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File:fb2ba80343873d621ce9f47e6f….jpg (331.86 KB,1134x850)


Welcome to Winter... wait wrong hemisphere

I guess it's Sunter this year

This year, Sunter ends on Monday, March 20th!
Sister board: >>>/xmas/
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the voices have strong opinions on timezones


File:[SubsPlease] Buddy Daddies….jpg (229.99 KB,1920x1080)

/win/ is over! See you next year.




Hi becky


File:[Serenae] Wonderful Precur….jpg (390.8 KB,1920x1080)

/win/ is closing very soon to make way for /spg/!

File:aaaa.png (548.73 KB,600x535)

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If you don't want to make a thread for a video, you can put it here
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It might lean a bit too much on modern ironic humor for some, but I find this video really funny. It reminds me of early YTPs.



Interestingly, that old Winnie the Poo baseball flash game is still getting fan creations


More modern YTP stuff along the lines of >>2886. This one's a bit more traditional, but it's a similar style of humor.

I'm glad to see the format survive beyond people like me that grew up with it. This isn't someone making a high-effort YTP in the grand tradition of poops; it's someone throwing together a stupid shitpost for fun, and in my mind, that's the truest form of YTP.


I was more into the musical kind of poops, and I even made a few (horribly out of tune) ones myself.

File:SaveInsta.App_-_3248406442….mp4 (1.29 MB,576x1024)


cats in a hyperbolic geometry universe eating kibbles from an equidistant valley


hehe cat hoovering up kibble


i miss my dog


yeah, I've lost a few pets over the years...



File:Anon Says She's Not Runnin….mp4 (942.11 KB,1280x720)




She ISN'T running!


File:GH_RPXWasAAY2Zu.jpg (1.06 MB,4092x2893)


It's a tactical maneuver. By retreating from her friends, she provokes them into pursuing her. When they break formation in their haste, she can pick them off individually with Parthian shots or ambushes.


File:[SubsPlease] BanG Dream! I….png (2.03 MB,1366x768)

File:[a-s]_inuyasha_-_038__rs2_….jpg (78.46 KB,640x480)



No, it's not April 1st. Could this all be because of the social media response to that Japanese ad? It is pretty funny since 'WcDonald's' is indeed something that pops up now and then in anime and manga. If they did this 20-30 years ago it would have been witty and kind of cool, but it feels kind of late now.
The style here is very 90s Western anime imitation, especially the Miku. You need to download the usual spyware app to see the comics, so screw that.
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It sounds British as heck


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai de Mof….jpg (210.86 KB,1920x1080)

The receipt art style looks kinda Japanese imitation-ish, but that bag looks a lot more like a comic to me. Maybe it's how damn ugly the characters are. Yeeesh.
I guess there's a couple possible reasons. One is that getting a Japanese (or good imitator) would cost more money to commission (although it would be comparable to pennies for a company like McDonald's). But, I think it's more likely that they purposely did a style that you could pretend was manga if you squinted your eyes, but was really meant to be mistakable for a regular Western comic.


File:C-1709754364059.png (1.55 MB,1752x780)

they did get a hafu to draw some actual manga and it looks infinitely better, pic is from op's link
hired pierrot too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6APZr00v0s


I disagree, somewhat. This reads like an ethnocentric pov to be honest. The change due to the popularization of smartphones happened slowly around the late 2000 until the mid 10's all over the world and not just America. They are not comparable because one of them happened over a month in a single country and the other over years in the whole world.
¨Meme¨ became a common word everyone uses in real life (in the context of the internet) It was surreal at the time. You could still see flip phones in anime around that time because it takes time for the rest of the world to catch up with technology, not necessarily because they are antiquated (I did NOT sent e-mails to my friends using them). People living in poverty and having an expensive phone is a common joke all over the world


The phone thing happened so slowly that rather than feeling suddenly overwhelmed by newcomers, we mostly just found that the dynamics of our communications had changed.
The point that the anon is making is precisely on the topic of the speed of change. The internet has been changing and adapting to newcomers from the beginning. But that particular month was a big shift in userbase and culture.

File:1709149880336352.jpg (1.04 MB,4032x3024)



What do you think about the new idea in fast food for "surge pricing" or "dynamic pricing" on food? For an industry primarily built on the model of serving cheap slop it feels fairly antithetical towards the customer's interest to implement such a system when people are already complaining about the price of food. There's no esteemed reputation for these places that would make someone choose them over any other available restaurant in the vicinity if they're not vastly cheaper so I have no idea what these people are thinking even suggesting this.
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File:GDF2kLfXIAE8B1n.jpg (572.02 KB,2400x3000)

Sounds pretty bad, but I don't really eat fast food so it doesn't concern me

I think it basically means that they're gonna use AI to find out how much customers are willing to pay for burgers


That doesn't really sound unique? How is that any different from breakfast menus -> daytime menus, or seasonal items? Or do you literally mean food that has been sitting around for days and is about to expire...


