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Have you read any interesting articles lately? Anything news worthy you think kissu would want to know about?


Threads like these make me nervous. With current events its very easy to steer into /pol/ territory, even on a site as well moderated as kissu.

Sorry for the meta.


Yeah well the last one was fine and people only linked stuff relevant to kissu's interests and not /pol/ related so I don't worry.

In gaming news: Bobby Kotick, one of the cancers of the gaming industry, may finally be leaving Activision/Blizzard.


This was the sort of article I was nervous about...


Just hide the seasonal boards.


What's so political about it... One of the guys who's helmed the decline of a great deal of game companies could finally be ousted.


It's not political, but it's got a similar smell. It's the same social media topic of the week drama-ey type thing, if that makes any sense.


If the potential resignation of one of the biggest game publisher's CEO is drama of the week material then I don't know what isn't...


File:__oliver_vocaloid_drawn_by….jpg (495.96 KB,1280x720)

I'm kinda worried about an hypothetical blackout because I don't have enough stuff to entertain myself for weeks. No electricity means no computer, no anime, no internet, no games... Maybe I should focus on hoarding more manga and books? Also it's not that bad to have a few days to rest from the internet I think. I would probably focus on writing stuff. Of course, resources are a problem to solve. I will have to use candles and buy lots of canned food.


Get some math books and read em over the blackout


I'm really bad at math, maybe this is my chance to finally learn!


File:4764d6bd0dda58b85ff0d4db51….png (477.92 KB,960x1021)

Eww urban dwellers, you don't already have generators and satellite internet ready?





real life crab rave


Who are you quoting?


File:1636013845747.jpg (49.84 KB,1024x576)

I don't like living in a city but I'm trapped here...




I'd like to be able to use my car


The RSF made a minecraft world: https://www.uncensoredlibrary.com/en
"even where almost all media is blocked or controlled, the world’s most successful computer game is still accessible. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) uses this loophole to bypass internet censorship to bring back the truth – within Minecraft."


this is just begging for certain memes with the language used in it


Looks like we're covid paranoid again. Air Canada restricting flights from South Africa.





At what point does missile defense remove MAD and make it one-sided assured destruction for whoever doesn't have the proper defense setup?


Well that is exactly why the treaty against anti-ballistic missile technology used to exits. I don't think it will change much though, you would have to be 100% sure that you could shoot down 100% of all incoming nukes over 100% of the country, or you end up with cities being nuked anyway. Plus in competitive environments like this where both nations are working on better missiles how can you even be sure you actually can shoot them down? It's a big risk to take. On top of that there are other ways they could deliver nukes that would be much harder to prevent or even impossible.

For example Russian and Chinese subs are becoming much harder to detect, it's said that Russian subs can't be found by passive sonar anymore. So if one of these subs evaded the US navy and surfaced a few kilometres from New York or LA, then what? Your anti-missile system won't be good enough to stop something that close and that sudden. They have missiles that travel far faster than bullets.


Well, an issue with the hypersonic weapons is that they're too fast to detect, and due to their speed, they might be too fast to shoot down. With conventional ICBMs, there's at least the potential for MAD because the 15 minute time between lift-off and impact leaves plenty of time to confirm the validity of the attack, and then mount a counter-strike. With hypersonic weapons, that may not still be the case, and one would hope it would not make those with their finger on the button more prone to want to act with haste.

As far as these weapons are concerned, they very much go against the spirit of MAD, and really can only be interpreted as developing first-strike capability, meanwhile the US has been focusing on simply modernizing its existing arsenal rather than developing new weapons.

This new cold war sucks.


Duck running in NYC marathon. You need to watch it.


There's been a tornado outbreak. It's weird, I noticed dark storm clouds earlier in the day but didn't think anything of it. Well, they turned into something later on.


don't huricanes get predicted a week in advanced. How do tornado conditions blindside people


apparently this was a legendary tornado it did an endurance run


As in it's coming back for more or it went on for a long time?


i hope it doesn't come back; it killed alot of people for a tornado


>Power outages!, all of the EV owners better keep their vehicles at home and take a gasoline powered Uber.
The irony of modern technology being held back by undeveloped logistical networks, but i guess the areas that get hit hardest by these things are the ones with the least money.


Tornado outbreak story update. 22 confirmed tornadoes.

