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File:fb2ba80343873d621ce9f47e6f….jpg (331.86 KB,1134x850)


Welcome to Winter... wait wrong hemisphere

I guess it's Sunter this year

This year, Sunter ends on Monday, March 20th!
Sister board: >>>/xmas/
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Winter must have come early this year... I thought it would start on the 21...


yeah well, they're telling me that it's 21st in most of the world


the voices have strong opinions on timezones

File:76af15678cb74aad9f2ff3ef2a….jpg (1.03 MB,1500x2250)


Have you considered living on a boat?
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File:df494b0d81.png (113.09 KB,1663x1038)

All things considered, for what you have to compromise on, It doesn't seem like you get a lot in savings.

Boats are more of an asset than cars, but they still lose some value. Just at a slower pace.
You'd probably be better off taking out a mortgage.
One has to wonder what your gains are when living outside of a building


Maybe I overjudged on the cost of gas since it won't be moving around a lot outside of certain days where you're moving from winter to summer locations.


Also chances are you'd need to take out a loan for the initial purchase. Personal loan rates for people without collateral is 8% right now. Which is pretty bad, maybe it will go down to 4-5% in the future or something.


My great aunt used to live in a house boat at our family riverside holiday house, I went there when I was very young and I remember it was quite house like.
The boat started to rot or get holes in it or something like that(maybe she did not maintain it properly) so she put it ashore and lived in it like that for a bit until she just stole the holiday house and got rid of the boat...

She probably got electricity from the holiday house and as she moored it there she would not have to pay a fee, but then that requires land and defeats the purpose of the boat anyway.


You have to coat or clean the bottom regularly. Lifting it up with a crane and cleaning the bottom or painting it with an environmentally unfriendly chemical.
My family is very much a marine one so I know a bit about this. Which is why I consider it as an option, but still the pricing of it doesn't make sense

File:1526956390484.jpg (89.92 KB,480x580)


Food prices are rising again on February 1st.
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File:[SubsPlease] Rougo ni Sona….jpg (438.33 KB,1920x1080)

Some people starting grow stuff out of boredom in recent years, but it could be an economical thing, too. Space is limited for people in apartments and such, but you could grow stuff like fresh herbs in little pots. If you're in Northern hemisphere to time to start looking at plants and buying them is soon or even now as Spring approaches in 60 days or so.


I don't trouble myself with such trivial matters, mum does all the shopping.


Good thing beans and rice is delicious. $10 feeds me for a whole week.


Norm problems, basically


But that's not very healthy.

File:Nikko-Shinkyo-Bridge-1120x….jpg (237.56 KB,1120x600)


Any bridge otaku here?


File:[SubsPlease] Buddy Daddies….jpg (304.88 KB,1920x1080)

too many trolls there


File:[DBD-Raws][Inuyasha][007][….png (1.71 MB,1440x1080)


File:Plattegrond_van_Deshima.jpg (3.7 MB,3213x2643)


File:1547048035765.jpg (423.6 KB,1000x750)

The /qa/ island...

File:aaaa.png (1.33 MB,1110x1110)

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A thread for interesting or cool news, especially if it's full of /win/
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Just get some chickens.


File:51483379_p0.png (607.79 KB,700x1075)

Egg production hasn't been going so well ever since the christmas calories reared its ugly head.


I missed this when it happened (not that it would matter) but an asteroid about the size of a "minibus" passed Earth and got closer than some satellites. It was only identified a week ago by an amateur.


watching things trajectory get pulled around by gravity is entertaining

File:aaaa.png (548.73 KB,600x535)

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If you don't want to make a thread for a video, you can put it here
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i don't think it's all that deep. It could be summarized in a single line.
Oil extraction in Siberia provided a lot of profit when people most needed it. But the extraction came at a cost.
Then he gives numbers to back up his opinion


Funpost conlangs are a very sophisticated kind of stupid.


