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If you don't want to make a thread for a video, you can put it here


This and its channel are pretty cool. It doesn't upload videos much, as is pretty standard with good channels, but what's there is great. It's good at explaining astrophysics stuff to idiots like me


This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen. According to one of the comments, "This amazing piece of engineering from 1958 was the most advanced desktop accounting machine ever built. It is programmable with fifty discrete program steps and has fifty-six 12-digit decimal registers arranged on seven drums with eight registers each. Programming is done with a board which fits on top of the carriage and distinctly shaped pieces of steel which represent one instruction. Four instructions can be executed in parallel and conditional branches and jumps are possible; the machine is Turning-complete. An optional coprocessor could be added to help with multiplication intensive programs. It is believed that over 300,000 of these machines were built from 1958 to 1983."


watched this while eating my cereals this mornig


this was a nice video. thank you for sharing fren



I really wish they would make a new Armored Core game. Armored Core is easily to the mecha genre what Ace Combat is to arcade flight games.


crazy how active this volcano is can't imagine living in indonesia with this right next to you just waiting to make a huge explosion someday

also does anyone know what causes the lightning storms inside of the eruption cloud?


>does anyone know what causes the lightning storms inside of the eruption cloud?
From what I've heard, the particles than get thrown into the air cause a lot of static electricity build-up, which then arcs to ground like lightning typically does.


super heated dust particles rubbing against eachother as they try to escape from a narrow passageway.


wouldn't mind engaging in some superheated rubbing in a narrow passageway


very important news


wish valve made more games


Can a physics nerd explain to me how surface area works?


Surface area is simply, as its name entails, the area of the surface of an object. The volume, is everything underneath the surface.


So how does a small block of Aerogel have the surface area of half a football field?


If you imagine aerogel as being like a sponge, the individual pores inside of the sponge also add to the surface area figure. Aerogel has such a great density of pores, and they are so small that the combined surface area is quite large. To draw an analogy, if you had a piece of cheese and cut it into many very thin slices, you could undoubtedly make a very long, albeit thin, continuous piece of cheese. Similar to how the pores of air contribute to the surface area of a piece of aerogel, the over all volume of something you could imagine as having a potentially very high surface area if it was drawn thin.


Finnish conference about the Japanese internet.



Not sure anyone else here is old enough to recognize this song, but it's cool to see it live.

I can never see these presentations as different from the "it's a meme you dip" kid and really that's what it boils down to.


Love this botany guy


Huh. Didn't think I would actually learn anything from this channel. Apparently metal straws are much more dangerous than they seem.


piercing needles for jewlry are hollow which helps their piercing. I guess a straw is like this too


Someone needs to call up the Queen and tell her they've found a way to get around the knife ban


Mechanical calculators are cool.



Cute cat.


Japanese dust devil.


Wasn't aware anything like this existed. Apparently in some places you can just use an app and then rent a car to use however you want. Unfortunately, it seems the US market isn't nearly as fortunate as in the Netherlands; while he showed only paying per minute, and a years worth of occasional trips costing less than a few hundred euros, in the US it seems the largest app is Turo, which you pay for having the car for a whole day, typically costing $40 at a minimum. Oh well.


I really don't like the idea. Part of the advantage of a car over Public transport is that you are the only one that uses it. You don't know how many fat, balding, sweaty, farting old men have been in those cars before you. $40 a day would end up costing more as well.


>You don't know how many fat, balding, sweaty, farting old men have been in those cars before you.
Well... He covered that in the video. For the company he talked about, the cars would regularly get cleaned and because people would rather not be fined, there's a pressure to be as clean as possible. $40 per day was just the cost of cars near by me when I checked a similar app. In the Netherlands because it's pay per minute, he showed one cross town trip that only cost a few euros. Mainly, his pitch was using a car sharing service only when necessary and then using public transit otherwise; in his case, the cost of using a car sharing service presented an advantage because there were lots of things he wouldn't have to pay for like gas, insurance, maintenance, etc.

I think it's an interesting idea.


I still would not trust it and I still would not like to sit somewhere where the sweaty old men have been just because they say they cleaned it. That's if it even can be cleaned, you can;t clean the old man sweat the seeps into the seat itself...

