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Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?
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Feeling some weird sort of moral conflict ion seeing this, but at the same time I was for AI art making it easier for gamemakers that don't possess artistic skill to make their dream games so I guess I'm fine with it. Hopefully once we get something DALLE-3 level locally we'll be able to see gamemakers fully embrace whatever fetishes they want as it becomes much easier to make art.


How many potential artists never learn their craft anymore because kids in schools use tablets instead of pens and paper, and if you want to visualize something, art generators are easily available?


File:1702005726390084.jpg (31.3 KB,380x488)

>schools use tablets instead of pens and paper
Does that even really happen? Since most people draw on tablets these days anyways.


File:6f0VdB8.png (918.4 KB,1373x978)

This guy has been trying to get approval onto steam like 8 times. His last update said that it was taking longer than usual and he thought they might have ban/rejected him


I've never heard of that game.
Steam seems to allow a lot of content that one would think it would not, like Straight Shota and Goblin games with the things they involve, but then the way they apply that is probably pretty inconsistent which would be annoying. I'm not sure how I would try to get a game on steam if I was a developer.


He's not completely recommended if you're squeamish with sexual violence and assault. Better to think of him as a horror ero game maker.

Still, his works are very detail heavy and he's got a lot of interest in doing risky game design ideas.
I was on Discord with him telling him that adding online functionality to his game would be dumb(basically) and he was looking at it from the same way I saw online game stuff when I was in my 3rd or something year of university.


Normally I'm not into ero stuff. But I've always had the body-swapping fetish and recently discovered Student Transfer. It's like Press-Switch but more routes are fleshed out, the graphics are better and there are a bunch of fanmade routes. It's a lot of fun and I feel ashamed of myself every time I play it.

Just be mindful to read the warnings on the fan-made routes before playing them because half of them have nothing to do with taking over a girl's body or brainwashing her into being your puppet. I also enjoy randomly swapping the popular girls for no reason. The route isn't finished yet but it'll probably be fun whenever the hack writers get around to it.

Most of the characters and assets are from other VNs I'm told. But I wouldn't know since I never really got into them. I'm strictly in this for the body swapping and it's a very good thing that I can't do it in reality.


You know I bought that, and it was a pretty fun game.
Soapland/whoring women out is some pretty erotic.


File:C-1709651071232.png (82.17 KB,658x260)

The h-game revolution is upon us


Have you no pride in your taste?
You should highlight your hentai achievements on your profile for all to see.


Useful. Like one of the biggest reasons I exclhsively use dlsite even though the translations end up on steam


File:C-1711164480071.png (712.52 KB,800x450)

https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/7400/article/1100692 why's this dude postin' cat pictures




don't click on this catdude, the guy makes ntr games


File:c2ca9faab7f5d5a217ee835452….jpg (51.8 KB,502x486)


File:QE[[Y]T~T91W8%T9G1ETF_K.gif (576.95 KB,150x150)

SAVED you the trouble here's the cat


File:6[3}S5MK_I@1U7JMY(TALCJ?px….gif (375.8 KB,280x280)

there's another!


looks like a retarded bunny how did it come to this


File:1470256325473.jpg (48.19 KB,615x563)

Literally this cat in real life


File:fat_cat_-_must_touch.png (370.89 KB,540x658)


File:tonnura.png (208.14 KB,616x525)

The /qa/t.


This got a Steam release. How??? I really don't understand Steam.



As long as it's not violent and 2D I think steam is more lenient. But it's not like Christian parents understand what unity engine eroge is


Guy used a modest amount of AI gen on things such as bgs


File:Sequence-1.webm (6.59 MB,1440x900)

Some files he included of his upcoming game


File:Sequence-2.webm (8.97 MB,1440x900)


File:Sequence-3.webm (21.69 MB,1440x900)


File:Sequence-4.webm (10.54 MB,1440x900)


File:C-1711715203832.png (398.37 KB,575x576)


I wish I had hand-eye coordination.


NOT ero, but it looks like the base for a really fun game


well, he's one of those guys who really likes to play with the various flavours of NTR and be philosophical about it. So you might not like it. His games are avoidable NTR though


Have to buy using the points loophole


File:C-1714754494663.jpeg (179.7 KB,1280x720)

BBQ is a fun guy


File:PortalsOfPhereon_aFhgqQiQa….png (2.63 MB,2229x1225)

