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File:RC5JHcSguB.jpg (465.32 KB,2005x1246)


Do you use any software that other people may not know about that you like?
I started using (and eventually even bought!) this thing called Wallpaper Slideshow after trying a bunch of free ones and getting frustrated. https://www.gphotoshow.com/wallpaper-slideshow-pro.php
Basically, you give it folder(s) of your choice and it will assemble a collage image of them and make it your background. You can configure it with a timer that changes it and I have it set to 15 minutes. I had originally used John's Background Switcher that someone thankfully linked to me a few months ago: >>91800 https://johnsad.ventures/software/backgroundswitcher/
I liked this one more because there's less wasted space, more options, and it just generally seems to assemble the image better. I turn it off before I go to bed each night though because I'm worried that it's keeping my hard drive active all day, which probably isn't good. I should maybe research that sometime...

This pairs well with something like Grabber ( https://github.com/Bionus/imgbrd-grabber ) that can bulk download tags from booru sites.
Of course, this stuff is kind of wasteful if you don't have an extra monitor with a wallpaper that's largely visible, but I find myself like that sometimes so it's pretty nice.


I think most anons use Honeyview to read manga, but I like Quivi.
I have never seen anyone mention it, so: http://quivi.sourceforge.net/

PDF reader https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/free-pdf-reader
CD ripper https://www.exactaudiocopy.de/en/
Tag editor https://www.mp3tag.de/en/index.html

Besides that I don't think I use any unique software.
At least not anything that the people here wouldn't already know about.


File:ab00c23884799b39df0db8fe1c….jpg (336.14 KB,1062x1150)

I've been waiting for years for someone to make this thread...
Hold on... my list is going to be long!

Windows - Systool:
Default Programs Editor - Very useful to edit "open with" list and change file association on Windows 10

WifiInfoView - I use it to select the exact router when stupid WiFi extender decides to use the same SSID
https://www.nirsoft.net (also tons of other useful tools)

WuMgr - Disable automatic Windows Update, manually install desired updates

OldNewExplorer, Openshell, 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, WinaeroTweaker - UI usability tweaks

Taskbar-Context-Menu-Tweaker - Disable "Immersive" taskbar context menu

OpenHardwareMonitor - Monitor hardware temperature, fan speed, voltage etc


File:83e13e382433c323355dbd0ab1….jpg (352.67 KB,1200x1000)

Windows - Networking:

FFFTP - Japanese FTP software

RLogin - Japanese SSH Software, very feature rich compared to PuTTY, including image in terminal!

dnscrypt-proxy - Encrypt DNS request to prevent DNS spoofing and evade domain blocking

New Moon - A custom Pale Moon (and other browsers) build compatible with Windows XP


>I've been waiting for years for someone to make this thread
... couldn't you make one yourself?


File:48651c5f14cd4cf03bf608f906….png (13.12 MB,2508x3541)

Windows - Multimedia - Audio:
(cross-platform ones will be posted later)

EqualizerAPO - System-wide equalizer. I'm using this to correct my speakers' and headphones' frequency response

VB-CABLE - Route audio between different programs

RipX - Extract stems from music using machine learning (cracked version below, use at your own risk)

Ultimate Vocal Remover - Remove vocal using machine learning, lots of algorithms to use

I just thought this isn't a very /qa/ topic.


File:769d608d254ecc0965c00c6659….jpg (224.16 KB,2500x2000)

Windows - Multimedia - Image/Video:

JPEGView - Lightweight image viewer, good format support, minimal GUI, built-in quick edit like color correction, cropping, and resizing. My personal favorite Windows software that I miss on other platforms.

LICEcap - Very simple screen capture to GIF

AviUtl - Japanese MotionGraphics program. Lightweight, scriptable, extensible, lots of community plugins and materials. Used to make lots of videos on NicoNico. (extensive tutorial in Japanese below)

YukkuriMovieMaker4 - Similar workflow as AviUtl but specialized to making "narration" type of videos


File:382e935f79803173fe7aa6691e….png (420.05 KB,760x760)

... I think that's it for Windows exclusive stuffs for now. Since OP asked for unknown software I skipped lots of stuffs that I considered well known such as Paint.Net and Process explorer.

