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File:89624374_p0 asd.png (763.6 KB,848x837)


Have you played any "ero" (a Japanese word meaning 'erotic') games lately?


File:Game_srwyrTLZGV.png (583.05 KB,1280x720)

I just started playing 'The Imperial Gatekeeper'. It's Paper's Please but in h game form. You can go full TSA on people, and I do say people because while the focus is obviously on women there's also men and shotas. It's not long into the game where you can get an item to select against seeing one gender, though.
I'm playing with some guy's content patch- do be warned that I saw an Overwatch character randomly so if you want immersion you should definitely get the base game. Apart from that it says it adds a lot of visual variety and uncensoring so I'm sticking with it. It seems rare to get these special characters, anyway.


for some reason i haven't been playing any lately even though i really enjoy them. maybe it's because i'm not caught up on the stuff i've marked for reading on ex, may check out this one >>72690 f-f-for the women of course!


I played that a while ago too, it's pretty good and also interesting what they have done with RPGM.


This is definitely one of my top eroge, something about it just ticks most of my boxes. It also seems that the dude who made the content patch is working on his own game with a similar concept, so I'm excited for that


Last month I was looking for the previous eroge thread, but it had already died and I was too lazy to make a new one.

I played Harumade, Kururu (https://vndb.org/v9198) recently. I think it's a really great game, but it's also rather hard to recommend, for various reasons. The most conspicuous is that it has severe problems with pacing. In total, this game has 23 H scenes, but they are not interspersed into the heroine routes - there are 2 scenes for each of the 4 heroines, and the other 15 constitute the prologue of the game. Since this is not a long game (around 15 hours or so), this means you will be spending the first 10~20% of the game reading H scenes almost nonstop. And what's more, they are actually quite well-written, diverse, and have foreshadowing and character development, both in the H scenes themselves and in the brief interludes in between them, so it's not advisable to skip them. I think this is the main thing that could put people off from this game.

Besides that, there is a lot of disparity in genre and quality between the 4 routes. More specifically, I didn't enjoy the first one too much, but that might be because I didn't like the heroine herself. The other 3 are really good, though. This is definitely the kind of game that gets better and better as it goes on, and each route builds off the previous one. The catharsis/payoff of the ending is immense for a game this short, I can see how some people might have problems with it, but to me it was one of those endings that leave you completely satisfied and feel like the best possible sendoff.

According to the vndb page, this game has an English translation coming out this year, so definitely give it a try if you enjoy sci-fi. (Yes, this is a sci-fi game. You may have noticed that I haven't really written anything about what the story is like - that's because most things I could say are probably spoilers.)


File:Photoshop_rtpiR5D8sF.png (Spoiler Image,93.65 KB,380x475)

Followed a guide to 'mod' this game and I'm making dickgirl edits. The dev still has one more content patch or something planned and then the modder guy has to update his for the final patch and then I'll play the game again with this.
I'm doing it slowly so I don't have anything to release, if anyone else here is even interested in this.


I enjoy Era-games like EraFGO-k and EraTohok
I like romance of the three kingdom but I'm too much of a brainlet to understand it.


Definitely will try reading this after the translation comes out, that scene looks like it was preceded by something really nice.


File:Dokurochan.jpg (300.18 KB,1000x1000)

I just finished the last dlc of Black Souls 2 and it was pure, unfiltered despair. At least that guy art got better, you can almost fap to it now.


File:1618794719037.webm (1.48 MB,638x480)

Oh, that's the one this boy teasing comes from. I guess it wasn't all boys after all.


it's mostly girls. there are only three boys that you can fuck.


Not a bad deal at all I'll need check this out as well.


only 3 still seems like alot compared to most nongay games


File:waterfox_9Rs3e37qOU.png (46.73 KB,905x794)

Degrees of Lewdity version 3.0.3 is out!
Looking at my file dates I haven't played it since 2019. It doesn't seem that long ago, but files don't lie.
Looks like they added temperature and also gardening?


That design looks fairly more detailed than the old pixels. Wonder if the transitions are more visible now... and more numerous in possibility.


I'm pretty sure it is. I think they incorporated a guy's mod into the base game. From I remember in 2019 a lot of stuff in the game was from fans and not the head dev


Highly forbidden game....

It's constantly being updated, they average one update (a pretty substantial one at that) each month.


File:mazoku.png (Spoiler Image,17.89 KB,349x452)

I may have gotten a bit carried away...


