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 File:87306194_p0.jpg (1.05 MB,744x1052)

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the /qa/ girl
I spent an hour looking at her images of pixiv and it was a very rewarding experience. How can she be smug and yet so innocently adorable at the same time? Sachiko is truly an enigma, something beyond human understanding


 File:87023553_p0.jpg (249.28 KB,770x1024)


 File:78830366_p0.png (1.09 MB,1644x929)



 File:81899897_p0.jpg (354.96 KB,1000x749)

I don't understand Japanese, but I think it says "The /qa/ girls if they were in Helltaker"


 File:84670679_p0.jpg (178.79 KB,1077x710)



 File:86282738_p0.png (2.37 MB,1200x1678)



 File:87174795_p0.jpg (557.53 KB,736x1053)



 File:85644986_p0.jpg (12.52 MB,3508x2480)



 File:72232768_p0.jpg (885.3 KB,874x1158)



 File:72232768_p1.jpg (1.52 MB,1692x1157)


 File:68220680_p0.png (1.19 MB,733x1025)



 File:66395574_p0.jpg (409.54 KB,1000x380)

hanging out in shoes because it's the cool thing to do


 File:67358783_p0.png (741.43 KB,949x633)

Sachiko is good with technology!


 File:63438529_p7.png (138.67 KB,421x563)

Sachiko is my mom


 File:84661928_p0.jpg (1.04 MB,1000x1288)

Sachiko... is cute


 File:__koshimizu_sachiko_idolma….png (953.03 KB,1200x870)

too cute.. what's her secret?


 File:85902556_p0.png (364.64 KB,1000x909)

Hm, you didn't need to delete that image. Nudity is fine.


 File:__koshimizu_sachiko_idolma….jpg (845.79 KB,1197x891)

was too lewd.. felt bad after since thread was cute


POST the picture


 File:52275839_p0.jpg (276.67 KB,724x691)


 File:__koshimizu_sachiko_idolma….jpg (2.78 MB,2894x4093)

just getting ready for the big concert..




 File:88002850_p0.png (2.72 MB,1200x1664)

dangerously cute and perfectly colored


 File:5f3eab9e295c3faf37d7bda9c5….jpg (587.99 KB,1000x1462)

sachiko en cornet


 File:21da5fbaa3a7cfa0d3f1c4e7d4….jpg (512.85 KB,595x842)

the belly kong


 File:82baacd856c63d661088f6162f….jpg (438.65 KB,595x842)


 File:4e2d13ef42d23c0c87cef3167b….jpg (437.38 KB,565x800)


 File:0bfd2a4ddec50e04d893f48232….jpg (240.82 KB,487x800)


 File:90095778_p0.jpg (161.56 KB,680x960)

The most erotic image on /ec/
Just look at the face, the hair...


 File:90117300_p0.jpg (117.47 KB,680x960)

she's just a city girl
born and raised in south /qa/


 File:90537008_p0.png (513.75 KB,680x960)

*huff huff*
gotta stay cute


 File:91461456_p0.jpg (841.47 KB,1200x867)

nice imageset


 File:91461456_p1.jpg (3.6 MB,3350x2475)


 File:91461456_p2.jpg (737.54 KB,1200x870)



 File:91461456_p3.jpg (845.77 KB,1197x891)



 File:91461456_p4.jpg (702.24 KB,955x722)

you've got mail


 File:91461456_p5.jpg (1.04 MB,1400x1068)

nyaa nyaaaaaaa sachiko nyaa


 File:91461456_p6.jpg (1.08 MB,1200x892)

the /ec/ face


 File:91461456_p7.jpg (1.12 MB,1200x888)

so cute


 File:91461456_p8.jpg (881.46 KB,1200x716)

I sense a theme


 File:91461456_p9.jpg (758.08 KB,613x850)

the end (?)


 File:91515301_p0.jpg (924.49 KB,1002x1705)

Nope! I saved another one from a different artist. Now it's the end... for now


 File:92579205_p0.png (2.97 MB,2567x1444)

dumping some kong from a single artist
some of them are resized like this one that is now 1/3rd the original size


 File:94353414_p1.png (5.48 MB,4093x2894)


 File:94879291_p1.png (5.85 MB,2894x4093)

the cutest


 File:95139894_p0.png (1.38 MB,1447x2047)



 File:95499479_p1.png (1.81 MB,1447x2047)

pat the resized sachiko


 File:95021060_p0.png (1.8 MB,1447x2047)

hmm think the guy just didn't do any png compression


 File:96098984_p0.png (2.35 MB,1447x2047)

after some testing it's definitely compressed
wasn't sure whether to post this here or in year of the tiger thread


 File:95365358_p1.png (2.73 MB,2480x3508)

/qa/ girl and two non-important girls


 File:[idolmaster][koshimizu sac….jpg (218.53 KB,600x847)

testing with a different image


 File:96225704_p0.png (3.77 MB,2894x4093)

issue resolved?


