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File:Image014.png (1.61 MB,905x912)

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Alright, so I'm going to make an attempt at a Let's Play thread of what will surely be a fantastic game. I played the original Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita and it was the last physical game I ever bought (remember when we could buy and own media?) It's truly an amazing game for many reasons. Fantastic characters, great classes, great boss battles and spectacularly frustrating dungeons. Its sequel, Dungeon Travelers 2-2, came out years later, but unfortunately it never received a translation.
Now, a decade later it did received a surprise translation and release on PC. It was going to be on Steam, but those prudes backed out. I'm sure it's related to the lewdness, as Steam only has room for stuff like Sex with Furry Hitler 2 or War Crime Simulator 2023. Instead it got a release on one of those gacha/freemium sites where it feels like you get malware just by loading the page, so I will instead be using the version found on nyaa.
If Aquaplus actually wanted money I'd be willing to buy figures and stuff from them, but nope, they don't. If I traveled to Japan I could get some crappy keychains if I timed it right and found one of their "pop up" stores, but that's about it. Okay, back to the game:

This game is a "what if" scenario at the end of Dungeon Travelers 2 if the final battle was lost. There's a Demon Queen that wants to corrupt and conquer humanity and blahblah that part isn't very exciting. Since the characters are the of the highlights (Aquaplus is involved after all) I'll give a brief introduction of each character before I start the game.
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File:Cha0003c_6JO.png (5.11 MB,2249x3097)

OBS and I use Handbrake to give it a reasonable filesize. My monitor is an ultrawide which this game understandably doesn't support, so I have to trim off the sides which had been working fine until a few days ago. I wonder what I messed up.

Yeah, it's her Joker outfit. She has great outfits, too.


File:ENE0636.png (2.09 MB,1712x1313)

Finally got around to testing some item drops and made a little list. It's kind of annoying to do this, but some of the effects are really strong! I might farm some of them depending on how strong the upcoming bosses turn out to be.

Berserk - Red Feather, Deep-Fried Mystery, Graduation Yearbook
Defender - Dried Mandra
Re-usable TP Heal 100 - Forbidden Fruit
+Phys Attk/Def to PARTY - Evoker of Spring
+Phys Accuracy - Refreshing Eye Drop, Youthful Love Letter
+Phys Evade - Bubble Lotion
Party Status Heal - Sacred Bud, Paper Crane of Prayers
Resuscitate - Primordial Clay, Crimson Jewel
+Max HP - Oasis Water
Pure Damage - Chemical 4969 (100 damage)
Clone - Silver Key, Living Shadow
Sleep - Lump of Jealousy
Paralyze - Savage Paralyzing Claw
Slow - Supergravity Machine
INT-based Attack Items - Soul Pact (TP Drain), Crystal Skull, Tempest Orb, Methane Hydrate, Water of Wrath, Habiki Figurine (All),
Instakill - Ferryman's Boat
Enemies Flee - Cloaking Device
Group TP Heal - Mandra Trefoil


File:TOHEART2_75Cgt7hgGn.png (909.59 KB,800x600)

Hmm... to revive this thread now to post about ToHeart2 or to revive it later to post about ToHeart2: Dungeon Travelers 1...


File:TOHEART2_9EeJYy9QOS.png (949.09 KB,800x600)

Hnnggghhhh... I think I'll have to start doing some ToHeart2 blogging later. Aquaplus's charm has already captured my soul again. This is truly a magical experience... the best that mankind has to offer...


File:TOHEART2_RP7XMTFqd7.png (958.42 KB,800x600)

I guess I'm going to do what I did at the beginning of this thread. Dungeon Travelers 1 uses characters from ToHeart 2 so I'm being introduced to them now. IT'S TIME FOR TOHEART 2! I have put this off for far too long. (the unofficial translation patch was late 2017 and was a decade in the making according to the guy who did it, Ittaku/conman)

Konomi is the childhood friend and she's very cute! I think these characters are hard to do well because there's the implied familiarity you're supposed to have at the beginning. She is currently the bulk of character interactions, so I suppose I'm getting familiar with her. I've even already seen her with bed hair, and no it's NOT for perverted reasons. This is one of those things that let you know that you're reading something done by the masters. Something she should be sensitive about is instead silly (especially with the pajamas) because they're childhood acquaintances. But still, there is still something intimate about seeing her this way...

