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File:fb2ba80343873d621ce9f47e6f….jpg (331.86 KB,1134x850)


Welcome to Winter... wait wrong hemisphere

I guess it's Sunter this year

This year, Sunter ends on Monday, March 20th!
Sister board: >>>/xmas/
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the voices have strong opinions on timezones


File:[SubsPlease] Buddy Daddies….jpg (229.99 KB,1920x1080)

/win/ is over! See you next year.



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If you don't want to make a thread for a video, you can put it here
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He makes an offhand comment that the 11 exit path is the most direct path to Bowser's castle, reached by beating every secret exit in the levels that have them. Never realised that the shortest path has that property, it's really elegant and feels like something the designers put there on purpose.


The ABC stuffs are really good, covering the whole history and mechanics extensively. Sadly it's already outdated...
His videos aren't really sleepers for general retro game audiences in my opinion, unlike RGMechEx.


Good examples of language change based on interactions between dialects.


machine sliding a triple pendulum back and forth along a rail does some really cool feats of balance


You may want to repost this on /spg/ soon

File:[Asenshi-MTBB] Made in Aby….png (7.64 MB,1920x1080)

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Once again providing a place for you to post any random thoughts you might have.
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And also another issue would be the standard mentality that plagues modern art and would have a crossover into architecture.


I've seen it with modern classical people too, so it's not just a modern art thing...

...Actually, maybe it is. The new traditional movement is in part a spinoff of the postmodern movement, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's where they got their mindeset from. I can't imagine revivalists of the past having such a bad attitude.


I just can't accept that anyone is really named jevin
stop messing with me man


that granite countertop really throws a lot of pink into the space


Indeed. The built environment has a greater sense of wholeness as a result.

File:aaaa.png (1.33 MB,1110x1110)

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A thread for interesting or cool news, especially if it's full of /win/
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File:_128973649_deepgreenexmou….webp (105.49 KB,976x549)

A small datacenter is being used to heat a public pool. The method of heat transference involves the hardware being partially submerged in mineral oil which is pretty interesting


It's really neat the way in which the two services discover a method to offset costs for each other in a mutually beneficial relationship. Would be nice if from their example others follow suit in trying to figure out ways in which they can do similar.


Yeah, a sort of tech symbiosis thing is a great way of doing things. We need to learn from nature and such.


/secret/ post


File:__original_drawn_by_yasuge….mp4 (548.02 KB,720x1280)


a warm cup of tea in the wintertime


File:1485037781007.jpg (82.47 KB,702x677)

Ah, thank you.


File:[SubsPlease] Show by Rock!….jpg (125.95 KB,1280x720)


File:1676499813963132.png (99.65 KB,320x400)


hello! i hope you are having a good day!
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File:1634141232588.png (403.84 KB,476x719)

it was a good day. hope anon has a good day tomorrow too.



my past few days have been pretty uneventful and boring. i'm on break for a week, but none of my friends are, so i'm just kind of sitting around eating junk food, browsing the internet and masturbating to lolis. sometimes i'll read some manga or play a video game, but eh. maybe i should just be working...


just woke up. day pretty good so far


File:1662441497259.png (8.32 KB,105x150)

It was better.

File:R-1677003937539.jpg (4.94 MB,4080x3072)


Can you spot the parrots? There should be at least two of them.
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File:baby-pigeon-fb.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.65 KB,1200x628)

I did not know squabs had beaks like that, or that baby pigeons were called squabs in the first place. That shape looks particularly strange to me.
Jesus Christ.


They kind of like dead chickens, it's very odd


i saw the deleted post


File:Good Job.png (303.21 KB,649x651)

Important thread.


File:1678166026819.jpg (111.14 KB,1080x1440)

Birds coming home


Cities built on important rivers always look so nice.
I never realized that China's river systems are so economically viable. It's like the Great Lakes yet spans all across their country. Crazy
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yeah, that was it


Im kind of surprised this stuff is on youtube considering the site is banned in China


Yeah well... it might be a state sponsored tourism video since it goes only through the nice parts of the city. But even that considered it's still quite nice


That's a weird road at 45:17. Two lanes feeding into one lane that is wider than usual, but still not wide enough for two cars. Seems like a planning error there, but they don't seem to be going very fast so it's probably fine.


To be fair to the PRC, visitors of most places won't see any rough/bad parts because there's nothing for visitors there, and are mostly residental (this is excluding rural areas, which can get really bad, even the touristy stuff there gets horribly sad). The worst you'll see is some unhappy people in certain cities and binge drinkers in northern China.
There's a lot you can say about those commies and living under them but they make it an alright place to visit.

