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File:Image014.png (1.61 MB,905x912)

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Alright, so I'm going to make an attempt at a Let's Play thread of what will surely be a fantastic game. I played the original Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita and it was the last physical game I ever bought (remember when we could buy and own media?) It's truly an amazing game for many reasons. Fantastic characters, great classes, great boss battles and spectacularly frustrating dungeons. Its sequel, Dungeon Travelers 2-2, came out years later, but unfortunately it never received a translation.
Now, a decade later it did received a surprise translation and release on PC. It was going to be on Steam, but those prudes backed out. I'm sure it's related to the lewdness, as Steam only has room for stuff like Sex with Furry Hitler 2 or War Crime Simulator 2023. Instead it got a release on one of those gacha/freemium sites where it feels like you get malware just by loading the page, so I will instead be using the version found on nyaa.
If Aquaplus actually wanted money I'd be willing to buy figures and stuff from them, but nope, they don't. If I traveled to Japan I could get some crappy keychains if I timed it right and found one of their "pop up" stores, but that's about it. Okay, back to the game:

This game is a "what if" scenario at the end of Dungeon Travelers 2 if the final battle was lost. There's a Demon Queen that wants to corrupt and conquer humanity and blahblah that part isn't very exciting. Since the characters are the of the highlights (Aquaplus is involved after all) I'll give a brief introduction of each character before I start the game.


File:DT2_002.jpg (1.84 MB,4296x6032)

Freid. The stand-in for you. He's a Libra which is a guy that studies monsters. Monsters in this world are all humanoid girls, by the way. His eagerness to capture and study them is (mis)interpreted as perversion by the party members


File:DT2_004.jpg (1.64 MB,4296x6032)

Melvy. Childhood friend with a not-so-subtle crush on Fried. Like most childhood friend characters she's nice, but boring.


File:DT2_007.jpg (2.13 MB,4296x6032)

Alisia is the happy retard. Really funny, but she works hard to become a stronger warrior. Somewhat insecure about her flatness and short height.


File:DT2_008.jpg (1.77 MB,4296x6032)

Irena is the, uhh.. what was it... chief librarian of the magical library that studies monsters and other phenomenon. A very cute cake that's in touch with her inner child, but tries to hide it.


File:DT2_020.jpg (1.64 MB,4296x6032)

Monica, a stalker of Fried (hired by Melvy's dad) that's horribly in debt to feed her, uh, something like 20 siblings. Knowledgeable of dungeons and stuff.


File:DT2_032.jpg (1.6 MB,4296x6032)

Lilian. Super chuuni that speaks of darkness and interprets everything as a curse placed on her.


She shouldn't be insecure, I really like her berserker form.


File:DT2_018.jpg (1.7 MB,4296x6032)

Conette. Lazy maid that loves to eat snacks. Some of the scenes in 2 mentioned her plump body, but it's Japanese version of fat so it's like 3 extra pounds.


File:DT2_015.jpg (2.02 MB,4296x6032)

Souffle. A pushy merchant that's obsessed with Therians, which are, uh, sentient furry anthropomorphica animals that aren't technically monsters but often appear as enemies. Bears, penguins, etc.


File:DT2_010.jpg (1.69 MB,4296x6032)

Bleh I keep typing the wrong things.
Fiora is a nun and has a personality you'd expect from a nun. Not much to add, she plays the role of a grounded character most of the time.


File:DT2_035.jpg (1.86 MB,4296x6032)

Lizette is a bashful orphan girl. She's also insecure about her small height and flatness, but she has time left to grow. The innocent child character, really.


File:DT2_024.jpg (1.76 MB,4296x6032)

Dang, I forgot there were so many characters...
Eltricia (I think that's what she was called in-game in English?) is an arrogant brat princess, but she warmed up over the course of 2. She's a pouter.


File:DT2_022.jpg (1.72 MB,4296x6032)

Grishna is a strong warrior that's secretly very feminine and dainty. She's another nice cake. She went to school with Irena >>114882


File:DT2_012.jpg (1.71 MB,4296x6032)

Oops. I should have done Ist after the princess.
Ist is the robot maid servant of Eltricia >>114892
She's very direct about things, serving as a teacher and guide to the princess. She's protective of her ear guards and regards removing them as the equivalent of human nudity.


File:DT2_026.jpg (1.75 MB,4296x6032)

Yae is from the neighboring country of not-Japan. She's a drunk samurai type looking for a strong husband and serves as the last "old" character in this list.


File:DT2_016.jpg (1.73 MB,4296x6032)

Tsurara is a kuudere ninja that worked with Yae


File:DT2_028.jpg (1.71 MB,4296x6032)

Mefmera is a half-monster girl (cute ears) that was bullied by humans. She's kind and soft-spoken.


File:DT2_030.jpg (1.77 MB,4296x6032)

Finally, Yuni is the bard friend of Mefmera that sings in taverns and such. A bit reserved, except when it comes to sticking up for Mefmera.


File:DT2_OCG_014.jpg (554.49 KB,1133x1600)

Man, that took longer than I thought it would. I forgot there were so many characters.
This is what Therians look like (except for top right)


File:DT2_OCG_001.jpg (764.03 KB,1133x1600)

The art is VERY beautiful in these games if it's not yet obvious. Those character scans are kind of low quality, but I'll have purely digital PNGs now. (I plan to extract the files when I'm done)


I thought these games had character creation, is that not the case? Or do you choose a few characters from the existing cast?


File:DT2_OCG_007.jpg (654.1 KB,1133x1600)

Each character has a set class, but the specialization and choice of skill investment of it is up to you. A warrior can end up as a Paladin, Berserker, or Samurai. Scouts can be Assassins, Treasure Hunters or Archers and so on. Alisia as a warrior can never have access to Mage stuff.
There's 4 main classes and 16 characters (more with this sequel) and I never really wanted to stack classes due to how the game is balanced.


Dang that's a long list of characters, do you need to know them all before you start playing or is it not a choose your party at the start sort of game.


I see. Do you try to use all characters more or less equally, or do you pick a few who stay in your party for most of the game and ignore the rest?


File:2020-10-14-052119-935204.jpg (168.53 KB,960x544)

I still have some screenshots from my 2020 replay of DT2! But my vita's power inlet thing died shortly after this...

Well, in the "first" one (Dungeon Travelers 2, not Dungeon Travelers 1) they're introduced as the story progresses. You start out with only Alisia and Melvy in your party as Fried (you) is a non-combatant. The party size is 5.