The best that meteorologists can say is "there will probably be the right conditions to produce tornadoes in a couple days. Maybe.". It's really unpredictable, and when there's too many false alarms people stop paying attention, which was a problem in the past. A couple of years ago it was predicted a week ahead of time there that there was going to be a major outbreak, but then thankfully it didn't happen.
A "tornado watch" is when the conditions are right and they tend to blanket large areas to let people know, but a "tornado warning" is when there's direct sight of a funnel or radar-indicated rotation, either still in the clouds or on the ground. There's a huge difference between them, and thankfully even "warnings" rarely produce tornadoes on the ground.
Then, once it's on the ground it's still unpredictable. Even professional stormchasers with decades of experience have died when a tornado changed course.

Long lifetime of a single funnel.



I'm not directing this at you, but this is the worst kind of "article". It's just "here is how twitter is reacting" and it lacks any journalistic merit. It's not news, it's not a story, it's not anything. Kotaku is terrible for many reasons and this matome-like mimicry is certainly one of the reasons why.
I hope this didn't sound judgmental towards you or anything, I just hate this clickbait filler.


Why are you bringing me up in the first place if you wanted to make it about the article in the first place. Piss off asshole.


You should have been more judgmental, you're replying to someone who reads articles like that and finds them worthwhile.


>Piss off asshole.


bad news: most endangered (and very cute) cat in the Americas
good news: very cute cat might be adapting to living around human areas



Always thought mRNA stuff would allow for more progress in vaccine research and this looks pretty good.


I sure hope they're not testing those mRNA vaccines on those endangered cats!



File:waterfox_rHDZEgspXf.png (1.39 MB,1230x643)

Wind map of central US is looking pretty crazy


Didn't mean to submit post yet. There's big dust storms blocking visibility.
Lots of drought + lots of wind


"May you live in interesting times"



covid protectiona are such a mess. Government spent so much of everyone's time and money on preventions and as soon as restrictions are lifted double vaccinated gatherings show that it's still at its peak.


Getting infected really isn't that big of a deal if you're vaccinated since you're magnitudes less likely to have a severe case that requires hospitalization. Which was basically the point of vaccines in the first place... Don't know why people are expecting it to magically disappear just because people are 70% less likely or whatever to contract it. 30% are still getting it.


Might not be like it where you live but the government thinks that everyone has to be completely immune. This is partly due to public reception of the virus. This means it's possible that the definition of fully vaccinated goes up every time the public is in hysteria. Fully vaccinated individuals are currently the only ones allowed into public social spaces. Also governments are currently implementing more restrictions on public gatherings. Definition of being effectively masked for medical professionals in Ontario is changing from 1 cloth mask to 2 cloth masks or a medical mask.

Severe cases, death cases, vaccinations. None of it matters. Goverment wants 100% removal or for the public to stop caring about it(if 9/11 is any measure people won't)


One of the smart people said early on that we're only as strong as the weakest country since we're all connected now. Off the top of my head the three mutations I remember are from Brazil, India and most recently South Africa. People can minimize the damage outside those areas, but as long as there are poor countries where viruses have free rein it will keep mutating. I think the "hope" is that eventually there will be a relatively harmless variant that becomes dominant.


>I think the "hope" is that eventually there will be a relatively harmless variant that becomes dominant.
Isn't that pretty much already what omicron is? From what I've heard, it causes milder symptoms than the flu, but has the infectivity of a cold.


I try to avoid news



File:unnamed-68-1024x576.jpg (92.78 KB,1024x576)

A massive extreme hurricane 2 MPH off of being a category 5 has made landfall on florida. I'm glad I'm not a florida man right now because holy crap this looks awful.



Also hopefully any kissu anos in florida have good shelter to take cover in.


I live in hurricane country. The strategy is to just get good insurance and evacuate inland. I got a new car once!
Evacuating from a peninsula is tough that


oh no what happened???? COME BACK!



pretty strong study (500,000 participants) shows that coffee is good for the heart, so I'm about to drink a litre a day


I've never been more shocked than finding out anon reads the Guardian of all papers


no one reads papers on the internet


Concerningly smug article. I don't like how it compares moderate consumption of beer with the same for chocolate, because alcohol still carries a number of problems that you'll never get from cocoa.
Anyways, I went and read the paper, and I'm not convinced. Even though it uses the term "cause" multiple times, all it's doing is point out a correlation. It's literally just statistics. In fact, look at this line:
>Participants’ level of physical activity was not considered due to missing data in 17.4% of the cohort.
That's a massive flaw. What I find much more plausible is that coffee drinking is associated with a set of behaviors that can reduce cardiovascular risk, like a less sedentary lifestyle. And keep in mind, this doesn't take away the other effects of caffeine like anxiety and insomnia, the paper itself mentions this. "Good for you" is just the usual media exaggeration.


