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File:8c9e8497155c72b8749d0f5ae8….png (7.91 MB,1920x1080)


*shouts into the sky*


100% /qa/


should the steam chat be opened up again i wonder


File:20210514213354_1.jpg (176.67 KB,1440x900)

3 (THREE) slots left, get in quick before they're all gone!


after i shower, if it's still up, then I'll sit in the lobby too.




File:100orange_Ed6vHwtJ51.png (1.11 MB,1800x1125)

Halfway full...
Better get in quick before you lose your chance to play.


File:100orange_c0tVnKMvVS.png (410.19 KB,913x420)

a noble among peasants


streaming this kusoge


File:20210515021439_1.jpg (354.31 KB,1440x900)



guy plays the pay to win character an expects not to be bullied


File:1521360359771.png (158.71 KB,640x640)

Never playing this kuso dumbass RNG dice simulator ever again...


File:100orange_mP8DGa9kF4.png (266.07 KB,909x414)

mods are fun


File:9ae095f731aadec5ea68a7fa6a….jpg (506.59 KB,2779x3948)

What's the Seiba background?



File:20210522175638_1.jpg (227 KB,1440x900)

OJ is good again.


File:1609526808_poppo-cute-danc….gif (1.27 MB,701x613)

Does anyone want to play a game or two, or three? I can make a lobby if we get enough people to join.


I'd be up for it if we can get four people. Though I think it may not be possible until tonight.


I'd be up for playing. B-but... Go easy on me!! I'm a newbie!


File:1528493943527.jpg (30.54 KB,399x372)

I'll play later today or any day really, but I have an anime stream to host in an hour that will last for uhh... 4 hours or so


i have OJ, but i have never played it
should i even bother joining?


The game relies heavily on RNG but you should try out single player for a bit just so that you can get the basics down.


Orange Juice?



File:9118e73ed5e2ab5cf7083c1bd8….jpg (24.98 KB,400x400)

Lobby up:

100% /qa/


Hmm I'll join then



Streaming it for no real good reason
If you want to ask me anything that's fine to. This game is very slow paced.


File:20210905023433_1.jpg (202.24 KB,1440x900)

As they say, it's the year of the cow.


File:1553542509027.gif (228.97 KB,360x270)

Not many Europeans here, eh? I didn't think I would have to wait until early morning to play so I just went to bed instead.


Could've probably played around that time any day that wasn't Saturday really...


There's definitely some Europeans here, but whether they're also into OJ is another question. There are people here with odd hours, however, so games aren't impossible with people on the other side of the planet.


File:1521178681_1467434263_seag….jpg (542.52 KB,1020x689)

Well, my offer still stands. I'll make a lobby if anyone wants to play.


File:1576541123810.gif (402.6 KB,280x480)

I'd be up for it.




File:1595616384109.png (312.13 KB,588x567)

100% /qa/


Some people just have all the luck...


Hmm. Now that I'm thinking about it, Dolphin has multiplayer support right? It'd be cool to try out an actual mario party game and see if that works well or not. Also don't some of them support more than 4 players or am I misremembering?


From my experience playing multiplayer mario party in Dolphin, it works ok but requires everyone to have a good computer to play without crippling lag. Older PCs can't keep up.


I'm not sure I have the hands to play Mario Party any more. I'd probably sit out the rapid-button-pressing stuff that already hurt my hands back in the day


File:20210905191023_1.jpg (283.41 KB,1440x900)

Sugu stole my win out of nowhere...


Justice was served.


File:e6dec31c0d.png (1.44 MB,1800x1125)

Rightful win received.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (270.83 KB,1920x1080)

Anyone want to OJ today or any time this week really?


is this the sewer mermaid i once heard about


Sure, I'd be up for a game or two later today.


File:1628807311365.jpg (83.17 KB,595x546)

I can play right now if you want.


I guess I'd fill a chair


dang I'm the guy that asked and I'm feeling tired, but I'll make a lobby now and see if it works out
100% /qa/


We've got 4 people!!!
Other people can and should still join, though, but you'll have to wait to play.


OJ Anyone?



I'll join, but can we try the event boss thing? There's a bunch of stuff including a bikini for Tomomo


Sure, haven't done bosses in a while.


Also it's up

100% OJ


File:100orange_PtFjlv2nN6.png (781.31 KB,859x631)

pretty wacky boss


File:20210918000240_1.jpg (421.14 KB,1440x900)

Boss deadified


Anyone want to play some OJ today?


I'd be up for some OJ.


File:7b601234f29955d3fd49ad34c6….png (365.52 KB,1280x1024)

lobby is now up with the usual name and pw
100% /qa/


is the lobby still up?


I think someone might need to make a lobby.


Oh, forgot to say it in the thread. A guy had to go afk for 20 minutes and another guy seemed to go AFK so it's down for now.
I guess we're just waiting for a little bit for it to open again. Maybe 10 or so minutes?


I just made a new lobby


woohoo full lobby again!

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