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File:89624374_p0 asd.png (763.6 KB,848x837)

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Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?


File:Game_srwyrTLZGV.png (583.05 KB,1280x720)

I just started playing 'The Imperial Gatekeeper'. It's Paper's Please but in h game form. You can go full TSA on people, and I do say people because while the focus is obviously on women there's also men and shotas. It's not long into the game where you can get an item to select against seeing one gender, though.
I'm playing with some guy's content patch- do be warned that I saw an Overwatch character randomly so if you want immersion you should definitely get the base game. Apart from that it says it adds a lot of visual variety and uncensoring so I'm sticking with it. It seems rare to get these special characters, anyway.


for some reason i haven't been playing any lately even though i really enjoy them. maybe it's because i'm not caught up on the stuff i've marked for reading on ex, may check out this one >>72690 f-f-for the women of course!


I played that a while ago too, it's pretty good and also interesting what they have done with RPGM.


This is definitely one of my top eroge, something about it just ticks most of my boxes. It also seems that the dude who made the content patch is working on his own game with a similar concept, so I'm excited for that


Last month I was looking for the previous eroge thread, but it had already died and I was too lazy to make a new one.

I played Harumade, Kururu (https://vndb.org/v9198) recently. I think it's a really great game, but it's also rather hard to recommend, for various reasons. The most conspicuous is that it has severe problems with pacing. In total, this game has 23 H scenes, but they are not interspersed into the heroine routes - there are 2 scenes for each of the 4 heroines, and the other 15 constitute the prologue of the game. Since this is not a long game (around 15 hours or so), this means you will be spending the first 10~20% of the game reading H scenes almost nonstop. And what's more, they are actually quite well-written, diverse, and have foreshadowing and character development, both in the H scenes themselves and in the brief interludes in between them, so it's not advisable to skip them. I think this is the main thing that could put people off from this game.

Besides that, there is a lot of disparity in genre and quality between the 4 routes. More specifically, I didn't enjoy the first one too much, but that might be because I didn't like the heroine herself. The other 3 are really good, though. This is definitely the kind of game that gets better and better as it goes on, and each route builds off the previous one. The catharsis/payoff of the ending is immense for a game this short, I can see how some people might have problems with it, but to me it was one of those endings that leave you completely satisfied and feel like the best possible sendoff.

According to the vndb page, this game has an English translation coming out this year, so definitely give it a try if you enjoy sci-fi. (Yes, this is a sci-fi game. You may have noticed that I haven't really written anything about what the story is like - that's because most things I could say are probably spoilers.)


File:Photoshop_rtpiR5D8sF.png (Spoiler Image,93.65 KB,380x475)

Followed a guide to 'mod' this game and I'm making dickgirl edits. The dev still has one more content patch or something planned and then the modder guy has to update his for the final patch and then I'll play the game again with this.
I'm doing it slowly so I don't have anything to release, if anyone else here is even interested in this.


I enjoy Era-games like EraFGO-k and EraTohok
I like romance of the three kingdom but I'm too much of a brainlet to understand it.


Definitely will try reading this after the translation comes out, that scene looks like it was preceded by something really nice.


File:Dokurochan.jpg (300.18 KB,1000x1000)

I just finished the last dlc of Black Souls 2 and it was pure, unfiltered despair. At least that guy art got better, you can almost fap to it now.


File:1618794719037.webm (1.48 MB,638x480)

Oh, that's the one this boy teasing comes from. I guess it wasn't all boys after all.


it's mostly girls. there are only three boys that you can fuck.


Not a bad deal at all I'll need check this out as well.


only 3 still seems like alot compared to most nongay games


File:waterfox_9Rs3e37qOU.png (46.73 KB,905x794)

Degrees of Lewdity version 3.0.3 is out!
Looking at my file dates I haven't played it since 2019. It doesn't seem that long ago, but files don't lie.
Looks like they added temperature and also gardening?


That design looks fairly more detailed than the old pixels. Wonder if the transitions are more visible now... and more numerous in possibility.


I'm pretty sure it is. I think they incorporated a guy's mod into the base game. From I remember in 2019 a lot of stuff in the game was from fans and not the head dev


Highly forbidden game....

It's constantly being updated, they average one update (a pretty substantial one at that) each month.


File:mazoku.png (Spoiler Image,17.89 KB,349x452)

I may have gotten a bit carried away...


File:waterfox_m4A6ggUMWD.png (14.2 KB,789x183)

god this game is so good
if they just added more pixel art for stuff it'd be the perfect game

though I have to wonder, if people know about my crossdressing does that mean they know I'm a boy crossdressing as a girl or did they somehow just now notice after a few months that I was wearing a skirt the whole time


File:New video record1.mp4 (Spoiler Image,10.87 MB,720x1280)

I decided to look at /vmg/ on 4chan to see what mobile games I might be missing out on and there's a Taiwanese gacha game with porn. It seems novel so I'm checking it out. I guess these scenes aren't translated, but the gameplay is.
Time will tell how long I'll stick with it, but probably not very long. It's Unity so I think I can at least look at all the files directly if not


File:Im_gonna_die.jpg (220.62 KB,850x777)

barely counts as ero since it only has stripping but I tried playing super real mahjong (specifically p7, cause a site I was looking at said it was the best one to start on for newbies) on mame for the first time and got my butt handed to me about twelve times in a row by the first girl. that game is hard.


Those games have some nice girls, need to watch the OVAs sometime.


File:Game_1bzkkZE08g.png (1.31 MB,2182x1300)

Was looking through my pixiv feed and it seems one of the animators I follow released a pretty nice eroge that I've been playing. It starts off a bit slow, but everything about it is very pretty. Also I'm a sucker for pink hair and completely oblivious girls so this instantly hooked me.



Oh yeah it does have paizuri if anyone was wondering.


File:5ff529f272f7d.jpg (61.05 KB,560x420)

I've been on an hgame binge
other than lost life
Amu-chan https://fapforfun.net/archives/23900
Punishment! Touching! Little Sis-chan https://fapforfun.net/archives/22636
are all really cute erotic fun


I tried TeachingFeelings recently, was quite fun.

On the topic I also found this on YouTube and wanted to try it, couldn't find the hentai version https://youtu.be/ReKto_bqKb0
It seems so good


One of my favorite futanari artists is still working on his new game and there's free test versions he released on his fanbox: https://mfr.fanbox.cc/
He made some old flash stuff and also the very well done Futanaring (or Futa Princess or whatever) game that I actually BOUGHT because I loved it and his stuff so much. Please check out his stuff!


Heh... this dumb game thinks it's so clever by making you click to gain money... too bad I'm able to switch my mousewheel to be a click. Already rich on day 2...


File:c5043b91f4.jpg (864.38 KB,3840x2160)

Really liking it so far.


Japan makes so many buggy 3D hgames, but they make for good immersion. Shame hard to get them to do what you want.

It's a bit lacking in depth of scenarios, but the concepts are nice


File:Game_JFGQCsPp9N.png (292.01 KB,640x457)

Yeah... a bit after playing I realized that I was pretty much done with what'd interest me. However, it already fulfilled its purpose by that point. Think I'll be getting more mileage out of >>74806 or one of the SEQUEL sequels, which I should really get to playing sometime.


Yes! The SEQUEL games are very good. The style is great and the gameplay is good, too. I did everything in the first one except the secret super boss that I made a mp4 of and uploaded here.
If you move on to the second one, make sure you do all the optional stuff in the first one because the characters you see there make major appearances early on in the second one. I didn't get far in the second one, just forgot to keep playing and I'll go back eventually.


I'm going to be out of my collection of downloaded erogames. Back to doujinshi and h-pics soon


picket imouto paradise 2 back up earlier, great game great girls but I can never really get into it or the first one because its just railroaded hscenes
what are some games with actual choices that unlock different routes and hscenes without leaving the h scenes behind?


this cat miko comes with extra special fortunes


File:Game_YWnQwvKSul.png (1.02 MB,1504x1167)

Played an H-game with some themes that are pretty disagreeable with people, and some that are not. It's a very choice based game, so you can end up with various endings like graduating with your childhood friend or doing porn. A more detailed review is here, but if you like slutty Gyaru's this game is a good choice.



File:91873593_p2.png (405.36 KB,640x480)

I follow the SEQUEL creator on pixiv and he must have just finished a new, uh.. sequel.
It'll take a while for someone to fan translate it, but it's something to look forward to! (and those that speak Japanese can play it now)
I need to go back and play the second one-- I was about 5 hours into it so I think I should just start over so I know what I'm doing


Maid Dragon guy (can someone give me a name for this guy that isn't 15 letters long and Japanese...) has a new game in the Wolf RPG engine (similar to RPG Maker but seems like it's more varied) and the machine translation mentioned Succubus Dungeon which itself is highly rated.
Hope it gets translated... Man, I should stop doing this because most of these probably won't be translated ever.


nokogiri i think would be the easy to remember nickname


File:1629225585292.png (263.27 KB,640x480)

Can't believe Vermin got a cameo in this



In this game you can play as a rampaging futa raping all the kingdom. It can get pretty fetishistic and the sizes can be large, but I do enjoy the scenarios presented.


This game definitely deserves an award for largest cock I've ever seen


File:9eb4f837d8e270bba8f1cb53b6….jpg (1.75 MB,2048x2480)

This famous brown elf I've seen over the years is finally in a language I can understand! Fullmetal Demon Muramasa translation is out, 12 years later!
It's on AB but not nyaa yet. It should be there soon since it's something quite a few people have been waiting for I would think. If not, I guess I could upload it if people are interested here.


Wasn't this the one people were calling untranslatable and the last bastion against EOPs or something?


The very same, yes. Here is the vndb page if anyone is interested: https://vndb.org/v2016


Love me some delicious choco elves... I'll have to read it myself eventually too.


I played Seed of the Dead - Sweet Home.

