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 File:White_Christmas_001.jpg (295.83 KB,1280x1817)

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 File:00.jpg (276.78 KB,1280x1829)

In this episode of my favorite patchy doujin series, patchy learns time stop all for the sake of sex



 File:mum.png (601.56 KB,1342x681)


 File:6.jpg (416.58 KB,1079x1500)


 File:0.jpg (272.32 KB,1280x1799)


I'm sure Anonymous will enjoy this one greatly.


 File:002.png (Spoiler Image,196.45 KB,982x1400)

 File:__snow_white_and_snow_whit….jpg (75.92 KB,850x478)


Problem with Kissu:
No scapegoat


 File:dfycqfb-21257182-4d26-4bea….png (1.21 MB,1440x1930)

No good artwork of the only cool Nikke


 File:snow-white-by-hungry-click….jpg (916.23 KB,2304x4096)


 File:1290337.jpg (1.53 MB,5760x3240)


 File:half-year-anniversary-vers….jpg (1.12 MB,4096x2304)


 File:F0FiJizaEAAp30d.jpg (177.67 KB,900x1200)

 File:00000-1267125283-3girls.png (411.94 KB,512x512)


I've been playing around with Stable Diffusion and having fun making cute images.
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 File:00471-3028596765-1girl, (f….png (5.08 MB,2520x1680)

Yeah, I downloaded an embedding of her that someone made from training on screenshots of her from the anime.
This prompt I threw together somehow keeps attempting to make video game screenshots. Cool.


 File:00072-3445370058.png (326.57 KB,512x512)


 File:00083-857175502.png (341.83 KB,512x512)


 File:00007-3535530194.png (1.21 MB,864x1152)


wait a minute...

 File:8a580ee89647f03cda01fc4162….png (1.43 MB,1200x1600)


Whats /ec/'s favorite type of censor?
If you had to chose, would you go with the black stripe or Mosaic ?
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 File:92928888_p1.png (955.77 KB,1994x1239)

I liked the old-fashioned inverted palette ones because you could uncensor them yourself. Alas, people stopped using them after 2005 or so, presumably because someone blabbed about it


 File:91659049_p0.jpg (504.36 KB,2048x2732)

Stripes, no doubt. You can mentally stitch together an image based on the visible uncensored bits, whereas with mosaics all you get is a pixelated mess.

That said, I hope Akamatsu has "get rid of censored mankos" on his personal party programme.


 File:sample_8d1ae78c886bdc1a075….jpg (212.88 KB,850x1033)

mosaic is fine in moderation


My brain uncensors them in my mind so I never notice anyways. I often go completely oblivious of censorship even in the case of full censorship.


 File:96668208_p1.jpg (338.45 KB,1678x2000)

I'm a fan of convenient censoring.

 File:13d37a5ac81463fb289f53294e….png (565.49 KB,666x932)


Without context there's no way to know
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 File:65192389_p0.png (1.85 MB,1158x1637)


 File:07665540-4dd0-4fd4-ad1d-a8….jpg (2.78 MB,3070x4096)


 File:104639557_p0.jpg (1.32 MB,1546x1700)

got some milk on my chocolate


 File:F1iioiiaUAIhu-M.jpg (1.49 MB,1447x2047)



 File:114352363_p1.png (2.25 MB,1552x2500)

 File:da2619d6a8150cda567ff52949….png (9.27 MB,2694x3596)

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jo clothing...
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 File:01cfdc3f48d65751913479bd63….jpg (124.72 KB,850x1201)

homu homu


 File:4F7E46A85D0D411196A9A9D1C3….jpg (154.78 KB,800x407)


 File:1459720125188.jpg (1006.85 KB,1352x2000)


 File:95967017_p0.jpg (3.49 MB,3312x4531)


 File:113392677_p0.png (1.3 MB,1047x1887)

 File:1bc84b860e1d82f0de195e0e47….jpg (967.63 KB,2894x4093)


Ecchi in Winter == Cold and miserable photoshoots


 File:88794c3d08df5bca65d811e91c….jpg (1.33 MB,2653x2799)


 File:1bd1816f2215d550d381ade07….jpeg (15.1 MB,2894x4093)


 File:edb6ec967c2fa17beb7e59217c….jpg (5.2 MB,3508x4961)


 File:bd4104ba940089b3cafbb2e7e….jpeg (10.06 MB,2048x2952)


need more emphasis on school swimsuit ecchi. where the heck are all the buruma and skumizu posts??

