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File:1470285676595.jpg (111.55 KB,846x960)




With temperatures fluctuating we may reach a time where summer never ends...

File:__kazami_yuuka_touhou_draw….jpg (325.12 KB,1400x1000)


The seasons come and go so fast, you should slow down at some point to appreciate the beauty of Spring.


File:14475545f2a84d4c4540d8439d….jpg (419.92 KB,1200x649)

Bit hard when I'm currently living in Autumn land.

File:20210513_055002 (1).jpg (1.05 MB,2667x2000)


spring outfit for my doll
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sadly I did not make any of it. doll scale stuff is not a part of modeling I've attempted to get into....yet.
well its 1/6 scale and my doll is 1/6 size but shes a smaller girl.
this is a byob party, sorry dude. one measly six pack is just enough for one person!


File:20210526_055610.jpg (346.61 KB,1200x1600)

new ride!



You drive?


she needs a helmet!
getting hit by a bug or a falling acorn at speed isn't fun.


Apparently some people are trying to teach their pets to talk with buttons. How much do you think they understand?
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That's quite possible if the Gombe Chimpanzee War is anything to go by their strategic thinking rivals even wolves.
There is also elephants are their own unique intelligence with the amazing memory recall they have and recognizing their own reflection.


From this video it seems like elephants are smart enough to recognize a medical vehicle. Otherwise I'm not sure why a previously shot animal would try approaching humans again.


File:GuP Rukuriri 010.png (315.91 KB,700x900)

Elephants know all about medical matters. In a book I read it says 'and when they meet a flock of sheep huddling together they protect them on their journey, so that no missile kills any if them. If they fight a battle, they always take care of the weary and the wounded'.


Counting is a huge sign of intelligence, although this video doesn't seem like it'd prove anything because it's simply choosing which side appears to have more food. You can't really consider that counting as it something basic like searching for food.
Octopi are smart enough to count, though. The very sad limitation is their very short lifespans- it'd be just like people living a few years.


shame their lifespan makes it all meaningless
so close, so far

File:1612160477262.png (721.45 KB,1145x1080)


Kissu how do I stop being racist. I genuinely have a searing hatred for blacks, middle easterners, indians, and some asians. I have a bit of quandary, though: I'm not at all racist towards people. In social interactions my brain shifts to autopilot and I just say or do whatever without any bias or malintent, but when I'm on my own, left to my own thoughts I can't stop myself from thinking about how much I hate other races, and especially how much I hate interracial couples, and depictions thereof.

This might seem like a shitpost, but I genuinely don't want to be this way and yet I am. What the heck do I do???


Have you tried not caring about trivial matters such as race?


it's probably too late

your best bet is to watch gore videos starring white people so that you can hate everyone equally. once you're genuinely misanthropist it wraps back to not being racist


If your malicious thoughts don’t manifest into meaningful action I wouldn’t even worry about. Dream of all the genocide and racially motivated pogroms you want thought crime by itself isn’t real crime. Of course if you genuinely have an uncomfortable racial hatred that consumes your every waking thought you might need a doctor and some meds as it could be some other issue that is simply using racial hatred as an outlet.

File:[crossover][enoshima junko….jpg (498.88 KB,1000x1412)


I think I've finally been able to get over my self hatred and I know I can do anything.
Arigato and maybe I'll come back in a year or less, but I think I've grown. I don't need to go into details but I feel like I can just go out into the world and conquer what little sliver of it that I can.
God bless kissu frens. My friends really are here, so that's why I have to set off to find more frens.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (309.9 KB,1920x1080)

Take care! Good luck with the real life thing, but do remember to visit once in a while.
We'll be here.


File:Ganba_Javelin.jpg (438.24 KB,948x1080)

Ganba, Anon!


Aufwedersehen freundliche Fräulein!

File:e1de7b9a-8c6f-4a8d-aca0-0….webp (29.81 KB,660x562)


The cicadas are emerging and singing. Watanagashi is here


File:6742fed1-0e38-459b-b80e-6….webp (64.11 KB,1200x676)

Something interesting is that their defense mechanism is "predator satiation" which means that they coordinate their emergence in these massive groups because the predators eat their fill and simply can't eat all of them. They're slow, can't fly well and it's the end of their life cycle anyway.
Unfortunately, like all nature news it's coupled with information that humanity is screwing things over by paving over their emergence sites and climate change is screwing up their synchronization. Hooray!


damn, pancakes are pretty tough

File:a very stoic man looks int….jpg (479.97 KB,1024x1024)


Kissu, if we banded together and create a community of homesteaders, we could essentially create a nation of /qa/!
I did the math, the minimum amount of land that one needs to homestead would be 10 acres, if just 10! 10 of us were to band together and put money into this (in theory) we could have 1.5625 square miles of land that we could create. The great kissu meetup...
Of course all of this is theoretical, I want to apply my distribution ideals into this and have all of us working together and sharing the collective food (individually grown, but when a neighbor is suffering you can provide upon them.)
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I look down on you all as well though.


