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File:erururururu.jpg (376.32 KB,640x480)

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Do you read them? I started reading .jpg related because of that one anon who loves it so much. I find it very soothing so far.
However this is not a thread for only this one, but for visual novels in general. I thought the board was kind of missing one.


File:7935b7a8261403ebcb00d338e2….jpg (138.62 KB,1200x1600)

If I ever have both time and no future anxiety I read them, but that occasion had become more of a rarity until recently. But whenever I do sit down to read and immerse myself in a VN the experience and feeling is the most gratifying and enjoyable feeling in the world, nothing else comes close. They represent the ultimate form of escapism and I can't wait until I've rid myself of all future anxieties so I can get back to reading them.


>future anxiety
If you're not planning on retiring soon I would suggest you to get used to that feeling and continue indulging in your hobbies anyway. Those "perfect days" to do so something just don't really come, at least in my experience. Just do what you can without waiting for the "right" moment. I used to have that, too, but I always ended up just doing nothing rather than being productive or enjoying myself.


File:__sakihata_rimi_and_nishij….jpg (141.84 KB,750x540)

start them sometimes but rarely finish or do more than 1 or 2 routes. Honestly I don't really like the CYOA aspects that much, it's tedious to try every choice exhaustively so walkthroughs feel necessary. I think Chaos:Head is the only one I've ever actually 100% completed.


I've started reading them a bit more often lately in raw japanese in an effort to learn the moon runes.
It's very hard to start reading these, especially raw, but once you get past the initial hurdle of starting it gets surprisingly easy to burn through the hours.
Latest one I've read is uh, Kakurenbo... Categorically speaking it's not exactly thought provoking, but it's easy to read and enjoyable both for its intended purpose and the daily life scenes.
Before that, I also read through Kami-sama no youna kimi e.
My advise for picking up VNs is to just see if you like any of the character designs or their tags match your tastes. My attention sharpens greatly when my favorite characters show up and I end up enjoying the story much more and manage to learn runes much easier as well.


Oh, I meant to say that ever since I found nice work to do my future anxieties have waned. I have the time I want to do what I want, and the funds to keep myself and things I like afloat. All I need is to make sure I can secure a position and I'm probably set for life...


File:01 - The Uninvited.mkv_sna….jpg (222.05 KB,1280x720)

>I started reading .jpg related because of that one anon who loves it so much.
Nice, it worked! Do keep in mind that it's not all soothing, but you'll find that out soon enough, but I guess there wouldn't be many battles in the game part of it that were the case.
I'm not sure if that image is yours or not, but are you playing the original or remaster? The original is eroge so there's some sex scenes, but they're minor and easily forgettable honestly. I'd still say it's the ideal experience, though.

/jp/ might not be a good idea for a slow thread like one for VNs, though. It could be moved to /qa/ probably, if desired


>I'm not sure if that image is yours or not
It's my screencap. I don't mind eroge. I only have one concern: how bad is the translation?
>/jp/ might not be a good idea for a slow thread
If it dies, it dies.


>how bad is the translation?
I can't say I remember anything bad, but it's been a while.


well it's not like i'd notice it anyway, so whatever. should be fine.


File:heart.png (787.81 KB,800x600)

>but rarely finish or do more than 1 or 2 routes.
I do the same thing. After I finish reading my favourite girls' routes I often lose the motivation to do the others. It's a bad habit of mine and I am missing out on a lot because of it.


File:白羽蘇芳X花菱立花.png (2.79 MB,1920x1966)

Been playing Flowers (FLOWERS 春篇) in Japanese to learn Japanese but it's taking a long time to finish since I can only rarely spend an hour a day playing it. But it's nice.


File:1643264709874.jpg (100.31 KB,600x800)

I happen to love them. For and through them I learned Japanese, and continue to pick up words when I read them, which is a nice bonus to the base fun they provide. They are a great way to stimulate the imagination...while there are others more passionate about them than me, who have read more VNs, I've gone through my fair share of stuff ranging from moege, romance, adventure, denpa/horror stuff (probably my favorite style), comedy, nakige. They strike a chord in me that isn't quite covered by anime, manga or traditional vidya, nor literature/film. I'm not the first to come up with this, but VNs almost constitute a new kind of Gesamtkunstwerk, total art, (forgive me if I'm using this wrong) blending story, visuals, text and sound/music into a cohesive experience. As silly as it sounds, as most VNs aren't exactly high art, but the good stuff DOES manage to evoke emotions when these elements of creation come together in just the right way.

I've also been enjoying the Utawarerumono series, specifically the second game which I complete recently. The world really comes to life as you interact with the characters in the capital of their empire, and see this country interact with its neighbors. Girls are super cute and loveable, guys are cool and bro-tier. It was really fun and I'm excited to play the third game which I hear nothing but praise for. OP, I highly recommend not stopping with the first game, and moving on to the sequels when you're finished.

Other games I played recently were Subarashiki Hibi, and Ciconia When They Cry. I could make separate whole separate posts about them there's so much to say. Unrelated but while /cry/ is pretty dead I wonder how a Kissu /vn/ board would play out, Tohno has one, and it certainly wouldn't be out of place here. Then again more VN threads on /jp/ would be nice too, no point in splitting traffic.

