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A thread for interesting or cool news, especially if it's full of /win/


2 guys in bailed out of a helicopter about to crash and swam for 12 hours to shore. One guy used a seat as a flotation device, but he's also 57.
I was thinking maybe it was embellished since he's a government official, but there's a pretty clear record when an aircraft crashes and people die.


That's pretty freakin cool



Oh wait, it seems like there's quite a few people skeptical of it.
doubtful entangled tard?


tard survives nerd torture yet again



They are trying to ban effeminate men from all media, maybe that has something to do with it.



>Pulling a bandaid off slowly is more painful than doing so quickly, Australian research has confirmed.

Old news, but I think it'll always be topical. I kind of want to make a poll either way.


File:92494493_p0.png (838.52 KB,720x960)


This, but more of the norm answer.


They banned kids from playing video games and are still very anti anti-totalitarian themes in media. They also have a chat platform (https://s.team/chat/DPi2zQ5s ) that doesn't have the same data hoarding/state reporting standards as discord.


this seems hella unsanitary if it's not for personal use


A Russian rocket failed to reach space, but it went far enough to not fall back quickly and it's predicted to crash tomorrow or the next day. This youtube link is tracking it live:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSP4RmaCLWc if the embed doesn't work


thats exciting
i think russian military spaceflight is plagued by sabotage. getting to orbit is very routine and shouldn't have many failures at all

there was a launch a few years ago where an employee jammed a part in backwards and then disappeared. the launch vehicle make it out of the atmosphere.



Some not very new news and a recent follow-up of of an interesting way to fight mosquitoes.

(I don't know how credible the second site is, but this clearly has been in the works for a while.)


Singapore and Australia are both doing similar things. It's interesting in Australia's case as the mosquitoes are what is actually used to spread Calicivirus among rabbits. So by trying to use labs and chemical warfare to genocide one species they undermine the chemical warfare they are using to genocide another species. And then that even goes further because large populations of rabbits will mean in turn large populations of cats, so it undermines their cat genocideing efforts as well.



Apparently twitch streamers have been watching entire seasons of TV shows as 'content', and now they're starting to get banned. The surprising part is that some people are surprised by this.


First genetically modified pig heart transplant into a person is so far a success in that it wasn't immediately rejected.
There's still a few more thresholds of possible reject he needs to cross, but it's pretty cool. Anyone with moral quandaries about it would probably feel different if it was them, as the article mentions 17 people a day die in the US while waiting for an organ transplant.


The moral quandaries in the article linked to the article you posted are ridiculous. Killing animals? Really? It's not like we don't kill millions if not billions of animals a year for food or even fur and yet it's somehow wrong to do it to save a life? That's absurd. My moral issues with this is that it would save too many Americans, more should die.

Also, organs sometimes contain unknown maladies and can transfer them to the patient. It's not unheard of for a patient to receive an organ and then contract rabies from it and die. Farming them should stop that. Though, it's only an issue in third world countries like the US that have rabies and again it's better if they die so maybe that isn't so good a potential benefit.


Moral? As in he should have died waiting for a transplant?


would have been more fitting for the heart to go to a woman, since women are pigs


Very mature dude. Could you not in the future?


File:1474960830094.jpg (50.7 KB,460x391)

>the incident began after Kuczwanski’s BMW drifted out of its lane while heading north on Thomasville Road. That’s when the BMW hit a white Prius.
>Both cars pulled into a parking lot. The driver of the Prius confronted Kuczwanski about hitting him
>The Prius’ driver then returned to his car to wait for law enforcement’s arrival after confronting Kuczwanski. That is when... Kuczwanski rammed his BMW into the Prius on the driver’s door, and began pushing the car sideways in the parking lot.
>Kuczwanski then shot a gun at the white Prius
>The Prius driver drew a gun and fired back into the windshield of Kuczwanski’s BMW
>Kuczwanski was hit and killed

>Kuczwanski’s wife, Rebekah Kuczwanski, said in a Twitter thread... claimed that he was trapped and “assassinated”

>Previously, Kuczwanski pleaded no contest to assault and disorderly conduct... to a separate road rage incident at the same intersection

>The final tweet on his Twitter account, an announcement that he had entered an online raffle for a firearm worth $5,000

"I just entered to win the Laugo Arms Alien Pistol from @ClassicFirearm! Valued At $5000! #sweepstakes #LaugoArms #LaugoArmsAlien #LaugoAlien #Alienpistol #Lancer #LancerSystems @LancerSystems #LancerAlien #gungiveaway #winagun #dreampistol Enter Here – https://t.co/J8GTd6LQUm

— John Kuczwanski (@jkuczwanski) December 9, 2021"

Maybe a bit too political of a story, but I find this incredibly ironic. Some guy driving a BMW with a history of road rage slams into a prius and then gets killed after firing the first shots. Probably the most ironic detail of the story is that, “He was on his way home early to pick us up for a farewell dinner for our daughter." Sheesh. Talk about a farewell. Gotta love Florida.


