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File:1558407860791.jpg (6.91 KB,231x250)


do you play video games? i play video games sometimes. what video games do you play?
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Yume Nikki isn't Japanese.


it's not? how so?


Oh, I just checked and actually it is. Hmm. I could swear that it wasn't... Just ignore what I said.


westerners don't use rpgmaker


I browse F95 zone enough to know that's not true...

File:screwheads.jpg (110.63 KB,1280x720)


I don't know about Kissu, but I've always heard that the reason for philips head screws is that they're made not to strip, and were a replacement for flat head screws. I have literally never come across a stripped flat head screw, meanwhile I find stripped flat head screws all the time.

What's up with that.
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are you guys talking about stripping of the threads or stripping of the head


The head. I've never experienced the threads being stripped. That sounds like something you could only do with a drill, or from having cross-threaded plastic or wood thread grooves.


File:[Pizza] Do it Yourself!! -….jpg (382.96 KB,1920x1080)

Head, yeah. My experience is mostly on the smaller ones used on consoles and other electronics. Maybe it's different on the bigger ones on furniture and stuff. I hate small screws so much. And then there's companies that Nintendo that make their own shapes to discourage repair or piracy so you have to buy a separate screw for those. I guess there's a difference between building for or against the customer's benefit.


File:[Pizza] Do it Yourself!! -….jpg (436.04 KB,1920x1080)

>that Nintendo
LIKE Nintendo


robertson screws are the best because they're canadain


In this thread you must post, discuss or link ducks
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I like ducks


i like cute quackers


File:1660133962072.webm (1.25 MB,640x360)


File:5000.jpg (85.91 KB,3800x2280)

I remember watching a racist version of the Duck Song back in the day before I comprehended what racism was, it might still be on newgrounds but I can't find it.



File:fran eat.webm (447.14 KB,664x814)


How do you like your bananas? I like them to be a bit brown, but they're only in that state for about 2 days and it's such a waste because I don't want to eat 6-7 bananas in that time. Where is science when you need it?
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File:96dba6911b65fb1d2b0c7b3ed1….jpg (213.22 KB,642x642)

Becoming one with the banana.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (378.62 KB,1920x1080)

Do they sell them separately where you are? For me it's just bunches, so I would need to buy like 30 bananas to do what you're describing.

This is true for here, too. I think people buy the ones that are mostly yellow, I certainly do, so what remains is mostly green.


they sell them by weight and the bananas come in small groups like 1--5 not massive bunches of 10 or more bananas. because they're sold by weight it's ok to just break off however many bananas you want anyway
this is in australia


yellow with some green to it
brown is bad, green is okay but the peel is sticky and hard to get off, yellow is good too


File:Musa velutina.jpg (66.56 KB,400x562)

tired of eating the same damn 'nanner all the time


What's your language's orthography like?
Everyone knows English and French are legendarily bad while runes are a beautiful kind of horror, but there's a lot of other systems out there with their own peculiarities.
Spics are always ready to bring up Spanish, but it's actually not that good for anything outside of northern Spain. A lot of consonants got simplified, and now it can be hard to tell whether you should write something with C, S, or Z. Same with H being mute.
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File:unhinged scientist tilts s….png (232.99 KB,484x484)

>anyone familiar with English orthography and using that as a basis for a new spelling system, would not feel compelled to be consistent in how they spell given sounds; in contrast they would feel inclined to invent different ways to spell homophonic words
Beautiful. I love it.


That's an interesting and very good point, although I think this part may be a bit of a stretch:
>That's not about the locals. Not even the local elites.
Looking at something like the pyramids, which I understand were built for reasons internal and specific to Egypt, it seems to me it's perfectly possible to pour that much time and effort into monumental things that either aren't focused on the exterior, or are supposed to marvel everyone all around. To display power, to prove something. I can't see why this wouldn't apply to constructions by the locals and for the locals, like great temples and palaces and the like.
Happy to hear that. It's actually rearranged, the last part on Manx is discussed in chapter 3 as part of the nature of the script overall, the matter of standards and their history begins afterwards. But it makes for such a great conclusion, I love it too.

Oh, >>1697, did you remember?


I would not say that's necessarily true. We overlook just how much poor people traveled. It was fairly common for the poor to go on pilgrimages over very long distances, plus the poor were the majority of the army as well, so any campaign that was sent to a far away land would see a lot of poor people travel(added to that you have the camp followers who were also poor).