I'm playing this again, but as a different character. It's crazy to think how deep this ero game with dickgirls is, and the art is fantastic. That being said, I just can't fap to it. I think it's that the girls are drawn as sticks. Freaky monster girls are awesome, but they look so emaciated and I just can't get into that.
It would take too long to explain this Creation character, but the gist of things is that I can create duplicates (with limitations and bonuses) of humanoids I've been "intimate" with, which is similar to the Evolution character. The Evolution one transformed directly and became very strong, but this Creation one if focused on making stronger allies.
This game just has so much stuff... it's impossible for me to play the proper "timed" mode because it's overwhelming. I might do it after I get more accustomed to stuff, but as it is is I panic too much with a time limit.
I completely missed that you can terraform the area on the other side of portals, building roads or gathering resources. How the heck.... this game just has too much to do AND there's three major classes to play as. AND you can choose to play as Unique characters you've discovered in previous playthroughs and while they don't have fancy skilltrees they have cool bonuses. AND you unluck various other stuff.
Man... if ever there was something that deserves the infamous Patreon porn game money this is it.


File:image-web?px-time=17175259….jpg (317.47 KB,1210x907)

neat little trophy they give some creators


gotta show it to mom


File:soft fuwafuwa shab.png (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB,1600x900)


Started playing this Shinobi interrogation nukige and was surprised at just how much content there is in it. I don't want to skip days so I've been allowing the hentai level to rise consistently but it seems like it locks you out of other content the more you focus in on one area, and I'm not sure if it's just the way I've played it or not, but 3 trainings in a row seems to be the level up mechanic for it.

Aside from the training sessions you also have some dating sim like activities you can partake in in the interim and from the DLsite page it looks like the other sub heroines are loveable too. Though I assume that since this game's locking me out of certain types of training if I level up too much without investing in that field or specific type then it might lock me out of the subroutes if I break the main heroine too early, but I'll test that tomorrow.

Either way, normally I'm one to not care too much about these games since I'd rather read a doujin instead of deal with art that's usually not on the same level, but the live2d is well done. It also helps that I've enjoyed CGs from this artist before and this is really some of their best work yet. All the girls seem really soft too which I like and there's a good amount of different fetishes to explore in it too like futanari. I played it in JP because I can, but the author has an AI translated English version out too that dekinais can use. And I'm not sure I'd test it myself or not, but going by the conversations with the imouto (I think... somewhat spedread a little bit but that's what I'm pretty sure I heard kage call say she was) it seems like there might be a way to go for a pure good ending and not break the main heroine. And even though I probably won't go for it I like having the idea of a potential option for it.


Their other game, Moaning Wood is a fun little boardgame thing that I liked playing. Not too hard


>Now, let's talk about FPS, it's been a while since we've discussed this area. First, let's look at the progress of our latest map directly through the images.

>There will be a total of 9 independent game maps, including an OP and two boss maps. Currently, OP, 02, and 03 have been completed, with 6 maps to go.

>Also, there are plans to rebuild the base, which will make it easier for various covert NTR events to occur in the future. It will also facilitate the introduction of settings like cameras.

>But seriously, making this FPS really... really burns money. What was I thinking when I suddenly decided to make a 3D FPS with UE5, haha.

>Actually, I wanted to buy a CT125 this year, but after thinking it over, I decided to wait until next year; I really can't afford to spend recklessly right now.

>All NTRCGs for the main heroine 1 have been completed, and next, we will start on the drama CGs and pure love CGs. Depending on our financial situation, we might release the game with only the content of heroine 1 completed before all the content of heroine 2 is ready.

>To put it simply, the content for heroine 2 might be added as a major free update later on, not as a DLC, similar to how Monster Hunter updates


DLC now means that it's not free?
I don't remember that being the case in the past.


there are just very few situations where new free content is downloaded separately rather than as an patch, so it's easy for it to colloquially mean paid DLC
the last time I can recall the distinction being relevant was the revised mass effect 3 ending


File:1d4a667cb1b8d2744fc33e112a….png (435.17 KB,1024x576)

It's a wholesome family-friendly game about a brother and sister taking care of each other.


File:a8eb200e8bdc76bd832007c5c1….png (339.53 KB,1024x576)

Fuck I fucked up.


File:1470943129839.png (1.94 MB,1920x1080)

Does that mean no more coze zoning?


Was she angry because you didn't use protection, or because you did?


File:bc3140124be81562acbcd17b58….png (Spoiler Image,337.36 KB,1024x576)

Imouto only gets mad when she wakes up. Onii-chan must be sneaky sneaky.


File:ss_e904444a263e4f340449b64….jpg (854.46 KB,1920x1080)

The next game from the /qa/ dev is coming soon.



File:OmegaLabyrinth_Life_2019-1….jpg (388.68 KB,1920x1080)

Really makes me wish for another Omega Labyrinth game...


I've been playing Mad Island.
It's alright, you get to play as both a boy and a girl and go around trying to survive on an island. Got like pretty tribal women too.

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