I see, makes sense


Pretty nice, wonder if I shpuld wait for them to work out the bugs first



>Study Explains Why Pluto (And Some Moons) Are Actually Planets After All



File:volcano-eruption-tonga-fro….png (1.5 MB,1600x840)


Is that not even a supervolcano? Crazy how huge it is





>Microsoft PR has confirmed that the deal is worth $68.7 billion

The purchase price of this acquisition is insane.... Although I'm hopeful that maybe under microsoft Blizzard will be able to produce better games.


Weren't they owned by Tencent? I think I remember hearing some stories about someone in some competition getting blacklisted because they said something about Hong Kong or something like that. I'm not such a fan of Microsoft just absorbing studios like they've been doing the past decade, but I can't imagine them getting political over stuff, so that's probably for the best.


Tencent had a large ownership of ActiBliz stock, but no, they didn't own them. They only bent the knee to china because it was a business decision to not lose the chinese market by way of government blacklisting.

I'm not a fan of Microsoft absorbing the games industry either. However Activision/Blizzard has been really awful lately so I, along with seemingly the majority of people, are betting on this transer of ownership to be for the best since they are actually getting rid of Bobby Kotick through this.



Blizzard does not make any good games and neither does Microsoft so it does not mater and won't change anything.



Test kits, get yer free test kits here.


Not so much cool news, but just plain bewildering to see happening from my POV.

I know it's in Nip but to summarize:

>Charges are being sought against some men and women who modified their in-game account data, with the intention of selling said accounts through a 3rd party website for real money.

It's obviously a breach of the game's EULA but it really is surprising to see how far this stuff has come, from someone who can still remember the wild west days of the internet well enough. Of course, this is Japan however who has comparitavely tightened their DRM and digital laws too.
Anyways, I wonder what game it was.


cool API error


File:img_e363bafddb100da086bce0….jpg (77.05 KB,600x1033)

I like how japan has the same media "dumb down the concept" info-graphics. Kind of nice how they look more like something you'd see in a business presentation as apposed to the super glossed up/artistically rendered ones that you see in US articles.


Imagine if Microsoft were to fix that though
Then they'd have some of the best again


But it's not a matter of fixing... Blizzard always made bad games.


File:1604770823992.gif (2.56 MB,640x480)

Yeah, and you've always been in desperate need of a good beating.


File:FI_1oGeXsAUom42.jpg (76.62 KB,1492x842)


The one prince guy that was with Epstein got his military titles and patronages stripped. I'm not a fan of the monarchy, so frankly I think the Queen should have gone farther and stripped him of his title altogether.


This isn't cool news, it's just news.


I disagree. You can call the Queen's action cold for sure.


I have mixed feelings on the monarchy. But I don't feel it was the right thing to do. He has not been found guilty of anything, you should not punish somebody until they actually have been found guilty.


The infamous Russian numbers station got Touhou hijacked!


pretty epic


"this just in: 'touhou' responsible for WWIII"


File:Qualities_independence_vs_….png (201.65 KB,820x820)


File:Unselfishness-versus-faith.png (499.82 KB,2400x2400)


File:Work-versus-imagination.png (523.08 KB,2400x2400)


oh say can you seeeeee

But I'm really surprised that in Japan obedience is the least important skill taught when following social norms tends to be heavily emphasized in society. I wonder how accurate the polling data is.


What I've read about Japanese education and child raising supports this. Respect and obedience are mutually exclusive, since you don't need to obey someone in order to respect them.


I think it might be because it's societal and not actually taught as such. So why encourage it to be taught when it's something that probably feels natural to most Japanese people anyway?


The country Turkey has changed it's English name to "Turkiye."


Sony brought Bungie for 3.6 Billion dollars. Not that I care, Bungie never made good games since Halo 3 and they don't own the rights to that now anyway.


I guess that's what Destiny is worth then


Yes, unless they try to make something else but they don't seem to be inventive enough for that, they have a DLC or add on or whatever coming out that is just a rip off from Lord of the Rings, it's called witch queen and looks pretty similar to the Witch king in LOTR.



>1.2 billion light-years
Odd to think that this event is already billions of years old


Well, not exactly. That may in fact be the distance, but it's not necessarily how long ago the event happened due to the expansion of the universe. Still pretty freakin old though.


File:3500.webp (54.61 KB,880x586)

Polar bears hanging out in an abandoned Russian weather station. Very nice images


Those are some comfy photos and I can't believe bears are getting a home rent free.


Seems like something you'd see in a Coca-Cola ad.


File:Touhou Z Gif 026.gif (181.57 KB,190x190)

Facebooks share price just fell 26% in one day.


Turns out no one wants to live in a virtual reality. The norms want to talk face to face and the neets want to use forums.


File:80834772_p0.jpg (1.38 MB,1496x2243)

Everyone's probably interested in virtual reality but Facebook's idea was just super lame.


