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File:b6622e19c9c1b3f0555d3f0c86….jpg (91.21 KB,748x1000)


It's too hot... why can't it be cooler...


Too hot to game...


Dance the heat away!


I did this, but it just made me very sweaty.


File:Screenshot_20220703-031740….jpg (16.45 KB,1080x180)

It's so humid outside that condensation forms on my windows


um, where's the air


water is like, disolved into the air. It's kind of like pouring salt into water, eventually it won't be able to dissolve anymore and stays as salt.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (267.61 KB,1280x720)

I'd say it felt like the surface of the sun outside, but I don't think that area is this humid. I bet it's more comfortable there


File:qa and claytons principles….png (254.54 KB,1183x1062)

>it felt like the surface of the sun outside, but I don't think that area is this humid
The humidity probably doesn't matter for a comparison of how the Outside feels relative to the Sun's surface. "Near the surface of the [Sun], the equation of state of the gas is extremely complicated. The atomic constituents of the outer layers are in varying degrees of ionization. Application of the Saha ionization equation reveals that the hydrogen constituents become almost completely ionized by the time the temperature has risen to about 10⁴ °K, whereas the helium is almost completely ionized by the time the temperature has reason to 10⁵ °K. at which temperature the heavier elements have also lost a sizable number of their electrons to the continuum and are in relatively high stages of ionization. For temperatures higher than 10⁵ °K, it becomes increasingly more accurate, insofar as the pressure is concerned to talk of a completely ionized gas. Other important properties of the gas, such as its internal energy and its opacity to radiation, are strongly dependent upon the degree of ionization. For the [Sun], hydrogen and helium comprise more than 95 percent of the mass, the pressure at temperatures greater than 10⁵ °K can be calculated to a high accuracy by assuming complete ionization. Significantly, a large fraction of the mass of the Sun does lie at temperatures greater than 10⁵ °K. The bulk of the structure of the Sun is determined, therefore, by an equation of state appropriate to completely ionized matter." (Clayton, p. 78)
Suffice to say, I doubt the Outside has an equation of state in any way similar to that of completely ionized matter.


Very cool, thank you /qa/-tan.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (294.56 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, that does sound more comfortable


File:532b39827e3c7e3f5225593495….jpg (4.53 MB,2818x3985)

Let me slip into something more comfortable


It's so hot and I'm moving tons of random furniture and boxes and things into storage and it suuuuuuuuuucks

I feel like I've used up all of my action points and am instead exchanging hp for ap. Wish me luck Kissu frens


File:81692590_p13.jpg (1.81 MB,1190x2116)

Summer is pretty much over here.
Back to same old mild and cloudy weather 24/7.


File:b73840fac14a29f4383823f68f….jpg (55.5 KB,864x600)

Ah! It's so freaking hot!! It's been consistently 42C (108F) each day for the last week!!


A way to beat the heat has been found!


Please, do not abuse your local Ice Fairy...


File:83289890_p0.jpg (1.05 MB,4093x2894)

Pretty great animation. I guess if there's one good thing about the planet being converted into a fireball it's the themed art about it


Daiyousei ;_;

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