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 File:86772598_p0.png (458.13 KB,933x1000)

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This year of the cow is amazing so far. Big boobers everywhere!
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 File:FZo2dysaIAEhGaU.jpg (769.88 KB,2784x4000)

milk goddess


 File:__ceres_fauna_hololive_and….jpg (650.78 KB,2908x4093)

Moo cow


 File:FZez1pnaQAEUFI0.jpg (83.09 KB,695x701)


 File:FZez1pkakAA-ecN.jpg (328.65 KB,2048x1536)


 File:1662715248320.jpg (754.68 KB,1254x1620)

 File:20220222_121555.jpg (1001.03 KB,1044x1710)


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 File:FSGYWqBVcAA0PG7.jpg (1.28 MB,1633x2463)



Pet the cat?


 File:4cfb72a50173de6ce2bcd170c3….jpg (192.99 KB,1032x1457)


 File:2b neko dance.mp4 (231.08 KB,1280x1280)

nyear autonyanya


 File:006.png (5.58 MB,2867x4072)

 File:ca202c072cedd7b37c41a92da3….png (4.43 MB,3000x4000)


very cute whore-o-rive I found but will never watch a single stream of
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 File:90446978_p0.png (2.25 MB,1735x2316)

Um you can't do this, it's being a secondary and that's illegal...

If you want to be able to post her you need to get a membership and send at least a few supachattos....


 File:789700c08f52a164b2377b829c….jpg (253.44 KB,1080x1914)

amanekanatach butte


 File:Fa4kKmGVEAEggtR.jpg (229.44 KB,2000x1500)

wanna mogu mogu this nya nya chuuba


 File:Fa4kKmJUIAAGEPa.jpg (232.91 KB,1920x1280)


touch the kanatach

 File:e59ea4e8548f974e4c930d2311….jpg (1.01 MB,2589x3346)


*scrub scrub*
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 File:__original_drawn_by_quuni_….jpg (122.65 KB,1387x1300)


 File:__original_drawn_by_user_t….png (1.35 MB,1366x1561)

I want these Louboutins to crush my nuts.


 File:__original_drawn_by_zero_m….jpg (131.54 KB,1275x1167)

Alright, that's all I have for now. My shoe folder on my old PC was bigger. I will have to go back and look for the pictures I am missing, because I know there are some great ones.


 File:__manjuu_and_taihou_azur_l….jpg (1.81 MB,2000x3000)

Ok got some more.


 File:__original_drawn_by_ama_mi….png (397.43 KB,1010x1100)


Probably the best piercing artist whom I follow on pixiv decided to upload their live2d animation to youtube
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 File:4.png (924.18 KB,1359x1920)

Generally not a fan of piercings in non-ero works, but they can look really good on certain types of girls in porn — not including the more extrme types of piercings.


 File:26.png (957.23 KB,1359x1920)


>last frame
Is... is he going to sit on her?



I fucking love piercing.

 File:a164e16cd5e2dc8af9d3a6aa41….jpg (6.27 MB,2894x4093)


How is /ec/'s fashion theory?
Do you understand why certain clothing articles are sexy and others are modest.

For example, the side-tie bottom makes someone's hips look bigger and more suited to childbirth
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 File:__original_drawn_by_minato….png (2.38 MB,1447x1136)

I think everyone is fully aware of why the naked apron is attractive in its many ways, so I'm just posting it for the sake of posting it. Truly there are few things as comforting


 File:__hiiragi_kagami_lucky_sta….jpg (345.9 KB,1228x869)

...as an example it lacks its allure (in my opinion) when taken out of the kitchen context


>For example, the side-tie bottom makes someone's hips look bigger and more suited to childbirth
No, side-tie bottoms are sexy because they're quite skimpy and have the possibility of being untied (intentionally or otherwise). Trying to explain it much past that is stupid imo.


Reproduction instincts are subconciously present in all people


you really think I want to untie a pictures clothing...

Fasion is all about accenting and unaccenting certain things to provide looks closer to a cultural ideal of the perfect body

 File:2003f13d97b633263d41f9d2fc….jpg (142.76 KB,1024x904)

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first of summer
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ask a girl who's wearing one


 File:105a6119c56382c15ab454493f….jpg (1.45 MB,960x1280)

any girls on kissu ever worn one?