It has nothing to do with that at all lol. It has has much more to do with things like Apple requiring tracking disclosure for apps (surprise: the norms don't like being tracked either), Facebook growth is negative because the younger generation sees it as being for older people, it's declining relevance with younger generations makes its advertising business less attractive, combined with myriad antitrust cases bubbling up on the social media front with Instagram and Facebook being labeled as monopolies by the FTC, as well as antitrust cases with regards to VR, made worse by continual bad press on Facebook with regards to it's users.


As >>850 said it's nothing to do with that.

I would read it the other way around, in my view the reason Facebook is pushing VR/AR is because of how badly they are doing, it's the only way they can expand at this point.


File:Screenshot_20220204-030100….jpg (103.72 KB,1080x681)

VR stuff has actually gotten way more popular just in the last few months. I've noticed way more Oculus Quest ads as well as people talking VR in general, and anecdotally I've noticed people on Steam playing more VR games.


File:1904worldsfairbuildings.jpg (107.29 KB,777x518)

it always impresses me how quickly and ornately constructed the world's fairs were, and that they were organized just because. meanwhile it's taken my city more than 4 years to make a roundabout...


Yes, because back then we had hordes of skilled craftsmen that could be put towards projects like that. Today skilled craftsmen barley exist and where they do they charge a fortune just to make a small column. Everything is built with mass produced components now and the workers that build with them are just assembling really.


reminds me of the story that germans had to ask north korea to restore some old statues because no one in germany has that skill anymore


great planning as usual from Musk


It's ok he can throw a few more billion to make up for it


That sounds a bit suspicious to me. I find it hard to believe that a) they couldn't find any skilled craftsman in germany, and b) the only place they could find them was in the most dystopian nation on the planet.


more like, sounds like a nice blog piece for people to use as a source for a decades to come.



Something they didn't mention that I thought was pretty important to me too was how much energy they put into getting the result they got. The article went 9n and on about how ITER should create more power than is required to go into it, but they never stated how much power was required for the JET experiment to indicate if we're at all close to reaching that goal.


They said Q = 0.33, meaning they had to put in about 3 times as much energy than was produced.


Neat. I'm guessing I skimmed over that part because I wasn't sure what the whole Q thing meant.


File:1491242805582.jpg (27.9 KB,291x302)

"Nuclear" Fusion? That sounds bad for the environment! We can't possibly use that.


This is really bad.

Newegg received a damaged product from a customer that they knew was damaged, and then tried to RMA the product with the manufacturer, but then declined to go through with the RMA because of the cost of repair. They then went on to knowingly sell a damaged product as "open box" to and then denied a refund because the product was damaged. I don't think this can even be construed as incompetence. The motherboard literally had an RMA return sticker from Gigabyte still on the motherboard that they didn't remove. This looks like straight up malice and attempted fraud.

I would strongly advise any Kissu frens looking to purchase computer parts steer well clear of Newegg. I knew they had been bought out by a Chinese company, but I didn't realize they'd been driven to such desperate and evil lows.


This is really a problem of mergers and acquisitions. Unregulated capitalism (or poorly regulated in china's case) creates a situation where it's more profitable to buy out a company with a big reputation, moderate profit margins and a desire to sell.

By cutting back all funding on staff and only doing the bare minimum to keep things running they can reap large short term profits for the acquisition group and at the expense of customers. Though I do not buy second hand parts, I would have surely fallen for some other cost cutting 'scam'.

My sources for this theory can be summed up in this video about MMO companies.


Newegg's been kind of crappy for a while because of all the third party stuff on it. And lots of crap on the site that has no relation to computers. You could at least sort of see the relation to there being PS4 games on it, but bicycles? Furniture? It's like the usual big company thing where they decide to dip their feet into everything because they gave up being great at any one thing. I never had any complaints with it myself, but I've only ordered there about 15 times over... damn it's been like 16 years now.
Well, it's the normal cycle of things. It's a niche thing for a few years, gets popular, sold, gutted, and people had already moved on elsewhere. I think some treat microcenter as its replacement, but I'm sure there's others around I can't remember.

At the same time, don't give one youtuber so much power over your decisions. Newegg's decline has been widely known so it's true in this case, but this video isn't the thing that proves it.


>At the same time, don't give one youtuber so much power over your decisions. Newegg's decline has been widely known so it's true in this case, but this video isn't the thing that proves it.
That goes without saying. I've known Newegg had been bad for some time, but I didn't have any personal experience with them getting crappier due to never finding myself in a situation where ordering from them even made sense for the sorts of things I order regularly. Just seeing how everything was handled reaffirmed to me that I'd be better served continuing to look elsewhere; I've heard the same thing from other people, but Newegg has had a very slight resurgence in recent years, particularly due to it being among the few places where you can order a GPU at times, so it had somewhat rehabilitated itself despite there also being frequent stories of people getting screwed over in various aspects of ordering things from them.


This is not cool news :(


Sorry... I just wanted to make sure Kissu frens don't get scammed.


Oh wait, I didn't notice that this was a new follow-up video. Wow, yeah that's really bad. What a seedy company, a shame that it used to be so highly regarded, and of course that's what enables it to get away with this crap for so long.