One downside with the 'controller-as-mouse' thing is it keeps re-appearing on the screen...


File:TOHEART2_tQF2qBxKWv.png (948.21 KB,800x600)

Konomi's mom Haruka! Quite sexy if you ask me. I remember her being a character in the DRPG so this is worth knowing. She's said to be fierce and violent if you talk about her being old. I guess that's not a particularly unique trait, but it's done well enough.


File:TOHEART2_obgWZF9LmP.png (608.77 KB,800x600)

Yuuji, the requisite male friend that is simultaneously the voice of reason and comic relief. He's rich from a rich family, so that offers some story potential.


File:TOHEART2_wVNDh046m6.png (431.55 KB,800x600)

Komaki, the reluctant new student council president! (I think that was the role?)
She has a very soothing voice when she talks slowly. The voice reminds me of Atuy from Utawarerumono, but it's not her. I'm sure there's some Japanese term for this, but I'm not really good at that kind of thing. She does her best with her new responsbilities, hoping not be crushed by them due to her shy nature. Dangerously moe...

These are the only characters introduced so far. I've seen glances of others...


File:dc45d568fa167f53108cb74012….jpg (212.74 KB,791x1151)

>Dangerously moe...
She really is! I couldn't stop giggling from the moe overdose when I saw her again in Dungeon Travelers opening scene.


File:089_AMADUYU_TATSUKI_ART_WO….jpg (2.76 MB,4846x6958)

I think she's a clear favorite of Amaduyu when you look through his artbook. Hmm... she's definitely very appealing, but I'm only a couple hours in so it's too early to really give a fair assessment.


Mind me asking whether you're playing the PC or PS3 version? Not sure if there's any major difference but the PS3 one's far larger in size.


File:TOHEART2_vFkpxbezO1.png (775.84 KB,800x600)

The PC "X-Rated" version. It's the only one with a fan translation. The PS3 seems like a superior experience without NSFW, with animation and even a new character, but there's no translation. So, I don't really have a choice. I'm also someone that thinks sex scenes are important for character realization if they were written with that in mind so I think I'd go with this one anyway.
I'm not aware of any WTC-style PS3 patches, but I guess I didn't really go searching outside of vndb, ab and nyaa.


Oh, here it is specifically:

The following contents have been added or changed in PlayStation 3 version.
-Added new Heroine
-ToHeart2 AnotherDays recorded as the first consumerization
-Introduction of motion portrait
-Refinement of scenario
-Added Event CG

AnotherDays is a side story thing so I assume it just means it's included as a bundle.


this skirt is very cute


File:TOHEART2_0BwgjjDSnE.png (942.56 KB,800x600)

First impression of Yuma was of course that she's a total... unpleasant person. Her competitive nature paired with her over-the-top annoyance at the protag and general incompetence makes for some entertaining scenes. I could see the romance for her being very fun. I feel like calling her a tsundere isn't right, as she's just tsun right now. The hints are there that she will turn into one, however.


File:TOHEART2_CjleJouuHI.png (1017.69 KB,800x600)

I don't remember the names of these two, they barely had a presence in this scene (and I decided to choose a different event in that timeframe so I consider them still unknown currently). The aqua-ish hair one seems kind of fun.
This reminds me that I need to stop looking at each event for each choice and instead commit to a decision and ignore the other branches.

Speaking of, I hope this isn't one of those VNs that locks you out of "true romance" routes because you didn't choose to spend time with the same girl every time right from the very beginning. I still want to actually see them all. It seems like there's always a choice to go home as well, so I wonder if there's a hidden girl behind an "avoid everyone" route.