When I was a teenbro with no responsibilities was also the time when I found reading them the most enjoyable. They are honestly amazing when you have the inner peace required to truly soak them in, aren't they? Good luck on settling your matters and clearing away the anxiety, Anonymous.

(I might have wrote too much, oh well!)


File:1613140084053.jpg (733.4 KB,2280x2836)

I wish I knew Japanese... But alas, I don't even know how to study the language.


Few things come close to the comfort I feel reading a VN on my Vita in bed. I'm going to read Steins;Gate 0 even though I heard nothing but bad things about it. Unfortunately I bought it, which makes me feel obligated to read through it at least once. And quite frankly, on my Vita I'll read anything.


Surely you've seen itazuraneko.neocities.org < this site posted around, right?
Personally, my method that I more or less extracted from that guide is to just pick up a VN I wanna play and just read it with a text hook. Of course, not by reading the translation but by reading the kanji and trying to memorize it.
That being said, it's a lot easier for me because I already have like 500 MAL entries so I naturally picked up grammar and a bunch of the most common words.
My suggestion for is to try and watch an anime raw. Fully raw. Don't use subs for the show you picked, let your brain struggle. You'll end up using it as a crutch if you slip up. After a handful of shows that you attentively watch, you'd be surprised at how much you realize you know/learned.
Try starting with a CGDCT show or a show you wanna rewatch, knowing the context and connecting the dots helps.


I was reading that. The flowery vocabulary is what seemed to make it a slow read for me. I need to try transferring my save file from my laptop.


File:1586638440368.jpg (776.08 KB,1250x889)

Have any of you read Sayonara wo Oshiete? I have heard that it's similar to Saya no Uta but much better.


I think I'm not even an hour into Steins;Gate 0 and I already want to stop reading it, which is what I'm going to do probably. I find it unbearable, but can't quite describe why.


Nope. There's a lot stuff I really need to read, but I keep procrastinating. I did get part 1 of my reading-in-bed setup complete, though, so I think I'll be remedying that soon.


Which VN would you recommend to someone who's new to them or just recommendations in general?


Baldr Force. https://vndb.org/v221
Not overly long but still long enough to feel satisfying, nice story with great pacing and very little filler or slice-of-life sections, locked route order so you don't need to think about which route to play and there's no risk of accidentally spoiling yourself, fun action gameplay to keep it from feeling too monotonous compared to your usual VN which is all reading. As a nice bonus, the PS2 version has an all-star voice cast if you can read Japanese and have a PS2 or don't mind emulating it.


File:She pouts.jpg (443.88 KB,640x480)

>Baldr Force
Hey, this is fun. Thanks. I love the music.


File:Bachelor.jpg (371.14 KB,640x480)

This has to be one of the most annoying faggots I ever had to fight in a videogame. And I still have not beaten him. Holy shit.


File:rekt.jpg (379.83 KB,640x480)

There we go. I beat him right after I switched to controller..


File:pure_rage.png (235.44 KB,582x600)

Went to look up a guide to find out how to access the different routes. Scrolled down a bit and read THE major spoiler. Thanks, asshole. God fucking damn it.


Currently, I'm reading Saihate no Ima. On Category 2 Fueko right now. It's a very confusing ride, and one punctuated by very long lulls to be honest, but the central mystery is interesting enough.


Ah, that sucks. There's been "spoiler-free walkthroughs" for a long time now that you could look out for in the future, but the best solution, although not the most time-friendly, is to always do one normal, blind run through a game first.


Ah, that sucks. There's been "spoiler-free walkthroughs" for a long time now that you could look out for in the future, but the best solution, although not the most time-friendly, is to always do one normal, blind run through a game first.


What was the spoiler?


File:mpc-hc64_nvo_2022-07-17_22….png (278.05 KB,720x540)

Serves you right for relying on a walkthrough and not figuring things out for yourself like a true gamer.


File:MML_GwanLQ8ff4.jpg (508.36 KB,1920x1080)

I'm reminded that I never finished all routes in Magical Marriage Lunatics. Same creators as that Princess Evangline VN which I also loved with a similarly romantic focus. The girls in this are all supernatural and I did the witch's path first, and then was working on succubus path when my vita messed up and I couldn't stream to it from PC any more. (I think I could fix it now, but don't want to)

Interestingly the save files still work on a new windows installation, but realistically I'd need to start all over again because I forgot nearly everything.


File:1554806088289.webm (2.75 MB,872x480)



Whenever I really get into one it's almost as if I'm addicted to it and I can't stop reading. Experienced lots of sleepless nights thanks to VNs. Doesn't really happen with anime or manga for me.


Yep, same thing with me. The immersion potential can't be beat, you really feel like you're there. Breaking that illusion is just too much, so I try to avoid it as much as possible until I'm done.


File:Bachelor.jpg (492.95 KB,640x480)

Finished it today. It was awesome. Really awesome. I loved it from beginning to end.
I got every ending, but I'm missing some weapons and one single CG, but I'm pretty sure I know how to get that one, too.
Survival and Hell Mode are really fun. "Hell Mode" really fits - it's a nightmare trying to fight the bosses. Besides that I think there's some more stuff I can unlock, but it's not that important.