>I turn it off before I go to bed each night though because I'm worried that it's keeping my hard drive active all day, which probably isn't good.
It's a reasonable concern, but most HDD failure happen during the spinning up period, so it's might be better to keep the HDD spinning 24/7 if it's designed to do so such as data center HDDs.


File:[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono….jpg (178.07 KB,1280x720)

Oh, that's a relief. Maybe I'll keep it on then. I never thought about servers and other stuff like that. Nice!


File:100540101_p0.png (1.76 MB,2048x2048)

For Windows I have
Comfiest piece of software I've ever had the pleasure of discovering all by myself.
Also another piece of software I never see recommended in this kind of discussions but I like it very much.


For TTS I like to use Balabolka:
(Have to find the voice files for yourself though)
I also like to use Explorer++:


File:insignificant erotic ener….webm (6.92 MB,1280x720)

Not so much as software but an extension to one, an on-the-fly webm creator for MPV. You just hit the designated keybinds to open up a menu, select the start/end times and check the options to limit it to your desired max file size and away it goes. Very handy and makes the process really easy for making webms of your favorite scenes. webm related as example.

One other software I've started using all the time is FreeTube. It's a Youtube desktop client. I couldn't stand the constant changes for the worse that UI has been going through (among many, many other reasons), so at first I've simply been using Invidious instances, but this felt nicer and, more importantly, doesn't let you lose control and have 80 tabs of videos strew about and left to rot.

I had a bunch of toy software back from the golden ages before my previous PC died on me, I'm sure most people here had that desktop destruction toy thing. The romance in those silly personalization programs has pretty much died, sadly.


For Windows there are collections of tools made by Windows developers called PowerToys
I installed one to let me view thumbnails of SVG files


File:f0b1f45db04a9438d758af12ba….jpg (306.95 KB,1600x2500)

Just to add some Windows ones I missed

Precise Calculator - Arbitrary precision scientific calculator, has a textarea for inputting expressions, supports complex numbers, variables, programmable
It starts very quick and is handy to use so I use it for quick calculations

Q-Dir - Quad pane file manager with lots of other features

SSP - One implementation of "Uka" program (a desktop mascot with conversation and other functionalities)
There is an extensive protocol to make completely customized behavior, animation, text, plugins etc


Desktop Mascot? That sounds pretty interesting and fun


File:[SubsPlease] Prima Doll - ….jpg (126.91 KB,1280x720)

Wow, I'm glad this thread is taking off! I'm going to try and think of other things now...


File:ghosts.PNG (1.31 MB,1116x1274)

Right! These mascots are called "ghosts" and have lots of functions including talking (with text to speech support), check email, RSS, and more.
There are lots of ghosts created by individual makers. They can be downloaded and added to SSP for using. You can find some of them in linked that website.


File:1657518398500.jpg (112.37 KB,710x1000)

all of the following programs are for linux, i haven't used windows in ages (luckily).

1. redshift: reduces blue light from your screen. your eyes will thank you. can be set to start at a specific time of day (or to start whenever it gets dark in your location using geoclue) or as a panel icon. https://github.com/jonls/redshift
2. zathura: a suckless, feature rich pdf reader. https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Zathura
3. not really a program but a simple command: "curl wttr.in" displays the weather in your terminal.
4. keepassXC: offline password manager/generator. https://keepassxc.org/
5. ani-cli: search for animu on the terminal and play it with mpv. https://github.com/pystardust/ani-cli


File:project-joshu-2022-08-17_0….mp4 (2.48 MB,1920x1080)

That sounds really similar to a project I've been working on for some time now. Here's a video showcasing it(I've never really made my own WEBMs before so it's an MP4).

I'm not sure if it's exactly the same thing(don't know much japanese), but the way I imagined it, the core assistant program(I call it joshu-core) handles things like bringing up that dialog window for taking input, showing messages in the speech bubble, and other things like that.
Plugins communicate with the main program through Unix domain sockets to send it commands.
For example, to show a message, a plugin needs to send the following JSON to joshu-core:

"cmd": "open msgbox",
"params": {
"text": "Message to show",

There's also some optional parameters but that doesn't really matter.