It's written for layman. Large datasets have merit in of themselves.


Yeah, but since it's so large they could've afforded to drop that 17% for a more complete analysis. Ignoring exercise when it comes to cardio is silly.


File:plastic-munching-grub.jpg (48.02 KB,800x530)


Silk worm saliva is unusually fast at breaking down polyethylene, a form of plastic. This is one of those "this might be useful" things and not something that will change the world (probably) but it's interesting to read about.




no... how will the eldery relieve themselves...


Do schools these days assume children have no family? Or dont even watch television where basic things like this are brought up if they dont/are neglected?
This seems like a topic that should only be brought up for seriously emotionally disturbed children uninterested in hygiene and the severely disabled


Public schools are designed to replace homeschooling in the first place so this is not at all surprising.


Strange concept... you can make cryptocurrency playing a videogame
But you do that by feeding tokens into the machine


You've always been able to make money from games, certain MMOs at least. It just becomes a matter of it usually not being financially competitive compared to other online work. The model is nothing new with a paid subscription being common with this sort of game.
This youtuber is just opposed to the concept of cryptocurrency, look at his other videos


I auto-ignore any youtube videos with that particular graphic in the thumbnail.


It makes sense as a profitable business since it's basically encouraging people to pay for it like gacha but with the bonus incentive that you can get money out of it if you work hard enough so people will delude themselves into believing that they're going to make it. I wouldn't be surprised if the developers have some top chart accounts that "make" a bunch of money so that people can aspire to those heights themselves.


File:maxresdefault.jpg (191.13 KB,1920x1080)


File:maxresdefault.jpg (500.68 KB,1920x1080)


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (111.67 KB,1280x720)

What does it mean?!


The graph says bad, but Kuon's ears are predicting great fortune and growth for Kuon stock in the future!


File:maxresdefault.jpg (583.94 KB,1920x1080)

That is a good question. But before we get to that, this Kuon is sponsored by WORLD OF TANKS, and RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS.


i'm not sure it's possible to make this any better


File:[Drag] Utawarerumono OVA -….jpg (285.81 KB,1920x1080)

I'm so glad I invested so heavily in Kuon early on!


sorry but not even Kuon can get me to reinstall anything by Wargaming.


Breaking news:
Chess prodigy sues chess prodigy!


Was it about the buttplug vibrator thing


that scandal yes. But this is about Magnus and his sponsors trying to prevent him from being able to play.


Gaming scandals make me so glad I almost never play modern games anymore


I don't think I'd consider chess modern....


I was talking about something else but I would definitely the culture around chess has changed dramatically in the last 5 years


What happened? I am afraid of what I will find if I type chess buttplug into google.


A top 10 player vs the #1 player and won.
The top 10 guy had a bit of a poor reputation with having used AI to boost his rating when playing online.

So the #1 player accused him of cheating in a live match in front of the audience.
No one knows how he could have been cheating so the leading joke theory is he had a vibrating blutooth butt plug giving him the AIs movements


chess authority lays down new regs: mandatory bussy inspections




File:0d3a877f307a01b9c9a5372d3b….jpg (113.46 KB,809x724)


of course it's the israelis


if i recognize the state of israel can i have a tank unit harem of my own?


That's cool. I think it's better that they are in their own units for multiple reasons. One issue is that it turns the army into a nightclub type environment. I know somebody in my countries air defence(which falls under artillery), a few years ago they let women into the branch and it was done by simply letting them join existing units, allot of friendships were broken over fighting over women and he really doesn't like how it affected the unit(though he is engaged to one of these women as well so it's not like he is not a part of it).
I think if you have a bunch of young single men and women sitting around doing nothing all day you are just asking for trouble.


maybe it's better since a lot of social issues come out of ex-military who leave and then can't integrate into a civil life. Blending the civil with military might help in situations with lots of stress. Ukraine has 15% of it's active combatants as women.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_the_Ukrainian_military
Conflict will likely determine how a lot of gender splits work in military. This Israeli plan might be a result of it.


I very much doubt it would be, you are ruining the cohesion of the unit.
Though it would depend on the culture of the nation, I am from a western nation that's hyper sexualised with a dating culture. In nations where casual relationships are less common it would be different, they might view it more professionally. I don't know how Israel fits into that.