It's pretty bad, it's nice that they made an ero shooter but the Zombie theme is really really bland and I don't get how it has become so popular, they are the worst opponents you can pick for pretty much every reason.


File:8debfc36-5dc7-4f39-98e1-19….png (285.07 KB,1024x1024)

He's selling some merch now!
These seem nice for $13.


File:613d6b4f2cb50.jpg (73.98 KB,560x420)

I found one that messed up my sleep
Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~


anyone know how to decompile RPGMaker games and turn into a project?
I guess just getting assets would be fine too



File:84123fd68bf186a697a8cee3f2….jpg (15.45 KB,220x180)

What a premise

I just played through an H game that took every isekai trope, blended it with NTR, visual novel type gameplay and machine translated for extra confusion about what was going on.
Picture this: You asked a girl to be your lover 30 days ago, on the last day that she promises to give you her shojo card you and her are hit by a car and get issekai'd into a parellel/copy world, but with magic. The magic does not get discussed at all other than to explain the crazy logic this alternate world has. See... because the main character grabbed onto a fragment of the car that hit them he retains his memories, but she doesn't and he has this discussed to him by some frogs. These frogs tell him that there's a chance that he will be able to loop the last 30 days until you get together with her again(there's also some funny backstory that frogs in this world are discriminated against, but that's just flavor text).
So if that seems a bit weird, here is the odd part... They go to a magic highschool, that isn't much of a magic highschool, but a marriage candidate program. On this school all males come from rich families and the females are sold by their families to cash in on their good looking daughters. So males in this world come to find brides in the highschool. You also fucked up in the first encounter with your former girlfriend and she thinks you're a creep, so you have to build up your abilities through the timelooping while also knowing that your girlfriend is being impregnated by multiple other guys until you finally reach the good end and she has her memories restored by you two getting reuinted(game logic).

Just fuck my shit up fam.


I'll try them. Idk if these are just resource rippers or project reconstructors, but it helps all the same.

This game has some hidden mechanics that I won't be able to find without infinite grinding. So doing something that converts the json files into an actual product will save me considerable time.


>blended it with NTR
>knowing that your girlfriend is being impregnated by multiple other guys
Absolutely disgusting. Revolting. Repugnant. Awful. I hate it.




File:/g/1619122372654.jpg (179.5 KB,1400x1500)

I am the coolest


Is it really NTR if the girl doesn't know you?


Just read the title "her sex experience stays the same." So its more like dating a whore who has fucked a lot but also has not fucked at all?


lol it's a whore roguelike.
every run you pick up more whorishness to complete the game





They're such a pain.
So easy to consume and there's few which are bad in the art department. Spend too much time chugging games.


File:afb56bc74d.png (131 KB,361x379)

There's only one way to play NTR games where you can avoid it...


at that point the game is basically won


played two boring hgames in a row. The next translated one is an action game but have no idea what to think of it.

There's an issekai brothel owner game that I want to play but it's Japanese language only. I might Jisho my way through it


was entertaining

started playing through the other one and it crashes occasionally. i think because westerner PC. It's really good game too


File:RJ331694_img_smp1.jpg (172.49 KB,800x600)

AAAAA I don't understand the plot!
The gameplay is puzzle point and click with management elements and cute girls. It's such a high quality game but I only understand the kata/hiragana and some basic kanji so the entire skill system and items are lost on me.

I feel satisfied. I played a bunch of hgames after playing a good one released this year. 2021 seems like a vintage action-hentai game year. Makes me want to learn my kanji


File:RJ324709_img_smp10.jpg (211.82 KB,960x540)

If you're up for some simple Japanese I'd recommend >>74806 it's got a lot of really nice animations and scenarios in it.



File:Game_k7JoEl9ufs.png (419.68 KB,816x624)

Started Pandora's Forest, another RPGMaker game. You play the very effeminate guy on the left and well I think the text here explains the rest of it. There's crossdressing and penises going into male butts and such, although it seems like it's possible for a pure route where you just beat everyone up. I also saw a futanari censor toggle and I'm not sure how that works exactly. Alas, there's mosaic censorship but it's not the worst I've seen.
Too early to give a real review, but the combat in regular battles is kind of annoying, but I'll see if that changes.


Really wish someone'd mix slavemaker and degrees of lewdity for the perfect customizable eroge


File:Game_vpBpEZkM2i.png (1.32 MB,1563x903)

Played some nukige erodungeon crawler where you play as this cute witch exploring through an ero-dungeon. Along the way you can happen upon multiple scenarios and also curses such as larger breasts or futa. I played this under the pretense that it had animations to go with and while there were animations (that also changed a bit depending on your curses) that played when you were raped by monsters, the cutscenes themselves where you lose or fall for a trap aren't animated. Instead they're a typical CG slideshow. A bit disappointed, but it was a nice fap. Would reccomend if you like the themes I listed.



File:(clipboard)1637979515596.png (1018.66 KB,1024x768)

Was scrolling through twitter and saw a post about "Daraku Royal Seishojo". Checked out its vndb page and it looks like a great erogame. The art looks fantastic. Haven't tried it though. Doesn't look like its translated yet since the twitter post was about "We translated this game! Try it out!"
Japanese only version can be found in sukebei, the translated version looks like is coming out on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1473880/The_Humbling_of_a_Holy_Maiden/
Didn't even know you could get such games on steam...


I think the toggle just makes the futanari enemy sprites lose their penises. I'm not sure what happens with characters like that main merchant futa in the screenshot or if toggles variations of the battle sprite cut-ins or just removed the futa ones all together.
When I played it a couple of months ago I only got maybe 10 hours into it if that. The game can be very, very slow. I think it speeds up a bit if you decide to "give in" and start building a lewd character, but trying a pure run or sort of typical combat-but-porn-when-its-available approach like most ero rpgmaker games is going to make it a trial in patience.
I think the general idea is, grinding for the "gacha" coins from enemy encounters is like 90% slower than just accepting the merchants offer to slut out, then doing a slut run, and if you do go combat, you often get more by advancing the story than grinding because the equipment means more than the exp/coin stuff, beyond a few very handy abilities.
There's very meta skill build options per area that the game kind of expects you to use if you want to do a combat run, just winging it will probably lead to a bad time. Like, "the boss WILL absolutely defeat you unless you slot in and use these 4 skills in this order in their fight" expectations.


File:Archmage2_jCqDUga707.jpg (413.57 KB,1625x2148)

Played ダンジョンの盗賊大魔法使い and it was a pretty fun nukige. The battles and dungeoning were really fast and play themselves, and you can move/interact with just the mouse so it works with one-handed play as well. Although it didn't seem as useful, or hasn't so far, since all the ero scenes have taken place in event dialogue and not out in the open world, to my surprise. It's got a really nice artstyle so if this looks up your ally you should give it a try.


took me one and a half decades but I think i finally understand what goes into a good eroge


File:akiss0000.png (125.2 KB,960x672)

been JO-ing to some 'jong


File:RJ350242_img_smp4.webp (51.59 KB,1440x900)

a cat is NOT fine




File:644cb498b2.png (1.66 MB,1920x1017)

papers please


File:a75de7be61.jpg (375.08 KB,1920x1037)

aaaaaaaaaaa this game is so boring aaaaaa


I posted about it in the first post in the thread. The story is bland, yeah, but the fetish content is great if you like it. I think it might be in the final version by now. The guy has some other games, but I haven't played them


I liked it, it's interesting and novel. It could do with some more depth though.


novel, but it's very grindy


File:709632_maxresdefault.jpg (157.46 KB,1280x720)

Not really eroge in the traditional sense, but I'm playing Pokemon Girl Hunters, a GBA romhack of FireRed.
You can catch the trainer girls that challenge you like Pokemon. There's also some Pokemon/girl hybrid people like this screenshots shows, furry-rific I guess? It's a pretty substantial hack with a completely new map and "Pokemon" and skills and story. Unfortunately, the hack software (Rosalina) that you can use to take screenshots doesn't work with this emulation thing, so I can't share my own screenshots.
This is really an impressive ROMhack, it's a new game pretty much. There's also a second one that I'll play a bit after this one.
I purposely lost the first battle of the game and I was even sent to sex slavery island, which is REALLY impressive. How the heck did this guy do so much?

Grabbed a youtube thumbnail, but it really doesn't do it justice


Forgot to mention, it's also very comedic. Team Rocket captures girls with their new human balls and you and your rival admit you're lesbian perverts that are capturing girls to fight them with ulterior motives.
This is seriously one of if not the most impressive romhack I've seen.


This hack seems pretty messed up but it's crazy how they were able to do so much with a rom hack. (nice trips btw)



hmm does anybody have a link to the torrent?


It's not on nyaa? I figured it'd be pretty widespread due to its reputation. I guess if it's not I could look to uploading it... maybe. My upload speed sucks


File:2022-01-03 00-52-31-1.mp4 (7.57 MB,1280x720)

Alright, this game is amazing. The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca: Two Winged Sisters
I'll give a warning ahead of time that it's classified as ryona and it does feature the standard lose and get raped by monster stuff. Although rape is unavoidable in the story, too, as being Ricca is suffering.

The gameplay is a sidescroller and I'd compare it to the adventure mode of the Smash Brothers games. I don't know why, but it just really feels like that and not a typical 2D sidescroller. I'm playing on Hard and it does get hard, the bosses especially. But, don't expect extremely complex gameplay even though it's significantly better than any ero game needs to be. You can customize the MC's appearance and you unlock new outfits, weapons and hairstyles as you progress.

The scenes are extremely good for 3D, this is basically what stuff like Koikatsu should be. You can even set up multiple "cameras" to get multiple angles during a scene at the same time.
I'm really starting to care about the main character, another thing that's really rare in an ero game.

