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wanting to try something out in no mans sky

I want to:
build a base in creative mode
travel to said base in normal, survival, permadeath

then BAM!!
free monies :)

I can explain further if this is hard to understand


its a shame i cant automate everything

like i can in minecraft


Post some screenshots?


File:296F9FD8-3B80-4292-AAA2-5….jpeg (267.68 KB,1920x1080)

gave up on the no mans sky thing because I may not be able to travel to the base in a different difficulty setting. So instead I played minecraft

I would like to utilize more carts in my next world build things closer together. Like a city or factory. I used to use Hoppers like a conveyer belt but the problem with that is, verticality. With Carts I can build above ground and make everything neater. Plus it looks cool


track on the right leads to a chest full of wood.
Track on the left delivers charcoal to be burned as fuel. I could also modify the rail to deliver things like steak


I never did play Minecraft, was really happy with Terraria and didn't really feel any desire to go 3D, so uhh... I don't really know what's going on here


you can let the game play itself


File:1lrl5e.mp4 (15.2 MB,1280x720)

What I have currently of the factory. Although Incomplete.

Guess which building is which


too much waste. I'll have to implement a waste dump system and utilize compost.

Also I want buildings to be fixed to the ground and not floating


>Guess which building is which
I really can't. What are the choices?


iron mine
tree farm
mob facility

thinking back on this map. It was very inefficient


controller minecraft? what?


File:7E106123-5567-43CA-847E-1….jpeg (597 KB,1920x1080)

New and improved! Now with waste management


File:43F3F741-0BF9-43B3-AC09-9….jpeg (182.31 KB,1920x1080)

nothing like the smell of burnt garbage in the morning


Last time /qa/ played minecraft it didn't last that long. I wonder if it'll generate more interest if we use some kitchen sink modpack with power/magic/exploration etc. Not sure how heavily modded the last server was.


Buildings in image:
Mob Commie Block
Iron mine
Tree farm
Regular farm
Storage Center
automation is fun. Working is not fun


Did /qa/ ever play minecraft together? I remember playing it with people that posted on /qa/, but can't remember if it was actually a /qa/ server...


i like playing kitchen sinks but can never find a good mix of magic and tech for me


Modded minecraft is better in all honesty.

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