Unfortunately XP doesn't go to characters outside of combat so you tend to focus on a set, but since characters would be introduced throughout the story and they'd generally be around the same level as your party you could keep adding new girls. Each character has a unique passive ability and also different character combinations can grant bonus effects, so it helps to mess around.
After a certain point (post-game at the latest) it's easy enough to powerlevel and the post-game dungeons would lead you to wanting various classes around anyway. I should mention that Dungeon Travelers 2 is pretty legendary for having a post-game that was equal if not greater in size than the story.
Okay, now I'm actually going to boot up the game and see if I can record the intro video that does a minor recap.


File:DT22OP.mp4 (29.5 MB,1280x720)



the primary male character doesn't look too bad. Compared to the shonen anyways


File:2023-10-10 01-07-07-1.mp4 (15.79 MB,1280x720)

I'm not actually going to be uploading every story thing, but this little scene at the beginning showing the talk before the last battle of the previous game seems like a good way to re-introduce the characters. I have the main (male) character's voice disabled in settings. Might change it later, but I think a voiceless protag helps immersion a lot. He's not usually seen; I think this is to demonstrate his current appearance.
(and dang, I was doing a good job with avoiding the voice cutoff by hitting a button, but I messed up on Mefmera)


File:DT22_en_AdIKryS8my.jpg (541.36 KB,3440x1440)

Spoiler: They lost. (Well, in this second telling of the story at least).
In desperation Fried seals the demon god within himself and somehow he's a little punk kid now.


File:DT22_en_6Y0c3gsYMC.jpg (541.81 KB,3440x1440)

I recognize this artstyle from Monochrome Mobius. I like it a lot.
The black-haired girl, Siena, puts a collar on Fried and now he can't disobey or he risks electric shock.
And now my new party are these two girls. Now I'm actually going to play the game.


File:MonochromeMobius_Rights_an….png (505.79 KB,554x554)

Yeah, definitely the same artist. Okay, now this time for sure I'm going to stop talking and return to the game.


File:DT22_en_DsADskjBRG.jpg (584.36 KB,2564x1439)

Luco is cute


File:DT22_en_j1yhQva48N.png (3.71 MB,1474x1178)

The DLC is activated, but I'm definitely too weak to go to these mysterious areas at the left and top.
What could they be, I wonder... Did Aquaplus release any other games?


Why does he want to capture and study them then


File:hmm.mp4 (Spoiler Image,12.34 MB,1280x720)

(Attached video is a scene replay that skips the boss battle. At 1:18 it switches to post-boss)
He's a nerd that studies stuff. He gets so engrossed in finding new information that he loses his composure. Well, that was his old self at least. Not sure how it will be now, but something similar I'm sure.
Speaking of studying, I beat the first boss. It wasn't much of a fight since you only have two party members. The first time I died and the second time I won. It was just a matter of her picking the character with higher health to attack.
Anyway, this is how boss scenes work. After you beat a boss you see her in a compromising position and the scenes are a mixture of sexiness and humor. They're occasionally heartwarming, too.

She looks familiar...

This is great. She's now at base, but injured and can't join yet. I hope I get her soon, because in the first game she's the last one to join, which is a shame because she's easily one of my favorites and her unique passive ability lets her sometimes cast spells instantly (in this game magic takes time to cast).
Such glorious art. She's so cute.

I'm not showing any battles yet because it's largely auto-attack with two party members at level 3. Not very exciting.


File:DEAD.mp4 (7.28 MB,1280x720)

Man, I love this game. This is exactly like the first one.
I decided to record map exploration and show a battle, but I got screwed over and someone died, which triggered a scene. I guess I should put the Mage in back row, huh. I completely forgot about that.
These games have all sorts of scenes that trigger from stuff like this, from simple events you're pretty much guaranteed to see from really esoteric stuff requiring specific items and party combinations in different locations and so on.
This really brings you into the world. Ah, so wonderful.


File:DT22_en_0JXbC6IxEC.jpg (522.31 KB,2563x1440)



File:paws.mp4 (15.24 MB,1280x720)

Alright, here's an example scene of him being a curious guy that comes across as perversion. A lot of scenes are like this.
This also shows a boss battle, but it's not much of one because it's so early in the game.
I'm not going to upload most scenes, of course. This is just showing the general theme of the game.


File:DT22_en_jr0Mr0Ounk.jpg (600.39 KB,2560x1440)

They changed how Grand Sealbooks work. In Dungeon Travelers 2-2 it had a special effect on the party, but now it also.. ADDS HER TO YOUR PARTY AS AN UNCONTROLLABLE EXTRA CHARACTER!
Aaaaahh! This is amazing! How can a game be so great?! HOW?!


File:shop.mp4 (3.71 MB,1280x720)

The robot shopkeeper is VERY cute. I love her voice.
Are you guys in love with this world yet? You should be. Aquaplus operates on a whole other level.


I can see them.....


File:DT22_en_AzFnybtM1w.png (Spoiler Image,3.67 MB,2559x1440)

I have fought and turned >>114922 (Tsurara) back to normal! Unlike Irena she joined my party right away. I hope Irena doesn't join at the end again. Please don't do that to me, game...


I assume you already know this, OP, but 16bit Sensation which has an adaptation currently airing is written by Leaf/Aquaplus people, you should check it out if you haven't.


File:puzzletarding.jpg (916.97 KB,2048x1536)


Did you forcibly take her in the other way as well?


File:[SubsPlease] 16bit Sensati….jpg (348.88 KB,1920x1080)

Yeah, I know and I've mentioned it a few times around kissu. Thanks. The original is sort of a fantasy auto-biographical thing, but the anime adaptation created a new protagonist that's a time traveler from today so it's kind of weird.
Well, I waited on years for a translation for the manga and I stopped looking. Now that it exists as an anime I won't even bother since I'm not much of a manga person.


File:mage.mp4 (6.48 MB,1280x720)

My party members hit level 15 which means two things.
1. I can do 'level reset' to refund their spent skill points without going down any level (there are certain thresholds)
2. I can choose the first branching specialization tree thingie

Later on, you can gain increased stats by doing a big level reset thing to do something called "crowning". It's something like hit level 90, reset to level 1, receive +5 stats, and do it 10 more times and you get +50 everything including elemental resists. There's a formula to it that I don't remember.
It's pretty powerful, but wasn't necessary in the first one and probably isn't in this one.