File:TOHEART2_i7g4xb0bma.png (775.82 KB,800x600)

Sasara (I didn't remember her name and had to look it up) seems very nice, but I've barely seen her. I am very susceptible to her type; the isolated girl that people misjudge. She seems cold, but she's actually kind. I want to help her! Is she cold to others to protect herself from being hurt? Hmmm....


File:TOHEART2_Fl0NSQ6fin.png (753.09 KB,800x600)

Needless to say, Ma-ryan is hilarious. Although I don't feel anything for her (yet?), I really want to see her route because it's sure to be fun. Well, there could be some Grisaia-level stuff behind her personality, but so far she's just a fun idiot. She seems to be the oldest student I've seen so far, but behaves as a mischievous brat.


File:TOHEART2_1U47XrmiI8.png (977.39 KB,800x600)

Lastly, I'm quite curious about this "robot maid" who is most likely not actually a robot maid.
If she's not, the description was at least realized with Ist: >>114894
Just like with Ist, the ear covers are very heavily emphasized. I think it's fair to say someone on staff really likes maid robot ear covers.
Man, it's going to be very hard to choose a girl. I hope the decision comes naturally. Often in these games I have to choose between who I would think would have the most entertaining route and who I best mesh with and appreciate.


File:TOHEART2_vQhuN66moz.png (861.62 KB,800x600)

Genjimaru... is a dog


holy on topic sager


File:TOHEART2_qUqDTalTlJ.png (793.23 KB,800x600)

Well, I was going to bump it later after I had more to say.


File:TOHEART2_6yMPOWpmEM.png (510.29 KB,800x600)

These old stories really are a time capsule. It feels like it was such a short era where we burned stuff with personal disc burning drives, but here it is preserved forever in the creations of that time. Now instead of just complaining that people older than us are tech illiterate we can complain about those younger than us, too!
In another part of the story someone left the phone off the hook so they wouldn't be bothered. Man, this stuff really makes you feel old...




so dungeon travellers 1 uses characters from toheart 2... does toheart 1 have different characters, do they appear in any dungeon travellers game? are dungeon travellers 2 characters original or same characters?
i dont think i said it but i did think this robomaid was cute. questions above were because was wondering whether >>126535 was same character


File:db2e57c0fadfb709c393299c2b….jpg (190.72 KB,600x450)

Forcing my dad to listen to my burned Kraftwerk CDs in the car!


i got my mum to listen to touhou rearranges back in the day


File:TOHEART2_BUlvjTjf9w.png (Spoiler Image,701.9 KB,800x600)

>Speaking of, I hope this isn't one of those VNs that locks you out of "true romance" routes because you didn't choose to spend time with the same girl every time right from the very beginning.

It seems like Sasara disappears if you spend time with anyone else from the first time you see her, so it looks like I'm doing her route first and ignoring everyone else apart from guaranteed story, which is kind of... eh. She did draw me in and I'm enjoying her story a lot, but making a choice so quickly before even half of the girls have been introduced and nearly all of them are still strangers is quite strange. I spent one introductory event with her (which was great) and I have to decide right away if she's the route I want. As I said her type/situation is definitely something that appeals to me, but this is practically a "love at first sight" situation with how quickly you need to abandon everything. Argh, these multi-route VNs feel so unethical sometimes because I "cheat" on them so I can see their individual stories. I would have loved to have learned about Sasara and helped her without necessarily going on her route.

But, I will say that I really like her route so far. It has the heartfelt stuff that I crave. I don't require much to start tearing up in these and sure enough it's there.
I did see another character introduction, a certain redhead, but it feels wrong to introduce anyone in the thread now since I'm supposed to have already chosen Sasara, so it will have to wait.


