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File:ceeba36213f3e291b4c6135ecf….png (355.62 KB,636x900)


Welcome to Winter,

Crystalline water aggregates form pretty structures that make the ground reflect all light wavelengths,
Burning organic mater in stone enclosures provides an exothermic reaction raising body temperatures,
Confectioneries made primarily out of sugar have an appealing taste !

This year, Winter ends on March 20th.
Sister board: >>>/xmas/
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File:9867dce9821eabe1ab1037ad45….jpg (699.35 KB,830x593)


File:2f64aedc1e6d029558f40c2477….jpg (319.67 KB,1062x1505)


File:sample_467c2572b3913437ede….jpg (99.03 KB,850x1202)

Oh yeah, and this broad

File:1412243122203.jpg (93.28 KB,1280x1024)


Providing a home to all the lost, carefree thoughts you might have.


America's Funniest Home Videos just isn't as good as I remember...


I threw a lot of stuff to the trash while cleaning up my room and now I'm regreting it. But why? I didn't even care about those things before.


It was a lot better before people could just upload all their funny videos to the internet. At this stage we're so over-exposed to the kind of content the series showcases that it has no real purpose anymore.


File:ImageGlass_2022-01-16_23-1….png (130.98 KB,460x366)

It's so easy to turn to spite when it does nothing but poison the feelings that led you there.

File:aaaa.png (1.33 MB,1110x1110)


A thread for interesting or cool news, especially if it's full of /win/
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would have been more fitting for the heart to go to a woman, since women are pigs


Very mature dude. Could you not in the future?


File:1474960830094.jpg (50.7 KB,460x391)

>the incident began after Kuczwanski’s BMW drifted out of its lane while heading north on Thomasville Road. That’s when the BMW hit a white Prius.
>Both cars pulled into a parking lot. The driver of the Prius confronted Kuczwanski about hitting him
>The Prius’ driver then returned to his car to wait for law enforcement’s arrival after confronting Kuczwanski. That is when... Kuczwanski rammed his BMW into the Prius on the driver’s door, and began pushing the car sideways in the parking lot.
>Kuczwanski then shot a gun at the white Prius
>The Prius driver drew a gun and fired back into the windshield of Kuczwanski’s BMW
>Kuczwanski was hit and killed

>Kuczwanski’s wife, Rebekah Kuczwanski, said in a Twitter thread... claimed that he was trapped and “assassinated”

>Previously, Kuczwanski pleaded no contest to assault and disorderly conduct... to a separate road rage incident at the same intersection

>The final tweet on his Twitter account, an announcement that he had entered an online raffle for a firearm worth $5,000

"I just entered to win the Laugo Arms Alien Pistol from @ClassicFirearm! Valued At $5000! #sweepstakes #LaugoArms #LaugoArmsAlien #LaugoAlien #Alienpistol #Lancer #LancerSystems @LancerSystems #LancerAlien #gungiveaway #winagun #dreampistol Enter Here – https://t.co/J8GTd6LQUm
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I see, makes sense


Pretty nice, wonder if I shpuld wait for them to work out the bugs first


File:shpaida.jpg (163.29 KB,1040x780)


For some months now, dozens of spiders have started to pop up all around the house. They're mostly found in the places you'd usually expect, but also in some really odd spots: between the drying dishes, inside my shoes, in the small space between a window's frame and the wall... In the shower, as I write this, there are about five of them one above the other in a corner of the bathroom. (I take care not to hurt them, because they're cool.)

I dunno, it's just very funny and I enjoy it. Wanted to share it, even though I can't take any good pics of them.
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I meant 400-800 million tons per year for all spiders, it would be even more embarrassing if it was just 400 tons.