It's an interesting idea if you like old man sweat and you don't need a car. Sure, if you want to travel a short distance once a year with a car ant not just ride a bike that one time for some reason then I agree it makes more sense. Gas, Insurance and Maintenance would simply be added to the cost of rent itself. I don't like public transport either.


This sort of thing must have been so ominous and terrifying to people living in the far past.


It's definitely not for everyone, but it makes a lot of sense for people who live in urban areas that don't need a car -- because public transit and walking/biking alternatives are more robust -- but may need to use a car every now and then, like going to the store to pick up a piece of furniture, or taking a family day trip, or needing a car for traveling in a different city after taking a train/plane trip somewhere for business or vacation.


Why do I see science channels like Veritasium and what not making videos about this?


Veritasium is more of an entertainment channel than a science one and a lot of his content is made up of ads for companies. This guy made a video about that. I don't know that I like this guy, he comes across as a bit arrogant but he does make some good points and if you can't be bothered watching it Veritasum does try to defend himself in an exchange with this person in the comment section which is equally as enlightening on Veritasium's credibility(it's a pinned comment, not hard to find).


Yeah, professional youtubers do what pays the bills. Older people here in the US will remember that things like the Discovery, History, and Learning channels were actually about those things back in the day, but they changed their programming for better profitability with the growing popularity of the internet.
Just like with TV, on youtube the best stuff is independent (or publicly funded) so it isn't beholden to shareholders. Hell, even the same groups are involved like BBC (UK) and PBS (SA).
People post PBS Spacetime now and then and that's a good example, I think it uses a combination of government grants and personal donations.




I was debating whether to post this here or in music thread, but decided here because it's visually great, too.
I can only imagine the amount of work this way to create- you've got some basic voice lines from Oblivion and then you turn it into a song and do some great editing with the clip. The "commercial" at the end is great, too.
Man, talented people are really amazing


It doesn't look that hard. It's just chopping voice lines and using an audio program to change how they sound. The visuals too are simple, just a man dancing over a sideshow with some filters really.



I know Touhou looks hard, but this just looks impossible


He's just jumping up and down and moving side to side. All the enemy attacks are too slow to do anything.


That's very interesting, but consider the following:


That's very similar, only this time he does not have to jump or move side to side so much, he can just run straight ahead, also the enemies are mostly further away which makes their slow moving projectiles even harder to hit, I think you would have to actually intentionally stand still and let yourself get hit for them to hit.


They're not too slow, and they're coming from all directions. But more he makes it look easier than it is by having good awareness, just randomly jumping about would eventually land you in front of an attack, if the HUD were there you'd be able to see more of how chaotic that run is. Also he's making precise shots to parts of the enemies extremely fast to disable some of their more dangerous weapons, all while managing ammo, health, armor, and swapping between weapons to deal ideal damage to each individual enemy before it becomes too much. This is all to say, it's a whole lot harder than it looks.


They are slow... I could throw a tennis ball faster than that. Do you know how fast bullets are? I don't but probably at least twice as fast. It is just random, because they aim at him and they are so slow, all he has to do is just not be where he was a minute ago and they miss.


Maybe if you're blind.


He's doing exactly what I said... Only he seems to get hit a lot by enemies that he is not looking at too, he probably should move in a more circular pattern so the enemies at the side miss when they shoot at him as well as those in front.


File:Touhou Hong Meiling and Sa….jpg (94.42 KB,775x1000)

I can't believe you would compare this kids game to Touhou... Touhou is real, it's visceral, it's deadly. Fairies don't mess around, they attack in formations and saturate the area so you can't just side step from the one spot where you were before, they are trained killers, they work as a team, they are not playing around and that's just the fairies, the bosses saturate the whole screen in precisely executed attack patterns meticulously designed solely for the purpose of killing the player, they don't just account for side stepping they account for forwards, backwards and diagonal movement as well, they are bloodthirsty cannibals that think of you only as their next meal. And you can't just get shot 10 times and then be back to full health 10 seconds later because you get a health pack, this is real life you die if you get shot and you can only come back to life 3 times.


File:9c445e83667c799d2fcd63330d….png (2.74 MB,1600x1120)

Getting murdered by an organized group of killer fairies~


Pay him no mind, he's doing the same as those who watch DMC combo vids and complain that the enemies don't do anything.