Yes, and it is random in what you receive


Aren't electric utilities planning to make power prices dynamic on minute by minute calculations, too?
It would make sense to demand different prices for products if their fresh production costs vary across the day, too.

Actually, the entire article is almost bit scary in how vague it is. I mean, yeah, you can guess that "enabling the crew to focus on what matters" is a euphemism for firing half of them, but overall it says very little.


I just got an icee from mcD's and both the girls at the drive through had McDonald themed shirts with katakana on them. One was a sweater I couoldnt' make out that looked like some metal band logo and the other just said McDonald's in english and in japanese.


What's your language's orthography like?
Everyone knows English and French are legendarily bad while runes are a beautiful kind of horror, but there's a lot of other systems out there with their own peculiarities.
Spics are always ready to bring up Spanish, but it's actually not that good for anything outside of northern Spain. A lot of consonants got simplified, and now it can be hard to tell whether you should write something with C, S, or Z. Same with H being mute.
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File:1684978011170.jpg (641.09 KB,1599x1853)

Before /win/ closes down again, I also want to share an even less intuitive feature of English: homographs that are pronounced differently based on word class.

For example, verbs in English regularly take the -ed ending for their past tense and participle conjugations, but there are also several words where an identical ending was historically used to create adjectives. For whatever reason the latter remain fully enunciated while the former has been simplified, and due to even more historical happenstance there now exist several words that are written the same but pronounced differently depending on what role it is fulfilling:
Cursed = cursid, or curs't
Blessed = blessid, or bless't
Other pairs are learned, crooked, but it seems winged, supposed, and peaked have been neutralized. Something weird's going on with alleged, it seems that one's actually a new development by analogy. Then there's the similar naked, ragged, rugged, wicked, jagged, legged which I'm not confident in grouping here, and the cases of beloved and sacred where the original verb is obsolete and only the adjective remains. This still overlaps with common participles being used as adjectives, like bored from bore, which has a regular pronunciation.

Then there's <-ate>, which can be either /eɪt/ or /ət/. The verbs it's present in always have a long vowel, while with adjectives and nouns it's a tossup, no way to tell as far as I know. Richard Eaton, some 80 years old historian I just learned of, says Persianate with a schwa, while Latinate I've seen listed mainly with FACE even though you'd expect them to sound the same given how similar they are. (A younger speaker does use FACE for both.) It's possible /eɪt/ is becoming more common over time and as the spelling that makes sense, and which regularly applies to all chemicals bearing it.
Here some pairs you can find are graduate, incarnate, duplicate, correlate, (in)discriminate, elaborate, laminate, deliberate, federate, initiate, intermediate, moderate, and syndicate. Apostate appears to be pronounced both ways, maybe, but I don't know if that's tied to word class. I'm sure there are more though.

The most interesting one are those that are actually derived from each other. English has a method to derive nounds and adjectives from verbs, which consist of moving stress towards the start of the word. Take this set of original verbs: disCOUNT, inSULT, and imPORT, whose stress-derived nouns aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>This may all stem from French bullshit
That's what I always thought at least.


I mean, yeah, when in doubt blame the French. It's a pretty reliable strategy.


How do Koreans deal with all the homophones they inherited from China anyways?


In regular spoken language, I don't think it's much of a problem. As far as I know, the reason why Chinese went from this mythical state where so many words were monosyllabic to the current situation of most being dysyllabic compounds is because simplification made so many morphemes sound like each other, and the Chinese have to put up with it same as those who imported their vocabulary. Take the jouyou kanji: it includes like fifty characters with the reading shô, and you regularly encounter words like 少女, 勝負, 将来, 賞金, 正直, 証明, 症状, 昭和, 紹介, 召喚, 省略, 障害, every one of them starts with exactly the same しょう sound, but every time is stands for a different morpheme, each one means something different. What makes them distinguishable is that people learn them as full words, spoken shôjo is as distinct from shônen as it is from shôji, and that's why people recommend that you learn words rather than memorizing individual characters. Although the vast majority of characters are homophonous with each other, the same is not true for full compounds in daily use.

What Koreans use when it comes to technical written vocabulary is hanja (same word as kanji and hanxi, 漢字), they revert to using runes. The relationship that Chinese characters have with spoken language is a particularly strange one, and simply continuing to employ them when truly needed is the method that stuck.

File:Untitled.png (Spoiler Image,31.46 KB,487x480)




dark niggas




File:895887_p0.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.02 KB,450x631)

patchy surprise!


the consequences of surprise boxing

File:69244873_p0.png (542.51 KB,774x800)



File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (169.08 KB,1280x720)

COOL! When does the launch start? Or did I miss it?


