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 File:91078888_p0.jpg (623.17 KB,1000x1412)


I can't resist it any more. CUTE TUMMY THREAD!
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 File:bec9bd6db5ce48e816c728b70b….jpg (395.83 KB,2048x2732)


 File:98522346_p0.jpg (7.26 MB,3035x4299)

big /ec/ belly with blog-approved pantsu


 File:98522346_p1.jpg (6.82 MB,3035x4299)

also the artist's banner image hehe https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/45397245


 File:F4b5ye5aoAALDtT - Copy.png (1.03 MB,954x1275)


 File:__hu_tao_and_boo_tao_gensh….jpg (1.26 MB,4334x7221)

 File:a037b80dd90a1beb9167bedf84….jpg (4.25 MB,2039x2894)


REALLY love this naughty/cute sort of pic
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Seen this irl, its not as ecchicute as you think


 File:1623233624212.png (174.01 KB,584x562)

Well yeah, 3D is PD.


Like 3 out of the 9 users like 3D here, although 2 of the 3d likers seem to only like Asians


 File:Fyag0zlacAEJnV6.jpg (831.37 KB,1200x1600)

ika desu


 File:74093555_p0.png (1.06 MB,1181x1748)

Season 2 doko?

 File:965786c5cea3ac1d147dee2ed6….jpg (2 MB,2176x3000)

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Milky bunnies have delicious c****
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 File:F2ht5dGbQAAaRPS.jpg (203.97 KB,843x1000)


 File:F2hOY2hbYAACUzt.jpg (605.9 KB,911x1290)


 File:momo29 - バニーの日 [1686662256….mp4 (236.94 KB,720x808)

Yesterday was a nice day for bunnies


 File:C-1691021898924.png (2.53 MB,1244x1590)

bun bun


 File:1692369745025.png (165.78 KB,1000x1000)

 File:1597956161326.png (327.24 KB,600x883)


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 File:d4c30f34d6f9fcba4e1c1e3205….jpg (664.56 KB,2480x3508)



won't forget megu


/megu/ never forget


 File:megumin-konosuba.gif (398.74 KB,498x498)



 File:20230725_001814.jpg (608.48 KB,896x1200)


 File:00916-2435206029.png (1.4 MB,864x1152)


As I've blogged about in various threads, I've been doing AI stable diffusion model merging and LORA creation and stuff for a while now. I like to think that I'm pretty good at it.
Well, I think I'm almost fully satisfied with the general model, but it still needs some testing. Alas, I have only one brain so I'm limited to the stuff that I can come up with. Since this is something other people will eventually be using, I'd like people to give me prompts to test out. Nudity and other stuff is fine, but I'll probably post the more hardcore stuff on /megu/.
NOTE: This is the general model that is a poor at recognizing character tags. I'll figure out a way around it, but for now this is more general. Although I guess we could test which characters are recognized, but it's not very many of them. Reimu and other super popular ones work. (Kuon works because I trained a LORA for her half a year ago)

Please give me prompts to test out, using various poses and tags. It's a hybrid model that uses booru and probably e621 (furry) tags, so if you're familiar with either of those it'd be good. It is a bit of a "jack of all trades, master of none" situation though apart from how beautiful it is. It can make use of standard real life Stable Diffusion tags, too, like "dinosaur on a motorcycle" or something, but I don't usually use those so I'm not how good they'd be.

As an example, mermaid Kuon here is:
1girl, seashell bikini, rainbow hair, gradient hair, (mermaid:1.2), gold armor, very long hair, jewelry, crown, arms out, fish tail, lying, floating, scales, marine, coral reef, (plant humanoid), petals, underwater, smile, :d

Useful booru tag info:
https://danbooru.donmai.us/wiki_pages/tag_group%3Ahands (don't count on these being good)
https://danbooru.donmaiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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 File:C-1688942542686.png (2.24 MB,920x1520)

Oh yeah, and this is with the Kissumono mix


my parents actually said once that in that pic our cat looked like a king


 File:xyz_grid-0016-1651180902.png (11.42 MB,3240x3597)

There's a few things:

The sampler is different.
Euler or Euler a for smooth appearance
DPM++ 2S a for, uhh.. "medium"
Karras stuff for more painty noise

The CFG is higher (higher CFG will introduce noise for some reason)

Also I started with a slightly larger image and upscale it less. I start at 576x768 and do 1.5 as my default. I haven't done much testing with this because my GPU can't really do images that are much larger.

And also of course denoise being lower will, uhh.. well, reduce the amount of noise that is being denoised when upscaled


could you use >>10596 as a basis to create a pout prompt and then mass produce pouts?


I don't know how good it would look, but yeah. Extremes like a super pout are more difficult to do than basic stuff, but I don't have much experience with the ControlNet stuff since I find it to be too much work and it eats up so much VRAM that I'd rather generate 20 random images than 2 "traced" ones

 File:20220222_121555.jpg (1001.03 KB,1044x1710)


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 File:2b neko dance.mp4 (231.08 KB,1280x1280)

nyear autonyanya


 File:006.png (5.58 MB,2867x4072)


 File:15.jpg (134.42 KB,1280x911)

neko mimi modo


 File:FwGtgC-aEAI0WfO.jpg (98.28 KB,943x1367)



 File:20230709_120135.jpg (244.38 KB,1235x1753)


 File:2003f13d97b633263d41f9d2fc….jpg (142.76 KB,1024x904)

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first of summer
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 File:F0R8coDWcAElu6t.jpg (824.22 KB,1061x1500)


 File:F0RGOyoaIAAKRzl.jpg (484 KB,1100x1500)


 File:C-1688615865179.jpeg (505.77 KB,885x627)

Non of the reverse search engines are giving me any hits, where's this from?