>It's something like hit level 90, reset to level 1, receive +5 stats, and do it 10 more times and you get +50 everything including elemental resists
holy crap, is it at least relatively easy to level to 90? that sounds like it'd take forever


Etrian Odyssey has that too, personally I never bothered and as you say, I think most games that have similar mechanics don't require the player to grind to that degree.

What I did do sometimes in EO was resting, which is like level reset in DT except it sets you back a few levels. It's neat that this game lets you do that without an XP cost.


File:aaaaaa.mp4 (5.51 MB,1280x720)

It's not as bad as it seems, and like I said it's not a requirement. It can help make weaker classes better, though, and if you really want to see high stats then it's important I guess.
In the first one (Dungeon Travelers 2) you could go from level 1 to 50 in like 5 minutes once you're near end-game. XP is divided among the party, so you get strong gear and then go alone for 5x the XP.
The "DLC" also included an equippable double XP item, and this time there's two of them (and one of them also includes a full HP/MP heal at the end of every battle and I'm tempted to exploit it for powerleveling) that really cuts down on the grinding. I kind of hate these cheat items because it's so tempting to rely on them. But, the game already has the Maid class which specializes in restoring HP and TP after battle for free so it's not too bad. (TP is the equivalent of MP)

>It's neat that this game lets you do that without an XP cost.
Well, it does to a degree. There are set levels that you can reset back to and 15 is one of them. I.E if I was level 29 I'd have to go back to level 1 or 15, but at level 30 I could reset at level 30. It's like uhh... 1, 15, 30, 50, 90 I think? Class specialization is at 15 and 30 so they're very useful.

I've been playing in bed with my tablet, but it's kind of impossible to take screenshots or record with access to only one screen. I can go back and replay scenes at least. Gameplay is starting to slow down a bit as dungeons are taking a couple hours instead of 20 minutes. Eventually they'll grow to 6-10 hours or more.
(also dang it, somehow cropping the video didn't work correctly and there's a gap on the left. oh well)


File:cb0adf06caa92146e063917a65….png (11.5 KB,1280x960)

Is Zundamon a Dark Mutant, or is she a regular Mutant?


File:Image003.png (3.27 MB,1920x1280)

hmmmmmmmm probably a regular mutant. If she's a dark mutant then there's a source human and a source monster and I don't know if we want to go down that route


File:2023-10-15 21-15-03-1.mp4 (25.09 MB,1280x720)

My setup makes it a bit awkward to record. I have a drawing tablet and tablet stand that isn't very good over my bed and I'm holding a controller while lying down, so I don't have access to keyboard shortcuts to record stuff. To make things worse, Windows acts weird when I turn the tablet off but it's plugged, which it usually is when I'm not using it. I have to go into display settings and change primary monitor to switch the screen to the tablet, which moves all my desktop icons and windows around which makes it quite annoying.

I'm in the, uh, 5th dungeon I think. It's a water-themed one and you can see that a few things have been introduced.
1. The one-way walls (the arrows on map like > or ^ placed over a line) which mean you can't go back the way you came
2. Water current (conveyer belt) tiles that force movement in one direction and have switches to reverse them. This is an early dungeon so it's nothing complicated yet.

Also, in the battle you can see how spellcasting works. You need to 'chant' the spell, it's not instant. If you're hit by an enemy in that time there's a chance the spell gets interrupted and cancelled. This also happens for sustained stuff like dances or bard songs. It depends on how much damage is dealt, with critical hits having a bonus chance. This also works against enemies, including bosses, so it becomes an important part of your strategy to avoid getting nuked (and also to avoid turtling too much)


File:2023-10-15 21-16-45-1.mp4 (23.71 MB,1280x720)

Oh, and the slowdown in that mp4 at 1:15 is unrelated to the game, it's AI stuff in the background. The game runs perfectly fine.

I turned video quality down so this longer clip would fit.
Random lesson skit. This was able to trigger because I had both Yae and Luco in my party. If either of them was back at base it would never happen. It might have also had other requirements in the trigger.
There's a tutorial elsewhere that teaches you Joint Attack info, so you don't actually miss out on any information.
I also ran into one of the random shopkeepers that's in each dungeon, but this early in the game I can't really buy much from him.
I think these two clips together should provide a good example of what gameplay is like. (And man, just like when I was a kid and my mom was watching I'm prone to making errors when I'm recording)


File:joint attacks.mp4 (2.79 MB,1280x720)

Example of Joint Skills. Most of them are kind of 'meh', but they're a nice bonus. Some of them are pretty huge, though, like 'Searching Eye' which lets you see enemy stats which is very useful against bosses. They're not all damage, some do buffing or debuffing.


File:DT22_en_gKkbX3VI2X.jpg (536.94 KB,3440x1440)



File:hmmmm.mp4 (8.74 MB,1280x720)

(but before you ask, no, she's not in this unfortunately)


File:DT22_en_hhhMUmtipx.jpg (Spoiler Image,420.87 KB,2561x1440)



last thing i saw before i went to heaven


File:DT22_en_ZKePloi7kO.jpg (599.28 KB,3440x1440)

Another cool and crazy thing about these games is the sheer amount of items. Most enemies have at least one specific drop, including usable items like these. They range from useless (as in no effect at all when used) to extremely powerful and you don't know what they'll do until you try to use them. Although, it seems in this one the shopkeeper will occasionally say what some of them do.
And top of that each enemy can be 'materialized' by a specific class and turned into food, which is a separate item altogether. It's really quite ridiculous.


wait a nekone easter egg???


File:firefox_c8FS3vYn5m.png (597.55 KB,835x362)

Huh, I just realized there's some weird FPS thing going on with this one. Well, you can still see the text, it just... jumps around and skips frames?

There are 4 DLC dungeons. Utawarerumono and White Album 2 are ones I recognize, but Tears to Tiara 2 is a PS3 game (only had one briefly) so I never had a chance to play it and Kizuato is a 1996 VN that of course never received a translation.
I hinted at the existence of them here: >>114915 and you can see the BL shop from Uta 2 and 3 in my post there >>115187

The White Album 2 one was the first I cleared since it was low level, it was very nice and relaxing and a little bit emotional- like the source material I assume. You get a short scene with the character and the standard 'defeat' scene afterwards and some themed equipment.
The dungeons are kind of interesting in that they have different levels inside them- I was able to get to and defeat Nekone, but I can't progress further right now.
(and man, I didn't know White Album 2 received a fan translation, I really need some sort of news site to tell me of these things...)


