Chan a member of the CCP?


>just not necessarily for us here.

Exactly, we are living under Japan.


You only say that because you're on kissu. If you spend all your time consuming Japanese media and talking to other people who do the same, you're going to start thinking that it's way more mainstream than it actually is.


python sucks, stop using it
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8 and 4 seconds for me. But that maths thing really made me realize the demerit I have purely by not being from a maths background...
going to start getting into C again, along with python.


The video isn't about python sucking, its about python begin a nice wrapper programming language for C++. Python's syntax is fast, C's execution is fast. You just combine them.


such is the power of misappropriation


javascript sucks, stop using it


I used to care about all this stuff way back when I was first getting started, 'cause I wanted to learn the right thing. but then everyone kept complaining about something no matter what language I chose. so now I just use whatever works and I've genuinely finished way more projects since I made that decision. you're right that python's slow but unless you need speed for your program why the heck does that matter

File:762f49777c7faca48815a77161….jpg (1.15 MB,3000x1688)


My frozen bagels thaw in the open air
It's almost summer.


File:1342614770377.jpg (80.41 KB,500x500)

Is freezing really the best way to store bagels? I thought that ziplock bags work pretty dang well. Maybe if you store them long term I guess.


turn it into a haiku


My frozen bagels
thaw in the warm open air,
it's almost summer.


I'm feeling it today
heat index over 100 (F)

File:anim2d-380.mp4 (935.57 KB,760x380)


Solar eclipse soon! Anyone here in a position to see it?
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I... I dont understand that video...


the yellow and stuff is the moons position over the earth


The yellow is where there's a partial eclipse and the red is where there's an annular eclipse.


It's too cloudy here :c


Oh. Yeah, that does make a lot more sense.

Don't look, feel.

File:1486654711510.gif (396.93 KB,400x418)


Why do people like barbeque sauce? Meats are supposed to be salty, whats so enjoyable about putting a sweet sauce on them? To me, it tastes awful and completely ruins the flavor of the meat.


I wouldn't really know since I'm more of a honey mustard person myself. Think it makes the enhances the flavorfulness of the meat a bit if it's not the best cut. Now if I had a nice steak, I wouldn't slather any overpowering sauce on it since that'd be tarded because the steak is supposed to be good on its own, and putting BBQ sauce on it would be like saying your steak is a failure.


Budget barbecue sauces are gross. There are less sweet varieties though that are much nicer imo.


Because it adds sugar to the meat and some people like their meat to taste like candy


I don't find it sweet I think it is flavourful. Whenever I get a hamburger at a fast food store I get one with barbecue sauce. My grandma used to make a tomato sauce that was more flavourful and better for hamburgers though, but then maybe if she made a barbecue sauce that would be better again...


a lot of meat in america is made to be cheap instead of good, so we sort of ended up relying on sauce as a way to cover up the fact that our meat is sub-par on average

File:wp3293986-world-map-4k-wal….jpg (479.05 KB,1920x1080)

 No.53[Reply][Last50 Posts]

Will NEETs ever see their deserved coronabux? How bad IS the virus for young people? Are China's numbers to be trusted? With India's slums hit, will the death rate will climb to heights never imagined? Find out on the next exciting episode of Quarantine Z
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you're now pregnant!


Sounds fishy. Needles are not that painful.


Shown by who?


crazy. I got a ton of vaccines for traveling to a third world country and coincidentally I post on imageboards.

I'm thinking this is too convinient to explain by anything other than vaccine autism.


File:37031B217DDE48739288510F55….jpg (677.75 KB,1775x2507)

The prevalent association between autism and vaccination, if anything, could be a result of the fact that autistic people have a much greater incidence of childhood mortality. Therefore, because vaccines prevent severe illness and death, an increasing number of autistic people survive childhood that would have otherwise died had they not been vaccinated, not because the vaccines themselves cause autism.

Likewise, the increased prevalence of autism may be a result of Western women on average having children later in life, and may further be affected by the falling fertility rates in industrialized countries due to Phthalate (plastic chemical) contamination in drinking water and food. Another factor may be the widespread use of insecticide products such as Roundup which are known carcinogens and are extremely toxic. Of course, there is a myriad of chemical contamination, so to single out any one chemical as being a definitive cause is quite difficult to say the least, and may in fact be related to the interaction between multiple chemical contamination not just a single one.

These are important questions, so its a shame that the entire topic has been tarnished by conspiracy-minded people thinking vaccines cause autism.


I fly
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uhh where was the trolling, unless there's a fishing line connected to these planes that I can't see
kinda nice that kids are still making kill comp videos like it was 2006 though


don't play this game btw. it's pay to play at higher tiers


Then just play up to the point where it becomes pay to win.


jets are fully pay to play, but you're never going to get to a jet without a subscription anyways...

WW2 planes are fun, but it's no Top Gun


> fully pay to play
As in you'll never be able to repair a jet after battle without going broke in game currency

File:90404158_p0.jpg (1 MB,1872x2522)


The FBI has seized bitcoin from the paid ransom from a big US pipeline company to hackers in Russia. I'm quite curious to see how this was possible, and of course I wonder if this will affect its value. Personally I've hated this crypto thing so I wouldn't be upset to see it collapse, but this probably isn't enough and people will forget about it.


It seems they had their keys on someone else's computer:


Lol, you'd think professional hackers of all people would be aware of the importance of good security practices.



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