But then Israel always had women in the army because they were always under threat and needed all the people they could get, Ukraine is like that too, and the separatist region who employ women as well for that matter.


yes. US, Can or UK military are basically just civilians LARPing as military.


And then you have things like Chinese or Russians which are just drunks larping and military


I have been reading a lot of articles about "eco-anxiety" which I get in a sense but it reminds me of the nuclear anxiety thing people alive during the cold war felt.
Maybe this existential dread is just the human condition exacerbated or identified as something topical


>Maybe this existential dread is just the human condition
I think it truly is the human condition to just be dreadfully anxious about various issues within our lives. The most common of which throughout humanity's existence are probably: hunger, disease, and war.


The contents of the article are opinion, but personally I would be glad if Twitter joined in on the collapse so that the only platforms left are reddit, tiktok/insta, forums and imageboards


as long as Japanese twitter is unchanged I don't care about the screeching of woke twitter and all the typical bluemarks


eh, I wasn't making a political statement at all? Why are you bringing that up?
I just meant that it's a company that will go the way of Meta.

What do you mean by woke? Could you explain?


And also since you're proposing all platforms are fine as long as they have art... what are your opinions on SankakuComplex?


Probably helps in survival


I don't think about sankaku at all; haven't really touched it since years. I follow more on twitter than just art from Japan though.

No i'm not going to bother to explain woke to you.


No, I think you should explain what you mean by woke. You started the conversation so you should follow through with it.


You know, further centralizing the internet wouldn't be a good thing, I'm surprised a guardian reader would think that.


Don't explain anything!! Keep the other guy in suspense


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (257.29 KB,1920x1080)

Reminder that this thread is about news and not your opinion on groups of people


I'm not explaining because his tone implies to me he already knows and is waiting for something.


I don't care if it collapses or not. It would just be replaced by something else if it did anyway. It's a pretty stupid purchase though. If somebody other than Musk had done this I would assume there was a secret and cunning plan they had to monetise it but I really doubt he has one.

A free and open 'town square' is not a very good idea either, in order to attract as many users as possible people have to feel comfortable on the platform and they are not going to feel comfortable if the site gets turned into 4chan. He will probably realise this and reverse course.


It's obviously an acquisitions&mergers since he's firing basically all the staff and leaving it barebones until he can recover his bags from paying 44billion. When it collapses there will inevitably be some large regulation that governments have to do to clean up the social mess it leaves behind


IQ tests are in. You're retarded.


None of these posts are news. Put your egos back in your pants and look at this. Imagine it on your penis




There were some rumours that a celebrity would be in a bar at Korea so 140 people were killed in a crowd


I read a comment that this tiny sidestreet was about 3 times more packed than the usual Shibuya Halloween event, which is just insane.
I'm sure they lost control of the situation but local police and nearby venues should have been dispersing people before it got this bad.


I just get this vibe that Korean society doesn't really care about public safety... things like their problem of abducting people with learning disabilities into slave labor, the purely hedonistic pursuit of celebrity status, the abandonment of their natural self through cosmetic surgery.
Such corruption. the cops were probably getting drunk and couldn't perform their duties.


Very surprised to see a comment like this that doesn't come from Japanese nationalists, let alone from western internet.
Most from the west seem to think that people and society of Japan and South Korea are more or less the same. Even Japanese 2D media fans seem to be just ignorant of the Koreans rather than having negative impressions.


I'd like to think that people who really immerse themselves in the cultures of another nation are somewhat aware of the world at large.


>I just get this vibe that Korean society doesn't really care about public safety...
Yeah, I got this vibe too with the wealth disparity of their citizens, as well as that ferry disaster.
I can't find a more adequate word for it, but they really come off as a developing country with the shiny paint veneer of a prosperous nation. Like they parody all of the worst aspects of America but none of the really great things.


the word you're looking for is probably cyberpunk


not quite, but you saying that did lead me to remember it:
that's what I would call S. Korea


hey, I know you want to kill off any discussion you don't like because it's something you think is offensive, but maybe you could just relax a little bit?


Kissu isn't going to destroy itself like /secret/ because there's some conversation in it that's a little bit different than normal. There is a real limit that could go up a little


/secret/ does it for funzies


Bleh, alright, maybe I'm too sensitive to this stuff.


I think it's done on secret to spite a poster rather than because the topic is disliked


Still an unhealthy atmosphere to foster regardless...