 File:FZ9Ar56akAA991b.jpg (253.3 KB,1310x1996)


It's usually a zipper or a hook fastener, like a bra.


 File:ff8f670552b5f064e705a95abd….png (1009.82 KB,1120x1000)

the season of summer style outfits are almost over

 File:b40e8ec2fd30aaaf916a4e712b….jpg (2.05 MB,2000x2800)


there's nothing better than hour long fap sessions, getting your mind intoxicated by sexual thoughts


fapping is just a bad habit


ancient gem go up


 File:e82d11e72ace0a5b2a8115e676….mp4 (286.56 KB,960x720)



strange pose


Huge asses

 File:86100116_p1.jpg (1.09 MB,1063x1505)

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What is the purpose of megane?
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 File:FVHHwZmUUAExr_O.jpg (779.75 KB,2560x1440)

For staring


 File:02_m5hyousi2.png (12.37 MB,4299x6071)


 File:FXiq0LVaIAEDPe8.jpg (237.37 KB,1240x1754)

JS megane boobers


big eyebrows too


 File:FLTT6ULacAMNHZ-.jpg (174.39 KB,1240x1754)

 File:9a8a88e7f2872df67dc5c84657….png (3.22 MB,4000x4000)

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According to Danbooru, these are called dolphin shorts. I think they're hot, so I'm posting some.
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 File:8dfc55c867ef0bfa93a87bb544….png (1.24 MB,1043x611)


 File:22ac841864ead1087d3e9a6e7b….gif (574.39 KB,512x288)

ending with a classic


 File:95569038_0.png (1020.03 KB,1208x999)

The best


odd... i just heard about them recently


What beautiful hair!

 File:95013911_p0_master1200.jpg (642.47 KB,849x1200)


Gyaru are the greatest


 File:ƒoƒj[™z‚¿‚á‚ñ_ƒŒƒCƒ„[ƒJƒ….png (7.28 MB,2894x4093)


 File:96763642_p1_master1200.jpg (749.8 KB,849x1200)

 File:460d7b19563ff51ec34a5cd8a9….png (778.03 KB,932x790)


The pumping ground for crops of ochinchin in omanko action.
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Thank you, Anonymous.





Wow, quite possibly the least likely late reply I've ever seen. Nice.


simple game, but can't complain

 File:99306438_p0 copy.png (1.06 MB,939x1005)


Did you know that kissu's UI (and the old vichan version) supports a mascot system similar to the old oneechan extension that people used for 4chan?
If you go to [Options] and then 'Style', you can specify an image url to spice up your browsing experience with a cute girl or something else.

There's a couple things to note, however.
First, mascots should definitely have a transparent background. It's weird if there's a big solid block of another color. Maybe your tolerance is better than mine, however.
Secondly, you'll usually you want some kind of semi-transparency. My default for CSS stuff is 50%, but your preference may vary. I'll demonstrate this with two version of the same cleaned image.

This is the first image
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 File:99306438_p0 copy semitrans….png (374.66 KB,516x553)

Hmm, I think a smaller size would be better


 File:mascot.png (62.65 KB,256x299)

Here's what I use as my mascot.


 File:mascot-60percentopacity.png (62.5 KB,256x299)

Slightly transparent version.


 File:night bed.png (330.85 KB,815x468)

I guess if anyone wants to use my current 5 minute crop thing I made of Nazuna here it is before I edited it


 File:Untitled-1.png (176.52 KB,546x366)

...and here's the mascot-ifying thing I usually do with them.
I like to use the 'stroke' effect that I mentioned in the photoshop thread for a simple border >>>/qa/87041

 File:c22a190a04f195cc6961cde053….jpg (1.72 MB,1500x2772)


sperm the birb


 File:dcc02aabd0fc484a5b0667ee27….jpg (777.58 KB,1032x1122)

horny birb


This isn't even ecchi...

 File:86597775_p0.jpg (644.93 KB,768x768)


Late Christmas present! A pixiv dump of this artist's twitter uploads. It's a Lalapalooza!
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 File:99555612_p0.png (2.25 MB,1500x1270)


 File:91085393_p0.jpg (364.88 KB,1000x1199)


 File:94680243_p0.jpg (1.34 MB,926x1179)


 File:97826471_p0.png (2.08 MB,1300x2500)


 File:96448520_p0.jpg (9.33 MB,3307x4134)

To be continued...
(also I really like this one)

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