If you just imitate other speakers it just werks


I would have to backpaddle a lot to salvage my argument(s).
You win.

File:aaaa.png (548.73 KB,600x535)

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If you don't want to make a thread for a video, you can put it here
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/spg/ - Sports General


This is a really good video


It's cool how skilled people can be


hehe this channel has a few good Simpsons video game edit things


You or may not be aware of a guy called TheMexicanRunner (or TMR) that did a big event nearly a decade ago where he beat every US licensed NES game. What I didn't know is that it's all on youtube and in a handy playlist. He's not particularly charismatic or anything, but it's crazy to see him keep at it on games that are ludicrously difficult that people used cheat codes to beat back in the day.
For instance it took him 40 hours to beat Ikari Warriors and it's all there, with him practicing with save states and pulling out maps and so on. It's a reminder that something that may sound fun at first is really a nightmare.

File:aaaa.png (1.33 MB,1110x1110)

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A thread for interesting or cool news, especially if it's full of /win/
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File:C-1706770395563.png (891.02 KB,1280x720)


File:[RESubs] Higurashi no Naku….jpg (220.27 KB,1920x1080)

It's called Ryugu and they brought a sample home???



File:[Pizza] Urusei Yatsura (20….jpg (454.43 KB,1920x1080)

I do wonder how people are going to get around this stuff in the future as the technology improves. There needs to be a modern equivalent of holding up a newspaper with the day's news on it. Maybe a whole bunch of moving things that would be difficult for AI to replicate? Maybe just holding your hands to the camera?

File:anzu thumbs up.png (110.38 KB,243x261)


If I'm active on the workplace Slack at 7 in the morning then I'm allowed to goof off in the afternoon and check out early.
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File:5216f26bf81a7e76a514c604b9….jpg (809.39 KB,1599x2297)

Nonsense, there's always more work to be done.


You don't get paid to accomplish a task, you get paid to sit at your desk for a period of time. Whether or not you did work is irrelevant. If you arrive late or go home early, you're cheating the company and should be fired.


File:f4e4ce1d2cda8aa87138e3ce36….jpg (156.43 KB,1356x1026)

But what if I'm always home.


File:1531056009589.png (1.23 MB,1430x2000)

Workplace? Company? Never heard of it.


is alice taking over patchy's role as main neet?

File:yukabutt.mp4 (2.07 MB,1920x1080)


/win/ter is big ass season.


hell yeah Yukari! She was my favorite. Great character development really changes your opinion of her as you go through the story.


She's weird


File:[SubsPlease] Akuyaku Reij….webm (125.86 KB,1920x1080)

>big ass season


So much emotion and conviction in that face!


File:a8657289fcfd1f76155caf5ca8….jpg (182.01 KB,671x960)

¥Yeah desu!
An asswoman, I see.

File:1668417187345-4.jpg (467.78 KB,1920x1080)


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eye-melting white wallpaper noooooo


File:[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Pr….png (557.13 KB,1024x576)


File:1648873184504.png (2.65 MB,2880x1620)

Here is mine at the moment


File:black.png (1.86 MB,1920x1080)

I prefer using solid color backgrounds with a bit of noise. Pure solid color backgrounds look a bit weird with backlights sometimes.


File:1660538350577380.png (1.08 MB,1920x1080)

Here's mine.

File:1653983474555.gif (3.63 MB,600x600)


I bought some anime clothing today! They are sweaters, it's winter related! I will stay warm!


File:shirt_sma_sailoreyes_1024x….jpg (244.43 KB,610x700)

I have some unofficial non-licensed anime t-shirts. This one is probably my favorite. I love how colorful it is.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (375 KB,1920x1080)

Cool! I don't have anything like that, but sweaters are nice! Well, for two months of the year when you're outside!


File:35141184_p0.jpg (730.3 KB,1024x768)

I couldn't wear anything like that unless it was very subtle.