File:DT22_en_fVZOTN6EHl.png (3.29 MB,3440x1440)

Also related items in treasure chests. Not sure if this has any use other than selling, but it's nice to see


the well-known experiment demonstrating conservation of momentum using nekone's suspended SHAB applebottom as the pendulum


wasn't expecting v and berz to make a cameo


This is certainly one of the best butts I have seen, and I've seen a lot of butts.


this seriously recontextualizes the whole relationship between Kiwru and Nekone. before this revelation it was the case that Nekone was a mere chibikko brat, puffed up kid just because she had a big brain at academics, bullied by Haku on one occasion for having her front indistinguishable from her back. And so Kiwru's obsession with her was meant to be innocent puppy love that demonstrates what a dear pure heart he has for the people of his country. But in actual fact he wanted to drive into that wet ass at 200 kilometres per hour


he wanted to flip that shab


how far did you get into detective nosuri


File:[nosuri] f54ea65cd4d11b3f0….png (1.17 MB,2048x2048)

Not very far. Towards the end of the first case the work involved with doing OCR stuff became too frustrating. I had to leave the game, move the scanning box around, change the font detection settings, and then tinker with it. It was also prone to bugging out.
I saw that there was a text hook thing for another Switch emulator, but it wasn't compatible with that game (yet?). I'll check on it again sometime, but for the time being it's on pause.


File:DT22_en_q7Xd55McQv.jpg (684.63 KB,2562x1440)

Unlocked the clothes shop! It lets you change your appearance to that of other subclasses, but also there's some DLC outfits. It's purely cosmetic, but very much appreciated since some of my favorite outfits in the previous game were on classes I didn't play.


for me it's butt naked Nosuri with a tophat and rifle


Always forget that these are To-Heart characters and not Utawarerumono ones


File:Screenshot 2023-10-21 1354….png (472.75 KB,317x809)

Holy fan service...


making a nearly skin-colored suit is cheating
the one on the middle, on the other hand... those are at least butt fangs


File:DT22_en_7cMZASDta4.jpg (652.62 KB,2563x1440)

It does seem to happen sometimes, huh? I remember being shocked when I first saw Nosuri's outfit >>115297 and then I realized it was cloth that was barely there.


File:DT22_en_Z9VuHPo1FK.jpg (623.96 KB,2563x1440)

Oh yeah, I meant to show a nice staff I got from Nekone, named... Nekone.
I've seen a few weapons and armor so far with effects that the first game didn't have, so that's really nice. The 'Doll' skill buff thing is for the Spieler class so I can't make use of it on Irena, but she's my main nuker so it's best kept on her. (and the doll classes are kind of 'meh' on regular battles unfortunately which is where you'll spend most your time)


File:DT22_en_L3zbuw3Bis.jpg (685.3 KB,2560x1440)

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. The eyes especially when Amaduyu Tatsuki draws them.


Holy fanservice these outfits


File:DT22_en_FCThL62hJn.png (586.41 KB,1349x1186)

Time for an update! I've been playing on the tablet thing and don't have access to screenshots and video capture buttons so I have to do this all at once.
Anyway, here's the second of a recent small dungeon I just cleared. You can see the introduction of the dreaded teleporter maze. I HATE TELEPORTER MAZES. This isn't even a post-game dungeon and they threw this at me with one-way doors and anti-magic zones and other crazy stuff. If this game didn't have an auto-mapper this would probably be where I'd pull out a cheat map or something.
Speaking of, GameFAQs does have an updated guide for this game! I'm not going to look through the walkthrough, but it has the hidden stats for skills and such which is quite important because some of them are extremely vague.


File:DT22_en_3lm7SkuIif.jpg (636.02 KB,2559x1440)

Eros is a very nice demon to have on bosses- I really love how you get an uncontrollable demon to have in your party that can help supplement missing traits on your team or to make it stronger. Their skills aren't reliable, but it's a great bonus and it's another layer of team building.
They're attached to 'Grand Sealbooks' which in the previous game were simply an equip item on Fried that would give a specific effect on the whole team, such as "deal more __ damage" or "shopkeepers appear more often on the map". As expected, the stronger the demon is in combat the weaker the equip effect is, so things are balanced out.


File:2023-11-01 01-42-27-1.mp4 (15.96 MB,1280x720)

I went back to the Imperial Capital and...


File:DT22_en_P97dAxwZ05.jpg (Spoiler Image,572.21 KB,2563x1440)

Not actually story spoiler, but here is the CG attached to that scene


File:DT22_en_IKI1lOkxja.jpg (707.64 KB,2560x1440)

And... ANOTHER cool thing was introduced! Man, this game is AMAZING!
There's a mercenary system! Not only is there a demon in my team, but I can hire another uncontrollable character in my party! I now have 5 characters + demon + mercenary! Like the demon these mercenaries are 'guest' characters that don't have a physical presence to be attacked/debuffed, but they can use abilities. According go the tutorial introduction, these will level up as I use them! WOW!


File:DT22_en_8zf3HTuNfu.jpg (789.09 KB,2561x1440)

and... and... wait a minute! YES! (but still I'm a little bummed it's not Kuon)


File:DT22_en_tufmew9YNf.png (3.17 MB,2560x1440)

Oh, did I mention there was a basic quest system? Nothing groundbreaking, but you get rewards and in the previous game you would unlock items that unlocked new optional dungeons by increasing your rank. Unlike the previous game some of these quest rewards give experience points and the game even suggested putting unused characters in your party when you claim the reward to help level them.


hungry shab


File:Cha0014c_2DM.png (4.27 MB,1775x3065)

Ex has 2 and 2-2's CGs and it's so nice to see them in such high resolution. I can't wait to train some Stable Diffusion LORAs on these. I already did one a year ago for Amaduyu Tatsuki specifically, but with this high resolution stuff I think I'll make a 'Dungeon Travelers' one, too. With hundreds of images it should be pretty good. This will also make the Kuon one better!


File:ENV1059.png (2.49 MB,1920x1088)

full resolution nekone butt in pure png form


thanks for the big butt on topic sager


File:therians.mp4 (12.94 MB,1280x720)

I was going to bump it when I had something more interesting to post, like this.
Just like in the 'first' game, there's a Therian duo that teach you about game mechanics but also serve as comedic relief. I love these guys. This time they're dead every time you see them. The first game had about 25 skits with them and I assume this one will have a similar amount. The wind magic they're referencing at the beginning is a nod to a boss in the first game that would wipe out your party with wind magic if you didn't interrupt her spell, which was meant to teach you the importance of spell interruption.
The penguin is the girl since it might not be obvious. She's a mage whereas the bear is a libra like 'me'.