I plan to use it to create a bunch of plugins, by now I've only done the calculator one, which is probably the easiest (didn't write my own calculator, just the part for communicating with joshu-core, but that could be a fun mini project)

Not trying to hijack the thread or anything, just felt like posting about this somewhere and this topic came up.


File:259ac8c5ba5909476034f457a6….png (889.05 KB,1800x1140)

All platforms - Tools:

Barrier - Use one keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers through network

Crow Translate - Desktop translation program

Textadept - Text editor scriptable with lua

IMO all too popular that most seasoned linux users know.

>I'm not sure if it's exactly the same thing
The logic is written in a DSL which specifies what text to display for specific triggered events. The DSL code can call functions in DLLs to get extra features like network connection and system stat monitoring.
So plugins are DLLs loaded by the main program.


baste emacs enthusiast trips haver


Can vouch for Barrier, it even works cross-platform.


These are all for Linux
I recently found rlwrap, it adds readline functionality to commands lacking it. It's very nice.
Other than that, I'm very happy to have put in a bit of time to write two scripts for managing emacs daemons, since I use it extensively. I wouldn't be able to go back.
I guess maybe not everybody would know about slop, a program that lets you select a region of your screen, and prints its coordinates. It's useful for recording/streaming the screen.


File:24cdabcb2e9cbd2fbe1df7112a….png (224.79 KB,720x719)

Just posting this since some posters are waiting for game translations...

MORT - Real time OCR game translator
It's OCR so it works with anything even when texts are in images, or anything with strings not easily read (android simulators etc)


File:1439208202925.jpg (140.93 KB,645x989)

Uh... I can't read korean how do I install it...


File:8445c778e92a8f9f8879302949….jpg (688.32 KB,1695x1401)

You don't know the standard GitHub download procedure?
Click "Releases"
Click MORT.1.244v.-.20220808.zip
Run MORT.exe

The rest is easy since UI is in English


File:Everything_DCCS0PKXHd.png (769.26 KB,1135x951)

Oh, I forgot to mention 'everything'! It's an extremely fast program to search for files on your computer. Searching for stuff in the default windows window will take minutes, but it's instant with this thing. It's more handy if you're familiar with search terms, like using "*" as a wildcard like "*.jpg" to show all JPGs with any filename.

>I just thought this isn't a very /qa/ topic.
/qa/ is meant to be a fairly 'random' board, just higher quality than what you might expect from that distinction. People can make threads about various things.


File:904db2b19c9a3617e63f5b997e….jpg (84.4 KB,1300x1000)

>/qa/ is meant to be a fairly 'random' board
I knew about this but whenever I want to post tech-related topics I'm aware that /b/ is supposed to be the destination for them because the board title and rules say so. However /b/ is mostly used as site meta board so I don't want to post them there either...
So I just decided to not make any tech related threads at all because I think there isn't a suitable board for them.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (428.82 KB,1920x1080)

Hmm, seems like an oversight. You should definitely make the threads! There's quite a few computer nerds here that I think the threads would have some success. I wouldn't personally be able to add much, but that's fine of course


I have a wallpaper program like that that does the same thing but it was free. It's called Wally.


maybe we/I need to rephrase that. Though I do use it quite a bit for tech if I'm talking about the site.

But at the same time, I made the most recent mouse thread because it relates to my hobbies. It probably needs correction, but I'm not going to stop making posts about NVMe SSD when I'm doing it within the context of technology being used on the site.


File:konata_finger_guns.png (163.5 KB,400x400)

i can't believe nobody mentioned syncthing yet!
amazing software for transferring files from one machine to another; i have it hooked up on my phone, it manages 30gb of music using some awful scripts i wrote and 2gb of pictures


File:Fdb2qn5XgAI5nJE-166405092….jpeg (104.36 KB,1000x818)

Aphex Twin aka one of music industries biggest trolls is making a sample matching app - I find this quite odd since Richard has been on record stating he hates sampling but maybe that's another one of his trolls like the comic sans in this app...