As for the story and the characters: Bachelor ended up being my favorite character.
The story has nice twists and turns and I was wondering how it would end the whole time, always excited for what's coming next.
The "true" ending is also extremely satisfying and even though it might have been a bit predictable, it made my kokoro go doki doki.
Overall it really has great pacing and there's never a moment where I ever felt bored or thought it began to drag.
The way it switches from VN to gameplay and back keeps you engaged all the time.

I'm not really getting deeper into the story unless I have someone here to talk about it, though.
And I'm also quite glad that the only translated version is the Standard Edition, because the ero scenes in the original really suck.

So yeah, thanks for the recommendation, Anon.
>blind run through a game first
That's what I did. Finished the first girl's route and tried to look up how to access the other routes after that, is what I meant.
After I got spoilered I read the rest completely blind, too. It was actually quite easy to get to ther other girls.
Why do you want to know?
I managed to get some really neat combos on the final boss. Can I have my true gamer license back?

I'm going to have some more fun in Survival mode now.


File:caramel.gif (297.21 KB,300x225)

I think it is a bit weird that Popotan still hasn't been translated into english yet. Wasn't the game quite popular back then?


no, not really. apparently it's not even very good. what was popular was its opening and some of the music.


also the loli scenes cause problems for official translations. There was a big controversy over Demonbane. If you keep them in you run into trouble with activist groups or authorities, or if you take them out fans complain.


What about Saya then...


>I wonder how a Kissu /vn/ board would play out
Probably pretty poorly. I think most people see tohno's large amount of boards as more of a cautionary tale than something to emulate. The intermingling of multiple topics is a strength I think. I did tell OP that his thread might be better on the slower and more serious board of /qa/, though. People shouldn't stop making stupid threads on /jp/ for fear of archiving a serious one like this.

Hmm, what kind of controversy with Demonbane? I haven't noticed anything with loli VN stuff getting sidelined, but I can't say I've been following VN news at all, much less for 20 years or whenever that might have happened.
I think stuff like Popotan or the one with the waha girl simply never managed to motivate anyone to translate them for hobbyist or commercial reasons.


File:025.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.34 KB,800x600)

whenever something gets cut it usually gets an uncensored/restoration release or patch on some other site anyway


File:1460331951819.jpg (206.64 KB,1920x1080)

>There was a big controversy over Demonbane.
Did they remove anything? I just bought the game not long ago.


Pretty much every time too, at least the publisher can sell their title at all with these changes.


Original JAST release had some censored scenes. I don't remember the details, but some people were really mad.




even worse
it's an anime game


not rude enough


File:[Commie] Call of the Night….jpg (287.3 KB,1920x1080)

Oh, that's a shame. I wonder what they were

t? t what?


File:1551997031599.png (170.9 KB,900x753)

Presuming it was the H-scenes that got censored, the other release doesn't seem to have any ero in it whatsoever, so that's not any better either. God damn it.

The game is probably still good, but I don't like spending money on unfinished products. That's the reason why I didn't buy Majikoi.


why would you spend money on visual novels at all, anon?


File:0001.jpg (242.38 KB,800x600)

What are your favorite aesthetics and genres?
I like the (not-so-distant) FUTURE.


Is it really that fun to sit in front of a text box plus one or two characters and pressing enter for 40 or more hours?


Yes. You don't play a visual novel, you read it. For the most part VNs are much closer to books than they are traditional video games.


I quite enjoyed Muv Luv's 2D cutouts moving around on the screen.


File:smuggy.png (247.68 KB,355x449)

Yes. It's amazing just how much more fun VNs are compared to traditional novels. I have tried getting into books before, but I just can't do it. Reading text on plain white paper for hours on end is something I find awfully boring.


File:easy.png (31.24 KB,1020x614)

>It's amazing just how much more fun VNs are




I like when they're fully voiced so you don't have to read anything at all. I hear they're even working on some new technology to have the characters more dynamically interact with each other instead of being constrained to set poses, it'll be like moving pictures! The future is going to be so cool!


File:[DameDesuYo] Utawarerumono….jpg (204.66 KB,1920x1080)

I tend not to pay attention to voices unless they're really cute or really good and dramatic. My default behavior in video games is to go as fast as I can read which cuts out a LOT of time and I don't feel like I'm missing anything unless there's aforementioned cute or dramatic voices.
Maybe I'd feel different if I understood Japanese


NO! Reading is fun.


File:cute.png (508.03 KB,800x600)

I wish a cute girl would sneak up on me and snatch my egg sandwich. (´・ω・`)


File:__kuon_and_haku_utawarerum….jpg (1.03 MB,1866x1181)

I like to sit and imagine the scenes in my head. True, some VNs have a really simplistic setup but they're still immersive to me especially when coupled with good music, backgrounds and voice acting, not to mention CGs. The stronger a game is in each of these aspects the greater the immersion and enjoyment. It can actually get boring to slog through slow parts but that's why you gotta build a good tempo.

