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File:e5b1127baf.jpg (319.56 KB,900x637)

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mamoru blog


programmed blog feature


wonder if they made this using an old pc looks exactly like i'd expect out of something like yu-no


Not sure, but I know we definitely need a lot more where this came from. I'd like to see a whole wave of this style to return.


why is it a jpg


More like 16 bit -TRANSLATION NEVER-


to reduce quality


16bit sensation xenoglossia


File:Screenshot_2.png (34.71 KB,666x476)

they figured out i was browsing /megu/


who is they?


File:1686937509993.png (129 KB,610x722)

Jews, obviously


the guys that set up web filters at the office


File:1699636155755526.jpg (110.57 KB,1280x720)

It can't be helped.


At the w*rk pl*ce I only browse it on my phone using phone data.


he set it up with a lotr reference?


File:1521960710028.png (40.31 KB,490x411)

made some hot cocoa on the stove with marshmallows and whip cream it was boson


made some black coffee to enjoy with a sweet cake because im out of milk its going to be boson




File:1642103981238.jpg (18.9 KB,246x314)

I hate my father's obsession with guns so much. I hate it so much. Combined with his aggressive and depressive tendencies I feel like I might be murdered in my own home whenever he decides to pull out a gun and start messing with it. It doesn't help that he's a conservative loon. I doubt he would be able to understand my aversion other than chalking it up being a pussy liberal who wants to take his guns.


File:1424999545342.gif (432.08 KB,600x338)

i'd like to say that it's gonna be okay, but it's not my place to do so
is moving out an option?


File:[ANE] Denpa Onna to Seishu….png (2.57 MB,1920x1080)

Can somewhat relate (though I own/like guns) and what I found to be the more effective for myself was getting my father hooked onto more entertainment focused center or apolitical commentators instead of Alex or whichever bozo is getting them all fired up. True crime youtubers are fairly good for mine to watch, although sometimes worry that he'll see me in one of them and then shoot me preemptively so maybe that's not too good...


bullysnuggled my cat and he made some fun noises


I can understand the mentality of wanting to own firearms if one has a lot of property and lives in an area that would take the police quite a bit of time to reach. Yet, nothing worse than a casual gun owner who doesn't have proper training.


anon should get his father hooked on loli and yuri content, imo


File:06a364172225d8b736e944b417….jpg (599.93 KB,637x900)

im so cold at night. the heating doesnt work here


sigh I'm sick and I got the flu


File:20231202_091528.jpg (4.01 MB,4000x3000)



sleeping on the job


File:121d9af0e1f5dd3459c68b868d….jpg (1.76 MB,1350x1080)

Got a new cactus as a gift so I'll post in the gardening thread soon.


File:20231202_222640.jpg (540.54 KB,4000x3000)


fapped to pippa lewds


post pic of bullied cat and recording of noises


ill enough to not even game properly, this really blows (my nose)


the nose knows


File:LFG_pip.mp4 (1.76 MB,1920x1080)


felt like that a few months back for the first time in what felt like forever and it was awful
good luck getting over it anonymous


Trucks are great. Heck yeah. America


snow making me sluggish


File:c08a49e9e4d96686e20a446e44….png (827.52 KB,1240x1748)

stopped browsing dogshit websites that endorse unironic faggot-shit, bunch of fucking hypocrites


Everyone in my house (including me) got horribly ill :(


You have a cute cat


That sucks i hope you get better


*oops wrong thread


File:ae308535f1f7500af51a35f851….jpg (560.36 KB,2480x3102)

My package arrived early!


Thank you. I'm still not doing so hot, but the worst has already passed.


Your welcome.


Agreed, the average "gun toting redneck" is just cringe inducing and makes me sick. Nothing is wrong with owning firearms for protection. Just have to keep it to yourself and don't even let anyone know.


File:tegaki-1701779686848.png (12.55 KB,380x380)

best not be badmouthin' us gun totin' rednecks, boy


Keep thinking sounds are synth when they're all based on bowl/pan instruments


Organs always sound like synths to me for some reason.


Illness update: last night it took me forever to get to sleep and stay asleep. This was in part because I was so feverish that I couldn't have my legs touching or they'd overheat, and in part because my dreams were really fast and loud and kept waking me up.

I feel a lot better now though. I spent most of yesterday on the couch resting, and I plan to do the same today.


File:72778673_p0.jpg (649.51 KB,1890x1030)

failing 3 classes due to absence


That is not good... If it wasn't so late into the semester, I would recommend that you drop those courses.


reported the bug no. 690000


I have been having a lot of game burnout the past few weeks and today i am fixing that by playing doom 64!


snow set on the ground... temperature nows ticking to the negatives...


try focusing on the positives



File:R-1701881873280.jpg (3.85 MB,4080x3072)

nice rainy day


File:R-1701881883574.jpg (4.13 MB,4080x3072)


Rainy days are the best


scared myself by accidentally lifting a spoon a couple centimeters and then dropping it
it made a loud noise


get well soon.


