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File:Shobon VR.jpg (1.89 MB,1920x1080)

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I'm a VR now.
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There's a machine that cycles blood like this to slowly warm it up. Used for frostbite and other cold-related emergencies.

chicken butt


LOLE!!!!!!!! LOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you mocking shobon???


File:FCdnKOQWQAgC2pI.jpg (748 KB,1447x2046)

So, you're going to Comic VKet, right? We need a kissu emissary


Hmm. I'll go. Their webpage says there's 377 booths, however... I'm not really sure how I'd cover all of that. Taking screenshots in VR is somewhat difficult. I suppose I could try recording my time exploring and post a few videos, but editing it down to interesting parts might be a bit difficult.

Hmmm. I'm not very fond of streaming, but this does seem like the sort of thing that streaming would be good for.


Hmm, I can only give basic advice in editing. You can setup keybinds in that one recording/streaming program I can't remember. (it has 3 letters.. OCR? No, uhh...)
Wait, is your VR thing connected to the PC at all?


File:Screenshot 2021-11-03 2103….png (312.2 KB,919x381)

OBS. Yeah, I'll be connected to a PC. It seems like it's going to be taking place in VRChat, at least going by last year's video, but they also have some other applications for non-VR stuff. I'll obviously go to the VRChat one. I don't think anyone would care for a phone screen recording.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy M….jpg (183.01 KB,1920x1080)

Do you want to do a test run? I'll be here all day and stuff.
One thing I thought of is that you can stream and others can hit the record button on the window. But uhh.. what time is this in USA time?


I don't think time is too much of a concern, the event lasts from 11/6 10:00 (JST) to 11/14 23:00 (JST). Technically, then, I guess it actually opens in a little over an hour from now. In a little bit, maybe either here or #qa, I'll post a link to make sure everything looks right, and that it's not too much of a nauseating experience watching.


There's a test stream! https://www.twitch.tv/nwbx01


huh, isn't Comiket usually around Christmas?
I guess Vket goes on its own rules.


File:test.mp4 (9.3 MB,1280x720)

They're already getting ready for the December one


File:senran.mp4 (16.05 MB,1280x720)

Didn't mean to capture the brave browser thing at the top. oh well


This is the first time in what feels like forever that I've looked forward to the development of a new technology instead of just recoiling in disgust.


File:it's here.mp4 (24.14 MB,1280x720)

Although he checked out a lot of stuff, I don't feel like compressing and rendering them all, so I'll just do the important one.
It was just a test stream, too.


Virtual Market 6 was in August, I believe. That would have been interesting to show because it's more VR-focused, so more advertising stuff like avatars like >>80122, and also things like avatar accessories. This is Comic Vket, so basically VR Comiket, but of course there's some limitations in that you obviously can't page through booklets and things. Here it's just a few select pages.


Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. If you just go by the Western VR stuff there's nothing that stands out, just a bunch of "now you can talk to grandma or plan a business meeting more efficiently" but this stuff gives me hope of virtual worlds instead of, well, just another form of facebook.


Never have I ever wanted a VR set so much in my life...
VR Comiket looks cool. 1000x better than IRL ones thats for sure. I dont get Vket though. Isn't Comiket a place for creators to sell their doujins and stuff? How would that take place in VR? I guess you go to Vket for the virtual copy and Comiket for the hard copy.
When will you be streaming, anon? Do you have like a schedule or something for it or just when you feel like it?


It's a VR recreation of a convention venue that you can walk around and interact with, and the booths have links to buy digital copies of doujinshi. You could just buy them the same way you'd do any other online shopping, without having to attend Vket, so it's more about the experience of exploring the venue.


How does the physical goods selling work?
For some popular circles these will be gone within minutes after the items are put on sale because there is no line to wait. Unless they manufacture only after all orders are placed?


File:2021-11-05 21-46-30-1.mp4 (15.34 MB,1280x720)

I'm not sure how it all works in regards to supply and stuff, but clicking to buy anything here takes you to a website. Like for >>80124 it's here https://sora777.booth.pm/ There's physical things like key chains available, but I have no idea how the supply works.
You can buy without even going into VR. But you'd definitely be missing out on exploring and possibly interacting with the creators themselves.
Oh yeah, he went to a private solo instance because some people were being annoying with their constant talking. It seems like you can mute other people though so that's good, too.
The music is so nice.