File:waterfox_ZOxnG0oVJw.png (985.84 KB,1256x706)

I've found some good second monitor fodder that eats up a lot of time!
GDQ, the speedrunning event isn't nearly as good as it was back in the day, but the channel at least added some novel "shows" that happen between the events and I think some of them are pretty good. "Super Boss Brothers" has two people compete in old game mini-events (like "gather the most coins in SM3 in 10 minutes") and the commentors are Big Jon (my favorite speedrunner) and TheBlacktastic and they're really entertaining.
This is a link to it in playlist format:


File:waterfox_HZ45AvZUc9.png (1.09 MB,1256x706)

Example of one of the challenges. I guess I should have used this as the image


>Big Jon
I think I remember you mentioning this guy looking like he potentially might have had a stroke. Is he doing better?


Oh, yeah that was a theory of mine but it turned out to be that his jaw was partially paralyzed in a rare side effect from covid vaccination. He's not on camera, but I think he seems to have recovered judging by his speech being clear.
I really wish him the best because life has given him so much terribleness and yet he's the friendliest guy you'll see at those events


Decided to split my post into two separate threads.

I loved Rift so much. I'm not much for the competitive stuff, but the soul system and the amount of non-combat stuff for a modern MMORPG was really good. Alas, it didn't last long and people started getting fired and... well, I actually saw a video about this that you've now reminded me of.
I vowed never to go back to those addictive theme park MMORPGs and Rift was the last one I played, but I can acknowledge that it really got some things right.


Seems like Facebook might die.

They stopped growing for the first time and privacy laws are causing them to lose billions. They've also lost a few billion on overspending in VR and AR attempting to poach talent from Google, Microsoft and Apple


That's a fucking hideous thumbnail.


the video author is a bit of a herd follower so it's about expected. He presents the content well and offers the perspective of a grass grazing troglodyte.



Unfortunately, crappy thumbnails like that are one of the easiest* paths to professional youtuber money. Ideally you'd also include a title that gives no concrete information, but offers a tantalizing hint to something significant.

*It's still extremely unlikely that any given channel will be successful


Anyways, Mozilla is working with Facebook now to try and create an advertising system that can get around privacy laws.



oh wait, this isn't the news thread


I don't know why but this is really funny for some reason.


Holy heck is the battleship version of those AMVs of characters that died in Final Fantasy?


First off, that's a destroyer. They're very different to battleships. You can tell from the smoke stack that that is Obviously nothing less than a light cruiser. Do you see those gun caliber? That is nothing less than Type 3 127 mm 50 caliber naval guns. Torpedo tubes were not mounted to battleships, they were designed for long range bombardment.

Now on to your main point. No. These are World War Two ships. Final fantasy did not take place in Japan. Final fantasy takes part in various worlds called Gaia. Gaia, though it may look like it is not Earth and there is NO Japan. Therefore, no there is no resemblence between this video and Final Fantasy


Oh yeah?
Final Fantasy games have the Earth elements, Earth dungeons and even Earth crystals. Gaia Magic? Never heard of it. Not only that, but there's earthquakes! Who's ever heard of a gaiaquake?


Many battleships did have torpedo tubes as well, he is talking nonsense.


Also battleships float in the sky with propellers


Boy, this is getting out of hand. Near the end they even talk about him preparing a 120 star run blindfolded. It's really cool to see the the various methods used for positioning, but man I can't imagine all the memorization required.


He should get a job.


Thrilling old video on scaling brick chimneys. Great narration of the whole ordeal. Really makes you think about all the skill old-timers must accumulate when devoted to their trade.


Gee this guy really is something else.


He's mad. But it seems that some people are like that, they just don't care about heights at all.


I can see why "slow" floods are as dangerous as they are now. The methodical pace of the rushing water makes it seem less intense than it truly is when in fact hundreds and thousands of pounds of water are moving by every instant.