I love Kuon's voice! kana


File:0091.jpg (168.46 KB,800x600)

Baldr Sky is pretty fun, too, but it sure likes to take its time.


¥That dress
¥Those legs
¥Cute hair
That's a click from me


You'll read it?


no, i'll click on it.


I'm not a fan of ideal life simulators. I prefer distopias such as Fate;s/n , muv, saya. Things with a world that rejects the good end


File:toh6.png (702.8 KB,800x600)

Making a portal to Gensokyo with Karin!!!


Noxious fumes!??!?




File:1505994861042.png (72.94 KB,500x363)

Nah, that's not mustard gas. The gas now has a yellow tint to it, so that means the portal is finally taking shape.


File:N'wah.jpg (349.26 KB,2317x1241)



File:Chinatsu.jpg (109.16 KB,800x600)

There's bad endings in Baldr Sky, too. What do you mean? In Baldr Force there were plenty, too.
And how is a cyberpunk world filled with cultists and warmongers, who are fighting over who gets to control or destroy the planet not dystopian?




Only bad endings VNs are unsatisfying to read


Would Saya not be considered dystopian?


There are some VN which go out of their wy to please the viewer. Not a fan of those


Overly pandering content always moves media into another bucket for me, suspension of disbelief goes out the window and I end up moving on to something else. Definitely subjective, and I'm mostly thinking of scenarios where it doesn't suit the setting or characters.


To add onto that, I think it took me at least 10 to 15 years to realize I was dropping media when this happened.


File:the little things.jpg (91.55 KB,265x366)

I'm done witht Baldr Sky Dive1 (the first three routes). What a ride that last one was.
It was awesome. Time for a break. Has anyone else on Kissu read/played Baldr Sky?

>VNs which go out of their way to please the viewer
Can you elaborate? Do you mean fanservice that becomes so excessive that it starts to look desperate?


gross image.


It depends on how sexually it is meant to be taken for me. Wish fufillment stuff is fine when its like oniikiss where its porn for the right person


File:anal.jpg (45.29 KB,153x215)

butthurt post. for whatever reason.


File:part of you.png (183.1 KB,1920x1016)

Might be polluting the thread by posting this, buuuuut...
Read through Psycholonials. It was interesting, under five hours.
If "Homestuck Joker" (with all of its implications (and i mean all of them)) sounds like a fun read, then check it out. Otherwise, don't.


it's a webcomic, doesn't even have novel in the name or it's format


That's Homestuck, Psycholonials is an OELVN proper.


File:wide.jpg (639.48 KB,1920x1080)

I just looked it up. That's a hard pass from me, bub.


it is much too late for me to be getting into Homestuck


To get into the community, yes, but it's still a damn good read. Same deal happened to me when getting into R07's stuff.


I read Psycholonials and I was super mixed on it. It's good storytelling applied to a story I don't like. There's always been an underlying cynicism to Andrew Hussie's stuff, but it's usually balanced out with a lot of ironic humor; Homestuck for example has its fair share of miserable subject matter, but it plays it with a light enough touch that it never feels overly intense. Psycholonials strips away a lot of the humor and is a (comparatively) more earnest work, and I'm not really a fan of the results.


I agree, I feel like you need a certain mindset going in to enjoy it. Often it's just political ranting that I simply glossed over because I'm not looking for deep geopolitical takes from the MS Paint webcomic dude. What I did want to see was his characteristic drawings and dialogue, and that was nice enough.


File:subarashiki_hibi_yuki.jpeg (163.12 KB,1000x749)

Started reading Subarashiki Hibi today


File:bad opinions.png (53.11 KB,1283x257)

Oh, yeah, forgot pic.


evns aren't vns


It's got VN in the name though


i can call an animation i make animu but that wouldn't make it so
evns are not and will never be vns




File:edgeworth wag.gif (998.7 KB,500x299)

The Ace Attorney games are considered VNs, aren't they?
I've played through the ones on the DS like 3 times each, they're just such a nice hybrid of VN and I guess what you'd call an adventure game maybe? Point-and-click without the mouse? I know how everything will end, but the characters are just so lovable that I keep going back.
As for the recent and unproductive posts: I think EOLVNs can be considered VNs, although the quality is very rarely there. People liked KS, didn't they? Talking about things you like instead of things you hate really isn't a difficult concept.

Oh yeah, I think I'll have my VN reading setup soon. Hehehe.. I'm going to lay in bed and have the switch joycon in my hand to advance text and stuff. It's going to be great.


File:basuketoboru1kb.jpg (109.79 KB,589x433)

In 1891 in Springfield, Masschusetts, Dr. James Naismith nailed a peach basket ten feet from the ground, creating the sport of basketball.

Shortly after, in a move considered vastly out of character, the Canadian-born Naismith did not remain in the United States. He did not help promote and refine his sport through YMCA organisations throughout the country. Instead, he self-diagnosed himself with yellow fever and travelled to Japan for health reasons. He brought with him his peach basket, creating the sport of basuketoboru.

In the United States, basketball gradually became widespread through drawcard players like Wilt Chamberlain, whose debut is now considered to have ushered in the Golden Age of basketball. Despite this, it was still considered less a sport than a game, played for entertainment at social gatherings rather than competitively. It was primarily played by children and teenagers, who moved onto more respected sports when they became of mature age. The stigma of basketball being a diversion for children rather than a sport of actual athletic merit continues even today.