File:TOHEART2_W66bsqTFvR.png (636.06 KB,800x600)

Toheart 1 has different characters and you don't need to have any knowledge of it for ToHeart 2, but I think it's in the same universe. I'm sure there are references, but nothing concrete.
It seems vndb has an entry for the announced Toheart 2025 Project! https://vndb.org/v51053
I'm pretty sure the robot shopkeeper in DT2-2 is a completely new character, but maybe she's a reference to something.
I remember this broom mentioned here being a great Maid weapon in the Dungeon Travelers games. (why do I remember this useless stuff...)


File:TOHEART2_Kmy5dttsEV.png (696.9 KB,800x600)

Setting up the LAN for the school! Ahh... the nostalgia stings a bit. Obviously this was going to feature stuff from the 00s since it's from that time, but I didn't think it would affect me so much.
The good news of a route that diverts so soon is that it seems to last a while!


File:TOHEART2_xbF3SKXSW5.png (792.37 KB,800x600)

I guess she's showing up more than I thought she would in Kusugawa's (Sasara's) route so it's time to mention her.
Tamaki is a fiery, strong-willed older sister type that is very mischievous and occasionally overbearing with behavior teetering on bullying at times, but it's the fun kind (a bit harsh against her brother though).
She reminds me of Kuon for various reasons and even shares a pose or two with her from the relatively little I've seen of her so far. Not entirely Kuon-like of course, but it's difficult for me not to see it since I think of myself as highly responsive to Kuon signals. She even has her own Nekone in Konomi. >>126483
I have to admit that I'm finding it difficult to not immediately restart and pursue Tamaki.


>She reminds me of Kuon
Sigh... You don't get to claim that when you couldn't see how Nobeta reminded me of Yume...


File:crop resize 026_AMADUYU_TA….png (1.82 MB,1018x1785)

But I was joking and did say that the hair and eyes were similar afterwards. I only know of Nobeta as patreon bait and not as a character, but she was a witch action game or something, right? Quite a bit different from Yume's show.
It's deeper for Tamaki and Kuon since they share some personality traits in addition to sharing the exact same format of origin and creators.


In the nobeta/yume case I only meant it in the first place as an appearance-based resemblance and not something deeper.
>sharing the exact same format of origin and creators.
I don't think this counts for anything unless you're prepared to say that all N characters in ToHeart remind you of all M characters in Utawarerumono and vice versa.


File:TOHEART2_63wnGDZbC3.png (628.62 KB,800x600)

Left out the rest of her quote here >>>/jp/76784 hehehe
She's really fun, but I'm not sure if Ma-ryan has a route since I'm basically on Sarara's now. I guess it could diverge, but it will feel kind of bad to do it now.


File:TOHEART2_kybomMkmvQ.png (653.65 KB,800x600)

Okay, this route is nuts. It seemed like the most serious and down-to-earth one there could be. It was very emotional and indeed I'm getting closer to her, but a short event recap:

1. She falls from a tree and I have to grab her chest to keep her from falling down
2. [Nice serious and emotional events happen here]
3. We install LAN cables in the school computer lab and the cables wrap around her like tentacles with a nice CG
4. Some more emotional stuff
5. Ma-ryan, sensing Kusugawa/Sasara's increased desire to seem appealing to me, dresses her in a maid outfit to sell food in the cafeteria despite her shy nature
6. Yuugi, Tamaki and Konomi join the student council with us to help Kusugawa out. We head to a storage room to officially disband the "UMA Club" that is investigating aliens and the sole member sends Sasara into a trance where she first thinks she's 4 years old. Then she re-enters a trance and now she's a deep-voiced warrior from Mu. She is only disarmed by me grabbing her breasts.


File:whaaaaaaaa.mp4 (5.74 MB,800x600)

...and then THIS happens. This isn't exactly a spoiler, but if you want to go in fully blind don't watch it. I think it highlights the classic Aquaplus charm, though.


File:TOHEART2_0D7YWfDGUI.png (858.42 KB,800x600)

Oh, yeah, that girl is Sasamori. Her introductory event was quite fun, but I'm not sure if I like her that much based on first impressions. But, you can't judge a VN character that way so I'll have to learn more. The paranoid/supernatural obsession characters can be fun, I guess, but it can also get tedious.


