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Can't stop watching Gordon Ramsay

File:__original_drawn_by_oryou_….jpg (344.89 KB,569x800)


The seasons go round and round. Winter, spring, summer, autumn, then winter once more. Even the animals and plants follow this cycle as well. A cycle of death and rebirth. You can find these cycles everywhere in the universe. The sun rises and falls, the moon shines and darkens, the circular orbits of the planets. The water cycle, the life cycle, the food chain, the RPM of a car, the computer's CPU clock, the beating of a heart... Everywhere you look.

Because of the cyclical nature of the universe, we too must go round and round. Everything that's happened, happening, and will happen repeats. Even this website, this board, this very post, down to the very letter, down to the very timestamp, down to you as the reader. Whether you say nothing or anything. Always dying, always reborn.

But then what about our suffering and success? Our successes and pleasures are reduced to dust, and our pain and suffering are for naught, all because of the cyclical nature of the universe, of time. You build your castle for the surging sea to return and reduce it once more. Your dreams never come true, your hopes are crushed, your imagination is worthless.

You're drowning in an endless ocean; you flail and flail for dear life, for the surface, for air, for relief. The water burns your lungs. Your head pops above the surface and you take a big breath only to sink back down and start drowning once more. Your mass relentlessly drags you down. A fate reserved for those in the underworld, in Hell. The nihilists understood this and for them suicide was the answer, but mere death will not free you because you simply complete the cycle of death and rebirth once more. You're dragged into the depths again. How do you escape this?

Let your mass go and you float back to the surface.


File:__suzuya_kumano_mogami_an….webm (3.16 MB,566x666)

Letting go of mass is not simply letting go of desire. After all, you trap yourself again with a desire of letting go of desire.

When you reach the surface, you will walk on water, turn lead into gold, water into wine...

All our dreams...

File:hp00801-1200x803.jpg (176.8 KB,1200x803)


think its duck mating season
these things are flying at each other and quacking pretty hard


more like it's duck raping season


can ducks consent?


No, but actually yes; the genitalia of females ducks are spiraling and feature "trap" endings that split off from the main spiral to make pregnancy less likely.


spiraled, for his displeasure


saw tiny furry ducks today
they were kawaii

File:B80BD13B-A941-465A-9464-7….jpeg (314.24 KB,850x1202)


haha boobies

i like it when the anime girl has big breasts


when the animes are in a tight spring dress that is (・ω<)☆


tfw no clumsy blind 2d gf

File:02132EAD-A5F2-4342-B2AC-A….jpeg (243.63 KB,404x590)



File:A583C995-1ED1-433C-B3B2-D….jpeg (14.69 KB,185x151)


since finding out this is blog board i have failed to remember what i wanted to post !!


things aren't big enough for boards to have an enforced purpose, but I think having lots of boards around makes things more enjoyable because everywhere you look there's something you could have never seen before


it makes the site feel slower albeit, but the tradeoff is that there's more reason to stick around and see things


Iraq was in Spring



it's spring, go out and smell the flowers


Oh no! Not cannabis!


It's pretty amazing how they have all these plants that can kill you with a touch or give you a rash which lasts years, but cannabis is the one plant they chose to cage up. They even have hallucinogenics there


This episode had so many catchy songs in it

File:9dd841394820f100ce783f64dc….jpg (354.86 KB,1280x905)


File:1x1 pixel.png (119 B,1x1)






File:5keG5bzOPA.jpg (92.5 KB,650x650)


I'm already a huge pig. An extremely large hog.



File:e2687da46154f075d8874fc3ff….png (444.44 KB,675x890)


It's getting hot out...


Too hot...


It's not too hot where I live. Right about now is the beginning of our rainy season.

File:[MiG_MuX] PriPara - 020 [B….png (2.17 MB,1920x1080)


People should be grateful to corona for confining them to their homes during spring so they don't have to deal with crappy spring allergies.


I like to live in the flow of the seasons, although admittedly Summer tests my limits.
Yesterday felt like the first real day of Spring here, officially ushered in. Everyone was out doing something wether jogging or fishing or just walking the dog. I decided to play tennis with my mom, and then drove her around to see a few local planted cherry blossom trees, since our actually botanical gardens are all closed during peak viewing season.


File:ef7107182d8f26565d1db225fc….jpg (43.85 KB,563x421)

>tfw when you can't tell corona from spring allergies

File:5181770.png (308.96 KB,1045x805)


¥found out it was spring because of a banner
gee, thanks verm


Me too...
at least it was a very pretty banner


>its snowing for 2 days in my place...


File:glitchblossom.png (647.25 KB,512x512)

File:VCA_155_palmaria_howitzer.JPG (1.47 MB,3264x2448)


/spg/ - Self propelled guns
Post your favorite SPGs!


I'm a big fan of the 2S1 because of its wacky and unique place in soviet doctrine compared to how people expect

it actually acts like a proper self-propelled gun with direct fire heat rounds. It has a stabilizer so it can fire on the move (are russian SPG unique for this??)

In the soviet meeting battle concept, they were expected to be right at the front of the column and be part of the combined arms unit that acts as a blocking detachment while the rest of the motor rifle brigade would redeploy to the flanks

they are also amphibious. I beleive the 2s1 is probably the only SPG of all time you will see swimming and firing its gun at the same time! truly an amazing vehicle


ok now I'm no longer sure if 2s1 is stabilized...
may have been thinking of one the wheeled 120mm mortars russia uses

however everything else i said still holds


What's the difference between a self-propelled gun and a tank? Doctrine? As in, tanks are primarily designed for countering infantry, whereas I'd assume a self-propelled gun is just an mobile, armored artillery piece?


OPs filename is howitzer so seems right

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