In Japan, basuketoboru developed along similar lines until the postwar era, when a ban was lifted on non-state approved sports. After borrowing techniques from other sports and from basketball, basuketoboru exploded in popularity. Its following became larger and more diverse than basketball, spawning correspondingly diverse playing styles and techniques, such as the full court decompress. Although still primarily played by children and teens, it garnered some respect as a legitimate sport, as signified by its inclusion into the Olympics.

The Olympics standardised the rules between basketball and basuketoboru, but there were still major variations in the way it was played in either country. The uniforms worn in the U.S. were flamboyantly coloured spandex, whilst the Japanese basuketoboru uniforms were typically monochromatic, using high contrast to distinguish home and away. In basketball, the timer for each quarter would count down from 12 minutes, whilst basuketoboru's timer counted up to 12 minutes. Fans of one were unaccustomed to the other, calling it 'backwards'.

As time went on, it was in the United States that the first cracks begun to appear in the status quo. There were many of course, loyal to basketball since childhood. But from there the sport fractured into many subgroups.

Some grew weary of trying to change people's perceptions of basketball as a children's game. They split off from other leagues and formed their own. They also announced that although they were still playing basketball, their sport was no longer called basketball. It would now be called basket-based athletics.

Still other Americans agreed with the perception, and shunned basketball entirely. They begun to follow basuketoboru exclusively, and it fast gained its own niche. As some understood it, basuketoboru was not merely basketball but the way the Japanese played it. In short order, American basketoboru fans grew up wanting to be players. And riding the wave of popularity, the same local companies who broadcast basuketoboru from Japan to American fans sponsored the creation of a professional domestic league.

The debut was disappointing and universally panned. The standard of play was amateurish, perhaps college-level at the most for some teams. But nowhere near professional, and nowhere near Japan. Worse still, it exposed another fracture and yet another subgroup. The purists. As they understood it, basuketoboru was not merely basketball, and not merely the way the Japanese played it, it was basketball as played by Japanese people. They saw the domestic league as a cheap imitation, missing the point of basuketoboru entirely. It was just basketball in black and white uniforms with the clocks counting up.

American basuketoboru was an oxymoron, an impossibility. They called it 'wasuketoboru'. The term took off.

For years the league struggled. Their matches were poorly attended and those that were there were mostly aspiring players themselves. The purists had no such aspirations, and vindicated, waited with glee for it to die.


Michael James Jordan entered the domestic league as the third pick in the first round, and his impact was felt immediately. He had grown up around basuketoboru and played it all his life. For him it was as natural as breathing. His debut year saw him bag the Rookie of the Year award and a spot on the All-Star team, and people began to take notice.

The purists admitted yes, he was good, but what he was playing was not basuketoboru. No matter how good he was, it was still just basketball. Fans of the league hated people calling their sport 'basketball'.

In his fourth season Jordan became league MVP, All-Star MVP, won the defensive player of the year award and his second consecutive Slam Dunk contest.

Look, said the purists, he's clearly very good, but he can only recreate basuketoboru. Anything new he brings to the game will at best be considered basuketoboru-style.

Jordan asked to be traded to the JBL when his contract came up for renegotiation, where he was signed by a marquee team in Japan. He was immediately moved to the position of center, and led them to a championship trophy, where he clinched the finals MVP.

It was proof, said his American fans. They weren't pigeonholed into the childish trifle that was basketball by virtue of birth – Americans could play basuketoboru.

Soon Jordan's team began to rely on him to the point of predictability. To combat this, the assistant coach and Jordan developed a triangle offense strategy. It worked, and became the cornerstone offensive strategy for many teams, a tactical mainstay of the Japanese game.

ESPN named Jordan the greatest basketball player of the decade. NHK Sports named Jordan the greatest basuketoboru player of the decade.

Jordan was asked to weigh in on the debate.

Did he consider himself a basketball player, or a basuketoboru player? Or perhaps a basket-based athelete?

Could Americans play basuketoboru?

Could Japanese play basketball?

How did he define them? What if your team was Japanese, but you played in an American league, but you didn't wear spandex, and the clock counted -

He replied that he had not given it much thought and did not realise they were two different sports. The answer pleased no-one and was derided on the internet as simplistic and ignorant.

Jordan retired on a career high and was widely recognised as one of the greatest players ever.




File:gh8u0i.jpg (129.88 KB,640x480)

I do. It is a medium that is very dear to me, and offers an amount of immersion unlike any other I have ever experienced. Off the top of my head, I reread the original Tsukihime pretty often, and have a couple of dating sims I enjoy too. I also love older Key, and Higurashi of course.


it's called basugay man


the japs call visual novels adventure games, so yes you're right. in this case at least, since it's not an eroge.
i never really got into ace attorney, but it's been on my radar for a long time now. once i'm done with the vn i'm reading right now, i think i might just give it a chance.