Oh nevermind I guess it already landed? Cool.


It's not manned.
We're just putting unguarded samples of Earth tech on the moon, for the rabbits to take apart and reverse engineer them.
This is not a good idea.

File:1558407860791.jpg (6.91 KB,231x250)


do you play video games? i play video games sometimes. what video games do you play?
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Yume Nikki isn't Japanese.


it's not? how so?


Oh, I just checked and actually it is. Hmm. I could swear that it wasn't... Just ignore what I said.


westerners don't use rpgmaker


I browse F95 zone enough to know that's not true...

File:screwheads.jpg (110.63 KB,1280x720)


I don't know about Kissu, but I've always heard that the reason for philips head screws is that they're made not to strip, and were a replacement for flat head screws. I have literally never come across a stripped flat head screw, meanwhile I find stripped flat head screws all the time.

What's up with that.
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The head. I've never experienced the threads being stripped. That sounds like something you could only do with a drill, or from having cross-threaded plastic or wood thread grooves.


File:[Pizza] Do it Yourself!! -….jpg (382.96 KB,1920x1080)

Head, yeah. My experience is mostly on the smaller ones used on consoles and other electronics. Maybe it's different on the bigger ones on furniture and stuff. I hate small screws so much. And then there's companies that Nintendo that make their own shapes to discourage repair or piracy so you have to buy a separate screw for those. I guess there's a difference between building for or against the customer's benefit.


File:[Pizza] Do it Yourself!! -….jpg (436.04 KB,1920x1080)

>that Nintendo
LIKE Nintendo


robertson screws are the best because they're canadain


Power tools is why. You need to have it centered with a little bit of give to odd angles and philips lets you do that just fine. If you try screwing in a flat head with a power tool then you'll strip it if you're not perfectly dead on and center. Philips also just freely stick to the end of the drivers a lot better when you're lining it up. The reason philips gets stripped a lot is poor technique. If a screw is in tight and you aren't putting a lot of pressure on it then the driver will climb out, and as it's a harder steel than the screw head, it starts stripping it.


In this thread you must post, discuss or link ducks
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I like ducks


i like cute quackers


File:1660133962072.webm (1.25 MB,640x360)


File:5000.jpg (85.91 KB,3800x2280)

I remember watching a racist version of the Duck Song back in the day before I comprehended what racism was, it might still be on newgrounds but I can't find it.



File:fran eat.webm (447.14 KB,664x814)


How do you like your bananas? I like them to be a bit brown, but they're only in that state for about 2 days and it's such a waste because I don't want to eat 6-7 bananas in that time. Where is science when you need it?
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File:96dba6911b65fb1d2b0c7b3ed1….jpg (213.22 KB,642x642)

Becoming one with the banana.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (378.62 KB,1920x1080)

Do they sell them separately where you are? For me it's just bunches, so I would need to buy like 30 bananas to do what you're describing.

This is true for here, too. I think people buy the ones that are mostly yellow, I certainly do, so what remains is mostly green.


they sell them by weight and the bananas come in small groups like 1--5 not massive bunches of 10 or more bananas. because they're sold by weight it's ok to just break off however many bananas you want anyway
this is in australia


yellow with some green to it
brown is bad, green is okay but the peel is sticky and hard to get off, yellow is good too


File:Musa velutina.jpg (66.56 KB,400x562)

tired of eating the same damn 'nanner all the time

File:aaaa.png (1.33 MB,1110x1110)

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A thread for interesting or cool news, especially if it's full of /win/
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File:C-1706770395563.png (891.02 KB,1280x720)


File:[RESubs] Higurashi no Naku….jpg (220.27 KB,1920x1080)

It's called Ryugu and they brought a sample home???



File:[Pizza] Urusei Yatsura (20….jpg (454.43 KB,1920x1080)

I do wonder how people are going to get around this stuff in the future as the technology improves. There needs to be a modern equivalent of holding up a newspaper with the day's news on it. Maybe a whole bunch of moving things that would be difficult for AI to replicate? Maybe just holding your hands to the camera?

File:anzu thumbs up.png (110.38 KB,243x261)


If I'm active on the workplace Slack at 7 in the morning then I'm allowed to goof off in the afternoon and check out early.
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File:5216f26bf81a7e76a514c604b9….jpg (809.39 KB,1599x2297)

Nonsense, there's always more work to be done.


You don't get paid to accomplish a task, you get paid to sit at your desk for a period of time. Whether or not you did work is irrelevant. If you arrive late or go home early, you're cheating the company and should be fired.


File:f4e4ce1d2cda8aa87138e3ce36….jpg (156.43 KB,1356x1026)

But what if I'm always home.


File:1531056009589.png (1.23 MB,1430x2000)

Workplace? Company? Never heard of it.


is alice taking over patchy's role as main neet?

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