Probably one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Love the screams of absolute joy from the engineers while the narrator stoically comments on it too.


brilliant pebbles was an amazing and rare success of the star wars program and had it been deployed would have been a really formidable missile shield

one worrisome capability the US has with the new generation of large, reusable spacecraft is the ability to quietly manufacture an entire skys worth of brilliant pebbles. and then quickly dump them all into LEO at all at once without warning. which would be a huge pain in the ass for anyone who relies on ICBMs for nuclear security.
you can see from starlink how quickly huge constellations can be placed into orbit.


From what I've heard, I would imagine these are not nearly as much of a concern as they would have been at their inception due to the recent development of hypersonic missile systems which would largely travel through the upper atmosphere rather than low earth orbit, which also makes them considerably more difficult to identify in time for an adequate response. On the one hand, I would say, "hopefully some counter can be found for them," but on the other hand a technological arms race for nuclear weapons isn't exactly something to champion either...


File:gundam.mp4 (6.33 MB,404x298)

Gundam walking test.




I get to play the role of old man posting things no one else knows again.
Was looking at the Windows 10 screen dimming feature and "Night Light" and this commercial from 30 years ago popped in my head.
This thing was so cool, I wonder if this is why I love glowing gems in video games so much


I think everyone on the internet knows of the "hydraulic press guy" but I'm linking a random video of his anyway

also nice title


I don't think these things ever went away. I remember my imouto getting one of those things in the early 2000s. I'm pretty sure it was pink and advertized to girls as a Disney thing, maybe? You're still an oji-san, though.


File:video0_-_2021-08-22T184102….mp4 (1.05 MB,640x1138)


I don't like this... don't lower rimuru with gross tiktoks..


She's not real


his character was already lowered by that comedy spinoff


They did it with precure on /qa/ as well... It's a problem.

That doesn't matter!!

No it wasn't!!


It's a he. Also, I don't care. I don't want to see or watch stupid tiktoks.


File:''Fidgeting''.mp4 (2.03 MB,1280x720)

Take it back!!


File:Autism-Speaks.webm (957.65 KB,1280x720)

That was a tiktok? I thought it was just a weirdly cropped clip taken from an AMV, ignorance really is bliss sometimes.


i think i made this webm...


File:letthebodies.webm (3.65 MB,460x258)

That's particular because that webm was on an old SATA that was dying that was one of very few files that lived that and this one.


A cow got lost on a beach during a flood in Australia. Sad.



he's rocking out


These guys have done some amazing satire and weird stuff over the years.
"You Must Respect Copyright" is another good one that and "Gimme the Mermaid"


"I'm gonna sue yo-look at this stuff isn't it neat!"


This channel does timelapses of plants growing


That's a lot of time for three tiny little potatoes


Well, yeah. The growing season is from Spring to Fall.


In addition to what the other guy said, the growth might be inhibited by the size of the container, too.
I guess he stopped it because the potatoes weren't even visible so there wasn't much to see at that point


Aside from the lyrics being a bit off, I can't really tell the difference between this and other Eurovision songs


In terms of speedrunning Elden Ring looks like it's going to be a really fun game to watch people run in a bunch of different ways. I'm epsecially looking forwards towards an all bosses run.


Tiny tank for tiny lizards


sleep tight, lizzer


These videos are pretty cool, but the heights scare me.


weatherman... ;_;




Saw about this guy a while ago. He's been making his own boat from scratch, apparently for 14 years now, and he just finished and was able to launch it.


The follow-up


Nice investment blogger


Why do these people feel the need to stick their ugly mugs in the thumbnail?


posting it before watching

Because streamers and youtubers are brands as people. Just because you're a broke loser doesn't mean you need to make other people feel bad for trying to sell themselves


>Just because you're a broke loser
Rude, also highly presumptuous.

Anyway, I understand the youtube meta, but that doesn't mean I have to like or even respect it.


dont mind him, hes a dumb argumentative shitposter


I wonder how much of that "brand" money goes towards paying "broke losers" to white knight for them in obscure niche anonymous message boards.


I find their content more interesting than your angry sages


So you just white knight for them for free? Makes sense that you're a broke loser then. There are people who get paid to do this, you know.


the angry sage


I like knights a lot, I wish I could become a knight one day. Maybe Santa will give me a knighthood for Christmas.


We don't need to retread the "youtubers have awful clickbait thumbnails" argument every other day.