File:TOHEART2_C6NyVYcO31.png (Spoiler Image,683.3 KB,800x600)

Ruuko... is an alien??? How mysterious...
This seems like a surprise character so I'm going to use spoiler tags. Her speech is interesting and I do like unusual girls, but this whole VN is full of them so
She likes to say "Ruuu" and she also likes to put her arms in the air. Thinking back on the era this was made and the sense of humor involved, this seems like a very obvious Ronald reference.


How short are these routes if you seem to be blowing through them?


File:TOHEART2_fkXLR1azQd.png (888.81 KB,800x600)

Oh, I'm not. I'm still on Sasara's route. Well, I say "route" but it's more that I'm ignoring every other event because if I ever choose to spend time with anyone else Sasara disappears from the selection screen. I said earlier that my preference would be to actually get to know the girls before choosing, but if I see a choice disappear then I'm going to take it. Of the time spent about 85% of it is Sasara-choice-exclusive events while the other 15% is stuff that happens that isn't tied to any specific character, like waking up and talking to Konomi before heading to school.
The post you're replying to has a pic from one of those 'general' scenes that probably happen no matter what, although Tamaki is now a regular in Sasara events as well.


dumb routard


File:TOHEART2_Pwn22zJFiR.png (Spoiler Image,620.26 KB,800x600)

The route has entered the most serious phase and wow, it's really good! Quite the emotional rollercoaster of beautiful highs and sorrowful lows, but nothing too severe. Great support from friends nudging the relationship along in their own way and her parents, well, that's a spoiler. I feel like I know Sasara very well now. Her quirks, positive and negative, make her a very interesting person. Just one character here in Toheart 2 stands above so many others in characterization. It's no exaggeration that Sasara, just one girl, is more interesting than entire rosters of most media. I know this will be true for almost every character, too.
The characters are so very human with clearly empathetic stories. As much as you get get angry at a person, you know the reason for their behavior.
One of the things that stands out in stories like this is when "you"/the protag is the relatable 'terrible with girls/socializing' type and situations become worse because of that. Days are ruined and people are hurt, the failure being apparent. When it's just smooth sailing with the universe bending to his benefit there is no room for growth. That so much pain is endured gives extra meaning to the eventual triumph. Ah, Aquaplus, you are truly the masters. While I regret putting off reading this, I'm also happy I get to experience it for the first time right now.

Sometimes I wish VNs weren't so niche and you could actually talk to people about them more often...


File:TOHEART2_WbGTgRQqPV.png (693.72 KB,800x600)

Ah, the wonderful experience of love...
Completed Sasara's route. Very beautiful and emotional. I dare say the conclusion was of epic proportions with some Higurashi vibes, although grounded in reality. I can't do it justice without writing 20 paragraphs, but I don't think I'll do that.
Her sex scene was indeed worthwhile and the timing of it was perfect, the rest of the story clearly building up to it at that certain time and place. People that read the SFW console version missed out on something important. One of the things in the scene that surprised me, yet was story appropriate, was that she had involuntary urination. Not the "female ejaculation" thing, but an actual yellow stream in the CG. This was something alluded to since she has some developmental issues to to poor parenting, so while it would make fetishists happy it also had an emotional connotation to it.
I didn't want the route to end. I think the amount of routes will be lower than I previously thought, as I'm sure Ma-ryan only exists in Sasara's route and was purely a supporting character. There is a 'Toheart 2 AnotherDays' sequel/side story thing but it's not translated. I may look into AI trasnlation stuff again soon, but I've been procrastinating doing for the Utawarerumono bonus chapter since I always want to say that there's something I can still read related to Utawarerumono, but now that a new Utawarerumono project was announced... okay I should stop with the stream-of-consciousness posting.
If you missed the thread I made on /jp/ there's a new ToHeart project in development as well! YEAH!


on topic sager


File:TOHEART2_6srp9I6biR.png (584.05 KB,800x600)

Tamaki is great. It's early in her route so it's just fully silly and fun, but I saw glimpses of her kindness in Sasara's route.
I bet I''m going to enjoy this route a lot!