The real traitor to frogs is you, so easily leaving them behind in favor of bats. Disloyal. Now, let's see this rando's blog.
Man, that's just... a bad article. The only estimate it links to uses the faulty 1960 1k per hour figure that the guy already previously rejected, and doesn't quote anything in its other numbers. In fact, I can't find any real source on the matter, but it looks like that's no coincidence:
>"Nobody else has ever really looked at that," he said. "There's never really been a need for anybody to quantify how many insects a bat eats in a certain period of time."
Another random blogger says 5g per bat and other things: https://www.squirrelsatthefeeder.com/what-do-bats-eat/
But it either doesn't have a source or links to other sourceless estimates like the USFWS's or TPWD's. Many bats like the Indiana one mentioned above hibernate for several months, seriously dialing down any annual estimate. I'm surprised to see it wasn't mentioned.

All in all, I'm pretty disappointed. I was thinking of doing a spider rain dance to torment you, but it's not worth my time. Doesn't look like I need to say anything about bats either, White-nose is taking care of them.


To clarify, there are some serious articles linked in there but they're about diversity in bat diets, they don't deal with quantities.


I could not find any research on how many insects frogs kill as a whole. As you say even finding research on how many bats kill is hard but then that doesn't make it completely without merit and it certainly would not mean that they kill less just because no study was done on it, they are just estimates like your study was.

In many areas Spiders hibernate too.

As recent events have shown us, bats are too resilient for their own good, well for our own good really. They will be fine in the long run.


Alright, I'm cool with that. I'll take the non-agression as a weird kind of apology.


In the US we call this an AI powered by machine learning and deep neural networks.
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Huh. I figured it would make a pizza by having it spin around and drop the ingredients on it and then lower it into an oven and dispense it, but 3 minutes seems rather fast. I make pizzas myself and they usually take about 7 minutes, although I use a lot more cheese so I suppose less might allow for faster cooking. Hmmm.


File:1612956237603-0.jpg (195.17 KB,1000x656)

I see that pretty often, FamilyMarts too, but maybe that's because I like in a dystopian hellscape megacity.


File:a2340695789_10.jpg (137.04 KB,800x800)

I love those things but it must be hard to repair if there's a problem...


Hmm, yeah that's pretty amazing to do it in 3 minutes. The machines are made in Italy apparently, so there must be some heavy research into fast pizzas there. I'm kind of surprised, though, I'd figure Italy would be the last place to develop something like this.


it must be fucking awful to repair. but they do look great, cyberpunk imageboards are ripe with photos of these things.

File:1596166039579.png (1.35 MB,1189x1200)


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The more I learned about inverts in general the less I find them gross. Earwigs and some species of crab taking care of their young was cool to me.
Eusocial insects like bees are of course a whole other ballgame.


Also, I thought this was a cool report.


File:elite.jpg (1.52 MB,1400x1730)

I just realized. The way that beetle's mandibles are is kind of like elite's mouths in Halo.


File:1615560653929.jpg (293.66 KB,1920x1080)

I am more of a leg man myself.


is this sailor moon

File:aaaa.png (548.73 KB,600x535)


If you don't want to make a thread for a video, you can put it here
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Love this botany guy


Huh. Didn't think I would actually learn anything from this channel. Apparently metal straws are much more dangerous than they seem.


piercing needles for jewlry are hollow which helps their piercing. I guess a straw is like this too


Someone needs to call up the Queen and tell her they've found a way to get around the knife ban


Mechanical calculators are cool.

File:[SubsPlease] Ousama Rankin….png (1.06 MB,1280x720)


Took years, but reddit finally has a good community somewhere.
It's all bot posting and it does a pretty good job
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File:Capture.PNG (176.59 KB,1132x1720)

oh no... they've become aware...



this whole thread
man, when bots do absurdist humor right they really knock it out of the park


Now I want to see the same thing applied to an imageboard where only bots can post there.


That's actually pretty interesting and unique, it's a lot less bot like than the majority of real people on the internet.

File:index.jpg (6.88 KB,295x171)



Here's to the finest crew in Starfleet


I really need to get back into watching this but the 1st season is so slow.


I don't really get why people dislike the first season. I liked it...


File:Picard_eats_cake.png (1.74 MB,1221x1080)


File:[Nep_Blanc] A Certain Scie….jpg (149.49 KB,1920x1080)


(going to avoid greening an entire post)

Doctors in Japan say a man’s accidental ingestion of a toothpick left him dealing with months of pain in his back and leg—all caused by said toothpick getting stuck in his rectum. Once the toothpick was removed, the man’s troubles fortunately went away.