Not really news, but it is a decent blog post that relates to a post on this board

>Why Copilot writes bad code
>According to OpenAI’s paper, Codex only gives the correct answer 29% of the time. And, as we’ve seen, the code it writes is generally poorly refactored and fails to take full advantage of existing solutions (even when they’re in Python’s standard library).


I find this headline very provocative, but I don't know about the content of the article itself



File:asd.png (2.79 KB,200x120)

I remember watching a short documentary about those things. That's a real shame. As the article describes, it's effectively a very low resolution black-and-white "screen" that becomes their vision and it's really amazing.
You won't see anything resemblign detail, but you can see light sources and see movement which is pretty huge for everyday life.



This is not cool news :(


File:[HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan….jpg (549.86 KB,1920x1080)

There is going to be a Lord of the Rings anime. But it only comes out in 2024.


It's an anime but it's produced by New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers. It's strange, I really don't get how these things work as I thought that Amazon had the rights now.



Nothing good can come from making an anime with a western audience in mind. And based on the studio's previous works, it will most likely be fully CG.


I get the impression it's going to be another of those western "anime", where it's technically a Japanese-American coproduction, but so much of the creative direction is dictated by Americans that it's more or less an American show.

My issue with these sorts of shows isn't even that they're intended for a western audience, it's that they're made by people who don't really even know what anime is or why it's appealing. American studios seem to think that anime = action cartoons with a low framerate wacky expressions, which couldn't be further from what they actually are.


Normally I would agree. But I think that because it's LOTR it will be done to quite a high standard and will be more like an animated LOTR movie rather than a cartoon set in the LOTR world if that makes sense.


File:waterfox_UwkS0LSqjQ.png (35.88 KB,719x622)

It's a CGI studio, so even less anime than you guys were already thinking. "Anime" is a strong word that gets abused for marketing purposes, something that even laymen will catch onto one of these days and immediately get suspicious.


Oh god, why. I can only imagine another Dragon's Dogma or Berserk. At least have the decency to hire a western animation studio if you're going the CG route.


From what I've heard, Amazon is supposedly butchering the LOTR show they're working on based on the complete dissatisfaction from people working on it or something, so people think when it actually releases it's going to be a complete dumpster fire.


I've heard they're trying to take it in the GOT direction. Which is completely opposed to the fantasy of Middle-Earth.



I'm not even surprised and I never had any hope for it. Which is another reason why I think this >>1206 could be good, because it is made by people that care more about the source material and it should not be GoT like at all particularly if it's made in Japan and if they market it to a younger audience.

I actually did some research on the rights question that I had. Apparently New Line/Disney have the rights to make movies and Amazon has the rights to make TV shows, so that is why they both can make LOTR media. But more interestingly, Amazon does not have the rights to the Simmirillion or any other book that actually discusses the second age in detail even though their story is set in the second age, they only have the rights to the Hobbit and the Trilogy(including the appendices in those books). So the only lore they can use to make the story is what backstory is given in the Trilogy and the Hobbit which means a lot of what they do is going to be made up.


It seems like another Star Wars situation to me, but much faster and more dramatic. Both had a tremendous trilogy movie release, a period of appreciation, and then questionable attempts to recapture the success. These days they both seem to be using the wide net approach by throwing money at a bunch of different projects to milk the IP as much as possible for short-term gains.
But it's strange, I thought the LotR license was pretty strict...


Yeah, they seem to be doing that with every franchise these days, they are even making Bioshock and Fallout TV shows as well. Non of these companies seem like they have any creative talent at all, they just find a franchise and milk it.

It was but maybe that was under the old head of the Tolkien estate who was Tolkein's son. He resigned in 2017 and died in 2020.


Actually I am not sure if they are Fallout and Bioshock TV shows or movies but still.


The queen has COVID.


The queen needs to pay for the sins of her lineage


I'm not worried about her, she's the queen she can't die.


File:DRXZ2524.PNG.png (784.32 KB,1280x720)

There was a time I would've loved a fallout TV show, the fanbase seems desperate for the world to be fleshed out and there's a lot of storytelling potential there but there's no reason to have any hope with the IP anymore


File:1565523932151.png (597.59 KB,906x739)

In general I refuse to watch any western media that is a remake/reboot whatever.


I don't like Fall out, it's stupid so I never did want one.

But having said that I don't really want a movie of any game I like or even an anime of such a game. I just don't think it really works and it comes across as being an expensive fanfic.


File:IAXU3061.GIF.gif (599.31 KB,720x405)

There's also some irony in that Fallout is kind of a cautionary tale about hyper-consumerism and to a lesser extent blind tribalism and the IP itself became one of those "nerd culture" plastic crap baubles that people fight over in tribes over what games are good.


Dying at 95 wouldn't be much of a payment...
I've heard bad things about various British royals, but she seems like a very well regarded person no matter who you ask.


You would be surprised. I thought that too but then I met people who believe she is secretly controlling the entire world and that she killed princess Diana.


The princess Diana conspiracies are interesting and exotic, but I'd just be bored imagining a world controlled by a British shadow government


The news ITT isn't cool enough for me.