File:c07a87fb877a91b9cf596511ef….jpg (891.56 KB,1340x1840)

Think I need more sleep... passed out in my chair and have no energy to run...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCyBKcikfLU pizza tower tracks remind me of arthouse RPGMaker games


doing the maccabre dead worship thing. Hope I can watch maomao solve brothel murders instead of eating family dinners today


instinctively entered the shower when i went to the bathroom before i even started my workout the cold is getting to me


Looks like a nice place to stroll
Wish most American properties were all gated and private like this.


Peppino Ramen is too cute!


played a doom map today for doom day


my bender is over i think, was pretty fun while it lasted




Bender. Slang for excessive drinking.


thought your blender broke


Well, I was replying for Anonymous. Maybe their drinking left them unable to type blender and they broke it in a drunken rage.


coffee maker broke and im mad


i'll never forgive konoha for ruining otaku culture


failed to take a cat pic because I forgot my backpack at the supermarket


serving sizes are retarded. I wish the FDA would mandate nutrition info per 100 grams instead.


i get so sad when i stop being drunk


I hope that all cats go to heaven


My room is always so dusty but i can't even get it properly cleaned without moving so many little things around. What a pain.


no more depression blog...


Use a mask, the drywalling kind


I've been sick for the past ~5 days and the office holiday party is tomorrow so probably have to skip that.


AGGHH my bidet is GARBAGE and it BURNED my ASS


I hope you get better dood


hope he gets better after the office party


File:1487431877142.jpg (165.01 KB,1440x810)

fiber supplements are so slimy and gross...


people are STILL partying with the world cup song
as early as 6pm
why are you taking them


File:K NAAN - Wavin Flag (Coca….webm (16.64 MB,852x480)

This is the best one


Start with a h and ends with a d






was eating my 0.5/5 health rating cookies on the street and an old man passing by said it was unhealthy and contained bad water


and people say AI is unrealistic...


un/realistic is a word you apply to non-real things
reality can be as crazy as it wants


Niche computers are very important





some finn is currently downloading frieren from me, what do?


set him up da bomb


Hurt my hand the other day and it's still healing...


Geez, US$400 for general admission to an F1 race? WEC tickets are $60 with grandstand access


My cat ripped up my bedsheets with his claws


PIC of cat amid ripped bedsheets


My dog used to do that.


File:IMG_20231216_110342573_MFN….jpg (3.47 MB,4080x3072)

goin' up the paraná for the weekend


How clean do they keep the waterways down there from the industrial junk.
Back 50 years ago the pollution in the St. Lawrence river was terrible from industrial waste stuff and lax environmental protection laws



Lobby: kissue
Pass: kissu.moe


uhh for what?


new pass, friends


Sakaki is the best azumanga daioh character


blog streamers who play games are the worst


I have this weird addiction to using 2ch liveboards when I'm up all night. They're terrible but the users there admit very funny things unprompted


File:20231217_145033.jpg (3.47 MB,4032x3024)


I think Texas is the best state


Only the north part. Things are pretty dire in the scrublands


holy boson flip what a great cat


Im too dumb to drive a car or ride a bike. What now


those are probably the least of your troubles


can you ride a scooter?


im too scared to drive
i have a bike though


just take the train


Live in the boonies


then driving is easy


I scissored my best friend and it ruined our relationship


write a medium article about it




Kissu meatup.


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (350.36 KB,1920x1080)

please god sage your contentless non-blogs so this thread isn't a general sticky at the top of /all/ again


people should sage their regular blogs too


I suppose it is fitting, that the Frieren poster hates when people age.


guess I'll up the bump timeout another hour


actually it shouldn't have bumped this at all..


oh, did I forget to enable the blog function or did it turn off?


File:[SubsPlease] Hikikomari Ky….jpg (383.87 KB,1920x1080)

oh yeah, I forgot it was supposed to have a bump timer thing on it


bump timer is now set to two hours!


The grandfather clock in my head wont stop dinging....


How does someone be too dumb to ride a bike. What happens when you get on one


File:1702490760776574.gif (46.6 KB,400x353)

Thank you


spermed to becky pics after watching her episode in spyxfamily


pretty degen


how much should I pay on appartment insurance


uhhhhhh I have no idea


dang i should have started reading the 16-bit sensation manga sooner


spent 250$ on rental insurance


per year? i've never had that sort of insurance


yeah, yearly expense. It's a bilaw thing. If part of my property or self were to cause damage to another person's property or the unit(water damage for example) I would have to pay damages.
I also tacked on identity theft insurance for a few more dollars because why not.


also if I were to burn down the unit. Things like that. Otherwise the landlord's insurance company will start getting involved which is not a fun time.