>When will you be streaming, anon? Do you have like a schedule or something for it or just when you feel like it?
I don't have any particular schedule currently. Since it's going to be the weekend, I'm guessing people won't be too busy, so if it's alright with everyone, I think I'll try to stream at around 4PM EDT tomorrow.

I would assume it works the same way that Booth.pm works for selling physical goods. I think your concerns about things selling out are probably valid, but at the same time, from what I've seen looking at people's Booths every now and again is that they're restock things every so often if they sell out. For physical goods, most seem to announce things in advance, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, it's probably better to buy them in advance than waiting for an event like Vket to happen when a lot of people might take notice and want to buy things.


Well looks like some goods are manufactured to order, which isn't too bad.
Is there any way to talk with the booth owners? Seems like the venue is empty from these videos. But I think even if it exists there won't be any chance for popular circles.


>Seems like the venue is empty from these videos
I decided to start a private world because some people seemed annoyed by others talking in the background. Having to load other people's avatars can also be pretty intensive and lead to worse framerates, so it was something of a win-win. If people would like, I can join a populated world and see how that goes.

>Is there any way to talk with the booth owners?
Hypothetically, yes. In practice, I'm not so sure. It looked like each world was limited to a maximum of 40 concurrent players. I also joined a US server so there probably wouldn't have been any chance of seeing any booth owners. I suppose tomorrow I can try joining a Japanese server and seeing if they're any different, although the timezone difference might make it so that catching them "in-person" would be unlikely too. The booths were also separated into a North and South world, but each one I think probably had about 200 or so booths, so having each and every one staffed would be impractical because of that player limit.


Do you still plan on doing the VRKet stream again? It's fine if you don't want to


Yep. I'll be streaming at 4, so 15 minutes from now, at: https://www.twitch.tv/nwbx01

Yesterday didn't work out because my computer was being stupid. It also would have clashed with the seasonal stream I think.


File:waterfox_HMuX7ZJ8OK.png (1.08 MB,998x726)

kind of funny how the repeat-to-infinity thing still happens


File:brave_M4EnkiaLKY.png (351.44 KB,421x469)

safety cat pose!
he's looking at the music section now and it's pretty nice


File:brave_UMRrIyhWEQ.png (1.59 MB,1313x654)


I liked their music too. Here's the link for their Vket page with more links to their website and stuff:


File:iceland-145875724544182273….mp4 (13.15 MB,1280x720)



I forget who mentioned it, but someone said something about doing Just Dance in VR or something like that a while ago and I managed to find a video of exactly that.


Saw this and it made me realize that a VR Vocaloid rhythm game, or even just official Beat Saber maps, would be pretty awesome. I've heard that the Japanese have really taken to the Oculus Quest 2 and basically see it as the VR headset so hopefully Crypton or SEGA thinks about making games for it.


Aren't you supposed to be playing Billie Eilish beat saber maps from Meta? (Tm) (R) (Tm)


File:waterfox_JhWApyKcCm.png (322.08 KB,1002x723)

Something interesting, or maybe just an interesting coincidence is that the Koruri creator which is featured in this thread (and on kissu in general) has adapted to 3D well enough that he created the mascot for some 3D VR script business thing, and it has an English version so I'm linking that one:


USB-C PD is cool. I got an Anker USB-C PD power bank and it was able to keep my headset at 100% power the whole time while playing when I would have usually burned down to 50% or so after an hour, and the battery itself was at least greater than 75% (just shows 4 dots for charge). Neat. Supposedly, according to one of those battery chart things, since it's a 10000mAh battery, it should last anywhere from 6-8 hours.