Posting some tamers


Don't make me post the spreadsheet


I genuinely thought it was a /secret/ meme and not an actual grievance


Strange how AI is claimed to be able to write news articles, replace programmers and artists yet it's chatgpt applications are very sloppy and error prone.

Reminds me of the trouble of outsourcing, where your product will come out as garbage and require more effort of corrections from local engineers who require the education and experience to writs quality products.


RPGMaker forever



Useful winter knowledge


witches get riches



Like a sir


I don't understand the point of any of this


just imagine the possibilities of being able to control a your home appliances from a Windows Server 2000


hi mary


I get stupid videos


I got that too, even though I dislike him and don't watch his videos...




I remember watching that a while ago, and I don't disagree with him.
However, having mum often watch TV while I am cooking or something else. I think that it's TV in general that is bad rather than just Japanese TV.


For live action TV, there's a reason people cherish the same 20 series or so


I don't think he talks about that, more the studio kind of TV like breakfast TV and game shows.
I don't really watch 3d series but I think Japan probably produces similar content to what most TV series are as well, they have their own crime and drama shows.

They have a historical drama series every year called a Taiga drama, I have seen two of them. They have fairly interesting topics, I saw Yae no Sakura which is about a Samurai's daughter and Gunshi Kanbei which is about a strategist in the Sengiku Jidai, I thought they were both quite good. But it can be difficult to find them online in English and in good quality.


File:Gunshi Kanbei 24.mp4_snaps….jpg (291.85 KB,1280x720)

Oh and as a side note.
The Person that plays Hideyoshi in Gunshi Kanbei is actually also the person that Hideyoshi is modelled on and voiced by in Nioh 2.


From what I have seen on japanese TV, studio television just seems like an excuse to have pretty girls do mundane things under the guise of "comedy" rather than ogling


PBS put a documentary on youtube on the much-maligned Pegasus spyware software used by governments and it's pretty great. It's not happy news, so be forewarned.
There's a part two as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYMWTXIkANM
On a related note, does anyone have any good channels for documentaries or educational stuff in general? I'm guessing it's pretty rare to see hour-long stuff since google doesn't reward it


vlogger warning


nerd video


Sorry, cant trust anyone that has a NA (or british tbf) accent like that on anything regarding the former warsaw pact countries


i don't think it's all that deep. It could be summarized in a single line.
Oil extraction in Siberia provided a lot of profit when people most needed it. But the extraction came at a cost.
Then he gives numbers to back up his opinion


Funpost conlangs are a very sophisticated kind of stupid.


The above is an entry to the circus, which I'm watching right now. Gonna be fun.


random song


Cool video about how the stable diffusion stuff works


It's not as good as it used to be hence why I didn't even pay attention when it was happening, but AGDQ had a Terraria speedrun which I started watching. The multiple teleport location trick using a falling sand block is quite interesting



TAS is really neat


You're gonna look at this thumbnail and you're gonna like it




This channel is kind of dumb, but also kind of interesting?
The questions can be pretty dumb, but the info is neat. Like this one is "What if we nuke Jupiter" which is ludicrously dumb, but I learned it'd take the missiles 550-650 days for them to travel if we launched them from Earth and that groups of asteroids in the asteroid belt are called "families", among other stuff. It uses a lot of movie footage as filler, but it works.
Not bad


I want to learn to solder one day. Well, I guess it's not really that complicated, but you need confidence and respect for the dangers and I'm not sure if my hands are steady enough


Yes it's not complicated. I learnt to do it in middle school, I even made some stick figure people with it but then somebody in my class came along and soldiered pen*ses to them...


Yeah, that was me.


That guy drooled while he did it and he used to stare at my crutch in class, so I hope not...


I'm staring at it right now.


Great animator


hehehe (by nature of it showing Elden Ring bosses it can be considered spoilery)


Seacat episode 1 in a nutshell.


The Pikmin hacking scene is getting nuts


File:waterfox_XyL050rxHO.png (1.24 MB,954x686)

Don't really want to make a thread for it and it's live instead of youtube, but the European Speedrunner Assembly is going on. It's like GDQ, but closer to the old versions instead of the modern sanitized version. (I think it's heading that direction though)
Someone is doing a blind Breath of the Wild run right now. 15 minutes into a 2 hour estimate



bocchi the V6...