I'm very tempted to buy this game even though I've pirated it. It's a one guy project and he deserves it not only for high quality work, but for... ALSO RELEASING IT IN ENGLISH FROM THE START!!!!
This quality while also in English is practically unheard of. GO PLAY IT!

DL Site to buy: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ297937.html
The guy's dev blog or whatever: https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/7468/article/481822
f95 thread for pirating it: https://f95zone.to/threads/the-fairy-tale-of-holy-knight-ricca-two-winged-sisters-v1-0-1-mogurasoft.89059/
The OP of the thread also has the uncensor patch, and the guy definitely put in work for the genitals. DO note that it's not the most recent patch in the thread, however.


ive tried to play many of these but my nihongo still isnt proficient enough, i spend 30 minutes just reading the prologues


In trying to get a translation of a black panda game released this year I found a useful tool written by a china-pervert to get Google's subpar translations(and his patreon subs get access to the premium translation services he has to pay to use) inserted into a bunch of engines that are commonly used.


used it in
to alright effect. Google translate sucks and I'm not sure if his tool always gets everything, but you can get an idea of what's going on.


It's a shame Google Translate is so awful, it used to be a lot better before they changed it. To bad they didn't make it to use DeepL instead. Thinking on this, I remembered that the fandom surrounding the Touhou games had developed a realtime translation patch, THCRAP, or The Touhou Community Reliant Automatic Patcher. The Github still seems quite active, so I would assume it is applicable for a number of other games or applications as well.



oh, i posted the same thing twice,
they're both memorable games


Yeah I still have thcrap games on my drive.
Something I've linked a couple times is a thing that can be used with Textractor to enable DeepL to be a real-time translator. Textractor really only works for RPGMaker-style stuff, but you could maybe try it for others. It has to be 'hooked' into a program and read a text output and it doesn't work for a lot of things.



I'm playing it now and up to Chapter 6 and I really don't share your enthusiasm. There is far too much dialogue for what this is, the gameplay isn't actually that great for a side scroller, it's not that fluid and does not offer anything unique nor does anything else about this game offer anything unique. I don't like the H scenes either but then I tend not to like 3d animations in general, not that it can't be done well it just often isn't and this is no exception and adding them as part of the story makes it worse as I prefer H scenes to be earned through or a part of gameplay.


File:ss032.png (2.89 MB,1920x1080)

Okay, third attempt at doing the post without glaring mistakes...

Hmm, well that's a shame. I liked it a lot (just beat the bonus stages and think I'm 100% done)
Yeah, the combat responsiveness isn't to the standards you'd expect from a team of people, but I got used to it and enjoyed it. There's not just the normal gameplay, but auto-scrolling escape levels, a Kid Icarus throwback stage, and even controlling a couple other characters sometimes It's really remarkable that one guy was able to do this while also having a great talent at creating sex scenes and writing some nice characters. (don't like rape stuff, but there's some happy stuff too)
Well, I can't force you to like it, but I think it's really good for what it is.


File:1488228573342.png (792.41 KB,1209x842)

Finally got through enough of my ex tab backlog to play this and it's pretty great. From what I saw in the webm I had no idea what to expect H-scene wise, but it really took its time and went into good detail with the scenarios and models. Quite glad to have picked this up and from looking at your webm right there, there's quite a bit more to the game to get so I'll look forwards to that. Thanks for the recommendation, Anonymous.


hello so I bought the limited edition box of Princess Evangile awhile ago and im finally getting around to playing it, I found that the cd didnt fit in my cd player so I used the steam key which tells me I own the all ages version, does anyone know if its just showing up as the all ages version but its actually the 18+ or if ive been wasting my time.



thats the second game, Im talking about the first. I think maybe because I used a steam code from a box which had the 18+ version maybe it just says all ages because the 18+ isnt on steam and im not sure. I dont want to keep playing until I am sure because it seems this game makes you wait awhile before h-scenes.


It looks like the Steam version is just the All-stars version according to VNDB. Your CD version is probably the R18 version I think?


Stupid autocorrect...


so if I want to get the 18+ version I have to use the disk instead of the steak key that also comes with it?


>Princess Evangile
Ooh, I liked that one.
"WHappiness" is basically a bonus disk that should be played afterwards and it adds more paths including my favorites. The new paths all start at the halfway point of the story so you definitely should play the original first.
Also, to avoid a future headache of yours: choose a girl early and always choose her when given any opinion on anything. It gives you a bad ending otherwise.
"How could you say you love this girl if on day 3 you met with a different girl to talk before anything romantic happened to anyone". Purity is a good thing, but be reasonable...


¥choose a girl early and always choose her when given any opinion on anything
thats what I was planning to do, though I dont think the one choice you get fairly early to speak up for rise counts though considering that the other girls arent introduced at that point
but regardless I dont think im going to continue until I can figure out why the disk is too big for the cd drive or some other way to get the 18+ version I paid for


for some reason the thought didnt occur to me to look for a torrent and I found one that seems like it will work.
does the 2nd one have a route for Ruriko? Shes the one I like the most so far


File:latest.webp (93.74 KB,534x983)

Well, it's most likely on nyaa if you want to pirate it. As is often the case, it would be the easier solution and you already bought it anyway.
Man, I can't find my screenshots from it...


It's been a few years but I think Ruriko was in the original? If not, then yes. I definitely remember her having a route



File:Game_mhFDzBO1K0.png (1.67 MB,1024x768)

Good amount of scenarios so far and the combat's pretty good. Also feels like I'm earning the lewd scenes... This is really great so far.


title sounded familiar. Played antithesis which was a nice "days until death" game. Planned to play the most recent game sometime https://www.dlsite.com/maniax-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ297120.html

Guess I'll have to play them all


File:Game_Z6Nn6FMmFa.png (1.85 MB,1283x963)

Gonna say if anyone wants to feel rewarded out of grinding Priest Ranks I'd recommend switching to Very Hard difficulty. You need to get this item from I believe the shack to the left of the shrine in the home area.


File:Game_ZZWiswQJlK.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB,1283x963)

Finally got the most difficult to get ending, because of how fine you have to tread the line, and it was pretty worth it.


I played thug hero party and feel sick now


¥A Look At – Dark Hero Party – The Madoka of NTR
I can see why


That sounds worse than any NTR media could ever be.


Its THUG hero party. Do not buy hentai games from steam or I will beat you


I wish there were more 2D platformers, beat 'em ups, and fighting games that focus on some hentai elements.


File:SP_iGsUW30IU4.png (218.81 KB,640x480)

If you like strip jong and this artstyle, you'll probably like this game. As for myself, I got filtered by the jong.



I played this a little recently. Seems a bit closer to hanafuda than jong. Can't read runes though.


File:0a2a94c2c2afc84a88492f240….jpeg (398.33 KB,1200x784)

I have had mixed feelings on eroge lately. I have been playing mostly ADV so it may be specific to those genres, I will whip up a Windows VM eventually to play RPGMaker and other games eventually.

-Once you get used to voice acting it makes games without it seem lower quality which is wrong but its hard to go back
-Multiple path games if there are "wrong" paths that lead to bad ends tend to become tedious if not using a walkthrough
-Quality eroge that aren't mindless nukiege tend to have worlds and relationships to get lost in that can make H much more intense. The downside is they often require large time commitments if you want to really get into them. They easily melt away hours but you sometimes feel pangs of guilt that you could be spending your time better
-True endings that require all other endings to be done are often unrealistic expectations of the player
-ADV games in general rely too much on save scumming if they have multiple paths
-H scenes feel like they finish far too fast for you to finish, especially compared to 3D games that can loop sex until you choose to cum, then take far too long to get to the next one unless you replay it
-Fetish content is much more in depth and often extreme than most other pornography aside from maybe erotic novels
-On fetishes, they may have stuff you dont care about or dislike mixed in with stuff you do, usually easily ignored unless it impacts the plot significantly or you really hate it
-Even if you do enjoy the fetish, some of the "tropes" associated with them can be annoying/old hat/cliche etc if you have played many of the genre's games
-With the way you can get emotionally invested in the characters due to basically interacting with them personally, the emotional affectation can be more intense and long-lasting than most other media.

TL;DR: They're pretty good but unless you're seeking a fetish or character the end result can be accomplished in 20 minutes with a doujin.


File:akbs_0126pl.jpg (433.33 KB,796x560)

If you liked Bisque Doll you'll probably like this game as well.


File:(clipboard)1648296301965.png (1.22 MB,1024x768)

There are few H games that make you feel like you've accomplished something after completing it. This is one of them, but I'm hardly surprised, this author is one of the best.

I just need a Celesphonia translation now


File:1647642886561.gif (2.29 MB,320x283)

Those sex numbers are ridonculous!


I really enjoy how you can use your lewdness to gain power later into the game. Though it's too bad I spent all the early game getting most of the H-scenes before I got to that point so I wasn't able to really utilize it to its fullest and spent a bunch of time dungeon grinding for BP...


File:(clipboard)1648560883988.png (1.78 MB,1680x1010)

holy based


File:(clipboard)1648561267292.png (1.72 MB,1680x987)

what game


>Spirit Squeezing Devil's 5 day long orgasm denial game
It literally says it right at the top of the first image


what a game*


Based on what?


On what?


File:1df49b43e5.png (1.41 MB,1680x987)

Why, based on being based!


nice save


Based on being based on what?


File:based.jpg (204.58 KB,1199x899)


File:b18fe488b3.png (17.55 KB,188x904)

DLSite finally improved their search toolbar


How much does this help with finding new content? I know a bunch of stuff probably not tagged english has a translation available on f95 zone.


doesn't really help make the search system better, but now you can quickly do advanced searches.


I can't recall this ending haven't played the game for a while, does it say in the game itself how to achieve it or is there a walkthrough?


you can unlock hints in the recollection room


thank you!


