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File:GettyImages-1239926796.webp (32.94 KB,1024x683)


Elon Musk bought Twitter for 44 billion
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>He may claim not to care about profit but that's a lie, nobody takes out such huge loans and spends that kind of money expecting nothing in return.
Why do you figure SpaceX is private, then?


He's purposfully sold boatloads of tesla stock to intentionally devalue it in an effort to reduce taxes so I really don't think the entirety of bis wealth is simply tied up in his stock.


If they were to go public then all of their financial information would be required to be made available to the public by law. Right now, their operating costs, the profits they make, etc are a mystery. However, it does seem that they still are essentially in the startup phase and are yet to create a fully profitable business model. They probably will go public one day, but it will be if/when they manage to get Starship and Starlink fully operational and working as intended with the overheads they claim it will have. There are big questions over all of these aspects however.

He did not sell that many considering what he actually has, he still holds a big enough majority that by company policy he can veto any decision Tesla makes that he does not like, he will not sell below that threshold(if indeed he even can considering how much is tied with loans).

That was not the reason he sold those shares either.


SpaceX might be a complicated situation because it receives billions from the US government while using its facilities and government employees for things. Are any of the other subsidized space companies public?


>Are any of the other subsidized space companies public?
Yes: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Rocketdyne, etc. are all publicly traded.



mini japanese garden channel


because it's still spring afterall


This video was very nice. My cat was captivated watching for quite a bit, but then got bored and wandered away. The rain drops were still a bit large, I think. Maybe pinholes with a wire mesh beneath it would've worked better.


very nice


waku waku


File:57878230_p0.jpg (1.54 MB,1590x1320)


It's 20 C outside. I think I'm gonna die
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I bet that feels really good for cirno too. Clownpiece probably runs really hot


Was 27C for me yesterday. Not a pleasant experience when I'm well acclimatized to Autumn weather and had put away my fan already.


File:276e22734c25b98bcf46207f5b….jpg (317.45 KB,1000x1415)

It's 33 C
I hate it here.


Imagine the breeze they get when the other farts.


Spring here has so far been very mild and cool, I really like it. We had a really hot December, hottest in like a century if not recorded history (granted it's USA) so this is a nice balance.
Been a few freezing warnings on a couple nights, though, which is definitely not a good thing for budding plants.

File:Purin-2-4.webp (25.67 KB,680x1020)


Is Japanese pudding just Flan(dre)?


purin is french for cow piss. and also for cow dung juice if you're feeling extra fancy


I would watch an anime about a cow piss girl.

File:de96d89390d393a7cc6a7f9543….mp4 (1.24 MB,480x852)


My springtime maids
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But can they clean?


It looks like shes doing some science stuff or making a beverage


So the form of the future robot wives really is chobits...


File:1519238053488.gif (112.51 KB,640x360)

Aaaaah I want to hug that meido.



File:shrooms.jpg (856.46 KB,1758x1157)


Found this outside today.
Are these shimeji mushrooms? They seem to look like that but aren't fresh anymore.
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Before you think about eating anything you find outside always remember to check whether a poisoon variety exists and compare what you found to it!



I'd just do a poison test on yourself by either patch test or eating a small amount to see if you have a negative reaction


File:mushrooms-mushroom-collect….jpg (170.62 KB,1019x1300)

Those are some cool mushrooms. The ones that occasionally grow around here after lots of rain are very flat and wide.
It's all from a place where a tree used to be and had to be cut down because it was diseased. This was about 20 years ago, so I guess mushrooms are still growing from its underground stump.


shi me ji


He looks like a mix of Len'en and Inu Curry.

File:1602702371260.jpg (62.17 KB,578x640)


what anime did you watch today
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I watched Mewkledreamy, Corrector Yui, Odd Taxi, Higehiro, and Fumetsu.


i watched tokyo revengers, it's pretty naisu


watchin the bookworm anime


FLCL Alternative


non non biyori
kiss on my deity
sakura trick

File:R.png (588.1 KB,1024x768)


No interesting article thread?
Here's a very Springtime article that was a good read



I've never been a fan of threads like this where it's just links to elsewhere on the web.



Kind of reminds me of so-called 'tall poppy syndrome', which is often used to describe my own country's culture (New Zealand), where it is specifically those who flaunt their wealth/status/intelligence/etc. who are treated as nails to be hammered down.

File:[SubsPlease] Akebi-chan no….jpg (160.94 KB,1280x720)


I think perhaps the best thing about Spring here is that I can have my window open and hear birds. Once summer hits the outside turns into an oven and no sensible person with air conditioning would ever open the window again.
Someone needs to fix this. I want to hear birds outside, but not feel air baked in the ovens of hell rush into my room.


File:1da361e512c140caccbcfbbe08….jpg (603.51 KB,1400x1000)

>I want to hear birds outside
just put a microphone outside


That's not the same, it needs to be "direct". I might as well listen to pre-recorded birds at that point

File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (194.62 KB,1280x720)


/spg/ 2021 is about to end. Do you have a message for your /spg/ 2022 self?
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Did you finish making that one Skyrim mod or are you still procrastinating? If you haven't done it by now you should probably scrap it. Okay, see you then, future me.


