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File:CvjV-8YUsAAipCV large.jpg (448.58 KB,2048x2048)


Sometimes, I dream about traveling.
Then I remember how awful the world is and how only a fraction of it is worth seeing.
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File:Ihavesofartogo.jpg (1.75 MB,1680x1050)

If I ever find myself in Japan, I'd love to check out the more rural places. Something free from this dirty commie block.


The world has always been a merciless place for travelers. It's for the best that it's that way. Scenic tourists damage the land, and tourists of places leave filth and wear down historic sites faster than nature could hope to do.


I wish it weren't that way. I just want a change of scenery in my life, but I know there's tons of others pining for that same thing.


Most of the world is the same people with small changes. It's only what they eat and the lands they live on that change


The problem is that tourists are everywhere and everything is for tourists. It takes the charm from an old building when it's surrounded by modern carparks full of cars, has a lift build into the foundation to get to it and is absolutely full of people. Flying is a pain as well.

If I was a millionaire I might do it and just do to more rural and harder to reach places. Though if I was that rich I would probably just move to Europe and then when ever I felt like visiting a castle or something I could get there in not long with little effort.


Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring started with a riot. Legend has it that it was the music that incited the audience with its barbaric rhythms and dissonances. In fact it was the choreography that provoked the scandal: 'Un docteur, un dentiste, deux dentistes' shouted its detractors as dancers mimicked movements that seemed to require some kind of medical attention.


Don't fall to the evils of classical music /spg/ !


I think it was just a "riot" as in a walk out and review bombing


All that which is created intentionally ugly should be abhorred.

File:74b76cdec5a1c07c05f82d453e….jpg (343.36 KB,636x900)


Do governments make money for going after people involved in copyright infringement or do they do it for the benefit of the companies that complain to them about it?


Well in a way they are being paid by those big corporations that complain to them about it, so it's probably a financial interest more than a moral one.


i have no idea but that's a very cute picture


It's more of a "if you don't actively do something about it then it seems like you aren't doing enough and that means you don't actually care that people are abusing your works."

File:1520658546189.gif (141.66 KB,500x375)


Dumb allergies...
Dumb... spring!


Must suck having allergies in spring.
You have my sympathies.

File:KF Shoebill 003.png (57.12 KB,800x550)


Mathematics is ridiculous and mathematicians should put their endeavours towards something that is actually useful and not completely ludicrous and not even real. I just heard of something called the Doomsday argument, simply put what this 'argument' says is that we are humans that are born halfway across the lifespan of humanity as statistically it is more likely that we are born in them middle of humanities existence than on the end or at the start. It's stupid and not based in reality at all, somebody has to be born at this time just like somebody had to be born as the first human or the 100th human. According to this theory the 100th human to be born would only have 100 humans follow him and we cannot exist.

Mathematics isn't real and as that is what a large part of our understanding of the universe is based on it follows that a large part of what we know about the universe is not real either.
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Does that mean if I computer program I'll be a fairy!?


Does fairy dust look like blue smoke? Because we know that after the blue smoke escapes a chip, it stops working.


The fairy queen will favor you, but wings won't sprout unless you wear the correct socks.
Yes, this is well documented. Nowadays smoke comes from ground mermaid scales, the best practice is to absorb the smoke with a reserve fish.


Reality is fickle and to expect perfection in a realm with infinite variables is ludicrous. Mathematics is real, but at the higher end it becomes less important.


File:44b1dfbcbea3e7fbb042ad3907….png (62.23 KB,360x293)

They run on electricity.

File:79e82edf9a3fdd465bfe1344e1….png (377.05 KB,1591x1125)


don't give up now anon...
summer is about to begin!
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summer sucks it's too hot
spring sucks too
bring winter back


I like summer. Reading outside in the shade is nice..


give up on what?


Wish we WERE in the mid 90s...

File:20200321_054846.jpg (162.67 KB,1280x720)


A blanket of clouds over a mountain
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File:4C35DCE2-8538-4BDC-B9AF-4….jpeg (1.92 MB,4032x3024)

That is for me to know and for you to guess at


What the heck 4chanx didn't even notified me and my (You) is gone
What's going on?


I think there might be an issue when replying from /all/ and I know there's an issue when you have to fill out a captcha. If it doesn't get marked properly you can mark it in the menu.


I'm replying from the thread proper.


Like so

File:Alexander_visits_Diogenes_….jpg (504.57 KB,744x1257)


Kissu should learn lessons from Diogenes of Sinope
That is all.
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The real lesson that should be extolled here is that virtues come from action, not by reason and words.
Diogenes just took it to the extreme.


Honestly, kissu as a whole should learn about the ideas of stoicism too.


Diogenes was a fucking hack. How can you act virtuously when you have no means? And how the hell is defying social norms compatible with virtue? Don't even get me started on how the dude preached self-sufficiency yet literally chose to live as a beggar.