File:(clipboard)1649662621859.png (383.9 KB,740x450)

Flatcheez / Flatcheez 2 (/ Flatcheez 3?)
First played this one around two years ago so I don't really remember much of the plot. But I do remember it being very eroi. It never explicitly showed sex, only hinted at it (with just one exception at the very end of Flatcheez 2), but it was great at hinting at sex. The highlight of the game for me was the girl in this image. And better yet, the exception is for her.



There's been a MTL this whole time... If you're willing to put up with it.


Finished game and only got 64% of cg

Game got a translation somewhat recently.
It's a real time FireEmblem type game(fantasy andmagic) which builds up the characters for the first half of the story (no H, only some ecchi) and then it makes depravity occur. If you're interested advise you not to read anything about it.


What kind of depravity? And how much of a timesink are we talking?


File:7a717d0ea3.png (432.52 KB,1280x720)

Best you don't know, but it's all avoidable if you play the game right. Mostly rape.

14th to 17th.
A day is like a second... so 132 minutes.
There are 10 girl endings and I think the one I got was the neutral end. Still leaves 3 endings that I don't know where they're from


also played through the prologue 4 times, 3 times to get each character backstory and then the 4th time on the hardest dificulty


actually i'm not entirely sure how long I played.. probably 10-15 hours?



File:(clipboard)1650175535907.png (Spoiler Image,441 KB,549x420)

Too many games. As soon as you learn of a few studios that you like, the games just never end. Might have to start managing my time better


File:2022-04-24 15-02-44_1.webm (Spoiler Image,191.05 KB,640x480)

Interesting nukige. This one is kinda like a roguelike platformer in that you try and beat as much as you can while getting cards that will give you 3 random powerups to choose from. You can initiate sex with any defeated enemy for a short scene and an HP/MP boost which could maybe be seen as raping them to death? Although you can do it to girl characters too so maybe not. Although there's not too much context behind the scenes themselves which could be a bit of a turnoff to some, the animations are of truly exceptional quality and unique for each enemy. Also there's two characters: One slutty bunny girl, and another a more traditional mahou shoujo looking one. The scenes for the two are also unique.

Also on nyaa


File:G2mffPYjMS.png (215.88 KB,1024x768)

Playing Kilo the Magician and the Futanari Elf, an extremely simple and short RPG Maker game. It is a machine translation which has quite a few flaws to say the least, but I think it also had some edits for basic readability. I honestly don't know if pic related is a machine translation error or a manual edit for the Fate reference. Maybe it's half and half. Such is life in the machine translation world.
The futanari elf has a magical disease and she's forbidden from properly ejaculating or she'll die, so she's tied up in the basement, but not in a cruel sadist way that you might expect from such a scenario. She needs to orgasm to trick a magical parasite to release its magical power, but she can't just directly masturbate because of aforementioned affliction. It starts out with basic predictable things like nipple teasing and butt stuff, but it also gets quite fantastical in nature like psychic dildos that Kilo stimulates and breaks the psychic connection of right before she could ejaculation. The RPG part is you exploring areas around for no real reason, it's required to progress the game but it's clearly a time sink without anything erotic involved.
Anyway, the art is not particularly amazing, but a thirsty man in a desert does not complain about weeds at an oasis.

There is a sequel that is also machine translated, so I'll try that one later on, but...
Unfortunately for me there are hints that there might be something like castration involved in the sequel, so I'm not sure if I'm going to play with that one unless it's fully 100% optional. That's not story-justified teasing, that's just sadistic cruelty, even if it turns out to be magical and fake.


File:Game_wI1QGHRPd5.png (652.06 KB,1282x992)

I played and finished the sequel and it was too mean-spirited and even torture-related so I couldn't enjoy it. It did offer a a cheat chest so you didn't need to grind levels, though, so that was nice.

Starting Brave Alchemist Colette, which alas is one of those girls-with-a-vagina games since that's 99% of them. This company has a few games and the one I first downloaded specifically has a girl reading a book about this Colette girl so I figured I might as well play the game that came before.
I hope this game is good, the art is nice at least and so is the UI and voices.

Obviously I'm choosing the right side.


File:Netorare Imouto Misaki ~Ec….png (626.21 KB,640x480)

Acerola is mostly an NTR studio, or at least that's their current projects. It's nice that they translate all their works but when you've played one of their games you've played them all. They're kind of tedious and repetitive


File:C-1653279437543.png (348.92 KB,450x338)

Played this game. It's a pretty simple/short one with not a lot of challenge and pretty interesting all around

For reference sake


>Acerola is mostly an NTR studio
Ick, gay.


I tried it a few weeks ago, but I dropped it after the first fight, it didn't seem that interesting. RPG maker games really have to work for my attention these days.


File:C-1653327177766.png (974.26 KB,1280x720)

you must not play enough dehumanizing stuff to appreciate the simple/happy things


File:672b67eff9.png (336.01 KB,1282x752)

We have to stop the revolutionary party from enacting the sexual revolution!


File:Game_DxUwGD1YMu.png (1.4 MB,1280x960)

Well, this doesn't seem like it has any of that crap thankfully, but I do think where the repetition can materialize. I'll see how it goes, but so far it's kind of nice. Kind of hoping for some more futanari since that surprised me in the introduction.
The main thing, though, is that I'm a sucker for crafting and gathering. It needs to be really bad for me to not like it.


that's already deeper than their ntr titles.

Their NTR games are basically this structure(easy to write this out):
- Introduce romance with male
- Male is in debt
- Female works and Male works to pay off debt
- Play as female and pick some jobs. Some are only on weekdays or in the morning.
- Get sexually harassed on the job
- Repeat as the character's guilt gage goes down

That game looks more quest and RPG like. Although I've seen this mechanic in some other game, it just presents itself pretty nicely


File:C-1653381118074.png (1.86 MB,1200x900)

Unrelated, but the best NTR games involve elements of voyeurism, corruption and character building.

The funnest aspect is observing the personality of a character who falls from grace. Where does the author take the stereotypical shoujo (paired with a boring self-insert) and turn her into something people see as undesirable or of lesser value to the norms. A slave, a prostitute, girlfriend of a horny guy, a woman of the downtroden, or someone who takes the easy route to escape their problems. Summer Shattering is a game that covers this idea well. None of the ends are bad for the heroine, she just doesn't end up falling for her childhood friend


File:FXAJ9757.PNG.png (141.36 KB,1033x356)

I've had enough of that shit and most of the spins games do don't make it anymore interesting.

After getting surprised with it once and reading a couple of xration mil (before his paneling went to shit) series, playing Thug Hero Party, etc I've kind of built up a tolerance to it and without the shock and disgust there's not much substance to it, it just comes off as generic porn once you've been slightly traumatized by humiliation of the heroine through graphic birth. That combined with the autistic fanbase made it lose a lot of its luster and funnily enough getting into the genre makes you notice in non-h when an artist draws such things.

(another poster here noted these themes as misogynistic, I still don't agree but I understand it more I guess).


For me the best rpgmaker corruption games are the ones in which you have the option and freedom to choose whether to corrupt the protagonist or not. I kinda hate it when I'm just being strung about an NTR plotline with no choice in the matter for what the character inevitably does. The corruption doesn't really feel earned or meaningful unless you had to specifically work towards it and have the pure route available for comparison.


Everything I've mentioned in this thread has a pure route to it. Often times this route gets played last and is least detailed, but it exists to give the player a choice and make it more real


File:626345ca7e038.jpg (143.21 KB,848x480)

An H ARPG released recently that I played to the end of ver0.7.x
>Rignetta’s Adventure Special Edition ver.1.2.0
It's a:
¥ Destroy the monsters with your guns
¥ Collect costumes
¥ Collect H scenes
Type of game


File:Game_gtPLJiyHMH.jpg (580.46 KB,2268x1283)

Quite amazed at how good both the art and pixel art is in this game, and also how much force it has behind it to really get you to feel that she's afflicted by arousal when it occurs.

Also I noticed it seems like the more you lose to an enemy the more it levels up, and it doesn't really seem like you yourself can level up aside from your stats.


File:C-1654009473433.png (445.49 KB,642x507)

wow, what a crazy ntr game.
I've never played anything quite like it.
Watching the main character get everything he loved stolen from him and then in the true-end ends up becoming the demon-lord causing humanity to go extinct by removing emotions from humanity


File:96cdc37517.png (198.03 KB,642x507)

A legendary story comes to a close. One of the best plots in an h-rpg.


The sister and childhood friend at the beginning yeah but the princess who is in your picture IIRC and the MC didn't really seem to interact. She was just a victim.

But yeah, with that ending, I think it's more of a revenge game than a ntr one, I'd say. For an RPGMaker H-game I think it does some interesting stuff but like most NTR things in the west, it is hard to discuss, both because of the haters and the tryhards who want to spite those haters and talk about how tough they are for self-inserting as the rapist in this case


A revenge game in the end, but suffering in the middle. Aina wasn't a romantic connection, but the main character tried and failed to save her multiple times. She was more of the self insert character and acted kind of like a narrator at times.


Can you post a link or something to download it? Can't find it in sukebei.



Total EDM banger
Reminds me of Acceleration of Sugu tracks


I'm glad someone else here knows about Sugu/Sora's OST


File:Game_JU7bIZg5px.png (446.93 KB,510x780)

Is it an original composition? 100% OJ has a whole lot of license-free music, but some original stuff sprinkled about rarely.

I've been playing this off and on. It's pretty good. You can't really expect anything amazing from a typical eroge, but the characters are nice and crafting things to fulfill requests is unusually appealing to my psyche.
I like pic related because it's a boy, but sadly the game doesn't treat it as a girl when it comes to various animations and gameplay elements, so there's practically no content for him as with the other males..
I'll be playing it until the end I think, just to see how the story goes. I didn't realize until yesterday that you can change the lead character to do certain... character interactions with NPCs.


hard to tell. Sometime I play a game and think it's a nice track, then I play something later and it gets used again.