The only complaint I really have for the early ones is that some of the triggers to progress when you're in exploration mode are really annoying, kind of like old adventure games now that I think about it. You know, stuff like a person won't appear at Area C until you look at a trash can at area B. Just make sure to interact with everything


File:mi3.jpg (238.2 KB,1199x899)

This pose. This pose right here. This one single sprite. Her expression. The massive boobers. It's the lewdest thing in the entire game. I should go back and finish Majikoi soon.


File:33.jpg (65.6 KB,800x600)

enticing, but this is my pick


File:mayo.jpg (223.85 KB,1199x899)

Not a big fan of violent girls.


File:toh8.png (637.48 KB,800x600)



this image entices my prick


big fan of violent girls
do you not want to get beat up by a pretty girl?


I want a really cute little girl to get very angry and ball up her tiny little girl hands and beat them against my /qa/ belly...


Post some BGM. It's one of the easiest ways to get someone interested.
I really like this type of music. Ambient electronic or whatever.


The most powerful theme to go along with the most powerful robot.


File:5r6ui7j.jpg (146.15 KB,640x743)

Have you ever played Comic Party? It's a really fun dating sim on the Dreamcast from the late 90's that celebrates doujin circles and Comiket. Since it was also made by Leaf, it also has a lot of fun references to To Heart.


The opening song instantly got me hooked on this little meatball game.




File:1600117186533.png (237.56 KB,395x700)

I really wish Umineko took a different direction. It got so bad near the end that I couldn't even finish the game.


sighhhhh no love
still infinitely better than higu's twist


File:1655741664116.png (524.06 KB,512x421)

Which one? Seacats had a twist in like every other episode.


I love the Subahibi soundtrack dearly.


all of them


The prime routes really weren't necessary here, but Onoken=win.


I love all of Clannad's soundtrack, but this one is by far my favorite. I love super reverbed ambient pads with soft bells so much.


My favorite would probably be Ushio, the one that always plays on the main menu screen.
Maybe it's because I listened to it every time I opened the game, not sure.



File:Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei H….png (2.46 MB,1280x1633)

Sounds fun, but it's only in Japanese from the looks of it.


Yuri, summertime, and Japanese mythology. I recommend.


The piano in this one is so sick.
Why aren't you reading/playing Baldr Sky right now, kissu?


How is it compared to Akai Ito?


File:lolis.jpg (714.12 KB,800x600)



moderately based




File:based.jpg (204.58 KB,1199x899)


based on raep


I've only read a bit of Akai Ito because my Japanese isn't good enough and the English translation still isn't 100%. In terms of style and themes, they are very similar. Mysterious visions, dreams, bloodlines, etc. all factor in. The yuri is fairly subdued. It's romantic, but the girls won't be slobbering over each other and kai-awase'ing. I think the atmosphere and structure of the routes is all very great as there is a clear divide between the relatively normal period and then the "point of no return" which is represented by the mainland and an island connected to the mainland by only a mile long bridge of stepping stones which disappear at high tide. I should also mention that besides the Japanese mythology talk, there is also a cool Zen priest who talks a lot about Buddhism and is just a general cool old man. There is a lot of erudite discussion besides the normal cute girl scenes that was very interesting to me, like a discussion of Zen dietary restrictions during a meal.


heh, saving this one for later use


I thought this and the remixed tracks from Dies Irae were pretty good.


God, I love Sapporo Momoko's stuff. SayoOshi's OST is amazing as well.


This thread has more replies than I expected.
Where have you been hiding VN fags?


You were the change you wanted to see.


File:Rude.jpg (52.7 KB,198x272)


>still hasn't been translated into english
learning japanese is quicker than waiting an eternity for an unlikely translation that is probably mediocre at best. or use machine translation.
>apparently it's not even very good
i'm reading it and it's pretty good so far, i liked the anime too but this is much better.


In the void waiting for translations.


Goddamn Nasu, keeping Sakurai away from making more WaB.


Higurashi overall has a very good selection of music, but if I were to pick a single track that had me most emotional, it would be this one


Don't be an EOP, learn japanese and never worry about translations again


EOP is a very anglocentric term, isn't it?


What's EOP?


Is anything good even coming out? I know there's some licensed stuff out there, but that's all coming out soon™. Pretty sure it's a dying/dead industry at this point, no?
Because Japanese and English are the only languages that matter on imageboards (or whatever).


>only languages that matter
Such is hegemony. It does fit in with ESL and JOP.


File:EV_HAN019a.jpg (92.92 KB,1280x720)

Chaos;Head Noah is coming out in october.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (116.84 KB,1280x720)

"Engish-only Peasant". It was tongue-in-cheek and funny at first, but like many things on 4chan it turned bitter and tribal.


i remember /jp/ wishing for english translations so more people could enjoy something and they'd have another chance to talk about it


>Chaos;Head Noah
>6 new routes
cool. might be worth checking out.


File:imminent death.jpg (107.79 KB,1200x799)

Did this ever happen to any of you?


I've come very close in the past, but I was never fully caught.


File:1608391040451.jpg (141.42 KB,1280x720)

Who took that photo?


someone standing in the doorframe, concealed by the shadow or just out of sight, i assume


A youkai.