 File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….png (1.61 MB,1920x1080)

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oh, foreshadowing


special summoning the precure


 File:112382733_p0.png (1.28 MB,3500x3160)



 File:1700840560084.jpg (415.56 KB,750x850)



 File:113374113_p7.jpg (128.91 KB,800x560)

 File:F_V_WnJbsAAYQoB.jpg (495.15 KB,1450x2052)


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 File:GA_t4RSaMAA1JDf.jpg (1.28 MB,2894x4093)


 File:F_XwblqbMAA9eb_.jpg (900.01 KB,2894x4093)


 File:F_2YkTTasAA1mKy.jpg (460.24 KB,2736x1824)


 File:GBIPU-HbwAATQSN.jpg (342.88 KB,1448x2048)


 File:GBzHptnWkAAXs4Y.jpg (1.16 MB,2894x4093)

I forgot the best one..

 File:36759780_p0.png (658.15 KB,600x800)

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i LOVE this drool it's so good
brutal malfunction


 File:GA99K6xb0AABXat.jpg (167.96 KB,1133x1600)


 File:acc8463ed01da550de21d46541….png (4.8 MB,2866x2048)


 File:GBdQIwVbQAA83ho.jpg (989.91 KB,1042x1461)


 File:7898939b32260661c1505b251….jpeg (681.57 KB,732x1024)

 File:3c6c1538e45ccffd31bb619cac….jpg (4.95 MB,2869x4010)


we live in a cruel world where the only inumimi of note is also a gamer
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 File:898571cdf3f9f36b62ad197b4….webm (2.86 MB,608x1080)

This gamer inumimi will kick your ass if you don't change your tune.


As a Korone enjoyer, I see this as an absolute win


 File:1521851455188.jpg (1.12 MB,2560x1440)


 File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (390.1 KB,1024x576)


 File:c0d24bb6a8f4001a3f5d7cc7c0….jpg (777.95 KB,1566x3094)

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It's been a long time since I've dumped images on /ec/. Feel like I'm overdue. Time for some Liz love.
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 File:4bbf560bcb37c56601077535dd….jpg (773.93 KB,700x989)


 File:73a7eaddf53b5aacb71a029096….jpg (1.66 MB,1169x1653)


 File:bf599fb11ab7da9f90e7be885e….jpg (157.62 KB,720x900)

Okay, all done. Until next time.


good shab dump


big dump for a small shab

 File:R-1679619328756.jpg (81.94 KB,579x814)


Does /ec/ have an ecchi image they particularly like? For me it's pic, this must be like the fifth time I post it on Kissu. Cloak, cute hat, no shirt, funny Halloween skeleton SAAAAALIVATING over a loli, it's got it all. Look at that cute face, hnnng.


The PISSU image.


 File:1492660082874_0.jpg (282.91 KB,1584x1020)

no but this one is great


 File:1414765782342.jpg (Spoiler Image,123.03 KB,551x740)

really like this very spooky pic

 File:36826f457e25aeec5d5490b40….jpeg (3.2 MB,2894x4093)


huge treasure chest
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 File:1686423274346676.jpg (972 KB,1200x1500)


 File:F9ah1cGakAA9v7G.jpg (483.7 KB,2200x3600)

bocchi the...


 File:20231028_012335.jpg (124.3 KB,756x1199)



 File:20231028_012655.jpg (1.23 MB,1488x2304)


 File:7d39de29e1833fa6767c8b94a5….jpg (2.43 MB,1449x2000)

 File:69654265546487427a00432431….png (701.08 KB,1200x1600)


post girls that are skeletons, have visible skeletons, or have notable skeleton parts
and cool skeles in general
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 File:bdf5579d90f8e90ef0d2210ad5….jpg (120.94 KB,681x900)

lotta jello this time


 File:3a2672b49581586509c9884b54….jpg (308.24 KB,2146x709)


 File:0b56b38a184d0e25592ed7217f….jpg (548.9 KB,1200x1680)

ending with the cutest image yet


that slime devoured a human and assumed it's form


That's okau, because it became a cute girl. >>10863 did it, too, and you can see she's feeling guilty about it, but that only means you get to comfort her.

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