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Nen Refugee Thread Please be kind and welcoming to nen friends!

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Ah Quebec such a fair and just province that doesn't want to supersede and control others.
(Yes this is a spite thread.)


File:1516164907680.jpg (263.95 KB,716x620)

So is EN vs FR like Red vs Blue in America?


In Quebec the French people were super religious and poor. Eventually a nationalist got into power and told them they'd be rich if they kicked the English working class out so now you've got a bunch of dumbasses who think at every dinner that their cultural heritage is being destroyed by the English language.

I guess it's a bit like Confederate and Union states, but it all came to it's peak 70 years ago and no war.

It's a bit funny that Quebec is the innovative powerhouse of Canada in spite of this but I think it's because our taxes are high and most of it goes into promoting social wellness and education. Just unfortunate our language police get angry if you talk English before French in a customer service job.


I feel it's more like what Texas was to the United States when they wanted to split with a mix of how the British likes to treat the Irish.
Lots of nonsense legesature and strong-arming and yes though it hate to say it but it's true racism against other Canadians as well.

This is also true.

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