Forgot to post direct link for those who want to avoid the article:


"sampling" has a very broad definition, he probably meant something else when he said he didn't like it. There's nothing inherently wrong with recording chunks of audio to manipulate.


This isn't something I use, but I found it interesting. Some people have brought back MSN Messenger by creating a server to host it again: https://escargot.chat/
I would be a bit skeptical since you're using someone's server to send private messages, but it's still cool that it exists at all.
It seems they plan to do the same for stuff like ICQ and also AIM and Yahoo's old messenger. Strangely it seems they want to bring back AOL, too, but I'm not sure how that's supposed to work.


ICQ is still a thing in Hong Kong apparently


That's neat. I wonder if they use it for privacy reasons or if people just decided to keep using it. ICQ was interesting because your ID was just your account number. I still have my second ICQ number memorized, but I won't tell anyone!


File:Grabber_i4dcvrJEFL.png (8.42 KB,557x267)

As a follow-up to my recommendation of Grabber in the OP I'll describe how I'm using it.

I wanted to download 150k Touhou images, but sadly it seems to bug out the program if you do that, so I'm going character by character. Unfortunately. I'm downloading page by page, so after filtering out a bunch of stuff I have 40-100 pages per character. This is just to queue them, however, as I can set up 300 pages of 100 images each and then do something else.
There is also a filter option: "-grabber:downloaded" to hide images that you've already downloaded with grabber, which is very handy. Supposedly this thing can scan MD5s, too, but I haven't tried that.

As for the files themselves:
I have it set up so that it automatically creates directories for an artist and then fills it with filenames of the character inside brackets followed by the MD5.
The filename option looks like this:
%artist%/[%character%] %md5%.%ext%
The backslash after artist means that creates a directory for it.
I also have the character tags like pic related, which means that if there are more than 2 characters the character names instead become 'group' so I don't have massive (if not impossible) filenames when there's a large group of characters in an image.
For source I'm using gelbooru because it has a ton of images, a large userbase to rate stuff, and of course it has certain content that other image places don't (or charge money for like danbooru). The downside is that tagging is not always thorough or accurate, so I'll need to do a bunch of pruning afterwards. Thankfully, Grabber can keep the data of having downloaded the image even after you download it, so it won't show up for me again.


File:explorer_Ns0uNBvGCA.png (537.87 KB,1193x718)

Inside my bulk Touhou folder it looks like this right now (only done with 7 characters so far). Originally I did Character folders and then artist inside, but that was going to make way too many folders and make it a real pain to navigate. I could always just search 'cirno' in the main directory if I want to do something with every Cirno image. This also means I can quickly remove an artist I don't like. (and I should probably add them to blacklist in Grabber)


File:explorer_gH0U4OvoWQ.png (502.53 KB,996x538)

And this folder shows an example of the filenames.
Unfortunately, it also shows one of the problems of most booru sites: duplicate images with different MD5s.
Anyway, that's how I use Grabber. It's pretty cool.


qimgv - fast image viewer

ahoviewer - image viewer/booru browser/manga reader, lets you open archives and view the images

czkawka - cli/gui application that finds duplicates, similar images and videos, large files and other things


Yeah, its for privacy reasons but considering VK owns it I doubt it's a step up from whatsapp.


File:pixelator_P6nblt5PNF.png (394.01 KB,1368x1095)

I use Pixelator to make, well, pixelated versions of stuff. It still requires manual cleanup, but it's pretty good.
I just use the trial version. It puts a watermark in the middle of the image, so I just make the image really tall so the stuff I want is contained in the top part of the image.
It will never be as good as drawing pixel stuff from scratch, but you could use it as a guide or just paint on top of it.



why not use gimp or paint.net? surely freeware would be easier to deal with than stretching the image and cropping


File:screen_uefi.png (203.2 KB,1012x724)

Found out about Ventoy a couple weeks ago. It's pretty neat, you just install it to your USB, then simply drop your ISOs in it afterwards and when you boot from it you'll have all of them available at the same time.