Japan loves their royalty free music


At least the music is usually pretty nice


File:600x600bf-60.jpg (55.9 KB,600x600)

Sora and Sugu used nonfree music; there's actually quite a few official soundtracks you can buy.


File:Dohna Dohna.png (2.6 MB,1920x1080)

Alicesoft released a game a few years back that I'm going to play. Seems like it might be edgy and interesting


It's a brothel management sim with some battle elements it does seem like



Love this artist's colors.


File:1464909316448.jpg (6.75 KB,178x250)

Looks interesting. I might give Dohna Dohna a try one day.


File:C-1655062052965.png (1.17 MB,665x1000)

They're really great I agree, also hadn't seen the sprite art before but it looks really impressive.




I have to rip myself away from this game and return to reality


File:C-1655385161229.png (650.67 KB,403x600)

like my third day straight playing it and not done yet...
The gameplay is very fun like any other AliceSoft game.
The H is pretty standard VN stuff, but the art is good and the bad ends are entertaining enough. Standard romance H is pretty bland in comparision


Nice story, solid B+
Obligatory netizen hacker loli is best character of course


Funny, the game's NG is a cheat mode has a flag for importing custom characters


one of my top NTR game makers released a trial of their newest thing


File:C-1656740798361.png (1.03 MB,1074x778)


I've been playing this on and off since I torrented it and I've really enjoyed it, finally got to the first h-scene with Ritsuko and I like how realistic it feels. The other eroge I've played just have bits between the h-scenes to give the characters a bit of a personality, but I really appreciated having a deeper connection with the character. That was something I felt the scene did an especially good job of showing. It really hits different when it's taken me months to get to this point along with the probably 20ish hours (likely more as I liked to go back and reread multiple times) of game time its taken to get to this point.


why is it that whenever i download a doujin rpgmaker game the BGM volume is always set to 0%


Possibly something with your RPGmaker or windows setting? Never had this happen to me.


Seems lke for 80% of cases it's better to give a guy 4.99 for his rpgmaker translation program(the cost of better translation engines than google) and learn JP for like some odd things like VNs and Unity engine games.

seems like the places I download from turn off the volume for some reason


File:C-1660906736293.png (174.41 KB,640x480)

only problem is when they do something like this...


I've tried playing "my sex slave is a classmate", but it crashes in the beginning when running it in wine. I'll try again in a vm when I can be bothered.


playing a game and with your penis at the same time is not optimal


minmaxing weenplay


that's what the autoread feature is for


why did OP explain whar eroge is?


When did OP explain what eroge is?


File:Game_IcL8R4VIMZ.png (822.14 KB,1028x720)

Does /qa/ know of any games with anywhere near the depth of Futaring? I'm still trying to find something that can satisfy me like it did.


idk why I even buy games through dlsite anymore. I guess it's just to keep everything in the same place.
Most of the established indies have storefronts on Steam
and an actual translation too


File:RJ400653_img_smp4.webp (Spoiler Image,73.54 KB,1280x960)

This released by the way. It's a simple tactics game where you have to gain 3 types of units and use them to defend and attack. No action, pretty simple. Just a means to entertain yourself while grinding through the plot.

One of his more mediocre games, but I've liked pretty much everything else he's done.


File:RJ383251_img_smp1.webp (36.07 KB,560x420)

Another one of my, more tame, favorites also put out some games recently.
Yet to play through both of them. Another magical academy type story.

Since it's not a translated work yet, you could check out https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ304479.html to see if it's worth bothering with the MTL


Nice that he makes his own music too


File:JdtbCB.png (Spoiler Image,94.28 KB,441x266)

Very cute censoring! It's hard to say because there's loads of RPGMaker stuff that also play as normal JRPGs, but does that count as depth? There's Rance stuff and other games that people talk about, but I don't really play many of them since the girls don't have penises.
The amazing creator of Futaring, Mofuringu, has been working on a 2D sidescroller for a while now. It looks like it has a name now: Futakin Valley:
I'm avoiding reading about the development logs because I want to experience it as a game, but the demos have even included English menu options, presumably because he got enough international customers (like me!)


I dunno if people realized, but this is the next game by the creator of this. >>84358

He has another game releasing end of year, but it obviously won't get a translation for a while.


File:Emuera-Anchor_CsYVWJScet.png (108.74 KB,1043x666)

I gave in and finally started to play the Touhou Era game thing even though there's still so much of it untranslated.
I'm not complaining, it's free and getting translated by other people for free. It's just really, really frustrating to run into an untranslated character, and there's a lot of them if not the majority.
You run into Cirno for the first time!

...and then I just walk away from her. I'm going to try the suggested machine translation tools tomorrow, but even then I'm not sure if I can go through with such an immersion breaking experience as copying and pasting things repeatedly.
Maybe I should give it more time...


File:Emuera-Anchor_rIzW9Pides.png (18.56 KB,509x503)

Oh, and the text is referring to Kogasa as a him because I made the world populated exclusively of newhalves (trap + default breast sizes) which is really how Gensokyo was meant to be.

Anyway, this screenshot is a good example of how it works in practice. I don't know how much of Kogasa's stuff is translated, so this line is concerning me. There's nothing for Medicine and most characters, but here you can see what it's like for Larva and Yuuka which are both translated here. (Wow, Larva is cute!)


File:LostLife.png (1.41 MB,1920x1080)

Been playing a lot of Lost Life. I've been following it for a while, at least a year or two now. Every now and then the game updates with better animations and positions which is nice. The core loop of the game is pretty simple and follows in the tradition of a lot of flash eroge where you have to build up the character's love meter. It's good in a turn your brain off kind of way.



ME on the right


File:1515287208673.jpg (20.95 KB,300x468)

She's very lewd.


File:RJ407819_img_smp1.webp (69.85 KB,800x600)


The design means that you can provide more playtime with less content and devs that don't use Unreal 5 are lazy.

I thought that one was one of the better of the type to have come out though, because at least you can build things so it's like a tower defence as well.


Anyone got any eroge with neat soundtracks

Thinking I'll extract
and start uploading from it when I complete the game.

The animations are S+ tier

The MTL of this was very weak and the gameplay kind of repetitive. Probably will unfollow it since he hasn't bothered with releasing any official translations and the game wasn't that enjoyable.


File:BGM_InorinoOtome.mp3 (3.83 MB)



File:BOSS_0.mp3 (4.16 MB)


File:.jpg (204.48 KB,1280x800)

This game kicked all sorts of ass. Well polished *vania with a ton of unique weapons, packed maps, well placed soundtrack, and fun bosses. Believe all the OST is taken from here: https://peritune.com/


updated with UI changes


I remember playing that a while ago, it must have been 4 years ago or more, what has changed since then?
My problem with ongoing games like that is that I never know if they are worth getting back into or not, often when I come back to a game after a while next to nothing has been added.


same base but with more around the edges


That's some really nice pixel art, and ost. How's the gameplay?


File:f2ca207f04.png (151.21 KB,1583x738)

The bots got me!


I'll check the game. I'd prefer not to pick some of the same peritune twice but there's tons of it


There's no translation and lots of untypical inputs


Free eroge(maybe)


File:1637619933854.jpg (483.7 KB,595x841)

>Melody Christmas is a 2D Arcade game featuring iconic internet VTuber Projekt Melody.


File:RJ380742_img_smp2.webp (90.69 KB,960x540)

Always nice to see a 2hu while browsing


that's a LOT of flan


Mw on the far-right


File:24203575_p6.jpg (278.52 KB,777x777)

What if I told you there is a Rumia hidden among those Flans?


File:image.png (699.08 KB,2559x1868)

I've been enjoying Fall in Labyrinth a lot. It's an ero RPG where you are an adventurer and have some female sex slaves in your party.

The slavery theme is surprisingly well handled and each character's personality is well developed, they really feel alive and their reactions and thoughts make sense. You can choose how to treat them, how they dress (or undress) and what you do to them.

The gameplay is enjoyable, it has an interesting equipment system and there are several classes you can change your characters into. There is a main dungeon with many deep layers, similar to Etrian Odyssey. There are also many QoL features.

The story is also interesting and there is full voice acting.

I really recommend it if you like ero RPGs, or even if you like RPGs in general since the sex scenes are optional, but not if you just want a short nukige.

Also, if you know any ero RPG similar to it (a party of adventurers that have sex with each other in a generic fantasy setting), I'd appreciate the recommendation.


File:co44fn.jpg (67.07 KB,528x704)

its a shame when good games with English VA and translation are gated behind such a terrible fetish


Im too afraid to look.
Is it scat or NTR?


big boobs






acting sus




File:Game_CukCZrk8YU.png (1.1 MB,1020x780)


I was playing the Curse of Kubel, and for an RPGMaker game it spent a fair bit of time on setup compared to normal. It's a corruption focused story that really takes its time and knows the ins and outs of how to show the progression of corruption, paired alongside very nice H-art. Would recommend to any fans of the genre.



File:RJ328615_img_smp1.webp (72.97 KB,816x624)

Indeed. It is a good one where avoiding the NTR is an aspect of the gameplay. Haven't tried the DLC yet. Game's also got a lot of different circles atatched so kind of hard to find who the real creator was.

I've been meaning to try https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ328615.html which is a game with the same illustrator and likely similar themes.

No translations is always a pain with these. Kubel has a Steam release which is translated (Kagura Games is quite active on this and buys the translation rights to a lot of doujin H games).


I think that there's something extremely valuable about being able to avoid the corruption and take a pure path in these games. Gives a much more lewd feel to the corrupted scenes as you know it was by her actions that you controlled that things turned out this way, and not by some mysterious hand of god. Really hate when that happens and a game forces you into a corrupted route each time. Takes away a bit of the agency and impact that the corruption has since it's not like things could've gone any differently.


