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Nice little drone video


Did it died?


it's merely sleeping


File:1574319088196.jpg (98.53 KB,700x700)

>Right Up Our Alley
more like up ur ass lol get dabbed on


Is that one of those fish eye lens things? It makes me nauseous


no, with a fisheye straight lines would look curved and you'd feel even more nauseous

File:RjRXDeOW2waaKne4exbMWB47G5….gif (67.52 KB,500x90)


I just noticed that these banners are rotating with the season's too


very nice

File:1575978851183.jpg (250.93 KB,1440x900)


weird looking dogs

File:1490045794335.gif (312.3 KB,530x320)


the season boards really are the only place you can get dat classic kissu experience


Why is yuuka walking into the wall?


she's a cute girl she can do whatever she wants


Be quiet that's rude.


Really? That's what's concerning you? I want to know how she manages to materialize out of nowhere!


i was a fool...

File:WTFBBQ-1.jpg (799.67 KB,1200x800)


Summer's coming...
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File:68493756_p0.jpg (1.44 MB,1300x1000)

FUCK unfreedomed units


science agrees
the usage of freedom units is a hazard
air reacts to its measurement, increasing temperature in the vicinity
do not use freednits
save lives and valuable heat sensitive items


File:meloni.jpg (82.17 KB,840x1062)

life is a fuck


For those who live outside the land of obesity, 90 freedom units is equal to about 3 football fields. Very hot today.


summer is HERE

File:1519305428478.jpg (213.79 KB,800x800)


Does kissu rate the anime they watch? I've found over the years that it's nothing but a pain with myself constantly disagreeing and changing my ratings for things and then changing them again later when I disagree with myself again!


I try to keep track of what I watch, but I don't bother rating.

File:1588147244682.jpg (106.09 KB,1080x1350)


almost through spring
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what the hell is this garbage


File:980871a112904d60f58aff0a11….jpg (160.25 KB,1200x1200)

postin some garbage


i want to buy prostitute


File:2e710a9bb3cdd2af339f5477cf….mp4 (1.93 MB,640x800)

If you know where to purchase services. I don't


cumming in bun cun...

File:51-5UnsGVtL.jpg (60.01 KB,355x500)


When watching through some anime(Shana) I'm reminded of the problems of movies adaptations of popular books and their need to cut material for time restrictions.

In the case of LN adaptations I will never know the true intention of the author other than through second hand account on wikis.
No devotion to learning Kanji, there will always be an uncrossable void yet powerful allure from adaptations


never watched shana after starting the first episode and learning the mc was a boy


File:Shakugan.no.Shana.S03E24.1….jpg (Spoiler Image,849.05 KB,1920x1080)

I think that one can preserve the original intention of the author even whilst cutting content down to fit time restrictions. In the case of Shana I think that J.C Staff just didn't really manage their time all that well, planning to finish everything in on 2-cour with so much material that had arisen since the second season.


at least they finally kissu'd

File:__misumi_nagisa_and_yukis….webm (700.08 KB,1360x765)


I hate how some news sites force you to subscribe to see the news


disable javascript to own the journalistnorms


it worked !!!


you can use tor to bypass 5 articles a month restrictions on sites like foreign policy and the likes


Most of the sites I'm aware of restrict articles by using cookies, not IP tracking. So, you can much more easily use your browser's private mode instead requiring a VPN.


It's out


I don't really get why people enjoy film reviews like this. Maybe they're entertaining if you haven't watched what they're talking about. Most of the time when I have seen the movie in question, though, I just get kind of annoyed at their takes on certain things...


I think it's for seeing different perspectives on films, or maybe from people that research into them little things about the production that may be neat. Also it's reminiscent of Siskel and Ebert, but longer. So maybe there's an entertaining quality to it as well.


What shows/movies does kissu look back on fondly from their childhood?


half life in 20:41

File:74330167_p0.png (2.41 MB,1401x2000)


You know I just realized, with how World of Warcraft recently made it so that enemy levels scale to you in every area, theoretically someone could do what was done in that one south park episode and level all the way to max farming boards.


Someone just recently did that in WoW Classic. It was done in Retail a while back too.



i cant see myself putting that much time and effort into something that is such a giant waste of time

same reason why i stopped playing no mans sky, everything is designed to take hundreds of hours to get the best crap


Same reason I stopped playing Warframe.


It's designed and intended to be a giant waste of time, and that's its major appeal. When I was addicted to MMOs from ~1998 to ~2011 I could (and did) fill my existence with solely virtual information, and I wasn't even the powergaming type

File:18_18 - Copy.png (421.05 KB,1281x928)


Spring is too depressing, please change seasons please


File:9b78e70493c9a4a7206f752566….jpg (283.44 KB,1500x2121)

lets try and make summer funner



File:68166788_p0.png (7.65 MB,2008x2976)


Seasons don't fear the reaper

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