File:V080400.png (Spoiler Image,3.51 MB,1920x1088)

Hmmm... there's something /qa/ should know about Luca...


File:V080402.png (Spoiler Image,3.42 MB,1920x1088)

DUN DUH! (Kind of a spoiler, but probably not actually that story-relevant)
Some stuff makes sense now.


File:DT22_en_78UatLxq5F.jpg (740.46 KB,2563x1440)

I FINALLY recruited Alisia! She's so cute and happy. I have to put her in my team because her voice is utterly adorable. I need to progress the story a bit and see some skits before I can show her off. Naturally I have to use this outfit for her! So cute!


This is much more fanservice-y huh


File:V000100.png (3.31 MB,1920x1088)

It's extremely ecchi. This is the opening CG when you get the first two party members in the first game. Each defeated boss has its own torn clothes/compromised position CG.
Although it's very perverted at times, it's also very quite heartwarming and SoL at other times. It's kind of what you'd expect from its creators, after all.


nice plump butte


aquaplus-sized butt


File:prizren.mp4 (8.89 MB,1280x720)

One of my favorite tracks (and its accompanying 'dungeon') is back! Although, due to the storyline it looks a bit different now. This is video, but I'm not moving or doing anything in it- just soaking in the music.


Also I think I'll just post a song that I really like from the first game (and it will probably return for this one) I really like the otherworldly feel of it, since you are technically fighting things from other worlds. They're gods actually. The first time you'll likely hear this one is at the end of the 'flesh' dungeon and you don't have any chance to win when you first come across her. It's really cool!


paizuri woods


File:ENE0646_L.png (Spoiler Image,3.3 MB,1944x1121)

Here is the boss graphic that goes with the music here >>115975
. Not exactly a spoiler, but it's cool to see bosses for the first time yourself I think so I'm going to spoil it just in case anyone wants to play these games and see the boss themselves.


File:01 I'm a beast.mp3 (7.23 MB)

One of the requisite Suara songs. Probably not one of her best, but hey it's Suara


File:scanner.mp4 (25.26 MB,1280x720)

Example of a boss battle. Somehow the sound didn't capture, but I don't want to fight her again. Actually, now that I've converted the video I see that it was over 30mb without audio so I had to lower the quality. Sound would have made it even larger so I guess this is for the best.

I'm reaching the end of my tank-free zerg strategies being viable, although I tried to see if Cover would have any effect on her skills (it didn't). The cool thing is that Luco is actually my tank, but she's wielding a two-handed polearm and can do great damage with it, so it's not like many other DRPGs where your tank is sitting there being useless in regular battles. (although it does mean you need to carry a shield and 1h weapon in your inventory that takes up space when you want to switch to defense). I also don't have a "real" healer right now and am reliant on Bard healing over time, which is actually pretty damn strong this time unlike the previous game. (but it can be interrupted, as you'll see in the mp4). The purchasable healing items are also starting to show their weakness as HP and damage keeps climbing while the items stay static.
Her reactive Slow effect on melee attack reminds me of a horrible boss in the previous game that had an extreme effect like that to where the boss would act like 3 times in a row if you were foolish enough to bring melee fighters to it. It seems like it was extremely weak on this boss, but it's a preview of things to come.
I went in blind on this boss, but I can see things I did wrong. It seems like her Charge ability lets her take two actions in the next turn, so I should have defended and/or used tank abilities against it, and if it was an optional/post-game boss I definitely would have been wiped out a few times for my mistakes.


File:DT22_en_AdGW7HIvyV.jpg (659.05 KB,2560x1440)

Oh, and if you were wondering (like I was) why the magic damage from Irena was so high, apparently that battle was within a Magic Zone which increases Magic damage done by each side. There's a variety of them, including Attack, Armor, Anti-Magic (Silence effect), element, etc. I'm sure it will help the grinding process somewhere


File:owned.mp4 (13.46 MB,1280x720)

I'm on floor, uhh.. 11 of a DLC dungeon based on https://vndb.org/v184 which is a 1996 Leaf/Aquaplus horror VN. Like the other DLC the regular enemies aren't actually unique, but the bosses and some items are. I think after defeating this boss I will be 2/3rds done based on the elevators, which has taken me about 8 hours. It's had some some restrictive floors like 'you can only move 20 tiles' or 'you can only open 7 doors' which were quite interesting. You don't die or anything, you just get teleported back, so you need to make use of levers and one-way doors to open new paths and such.
As for the boss...
It seems I can't just rush her down with my almost purely offense setup. Unfortunately I forgot the audio wasn't capturing, but I've got it fixed now. I'm glad I have a reason to start tanking, because part of what makes Dungeon Travelers 2 so cool is a very useful tank class.


File:owned back.mp4 (27.27 MB,1280x720)

And now the boss after I'm prepared for her. I won't show the whole 15 minute fight, but once you know how to counter them it can go quite smoothly. Well, at least until post-game bosses but that's a talk for another day.
I brought critical hits to interrupt the enemy spells and songs to stop the boss from maintaining its super magic defense buff, a tank with high slash resist and just in general I know what to expect and having beaten the first game and all its optional content. I also now realize watching it that I was in the Earth Zone so I should have used Earth spells even though the boss had 100 Earth resist to take half damage from it. One of her attacks still almost killed 3 of the party members at once, but it's not in this video because of file size and I doubt anyone wants to watch 15 minutes of this.
I also enchanted equipment for this fight, but I'll explain that another time. This game is so cool!


File:ENV1068.png (Spoiler Image,2.81 MB,1920x1088)

The fun thing about DT bosses is it's rewarding to beat one for obvious reasons, but it's also rewarding to see see after-scene. Such high quality art, too.


Wait a minute... I just realized... is this an H-game?


File:V201500.png (4.19 MB,1920x1088)

No nudity in general, but it does have some bare butts. Sometimes very ecchi at times, but a lot of the risque content is done playfully. No sex scenes, but touching a girl and she moans or does the EEEHHH stuff? Yeah. Generally a feeling of a misunderstanding since the protag wants to exploree and capture them as monsters instead of actually engaging with them erotically.