I will never understand how a young man can have his computer monitor standing in a position where you can see the contents from the doorway. Any intruder can enter without knocking when you look at something too refined for earthly eyes. That's how my father caught me watching Sailor Moon, specifically at the transformation scene.


you can just lock the door


Many homes don't have keys for each room.


I'm glad my parents didn't ask annoying questions when I asked for a lock on the door.


then hang a "currently masturbating" sign on the handle


Not exactly that. But one time my Dad walked in on me hornyposting in a Neptunia thread on /v/. That was many years ago and I still agonize over it.


Did he say anything?


He just pretended he didn't see anything. I know he did though. I could see the disappointment in his eyes.


I'd understand it if a son of mine became an otaku, though I'd never do anything to steer him towards that.


how does anyone possibly discern what is going on


his dad was the one he responded to in the thread


So the disappointment was over the low quality of his son's horny posting?


File:hellish scene.jpg (227.92 KB,800x600)

Finished Baldr Sky. Now I need to take a break from VNs.


>Now I need to take a break from VNs.
Why? What happened?


File:smile.jpg (78.57 KB,341x325)

look at this dumbass


Because the typical length makes it easy to burn out. JRPG gamers often need to take breaks too


Moved from >>>/jp/38913 : Thread with room for discussion hit bump limit


File:disturbance.jpg (58.97 KB,194x260)

back from the dead


File:yuki3.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.49 KB,640x480)

There is something off about this sprite but I can't quite put my finger on it.


confusing image


ye, i got it... it looks like her groin pits are over a foot long


File:Illustration.png (Spoiler Image,599.65 KB,800x600)

It's just overall badly drawn.


oh wow, you're really good


oh wow, you're really good


Could this be the next big kissu meme





File:1521375795750.gif (1.29 MB,704x476)

Hmmmm it's still missing something.


Is that embarassed or aroused


embarrassed arousal


The pussy?


Which VNs are worth purchasing on Steam? Nothing with cut content of course.


>worth purchasing
no such thing. you're welcome.


but your favorite creators need to eat food, pay for internet and live somewhere


Well, what kind of stuff are you interested in? SoL? Sci-fi? Animal people with cute ears waging war between wonderful SoL?


You should maybe see if there are better avenues of purchase, also. The creators might get a bigger cut if you buy it from JAST or Mangagamer or something, but I never looked into it. I've said it before on kissu, but JAST has a special place in my heart because they were bringing this stuff to English 20 years ago and deserves our appreciation for playing a major role in popularizing it.
*repost correction: 25 years ago


File:wha.png (682.21 KB,537x695)

Valve is being tard again. Chaos;Head Noah won't be coming to Steam after all, and they are now looking for a different platform to sell the game on.


File:2022-09-20-123104.jpg (167.53 KB,960x544)

Hmm, after seeing how little gameplay there is in comparison to story I think I'll count Ar Nosurge as a VN hybrid like Utawarerumono.
An interesting thing about it is that you enter a character's subconscious and explore their dream world and sometimes it gets really random and silly, and it's pretty funny. The game is full of a lot of choices when it comes to how to respond to stuff, but you're still working towards a set outcome so it's more flavor than anything. There is a very interesting aspect of the story that I like involving the 4th wall.



File:1531070631463.jpg (124.94 KB,500x375)

Great. I am looking forward to the fan patch.


I prefer sabbath, it played as my menu music. Its a gentle track providing sanctuary from the gritting metal guitar tracks and meat hellscapes when it comes


File:2022-11-04-135354.jpg (169.31 KB,960x544)

I'm finding that Utawarerumono Mask of Truth is a whole lot more perverted than Utawarerumono was... Which is interesting given that Utawarerumono itself was originally released with H scenes whereas the newer games only have some ecchi scenes at most. The very most lewd thoughts Hakuowlo ever had were more observations than anything, most of which portrayed a sense of modesty and civility whereas Mask of Truth has been a lot more on the nose with stuff. Making the jump between noticing that Eruruu has breast envy compared to Camyuu's or Karulau's to repeatedly making comments about Kuon's figure... it's been... well, it's certainly something of a change I must say.


File:Utawarerumono Desktop.png (5.86 MB,5760x1080)

Really liking the background in Mask of Truth though. Made a desktop from the inn at the beginning of the game. Too bad the outside area doesn't have a corresponding day and midday variant otherwise I could've made two other desktops to go alongside this one.


File:Utawarerumono.S02E01.False….jpg (233.98 KB,1920x1080)

Hmm, yeah I guess it is now that you mention it. To me the original Utawarerumono's sex scenes seemed like an afterthought, something to qualify it as an eroge in an age where had to be contain the stuff to justify existing, which nasu did as well. It's not to say that they didn't have value or failed to be relevant to the story, but they felt isolated at times.
But, Utawarerumono 2 and 3 have things going for it that make it much more natural for it to contain echii and general sexiness.
1. Over a decade of experience since the first game with increased familiarity with what people like and confidence that they (Aquaplus) can do it well
2. A completely different and more "normal" protag
3. 2 long VNs sharing one story which provides a LOT of time for character building and SoL stuff which will provide ample opportunity for things to not be deathly serious about war. I've seen complaints from people that there's too much of it, which I can sort of understand, but it's one of its strengths in my view.
4. Amaduyu's quite frankly ridiculous improvement in his art
5. Kuon!


