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File:shpaida.jpg (163.29 KB,1040x780)


For some months now, dozens of spiders have started to pop up all around the house. They're mostly found in the places you'd usually expect, but also in some really odd spots: between the drying dishes, inside my shoes, in the small space between a window's frame and the wall... In the shower, as I write this, there are about five of them one above the other in a corner of the bathroom. (I take care not to hurt them, because they're cool.)

I dunno, it's just very funny and I enjoy it. Wanted to share it, even though I can't take any good pics of them.


if you're cold they're cold let them in bro




maybe you have a spider nest somewhere teeming with thousands of spiders.


Oh, no, I'm in the southern hemisphere. What they probably want is all the flies buzzing around.
That'd be pretty cool. Though there are a lot of very different spiders, lotsa diversity. I've seen them try to eat one another.


/╲/\( •̀ ω •́ )/\╱\


a gecko came swim in my toilet bowl once


I genocide spiders if I find them, I have no time for them and I wish they would all die.


I love spiders, they eat all of the annoying flies that I hate.


>if you're cold they're cold let them in bro
Saw a ladybug in my bathroom, so I got a cup and threw it back outside.


Sometimes a few drops fall on the bottom spiders and disturbs them, getting them to move upwards. This always makes them clash with their neighbors. Today, it happened with a medium-large one, long lengs with tiny body, sorta greyish or very light brown, and a black smaller, stockier one.
Stocky stayed still as they always do while Long slowly crept upwards, intermittently speeding up and down. Long moved slightly upwards a few times but mostly stayed in place. But as long was only about two centimetres away, Stocky instantly leapt downwards and deftly dodged Long, when she felt safe enough she began to quickly weave a new web.
I've seen insects get caught in a web and its resident go from a statue to a loom, but I've yet to find a spider catching another one. They seem very used to each other and always manage to escape.

There was also a miniscule one, maybe half a centimetre long with almost invisible legs, stuck in the sink trying to get out. It's an honestly admirable effort how they carefully go around the wet parts and look for different ways to get out, especially when they're doing it vertically on a wall. I helped her get out with a bit of paper.

More places I've found spiders in:
~ Inside the old water heater
~ Hanging from a faucet
~ In the shower's floor
~ In a doorframe
~ Inside a doorlock
~ Between the curtains
~ In the cats' bowls of food
~ Between a lightbulb and its lampshade
I should write them all down.


I found a huge black example of these monstrosities on my ceiling near my bed. Of course it had to die so I sprayed it with fly spray making sure to spray it away from my bed and this plan worked and moved it away. But then the unthinkable happened, as it fell from the ceiling it got caught in it's own web which swung it down onto my bed!!! Events had gone awry in the worst way imaginable! I knew the wretched creature would flee to the dark pits where it felt most comfortable and that did not bode well. I had to think fast, under no circumstances could it ever be allowed to reach a crevice or under a blanket. I had a box to hand to remove the foul blight and so I placed that down and shone a bright torch at the spider to chase it into the box. Once it was in the box I quickly threw the arachnid incarnation of the devil outside. Onto the lawn where it could not hide from the light, where the heavens would look upon it and judge it and it would be powerless to prevent this. It was an emotional and testing experience but I was victorious and the world is just a tiny bit brighter for the loss of that abomination.


The duality of man.


File:62be7401eb798d4e0fe7971957….mp4 (1.2 MB,720x720)

my cat eats or kills most bugs


How can spiders be evil when they eat flies and mosquitoes?????? They're harmless, if they ever get on top of you they'll leave on their own. Spiderwebs make for great decoration, too.
I don't think it's the spider that is the abomination......


Frogs eat flies and mosquito as well. We don't need spiders.


Yes we do! Spiders are present in way more places than frogs, but it's not even about necessity! They are a very varied group with an endless amount of different looks and I really really like them. It's not like that stupid cockroach that crept up my foot earlier today, spiders won't make any noise, won't eat your food and won't harm you. They are great.


Other animals eat flies as well and even some plants do. I don't think there is anywhere where only spiders eat flies and nothing else does. I don't care if they are varied or harmful or safe. They are varied in how creepy and disgusting they are but they are still creepy and disgusting and we don't need them.


I'm sorry, but I simply cannot continue speaking to someone motivated by such warped beauty standards.


Good, I don't want to talk to you either, not only are your standards of beauty thoroughly debased. not only that, but worst of all you favour invertebrates over your own kind. Have you no decency? Have you no respect for your fellow vertebrates? Have you no respect for your own vertebrate mother? You are a horrid example of our kind, an insult to all vertebrates.


Au contraire. I favor both, as it is a symbiotic relationship that one should be able to appreciate without being tied down by a terrible sense of aesthetics. We need every bit of help we can get to control the most lethal scourge that is the mosquito. Your emphasis on flies over the deadliest foe we have is very telling... Perhaps mosquito hands wrote this post, parading as one of us...


Frogs live in the environments that mosquitoes prefer and probably kill far more than spiders too, frogs and fish can also eat them while they are larvae. I don't have as much of an issue with mosquitoes as with flies, mosquitoes are not that difficult to get rid of and only really cause an issue if they bite, flies buzz around and are just annoying and hard to get rid of. But I don;t live in a swamp so it's probably more annoying there, but again in a swamp frogs are going to kill far more of them than spiders.


