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In the US we call this an AI powered by machine learning and deep neural networks.


mmmm pizza


Sigh the Japanese are blowing us out of the water with their nearly automatic society


File:japanese-convenience-store….jpg (238.08 KB,1440x960)

Vending machines are cool and all but 24/7 shops are the best. Wish there was seven elevens in my country with such a huge variety of food.


File:1447108579915.jpg (171.19 KB,853x853)

I miss going to the konbini late at night to buy pocari sweat and dried squid tentacles to snack on in my hotel room.

And those onigiri... Dang they were good.


Saw a 7 Eleven today in an upscale building. It seemed a strange combination.


personally i prefer wawa


File:QUIKTRIP-CORSICANA-TX-exte….jpg (79.66 KB,1024x335)

round my parts it's all about the QuickTrip
of course you have to take your car to get to them but it's no more than a 5 minute drive


File:1633738136532.jpg (80.03 KB,475x999)

>5 minute drive
Heh, I feel sorry for those unfortunate souls that can't complete an entire round trip in that time.


File:__hinatsuru_ai_ryuuou_no_o….jpg (102.42 KB,484x568)

>complete an entire round trip in that time
How much time do you spend in the store? Surely it takes atleast 5 minutes to walk in and out.


File:firefox_GVvMZr39wf.png (161.97 KB,736x137)

this is insane, it's got to be a frozen pizza or something because even at the fastest pizza restaurants I know it takes at least 20 minutes


If I order some custom drink or something maybe, but usually it's 2 minutes to get there, and then I spend a minute grabbing an iced tea & some food then going through self checkout, and then 2 minutes to get back. It's quite a speedy process.


Huh. I figured it would make a pizza by having it spin around and drop the ingredients on it and then lower it into an oven and dispense it, but 3 minutes seems rather fast. I make pizzas myself and they usually take about 7 minutes, although I use a lot more cheese so I suppose less might allow for faster cooking. Hmmm.


File:1612956237603-0.jpg (195.17 KB,1000x656)

I see that pretty often, FamilyMarts too, but maybe that's because I like in a dystopian hellscape megacity.


File:a2340695789_10.jpg (137.04 KB,800x800)

I love those things but it must be hard to repair if there's a problem...


Hmm, yeah that's pretty amazing to do it in 3 minutes. The machines are made in Italy apparently, so there must be some heavy research into fast pizzas there. I'm kind of surprised, though, I'd figure Italy would be the last place to develop something like this.


it must be fucking awful to repair. but they do look great, cyberpunk imageboards are ripe with photos of these things.

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