The above is an entry to the circus, which I'm watching right now. Gonna be fun.


random song


Cool video about how the stable diffusion stuff works


What's your language's orthography like?
Everyone knows English and French are legendarily bad while runes are a beautiful kind of horror, but there's a lot of other systems out there with their own peculiarities.
Spics are always ready to bring up Spanish, but it's actually not that good for anything outside of northern Spain. A lot of consonants got simplified, and now it can be hard to tell whether you should write something with C, S, or Z. Same with H being mute.
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Internet speech(which mostly seems to have an American or Australian origin) is becoming much more common amongst not just younger people but some older people as well, internet people I will say. I think people often wrongly assume that they are all actually young, my uncle sounds like and probably is a 4channer or something very close to it and he is 50.


Australians also specifically seem to be making an effort to preserve accents and slang, but the UK, US, Singapore and to a lesser extent India and Nigeria have negative stereotypes associated with heavy accents and also may have government pressure to speak proper English (Singapore recently, and the US in the 20th century made public schools English only).


In the future, net english will consist of 10 words




As in, decentralize? Or how? A solid chunk of these issues stem from the imparity between traditional and simplified characters, whose differences exist regardless of the language using them.
Though, unintelligibility is actually pretty common throughout the Old World even today, that's the whole deal with language continuums. Look at these percentages from Japanese:
The listeners were from Keio, I think that's worth mentioning. Germany gets mentioned fairly often whenever this topic is brought up, too, as does Italy, but I think the situation in the second one is different. Would appreciate if a kraut or a guido could chime in.
A lot about intelligibility comes down to phonetics, being able to interiorize the correlations between two dialects' sound systems, like the rhotic vs non-rhotic split mentioned above that no one ever complains about because connecting the dots is pretty straightforward. But in cases where multiple changes pile up, that's when intelligibility takes a nosedive, that's when this happens:
>The 1998 film by Ken Loach, My Name is Joe, is one of the few films recorded [almost] entirely in Glasgow dialect. As a result, the film had to be given subtitles when released in the United States and even for audiences in England.
But Scottish English has a syntax and lexicon that is largely identical to that of other English dialects, all you need to easily understand someone like Limmy is to turn on subs, then comprehension becomes trivial.

Going back to chink, "Chinese to Chinese" is kind of ambiguous now that I think about it. To be clear, Sinitic is 100% a full-on language family, like Romance or Baltic, while Mandarin/Standard Chinese is a single language inside of that group. Cantonese is a separate language, for example. (Itself in reality representing a group inside of which further unintelligibility exists, but that's life.) These sets of people, if they spoke in SC, would be perfectly able to understand each other. The issue lies, above all, in the runes. They're what throws a dragon-sized wrench Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File:__wikipe_tan_wikipedia_dra….png (219.07 KB,1470x1400)


To free up the 'cool news' thread, here is a thread for the wikipedia discussion. Moved posts to follow:
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Most kids won't really care. It's ultimately not that big of a change.

To be clear, I'm not saying you're wrong for disliking the changes. I just think you're wrong-headed in terms of how you're approaching it.


dumb argumentative shitposter




Takes one to know one


>maybe even so the same page can be used for both.
That would be nice because getting linked the mobile page is always annoying, even on a phone. But they haven't gotten rid of the separate mobile page, at least not yet.

File:1412243122203.jpg (93.28 KB,1280x1024)

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Providing a home to all the lost, carefree thoughts you might have.
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My gut instinct is different species in the same genus, but it's kind of hard to say. Part of what confuses things is that they reproduce asexually, but in a way that, to my knowledge, no species on earth does, so a lot of the typical distinctions people use don't really apply.


My sister can read Japanese, and I'm jealous of her. Growing up she was serious about it in a way that I just wasn't, and now the distance between us is really daunting.


You could start learning and maybe ask her to help


I'm not so sure they're asexual, the onions have a flower on top. The onions could be like ant queens and reproduce sexually and just store the other onion's pollen for a long time.

How are new onions created?

Sorry if I missed some lore, I only played the first two games.




File:f3ceee614de28b5aff5f58e602….jpg (434.56 KB,2048x2048)


I'm gonna end the New Year in the black!
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Dollar cost average into success!