File:spid.jpg (205.54 KB,780x707)

Look at this fucking titan. It's closer to 6~7cm, since I was a bit far away.
I am not a good photographer.


Australian spiders?


It's not on that level, no.


you should really kill it


I'm gonna grab its eggs and plant them under your bed.


File:3f38f1de4694c023efc02e697a….png (1.24 MB,857x1012)



HEY! I looked this stuff up and you've got it all wrong, they absolutely destroy everything even in the biomes they share with frogs (and I know you like these big numbers):
Hell, look at this fucking badass passage
>In recent years, researchers have shown experimentally that spiders not only affect insects by inflicting mortality on them, they additionally have indirect (nonlethal) effects by intimidating them to the point where insects reduce their feeding activity in the presence of spiders in order to decrease predation risk.
To humans, they're also one of the most beneficial animals to have around:
They wreck mosquitoes while landscaping:
AND, to boot, they have a symbiotic relationship with your precious frogs, something that has evolved multiple times all over the world:



400-800 tons per year, for all spiders in the world... That's cute.

>The USDA estimates that if every bat in the colony is able to have a good night hunting, the colony eats a staggering 220 tons of insects each night. That’s about 3,000 insects per bat each night.

As for your Frog article.
>in the photo below, a group of tarantulas are feeding on a frog. Yet, nearby, a ‘partner’ microhylid (a Chiasmocleis) is in no danger from attack.

Those frogs are traitors. They even said about those frogs being photographed next to spiders while right near them spiders where eating other kinds of frogs. They are traitors to frog kind.

I refuse to apologise!!!


I meant 400-800 million tons per year for all spiders, it would be even more embarrassing if it was just 400 tons.


The real traitor to frogs is you, so easily leaving them behind in favor of bats. Disloyal. Now, let's see this rando's blog.
Man, that's just... a bad article. The only estimate it links to uses the faulty 1960 1k per hour figure that the guy already previously rejected, and doesn't quote anything in its other numbers. In fact, I can't find any real source on the matter, but it looks like that's no coincidence:
>"Nobody else has ever really looked at that," he said. "There's never really been a need for anybody to quantify how many insects a bat eats in a certain period of time."
Another random blogger says 5g per bat and other things: https://www.squirrelsatthefeeder.com/what-do-bats-eat/
But it either doesn't have a source or links to other sourceless estimates like the USFWS's or TPWD's. Many bats like the Indiana one mentioned above hibernate for several months, seriously dialing down any annual estimate. I'm surprised to see it wasn't mentioned.

All in all, I'm pretty disappointed. I was thinking of doing a spider rain dance to torment you, but it's not worth my time. Doesn't look like I need to say anything about bats either, White-nose is taking care of them.


To clarify, there are some serious articles linked in there but they're about diversity in bat diets, they don't deal with quantities.


I could not find any research on how many insects frogs kill as a whole. As you say even finding research on how many bats kill is hard but then that doesn't make it completely without merit and it certainly would not mean that they kill less just because no study was done on it, they are just estimates like your study was.

In many areas Spiders hibernate too.

As recent events have shown us, bats are too resilient for their own good, well for our own good really. They will be fine in the long run.


Alright, I'm cool with that. I'll take the non-agression as a weird kind of apology.


I wouldn't if I were you or I'll start being aggressive again...


id take the non aggression as a buzz the hell off てめぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇぇ


What, you didn't like the eggs? Too bad.


it's temego not tomago


No matter, spiders still win.


File:btub.jpg (398 KB,1040x780)

in the bathtub


maybe we'll replace artificial fibers and replace them with spider silk in the future.


Quick, turn the taps on before they escape.


But she was saying it would be produced with bacteria not spiders anyway, so it's ecoli silk.

I think artificial material construction has a lot of potentials in may ways. If they can actually do it at scale but that seems to be the issue regarding the field as a whole, like for example how difficult it is to produce artificial meat. Maybe it would be easier just to breed spiders to produce more silk and be more docile and less cannibalistic.


Oh, shit. I'd read about spider cows years ago and e coli was no surprise either, but managing to make chains longer than that of real spiders is incredible.
If it was done with silkworms then maybe it can be done with spiders, yeah.


Had a lot of spiders at a place I used to live. At first I kind of freaked out but I realized they were mostly harmless. But it was still kind of freaky how sometimes out of nowhere while I was sitting there minding my own business a spider would start descending a thread in front of me.


today's techno minded society wants to use computers for everything where nature and living with it better are the optimal solutions. Instead of trying to curb our meat consumption and live a more modest lifestyle we're opting to make low quality artificial beef or other meats.If they would just stop for a second and realize that a mushroom filfils the role im most cases amd spend the research on other things


Mushrooms don't fill the role at all. It doesn't offer the nutritional benefits meat does. But meat consumption can be a complex topic anyway as the figures people use to attack it are often twisted or misunderstood, like land use for example, much of the land used for meat is unsuitable to be used for anything else.

I do agree that we need to curb consumption to a degree though, but consumption of everything not just meat, I think people should start trying to get fat people to eat less to save the planet, it's common sense but nobody seems to talk about it.


same role in terms of taste and texture. I'm not being a nutrition nerd


No way, mushroom has a taste and texture nothing like meat...


They don't do that either...


they do, you swines


Nature isn't real

I mean you're wrong but okay

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