File:C-11_1.PDF.pdf (1.16 MB)

In Canada we have various regulations around the suppression of foreign cultures and promotions of local cultures. In practice it sounds like it could be OK and debatable, but all plans born from the desire to suppress other's culture and viewpoints are met by terrible corruption. Recently the TV broadcaster lobbies are pushing hard to get YouTube and streaming platforms to shift their algorithms towards suppressing nationally unapproved content and promoting the established content. Of which the only people who can reasonably do this are TV company channels and studios on YouTube who have to be approved by a bureau. All for the benefit of nationalism, the country and yada yada.

Anyways, that's the context.
There isn't much to say about it since it's proposed effect is on corporations that compete with the Canadian TV cartel, but it's ratification could, by the end of the decade, slippery slope to legal clauses which will cause issues with search engines or potentially user generated content in general.
Just that I'm aware of it and will deal with the issues if it becomes relevant and will deal with it in such a way that doesn't effect how the site will run. Lets hope it doesn't.


I appreciate the proactiveness


Kadokawa bought Anime News Network. I don't really care about it specifically, but it's interesting that a Japanese company bought another older Western property that's centered on Japanese stuff.
Also, I spotted MVB of former 4chan fame in the comments


wow, only 15 posts over an 18 year span.


Listening to analysis on both NHK and KBS it sounds more like incompetence and lack of experience rather than negligence. The police chief and safety minister admitted failure. This does not sound like a corrupt police force in a developing country.



Yeah, I think the response online was a little kneejerk


Kadokawa also runs Trash Taste or whatever it is, the thing with the 3 westerners that talk about anime on Youtube.
Seems they have an interest in that kind of thing.


The situation around chinese giant salamanders is very unclear and whether subspecie interbreeding is a good or bad thing. There's something amusing about a species being critically endangered but also farmed in the millions.
I think it's the only conservation topic where the scientific consensus is wakarimasen lol


I guess it's better than the other way around...



E-H had a pretty big update recently. The main thrust of things is that the old pagination system was causing too much load so they've completed removed all concept of paging and now only have "First", "Prev", "Next" and "Last". A lot of people are upset by this, particularly because this changes provides a markedly worse use experience with regards to searching many pages deep since there's no equivalent "Jump X galleries forward/back", and instead users have to navigate based on gallery IDs and manually type into the URL to go to an approximate location. The admin, Tenboro, has declared that these complaints are, "brigadeering", and because of this, "I'm not actually reading this thread anymore".

Notably, there are many other changes included, such as changes to filtering and improved search parsing, many of which had users reporting issues that they were experiencing as a result of the update. Unfortunately, due to the swell of pagination removal complaints flooding the thread, many of these bug reports are likely to be be ignored.


tenboro more like teenbro



You just know that if this was in the west it would not be this transparent


Not sure what you mean...
Every politician in the west has been criticized from anything from their ties with KKK, racist college stunts, corrupt buisness practices, numerous legal scandals...

>He has been criticised as sympathetic towards the Taliban, and branded "Taliban Khan" by opponents. In 2020 there was an outcry after he called Osama Bin Laden a martyr.
Funny quote


I'm talking about how the BBC acknowledges Pakistan basically is run by a military shadow government.

My favorite quite of his is: "If a woman is wearing very few clothes it will have an impact on the man unless they are robots. It’s common sense.”


By that I mean western media tends to sweeten up stuff they call out in other countries


This is pretty interesting story about a particular coral reef recovering: https://www.npr.org/2022/11/02/1132950728/coral-reef-resurrected-climate-change-bleaching-protection-nat-geo
Apparently algae grows on dead coral which prevents new growth, which a healthy (I.E not commercially harvested) fish population will keep in check. One of those ecosystem things we didn't understand until someone had the means to study it. The future is still bleak for coral, though...

That's not news, it's a short bio


He just got shot


Not the coral reef?! What a cruel world where people can go around shooting and pillaging our natural world. When will it end ;_;



¥Be in the Gulf Of Mexico
¥Get shot


earlier I was reading some chink novel with a wine-making monkey, so I looked that up because that archetype comes up pretty often. Well I'm not too sure what novel started that, but it seems that monkeys really make fermented fruit drinks in real life https://vinepair.com/booze-news/monkeys-and-chimpanzees-are-making-their-own-wine/


File:RKLrFNUhqBosd78D5DuBEG-970….jpg (48.14 KB,970x546)

If you're around Burgerstan and in a restless mood, then don't miss out on a very special moon early Tuesday morning!

