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 File:84241496_p0.png (22.01 KB,400x400)

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I think most people are familiar with this artist, or at least have seen images posted here or there. Lokulo is drawn in a lot of cute situations and references to Japanese pop culture and I like them a lot. Kissu is overdue in having a shrine to bask in this greatness.
The artist does post stuff that's far more sexual, usually of other unnamed girls, but for this thread I'm focusing on cuteness.
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 File:97451849_p19.png (39.27 KB,400x400)


 File:97451849_p20.png (42.81 KB,400x400)

Wow, that was fast! hehehe




STALKER Lokulo (>>8381) vs Lokulo stalker (>>8383)


 File:d9fa905af1a22c93eab503a5a7….png (12.28 KB,400x400)

What do you mean this absolute classic hasn't been posted yet? Shame on you, Anonymous.

 File:89703382_p0.png (6.94 MB,2160x3712)

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I'm going to post Tropical Precure art that I like in this thread now and then
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 File:99411023_p0.jpg (342.63 KB,1185x1280)


 File:99391128_p0.jpg (10.52 MB,2976x4175)


 File:99301897_p0.jpg (1003.68 KB,1280x1280)


 File:97861908_p0.jpg (1.02 MB,1000x1000)

that's it for now
All glory to Laura Apollodoros Hyginus La Mer!


artist wishes are NOT important

 File:98596689_p0_master1200.jpg (1007.07 KB,850x1200)


very feminine summer suit


 File:98596689_p2_master1200.jpg (1.13 MB,850x1200)


 File:83842039_p0.png (1.32 MB,1518x1075)


 File:XhpFuz7ztr1rta9IZ7RKCqfD.jpeg (1.68 MB,1003x1416)

 File:b16d9ddc290e610049efc0d2a4….png (535.67 KB,768x1024)


best friend is such a perv X⦀⦀_⦀⦀X


 File:[Sae-nce]_Hidamari_Sketch_….jpg (164.84 KB,1280x720)

It's not a perversion it's called being a free spirit.



 File:98797915_p0.png (12.11 MB,4093x2764)


For great justice!
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 File:96559162_p0.png (10.88 MB,2894x4093)


 File:98482691_p0.jpg (2.1 MB,2088x1488)


 File:98782574_p0.png (15.73 MB,2891x4080)


 File:98384167_p0.png (638.75 KB,1200x850)


 File:f59617a922fdd0d0c212bdf823….jpg (1.54 MB,2057x1324)


 File:cc422d78728b391305abe5bd94….jpg (75.41 KB,493x700)


The subtle kind of ecchi


 File:db05000e577517f80fc3598e29….png (1.19 MB,1405x1988)


 File:7c37a492a98150e92b2e4e6981….png (2.52 MB,1364x1897)


 File:88a47a0fda32b4fb771547b661….jpg (76.66 KB,500x500)

REALLY subtle


 File:C-1654776123872.png (7.18 MB,1820x2978)

 File:d41f1f7d25954b971e9436c791….jpg (296.79 KB,992x1403)


horny girls


more like GRANNY GIRLS



 File:FTlgyv3VsAACSYY.jpg (1 MB,2640x2049)

very horny


 File:C-1654775042540.png (1.13 MB,1191x1686)

 File:98561972_p0.jpg (3.06 MB,2150x3035)


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The enjoyer, the groper looks taken aback by how slutty she is,


Random groping like this is just normal behaviour for girls, y'know? They aren't supposed to actually enjoy it though.


consensual molestation is just exhibitionism


can you blame her? breasts are an erogenous zone after all, I bet there is nary a kissu that could stand up to such an assault.


>nary a kissu that could stand up to such an assault
Because we're all pervs.

 File:91078888_p0.jpg (623.17 KB,1000x1412)


I can't resist it any more. CUTE TUMMY THREAD!
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 File:7e46b46f292434a2dc77f5958d….jpg (911.18 KB,1060x1200)


 File:52542706d6b7225dc4ef34d491….jpg (599.31 KB,1043x1500)


 File:bec9bd6db5ce48e816c728b70b….jpg (395.83 KB,2048x2732)


 File:98522346_p0.jpg (7.26 MB,3035x4299)

big /ec/ belly with blog-approved pantsu


 File:98522346_p1.jpg (6.82 MB,3035x4299)

also the artist's banner image hehe https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/45397245

 File:(clipboard)1645848766551.png (1.99 MB,1280x1600)

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Starting a new Senran Kagura thread off with small breasts!
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 File:Yomi_2.png (628.59 KB,640x800)


 File:Katsuragi.png (735.24 KB,640x800)


 File:Fuma.png (589.18 KB,640x800)


 File:Souji_1.png (585.84 KB,640x800)


 File:Muramasa.png (566.75 KB,640x800)

 File:98244890_p0.jpg (5.8 MB,3375x6000)


Why do girls touch down there too? There's nothing there...


 File:5d6543cf489b2c4d88c304984….jpeg (112.79 KB,708x1000)

girls have pussies


You mean p*ssy


Sometimes there's a summoning circle thing down there that they need to activate for a penis to appear

 File:de055b7688e7a7212c6e2bf0ee….jpg (2.83 MB,2156x3041)




 File:18d1fe4c9bbcf048d7f37d42c3….jpg (1.06 MB,1061x1500)

. . . .


 File:95f73c3872005524442e07a23….jpeg (490.83 KB,1800x2500)


 File:C-1652748177203.png (3.16 MB,1570x2601)


 File:ff73aac1d1687e37d235a6181c….png (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB,1512x2139)




 File:fc8f1b2301f8427677132833ae….png (3.31 MB,1069x1500)


cute burned face

 File:b7368a83d04973a6ddfe9f535e….jpg (395.95 KB,1200x1693)


pointy ears, (mostly) blonde hair
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 File:97032140_p0.jpg (950.26 KB,1300x1805)


cummy elf mouth


 File:97356808_p0.png (418.86 KB,900x828)


 File:1652481203230.webm (674.2 KB,600x800)


 File:f79311250d5490871877b11f9f….png (2.59 MB,1013x1500)

Brown elfs...

 File:Es_Cv3ZUcAArcJf.mp4 (150.22 KB,1280x736)


Cool (and cute) pictures only
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 File:MontblanC_9_-1321828051332….jpg (182.81 KB,2048x1320)


 File:84109825_p0.jpg (6.36 MB,1620x2280)


 File:frengchiano2-1261920164791….jpg (943.34 KB,2764x4096)


 File:bc5e54ee6d7aa39a0dec6fe987….jpg (3.98 MB,2039x2894)


 File:98107421_p0.jpg (184.82 KB,1488x2088)

Sometimes Illya isn't lewd

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