Just ripping into particle physicists for 20 whole minutes...


I only hear an engine. What's it supposed to sound like?




She's actually too optimistic. She thinks particle physicists could be doing something better whereas the most likely issue is there being not much left to discover within the energy scales humans can feasibly reach. In particle physics this pessimistic scenario is called the "desert."





sleepy bald eagle


thats a lot of chlorine bonds


love making fun of khan academy


10 years ago, interesting topic.
Deleting posts relating to "the unsaid topic"


Well, that's sad. Looks like the eggs aren't going to hatch and they're abandoned. I wonder if they were duds to begin with or if the extreme weather put a damper on things


silly newborn humor done by someone around my age


Honestly, I find vowels vexing. Much harder to articulate than consonants.


Nice. I honestly don't think these videos do a very good at showcasing this stuff, they feel a bit stiff and hard to appreciate, but I'm happy that it exists.
A neat thing to note is the number of phonemes. People commonly say Japanese pronunciation is easy due to the small amount of sounds it has (usually because they ignore allophones) but Rioplatense Spanish actually has even fewer, with less restrictive but still fairly simple phonotactics (unless you treat devoicing as a source of heavy syllables, then they're more or less on par with each other).


File:phono comparison.png (69.7 KB,1649x338)

For reference, comparison between phoneme charts. Allophone count for Jap refers exclusively to the ones that can occur in a vacuum, except for /N/'s [ŋ]. I think the gap may widen if you were to add all possible allophones, English would at least double in size. This is without counting vowels.





Cool analysis on the benefits of Adblock for Google's advertisement revenue


This guy does in-depth story things of speedrunning history for specific games. You may like it or it will put you to sleep.
Anyway, here's one for Super Mario World that just came out


He makes an offhand comment that the 11 exit path is the most direct path to Bowser's castle, reached by beating every secret exit in the levels that have them. Never realised that the shortest path has that property, it's really elegant and feels like something the designers put there on purpose.


The ABC stuffs are really good, covering the whole history and mechanics extensively. Sadly it's already outdated...
His videos aren't really sleepers for general retro game audiences in my opinion, unlike RGMechEx.


Good examples of language change based on interactions between dialects.


machine sliding a triple pendulum back and forth along a rail does some really cool feats of balance


You may want to repost this on /spg/ soon


File:waterfox_mm1BTfTVyj.png (2.59 MB,1986x1072)

Don't want to make a thread for it and don't know where else to put it, but Japan's version of GDQ/ESA is going on: https://www.twitch.tv/RTAinJapan
It's kind of funny that the game I see right now is a Western one


/spg/ - Sports General


This is a really good video


It's cool how skilled people can be


hehe this channel has a few good Simpsons video game edit things


You or may not be aware of a guy called TheMexicanRunner (or TMR) that did a big event nearly a decade ago where he beat every US licensed NES game. What I didn't know is that it's all on youtube and in a handy playlist. He's not particularly charismatic or anything, but it's crazy to see him keep at it on games that are ludicrously difficult that people used cheat codes to beat back in the day.
For instance it took him 40 hours to beat Ikari Warriors and it's all there, with him practicing with save states and pulling out maps and so on. It's a reminder that something that may sound fun at first is really a nightmare.




But why?


He used to speedrun Battletoads and other NES games before, people who speedrun usually do it for the challenge or because something could be possible, even if it sounds insane. I know him because his name used to pop up in the speedrunning community which I used to follow back then
I think this is the appeal of GamecenterCX, the editing and charisma of the host helps to make it fun.



It might lean a bit too much on modern ironic humor for some, but I find this video really funny. It reminds me of early YTPs.



Interestingly, that old Winnie the Poo baseball flash game is still getting fan creations


More modern YTP stuff along the lines of >>2886. This one's a bit more traditional, but it's a similar style of humor.

I'm glad to see the format survive beyond people like me that grew up with it. This isn't someone making a high-effort YTP in the grand tradition of poops; it's someone throwing together a stupid shitpost for fun, and in my mind, that's the truest form of YTP.


I was more into the musical kind of poops, and I even made a few (horribly out of tune) ones myself.

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