File:OculusScreenshot165326202….jpeg (367.6 KB,1536x1536)

Forgot to post about it, but I finished making my SlimeVR tracker a while ago. They work surprisingly well, but some things get a little janky. Sitting and sitting crisscross look a little weird, and laying down on the ground can be a bit janky there too. Anyways, I spent probably the longest I've ever gone in VR today. Around 4 straight hours. That's probably not that impressive for tethered play, but for my Oculus Quest 2 that's certainly quite long since the battery only lasts 2 hours if you're lucky! My Anker USB-C battery worked great! I need to see about 3D printing some quite release clips because strapping on velcro straps every time takes quite a while.

I spent some time wandering around VRChat and playing around with my SlimeVR trackers. That was fun. I played some putt putt which was nice, but without any feedback I was pretty bad. I think I scored 96 on a par 73 course or something... After that, I flew around in the Test Pilots world. Flying jets there is always fun. I also visited some other random places. I took a look at the one Tron ring battle thing, but it was in use, so I didn't play it. Then I visited the new popular movie world. After that, I played a little bit of BONEWORKS for the first time. The story seems neat. It kind of reminds me of portal with the mole guy's wall scrawling. I made it past the first section, but the game crashed on the level load to the next area ;_; . After that, I played some Beat Saber before finally retiring. Fun.

Also, I noticed upgrading my network to WiFi 6 really substantially helped with Oculus Airlink. My old router was 1750 Mbps and it struggled pretty badly on the fixed 200 Mbps streaming setting, so I would have to set it to auto where things often got pretty ugly and smeary from ASW. My new router is 3000 Mbps and it handled everything like a champ. I was able to stay at a fixed 200 Mbps with no issues. The only times I noticed ASW kicking in were when SteamVR was getting jittery.


File:C-1653268896349.png (3.67 MB,2560x1440)



Surprisingly competent video.



Wait, VR Chat is Unity? I'm not sure how I feel about that, I kinda want to tinker with it but not "learn a game engine" tinker with it. I was hoping for something more specific...

Kinda weird how so many of the avatars have that 00's LiveJournal look to them. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just like I went back in time. Cool.


I hate VR CHAT but I don't think that is a mystery at all or that people are going through bad times or whatever. People probably just want to see the avatar they are using, it would be kind of boring to select a character to play as and never actually see it.


File:waterfox_JknnWtzzei.png (667.98 KB,899x493)

Ah, to clarify I mean the stuff earlier in the video and not the "generic anime" look stuff if the stuff isn't ripped straight from a game. These guys here, this is totally 00s forum signature stuff. Crazy.
Speaking of going back in time, that guy's channel goes back 10 years and he was a literal prepubescent kid back then. I'M OLD!


>I kinda want to tinker with it but not "learn a game engine" tinker with it. I was hoping for something more specific...
There's an SDK that you do stuff with. It's not like you're running blind. They've got some barebones documentation stuff you can follow:


File:VRChat_1920x1080_2021-08-0….png (1.01 MB,1920x1080)

I really like this world. It's pretty fun flying around jets and potentially shooting down other people if you're good enough.


It's a demographic thing. VR Chat is used pretty much exclusively by highschool and college students, which used to be the internet as a whole. That sort of thing got increasingly marginalized as the internet generation started aging out of it, but you can still see pockets of it in youth dominated areas like this one.


>Furality Online Xperience is the virtual reality furry convention that not only takes place in VR, but celebrates the VR furry fandom. This three-day VR experience immerses you in a highly themed environment with panels, performances, vendors/marketplace, dances, and meetups all from the comfort of your home.
>Furality is a special place where thousands from the furry community come together to bring a sense of belonging and friendship to our attendees. Virtually become your fursona, experience new social and educational activities, and explore places that exist beyond the limitations of the physical world.
>Registration is required to access all worlds and events during the convention weekend in VRChat.

I saw someone bring this up recently. I really enjoyed wandering around Vket last year so something like this seems neat if you're a furry, I guess. The next Vket is in a few months, and I'll see about going to that again.


File:VRChat_1920x1080_2022-06-2….png (3.09 MB,1920x1080)

New music Vket


Oh. I completely forgot about that thing. Well, I would have relied on someone else to stream it anyway so I guess it's not a big deal.

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