And the unit is like from the 60s so there's a lot of things that could go wrong.


File:71900725_p6.jpg (247.82 KB,1500x1875)

bad things are happening to me but im good!


how good


File:IMG_20231219_184042.jpg (2.03 MB,2976x3968)

insured against cyber harrassment


get fl*pped


File:65436346543.jpg (428.52 KB,600x700)

just good. not great. positive.


writing linus tech tip gay fanfiction


File:0807c1dc88bb1a449035139ca7….png (567.14 KB,695x900)

It is almost christmas!


File:1700339907634229.jpg (289.38 KB,767x984)

I'm selling some things in order to earn money and noticed one of the Tamagotchi I own has increased its value a bit. It's a remake of the first gen of 'gotchis that was released around 2018, I didn't pay more than $10USD for it and I saw places online selling the same model for +$40. I'm not really sure how the economy for these things work, but I may as well keep it in case the value keeps increasing. It's in perfect condition + comes with the box and manual too.


When i was selling a musical instrument I bought second hand I put it through the inflation calculations and it basically gained in value a few percent then vs. now.
So what is +40$ might just be 10$ a while ago


Tried brewing tea with moka pot by mixing earl grey leaves with chamomile and lavender flowers. Came out excellent.


I want to get some sort of device that I can use to remote control my PC in case it shuts down due to power failures and stuff. Doesn't seem like anything is on market


i got an uninterruptible power supply in an attempt to solve that class of problem


From what I see a UPS is anywhere from 30 to 10 min of power. Good for momentary interuptions I suppose


Learned that there's an anime con right up the street soon and even though it looks super gay I'm tempted to go just so I can say I've been to one.


I definitely don't have the personality (or lack of anxiety) to do the con thing, but if you can handle it, it might be a good experience. Just remember that for the most part it's a social event and you can't expect to see (m)any weirdos that potentially share your interests in niche stuff, but if you go with a tolerant mind it could be something worth experiencing at least once.


you'll probably just find that most people are just following the pace of a small group of socialites while others are like you


I'm kind of hoping it is like that. There are all these panels for shounen and dub VAs that I'm sure to hate, but the other people there might be fun to chat with for an afternoon.


visit the anime con and blog about it in a thread


File:FhlcbhjaUAE6PAZ.jpg (387.83 KB,1105x2048)

>you can't expect to see (m)any weirdos that potentially share your interests in niche stuff
Japan is probably the only place where you can actually meet those types of people.


File:R-1703260079790.jpg (3.42 MB,4080x3072)



4 days until I have an apartment in my own name...


late christmas gift


Wapanese mindset.


you will never sage his otaku spirit


you will never age his otaku spirit


that's called being eternally seventeen


feeling like death. Hate december. want to escape to a place that's inconvinient to show up for christmas


Should I watch Versailles no Bara


wrist's been hurting for the last few days and i finally found my gamer glove but it's only for left hands not right ones....
yeah why not


It is a rainy day


>Versailles no Bara
>The feminist movement of post-war Japan was divided between consumerism, which advocated for the individualist pursuit of personal pleasure, and socialism (as embodied by the New Left), which rejected consumerism and sought a collectivist response to the subordinate status of women.[33] Following the Asama-Sansō incident of February 1972, in which fourteen members of the United Red Army were killed in a purge, an increasing proportion of Japanese feminists rejected socialism in favor of consumerism.[34] According to Nobuko Anan, a scholar of Japanese visual arts and gender, The Rose of Versailles embodies the tension between consumerism and socialism as a work of mass consumerist culture that nonetheless depicts what Ikeda describes as "the inner revolution of the Japanese women."[35]
up my alley



This was back before all these topics were talked to death
And also it should be noted that pre-internet feminism is quite different to what it is now


Feminism will have it's place again in the discourse eventually. Perhaps it starts now...


gonna sperm to zundamon trap pix


Artificer suck


Sunny days with big clouds are the best


mom gifted me a subcomandante marcos shirt
not sure i'm gonna use it...





i have to say it... that's really cringe


The irony of selling shirts of that...


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (301.3 KB,1920x1080)

That is not how you use a verb!


yeah that post wasn't use at all


snuggling with my cat and he is being very cozy and snug




pic of cat in the coze zone


snuggling with a cat is never gay


It's not gay if they don't have balls.


File:IMG_20231225_225049.jpg (2.66 MB,3968x2976)

out with the old crap, in with the new






not watching


how could you...


File:17034409642.jpg (19.48 KB,339x447)

i did bad thing again


cat just sneezed




666 of evil sneezing


finally finishing up on Shield Hero Season 3 and i'm not sure if I just changed or they did too much, but damn this is teeth gritting to get through.
Most of the plot and character interactions/motives come off as painfully retarded to me.