File:PortalsOfPhereon_FTAJSaU86….png (2.22 MB,2362x1423)

Portals of Phereon.

I'll preface this by saying this is a Western game heavily featuring dickgirls. "Males" share the same art and so far many of the random event scenes I've seen have girls with penises.. If you want specifics, they're hermaphroditic futanari and not newhalf, and that is the ideal gender to have for reasons that will become apparent as I talk about the game more.
This is a game I tried a few years ago and gave up on because the UI was such a mess. Well, it still is a headache-inducing mess that will take at least a solid 30 hours to become accustomed to, but I see the potential the game itself. The thing I find interesting is that it's a whole lot of games in one. It has the standard brothel thing seen in many text-based games, but it also has breeding, crafting, and card-based minigames for dating...


File:PortalsOfPhereon_zKg9x9ihs….png (1.94 MB,2552x1432)

But, more importantly it has a whole turn-based strategy grid battle thing. It seems like adventure part of the game is behind "Portals" which can be exploration-based like pic related, or centered more on getting in and out while stronger (and better equipped) enemies randomly block your path.
In these exploration portals, you explore like it's Heroes of Might and Magic and you get into battles and get random events and so on. As the bottom of the screen shows, there's a "terraform" button to use harvested materials to build things which seem to help in further exploration or the harvesting of materials.
The battles are, well... I don't know. I hope I can get used to them, but it's quite overwhelming for me now.
It has the same hexagon grid setup and it's turn-based with each party taking action all at once, but it's really hard for me to make sense of things without spending minutes every battle looking at each UI thing.

Something I like is that you can recruit enemies by seducing and having sex with them, but it's more difficult than it sounds. Seduction also has debuffing effects so it seems like having at least one seduction-based girl would be good even against stuff you can't or don't want to recruit.
And, something that REALLY appeals to me, is that one of the main character classes is an evolution-based one that can change form based on the genetics found. I'm a sucker for games where you can change classes and forms as the game progresses, so this is amazing. To become a succubus I need to have sex with a succubus, and if I have sex with a succubus and a centaur I can become its hybrid offspring: cowgirl. Breeding works in a similar way, but I haven't had much of a chance to do that yet. There's also skill trees and traits and other stuff, and that's also used for the breeding system that I don't quite understand yet.
Also I really like the art. It's got a nice sketch/painted look to it which I guess you can't really see in my two screenshots.

This game seems right up my alley, but I'll have to see if I can master the UI.


File:PortalsOfPhereon_1AYfYaXzc….jpg (429.03 KB,2348x1202)

Yep, I'm going to be playing this for a while I think. It's quite addictive once you get into the swing of things. I will say that I hate the stamina system, but I guess it's built with it in mind since you're on limited time unless you play in Free Mode which has other limitations placed on it in regards to story and some gameplay elements. There's three major player classes and you can even choose to play as named townspeople that have their own minor gameplay changes, so it's clearly a game meant to be played through a bunch of times. Lots of choice as to how you play once your character is made, too.

Here is a screenshot of me selecting two "girls" to pair together at home/farm. For this screenshot I purposely chose two girls who weren't naked with their penises out. There's also a UI option to "hide" males so you don't see penises like that, even on the males and futanari people.
As you can see I have them selected to 'Breed', but they can also milk each other for resources, train sex skills, or help on the farm for increased food production. The game has a few resources, and one of them is food. It's bought automatically each day for what you need, but you'll just go into the red if you can't afford it. You can't buy things with negative gold, though, so you definitely want to offset the costs by making money adventuring or in the brothel.
The breeding/egg system and fusion system are both used to strengthen characters and have their own perks, but it's not as complicated as it seems at first. The stuff is averaged and skills may or may not pass on, depending on resources you spend to enhance it.
The UI is still rough and I haven't yet memorized when to right click or middle click, but I'm getting used to it.


Demon Roots is a very well made RPG
It plays through an interesting interpretation of demons and humans.
Girls are a wide variety of types and depending on your play-through you play through the experience as either romantic, sadist or not-18+.

Fully translated with Steam release


File:592ef2106b.png (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB,876x1552)

haha, what the hell is this game. t's so wacky


DLC is getting translation


actually from what I read the DLC is voice packs and some other extras


File:RJ392812_img_main.webp (42.43 KB,560x420)

Netorare game I've wanted to play for a while is getting translation.
BBQ No.2:
Another week has passed... I wish I had more results to show you...

The first version of English translation of Nebel has been completed and is being proofread, and I am working with the translators on playtesting and proofreading. Although my English is not very good, I can assure you that even in the unproofed version, the quality of the translation is already very high, and should be the highest quality of all our previous works, thanks to everyone at Saikey Studio!

The plot framework and narrative approach of the new game have been generally determined, and I am also trying my best to make the gameplay of this game linked with the H part, so I redesigned the logic of the whole combat part, so that each character's combat style can fit their position in the plot, and to ensure that players who are not interested in combat at all can pass through in an easy way, while trying to expand the breadth and depth.

However, this is still only the first version, if after the internal test, we feel that there is still a certain threshold of understanding for players, we may also change it back to a more common and typical RM combat - hope to bring you a relatively happy experience when the first release of the trial version ~

BBQ No. 1:
The last vote, you can see that people mainly like Wolm-san's 1 and 3 style of painting.
In the initial stage of production, we will mainly refer to these two styles of painting, and then finally determine the style of painting.

Dlsite game of the year voting only has last few days left, if you have Twitter and also approved Nebel, hope you can support us, big thanks here!
The way to vote can be found in the picture at the top, just go to Nebel's sales page and click, thank you again for your support!

I feel like I haven't done much lately, mainly because I've gained half a kilo (サイゼリヤ and 俺のフレンチ’s lunch was great)

I will also add a little to what #2 has said, this time the battle system would ensure that you can take out the enemy even if you choose skills randomly, and there will be a smoother way to collect CG, and more interaction with the heroine ...

Oh and, how is everyone thinking of NTL(寝取り), I would like to hear your opinions~



File:C-1676139962938.png (243.87 KB,431x397)

lmao, they added Akinator


File:50ce465e3c.jpg (Spoiler Image,290.65 KB,1834x1130)

haha, this is the most open ended ero-rpg i've played


Demon Roots...
great JRPG


File:1380fecfa1.jpg (Spoiler Image,843.93 KB,3840x2021)


Dang that's like an Oblivion run


or any of the classic jrpg legends.

There's still a bit to do. Some chests I didn't get. Didn't explore the bad end dungeon to completion. An extra boss. some of the fuckingdoms rewards.


File:6303c8c6057656449337f9c890….png (816.67 KB,673x470)

I've off and on considered playing this game because it's Kenta Cross and I love both MGQ and MGE, but on the other hand I want to wait until it's fully finished to enjoy it, what a predicament...



File:C-1677816686546.png (1.08 MB,1024x768)

In some sense, this eroge is like Atelier if you played a lust-crazed futanari rapist. I only just started, but it's got side-quests and a fair bit of girls right off the bat you can do 'favors' for the lure them into your abode and have your way with them. One drawback though is that from what I've seen so far there's only really 1 main CG per girl with facial variations which is a bit disappointing, but they're good CGs with nice accompanying text so I don't mind so much.

Or get it from here


This is all futa-on-female, right? With the focus being on the females? Good to see futanari stuff translated, but if it's a minor role then I'm not interested.


File:C-1678246407121.png (1.88 MB,3320x9970)

It's not like this generation really breaks grounds, but it's pretty useful for brainstorming alone and trying to generate some interesting plot ideas. I'm sure it has some good ideas for software tools in the creation of eroge


The game follows the story of a couple who are in a long-distance relationship and stay connected through social media and online messaging. However, the girl begins to feel increasingly isolated and lonely as she struggles with the distance and lack of physical intimacy in her relationship.

As she spends more time online, she meets a charming and attractive stranger who begins to shower her with attention and compliments. The stranger is able to connect with the girl in ways that her boyfriend cannot, and she finds herself drawn to his charisma and charm.

As the girl's relationship with the stranger intensifies, she begins to feel increasingly guilty and conflicted about her actions. She tries to keep her interactions with the stranger a secret from her boyfriend, but eventually he discovers the truth and is devastated.

The game could explore themes of trust, temptation, and betrayal, as the girl struggles to navigate her conflicting emotions and choose between the safety and familiarity of her current relationship and the excitement and passion of a new connection.



yeah, hilarious ironic trash for memers


I guess. It's kind of a funny premise though. How many people have the skills to pull of a dumb joke


I've seen a few games like that now. I don't really get it.

It's not hard to make a game these days.


no, it's pretty hard to make an eroge. The game itself is kind of just a matter of attaining common "game" sense.
Ero artwork is a branch down the mastery skill tree that requires various prerequisite skills.


Learning to draw is difficult and takes time but once you have the skills then you have them.

But this isn't drawn art anyway. They are 3d models, so you are just posing models.


yeah. it's hard.


This game was just released on Steam. I think it has two new characters now as well. A lot of these games seem to be ending up there now, Diselmine released one on Steam a few days ago as well.

It's good in some ways, more revenue and all but in other ways it is a worry.


I don't really see how it's a worry that much. Steam seems to be pretty hands off when ti comes to what goes on their store.


I don't know. All it takes is one complaint, I don't think steam is going to risk controversy over something like petite girls or goblins molesting girls. The more visible it is to the public the more likely that there are going to be people that kick up a fuss about it.


And yet... >>105177


Steam has thug hero party which is just brutal dry rape


It's been a while since we last had an eroge drama like Rapelay



I looked at the link to this groups previous games and it's even worse than I thought...

There is Sex with Hitler BDSM Bunker
Sex With Hitler and Sex With Hitler 2(though to be fair these both have actual art)
Sex With Hitler WW2
And now Sex with Hitler 2069

You would think this would get old eventually... Like after one game.