I will have my portable chair, some rye whiskey, and my prayers to make for a good ritual.


I'll probably need to nap the afternoon before to see it... Hopefully I can get my schedule to work.




File:1530719442951.jpg (168.61 KB,1280x720)

Democratic People's Principality of the Grand Duchy of Hamburger


To all our uses in Thailand | ประกาศเกี่ยวกับเรื่องที่ผู้ใช้งาน PayPal ในประเทศไทยจะไม่สามารถโอนเงินได้
November 7th, 2022 03:19・All users
To all our uses in Thailand

PayPal Thailand has just announced that as of December 15th, 2022, the sending and receipt of payments to/from PayPal Thailand accounts will be suspended.

We are aware that this may cause problems for our users, and create anxiety about whether users will be able to receive payments for their services.

To address this, we are working on launching a new payment system.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience.

If you have any further questions, please contact here.

Paypal does it again. Paypal always finds a way


Porn related I assume. Patreon and kickstarter have their own idiotic rules related to that stuff and there's really no good solution


apparently it's just because Tailand is reworking it's digital money laws and it's too much of a pain to deal with the country at this time


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (108.77 KB,1280x720)


Moomin human face


File:C-1668234633157.png (463.75 KB,1175x781)




Well, the good(?) news is that the investment firm is so absurdly wealthy that $75 million is, according to them, a 0.05% loss.

>The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTPP) said on Thursday it had invested a total of $95 million to the troubled cryptocurrency exchange FTX and any financial loss from the exposure will have limited impact on the pension plan.
>OTPP, Canada's No. 3 pension fund, said it made the investments in FTX International and FTX U.S. exchange through its Teachers' Venture Growth fund, representing less than 0.05% of the pension fund's total net assets, it said.


how can anyone take even one look at a guy like Bankman-Fried and go "yeah that's what I want my money attached to"


You know you can put youtube links in place of the image, right?


are you always this stupid


baaka baka


File:483ec0d630.png (121.95 KB,2292x1037)

Searching through youtube it seems that a lot of people bought into FTX through influencers


Those words were too bad to be called financial advice. Too bad, too quick, too anxious, and too rough, it was more like a massive scam.


dumb argumentative shitposter


This is actually pretty old news it seems, but the capsule tower was demolished several months ago. It's somewhat of a shame considering how unique it was, but the video does a good job to highlight the issues regarding maintenance that plagued the building and ultimately led to its demolition.


I don't think the design philosophy works with sky scrapers but they mention that those pods were able to stand alone on the ground, that makes more sense. I can easily see that approach working in a stand alone setting. I would love to be able to buy a plot of land and place something like that on it, though that relies on it actually being cost competitive with other alternatives anyway. I have looked into prefabbed pod like structures before and they were more expensive than simply building a house.


>An experimental drug that removes a substance called amyloid from the brain appears to slow down Alzheimer's disease.

When I was watching BBC News while cooking I saw this and they were using words like "historical", but NPR seems much more subdued in its reporting which is probably for the best:


The Indian army is training birds to take down Chinese drones.



File:1a681b2354.png (54.95 KB,592x566)

One of the crypto billionaires(Nikolai Mushegian) was found dead in Puerto Rico. Drowned. His last Tweet said that the CIA and MOSAD(Israeli Secret Service) were running pedo rings in the carabean and were going to frame him.

Probably just gang violence or some sort of tampering. Had history of schizo behavior



I think the one referenced in the tweet was also a 'Russian-first-name' crypto guy.


They re-discovered the ancestral yeast that is used to product lots of modern beer or something? I don't really know how this stuff works


Hate twitter screencaps...


File:Star Twinkle Precure 02.mk….png (2.58 MB,1920x1080)

As someone mentioned on /qa/ already...



The process of doing it into a large-scale operation will take significant time and effort, but this is the big moment that people have written about for decades.


I'm hoping that we can propel ourselves to 100% green energy through this now.


We could just harness all the people fapping to Chainsaw man as green energy


free shit?!


I thought this had already happened, must be thinking of a different breakthrough. That's amazing though and I hope this is really it.
I really hope no weapons come out of this


Won't benefit anyone except for elites. That's the way life is rigged.


I think I read something about fusion sometime this year, but I can't remember what it was and I'm not seeing it in my internet history. I think it was more like "progress is being made", but it didn't really mean anything because people didn't care until this happened.