Hmm true, maybe more scientific stuff is needed.

>Signs of 'Significant' Brain Rewiring Have Been Found in Space Travelers


This is maybe not cool but we don't have a non-cool news but still interesting thread.

Steam is releasing a handheld console. I don't really see the point, I only have a switch because some games physically need one but even then games for the switch are designed around being handheld. Steam games are not.



thousands of steam games are just ports of mobile games... sooo yeah they are actually designed to be handheld...


Have you never used a controller to play a game on Steam? Practically every game with controller support, and even those that don't, have custom mappings for controllers. Also, consoles exist, so yeah people use controllers...


Oh wait... I think I understand what you mean. They're not designed around being portable.


>I don't really see the point
It's an affordable alternative to building a PC now that GPU prices are and will stay retarded.


And something else I thought of. Apparently the way consoles make money is not really by the sale of the console itself but the games that are purchased for it, I even heard that Xbox is losing money on every console sold.

That does not really bode well for the Steam Deck as it's really a way for people to take their steam library to a handheld platfrom, so the people using it probably already had the games on their PC or were going to get them on the PC and so they are not actually getting new sales.

Maybe, but everybody has a mobile these days so does that help much? If the wanted to play a mobile a mobile game handheld they could(plus most mobile games are touch screen so would work better on an IPad anyway).

Many games on Steam are not console supported so I gave up on that, I just use PlayStation for games I want a controller for. But I can understand the appeal of a steam console, not not a steam handheld console.

To a degree, but so is a console and I would rather a console than a handheld if that was my only device.


>That does not really bode well for the Steam Deck
But not every person needs to buy a Steam Deck to play games bought on Steam. If anything, this is a preferable situation for Valve since it means as compared to any potential hardware sale losses, they more than make up for it through sales, particularly from people with their own PC.

To give a console analogy, it'd be like if more than half the games sold for a console never even got bought by people who have a console. Just people who wanted the disc. For the console manufacturer, those sales are pure profit.


Haven't we gotten to the point where mobile hardware is where everyone is putting their effort. Do the youths even buy handhelds?


Unlike consoles, the Steam Deck isn't a walled garden and you can pry it open to modify it as you please.
Like, Nintendo made it illegal to modify a Switch in Japan...


the affordable alternative right now is to smack an apu into a regular old desktop instead of buying an outdated chip on an unupgradable platform!


File:Screenshot_20220224-021215….jpg (244.14 KB,845x1117)

Uruha Rushia has been terminated from Hololive and her channel is slated to be deleted.

This decision is seemingly (?) unrelated to the scandal surrounding her and Mafumafu:

As of February 24, 2022 (Thursday), the talent contract for the virtual YouTuber has been terminated. With regard to "Rushia Uruha", we recently found that there was a leak of information to a third party, including information that was not true and business communication, and we have been confirming the facts. In response to the aforementioned, we have determined that it would be difficult for us to continue management and support as a company, and have made the unavoidable choice to make this decision, as we have found acts of breach of contract, such as leaking information that violates confidentiality obtained by the company and SNS communication to third parties without permission, and acts of loss of trust, such as false declarations to related parties. We have no choice but to make this decision.

を も ち ま し て、バーチャルYouTuberのタレント契約を解除いたしました。 「潤羽るしあ」につきましては、先般、第三者への事実と異なる情報の流布ならびに業務上の やり取りを含む情報流出が見受けられたため、事実確認を行っておりました。 上述に対し、会社で取得した秘密保持に抵触する情報やSNSのやり取りを許可なく第三者に漏 浅するといった契約違反行為や、関係各所への虚偽の申告などの信用失璧行為が認められたた め、企業としてマネジメントやサポートを継続することが困難と判断し、やむなく本決断を選 択させていただきました。



This just show what poor character v tubers have.



It was all her fault


Do vtubers die as characters when this happens


You know how Stalin scrubbed all information about his fellow commander Trotsky?

Basically the company makes it so they never existed


File:(clipboard)1645697912505.png (120.83 KB,327x457)

Ho lee fuk


Nippon banzai!


That's a lie and I almost fell for it...


It was last week and it's not even the Japanese ambassador to Ukraine. It's the other way around, that's the Ukrainian ambassador to Japan. I really hate these kind of misleading memes.


waiting warmly for japan to reclaim karafuto and the chishima islands


The dead giveaway should've been the FB post. I've never seen them use FB ever


Saved me from looking it up. Seemed really uncharacteristic but I wouldn't even know how to search for it


you guys are no fun...


Yeah, he's a Ukranian Eastener. Twitter may be wrong. I think he's really in Kiev though, it would be cool if he is. Still a nice image if he's not.


yeah, the site is full of serious people who want to take a side. Personally I have my beliefs, but I thought it was a funny image on a website that isn't about documenting politics. Unfortunate


File:6f97bd157f7222f704501228dd….jpg (779.4 KB,920x1280)

Its a bit suspicious that a slower site like kissu suddenly got active when that image was posted...


That's the Ukrainian ambassador to Japan, he is in Japan.

