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Seasonal board for the Autumn Season

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Zettai Ryouiki + Shorts blog for the Autumn months

This blog will end Thursday, Dec 21st.
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liquid cooled cabling!


yandex image search doesn't work anymore


i pooped again


kaminaki manga got dropped......


my vacuum's battery died ;_;


eating pho


sympathy cards in the mail for the vacuum battery


File:C-1700282043187.png (23.38 KB,535x91)

some papers are REALLY narrow in scope


FUCK, went to vote but arrived an hour after it ended
didn't come across any cats either so a complete waste of time


File:R-1700436921274.jpg (2.84 MB,4080x3072)

anonymous' dessicated weensticles


File:R-1700438509740.jpg (3.64 MB,4080x3072)



File:R-1700502703982.jpg (5.26 MB,4080x3072)



I really don't like the combination of those words and the introduction of the knife stab


rest in peace anonymous i loved him very much


i pooped


-6 deg blog


cleaned up the house a bit


and going to bed at a reasonable hour of 11 pm


getting out of bed at a reasonable hour of 11 pm


there is a rosemary bush on the way from the grocery store to my home and so i never need to buy the stuff again


Rosemary is nice, I can't remember what variety I bought but mine has been growing in a pot very well


tried some old headphones I had for years and they sound alot better than I remember hehe thats pretty cool


File:1697678634587.jpg (295.03 KB,1000x1412)

saw this cute OP pic from a moved+expired thread on here and reposting it because its cute


wanted to get my windows and ubuntu irc logs to merge because i keep manually editing and replacing them so i tried using my phone as an intermediary with syncthing before i figured out i could actually change the location of hexchat's logs to my extra drive but then i realized ubuntu and windows for some reason make folders and filenames with different names so none of it mattered...

then i turned to the other problem where trying to open a text file from said drive would always ask about executing it as a program and i read the way to disable it was to manually tick off the allow executing file as program option in its properties but it was grayed out because i didnt own the drive or something and to do so i had to edit some files and look up a bunch of stuff (last time i failed it didnt do anything) and i actually managed to enable the option but now it bounces and turn itself back on anyways and actually all i had to do was go to preferences < behavior and change ask each time into view executable text files when they are opened

on the one hand aaaaaaa but on the other at least that's done i guess did what i could


also went to the BANK at the time i was told it would open but it had been open for an hour already and there was a cue of like twenty people waited for an hour thought i was running out of time and left but actually wasnt so i ill have to go again this time ill schedule a whatchamacallit gonna snooze


ate spaghetti and chocolate yaaay


spermed to konoha's dorky armpits


kowai thunderstorm


ate some taco bell this morning, and now i can feel it still stirring within me as im continually burping it out and dying on the inside oh god why did i eat that



ate banana ysterday


i pooped


opened /ec/ and saw a boob




shab just bit me


i pooped again


broke the 30 day streak of being at home; I needed food


found a really nice piece of art on twitter that i want to share but i dont know where to post it


trips of what's it about also trips


its lewd. but very good lewd


there's /ec/ or /megu/ for that


its loli and has sex


/megu/, then
loli ero stopped being illegal a year ago


>loli ero stopped being illegal a year ago
really???????? i have so much art ive wanted to post that i never did


yeah dude check it out >>>/megu/


this is the best christmas ever


File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (873.38 KB,1024x576)


got more sleep the past couple days and feel better physically and emotionally, but wish I knew why caused me to really struggle to sleep the past 10 or so days
hope it's over with


Too many lavender flowers to earl grey leaves in my tea, tastes soapy.


buying a makeup brush was a great idea
not only can I apply ointment without getting my hands dirty, sometimes I can scratch the itch without putting the cream on the brush

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