A storm cut the power. I hope it comes back on before my phone dies, I feel lost without access to the tubes. (´・ω・`)


File:17037246985951806458689222….jpg (2.7 MB,4000x3000)

Finally own an apartment, an insurance plan, a phone plan and an internet plan.
Now I just need a car and a girlfriend and I'll be a norm.
Though I am still renting the cat


i like the cat





You aren't renting. The cat owns you. He's even conned you into paying for comfy apartment on his behalf.


There is a joke that dogs think humans are gods because we give them food and shelter, but cats think cats are gods because humans give them food and shelter


Just got horrible acid reflux...


caved and subscribed to bocchi's onlyfans


friend is getting gallbladder sugery and is going trauma center under the knife today
hope he doesn't die


vomited my entire breakfast on the way to the hospital
now it's time to wait for fifteen people to take their turn
wish him the best


so my appendix is swollen and im gonna have to stay here for several hours more as they run some blood tests
tell him to give me my luck back kudasai


take my luck instead!!!!!


tomography will decide whether it's surgery or not
if confirmed it'd be fairly early appendicitis which isn't bad, dad and gramps got theirs removed too
granny on dialysis next to me is feeling cold


or not dialysis.... not sure


Appendectomy is common enough that most TV shows had an episode for it. I wouldn't be worried, but good luck with the removal if it comes to that!


medical blog
tummy horts


this but clinically


At the doctor's office, medical assistant got freaked out at a freak high heart rate, but I'm fine now.


got freaked out at a freak


freaked out >>117861


scheme@(guile-user)> (use-modules (ice-9 readline))
While compiling expression:
no code for module (ice-9 readline)

I don't get it, 4taba's deps won't install the required files anymore


ate 'dines




I lived
still stucm here and haven't drank or eaten anything in the last seventeen hours


with chipotle hot sauce


friend's gallbladder surgery went well then he took a big nap
he is in pain but not debilitating pain




I... got it... libreadline-dev is required...


scared a homeowner when i went partway down their driveway to try to pat a cat at 11 pm at night


it was a noble attempt


eizouken op just popped in my head


These modern phone operating systems and aux features(for the Samsung line) are actually worse than some of the older Huawei models. In terms of purely hardware, screen and camera it's an upgrade, but it's missing a bunch of timesave features I liked in my old phone


I Could technically program some fixes, but I wouldn't dare risk bricking a new phone with a root


Had very sad nostalgia over my childhood, typical stuff.


File:20231229_123906.mp4 (10.65 MB,1920x1080)

Hate rgb so much. Got this thing for as cheap as an outdated console and can put one of my gpu into it


oh man can't you turn that off? no buttons or software or a little funny cable?


Probably there's some pre-installed utility. I Booted it but I'm busy cleanings cathair and dust out of my gpu swap


Look out, boys, we've got a GAMER over here!


figured out by trial and error that i should not rotate my thorax


pic of cat who leaves hair in computer


Gonna switch to windows11 when I get a new case, gpu and cpu


not sure if this is a scam or not, but the modern samsung phones got rid of their LED notification light in favor of low battery consumption 'always on' displays. But it still burns battery for no reason. Perhaps to lower phone life.


So I visited a work colleagues home. He is my age (mid 20s).
I thought his wife was his mother at first!




File:[SubsPlease] Hikikomari Ky….jpg (399.37 KB,1920x1080)

Bumping a /qa/ thread to say "oof"?
Blog thread....


thinking about writing terrible video-game esque fiction again.


go get mad over necrobumping next


jeesu... just how expensive was it to build the shinkansen rail line


friend is reading steins;gate
he says the mc is a maddo scientisto who singlehandedly invents smart appliances
really ahead of its time


gonna watch that psycho pass movie that released this year


spent ages unable to figure out why mpvacious didn't work on ubuntu and after a couple years i figured out it's because i didn't install xclip


Happy New Year!


continuing to watch the psycho pass movie that aired last year


maybe you would like to celebrate with some new catpictures


naisu first second getto


happy new year


The concept of Psycho Pass is too good to die


Heppy New yearsu!!!


for new years celebrations I rapidly developed flu symptoms, barfed up my dinner, and now I have to shuffle over to my car at 4am to buy some flu meds to help me sleep because I have been tossing fitfully for hours. Oh and work will probably think I am one of those guys for calling off the day after new years because “””sick”””

come on rabbits give me some luck…


Happy new year


my entire body aches
im sick


I'm sick too. What the heck happened this nye


well this is just awful


hope you guys feel better soon


I'm ok!!!


you all got sick due to talking about your cats without posting pictures of them. get well soon


File:C-1704222627583.png (15.75 KB,1043x127)

searching for phone numbers so i can speak with a human being, and i come across an unedited "sorry, as an AI..."
from guatemala to guateworse


que asco


did nothing air today? what am i to do?