File:5e2b644d329e4cd62e530c2317….png (1.34 MB,1200x1200)


I'd like to see Greg Egan's Orthogonal trilogy adapted into an anime.
The setting is a universe with an alternate law of physics whose consequences include that
¥ light of different colours travels at different speeds and there is no maximum speed of light
¥ liquids largely don't exist as a state of matter, they're all explosively unstable
¥ temperature acts weirdly (I didn't quite understand it from the books and Greg's website but it seems like the characters use gases as a way to dump arbitrarily high amounts of heat energy from their bodies)
¥ the direction of the arrow of time is determined by local conditions (entropy I guess) and in the greater 4-dimensional universe, the worldlines of objects can go in any direction. You can be hit by a tiny meteorite whose worldline is perpendicular to yours, which you will experience as something traveling infinitely fast, punching a great hole through your stuff and massively damaging it
¥ related to the above, it's possible for time-reversed matter to interact with ordinary matter and both see time running backwards (e.g. objects reforming from a broken state) for the other
and more.

The consequence of the alternate physics most important to the plot is that it is possible for a spacecraft to accelerate away from a planet so that it is travelling infinitely fast, i.e. 'sideways' in 4D space relative to that planet, then turn around and return, such that a short time passes for the planet's inhabitants but many generations pass on the spacecraft. (In our universe, it's the other way around, a lot of time can pass for Earth but the spacecraft ages less)
The plot is a multi-generational drama centered on precisely such a spacecraft, which the inhabitants of the planet built to buy time against a world-ending catastrophe.

Now, a problem I have with Greg Egan's books is that I never really like the characters, I'm only there for the math and physics. The characters tend to be annoying, unlikeable 'Young Adult protagonist' snarkers, and I never care about their stupid emotional problems. The plots mostly aren't interesting to me (Orthogonal's plot is one of his better ones, he successfully portrays the epic scope of tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File:[Serenae] Hirogaru Sky! Pr….jpg (351.85 KB,1920x1080)

But.. how? It sounds utterly incomprehensible from the very beginning. You can fill in the blanks by ignoring things in the text, but how is anything going to look if time is so distorted on a fundamental level?


>¥ the direction of the arrow of time is determined by local conditions
this in particular seems pretty fucking trippy
like, how does regular matter interact with time-reversed matter? because of course there's a lot of stuff surrounding the broken object and only one part of a person going back in time i figure it'd really fuck them up
>Now, a problem I have with Greg Egan's books is that I never really like the characters, I'm only there for the math and physics.
kinda sounds like it's the same for him, seeing as he has a hundred thousand words on the topic but i can hardly find anything about worldbuilding, writing characters, or the like
the only reflection i managed to come across was his six paragraphs on avatar (the movie), giving it a short trashing
though he does have a several more pieces of fiction written, just seemingly no commentaries


File:Orthogonal Trilogy.zip (3.47 MB)

don't get too hung up on the time-reversed matter thing it mostly comes up in the third book

File:waterfox_QdvgGRDN72.png (138.18 KB,1160x466)


Well... Japan has had another earthquake. Tsunami warnings and... I hope this isn't a repeat of 2011.
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These events are still rare and the damage they have on more primitive societies and people would have been much reduced. An earth quake won't cause much damage if you live in a hide tent. After that people adapt to it and accept it.

But really, fires were a much larger issue historically in Japan(and most places really) than earthquakes and Tsunamis were.


Its not like in ancient times people on island nations can just leave easily like they do now


So I guess it wasn't a big deal?


Pretty much, yeah


There are no places without natural disasters. Earth is everywhere and she can kill you at any time without warning.

File:Screenshot 2024-01-06 1211….png (117.21 KB,390x512)


I've been thinking that it would be nice to have an additional spot to sit that's not my desk chair or my bed, but furniture is awfully expensive... Maybe I should trying going to some thrift stores or maybe a consignment store and see if they have anything reasonably priced.

Do any Kissu frens have experience with this kind of thing? Furnishing a room on a budget.
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you could probably make a diy one of those for way cheaper


Only if I have time I want to spend on leisure to make it


I don't like the size but 300$ for something close to ideal is not bad. At 200$ I think you'd get a nice C shaped desk. Then CCA it at 20% per year off of your small business taxes... pays for itself



small penis taxes

File:kuon campfire.png (431.79 KB,1089x1080)


It might be colder here this weekend than it has been in a long time.
Is there anything cool I can do? I can't think of anything except freezing to death and that isn't particularly fun.
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I don't think these are conditions where manual dexterity with bare hands is feasible


put them up your butt


File:[SubsPlease] Sousou no Fri….jpg (300.61 KB,1920x1080)



Make a bonfire.


File:[Serenae] [CommieRaws] Tro….png (4.26 MB,1920x1080)


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