File:C-1680319876515.png (Spoiler Image,820.1 KB,816x624)

Transferred my save files from the original to the DLC version of the game and they seemed to work flawlessly. No bugs like were reported in the forum so it seems that whatever issues there were, were fixed. VA is pretty good too, definitely enhances the experience rather than take away from it.


File:C-1681238080395.png (1.29 MB,1700x1000)

This tentacle fan has gotten a lot better since they started


File:C-1682373365437.png (755.54 KB,1680x1050)

It's not much of an HGame, but I've been playing a Vampire Survivors clone that the translation/publishing group Kagura-Games released.


Free to play


File:main_visual.png (1.25 MB,2400x867)

>Maid Dragon guy (can someone give me a name for this guy that isn't 15 letters long and Japanese...)
Source is his official site
Haven't seen this name actually being used much, though.


on topic sager


/ss/ games have a higher than usual translation rate, so I'd say there's a chance


don't make him post the vid


was looking at my eroge files and noticed RPGMaker uses Node Webkit, and I don't know what it is

Why is node allowed to be called from the DOM, Is this just a hack?


i see... it's a proto electron


File:[AG3][interface][English_U….jpg (119.64 KB,1030x800)

illusion.... is dead. This is so sad. Siiiiiiiigh. So many memories.
Their stuff was littered with bugs and benefited tremendously from modding and fan creations and communities sprung up around them, which was strange for something so niche. I personally first booted up a 3D modeling program because of Artificial Girl 3.
This hurts more than it should. People might say that there's stuff like Elder Scroll games to mod or RPGmaker or gacha stuff, but it's just not the same. This is... sigh.



Damn... They were never able to realize the ultimate Koikatsu, this really sucks.


kinda seems strange because they're a well known company that puts out lots of liked products.
I guess it goes to show that without a mainstream product/appeal large companies can't exist.


It's sad. I dont really know what to say.


Free Cities is STILL being maintained by modders holy shit.
They should add a mod that turns the portraits into anime AI, but I get that with text you're supposed to use your imagination.

Harems are fun, even if its done in a realistic way but the pimping is kind of an acquired taste. Maybe I'm too soft, but I couldnt make even a slave serve me sexually after a day of prostitution


I still cant get over this, I had a sobering thought about how koitatsu is probably gonna be the best game of its type for quite some time


Yeah, I doubt any other company is gonna pool the necessary resources to make something on its level anytime soon.


Played more of it. H isnt its main focus, I know its not exclusively a slave trainer, but there's a lot of business stuff here. H-games that have gameplay depth like this are very odd cases because you never think to play them when you're not horny


File:image.webp (172.49 KB,860x480)

Great news. A mysterious new studio named Illgames has been born.
They're working on a game named Honeycome which has a demo out already. How mysterious.


Wonder if they'll step up the advancements for this one or if it'll just be koikatsu again.


Phoenix company?


File:RJ435381_img_main.webp (59.09 KB,560x417)

Must be my least favorite high profile doujin dev.
So boring and predictable



Just needs NTR and occasional pissing to be perfectly /h/ taste


it's not even the themes, though i think ugly male is dumb.
They all have bugs and go on for way too long. Like the game in the image has all those characters but 5 are reskins and you have to go through this really one dimensional combat systems.
In his other popular one it's so buggy.

But people like the characters. Just way too grindy


Is it just me or is there a trend of penises being drawn far too long, to the point of looking like probes


Not just you, I think chodes need more love


as an arab, am quite surprised that they included arabic in to the translations, am quite happy


The technical term for it is 'tentacle hentai'.


Whats with voyeur peep shows of the school cheerleaders/dance club being uploaded being consistently in plots of school games? Is this a thing?


File:Game_EN_ChIuPj1Klq.png (105.71 KB,1024x768)

When you look at a translation like this, and you see all the obvious effort that went into making it, you know you're in for a good time.

Especially with a game as promising as Violated Heroine's sequel, Violated Princess.


those are some IMAGINE tier numbers


File:C-1693861973540.png (Spoiler Image,2.5 MB,2245x1774)

Proper witch training exercise


is this a fan game or something?
Can't find any official way to play VH but I see a dlsite listing for that


VH was an in-development game that was never finished and instead of just dying in dev hell unfinished was continued by two different people/groups. One of them a jp dev that made his own version and who was the creator of Serena that stars in VP, and the other a group of westerners that really like the game and wanted to finish it themselves. It's one of the best eroge out there, or would be if it actually was finished because both devs stopped working on their respective continuations of the game and so both are also unfinished and in dev hell still. However, VP was a side project that the jp dev of the selfish version decided to make and since he created Serena he could use her as the MC. So he made the game and actually finished it and that's what's on sale on dlsite right now.


I see, the scope of VH was pretty intense and I don't think he ever made money off of it. I guess it makes sense to do an expanded-universe thing.


I still wish that someday VH gets finished...........


File:411621a19b.png (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB,2564x1507)

I never asked for this


Spat out my drink


If Illusion were to die, it's because there's already enough competition in the domestic market we haven't heard of.
Or maybe this was one of the guys who got layed off during downsizing.


File:1610985344461.jpg (3.56 MB,1933x2414)

I decided to sit down and see if I could read through the infamous TitS or CoC2, both known for being way too verbose and... I don't think I can. Reading is good, but people need to rein in their purple prose and remember that a good description doesn't need to be 20 sentences long.
This image I found accurately depicts the difference between Corruption of Champions and CoC2/TiTs. I can't do it. Maybe I'll just go back and play CoC again someday. Oh well, it was worth a shot.


IMO these kinds of games do require a huge volume of text to be good - but that should be used to provide a large number of events (and variations on those events), not making the descriptions for each excessively long. The former is a much better fit for the medium, since it allows for a greater degree of user choice and replayability, whereas with the latter you might as well just read a book instead.


File:ec39d5e329a1fb59f51051c7d2….png (948.57 KB,948x1394)

Advice: Skim through it, don't read all of it
COC2 is shit by the way, TITS is marginally better.


after doing a bit of dlsite searching under the 3D tag I've coe to realize that the style Illusion pioneered is actually quite commonplace, albeit it's still technically difficult.

The Unity Game engine provides some of the best 3D systems for developers to produce the Illusion style without their in house engine.
So check out the translated+uncensored Insult Order by Miconisomi and maybe buy it to show support.


Secret Flasher Sereka is another nice 3D sort of exploration game in preset areas.


File:C-1697697669754.png (158.36 KB,188x640)

The character creator isn't overly complex or anything, but you can see the intent here


File:C-1697697722216.png (120.49 KB,188x640)


Looks retro in a good way


File:9d30ef5827.png (1.43 MB,2048x1600)

Wolf RPG... Much better effects and runtime performance... but...
impossible to machine translate...
(Hold on I somehow managed to copy paste the text?)


i've been kind of depressed lately, so i played a bit of dohna dohna, and now i feel a little better
finally playing this after not really being able to for a while is a very weird feeling, it doesn't really feel like this game released ~3 years ago...


it's pretty nice game. remember to max out a character relation or you get a boring ending


i was wondering how character relations and endings worked in this game, is it possible to max out more than one character in one run? if so, what happens if you do?


i dunno, i didn't replay the game


File:flashplayer_32_sa_3lUBmBo3….png (172.93 KB,1078x1072)

I made the "mistake' of loading up some JSK Studio stuff when I was searching for some files. There's something about these that is so addicting and rewarding and even emotional. I don't know how he did it, but there's just something magical about them. I wonder if he's still making new ones since it's, well, flash...


File:16b9aa406c.png (1.04 MB,1680x1050)

Unity eroge is quite gold


You can (and should) get everyone to 10, but you only get the ending of the girl with the most points. Rushing relationships is key to LTC runs because the benefits they give is huge, though obviously you want to focus the points on the best characters since you won't have time to do them all if you cut out grinding.


Does anyone have experience playing these games on M1 and later MacBooks? Either via Wine/CrossOver or virtualization. They don't seem very graphically intensive but I don't know if there are compatibility problems anyway.


I would assume a Wine-style compatibility layer wouldn't work because the binaries are targeting a different architecture, rather than just a different operating system. Getting an x86 Windows program to run on x86 Mac computer is work but possible. Getting an x86 Windows to run on an ARM Mac computer is literally impossible without translating everything manually in software.


They're all Unity(not sure about portability but the engine has Mac and Linux build settings) and RPGMaker games(been arounda while).


Isn't Rosetta 2 able to run them? Also these Apple Silicon CPUs aren't ordinary ARM CPUs because they support some extra features specifically to improve the efficiency for emulating x86.


File:1643112200547.png (2.75 MB,5120x2880)

As >>118072 mentioned, there are some x86->ARM translation layers available. For example, Rosetta allows you to use Wine on x86 Windows software, and if you virtualize ARM Windows on Parallels or UTM, Windows has its own x86 translation layer too. But I know there is some software that just doesn't run, or is unusably slow. For example, some anti-cheats require a x86-only Windows kernel module, some programs will check the CPU architecture and refuse to run on anything except x86, etc. That's why I wanted to ask about actual experiences running eroge, to see if it is practical.


File:C-1704509639970.png (3.68 MB,3066x1476)

Steam giving me R rated game recomendations


purchase the boobers


Do you know any game that is like a traditional RPG, but where party members have sex during their adventures?

Basically I want something like Etrian Odyssey or Dragon Quest but H. For example, a party composed of male adventurers except for a female healer/dancer/mage which also sexually services them outside battle. Or a male leader which recruits female adventurers and has sex with them. I prefer the single-female scenario, though.

I'd prefer if you can customize party members, but a fixed party is fine too.


There are a million of those, but play Black Souls.