File:Photoshop_4zL70wo2vj.png (62.25 KB,1030x578)

It's not just scaling it down. Pixel graphics have solid, high contrast colors and this lets you tinker with them as a whole. It can also adds a solid line around the graphic which can be a real pain to add with photoshop at the visual size this stuff is at.
It's far from perfect and if I were to make something people would look at for a long time then you'd still need to touch stuff up, but it's pretty great for simple stuff.
This image is at 250% zoom and hopefully it shows enough of a difference to you.


I like the kot


File:Bulk_Rename_Utility_mjYxcR….png (104.97 KB,1562x982)

This is pretty cool, but probably of niche use. I googled "windows bulk file rename" and this was mentioned in an article:
Bulk Rename Utility

It, uhh.. renames files in bulk. The UI is a bit intimidating at first, but once you find what you need it's pretty simple.
In this example I want to remove the first 41 digits of files generated by Stable Diffusion and it did it without incident and even gave me a little preview there at the top for the 4 test files.


Ah, I actually use that program a lot. I agree, it's very useful. The replace feature, remove, and numbering are all very good.


File:d92e40bedef2411f5054decdf….jpeg (391.68 KB,1929x1378)

Ultimate Vocal Remover has been updated with even more models...
It's difficult to know which model is the best to use, I found this webpage with the models ranked with best vocal-instrumental separation quality:

For single model, the "kim vocal model" currently has the best quality. On my PC it takes only 40 seconds to process a 4-minute song with GPU acceleration and the result sounds very good for me.


File:1350410515906.jpg (98.59 KB,600x600)

So I'm setting up my PC after upgrading, and I was wondering what /qa/'s favorite IRC clients are. Most of the time I just use Hexchat, but I've noticed that it can oddly crash for weird reasons like trying to ctrl+f or feels less lightweight than it's advertised. On the whole though it's got most of the features one could want out of an IRC client like Autoconnecting, shortcuts for post formatting, and filtering/themes all from the menu.



File:Taiga_G5UnqRrfxK.png (112.78 KB,1386x631)

This is something a lot of people may be aware of, but for those that aren't:
Taiga. ( https://taiga.moe/ )

It's a program that helps you organize what anime you've watched and to keep track of stuff within a season, but its true strength (to me) is that it can automatically fetch and download torrents.
It uses the RSS feed thingie that you can find on websites like nyaa or AB.
I was reminded to make this post because while I was in the middle of watching something I got a pop up to choose the folder for Ousama Ranking S2. Now that I've made the folder for it, though, it will download automatically without any prompting needed. You can set up filters and stuff so that it will only download a specific resolution or sub group, so I should probably do that for subs.
It's pretty crazy.
Note: It requires an account at MAL, Anilist, or Kitsu (whatever that is) for it to organize the shows. I.E I had to put Ousama Ranking in my "planning" category on anilist for it to know that I'm interested and to download it.


File:[SubsPlease] Isekai Shouka….jpg (268.7 KB,1920x1080)

Oh I didn't see this post. Yeah, I just use hexchat. Hexchat works, so I never bothered looking. I used mIRC way back in the day, but alas, times have changed.


I use hexchat as well.


I like to use Irssi.


an extension for pixiv that completely changes the interface. I really like it and I really dislike how many clicks it took to navigate your favorites and little screen space images took in pixiv.
an extension for twitter that let's you customize what you see on twitter and let's you change the ui.


Long list of Windows tools. Some I already use, some I don't.

For a bit of software nostalgia I'll point out he's got a bunch of previous versions of the list such as this one from 2007. Skype's on that one. Remember how revolutionary Skype was when it came out, and how much it started sucking when Microsoft bought it?