File:Cha0013_5TH.png (1.36 MB,1170x1346)

Looking at Tsurara I guess it's kind of obvious that it shares an artist with 16-bit Sensation, huh? Very Konoha-like, or the other way around I guess.
(I could only get expression chart in this form so it looks kind of creepy)


>exploree and capture them as monsters
So does that mean the ghost lady boss is now in your party? Sounds like fun if that's the case, the roster must be huge


File:U7C9sdar17.png (3.55 MB,2560x1440)

Yes and no! I can hire her as a "mercenary" and she will be an NPC in my party, but any story role of hers is pretty much done and I can't control her. To empathize her mercenary nature she will simply leave my party while I'm in the middle of the dungeon and enough battles have passed, so I don't often have a mercenary with me with bosses. Well, I do go back and get one on tough bosses.
Chizuru here does extremely high damage for a merc, but like most of them she also has a few "wasted" skills that aren't very useful even if I could control it. They do at least only cast healing or curing spells when a party member is hurt or under a status ailment, though, which is nice.

I have my main party of 5 girls that I give commands to and can equip and change classes and so on and then I have a Sealbook Summon and Mercenary who perform actions (or choose not to) in battle. The 5 girls are the ones with equipment and who take attacks from bosses and so on, the "real" party.


Protagonists should engage with the world erotically more in general I feel


File:mimic.mp4 (4.85 MB,1280x720)

Well, these were games on the Vita so you can't have outright porn. Some of these CG images are quite risque, however.
Anyway... I BEAT THE GAME! I would say that it took about... 140 hours or so? I can't use my in-game time because I kept the game open due to my setup being awkward and it being a hassle to reboot the game since I need to change Windows monitor setup every time.


File:hells hole.mp4 (5.96 MB,1280x720)

But from what I understand it's just like the previous game in that beating the game is really the halfway point, although most of the story is done with now. The post-game stuff is where the difficulty really begins both in battle and in dungeon exploration. The last dungeon took me about 8 hours to clear I think? This will be the general time for each post-game dungeon as well.
I'm about 8 hours into this first post-game dungeon and I just got this scene. This map might look simple, but it is NOT! It doesn't show all the unlocked doors and switches I already hit. This is one of the dungeons where you go up and down floors with pitfalls and ladders which makes it quite frustrating to navigate. I.E You go from floor 1 to 3 and then back to 1 to unlock a new path from floor 1 to 3 and then the new path has you retreat floor 2 to unlock a different door etc etc. This is while you're navigating dark areas or one-way doors and other stuff.

It seems like it will operate similarly to the previous game with new dungeons unlocked near the end of the current one. While I'm doing this I'm also doing quests that unlock key items that unlock other parts of previous dungeons and/or bosses so right now I actually have 3 "active" dungeons including the one I think I'm about to roadblock on.


File:DT22_en_ie57lxmwMy.jpg (494.52 KB,2560x1440)

This miniboss kind of reminded me of Kuon.


File:DT22_en_Rye4RZhDbJ.png (402.26 KB,1398x1249)

You know something is about to go down when you've been in a dungeon a long time and you find yourself in an unnaturally symmetrical room


File:weeeee.mp4 (19.95 MB,1280x720)

I have a good feeling about this!


File:5bfa195cabf25ca8d3b29e578….jpeg (456.99 KB,1114x1735)

Speaking of, since this is an Aquaplus universe game is there any Kuon in it at all? Or was it just Anju/Nekone


File:518527b21e2eef815ad3ea312a….jpg (104.01 KB,495x700)

superbosses sure are something in this game, huh
how close are you to endgame power? is this just something completely off from other stuff


File:waterfox_EMlroupH8E.png (6.77 KB,718x131)

Man, I wish. I would have mentioned it with extreme excitement if she was in it, but no. It's just Anju and Nekone, and I actually do have them in my party as mercenaries sometimes. Nekone has some decent defensive buffs and Anju's offense is pretty great.

Man, I'm glad I looked through the FAQ a little bit (but not the walkthrough part of course). Just like the previous game, you need to level some characters to unlock some superbosses, although it's not nearly as convoluted this time. The previous one was almost guaranteed that you would miss out on some bosses because it was "take characters A, B and C to Dungeon A to receive an item, then take the item and characters B, D, and E to Dungeon F after they reach a certain level" or something like that. Secret bosses are cool, but THAT secret? No way. The first time I played through DT2 I actually missed two sets of post-game bosses, for 8 bosses total. That's just... unfortunate.

I'm in uhh, early endgame or something? It seems to work like DT2 in that you end up exploring most of the postgame dungeons before you fight the final boss in each of them. I'm not meant to fight that one there yet, although my power won't grow tremendously. I've held off on explaining the equipment enchanting system because I haven't done much of it yet, but I will soon. It doesn't seem like game will have as many post-game dungeons, but I could be wrong. These are longer than I remember the previous game's dungeons, so it evens out maybe?


File:DT22_en_zbUMq0LrgR.png (1.4 MB,2451x888)

Still no Kuon reference...


File:spoiler.mp4 (19.13 MB,1280x720)

Consider this video to be very spoilery story-wise

There definitely aren't as many post-game dungeons this time. I have a feeling I just entered the last one, but it will likely be the longest one. This will be a bit shorter than 2's postgame, which is unfortunate. But, I do like how the story is continuing, although there's not as much before the post-game which is standard video game stuff. DT's overall story isn't that special, just standard good versus evil stuff. However, the characters really shine during the other events where they're just doing SoL-like stuff.

Anyway, this video shows us at the end of the third (of presumably four) post-game dungeons. Just like the previous game (or the clip here >>116902 ), the other post-game dungeons open up when the reach the end of existing one.
Big story spoiler to make more sense of the video: Humans were created by God to fight the Demon God and 'monsters' from another dimension and God only sees them as tools to use. The humans were losing the battle against them and Godly soldiers were created to help the humans. One of them was Luco, but they were also used as pawns and abandoned and not allowed to return to God's domain. God is a bit of a jerk. It being Dungeon Travelers, though, I bet God will be sexy and/or cute. I hope God has nice boobers.


File:casino.mp4 (26.67 MB,1280x720)

Something cool about the post-game superbosses! They seem to have a regular and an easy mode that you can unlock through other means. This one here in the casino actually has TWO toggles. I saved a fairy girl in the basement earlier and paid off her debt. If I don't have her in my party as a mercenary she's another character in the boss fight (and yes she has loot as an enemy).
I'm guessing you're supposed to go through them on easy mode, get some of their (nerfed) loot, and then do hard mode. The big superbosses in the previous game could be fought again so I assume it's the same case for this one.