File:29a2adce677d2e6c3542b07aea….mp4 (1.7 MB,1280x720)

stomach hurts
hope I didn't get a stomach virus


some people here were refusing to post cat pictures... be careful out there everyone


inverse toxo


dad asked how did i know about phimosis


my monitor has a dead black pixel, nooooo


Guess I'll have to use dark themes from now on.....


have you tried waking it back up? Run an application to cycle colors for 24-48 hours. Always works for me. I've brought back a few dead pixels like that


can you get me one? It probably only died a few hours ago


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhXMDrPgIhI guess i'll run this for a while


My next motherboard+CPU+Ram combo will be watercooled... because why not


got a small ulcer on my lip and it was horting when eating salty foods yesterday.


Those are always annoying


got frikked out by a friki


Any cool utilities where I can track my max bandwidth usage over the course of a month or so


like peak mbps and stuff


File:5ad7705304.png (54.6 KB,856x803)

chatgpt answer


Back at the hospital for a third time... bellybutton is bleeding and has pus



Sorry for what


For rubbing your bellah >w<




finally done being sick since New Years


Wasted today reading about ancient net culture


dark themes are a pain with reflective screens and lights


blog blog


File:a8cee15d4f126d635cbff08f37….png (408.77 KB,800x601)

Every time when I wake up, right before I open my eyes I expect to be in my room as always, then I open them and it's this place instead. Still not used to the passage of time. I got stuck in my loop for so long that I forgot it was even a thing.
Should see a doctor, should clean up around here. I'll go out to have a burger.


File:meirl.gif (952.26 KB,250x176)

I'm sick for the first time in five or six years. I haven't stopped throwing up my stomach contents since this time yesterday and I can't sleep.


File:1499389491599.gif (245.77 KB,500x564)

I had something like that a few months back, it was quite awful and I was bedridden for a few days. Hoping you feel better soon, anonymous.


Thanks for kind words. I've heard it was going around but I rarely if ever get sick. I take a supplement that ramps up my immune system every day so I was surprised I got sick in the first place.

I've been feeling bad because I had to resort to smoking some cannabis to keep food down this morning. It's helping but I don't like thc so I don't want to use it again. I can only get away with it maybe once or twice before I start to worry about it showing up in my pee.


puke blog


death blog


sage blog


kami blog


cunny blog


File:unnamed.jpg (70.87 KB,500x375)

I want to stop being a filthy NEET.


File:ksnip_20240105-104914.png (4.11 KB,504x162)


Option 1: take a bath
Option 2: get a job


read a comment that said "very cute and..." and mentally autocompleted it before reading the rest
"simple", the word was "simple"


Having Mongolian Beef for dinner tonight.


File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (531.74 KB,1024x576)


Ate the mongolian beef and it was filling.


File:2015-10-01-773255.png (441.31 KB,527x720)

today i ate a burger and played tarkov a bunch it was ok


finishing both PRAD and Onimai in the same day means i double up on the post-series blues


you could always read the manga


File:03f91b8ac1c021c1856484f392….png (23.53 KB,290x795)

Gonna minecraft and build a massive fortress


Actually maybe fuck that, might actually play a game called Princess and Conquest, based off of the Towergirl Series (from /tg/).


last time grandma visited i deleted hundreds of videos from her phone by hand
a ton of stuff that took up 10~15mb each
and disabled her whatsapp's video autodownload
now it filled up again, because she watched all the videos anyways
had to delete a few hundred once more
turns out the problem was that she deleted the messages without ticking the box to erase the file from her phone as well


Thinking about thinking, been watching Golgo 13 (2008), it's pretty good.


File:win98.png (364.65 KB,627x446)

I got a Pentium 3 laptop in the mail yesterday and put Windows 98 SE on it to play around with. I had to burn some CDs to get what I wanted. About four total I think. I also ran a patcher called 98SEtoME on my install to get some of the good stuff from Win ME over as well. It was pretty fun to mess with.


oops accidental sage


the blog has a sage algorithm built in


just took down my christmas tree, the holiday season is officially over now


turns out glamour does indeed derive from grammar
so does grimoire


I wonder what its going to be like this year


my body just can't adapt to waking up at ~midnight and continueing to ~6PM


have an almost full bag of potatos...



File:410a272ba9.jpg (559.91 KB,2560x1440)

handy. I suppose it isn't actually doing anything, because my display properties are the same, but kind of interesting...


File:72674db2b4.png (736.02 KB,2560x1440)

doesn't do anything, never mind


I like cats


File:1682217608867.gif (2.02 MB,450x273)


Must headpat now


tsukareta.... pout pout pout


a crab just nipped me


my brain is messed up
it's time for me to sit down and catch up on seasonals but all i can think about is a show on my backlog that i want to watch now sigghhhhh


there's nothing really appetizing to watch this season


I am watching 23 anime this season.