Well, I don't just want to bump the thread every time so it's like a semi-sticky of me doing a VN commentary thing. But I'll bump it this time for you!


File:TOHEART2_OzFVNWls8c.png (Spoiler Image,486.62 KB,800x600)

Tamaki's route was way too short.
Initially I thought it might be the "time flies when you're having fun" effect since I'm prone to ignoring the outside world when I get into these, but no, it was definitely not something that I should have been able to get through in such little time.
I don't understand... she's a major character and she features prominently in official art. This was waaaaay too short. Some of her scenes were even shared as you can see on the "map" here with Konomi: >>126910. Then on other days I actually had to choose the 'go home' option because there simply wasn't any event with her. Huh?

But, I guess enough complaining about the length. It was a really nice and heartwarming story as expected. Unlike Sasara's route the confession was not until the very end, with no regular scenes as boyfriend and girlfriend apart from the short epilogue scene hinting at the future. This is something I strongly dislike, but I guess it's not too unusual. The climax of the story that contained the confession and love scene was quite long and emotional! If you count the pre-sex parts the scene had 7 CGs not counting variations, so that was quite impressive. But... I wanted more time with her....


File:v003020.jpg (77.27 KB,800x600)

I remember looking forward to seeing Yuuji's reaction to me dating his sister but that sadly never happened.


File:TOHEART2_5aymJ7mmqB.png (Spoiler Image,690.25 KB,800x600)

Yeah, that would have been fun. Spending time together as a couple was completely missing; a nice continuation of the story and celebration of love would have been wonderful. Instead I'm simply taken to the title screen and encouraged to start the process over again with a different girl. It's wrong! It's cruel!
I don't know if writers think that there needs to be the "conflict" and pursuit in order for the story to be engaging, but it's definitely not true. Well, it's been 20 years so hopefully they know better by now.


File:TOHEART2_zVoFfMayse.png (615.49 KB,800x600)

Finished Karin's route. These routes feel short.
Maybe Sasara's route was the one that was longer than the others, or maybe it just felt that way because it was far more dynamic and dramatic.
Karin is a paranormal/UFO/etc-obsessed girl with a teasing/playful personality, but the route didn't really highlight the paranormal stuff much. Why is it that it was on Sasara's route that there was paranormal club event (with Yuuji and the others) where we searched for an alien(?) at the school (and I found her) but the similar event for Karin was just me bumping into a random girl for 20 seconds? The hypnosis event even worked on Sasara while in Karin's route I had to play along. Strange...
It panned into regular romantic-type stuff quite fast with the paranormal club in the background, which was enjoyable, but I was expecting a bit more zaniness since she started out zany and was also very zany in Sasara's route. It was cute and enjoyable, but I just didn't feel any connection to her. The thing with these stories is if I don't feel any connection to the girl then everything becomes less remarkable.
Maybe it was a mistake to do Tamaki's route so early, and also Sasara's since it was very emotional by comparison.

Current objective* route rankings:

1. Sasara
2. Tamaki
3. Karin

Tamaki is my clear favorite so far, but I have to admit that Sasara's route was far more fleshed out with conflict and resolution and a whole host of emotions and character stories. But, the climax of Tamaki's story was truly wonderful and she's the one I feel most connection to. I'm also extremely bothered with the knowledge in Tamaki's route that she came back for me after we pledged our love as kids (although "I" didn't realize it) and the whole reason I'm bad with girls is because I subconsciously love Tamaki. Every other route is me rejecting this beautiful story of a love which lasted for years even across a distance. I... this REALLY bothers me and I think it tainted Karin's route for me. Tamaki is suffering...
I think I'll save Komaki's route for last since she is the other character that features prominently, and Konomi will be second to last. But... Tamaki...

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