Also something I thought was really funny is one of the abilities of Sahohime which you'll see in this video near the beginning. In these games some of the superbosses have an ability called 'My Kingdom Is Without Enemies" (which is such a cool name) that makes them invulnerable. This kotatsu monster girl has a weaker version which references it which I find really hilarious for some reason.


Also someone give me some characters (from the first posts in this thread) that you want to see skits for. This game has like 200 of them so I can't just post them all


File:enchanting.mp4 (32.35 MB,1280x720)

Now for the main money sink in the game: enchanting!
The video shows me randomly running around in a lower level dungeon until the random Blacksmith encounter happens. (also I love its music and it's a 'memory' of the final dungeon in the previous game)

For every 9 kills of a non-boss monster you can create a Sealbook which goes into the 6th equipment slot of a character. There's no class restrictions on them so it can be a great way to customize your party against specific bosses and the like, especially later on when they become more powerful and can give you direct immunity to status effects, although another way to reach status immunity is to reach 100 resist on the element associated with the status. I did say "non-boss" monster, but some wandering minibosses are included so you could kill each of those 9 times to get what I assume will be some pretty strong Sealbooks. I plan to do that once I have all 5 characters with a full set of enchanted equipment.
With enchanting you can carry over some (not all) Sealbook effects to armor pieces and the result is that you create equipment that resembles the random prefix/affix stuff from Diablo-esque games. Unfortunately, much like demon fusing in SMT games you need to keep refreshing until you get the randomly-assigned bonuses that you want.

If the Sealbook is higher level than the target equipment piece the piece will gain 5 quality levels so it's a good thing to do to increase the raw attack/defense of a piece. This is a lot more noticeable with weapons earlier in the game, but not so great now deep into post-game when Unique weapons can't be beat when it comes to pure damage. I have some Unique armor that is pretty good too and once I start killing post-game bosses soon I assume I'll switch more out. But, for now I'm creating a generic set of speed, HP and elemental resist armor for each character.


I want to see more of Siena from >>114912


Said dungeon theme (it's so good). Unfortunately, I think overall the music in 2-2 isn't as good as 2, but it definitely has some great tracks.


File:buffing.mp4 (5.13 MB,1280x720)

I'm going to try and encounter a random miniboss and see how I do. Since it's random it will be luck if I encounter her with my buffs up. (Some buffs can be cast on the exploration screen, but they run out quickly while moving, there must be some conversion like 5 steps = one battle turn). Pre-battle buffing is good on bosses that are guaranteed to be behind a door, but not so much against these wandering ones.

Somehow I knew it would be one of the flat ones. I'll look up how to unlock some of hers since she wasn't in my party much (Irena the big-boobed insecure cake is just too good and unfortunately it's just not good to have many Magic Users in the party at once)


File:witched.mp4 (16.85 MB,1280x720)

Heh. Well, the benefit of the random minibosses is that you can fight them in specific areas of the map. I'm in a Magic Resist and Attack zone so I'm going after the random witch miniboss. Maybe miniboss isn't the right term, but they're stronger than regular enemies and not bosses. Well, having a team built for speed and attack and... well, it went pretty well. As long as I can kill her fast I think I'm good.
There's a samurai miniboss in this area that always gets a preemptive attack and she kills 3-5 of my team in the first turn most of the time, though. The attack bonus works for both teams so... yeah.


File:witched2.mp4 (3.38 MB,1280x720)

This is my reminder to attempt to Dispel when I see a (mini)boss buff herself


File:witched3.mp4 (17.71 MB,1280x720)

I turned skill effects on for the hell of it to show what they look like again. I do it for boss battles, but not routine mob clearing.
Nice! her magic is survivable with a Valkyrie Spell Guard and buff clearing. I think that first battle where I destroyed her was a fluke.
(also I really, really hate that Mind's Eye skill. It randomly cancels a received melee attack and counterattacks)


>I think that first battle where I destroyed her was a fluke.
Hmmm, it seems to me that the main differences were that you had to revive Luco twice and play more defensively, and that Liz's Danger Shoot only hit twice rather than four times. Is she your main damage dealer? She's the one that took out most of her HP, and Trump Card looks like one helluva glass cannon skill.


File:DT22_en_z9qKQ48eFL.png (3.37 MB,2561x1440)

Yeah, I kind of threw together a team for these bosses as I still haven't decided on an endgame party. Unlike the previous game I've yet to have a real Healer class and instead relied on a Bard and Treasure Hunter which is quite interesting.
Liz is the Joker class which doesn't really come into its own until ultra late game and she's probably the best damage dealer I have at the moment. It has a lot of random stuff to it, but it's still beastly. Her main damage skill against single targets does 0 to 4 hits, so it's possible to deal strong damage or zero.
It's quite an interesting and unique class, but frustrating at times for various reasons, such as having 0 defense, high TP (mana) usage, and area attacks that roll a separate 50% chance against each target. As you noticed, Trump Card is really cool because it converts all Defense into Attack, so strong defense also increases your attack so instead of a big two-headed weapon you wield a small one and a shield.
I don't know how well she'll work against real bosses due to the whole 0 defense thing, but Alicia the tank can cover her for single target attacks at least.


Hmmmm, Sou's Chain Link looks like it consistently hits for around the same as two hits of Danger Shoot, at 0:23 >>117316 it's 6681 vs 5591, which is less than average but still consistent, I imagine it'd be even better if you pumped her crit stat(s). Maybe you could try that alongside switching Liz for another consistent damage dealer, for less risk and resource drain overall?
Personally, I'm just not able to put up with RNG like that, reminds me of the occultist from Darkest Dungeon. That was such a pain for everyone involved.


File:a HELL of a time 1.mp4 (48.4 MB,1280x720)

I unlocked a set of bosses, but they're located in random post-game dungeon locations and without a FAQ to tell me where they were I would have spent hours crawling around. Nonetheless, I still have to navigate to get to the actual rooms.
You see me changing floors rapidly here, but it's because this game features a lot of unlocked shortcuts so a floor that takes you an hour to clear can be skipped, allowing you to head back to town to do stuff and generally come back where you left off.
Can't believe it took me 8 minutes. It felt like a minute to me.