File:P2k4xLPhGP.png (275.97 KB,726x611)

I am now using StartisBack++
Its original purpose was to return Windows XP stuff to Windows 7, but new versions were made for 10 and then even 11 (although hopefully I won't need that one for years).
I found it by searching for a way to make the taskbar buttons bigger in Windows 10, as having a 1440p screen makes them quite small, but I don't want to do Windows' built-in scaling option because it scales up everything when I just wanted icons I could click without thinking.
It lets you change the visuals of the taskbar and start menu in some ways, too, like making the taskbar completely transparent except for the buttons. But, I won't make use of much of it since I have taskbar set to auto-hide to prevent burn-in.
It's not free, but I'm doing a 30 day free trial and it only costs $4 so I'll buy it if I like it.


File:ss.png (474.77 KB,1920x1200)

It's already cracked so I'm just using it for free.


File:Screenshot 2023-07-13 1314….png (45.07 KB,630x560)

Oh, that looks nice. I'm currently using Explorer Patcher on Windows 11 to deal with the taskbar changes. If I could use that without changing the taskbar theme, I might start using that instead.



thunar bulk rename has a less intimidating ui, but is linux only


im thinking of getting a linux distro but im a complete noob, which one should i get?


How good is your computer? If you have an older one without an SSD use XFCE mint if you have a newer one Kubuntu


what is the current state of gaming on linux?


Better. Valve made a very good compatibility layer
Lutris is a very good compliment to it


nice! thanks, ill check out kubuntu and the valve thing since i just got a spare SSD


flatpak also has made it easier to get open-source games and emulators.


i've heard that it only works on ubuntu, does it work on kubuntu aswell?


Flatpak works on all Linux distros, and the "flavors" of ubuntu just use different desktops, all programs for the same version of ubuntu will work.


Ah, yeah I remember Valve being pretty pro linux in recent years. Have they finally made it so that linux and windows are basically the same now? Or is there still a fair bit of work to go.

Also how's the steam deck's SteamOS doing in all of this? I know that is also linux, but is it somehow better than regular linux gaming?


Linux gaming has worked pretty well for me on both Steam and Lutris. The only issue is games with anti-cheat but anything else I've tried has worked quite well


>Have they finally made it so that linux and windows are basically the same now?
No. A lot of stuff still doesn't work, but most stuff will work after tweaks. Anti-cheat is a sore point and modding can be a pain.
>Also how's the steam deck's SteamOS doing in all of this? I know that is also linux, but is it somehow better than regular linux gaming?
SteamOS doesn't add anything to desktops that big picture doesn't, it's mostly for Steam Deck now.

Really, if you don't have an ideological opposition to non-free software, you should not switch fully if gaming is your 1st priority.


Games will work but not as good as they do on windows. Either in terms of temps or performance, sometimes both.
If you can be bothered I'd dual boot with win10, that's what I'm doing.


File:firefox_42oyXrhMYG.png (738.75 KB,1728x1181)

I wasn't sure whether to put this in an AI thread or this thread, but I went with this one since it's a tool that isn't exactly related to generating new images.
I have installed the RemBG (or Remove Background) extension for Stable Diffusion. It can remove backgrounds using some sort of AI stuff and it works REALLY well. This is going to help my editing so much and I wish I had used it a few days ago when making the seasonal stream background. There's been online stuff out there, but I've never really been satisfied with those being online (no privacy) and you have more control here as there's different methods and settings and as you can see in the pic it took 6.4 seconds. (Precure screenshots were only taking 2 seconds)

It works flawlessly with Precure screenshots and other images with good solid lines, but understandably it has issues on hazy visuals like the overly post-processed Mushoku Tensei and Dark Gathering. Adjusting the settings does help a lot, though. I'm not going to tinker a bunch for this specific image, but it wasn't capturing Rudeus the Blur originally.

Anyway, doing this specific image by hand would have taken me a few minutes to manually cut them out of the frame because all the different colors means smart select wouldn't work too well. But it's not the time spent that bothers me about doing these edits- it's the tedium. You follow their outline and cut them out. It's awful.
Anyway, hopefully most of those days are behind me now!


aMule has an ability to set a SOCKS proxy server, which means you can download files over TOR! But you probably wont be able to get a High ID.


https://nicotine-plus.org/ There's also this, but I'm sure everyone knows about it already


There's not much of interest on it to be honest, but it's a cool tool to keep in mind should the clearnet get locked down.