How could you


My penis can only get so erect


File:2024_01_15_18-11__tU2.png (58.44 KB,1075x434)

i only count 21 for mine
what else is there


oh wait still have lum and nozomanu in plan to watch


NSA woke my computer up from sleep


When it gets cold I think the person living bellow me turns the heating up to max. I have My thermostat set to zero yet it's still 25c while outdoors-6


free heating


unfortunately heating is free while electricity isn't. So the electricity from heating my computer and running appliances is actually being wasted.


my raise this year was only ten percent -_-


File:[AK-Submarines] GIRLS und ….jpg (292.13 KB,1920x1080)

you should use more electricity


I pooped


blog thread....


scat blog


-16C... It's COLD


>implying you cant just heat a room to sauna temp by leaving a xbox 360 on all night



File:1692894984433.jpg (180.08 KB,720x960)

You called?


room-heating thighs


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>green sage


a gyaru with disgusting fat boobers sexually assaulted me and made my brain go poof


there was a guard at customs with a genshin pin on his suit
klee, specifically


File:1704762245246.jpg (206.99 KB,1920x1080)



I wish this happened to me


thinking about using lotion for the first time


My hands have been very dry recently so I've been needing to put lotion on them every night.


it puts the lotion on its skin


I pooped


that's not worth posting about....






It is pretty cold and rainy today


it was a dark and stormy night


File:R-1705886099515.jpg (4.15 MB,4080x3072)

freaky freaky


ate sandwich with peanut butter and banana


downloaded 200gb of BDs to get the OP/EDs


thought all the ice had melted when I went to get the mail.
It hadn't and I fell, but decades of video games have given me predator-like reflexes and I wasn't hurt at all


Madness how oil can go past 100c


I am finally working up the nerve to write the kind of trash that will appeal to women.


Grim dawn is a fun game


woken up by thunder and still tired...


Woken up from messages from boss


File:e46d890b0d4204bf29425387e8….jpg (231.69 KB,1536x2048)

ate edamame


feel like I should pay respect to the SMT franchise



did you read the original 'digital devil story' fiction that inspired it


File:R-1706153494986.jpg (3.41 MB,4080x3072)

the baby is DEAD


Spooky things are not cute things


File:R-1706157950110.jpg (352.53 KB,1280x1024)

I disagree


Google keyboard has it's flaws but at least it's better at understanding my broken english


SwiftKey isn't bad either. Samsung is just TRAAASH. I want a Huawei again


File:sample_e84e525046c0819de86….jpg (751.94 KB,850x1005)

I love cats


all the snow has been frozen over with frozen rain...


15 days later my 'next day delivery' computer mouse is here after snow and then ice


File:media_GDF1jT6WwAAmiUe.jpg (80.98 KB,720x900)


coffee was too hot
burned my tongue


Caught myself doomscrolling again. I feel as if I'm trying to prove some kind of point to myself by doing so, but hell if I know what that point is. Kuso habit.


File:F14kstzaUAAwJgR.jpg (152.22 KB,896x1344)

I saw a woman saying dumb stuff online again. I came here to announce I have successfully resisted the urge to reply.


/secret/ spared another thread


not sure if good or bad, but i suppose good?


good because i don't know how much longer i can hold in my funposting for vermin's sake with gnfos down


The creator behind /secret/ will hate me saying this, but it's best used as a GNFOS clone


File:1492275258143.jpg (55.01 KB,500x491)

Who's the creator behind /secret/?


Advantage of having wide phone. Impossible to drop down sewer grates


yunocchi phone


watching bokuyaba
main girl is very /qa/ with her eating habits


gojo's flashback was better than the shibuya arc


>>>/secret/ you mean? it'd be good if people knew how to be more lax there


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (301.13 KB,1920x1080)

blog thread is for blogging


Phone keeps asking if I want to connect to my neighbors oven or microwave or something



want to eat but also want to act disciplined


my girlfriend uzaki-chan just raped me with her fat boobers


gotta need, a need to read GURPS splatbooks to relearn how to play it and what rules we need to have.


any simple 2D game concept people want more of


Just reminded me Uzaki is another one of those femdom series that sort of faded away in popularity because it became a vanilla romcom

Nagatoro's the only one still in the mindshare I see, even though it became wacky school hijinks as well


i feel like a hack that can't even write anything right.
fuck football too.


I love mtn dew baja blast in the morning


File:1451519077274.gif (510.18 KB,531x579)

Very interesting. Thanks for posting.


Is the term benchmark inspired by weight lifting


hmm no it seems to be 19th century geographic stuff


watching mahoako on the bus went better than I expected


lots of meetings at my email job lately


I say that the economy is mostly comprised of inter-business transactions


Anyone wanna watch Flash Gordon (1980)?


Watching Flash Gordon (1980)


Finished watching the movie, it was as good as I remember it the last time watching it.