The strange medical tale was detailed this week in BMJ Case Reports. According to the report, the 67-year-old man first reached out for help when he had been experiencing two months of pain along his right buttock and thigh. MRI scans suggested that the source of this pain was stenosis around the lower back, a condition where the spaces within our spine begin to narrow—this narrowing can then pinch the surrounding nerves, leading to painful or numbing sensations. Though stenosis can be managed conservatively with drugs and physical therapy, the doctors opted for surgery to treat it.

When they performed a CT scan on the man just before the operation, though, they found a surprise in his rectum: a 7-centimeter-long rod eventually determined to be a toothpick that the man had accidentally swallowed. Six days after the find, the man’s pain in his right leg quickly got worse, prompting doctors to remove the toothpick from its hiding place as soon as possible. Thankfully, after they did, his pain went away and hasn’t come back since, all but confirming the toothpick as the real cause of his symptoms.

Most of the time, when a foreign body in the rectum stirs up trouble, it’s because someone intentionally put it there, for whatever reason. But it’s not unheard of for hardier materials, like animal bones, introduced into the body the more common way to wind up stuck there. In this case, the doctors theorize that the pointy end of the toothpick had ended up right next to one particular branch of nerves in the spinal cord, causing enough pressure to account for the localized symptoms along the man’s right butt and leg.

The exact series of unfortunate events that led to this man’s case is “extremely rare,” the doctors wrote, but “physicians should be mindful to avoid misdiagnosis.”
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I trust doc's judgement
the man has a degree


File:[Asenshi] Kujira no Kora w….jpg (162.08 KB,1920x1080)

In retrospect how did this actually occur if you were just wiping...


Thin paper, I hope.


Japanese space age toilets should become the norm so that we can avoid such unfortunate accidents in the future. Nobody want to be falsely diagnosed as a homo gayman.


Are those ones that come with bidets? Because the world could certainly use bidets becoming the norm.


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File:21fd922f4c0a97f64b68bdd8b1….png (616.97 KB,900x980)

>so a creature that is exactly the same but breeds faster and with less resources would simply outcompete it.
Waiting any day now for the rabbit uprising.


That already happened in Australia so they used Calicivirus to genocide them.


>adding pain receptors and such adds complexity and adds cost.
This is what I mean by seeing higher reasoning. There is no calculation of cost to evolution, it is simply competition.


Cost is a part of competition. If a creature performs nearly the same or exactly the same as another creature only it has some advanced features that require longer gestation and more resources to be consumed for that gestation then it will be outcompeted by the creature that doesn't require that.


you have no way to connect what you're talking about to the inner experience of the fly. I heard flys only feel pain on tuesdays.

File:1470162701676.gif (258.81 KB,250x250)


I'm surprised with the occasional NEET talk that I haven't seen any talk about norms and "the great resignation".
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tons of norms have been quitting because jobs are shit and have wageslave salaries so they've been going NEET and organizing stuff like crashing websites for hiring.


Rumor or Fact?
I'd welcome it, certainly a very romantic idea.


Fact. The subreddit where these people are organizing on has 1.5 million followers. It's pretty surprising to see.



File:1468233151085.png (107.71 KB,333x333)

I don't like this at all. The norms should work like cattle to keep society afloat working blue collar jobs, not protesting work.


bob black probably having a giggle


Wonder when the steam release will come out
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this thread was made a year ago



December 29, 2020 was 357 days ago.


a year or two more


File:cea71ab9b384c472891308c37d….png (209.99 KB,405x705)


If we had 73 days in a month then we wouldn't need to alternate between 30 and 31 arbitrarily. 5 months a year is all you need. Less confusing
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but there'd be fewer Tewi threads...


Why are you being so rude?


Because I was samefagging


If you want the months to be equal lengths then the simplest solution is to have 12 months of that length plus a 13th intercalary month with all the extra days at the end. That's the system used, for instance, by the Ethiopian Calendar.