Hey, future self, are you still wasting your money, or have you gotten anything you actually enjoy and use regularly? If not, stop wasting your money! I know things you might want seem cool, and you might want them because of that, but you're better off saving your money! Trust me, more often then not, you're just infatuated. When it comes to actually having the thing, its novelty quickly wears off and you'll regret spending so much money when you see something you genuinely want!


File:most curious.jpg (56.5 KB,637x685)

Report back now if you're still here. I'm interested.


I stopped messing with Skyrim. It was eating up too much time, hundreds of hours and I wasn't playing it. I had to respect the limitations of OCD and do something that's more fruitful, like general image editing or 3D stuff.


I was having a manic episode when I wrote that post, I got a job though

File:What_is_an_electric_unicy….webp (189.25 KB,960x641)


Maybe I need an electronic unicycle. I'm a non-driver, but maybe unicycles are the answer?
My area is kind of hilly and bumpy, though, so maybe it's just a fast ticket to Faceplant Land.

Hmm, but I guess you can't really carry groceries, huh.
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Just get a bike, enough with trying to reinvent the wheel


I don't know, it looks kind of cool and it's small so it'd take up less space. Riding a bike is fun on the way to the destination, but if you were to go shopping for an hour it's much less so later on, especially if the weather changed or it grew dark out.

That might work

But it is a wheel!


There are bikes that you can fold in half


File:m1648582893677.jpeg (132.87 KB,1000x1000)

Just get a bike with some of these attached. I guess you could also still wear a backpack if you wanted, but I think some stores have policies against wearing them into the store.


File:9dc9ad52888b0acd5ebff6926b….jpg (153.26 KB,1024x768)

Alternatively, you could just strap a milk crate onto the back too.

File:uuunmmmm.png (644.55 KB,1280x720)


ramadhan is coming, i need to stop lurking imageboard
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you'll get to eat nice food at night though


File:1082px-Roman_Empire_-_Asia….png (397.58 KB,1082x899)

The near east was not historically part of Europe, the word Asia was crated to describe Anatolians and the Roman province of Asia was western Anatolia.
Organisations like that aren't really a good basis for such an argument, it's like arguing that Australia is European because it's in Eurovision, and that would probably be a better argument because you could argue that culturally they are European.

Turks are quite separate from Europe in numerous ways, religion plays a part but is not the be all and end all here, the bigger aspects are language and culture. The Turks are a Turkic people, they don't speak an Indo-European language, they don't even speak a Semitic language(like those in the rest of the middle east do), they speak a Turkic language, they are foreign to the entire region. Of courses Finland, Hungary and Estonia also don't speak an Indo-European language yet they are considered European and while that is true they have also been heavily subjugated by European nations for a long time to the point where they culturally are European, if you had asked somebody 1000 years ago whether the Finns were European or not they would probably say they were not.

The culture of Turkey(and the Ottoman empire) simply is not European and very little about it could ever be considered to be so, there were no palace Harems in Europe, that was eastern, there was not caste of slave soldiers in Europe, that was eastern, the cloths the Ottomans wore, were eastern, the food they ate was eastern, the military traditions, weapons and tactics, were eastern, etc. They simply are not European.


I didn't know emoji were allowed on kissu.

Based on what?


File:1620347897643.png (16.9 KB,250x188)



File:1577230424791.jpg (257.62 KB,1280x708)


what are your opinions on the spring season?
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If it's an indoor cat how is it getting flees? Suspicious... who is the one bringing flees back into the house really?


Stray cats like to sit on my balcony, so either that or I trek them in when I come in through the front door.


Invite the stray cats into your home.


File:Quiscalus-quiscula-001.jpg (196.2 KB,1180x1024)

I wish I had a microphone so I could record the birds outside. For some reason they've been having big parties in a nearby tree the past few days and I love listening to them.
SPRING IS GREAT! until the bugs wake up


I don't like the cold so spring is good in my book.


I've never seen someone so phonetically destroy the hearts and dreams of dweebs n' weebs quite like this and all in spoken N1 Japanese.
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The people in anime/tv/music are literally paid the big bucks because they have pleasing voices, and in addition to that they are saying things that are rehearsed and scripted.
You could make the same argument for any language I think.


File:53f3fb253dfb086403a5d5b786….jpg (620.39 KB,1136x726)

I want to teach Korean in Japan


File:[Alexvgz] Azumanga Daioh 2….jpg (69.15 KB,745x734)

I thought the stereotype of anti-korean sentiment was even stronger than the anti-white piggu sentiment?


File:ZZC 1142.png (5.93 MB,2110x2160)

Somebody will have to teach the occupation forces how to communicate with the locals.


That’s what english teachers are for. Well maybe the other way around; teach the locals how to speak with the occupation force.

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