>Diogenes was a fucking hack
Ah, so Alexander the Great was a hack too for holding him in a high regard then no? How about stoicism, the people that trimmed the ideas? Fuck let's not even get into Christianity and how monks and the idea of living an asceticism and trying to reject worldly/material things was heavily influenced by cynics and the ideas of Diogenes, no he's a "fucking hack."
>How can you act virtuously when you have no means?
If you have to ask that question, then that means you lack the fundamentals to even approach this subject.
>And how the hell is defying social norms compatible with virtue?
Again, because people say shit and they don't actually believe it, in the times of the Greeks, Diogenes would rip the shit out Plato's reasoning, showing that it's faulty.
>Don't even get me started on how the dude preached self-sufficiency yet literally chose to live as a beggar.
Yeah because being a beggar was the lowest rung in Greek society. A slave at least had a master that tended to him, but a beggar was beholden to no one but the kindness of strangers and their goodness in them that would allow him to live.


There's some corrections that need to be made here:
It's ascetics, not asceticism.


Why are keyboards so complicated???
Am I the only person who has no idea what this guy is talking about...
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File:image.jpeg (91.82 KB,600x600)

No need for such an "advanced" keyboard when you got a decent to great gamer mouse.


I wish I had put more thought into my keyboard (and computer) when I built them, but it was my first one.
In any case, not a fan of 10 keyless boards and I know it shouldn't but it irks me when I see people with huge spaceous desks and a 60% board. It looks goofy.


File:microsoft_sidewinder_x4_ke….jpg (145.85 KB,2100x1057)

A good pad keyboard will last you forever. Mine is 9 years old. No point in buying half functional novelty crap


a shitty keyboard will also last you forever
unless you spill water on it


Agreed 10-keyless looks pretty dumb. I suppose if you're a Gamer™ and you don't care about data entry, productivity, or the special keys, they're fine though. Seems strange to me that people insist on calling them "10-keyless" and not... "Laptop keyboard" format or something. Keyboard dweebs are funny.

I spilled whatever all over my nice daskeyboard and broke it a while ago ;_;

File:86072600_p0.jpg (925.48 KB,1583x1703)


So, was there ever any explanation for that monolith thingy?
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5 G network towers.


I think the assumption was it was some "spontaneous" (stupid modern art) art project


It's an alien machine that triggers evolution, that was the point of the first scene with the monkeys.


File:lisa-the-skeptic?w=620.jpg (31 KB,620x360)

I think it's more correct to call it pop art. like pop music, it's designed to appeal to viral sensations.


those dumb girls really are potatoes; going into the desert in their winter gear!

File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (318.59 KB,1920x1080)


>Microsoft in Talks to Buy Discord for More Than $10 Billion

I wonder how much of the price is the perceived value of all the information it's been gathering over the years.
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Some people apparently use Discord as pseudo-cloud storage by creating a private server and just dumping all information and files into it to access onto another PC, convenience.


Advertising profiles generated from keywords and aggregate user data collected via app permissions are very valuable things. Discord -- and any messaging or social media apps -- are worth their weight in gold in that respect.


Was discord even a quality product beforehand? All I know is that any data harvesting crap Microsoft may implement would probably be something discord themselves have already done. Just now it's Microsoft doing it so people will cry about it.


This nomenclature still bugs me every time I see it, given that Discord's servers (in the normal sense of the word "server") are a thing that exists.


more like Discard

File:tenor.gif (185.69 KB,220x246)



Serves japan right for trying to shift their culture to accommodate anti-pornographic counties

Look who controls youth culture now suckers.


what? what does this have to do with anything?


heh kok

File:EbUi8pWWAAE0GdR.jpg (82.06 KB,640x426)


I just recently recovered my old dogecoin wallet filled with fountain freebies.

enjoy your 50 doges kyuuei, don't spend em all in one place!


50 whole doges?!? Can I go to the moon with that?


ah this post was meant for /jp/
oh well.
>>605 it might get you to a moon rock at the space center.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (201.21 KB,1920x1080)

I remember someone on kissu said to hurry and buy doge coins after that reddit gamestop thing happened, but I forgot to pay attention. I didn't have any money to buy, but I wanted to see if he was right. Someone mentioned something similar on nen, too.


you definitely shouldn't buy those coins of all things.
I wouldn't buy them and especially now; these were freebies from when this was still a promo sort of thing.

File:1614995948640.jpg (96.2 KB,1024x1023)


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boson cat


Took me a hot minute to realize it's now spring before that when I saw the new board I thought /spg/ was a sperg related board...


not very nice


File:[a-s]_inuyasha_-_003__rs2_….jpg (62.57 KB,640x480)

Well... they all are pretty much

File:Screenshot_2021-03-21 Twit….png (15.1 MB,3231x1613)


Any game tournaments you like that are going on?

Right now I'm watching the final day of the Hidden Cup for AoE2
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I thought AoE was turn-based. This is pretty neat


Got sick of the stupid purple screen from an outdated twitch adblocker thing so I'm using this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/twitch_5/
seems pretty good so far


I've grown to prefer watching AoE3 games when I'm bored, but I remember watching some nice AoE2 games in the past.


It was kind of cool to watch, although since I never played the game I was confused pretty often


the island one was funny

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