File:waterfox_m4A6ggUMWD.png (14.2 KB,789x183)

god this game is so good
if they just added more pixel art for stuff it'd be the perfect game

though I have to wonder, if people know about my crossdressing does that mean they know I'm a boy crossdressing as a girl or did they somehow just now notice after a few months that I was wearing a skirt the whole time


File:New video record1.mp4 (Spoiler Image,10.87 MB,720x1280)

I decided to look at /vmg/ on 4chan to see what mobile games I might be missing out on and there's a Taiwanese gacha game with porn. It seems novel so I'm checking it out. I guess these scenes aren't translated, but the gameplay is.
Time will tell how long I'll stick with it, but probably not very long. It's Unity so I think I can at least look at all the files directly if not


File:Im_gonna_die.jpg (220.62 KB,850x777)

barely counts as ero since it only has stripping but I tried playing super real mahjong (specifically p7, cause a site I was looking at said it was the best one to start on for newbies) on mame for the first time and got my butt handed to me about twelve times in a row by the first girl. that game is hard.


Those games have some nice girls, need to watch the OVAs sometime.


File:Game_1bzkkZE08g.png (1.31 MB,2182x1300)

Was looking through my pixiv feed and it seems one of the animators I follow released a pretty nice eroge that I've been playing. It starts off a bit slow, but everything about it is very pretty. Also I'm a sucker for pink hair and completely oblivious girls so this instantly hooked me.



Oh yeah it does have paizuri if anyone was wondering.


File:5ff529f272f7d.jpg (61.05 KB,560x420)

I've been on an hgame binge
other than lost life
Amu-chan https://fapforfun.net/archives/23900
Punishment! Touching! Little Sis-chan https://fapforfun.net/archives/22636
are all really cute erotic fun


I tried TeachingFeelings recently, was quite fun.

On the topic I also found this on YouTube and wanted to try it, couldn't find the hentai version https://youtu.be/ReKto_bqKb0
It seems so good


One of my favorite futanari artists is still working on his new game and there's free test versions he released on his fanbox: https://mfr.fanbox.cc/
He made some old flash stuff and also the very well done Futanaring (or Futa Princess or whatever) game that I actually BOUGHT because I loved it and his stuff so much. Please check out his stuff!


Heh... this dumb game thinks it's so clever by making you click to gain money... too bad I'm able to switch my mousewheel to be a click. Already rich on day 2...


File:c5043b91f4.jpg (864.38 KB,3840x2160)

Really liking it so far.


Japan makes so many buggy 3D hgames, but they make for good immersion. Shame hard to get them to do what you want.

It's a bit lacking in depth of scenarios, but the concepts are nice


File:Game_JFGQCsPp9N.png (292.01 KB,640x457)

Yeah... a bit after playing I realized that I was pretty much done with what'd interest me. However, it already fulfilled its purpose by that point. Think I'll be getting more mileage out of >>74806 or one of the SEQUEL sequels, which I should really get to playing sometime.


Yes! The SEQUEL games are very good. The style is great and the gameplay is good, too. I did everything in the first one except the secret super boss that I made a mp4 of and uploaded here.
If you move on to the second one, make sure you do all the optional stuff in the first one because the characters you see there make major appearances early on in the second one. I didn't get far in the second one, just forgot to keep playing and I'll go back eventually.


I'm going to be out of my collection of downloaded erogames. Back to doujinshi and h-pics soon


picket imouto paradise 2 back up earlier, great game great girls but I can never really get into it or the first one because its just railroaded hscenes
what are some games with actual choices that unlock different routes and hscenes without leaving the h scenes behind?


this cat miko comes with extra special fortunes


File:Game_YWnQwvKSul.png (1.02 MB,1504x1167)

Played an H-game with some themes that are pretty disagreeable with people, and some that are not. It's a very choice based game, so you can end up with various endings like graduating with your childhood friend or doing porn. A more detailed review is here, but if you like slutty Gyaru's this game is a good choice.



File:91873593_p2.png (405.36 KB,640x480)

I follow the SEQUEL creator on pixiv and he must have just finished a new, uh.. sequel.
It'll take a while for someone to fan translate it, but it's something to look forward to! (and those that speak Japanese can play it now)
I need to go back and play the second one-- I was about 5 hours into it so I think I should just start over so I know what I'm doing


Maid Dragon guy (can someone give me a name for this guy that isn't 15 letters long and Japanese...) has a new game in the Wolf RPG engine (similar to RPG Maker but seems like it's more varied) and the machine translation mentioned Succubus Dungeon which itself is highly rated.
Hope it gets translated... Man, I should stop doing this because most of these probably won't be translated ever.


nokogiri i think would be the easy to remember nickname


File:1629225585292.png (263.27 KB,640x480)

Can't believe Vermin got a cameo in this



In this game you can play as a rampaging futa raping all the kingdom. It can get pretty fetishistic and the sizes can be large, but I do enjoy the scenarios presented.