I'm sure the people of Europe would disagree right now, they would love such an energy source.


But can it make catgirls?


I think that is what CRISPR is for.


This is untrue. It can seriously help green energy becoming widespread and >>1876


Opposition leader of Canadian parliament decided to start a YouTube channel


I don't think Kissu would want to know about this.


trips of i agree with this


You don't have to read it. That's why we have lots of threads and boards unlike IRC


didn't know Mars had earthquakes, err.. "marsquakes"


yeah. it's not a dead planet so the core is still active and moving


>Anything news worthy you think kissu would want to know about?
Please be more considerate of others.


am I not on Kissu right now?


Because if I am on Kissu, then the posts that I'm making would be something Kissu likes.


File:FhXGFmEaEAMN6Ds.jpg (448.97 KB,1200x1350)

Let's try and be peaceful here


File:USPD4XCAQVNMRFR3L245CBIR2M.jpg (2 MB,4298x2865)

>Wartime Pope Pius XII knew details about the Nazi attempt to exterminate Jews in the Holocaust as early as 1942, according to a letter found in the Vatican archives that conflicts with the Holy See's official position at the time that the information it had was vague and unverified.
>The letter, dated Dec. 14, 1942, was written by Father Lother Koenig, a Jesuit who was in the anti-Nazi resistance in Germany, and addressed to the pope's personal secretary at the Vatican, Father Robert Leiber, also a German.
>In the letter, Koenig tells Leiber that sources had confirmed that about 6,000 Poles and Jews a day were being killed in "SS-furnaces" at the Belzec camp in southeastern Poland.
>The letter made reference to two other Nazi camps - Auschwitz and Dachau - and suggested that there were other missives between Koenig and Leiber that either have gone missing or have not yet been found.



Studio Ghibli is being acquired and made a subsidiary of Nippon TV.



Well, at least it's not the Chinese, but I can't say I'm really surprised. Looking at the article seems like they couldn't find new leadership and Miyazaki just finished his actual final movie so I guess it's time to move on.


what has a chinese company ever done to you


Still waiting on a dhgate refund.......



new study, break out the journals


File:01f1e78ea5.png (19.21 KB,634x207)

anon, I swear to god. Aspartame is literally a "floride in the water" controversy


aspartame kills


File:Rexfield.png (1.13 MB,1000x711)

I finally updated to win10 and I don't like the articles it gives me.
It's all dumb political shit.


Use shutup10++ to disable a lot of the microsoft bloat


File:c18375ebb342133f96b521834f….gif (855.18 KB,400x300)

I don't know, I do like being able to check the weather.
What I hate though is the fucking telemetry shit it does sometimes, I have to go into task manager and kill the process.



it's just a WHO org who finds that the existing safety research isn't strong enough to come to a complete conclusion


but anyways, soft drinks are de-facto toxic


File:1640907659641.png (342.42 KB,541x487)



File:[danganronpa][enoshima jun….jpg (287.32 KB,600x822)

What? You're saying the bubble burst?
What about my novel idea of writing short stories and posting them as .png as NFTs?
Damn economics...


File:084af2b301586c34c30689a5c2….png (1.94 MB,2054x1645)

always hate the taste of sweeteners
the first thing to do before i buy a drink is to check if it has stevia extract


Interestingly, the other company with a major game engine (Epic) has just announced a series of layoffs, about a sixth of its employees, to "financially stabilize the business:"
https://archive.ph/C3YRh (Bloomberg article)
Earlier this year they implemented UEFN, which gave map makers a lot more freedom and even struck a deal where these creators get a cut of I'm-sure-what-exactly. But apparently their profit margins aren't doing so great, and they're still fighting against Google and Apple, so they're letting go of people outside the "core business." It's interesting that Fortnite doesn't actually give them infinite fuck you money.


>to "financially stabilize the business:"
and somehow unity still has like 5k more employees because ????


Unity should now have about 7k employees after 600 were laid off earlier this year, while Epic has ~4.2k. But, and this is a big butt, Epic has a ton of outsourced contractors, to the point that it hired hundreds of them just last year:
So, the effective difference may not be so big, but that's assuming Unity doesn't have a couple thousand contractors as well. I kinda doubt it though.


simbly ebic


File:simply epic.jpg (157.18 KB,1280x720)


Epic Games where Games become Epic


File:1445801426896.png (659.69 KB,698x840)


>A nationwide test of the federal emergency alert system will be broadcast at approximately 2:20 p.m. EDT to cellphones, televisions and radios across the United States.
>The test will occur simultaneously across time zones, so people in the middle of the country can expect it at 1:20 p.m. Central Time, or 12:20 p.m. Mountain Time. On the West Coast it will be at 11:20 a.m. Pacific Time. In most of Alaska it's at 10:20 a.m., and in Hawaii, 8:20 a.m. local time.

