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cat ears make everything cuter


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If I find any ero-cute battle outfits I'll post them here


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I really hope someone will scan that C101 Raye doujin from kakutasu_1700... I really want to read it...

 File:a2c0e2a9a34d44327943f24abe….jpg (1.03 MB,1414x2000)




not my fav feet and toes but nice image


I don't like the hands in the anime. The rest of the animation in the series is great, but something about those fingers gives me the heebie-jeebies.

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cute embarrassment


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 File:20230115_013232.jpg (1.72 MB,2000x2983)


jirai kei www
that bandaid is covering a razor blade mark

 File:FkoeJlXUoAAjJW1.jpg (398.15 KB,1448x2014)



she's leaking coolant...

 File:f54098b42acad7a186cb49e4e….jpeg (56.42 KB,440x696)


Out of things to say.
All I have left are images


 File:b10ac53e6a58504b82bc109652….jpg (680.17 KB,1070x1500)

dammit, Im even out of images

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I got too busy and didn't have time to make this thread earlier in the month, but it's still the Christmas season, right?
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Somehow I missed this really nice Heisei Tribute comiket artbook thingie that was at Comiket 95 and was uploaded 3 years ago.
It's really nice, so I'm going to dump it now (at reduced size so it's not 1gb)
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 File:COMPRESSEDheiseidoujinmono….jpg (1.06 MB,1920x795)


 File:COMPRESSEDheiseidoujinmono….jpg (1.45 MB,1759x1200)


THE END! (forgot to put sage on)
Pretty great, huh? The original size is at:
I excluded the text-only pages and the timeline thing.
What were your favorites? I was quite surprised at Lunar appearing multiple times:


Hard to pick my favorites, but I was surprised at the amount of Utena, Darkstalkers, and Nadesico throughout. There were a few more that I noticed occasionally, but to see those three with almost as much representation at Eva was really surprising.


>>9885 >>9886
>>9930 >>9931
The Aquaplus/Utawarerumono artist duo! Speaking of, I didn't see any Utawarerumono which was disappointing.
But, there's some nice Xenogears: >>9883 >>10102 >>10103

 File:FjMwfSBagAA3iER.jpg (126.13 KB,768x1024)


Yuyuko is so cute with her kindred spirit in eating.


 File:c405f6818333c9965d3c5370f4….png (1.15 MB,1206x1657)

I like it when Kirby is paired with pink girls

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just a random cute pictures thread

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 File:7810942ca0d8a81324e8cbadbe….jpg (267.7 KB,722x1010)

>with the strongest ero stuff banished to /megu/ I think we can and should start branching out to more threads!


Yes! Imagine, a thread for cute things with hats! Cute kemomimi, cute outfits! etc etc


 File:41c8b616eaabc7f9e66731c08b….png (1.77 MB,2850x950)


 File:75f0f65c43b02ed78bd8cb12d1….jpg (1018.74 KB,1600x1418)


 File:b7750ca0fddd1189dcfa9fefdb….png (1.59 MB,1200x1694)


What's you're favorite non-humanoid ero monster?
Plant monsters, slimes, squid-likes... etc.


 File:BoingElfZelZel.webm (Spoiler Image,13.42 MB,1280x720)


 File:0d1703cc91e9ffa9983867aabf….jpg (3.07 MB,2835x3898)


Buy our Kissu brand soap!


feet have different shapes and sizes


always glad when my sperm kicks the soap to me so I don't need to get up

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 File:45fa18d6c3de7e8879ada6e476….jpg (187.97 KB,850x1200)

Would love to have that sake just for the cute bottle label.


 File:a90abf5d4e5e071e4b7d9bd0d3….jpg (641.83 KB,1500x1500)

Troublesome alcoholic yuki onna cat vampire elf brat Wamy...


 File:FgXaw44aUAAuAW8.jpg (242.17 KB,948x1450)

Chief Temptress Wamy


 File:FiosiPbaMAAnrl6.jpg (463.86 KB,1090x2892)

the wammiest

 File:FgJ1rfxUoAEn6b4.jpg (391.26 KB,1228x869)


It's the time of the season for Halloweensperming
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look at this admin


 File:FgjcZRUakAE4Dw6.jpg (767.65 KB,927x1439)


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