The SEQUEL series is pretty well known for being great RPGMaker games (and they're mentioned early in this thread back in 2021). There is also of course the legendary Monster Girl Quest games from a decade ago, but the monsters get increasingly... freaky and even grotesque as the story progresses (angels ugh).
I haven't really played anything lately...


is that the first time you've gotten recommended ero games on steam? theyve been spamming me with them nonstop for years even though i've never purchased one.... i think it's just because i opted into seeing them years ago when i was a teenager (and there were hardly any on steam).


File:C-1707176278179.webp (56.04 KB,560x420)

I like this designer. Hopefully it isn't too futa heavy even though it's tagged.
He often makes impregnation/not-quite-lolicon scenarios that focus a lot on mechanics


AI gen works have started to get a tagging and some seem worth putting in my cart to see if I want to buy to see if it does something neat, but likely just going to pirate and see


Feeling some weird sort of moral conflict ion seeing this, but at the same time I was for AI art making it easier for gamemakers that don't possess artistic skill to make their dream games so I guess I'm fine with it. Hopefully once we get something DALLE-3 level locally we'll be able to see gamemakers fully embrace whatever fetishes they want as it becomes much easier to make art.


How many potential artists never learn their craft anymore because kids in schools use tablets instead of pens and paper, and if you want to visualize something, art generators are easily available?


File:1702005726390084.jpg (31.3 KB,380x488)

>schools use tablets instead of pens and paper
Does that even really happen? Since most people draw on tablets these days anyways.


File:6f0VdB8.png (918.4 KB,1373x978)

This guy has been trying to get approval onto steam like 8 times. His last update said that it was taking longer than usual and he thought they might have ban/rejected him


I've never heard of that game.
Steam seems to allow a lot of content that one would think it would not, like Straight Shota and Goblin games with the things they involve, but then the way they apply that is probably pretty inconsistent which would be annoying. I'm not sure how I would try to get a game on steam if I was a developer.


He's not completely recommended if you're squeamish with sexual violence and assault. Better to think of him as a horror ero game maker.

Still, his works are very detail heavy and he's got a lot of interest in doing risky game design ideas.
I was on Discord with him telling him that adding online functionality to his game would be dumb(basically) and he was looking at it from the same way I saw online game stuff when I was in my 3rd or something year of university.


Normally I'm not into ero stuff. But I've always had the body-swapping fetish and recently discovered Student Transfer. It's like Press-Switch but more routes are fleshed out, the graphics are better and there are a bunch of fanmade routes. It's a lot of fun and I feel ashamed of myself every time I play it.

Just be mindful to read the warnings on the fan-made routes before playing them because half of them have nothing to do with taking over a girl's body or brainwashing her into being your puppet. I also enjoy randomly swapping the popular girls for no reason. The route isn't finished yet but it'll probably be fun whenever the hack writers get around to it.

Most of the characters and assets are from other VNs I'm told. But I wouldn't know since I never really got into them. I'm strictly in this for the body swapping and it's a very good thing that I can't do it in reality.


You know I bought that, and it was a pretty fun game.
Soapland/whoring women out is some pretty erotic.


File:C-1709651071232.png (82.17 KB,658x260)

The h-game revolution is upon us


Have you no pride in your taste?
You should highlight your hentai achievements on your profile for all to see.


Useful. Like one of the biggest reasons I exclhsively use dlsite even though the translations end up on steam


File:C-1711164480071.png (712.52 KB,800x450)

https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/7400/article/1100692 why's this dude postin' cat pictures




don't click on this catdude, the guy makes ntr games


File:c2ca9faab7f5d5a217ee835452….jpg (51.8 KB,502x486)


File:QE[[Y]T~T91W8%T9G1ETF_K.gif (576.95 KB,150x150)

SAVED you the trouble here's the cat


File:6[3}S5MK_I@1U7JMY(TALCJ?px….gif (375.8 KB,280x280)

there's another!


looks like a retarded bunny how did it come to this


File:1470256325473.jpg (48.19 KB,615x563)

Literally this cat in real life


File:fat_cat_-_must_touch.png (370.89 KB,540x658)


File:tonnura.png (208.14 KB,616x525)

The /qa/t.


This got a Steam release. How??? I really don't understand Steam.



As long as it's not violent and 2D I think steam is more lenient. But it's not like Christian parents understand what unity engine eroge is


Guy used a modest amount of AI gen on things such as bgs


File:Sequence-1.webm (6.59 MB,1440x900)

Some files he included of his upcoming game


File:Sequence-2.webm (8.97 MB,1440x900)


File:Sequence-3.webm (21.69 MB,1440x900)


File:Sequence-4.webm (10.54 MB,1440x900)


File:C-1711715203832.png (398.37 KB,575x576)


I wish I had hand-eye coordination.


NOT ero, but it looks like the base for a really fun game


well, he's one of those guys who really likes to play with the various flavours of NTR and be philosophical about it. So you might not like it. His games are avoidable NTR though


Have to buy using the points loophole


File:C-1714754494663.jpeg (179.7 KB,1280x720)

BBQ is a fun guy


File:PortalsOfPhereon_aFhgqQiQa….png (2.63 MB,2229x1225)

I'm playing this again, but as a different character. It's crazy to think how deep this ero game with dickgirls is, and the art is fantastic. That being said, I just can't fap to it. I think it's that the girls are drawn as sticks. Freaky monster girls are awesome, but they look so emaciated and I just can't get into that.
It would take too long to explain this Creation character, but the gist of things is that I can create duplicates (with limitations and bonuses) of humanoids I've been "intimate" with, which is similar to the Evolution character. The Evolution one transformed directly and became very strong, but this Creation one if focused on making stronger allies.
This game just has so much stuff... it's impossible for me to play the proper "timed" mode because it's overwhelming. I might do it after I get more accustomed to stuff, but as it is is I panic too much with a time limit.
I completely missed that you can terraform the area on the other side of portals, building roads or gathering resources. How the heck.... this game just has too much to do AND there's three major classes to play as. AND you can choose to play as Unique characters you've discovered in previous playthroughs and while they don't have fancy skilltrees they have cool bonuses. AND you unluck various other stuff.
Man... if ever there was something that deserves the infamous Patreon porn game money this is it.


File:image-web?px-time=17175259….jpg (317.47 KB,1210x907)

neat little trophy they give some creators


gotta show it to mom


File:soft fuwafuwa shab.png (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB,1600x900)


Started playing this Shinobi interrogation nukige and was surprised at just how much content there is in it. I don't want to skip days so I've been allowing the hentai level to rise consistently but it seems like it locks you out of other content the more you focus in on one area, and I'm not sure if it's just the way I've played it or not, but 3 trainings in a row seems to be the level up mechanic for it.

Aside from the training sessions you also have some dating sim like activities you can partake in in the interim and from the DLsite page it looks like the other sub heroines are loveable too. Though I assume that since this game's locking me out of certain types of training if I level up too much without investing in that field or specific type then it might lock me out of the subroutes if I break the main heroine too early, but I'll test that tomorrow.

Either way, normally I'm one to not care too much about these games since I'd rather read a doujin instead of deal with art that's usually not on the same level, but the live2d is well done. It also helps that I've enjoyed CGs from this artist before and this is really some of their best work yet. All the girls seem really soft too which I like and there's a good amount of different fetishes to explore in it too like futanari. I played it in JP because I can, but the author has an AI translated English version out too that dekinais can use. And I'm not sure I'd test it myself or not, but going by the conversations with the imouto (I think... somewhat spedread a little bit but that's what I'm pretty sure I heard kage call say she was) it seems like there might be a way to go for a pure good ending and not break the main heroine. And even though I probably won't go for it I like having the idea of a potential option for it.


Their other game, Moaning Wood is a fun little boardgame thing that I liked playing. Not too hard


>Now, let's talk about FPS, it's been a while since we've discussed this area. First, let's look at the progress of our latest map directly through the images.

>There will be a total of 9 independent game maps, including an OP and two boss maps. Currently, OP, 02, and 03 have been completed, with 6 maps to go.

>Also, there are plans to rebuild the base, which will make it easier for various covert NTR events to occur in the future. It will also facilitate the introduction of settings like cameras.

>But seriously, making this FPS really... really burns money. What was I thinking when I suddenly decided to make a 3D FPS with UE5, haha.

>Actually, I wanted to buy a CT125 this year, but after thinking it over, I decided to wait until next year; I really can't afford to spend recklessly right now.

>All NTRCGs for the main heroine 1 have been completed, and next, we will start on the drama CGs and pure love CGs. Depending on our financial situation, we might release the game with only the content of heroine 1 completed before all the content of heroine 2 is ready.

>To put it simply, the content for heroine 2 might be added as a major free update later on, not as a DLC, similar to how Monster Hunter updates


DLC now means that it's not free?
I don't remember that being the case in the past.


there are just very few situations where new free content is downloaded separately rather than as an patch, so it's easy for it to colloquially mean paid DLC
the last time I can recall the distinction being relevant was the revised mass effect 3 ending


File:1d4a667cb1b8d2744fc33e112a….png (435.17 KB,1024x576)

It's a wholesome family-friendly game about a brother and sister taking care of each other.


File:a8eb200e8bdc76bd832007c5c1….png (339.53 KB,1024x576)

Fuck I fucked up.


File:1470943129839.png (1.94 MB,1920x1080)

Does that mean no more coze zoning?


Was she angry because you didn't use protection, or because you did?


File:bc3140124be81562acbcd17b58….png (Spoiler Image,337.36 KB,1024x576)

Imouto only gets mad when she wakes up. Onii-chan must be sneaky sneaky.


File:ss_e904444a263e4f340449b64….jpg (854.46 KB,1920x1080)

The next game from the /qa/ dev is coming soon.



File:OmegaLabyrinth_Life_2019-1….jpg (388.68 KB,1920x1080)

Really makes me wish for another Omega Labyrinth game...


I've been playing Mad Island.
It's alright, you get to play as both a boy and a girl and go around trying to survive on an island. Got like pretty tribal women too.

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