 File:98232344_p0.jpg (273.85 KB,736x712)

It's time for everyone to stop what they're doing and appreciate the cutest idol in the world again


 File:98142050_p0.jpg (2.09 MB,2228x3329)


 File:97919200_p0.jpg (1 MB,1125x2000)


 File:97879292_p0.jpg (2.01 MB,1800x2547)


 File:97898039_p0.png (2.82 MB,2000x1417)


 File:97780527_p0.jpg (1.47 MB,2418x1750)


 File:97773492_p1.jpg (352.16 KB,898x870)


 File:97716473_p2.png (2.09 MB,1920x1080)


 File:97624309_p0.jpg (977.46 KB,1200x1023)


 File:97624192_p0.jpg (1.72 MB,1625x2184)


 File:97585192_p0.jpg (6.82 MB,2469x3509)


 File:97157328_p0.jpg (4.12 MB,1624x2224)


 File:96447588_p0.jpg (555.46 KB,1516x1909)


 File:96447588_p3.jpg (1.1 MB,1516x2067)


 File:96447588_p7.jpg (603.19 KB,1378x1378)


 File:96451005_p0.jpg (1.09 MB,1447x2046)


 File:96429558_p0.png (1.6 MB,1296x1016)


 File:96376210_p0.jpg (717.24 KB,1296x1812)


 File:96013493_p0.jpg (4.09 MB,1900x1789)


 File:97006826_p0.png (4.46 MB,1500x2192)


 File:96987496_p0.jpg (396.24 KB,1191x1684)


 File:96972476_p0.png (1.69 MB,1240x1754)


 File:96512354_p0.png (2.31 MB,1748x1181)


 File:95731564_p0.jpg (105.67 KB,578x889)


 File:95499479_p0.png (6.09 MB,2894x4093)


 File:95464833_p0.png (2.03 MB,1448x2048)


 File:94984540_p0.jpg (1.77 MB,1240x1754)


 File:94773532_p1.png (1.4 MB,1777x1536)


 File:94371991_p0.png (5.43 MB,1893x3144)

that's it for now!

the /qa/ girl


 File:98574952_p0 scaled.png (1.89 MB,1158x1637)

whoops I missed one
had to scale it down so it's not 9MB


 File:102287783_p5.jpg (828.54 KB,787x1165)



 File:101440470_p0 copy.png (2.63 MB,1637x2315)

It's here!


 File:75426934_p0.jpg (1.04 MB,1000x893)


A few of these I had to scale down because we don't need a bunch of 20MB images to sit on kissu for years


 File:78623916_p0.png (1.41 MB,826x1200)


 File:94368856_p0.png (741.02 KB,2084x2084)


 File:96360537_p2.jpg (2.93 MB,3038x4096)


 File:97370850_p0.jpg (596.57 KB,900x1273)


 File:98581263_p0.jpg (623.56 KB,1350x1080)


 File:98775844_p0.jpg (313.87 KB,680x960)

What a mature beauty


 File:99612470_p0.jpg (287.33 KB,694x987)


 File:99918316_p0.png (5.47 MB,1964x3940)


 File:100834620_p0.png (6.14 MB,3035x2150)


 File:100951534_p0 copy.png (3.4 MB,1450x1536)


 File:100975977_p0.png (1.15 MB,830x1200)


 File:101145043_p1.jpg (1.29 MB,1668x2224)


 File:101180388_p0 copy.png (1.15 MB,918x1424)


 File:101181728_p0 copy.png (3.6 MB,1049x1594)

The filenames with 'copy' in their name like this one are the ones that were large. You can follow the source to pixiv since you have the number


 File:101181912_p0.png (5.26 MB,2150x3036)


 File:101417194_p2.png (337.66 KB,800x800)


 File:102070203_p0.png (2.65 MB,1250x2000)


 File:102868199_p0.png (3.45 MB,2149x4093)


 File:103051831_p0.jpg (2.3 MB,1920x1080)

wallpaper size


 File:103070191_p0 copy.png (1.7 MB,992x1403)


 File:103070246_p1.png (5.86 MB,2894x4093)


 File:103070357_p0.png (1010.27 KB,987x900)


 File:103071090_p0.png (4.33 MB,2580x1559)


 File:103071618_p0.jpg (2.45 MB,1368x1940)


 File:103070652_p0.jpg (1.57 MB,1378x827)


 File:103070235_p0.png (1.96 MB,1062x1500)


 File:102647395_p0 copy.png (2.1 MB,826x1323)

ending for now with a nice double set including sachipout
(should be more coming soon, hopefully)


 File:102647395_p1 copy.png (2.1 MB,826x1323)

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