It's not like that at all... It's simply the fact that the image is a lie that bothers me. I don't care who made it, a lie is a lie and I don't like being mislead like that.


Wish if he had a twitter account so I could verify his position instead of a soranews article


His twitter account is in the screen shot in the article. I'm sure you can work it out...


But it does not even matter where he is anyway... That's not the point, the point is that he is the Ukrainian ambassador to Japan, not the Japanese ambassador to Ukraine as the meme says.


Oh, that's what you didn't like. OK


File:1601391232139.jpg (16.79 KB,300x300)

Oh no?


I definitely trust 100% what a corporation is saying about one of their employees.


When you have a 180 from this to a forced termination, it's usually the employee's fault.


None of the responses had anything to do with 'taking a side' tho. >>1317 is as close as it got.


I don't trust the organization who has the power to silence the opposition with legal contracts(or violence for that matter)


And now we are getting a Nier Automata anime...

I said before that I don't want a movie or anime of a game I like and it's true in this case as well. Well if it's actually a new story and not just a retelling of the game it might be watchable at least.


Japan has draconian laws that will always make sure you can't do anything against corporations. It's funny because there's no proof of any leaks but all rumors point to Rushia claiming that her coworkers and management were mistreating her. This counts as a leak, somehow.


epic numbers


Success breeds contempt.


Kill all vtubers


Once in a while you need a technical article to make you feel stupid:
Although I think there are some nerds here that might understand it


You know how you can split water into hydrogen and oxygen by running electricity through it? They made a material that makes the reaction faster while being potentially cheaper than other materials that make the reaction faster.


>You know how you can split water into hydrogen and oxygen by running electricity through it?
But that sounds pretty cool. Cheaper things is how you get companies to care so that's good news.


Stuff like these are probably Ukrainian morale boosters. There are certainly some aces who will apear on land and air, but truth is that UA can't provide much support over Kiev. Belarusia has S-400 deplyoed which barely range the city meaning overextending will cause them to be shot down. Each aircraft is too valuable for them to waste.


That's pretty cool if it's true(thought there have been aces since WW2). Maybe we will get Combat camera footage of it after the war, I want to see combat footage on the ground as well to see how the mechanised units are fightings, most of what we seem to get is just phone camera footage from random Ukrainians.



Seems as if Russia is going to have every possible sanction put on it very soon. Germany and Italy are holding out because they need their natural gas, but pressures from Poland and Lithuania seem to be making them rethink how far they can go without hurting themselves.


what remains in sanctions are direct sanctions at the Russian government members which only the US and Canada seem to have begun to do.

EU states are sending equipment into the Ukraine, Russia has yet to take a city, though the south is not in a great condition because of a large Russian supporting populace(still doing better than expected)


The gains in the south don't really have anything to do with supportive populations. It was just lightly defended and much of it is quite open(which is probably why it was lightly defended). It seems they have fallen back to the Dnieper and they have been managing to hold it so far.


I forgot that detail. It is one of the important factors


this channel has pretty good videos on geopolitics and looks like it will provide decent daily updates on the geopolitical situation around Ukraine


Mostly, I have not watched much of it. I know I saw something about Nuclear war and I remember him missing something glaringly obvious but I forget what. But that's Youtube in general for you.

As for this video. I think it's mostly fine. I don't get why the map is what it is when there are more detailed maps available(such as Liveuamap which is also a useful source of news). And also he missed a few things but I guess maybe he isn't focusing on the the operational side of things so much. So for example he did not mention the numerous cities that were encircled in the north east yesterday. And while he did mention that the Ukrainians took back Hostomel airport he did not mention that Russian ground forces where approaching that area very early in the morning and would indeed take Hostomel again and even end up in Kiev(where they are now).


File:87578313_p0.jpg (335.04 KB,591x591)

People being slaughtered is not cool news.
Why do you people have such a hard time understanding these things...


Are you saying this because you would rather hide the Ukraine posts or because you want it to not be on the site?


File:[HorribleSubs] Fate Kaleid….jpg (760.03 KB,1920x1080)

It is cool!!!

But I understand your concern so I won't talk about it.


He can hide it. It's his choice if he doesn't want to see something that is annoying to no one but him


>maybe he isn't focusing on the the operational side of things
that’s what I expect from the channel in general as it is more about the politicking around the situation instead of what’s happening on the ground
like you mentioned there are other resources if you want to a better picture of how the war is going on the ground, the channel is more about the geopolitical or economic situation than the war time situation
cool doesn’t always have a positive connotation, it can mean something intriguing or worth seeing also the OP does say interesting or cool and winter wars are probably pretty cool in a sense


I get his concern. Imageboards and serious real-world discussion don't exactly have the best track record, so it makes sense to get nervous about it.


More serious documentation to the bunker >>>/secret/1925 , minor discussion here.

I won't enforce this as a rule, more of a recommendation


Kisunai Ai was defeated, I know that it was mentioned elsewhere but it's so cool I am going to mention it here as well.