File:old.jpg (212.17 KB,935x1025)

Do you like older women (20)?


Did it directly mention her age? I think it works better for these when it just says "older" so it's less of an immersion breaker when the older woman is much younger than the reader/viewer. Somehow it seems better to keep it slightly nebulous even when it's obvious. Maybe that's just me, though.


File:jiii.png (81.8 KB,260x260)

I agree, but in this case, she did say "oba-san".
Still pretty weird though since she looks just as young as the other girls.


File:movie480_vp9.webm (40.21 MB,854x480)

Looks nice, like it's not a VN


File:MonochromeMobius_Rights_an….jpg (280.22 KB,1920x1080)

I've been posting about it a little in my Utawarerumono blog thread, but parts of it DOES look like a VN, complete with portraits and nice 2D backgrounds. There's a healthy mix of 3D scenes and more VN-like ones so far.


File:140_AMADUYU_TATSUKI_ART_WO….jpg (1.9 MB,4846x6958)

I just found out by chance that To Heart 2 had a fan translation released in 2017. This is an influential VN and I need to read it. Well, I mean it's not like Fate or Higurashi, but it's got multiple girls and paths and sex scenes and such. I've assumed no one was ever going to touch it, but apparently ONE GUY with assistance here and there took it upon himself to do it. Well done, Ittaku.
It's Leaf.
It's Aquaplus.
It's romantic escapism.
And I must experience it.


File:17816AC2-9BD7-446A-AF50-2….jpeg (153.73 KB,788x1098)

To Heart is great and I heavily recommend it. It is hard to say whether or not it is my favorite Leaf work…I love Utawarerumono and I feel like whenever Comic Party gets translated I will end up liking it more, but it is still a great title. Also Tomoko is cute.


File:__kousaka_tamaki_and_komak….png (36.8 KB,400x450)

The cutest and the lewdest.

>whenever Comic Party gets translated
Is there a translation in the works?


File:w45gtr.jpg (217.16 KB,850x638)

I don't think so, at least not any projects that I have heard of. I am sure there will be some day, if Snow can get an English patch after all these years then so can Comic Party, but who knows how long it would take. There is apparently a project aiming to translate December When There Is No Angel though.


Damn, I forgot about this thread. I've been playing through 13 Sentinels.


File:d428c50e8588198732143ebc73….png (28.11 KB,400x400)

>This is an influential VN
It certainly is. Lots of fanart around the place, like this one's a crossover with Ojamajo Doremi which was popular at the same time. There's a Qix clone called Gal Pani X
where as you play you turn silhouettes of the To Heart characters into full color pictures.
I now realise I misread your post as saying "To Heart" not "To Heart 2", but I think both were a big deal.


File:094_Mitsumi_Misato_Art_Wor….jpg (3.67 MB,4878x6960)

I meant the "franchise" of 1 and 2, really. But, there's no translation of the first one. It's kind of poetic since there's no translation of the first 'To Heart Dungeon Travelers' game, either, while the second one got an official translation, which might have been the last physical game I bought. It came with a little pinup calendar thing which was really nice.
The 'To Heart' characters are bonus characters in the Dungeon Travelers 2 and Utawarerumono games so it will be nice to actually see their original source finally.

(and Dungeon Travelers 2-2 will never be translated by anyone as its stuck on the vita and we are years from its death with no emulator...)


File:[Exiled-Destiny]_Comic_Par….jpg (169.37 KB,640x480)

I am watching the Comic Party anime and Yuu is the ultimate glasses moe!


Are you someone that cries in VNs/anime/games? The first Utawarerumono got me a couple times, but 2 and 3 (mostly 3) are in a whole different league. For me it's the "hear the specific song and become paralyzed with emotion" experience that few things give me, but I haven't read as many VNs as I should have. Higurashi songs do that as well, which wouldn't be surprising for a "sound novel" I suppose.

I avoid stuff that's specifically labeled with that 'crying game' label, but maybe I shouldn't.
For me it's a strange thought to know a game will focus on sadness from the start and I think that people should perhaps not label them at all. What does /qa/ think?


I hope zts returns for Ciconia phase 2...


Yes I am. The usual suspects have gotten me. (Welcome to the NHK suicide episodes, last volume of punpun, clannad)
But Nakige is another topic entirely, and is mostly avoided these days I think, both because it loses its effect if constantly engaged with and that bitter acceptance/despair is more popular these days


was listening to that album yesterday too


File:f4896236f16b6ebacff74ca209….png (1.29 MB,1280x937)

Epic VN crossover


In fanslation news, Lucky Star Ryouou Gakuen Outousai got a partial English patch a couple of weeks ago.


File:__kusunoki_yua_chaos_head_….jpg (2.25 MB,2560x3840)

It's funny when Takumi tard giggles over figurines or whatever because I do the exact same thing when Yua appears on screen.


File:Screenshot Ne No Kami The ….png (1005.56 KB,1280x720)

Yuri, Yōkai – What's there not to love?

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