What if we had 1 month a year and then change the length of a day by 59.178s to compensate for the roughly 1/4th of day that each year has? This would cut down on the number of months and make their length more consistent while also getting rid of leap years.

File:1*0n-XqrM7Yq_idJvFQBLCbw.png (509.15 KB,1400x1870)


Do you think Web3.0(decentralized internet platforms and accounts based on the blockchain technology, not so much crypto) is something or nothing?

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File:itsmagic.jpg (29.95 KB,480x479)

Doesn't work. Blockchain is, and always will be, a fundamentally useless technology for just about every situation. We have had transactional ledgers for years. What do you think Git is, conceptually? Beyond blockchain buzzword nonsense, crytocurrencies are also dramatically useless for practical usage. In their current implementation, they're nothing but assets to bid on. You'd be better of transacting your business in Venezuelan Bolivars than Bitcoin. Furthermore, "Tether cryptocurrencies" are nothing but assets held in trust to ensure conversion between it and the legal tender it is exchangeable for; if they're not backed by anything, then they're worthless because they have nothing to support their value, and thus cannot be a tethered store of value if that value can fluctuate.

In regards to Web 3.0 stuff in particular, similar proposals have been made in the past for distributed filehosting wherein people would dedicate a portion of their storage and be compensated for their hosting. I don't think I should have to mention this, but this is an awful idea for many reasons: 1. data integrity; if the data you're storing is not properly encrypted, what's stopping someone from unscrupulously accessing your personal files, or anything else that is sensitive, such as user data or credit card information? Nothing. 2. Distributed hosting akin to bittorrent makes no guarantees in regards to the speed of downloading or uploading, nor does it ensure the data will be stored forever, which leads to 3. If, for whatever reason, all of the hosts for a particular set of files goes offline, what happens to the files? In all likelihood, they're gone forever just as the many torrents over the years have died, but in this case you're potentially facing the loss of your entire business front, personal website, or personal storage. Finally, this leads to 4. If the only guarantee against the instability of distributed networking is centralization, what is the point of having a distributed network in the first place? There are lofty ambitions in saying, "anyone could host files for others and be paid in crypto to keep hosting them," but the reality is that this will quickly be monopolized by large players if it is to succeed in any measure.

I might be missing some of their other points, but one stuck out to me. They mentioned the possibility of having a single profile not bound by any platform. This is an admirable goal, but again, when facing reality there isPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Okay, going to make comments as I watch. The thumbnail was not misleading; it seems heavy on internet clipart.

>Papa Elon
*vomits violently*
Feelman, social media emojis, and now this. Fuck this guy. Anyway...

[crypto talk for a few minutes]
Ignoring this, it's unrelated to the topic.
He called a website a "web 3.0 app". He spent a couple minutes talking about a P2P program and implying it was incredible even though he admitted a couple minutes earlier that napster existed 20 years ago. Some talk here or there about encryption, again old hat.
[programmer BS talk]
How does this relate to "3.0" at all? How does this change how the user interacts with the internet? It won't. 2.0 was a major change because the common man could submit content, a huge change from the largely read-only nature of the earlier internet. Privacy? Unrelated, and people don't care about it.
To me this looks like a reason to justify the energy-wasting, environment-destroying pyramid scheme called crypto. The guy is probably a /biz/ or /g/ memer, the images he uses seem to go along with it.
When a headline asks a question the answer is always going to be negative because if the writer was confident it wouldn't be a question. Youtubers seem to follow the same rule.
Grifters, grifters all the way down.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Web3.0 is an eternal retcon of itself


I certainly don't think the web 3.0 people are talking about is something. Not only that but I don't even think it's wanted at all. Your average person doesn't care if the websites he is using are decentralised or not, well actually if anything they probably lean towards centralisation not away from it.

However, I do think there is going to be a web 3.0 but that is going to be AR/VR and the internet of things.


Average joe didn't care that he could get his plumbing instructions by watching youtube videos. Though I'm not sure he cares about NFT grifters and buying things through crypto (though it's worth pointing out that paypal is very very very very bad and will withhold thousands of dollars in funding somewhat arbitrarily while it's competitors such as stripe are not globally accesible)

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