File:aqn.pdf (222.5 KB)

Wish I knew how to read these reports on a more technical level


File:MSFT.pdf (220.92 KB)


>25-34 Years of age: ~14,000 USD in savings
What the fuckkk man


File:1515568516658.png (209.81 KB,600x600)

guess that makes me not a norm heh

File:17390e4c6e1b497d50e9a04a36….jpg (3.34 MB,2630x1860)



Hmm, do you mean news articles or general life tips like that one?


the article in the OP isn't news, but it is an article and I didn't think it deserved to be in it's own thread so I made one


fascinating article
that bear just kept going and going



Maybe not exactly an article, but I found this textbook chapter about the Heian period really fascinating. The aristocratic world of Heian seems like an alternate universe full of elegance and good taste. I've also enjoyed the Zuihitsu literature from that period a lot.

File:f5de2a1f06d486f911c9e1bbce….jpg (2.11 MB,3000x3000)


outdoors decided to be cold again


I'm jealous, it hasn't been very winter-like here lately apart from that big freeze a few weeks ago

File:メリークリスマス.webm (2.95 MB,1280x720)



File:1470162701676.gif (258.81 KB,250x250)


I'm surprised with the occasional NEET talk that I haven't seen any talk about norms and "the great resignation".
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It all depends on exactly how much work can even be automated. Factories have been increasingly automated for a while now, maybe even since the water wheel was invented or even before then. It's a process that has been going on forever and yes we are reaching a crescendo but that is still only one field and a field that doesn't hire that many people in many developed nations anyway(my country has pretty much no industry). Transport may be able to be automated, may, we still don't know for sure, many algorithmic positions will be able to be taken over by an AI and other fields too will feel it. But many will not,and many are being created. In developed nations it's still more likely that we lose more workers due to retirement than we will lose positions due to automation.


File:1577232000000.png (100.21 KB,252x252)

when seriously considering resource constraints there's an easier, more frightening conclusion - that we don't need that many people to keep things moving.


I dont know why we're on this relentless death march to make ourselves even more reliant on personal computers and thus more isolated. Smartphones and everything that come with it have already been disastrous for humanity.
If people dont get lobomitized by them further, I could see anti-intellectualism and things like that making a comeback.


What a thread.


>I could see anti-intellectualism and things like that making a comeback.
It already has, at least to a degree.

File:Fuji TV (480p)_20230104_11….jpg (173.51 KB,852x480)


This is probably too niche of a hobby, but that's what the seasonal boards are for right?

Anyway, linear television from around the world is available to anyone with a media player that can support playlists and an internet connection. It can be a fun thing to do when you're bored and having nothing to watch.

There's a lot of filler channels run by governments and stuff, but there's some cool and odd stuff as well. For example, even though I know little-to-no Japanese, Fuji TV usually is entertaining enough as the programming is usually positive. The J-sports channel have call-in shows about obscure sports late at night.

https://github.com/iptv-org/iptv This github has everything to get started. https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/jp.m3u are the Japanese channels, which is what Kissu will probably be most interested in. https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/kp.m3u North Korea has some channels available too, as I know there's some interest in that here.

With how saturated mass media is these days, it surprised me that a lot of isolated, remote countries like the aforementioned North Korea or Mongolia actually have all their channels go off the air (or offline, in this case?) and I'm looking forward to seeing what the television in those countries is like.
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File:Korean Central Television ….jpg (109.5 KB,720x576)

They love their pageantry, don't they?
The ovation for this brought older members of the audience to tears, I think they're veterans. They do Seig Zeon style chants too. This would be cool/touching if the situation wasn't so bad there.


File:Korean Central Television ….jpg (136.2 KB,720x576)

Another member of the audience in tears. I wonder if she is proud of her country/military or if she's upset that they're building/purchasing vehicles when there's food insecurity.


File:Korean Central Television ….jpg (126.7 KB,720x576)


File:Korean Central Television ….jpg (127.01 KB,720x576)

I don't know if the broadcast is distorted but his voice also sounds pitched up. I wonder if it's on purpose.


File:C1_20230105_040457.639.jpg (133.1 KB,1148x646)

The mongolian state broadcasting feed is too poor, but oddly enough they were showing samurai jack.

Pretty girl on Mongolian drama. C1's one of the channels coming in in HD from there. I'll try again later.

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