There's a lot of sketchy files on it and most typically pirate-y things are not in English, but it may be of interest to find historical files?


microEmacs aka mg - a lightweight Emacs (and dired) clone. It's one of the default editors that come with OpenBSD. If you can run full GNU Emacs, then run it because it's better: https://github.com/hboetes/mg
CrystalDisk info - View SMART info (Windows-only): https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskinfo/
Nirsoft ProduKey & Product Key Scanner - get windows cd keys etc. from your PC: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_key_scanner.html
xfe (aka X File Explorer), a clone of old MS Windows file explorer for Linux: http://roland65.free.fr/xfe/
Midnight Commander - a traditional file manager, a clone of Norton Commander: https://midnight-commander.org (also read: https://linuxcommand.org/lc3_adv_mc.php)
Shattered Pixel Dungeon - roguelike for Android and Linux (get it from F-droid or Play Store or Flatpak/Flathub)
xpdf - a PDF reader for Linux: https://www.xpdfreader.com (also try mupdf)
CWM (also, see Hikari) - a lightweight and interesting old school WM for Linux and *BSD: https://github.com/leahneukirchen/cwm
Window Maker - ditto, also very stylish!: https://www.windowmaker.org
Quod Libet (and ex falso) - music player and/or tag editor: https://github.com/quodlibet/quodlibet/ (ex falso is just the tag editor while Quod Libet is a music player with ex falso integrated)
Bleachbit - cross-platform junk cleaner (similar to CCleaner but FLOSS and not a botnet): https://www.bleachbit.org
imv - lightweight image viewer for Linux with support for animated gif images: https://sr.ht/~exec64/imv/ (contributors needed!)
meld - GUI program that let's you compare and merge plain text/source code files: https://meldmerge.org
System Rescue CD - a Linux liveUSB distro that has a ton of system rescue tools preinstalled: https://www.system-rescue.org (use Rufus to copy it to a USB flash drive)

And a lot more: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/List_of_applications

Irssi and Hexchat are great.

You are thinking about Snap (but even it works on most Linux distros). But Flatpak is better than Snap.


File:RevoUnin_eLygaONqA3.png (92 KB,1306x529)

Revo Uninstaller is good for deleting all traces (or most) of programs you're trying to eliminate off of Windows. It's been out there for years, but I hadn't used it again until recently. It does a more thorough job than using the regular Windows uninstall since it also goes into the registry and such.
Somehow it blocks my ability to take screenshots when it's the active window, but the context menu lets you do stuff like google search the name of the program or vendor or to be taken directly to the registry key in regedit. Pretty cool stuff. There's a 'professional' version, but it's unnecessary... probably.


is monochrome mobius good


File:2023-10-23-013834_1600x900….png (1.38 MB,1600x900)

>Window Maker - ditto, also very stylish!
I agree, it's my favorite window manager hands down. Apart from being lightweight and stylish it's also very easy to configure, though it's perfectly usable after running it for the first time. I've used it on spare computers for years, but only recently started using it on my main machine and I have zero complaints. I've also started making my own themes using its built-in settings GUI, I made this one inspired by the old Steam UI.


I've always intended on trying Window Maker. It seems like a better FVWM with less timesink. I always used CWM out of laziness.


Score is pretty cool


Interesting OS concept. I've often thought about how a 3D imageboard might work that isn't copying minecraft


File:flux_fUjHFNls9T.png (29.92 KB,708x378)


This is something I've been using for a few years and it just exists passively in the background so I forget about it. It's a simple program that automatically reduces the blueness of your screen dependent on your set sleep schedule and/or time of day. This is important for reducing eyestrain and supposedly it helps you sleep, but I can't confirm the latter. It's based on the reasoning that blue light is artificial and new whereas the sun in the evening and even fire is orange and that's what our eyes have adapted to process.
There are other programs that do it (and newer OS versions have their own version I think) but this is the one I've used. I wonder if there's better stuff out there, but this is free and it does exactly what it's supposed to do so I haven't bothered looking.

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