File:3396MH0001760011201019C00_….jpg (946.84 KB,1632x1200)


File:2f9c6176b8dbed4c87a4107647….jpg (125.16 KB,900x643)

Yes it's cool. A blow was struck against the v tuber menace.


Looks kinda like a lone piece of coral. I wonder what it is, really.


Your hatred of vtubers is becoming an obsession


a vtuber hate otaku, would you say?


File:Touhou Mayumi 028.png (541.32 KB,566x800)

I will let my soul be consumed by hatred if it helps me in my fight against the V tuber menace.


Can you please stop spacing it out like that? It makes you look illiterate.




Konami gave such little shit about Silent Hill they let the domain for it expire, and someone bought it up and made it link to a tweet from Masahiro Ito about him regretting making Pyramid Head.


If somehow you don't know, Lupin is a French thief character and I think most of us are at least aware of the Japanese adaptation


Fighting in Ukraine lead to russia shelling part a nuclear reactor complex.
The administrative building caught on fire.

Pretty cool huh?



i got some mints today





This is honestly pathetic... Not because people are cheating the game, but because how the hell do people not know about Cheat Engine in 2022.


console tourists who switched over between 2016 and 2021


File:1496592470031.gif (530.52 KB,800x450)



File:1512991077095.jpg (77.72 KB,620x465)

Version 100 of these popular browsers may break many sites possibly legacy ones like a mini Y2K



The opposite of cool, there's a massive fire at a Wal-Mart distribution center in Indiana. People are told to stay indoors because it's a bunch of plastic Chinese crap and you really don't want to breath that in


File:Sean Ash - Plume disbursem….mp4 (693.84 KB,650x1280)

and it's on radar



File:demiurge.png (1.35 MB,1200x1200)

Black holes are the Demiurge's many cosmical assholes, I knew it.



Quite a bit of talk, internal and external, about chatgpt creating competition with Google. But imo the problem with these thoughts is that search engines are much more general purpose and have far more uses than just looking up simple facts. Some people think it will reduce Google's ad revenue which is a more interesting topic

Chances are Google could incorporate AI summaries of search topics in the future.


>Because these new chat bots learn their skills by analyzing huge amounts of data posted to the internet, they have a way of blending fiction with fact. They deliver information that can be biased against women and people of color. They can generate toxic language, including hate speech.

Sigh. No, the issue with the blur of reality and fiction is that it will spread dangerous information, such as medical or DIY, and get people killed. "If you have a sore throat, drink turpentine. Oil fire? Use cold water."
I feel like people focus on this __ism stuff so that when it's (poorly) solved with filters everyone will celebrate while things that matter get brushed under the rug.

There's also the issue where this further isolates people from each other and instead of seeking out and finding new people online, such as experts, they'll stay in a little corner. This concentrates power and influence to the chatbot owners, which is of course why it's being funded in the first place.


Those issues in the quote are more real to people than dangerous information.


Looks like the gov't is continuing its trend of cracking down on videogame microtransactions and such:
>Epic Games, maker of the hit video game “Fortnite,” has agreed to pay a total of $520 million to settle US government allegations that it misled millions of players, including children and teens, into making unintended purchases and that it violated a landmark federal children’s privacy law.
>The complaint claims Epic made it extremely easy for children to purchase in-game items with a single click or button press without parental approval, resulting in more than one million parental complaints to Epic about unwanted charges.
>The agreement will last for 20 years from the time it is adopted.
Huge move against one of the most popular games of all time, this sets quite the record.


Lots of video game companies will probably go bust from this. They only live off of gambling loops


This is retaliation against the chinese more than anything


This isn't even about lootboxes, Fortnite doesn't have any gambling to begin with. You get shown a skin, you buy the skin, you get the skin. Super straightforward.
This case is about something different, much more fundamental: UI design itself. From this other article:
>Here’s a quick list of some of the tactics Epic says weren’t intentionally exploitative but that it has recently changed following the investigation:
>Automatically saving payment data
>Single-button press purchases
>Disabling accounts that seek refunds for fraudulent purchases
>Lack of self-service refunds
>No spending limits for players under 13
Take a good look at this stuff, 'cause it's deceptively simple and super ultra mega extremely common. The standard, basically, save for the one about disabling accounts. This could easily have enormous ramifications.
Doubt Tencent is going to care that much, I think it's much more of a threat to burger companies. The CCP has already been cracking down on their own vidya companies for some time now.


I don't know anything about that but it sounds bad and it's good they got rid of it.

I hope they get rid of battle passes as well one day.


Well, the issue of microtransactions exploiting kids this way was making headlines in ~2010 when mobile gaming exploded and the iphone became the world's most popular babysitter, so maybe sometime in the 2030s they will. I think Spain passed a law placing the normal gambling restrictions on gacha/lootbox mechanics earlier this year, so hopefully that will spread a bit sooner.


watching tesla stock follow the patterns of bitcoin (to the bottom) is almost cathartic


File:F821FFCB-C103-46A2-A933-0….jpeg (90.05 KB,864x670)


Tenshi's blessings upon him. I'm quite amazed that a teenager is flying a plane, but he clearly knows what he's doing. It's so small, it sounds fun until I think about turbulence.