Prepare for unforeseen consequences. I heard from some online wackos that they think this is when the 5G corona vaccines will go off and kill 90% of the global population.


Gonna try to sperm at that exact time


File:1450468315328.gif (876.79 KB,590x394)

They give you forewarning when they test the alert system in the US? Bunch of cowards.
Where I live it's done as a proper jump scare.


There's at least a monthly jumpscare depending on where you live


Speaking of jumpscares haven't had one for an amber alert in a long while.
Which is a good thing.


>this is when the 5G corona vaccines will go off and kill 90% of the global population
the alert was about an hour ago, did this happen yet?


Oh, havent you heard? People are mating pressing each other to death in the streets


Can confirm, I'm dead.


the jumpscare almost made me throw up, is that close enough
i'm still mad about it, i was all comfy and playing my dungeon crawling jrpg when my phone got mad and screamed at me


File:[SubsPlease] 16bit Sensati….jpg (345.83 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, this was one of the earliest seasonal news thread and the OP hadn't yet clarified that it was about good, interesting news and not death and destruction like every other website. Scientific news, nature, archeological discoveries, etc. You know, stuff that doesn't ruin your mood.


Oops, I moved the post that said that I moved that Israel talk to /secret/. Yeah, it's there now.



Not particularly newsworthy, but it's a really good read. A couple years ago I recall reading what I believe was either a Washington Post, New York Times, or perhaps Verge article that was lamenting the inability of students to really use computers as if it was a sudden development and that kids have suddenly become technologically illiterate. I think this article from 2013 probably has it right: People have always been technologically illiterate, and its simply a result of people not being challenged to really use a computer or having a streamlined experience that causes people to not understand how computers truly work, be it from only having experience with web browsers, and office suite programs, or from only using mobile devices, or from using heavily locked down computers in schools. I would heavily recommend anyone interested in education and technological literacy to give it a read. Even if the information isn't necessarily practical, it's still engaging and an entertaining read.


File:[Erai-raws] 16bit Sensatio….jpg (741.46 KB,1912x2348)


The author comes across as arrogant but he probably needs to let out his frustration. I also get frustrated but there are a lot of things I should know but don't, and I rely on other people to fill in the gaps.



>Oct 11 (Reuters) - Microsoft (MSFT.O) said on Wednesday the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in September notified the company that it is seeking an additional tax payment of $28.9 billion, plus penalties and interest for tax years from 2004 to 2013.

>Microsoft said the IRS notices relate to an ongoing dispute between the company and the U.S. tax authority, which is auditing how Microsoft allocated its profit among different countries and jurisdictions.




Pretty sure the EU is gonna consider this dumping and ban the mass imports


File:C-1697634064880.png (192.05 KB,549x309)


File:C-1697859861608.png (532.64 KB,480x720)

Funny little article
Author of pic related going on hiatus because of one of JJK's latest chapter



mission success for gege



He can't see out of it, but the world's first successful eye transplant has been done. Or rather it was done six months ago and announced now.
Just connecting all those nerves and blood vessels sounds pretty incredible. It's definitely a good start!


I'd prefer this to a cybernetic solution


holy crap that's insane. Honestly, I'm more impressed by the state of reconstructive surgery. The video included some pretty graphic imagery of his injury and the guy looked like horrible. Like a zombie almost. Now, although he doesn't really look like himself pre-injury, he doesn't look too bad.


You seem some pretty crazy examples in West Africa. People have gotten macheted so badly their brain is visible, but these heads have been put back together. I'd wear a hat all the time though


bioware > cyberware


File:_131713176_2fc8ab36-3010-….webp (123.96 KB,976x549)


A volcano might be erupting in Iceland soon. There's been hundreds of earthquakes and people have been evacuated. I heard that if it does erupt it's unlikely to be as disruptive to air travel as the one that happened a decade ago (or whenever that was).


I still remember that last one only because of this Scottish guy.


File:waterfox_UakoKBXqHK.png (1.69 MB,1200x900)

It took a month, but it finally erupted.


crashing would be certain death


Well I mean, it apready is in most cases.


with no survivors

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