You don't understand. Grass grows by itself, all you need is rain... And anyway we are talking about cattle rustling not rearing, we only need enough grass to keep the cows we steal them alive until we eat them or sell them.


You would have to times that by 10 as well. As each person would be operating on his own in his own house with his own tractor. I think this idea could work but only in an Amish/cult kind of way where we use limited technology and all work together, but that does not sound fun.


Why is collaboration out of the picture, again?


All I'm planning on doing is raising sheep/goats, and owning a couple draft-horses/asses so I can make my own bread.
I understand the barriers to entry, that's why I'm making it my goal in life to do it.
I made this thread because I wanted to express what my goals were at the time, but they still haven't changed.
God speed everyone, I'm going to make enough money to buy my own land.

File:iqaluit-nunavut-canada-102….jpg (161.39 KB,1024x576)


6 Hours of night here in Iqaluit Nunavut
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That's surprising, drinking is one of America's indigenous communities' favorite pasttime


People often say this about such places but really there is loads of things to do anywhere you are. You can watch anime or read or do weird things like model making and bird watching anywhere and in places like that you could explore and do snow things as well. What exactly is there that you cannot do aside form work in corporate offices? Why would you want to work anyway?


What if they live like the amish in indigenous tribes? Where using electricity goes against the culture, and you'd be hard pressed to find any interesting model making opportunities.


Then it won't matter where they are in the first place.


In these sorts of places you get to know everybody and variety in social experiences doesn't exist. These sorts of insular communities get suffocating.

I can't speak for experience that this is negative, but that's what a lot of people say in these cities with few people and lots of distance from others.

File:708f3e48837d5ef2f306a724c0….jpg (10.71 KB,236x248)


Isn't a Quesadilla just Mexican grilled cheese?


Now I'm hungry, but yes I guess it is.
chicken quesadillas are so good


File:sherlock-1.png (457.12 KB,484x565)

isn't grilled cheese just an american croque-monsieur?


No, what you're thinking is a grilled ham and cheese.

File:縦長動画.mp4 (128.62 KB,320x394)


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oh... i can see why this might have been confusing. This mp4 was taken from twitter and unlike many other sites twitter streams their video clips like YouTube so that people can't download them or maybe reduce the bandwidth required to serve them.

Either way it requires the browser inspector to get the stream link + an FFMPEG rule or some VLC hackery


just use youtube-dl dude


you can do it with a few command line arguments though


and youtube dl isn't going to work on twitter videos


File:2021-05-09 19-59-36_1.webm (4.98 MB,958x536)

you sure about that

File:89566343_p0.jpg (290.9 KB,1075x1518)


Heat death of the universe? More like heat death of me because it's nearing summer again

(yes I'm aware the theory is about loss of heat)
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Bah, why can't you just appreciate Sachiko..
If everything is equalized there's no localized areas of heat, so it's gone. There's no mountains if everything is the same height, there's no heat if there's nothing left to create differences

Sometimes a stupid thread is just a stupid thread


>Bah, why can't you just appreciate Sachiko..
Call me the party pooper because my bowels are ready to unload, motherfucker!


Heat death of you because its nearing summer? More like heat death of me because of how hot Sachiko is.


Personally I'm all about the universe going through that big ol' rip LET IT RIP BABY


It's the same kind of thing if you think about it as not being able to reduce your local entropy by shedding heat.


I know this from my favorite anime Super Cup


How far back is "Traditional Okonomiyaki" because there was a decent amount of Western ingredients there. I'd be interested to learn the path that stuff like Worcestershire sauce or smoked hickory wood took if it really did become part of a recent tradition


While there were earlier equivalents, okonomiyaki as such is a 20th century invention, by which point Western ingredients were already well established in Japan.


In a strict sense, only rice and seafood can be considered traditional Japanese food.
Pretty much everything else are imported from foreign cultures.


space debris


Can't believe you stole my post.


apparently it already landed near the Maldives islands


Can't believe you stole my post.


the post or the rocket?

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