This one was good. I am satisfied.




oh yeah... I completely forgot to make a thread...


it's not too late!


Too late now!


remembered berun and v's cute gay date from back when and my heart started beating doki doki fast


when is cool-guy going to get in on the action




File:1479850045800.jpg (22.78 KB,377x451)

drank salty yoghurt water


Ate pizza today.
God she is so cute, I wish the VA didn't die.


watching bokuyaba and wishing i wasnt stuck reading blatant dubtitles


wishing there was a good browser


What's wrong with what we've got


wishing firefox was better




What's wrong with it, other than occasionally introducing pointless UI changes no one asked for?


Craving tempura.


Gonna have a Calzone with Pepperoni, Ham, Hamburger, Onions, extra Mozzarella.


Calzone ordered


It took me so many years to realize that there was a difference between Capone and Calzone.


File:0cd3bd434aafdde2ab9f45b2c9….jpg (618.4 KB,1600x1503)

Ate like 5" of Calzone, got like another 5" left to consume but I put in the fridge for now.


File:b17fc7226fc0a58cf80ade642b….jpg (102.19 KB,689x974)

ate a matcha youkan


File:magical gohda chef.png (237.56 KB,395x700)

i wish the asian stores around here had more japanese products
their canned foods are pretty good from what i've heard


i drank water


how much


a bowl's worth


I buy Great Value distilled water because of how hard it is. Spring water tastes plasticky to me now. When I pour a jug of that Great Value water into a bowl, I rely on years of milk and cereal experience to guide the water into the bowl.


i do not understand


uhh, it's hard to explain the taste of water. Distilled water has a very neutral PH, but spring water can be slightly acidic or basic.


File:c6a6ad65b32015c4333bd1f8fb….png (537.28 KB,1250x1750)

whenever i travel somewhere else i always miss poland spring
i've tasted 20+ kinds of spring water and the only one that comes close to it is voss which is completely tasteless


File:1560293749755.png (143.18 KB,298x274)

fibre drink is yucky...


This is a weird question but does anyone else find using a touchpad on a laptop very cumbersome? I hate it but not enough to start carrying around a usb mouse


File:9b4f25a91ccd53072f04dccd1….flac (29.72 MB,175x175)

touchpads are a fucking pain in the ass.


File:73a302e35119c8483f7670e12d….jpg (1.89 MB,2526x2771)

just use trackpoint which is better than both touchpad and mouse on the move


i've been using a touchpad for nearly my whole life....


brushing up on my French. Haven't practiced in years. Just using Duolingo for now and I've breezed through the first few levels. Wonder if there's a better way.


I get the impression, from the people I've dealt with, that duolingo is nonsensical feel good learning.


si tu pense que tu veux apprendre francés, tu peux parler en francais ici.


oh wow... google corrected me into saying frances instead of francais


It depends on the language apparently and is more about the gamification creating a habit


a common impression is that a ton of people who pick up duolingo stick to the app alone and don't really touch on other material
precisely because of the gamification that so much learning doesn't have
sneaking in some spanish


my scones arent rising


scones are reclining


You need to sing at your scones!


i need to use baking powder for a more controlled rise


did you freeze them for 30 minutes before baking? That adds a lot to the rise factor
Also did you properly knead the butter into the flour? it takes ages


File:perfect-scone-recipe-43504….jpg (24.44 KB,750x499)

i kept the butter and milk cool before adding them (not the egg though. that was room temp). i think i kneaded the butter in properly, i crumbled it between my fingers and it resembled the pic from the recipe i was following
i put them in the fridge for a bit before the oven.
i think its the yeast, stuff i make with that yeast never rises that much. i use it for my pizza doughs and they're always flat as hell


I used this recipe https://afoodloverskitchen.com/easy-scones-recipe
There's even a list section that might give you an idea where it went wrong
For anything baked or bread-like, never trust a recipe that measures ingredients by spoons and cups. Ratios and measurements shouldn't be eyeballed because for anything bread like, accurate measurement actually matters.


if my scones go right i'll post in the food thread
still think the lack of baking powder is the most important thing. i usually gather my ingredients by weight except for my bad habit of eyeballing measurements when i've forgotten salt or w/e


I'm progressing in my English degree and I keep getting job offers from gulf states. The tax-free high salaries are tempting but... I'm afraid they'll take my passport if I do work in one of them
But on the bright side Arabic is easier than the agglutinative languages most countries interested in this offer


File:1656075885002.png (95.18 KB,223x223)

onahole-kun just arrived


I have a hard time imagining Arabic to be easier than Japanese. Agglutinative just makes sense to me.


Arabic is easier because it has an alphabet


Japanese has pretty much the highest barrier to entry of any language spoken today, because kanji slows everything down to a crawl even compared to Chinese. Can't immerse if you can't read shit.


4AM wakeup... should I go for coffee or herbal tea..?


