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hopefully somebody that may possibly remove censorship laws takes over


I find that pretty unlikely. Take for instance gay people being allowed to marry, a slight majority are in favor while only ~35% are opposed. Nevertheless, this is isn't really a major concern of anyone so it's not really brought up. I'd figure censorship laws might have similar approve-disapprove ratings, but nobody really cares one way or the other to make any sort of change.


File:1446664709758.gif (342.37 KB,500x250)

who's going to remind the japanese to breed now...


I don't really know much about Abe or Japanese politics in general so I don't really have any reaction. I think the netouyo hated him, but they hate everyone


I thought he went to Yasukuni a few times? Don't the netouyo love that sort of thing?


Is that the war criminal thing? I thought they all did that


Are they enemies of the PTA, if so then maybe I'd be happy if whoever they support won.


File:EfVScLQU4AAZFQe.jpg (78.61 KB,1200x675)

sway the ptay


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