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Finally, this isn't in development hell. While the trailer for this doesn't look like anything special, the brain behind it is the same that brought forwards the widely acclaimed (by critics and imageboards) Bladerunner 2049, and he's been stated in the past as being a fan of the Dune series. I'm not sure if kissu's ever read the books, but they were really intriguing and fun reads, and I'm excited to see a (proper) adaptation of the series.


looks like avatar+starwars and I don't like it


what's happened with this?


>Release date: October 1, 2021 (USA)


a project that isn't mysteriously cancelled... good sign


You literally cannot adapt dune without cutting the middle portion of the book.
Still pissed that the writers are pissing all over the original message about oil and the middle east situation with the saudis the fact that they call the Jihad (yes Jihad!) a crusade shows they have zero interest in the tone or message about a prophet biting them in the ass. (A crusade is different from a Jihad, one is defensive/in order to defend Christiandom and Jihad (meaning Holy Struggle) is offensive, conquering all those for the will of Allah under the messenger Mohammed (pbuh)
My advice, go read Dune and maybe Dune Messiah.



>A crusade is different from a Jihad, one is defensive/in order to defend Christiandom

uh, not necessarily, while you could kinda say that was ostensibly so for the initial crusades for the holy land, things like the albigensian crusade and the northern crusades were not particularly defensive

but yeah, it's stupid, from what I remember from reading the book many years ago the fremen were basically space mujahideens, I distinctly remember even the color green was prominently featured, seems really stupid they'd do something like that but gotta be PC I guess



File:full.jpg (42.97 KB,414x627)

I don't like where this thread is going!


Killing Cathars (Albigensian) in france is a defensive thing because the Cathars threatened the realm. Killing Baltic tribals (Northern Crusade) is defensive war in the fact the tribals were raiding Central Europe.
A jihad (HOLY STRUGGLE) is an offensive war conquering people in the name of Allah.
How the fuck is (spoilers) calling what Paul does at the end of the first book a crusade a correct when a crusade is a defensive war for the holy land and defending against heathens and heretics to a Jihad.
Have you fucking read the book? You know the book where the author himself expressly called it a Jihad?
Fuck you for defending the change and supporting the rape of author's intent.


I didn't read the second half of your post but principally fuck the hack writers for raping Dune, same with his son who has masscared the series.
You really can't adapt Dune.

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