It's why I prefer audio doujin and works with voice acting


Chinese has even more including their pseudo alphabet for foreign words they use made of placeholder characters and then there's the tones.
I dislike that it's just taken for granted that an alphabet is assumed to be better every time. The Koreans went the "what if we did away with the Chinarunes" route and they occasionally complain of lost context from it, given that they have so many common sino words in their language.

It's common for languages to combine alphabets and logograms, going all the way back to Sumerian. Even Western languages have them with things like ♀ or ♂ because they recognize the usefulness of them.

Sorry for wallposting in the blog - maybe it should have been it's own thread.


Nobody here said its better, just that alphabet using and non-agglutinative languages are easier to get started with for English speakers


I've noticed people like marcille, but nobody loves marcille




gonna watch gunslinger girl
dunno which subs i should get


I think the animated GSG is a bit of a letdown considering the premise is deep


i considered just reading the manga since the anime doesn't cover everything so maybe i'll do that instead


His most recent work comes across as a Kenshin Homage


File:37031B217DDE48739288510F55….jpg (677.75 KB,1775x2507)

I already know a fair amount. I'm not using it to learn, I'm mostly using it as a refresher on vocab. The grammar is close enough to English that it's not too hard to read, which I can still mostly manage, it's just accessing everything that's deep in the recesses of my brain that I need to knock free, like pronunciation and object agreement.

J'oublie beacuop du francais. Je ne peux pas parler. C'est tres mal. Ma soeur voyage au france le semtemps prochain. Alors!... J'ai besoin du reapprendre, parceque si elle tombe malade ou se blesse, je devrai peut-etre la ramener aux Etats-Unis.


surprisingly I can still read french very well, but typing sentences takes a while


though, you're second language so your vocabulary is pretty simple


Yeah... I'm certainly not aiming for fluency. Just enough to tide me by in an emergency.


If you get shot down over French airspace, your best bet is probably to pretend NOT to speak German, rather than pretend to be French.


told my cute and somewhat ditzy mum that i found it hard to imagine her as an older sister rather than the youngest sister of all her siblings and she agreed


had a wet dream that I think Nagatoro was in


went to visit mom and fell asleep for two hours...
even dreamed that i woke up had a long chat with her.....


the dreamers


File:Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 0….png (1.73 KB,160x28)

what a great and innovative tag


File:ff66c4591cf020c1245a66ab43….jpg (261.12 KB,1536x2048)

Was trying to go to sleep but while adjusting myself in bed I heard a toot noise from behind me. But I didn't pass any gas, nobody was there and any potential noisemakers were asleep. I'm onto it, and they'll have a hard time getting me if my body is ready to awaken at any moment to fight back.


spent all day thinking about elves


really weird to see a porn artist tweeting about his dying mother while also posting his usual perv blogs.


Either getting weaker or cat getting fatter


File:1450095964798.gif (164.55 KB,597x630)

It's easy for me to wonder why my thesis writing is coming down to the last minute, until I see that I've watched >20 days worth of anime in the past year.


pic of inflating cat
good job


wtf poland spring tastes bad to me now


I had strange dream last night


File:shopping.mp4 (4.29 MB,360x640)

shopping blog
went shopping


Forgot to zombie the blog


File:[EMBER] Oroka na Tenshi wa….jpg (229.26 KB,1920x1080)

Personally I thought the blog thread being sent to bump limit by non-blogs was a poetic end to it


yeah, but im going to be on irc 100% if I don't zombie it


blog-smiting angel of an odd expression


nice tune


didn't notice
Hearing Rick Astley like that is so weird


think my glasses have left a sore on my bridge...


Bleh I must have frostbite my bridge the other day


passed out in my chair and woke up feeling all sweaty blehhhh
guess this is my cue to get some actual rest...


File:1707698355155880.gif (345.51 KB,440x476)

a fellow gentleman of refined taste finally approved my 'booru upload as it approached its darkest hour


have many things to do, but am still lazily procrastinating.


call me swat cause I've killed about forty mosquitoes today


killed a silverfish today


gained some weight


Is it a holiday today


it was an expensed w_rk lunch


only 50% tax deductible


time to chill out to another cliche romance anime https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzume


Reminds me of otherside picnic


File:C-1708391752872.png (5.03 MB,3840x2160)

Holy cute


there are over thirty mosquitoes sitting around on the ceiling and i don't know why....
the stupid nets were supposed to keep them out but no
maybe they're afraid, maybe they want revenge
whatever it is they're not doing anything


and whenever i kill them it stains the white walls


oh my god there are fifteen more OUTSIDE of the net dammit


shaved my beard off, feels nice.


Suzume is a good story if you want a sort of shinto fantasy, other world, thing


killed a dozen more
i have stained these walls with the blood of men


came to the office to escape my dying internet and the store i was supposed to test is unusable due to backend changes

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