 File:Fy422raaIAEKJL-.jpg (789.15 KB,1046x1500)


I just lost

 File:20230629_012917.jpg (300.57 KB,1080x1920)


Sensei's gonna need to work overtime to satisfy these girls
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 File:20230629_013708.jpg (121.14 KB,1000x1000)


 File:20230629_013248.jpg (639.59 KB,2500x3439)


 File:20230629_013509.jpg (330.23 KB,625x884)


 File:20230629_013230.jpg (1.53 MB,3617x2267)


>>13065 >>13066 >>13070
>>13071 >>13074
why do seagulls molest her so much

 File:illust_93832452_20230418_0….png (11.78 MB,6010x4692)


Don't you agree?
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 File:109196723_5.jpg (581.46 KB,1666x1555)


 File:109196723_3.jpg (1.53 MB,2055x3333)


 File:109196723_2.jpg (1.05 MB,1600x1555)


 File:109196723_1.jpg (1.04 MB,1555x2015)


 File:109196723_0.jpg (1.11 MB,1555x2015)

 File:EoMH2f3WEAQl5fP.jpeg (869.68 KB,1500x1058)


have you ever noticed how advanced poses are for girls to look sexy
look how she's briding and dramatically arching her back to look sexier

if you scrolldown/ec/ you can see lots of dramatic sexy and cute poses
also hand poses/finger poses contribute a lot towards being the cutest
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 File:D4b28e8UcAEZuh8.jpg (81.6 KB,648x906)


 File:20230419_041212.jpg (81.15 KB,1200x1200)


 File:20230419_093652.jpg (199.59 KB,858x1200)


 File:20230419_093646.jpg (782.47 KB,1186x1698)


 File:108947250_p0.jpg (518.62 KB,1000x1420)

 File:4a90857ae614986c59d624fa12….png (4.37 MB,2894x4093)


Erogenous zone piercings are baste
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the syllables are switched
but he forgot to move the t


 File:fcc7b84f1f7f9cdbe421fc54e….jpeg (109.97 KB,450x720)

work of art


 File:7d8faa08b11180f6f13f17461c….jpg (122.67 KB,875x600)


 File:79117577_p0.png (671.25 KB,730x877)

Ear (and tongue) piercings are eroi!! (`ᾥ´)

 File:79386943_p0.png (379.88 KB,705x1000)

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Big bags of fun!
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 File:1695656655837941.jpg (297.13 KB,1125x2000)


 File:1686423274346676.jpg (972 KB,1200x1500)


 File:1685901890651444.png (565.42 KB,870x1002)


 File:112029015_p0.png (870.31 KB,1254x1771)

check out these babies


oh, bump limit? pretty rare on /ec/

 File:99306438_p0 copy.png (1.06 MB,939x1005)


Did you know that kissu's UI (and the old vichan version) supports a mascot system similar to the old oneechan extension that people used for 4chan?
If you go to [Options] and then 'Style', you can specify an image url to spice up your browsing experience with a cute girl or something else.

There's a couple things to note, however.
First, mascots should definitely have a transparent background. It's weird if there's a big solid block of another color. Maybe your tolerance is better than mine, however.
Secondly, you'll usually you want some kind of semi-transparency. My default for CSS stuff is 50%, but your preference may vary. I'll demonstrate this with two version of the same cleaned image.

This is the first image
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 File:mascot-60percentopacity.png (62.5 KB,256x299)

Slightly transparent version.


 File:night bed.png (330.85 KB,815x468)

I guess if anyone wants to use my current 5 minute crop thing I made of Nazuna here it is before I edited it


 File:Untitled-1.png (176.52 KB,546x366)

...and here's the mascot-ifying thing I usually do with them.
I like to use the 'stroke' effect that I mentioned in the photoshop thread for a simple border >>>/qa/87041


 File:kuonmascot.png (1.59 MB,1650x2200)


 File:puniru-60.png (154.43 KB,238x500)

dopnt wanna lose my mascot hosting

 File:3f3087f0dc3a36c52e1faec1af….png (1.14 MB,700x900)


So you look up a few traps and all of a sudden you start getting fed a bunch of gay advertisements
What the hell!
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 File:367e68f06631890f42bb92e889….png (1.56 MB,1108x1152)


 File:7154298399477d366978a4f9a6….jpg (310.09 KB,1500x2095)


 File:55165106_p2.png (181.01 KB,500x600)

I like Hacka Doll 3. He occupies the weird territory of being well known, yet not famous, if that makes any sense


 File:165deaf505f7ab39f246946737….jpg (46.13 KB,380x319)

I think it's more just that he's from something kinda old that people don't talk about much anymore. You don't see Jun or >>11053 around much either even though most people know of them.


 File:106935882_p0.jpg (5.46 MB,2672x3671)

 File:84651334_p0.jpg (413.98 KB,1516x2136)


saw this TSF manga Kimo ota, idol yarutte yo! and the kyara design of the protag stuck in my memory. very simple ordinary long black haired teenage girl but she keeps getting drawn with sanpaku or yonpaku
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 File:105765223_p0.jpg (914.9 KB,1516x2136)


 File:100776309_p0.jpg (936.37 KB,2819x1964)


 File:FthtaMaWwAAqPdF.jpg (634.96 KB,894x1200)

Do these count?




 File:85751286_p0.jpg (490.3 KB,2079x2929)

yonpaku+akebi teethers...

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