The age isn't too abnormal; I know a pilot and his father (also a pilot) started him young as well.
I also remember that during the war in the Pacific that the Japanese would not only have teen pilots but expected them to run off and on to a carrier and strike ships. Teens have sharp reaction times and good eyes working to their advantage.


The Japanese pilot corps lost most of their experience pilots during the war and towards the end it was full of inexperienced pilots leading to things like the Marianas turkey shoot.
Experience is what matters most, it's why most aces and pretty much all the top aces had long histories of aeronautical pursuits before the war but many of them started in there early teens as well(Hartman was a gliding instructor by 14).



So you can still hoard as long as you're Canadian


yea but there are less of us so home prices should go through a correction


Im surprised they were allowed to anyway. Foreigners cant buy real estate in most countries that don't make their money in being a tax shelter


US relations are important so they let them do it, but the Chinese mentality is that real-estate is retirement funding so they caused issues that require federal legislation. maybe it will be tied onto a NAFTA (or whatever trump renamed it as) amendment by a future PM.

Something like only 7% of Chinese own business or bank investments, large rest of them buy multiple houses. Creates problems in foreign small countries because it skyrocketed price from foreign demand.


They might have been panic buying too if it was chinese, because the real estate bubble is bursting in the PRC and many investors are desperate to invest elsewhere. Combine this with the Chinese tendency to panic buy and scalp and it could be disastrous for the natives.

The PRC's in a really bad place right now and it could be bad for the whole world if it gets worse. I hope Xi does the right thing and steps down.


used to think like that until I realized that mass immigration can be used as a stopgap against penny pinching natives refusing to play the game.


Canadians should just live in the Canadian wilderness, land is probably cheap there.


File:27151688_p0.jpg (489.05 KB,812x850)


US DoJ is about to end crypto...


kill it with fire


Did that schizo shut down gnfos again? It's not loading for me.


That's not 'cool news', dummy. >>>/qa/102583


The land itself can be cheap but the cost of living can be very high and the people who already live there dont want newcomers especially if you dont have familial connections


Yeah. Most of the worlds problems nowadays are issues of logistics rather than production. We have enough to give to everyone, but the means to get it to people cheaply isn't always possible.


File:ZZC 0458 E.png (2.41 MB,2560x1440)


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (112.84 KB,1280x720)

I'm moving the wiki discussion into its own thread. Here we go...


I saw the deleted posts.


File:[SubsPlease] Bocchi the Ro….jpg (107.12 KB,1280x720)

Posts successfully moved to >>1737
I'll delete these two posts of mine later today





Just get some chickens.


File:51483379_p0.png (607.79 KB,700x1075)

Egg production hasn't been going so well ever since the christmas calories reared its ugly head.


I missed this when it happened (not that it would matter) but an asteroid about the size of a "minibus" passed Earth and got closer than some satellites. It was only identified a week ago by an amateur.


watching things trajectory get pulled around by gravity is entertaining






Who the fuck, especially in a place as expensive as Canada buys new?


like, my entire family other than me?


also like... most cars that end up in Nigeria from theft are Canadian. or at least a very high number


My lower middle class is showing then


idk. Maybe. there's a bit of generational wealth floating around


Black holes might be the source of dark energy?
This theoretical stuff isn't really "news", but it's cool


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (237.17 KB,1280x720)

>Yhe treaty will create a new body to manage conservation of ocean life and establish marine protected areas in the high seas. And Clark said that’s critical to achieve the U.N. Biodiversity Conference’s recent pledge to protect 30% of the planet’s waters, as well as its land, for conservation.

I'm skeptical that this will have any great impact, but it's better than nothing.


I think everyone has realized by now that we can't pack up and head to a new planet any time soon


>New device from China allows couples to simulate kissing over their phones

Funny story.


each 2 represents a couple


Relating to two investment banks that vanished recently.

Investing too much just as bad as investing too little


File:_128973649_deepgreenexmou….webp (105.49 KB,976x549)

A small datacenter is being used to heat a public pool. The method of heat transference involves the hardware being partially submerged in mineral oil which is pretty interesting


It's really neat the way in which the two services discover a method to offset costs for each other in a mutually beneficial relationship. Would be nice if from their example others follow suit in trying to figure out ways in which they can do similar.


Yeah, a sort of tech symbiosis thing is a great way of doing things. We need to learn from nature and such.


/secret/ post



File:C-1706770395563.png (891.02 KB,1280x720)


File:[RESubs] Higurashi no Naku….jpg (220.27 KB,1920x1080)

It's called Ryugu and they brought a sample home???



File:[Pizza] Urusei Yatsura (20….jpg (454.43 KB,1920x1080)

I do wonder how people are going to get around this stuff in the future as the technology improves. There needs to be a modern equivalent of holding up a newspaper with the day's news on it. Maybe a whole bunch of moving things that would be difficult for AI to replicate? Maybe just holding your hands to the camera?

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