File:1614228177893.jpg (47.54 KB,433x480)


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He'll be full grown the next time we see him ;_;


But will he still be able to stand on two feet?


File:1621299716177.jpg (62.15 KB,578x640)

Look at this photograph.


File:csfs008.jpg (86.23 KB,243x300)

I'm looking


stop looking

File:1500685751407.jpg (42.93 KB,891x750)


go to bed and wake up early
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I just thought you lived in my time zone.


We might live in the same time zone, who knows?


I woke up at 5 AM without cheating today.


every month or so I have periods where I get wrapped up in programming(or ero-rpg) and my days gradually offset by a couple of hours until I'm sleeping like a regular person


thats called being on your period hehe

File:chrome_xKFwI7Tn7Z.png (2.35 MB,2129x1800)


Winter is coming... is kissu ready?
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It's finally decent christmas weather


File:chrome_YEd5UKwRSn.png (1.64 MB,1345x835)

cold cold cold cold


Florida is so weird, even from a temperature point of view


no mountains and below sea level.


File:Screenshot_20230227_162700.jpg (6.17 KB,143x52)


File:Pon-de-ring.jpg (58.73 KB,800x600)


The pondering pon-de-ring!
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Give addicted to pondering 2D waifu.


Making food this decorative seems like such a waste to me. I'll take the simple but tasty stuff over this elaborate stuff that you're surely paying extra for


It's a joy to eat good looking food


The green ring looks like its made out of plastic.



They opened up a few stores in my area dedicated to making Mocchi Donuts and have all these weird flavors for it. It wasn't that great in my opinion, it just tasted like a deep fried dough fritter glazed in sugar.

File:Starfire_Optical_Range_-_s….jpg (4.3 MB,2000x3008)


Don't think I've seen one of these on Kissu, although I think it'd be an appropriate fit.

If you find any cool pictures, consider posting them!
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File:1619663016848.jpg (3.73 MB,2978x3748)


File:1619625855523.jpg (2.86 MB,3840x2160)


That's pretty cool. I can't help but feel like that tiny pair of scissors on that multi-tool would be a bit of pair to use though.


File:39165335_p0.jpg (751.52 KB,1382x800)


thinkin bout tkmiz

File:c7d16ac1b865b16aa2d39463ea….jpg (328.44 KB,1600x1067)


Why doesn't the US and Canada have festivals like in Japan?
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Or they're based around sport, which again interest depends on demographics generally but not as much so.


i guess sport does replace traditional festivals. We're like the old age romans watching people beat one another up and then partying


They probably do like >>2144 says.

But also we are probably under the impression that many Japanese festivals are much more widespread when they are not, they are still just local events that any nation holds.

I think you also ignore the large religious festivals like Eastern and Christmas and the National holidays and whatever Thanksgiving day is.


Interestingly Canada and America have unrelated holidays called Thanksgiving.


My hometown dedicates an entire week to festivals. Sadly, it's probably going to stop soon. 2020 they didn't have anything and 2021 there was great debate on doing it but they still did although the turn out was very low. We used to have two separate weeks in the year for festivals but we haven't seen anything happen during the earlier time of the year since around 2012 as the town dedicided to not host them anymore yet raising city taxes claiming it's for festivities when they've been cutting and gutting more each year. Quite sad.

File:e2844bee367754b84cd8df0b51….jpg (598.03 KB,840x525)


¥ Lizard? Kinda boring, lets stick some wings on it
¥ Horses? Overused, lets stick some wings on it
¥ Girls? Kinda boring, lets stick some wings on them
Is Germanic mythology dead?
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File:puzzle-and-dragons-valkyri….jpg (441.56 KB,2947x1657)

everything has WINGS!!!


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (336.88 KB,1920x1080)

That looks like Fire Emblem to me. Is Fire Emblem an accurate representation of German mythology?


File:98fe7d4f61ea846a7803131671….jpg (194.56 KB,804x804)

Yes but two of those aren't Germanic, Dragons are but they are in other places as well and I a not sure if Germanic dragons have wings or not and I don't see why that makes Germanic mythology dead. Though yes it is dead and has been dead for some time, I would not really count Asatru as a living continuation either.


File:Vinland-Saga-Iceland-lands….jpg (69.41 KB,840x473)

No Aisurando Puraido!


>if Germanic dragons have wings or not
Not really, they are more like giant serpents or worms.

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