This game definitely deserves an award for largest cock I've ever seen


File:9eb4f837d8e270bba8f1cb53b6….jpg (1.75 MB,2048x2480)

This famous brown elf I've seen over the years is finally in a language I can understand! Fullmetal Demon Muramasa translation is out, 12 years later!
It's on AB but not nyaa yet. It should be there soon since it's something quite a few people have been waiting for I would think. If not, I guess I could upload it if people are interested here.


Wasn't this the one people were calling untranslatable and the last bastion against EOPs or something?


The very same, yes. Here is the vndb page if anyone is interested: https://vndb.org/v2016


Love me some delicious choco elves... I'll have to read it myself eventually too.


I played Seed of the Dead - Sweet Home.

It's pretty bad, it's nice that they made an ero shooter but the Zombie theme is really really bland and I don't get how it has become so popular, they are the worst opponents you can pick for pretty much every reason.


File:8debfc36-5dc7-4f39-98e1-19….png (285.07 KB,1024x1024)

He's selling some merch now!
These seem nice for $13.


File:613d6b4f2cb50.jpg (73.98 KB,560x420)

I found one that messed up my sleep
Imouto! Life ~Monochrome~


anyone know how to decompile RPGMaker games and turn into a project?
I guess just getting assets would be fine too



File:84123fd68bf186a697a8cee3f2….jpg (15.45 KB,220x180)

What a premise

I just played through an H game that took every isekai trope, blended it with NTR, visual novel type gameplay and machine translated for extra confusion about what was going on.
Picture this: You asked a girl to be your lover 30 days ago, on the last day that she promises to give you her shojo card you and her are hit by a car and get issekai'd into a parellel/copy world, but with magic. The magic does not get discussed at all other than to explain the crazy logic this alternate world has. See... because the main character grabbed onto a fragment of the car that hit them he retains his memories, but she doesn't and he has this discussed to him by some frogs. These frogs tell him that there's a chance that he will be able to loop the last 30 days until you get together with her again(there's also some funny backstory that frogs in this world are discriminated against, but that's just flavor text).
So if that seems a bit weird, here is the odd part... They go to a magic highschool, that isn't much of a magic highschool, but a marriage candidate program. On this school all males come from rich families and the females are sold by their families to cash in on their good looking daughters. So males in this world come to find brides in the highschool. You also fucked up in the first encounter with your former girlfriend and she thinks you're a creep, so you have to build up your abilities through the timelooping while also knowing that your girlfriend is being impregnated by multiple other guys until you finally reach the good end and she has her memories restored by you two getting reuinted(game logic).

Just fuck my shit up fam.


I'll try them. Idk if these are just resource rippers or project reconstructors, but it helps all the same.

This game has some hidden mechanics that I won't be able to find without infinite grinding. So doing something that converts the json files into an actual product will save me considerable time.


>blended it with NTR
>knowing that your girlfriend is being impregnated by multiple other guys
Absolutely disgusting. Revolting. Repugnant. Awful. I hate it.




File:/g/1619122372654.jpg (179.5 KB,1400x1500)

I am the coolest


Is it really NTR if the girl doesn't know you?


Just read the title "her sex experience stays the same." So its more like dating a whore who has fucked a lot but also has not fucked at all?


lol it's a whore roguelike.
every run you pick up more whorishness to complete the game





They're such a pain.
So easy to consume and there's few which are bad in the art department. Spend too much time chugging games.


File:afb56bc74d.png (131 KB,361x379)

There's only one way to play NTR games where you can avoid it...


at that point the game is basically won


played two boring hgames in a row. The next translated one is an action game but have no idea what to think of it.

There's an issekai brothel owner game that I want to play but it's Japanese language only. I might Jisho my way through it


was entertaining

started playing through the other one and it crashes occasionally. i think because westerner PC. It's really good game too


File:RJ331694_img_smp1.jpg (172.49 KB,800x600)

AAAAA I don't understand the plot!
The gameplay is puzzle point and click with management elements and cute girls. It's such a high quality game but I only understand the kata/hiragana and some basic kanji so the entire skill system and items are lost on me.

I feel satisfied. I played a bunch of hgames after playing a good one released this year. 2021 seems like a vintage action-hentai game year. Makes me want to learn my kanji


File:RJ324709_img_smp10.jpg (211.82 KB,960x540)

If you're up for some simple Japanese I'd recommend >>74806 it's got a lot of really nice animations and scenarios in it.


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