PART ONE! (dungeon exploration is brutal on filesize when compared to battle naturally)


File:a HELL of a time 2.mp4 (38.66 MB,1280x720)

PART TWO! ...My mercenary's time ran out right before I made it to the door. Sigh.

Yeah, the RNG stuff is painful. I don't know if I'll be able to use Joker psychologically or not. I didn't in the previous game despite its strength. Souffle is actually hitting unusually hard right now because her weapon is basically endgame best-in-slot (presumably) whereas the other characters are kind of meh. These Attack Zone battles aren't a good example because I'm almost entirely ignoring defense and rushing down the miniboss. Ist my bard wasn't even singing!
Also the TP usage of Chain Link is brutal and unsustainable.


>Also the TP usage of Chain Link is brutal and unsustainable.
Damn. Seems the joker is me this time.
And yeah that's a REALLY complicated trek to get there.


File:a HELL of a wanderer boss.mp4 (42.04 MB,1280x720)

Let's see how I do!


Post-battle assessment:
Alright, well... that didn't work. This boss has a self-buff similar to that witch miniboss and Luco wasn't able to dispel it in time for the first big hit. This boss is also a bard and sings a song that heals her for 2000 every time she gets a turn, so I need to focus on critical hits to interrupt it. Souffle is already pretty good at that, but the other offensive characters aren't too good at it. Also she has that annoying "Cage of Super Gravity" thing where melee attacks greatly debuff the speed of the attacker, so Luco's offense is greatly weakened, not to mention her dispel ability. Liz and Souffle are range attackers so I have that working for me at least.
Sigh, this game really hates offensive Fighters.
Since it was obvious I was losing I tried the Joker's "Hail Mary" type of skill that can do something great or something bad. It... did not help much at all!


File:boss2.mp4 (26.52 MB,1280x720)

I think I need a strategy change. Maybe I just don't do anything on Luco except Defend (which has the fastest speed) until it's time for her to dispel.
Oh, I forgot to mention that skills in this game have different speeds. By speed I mean the time until the character's next turn comes up. Some big attacks are quite slow, whereas Defend has the fastest possible speed until the character's next turn comes up again.


File:DT22_en_EPWXZyedi6.jpg (518.25 KB,2561x1440)

If you're wondering why sometimes I can see the stats of an enemy, there's an equip effect that allows you to see the stats of enemies OR you can use a Searching Eye team skill if the characters are lined up right. The equip effect generally isn't on the ideal equipment so I don't use it much.
Well, I threw on one and took a screenshot. 50k HP, dang.


File:boss3.mp4 (32 MB,1280x720)

Really making use of kissu's file storage with this thread! (and damn is stuff huge when OBS records it, 1440p and all)
I changed Luco's weapon to one that's fast but weak, went to recruit the mercenary again, and used a Grand Sealbook that increased critical hit rate.


File:boss4.mp4 (33.82 MB,1280x720)

First post-game boss of like 15 (counting the superbosses weak and 'real' modes separately) defeated! I'm not going to do a full fight recording for all of them, though.
No ecchi CG for these ones sadly, but unlike the previous game there's some before and and post-fight dialogue for these optional 'wanderer' girls which is nice.


File:DT22_en_Lmb6GfVm2r.jpg (714.27 KB,2561x1440)

Very cool that she's now a mercenary I can hire! Man, what a cool system. Although, her skills don't seem that special.


aaaaaaaaaaa this makes me want to play etrian agaaaaaaiiinnn and i dun waaaaanna


so do you want to play it or do you not??


it brings back the desire to play it, which conflicts with my opposing desire to do other stuff


File:DT22_en_yGrJN3C7lp.jpg (669.04 KB,2560x1440)

Looked up some drops for these random miniboss encounters and finally got the dagger for Liz my Joker who I've built as my main damage dealer. The FAQ just said "best dagger in the game" and ehhhh. The raw attack is good (and I think DEX does accuracy or crit chance maybe?) but these enchants are kind of mediocre. Full TP gain after battle would have been nice earlier in the game, but it's kind of a wasted slot at this point.
The main benefit it has is the A+ speed (it's at the end of the line that starts with its name) which does what you would expect. But, if she acts fast she's going to burn through TP fast so I'm not so sure this is going to be that great.
The Joker class has an "axe proficiency" type skill that increases its stats by 15% or something and you can see the axe Liz has been using at the end of this video: >>117335
I guess I'll mess around and see which weapon I like more.
Not bumping this thread yet because I'm going to fight a boss soon and I'll bump it with that.


File:DT22_en_Rw7myhAmTE.png (2.93 MB,1806x1104)

Well, to clarify: "Speed Up" has a cap of 5 enchants on a character total and I have 4 armor slots with 4 enchant slots each plus a Sealbook option, so seeing two Speed Ups on a weapon is kind of unfortunate since she's a glass cannon and weapon-only enchants like Physical Attack Up and such would have been better. This does mean I've freed up two enchantment slots on armor, but I can't really improve her offense with it. Hm.. I can't remember if Accuracy enchants can be put on armor. Might be good against evasive enemies I guess.
I gain about 160 attack with this axe over the dagger and it also has one Physical Attack Up which is like +5% ATK in attack formulas which doesn't show up on the stat screen, but it's definitely slower.
Ehhh. maybe spending 4 hours farming that dagger was a waste of time. We'll see....

Also as a side note, Liz has some of the best outfits.


File:heh1.mp4 (1.78 MB,1280x720)

I mentioned earlier about level reset to increase stats. I've been doing it on Liz and I think she's 28 "levels" in out of 50, but I doubt I'll go for the full 50. It's +1 each stat including resists so it's quite nice, and since Joker converts Defense into Attack there is an increased offensive gain.
You can select your party size and EXP is divided accordingly, so ideally your party when XP grinding only has 1 or 2 people in it.


File:heh2.mp4 (2.25 MB,1280x720)

Heh. Heh. hehehehehehehehehe

Alright, that was cathartic. This is an "Attack Zone" so physical attack was doubled and all this stuff gets multiplied and so on and...


Must be pretty darn fast to get three actions in before the enemy gets even one


File:DT22_en_VnOX2VYLac.png (3.51 MB,2561x1440)

Oh, I forgot to mention skill speed. There's some formula thing where big skills are generally slow while there's also stuff that's faster. Self buffs are generally really fast so you can buff yourself and not worry about doing some mental math about losing a complete turn over it. Unfortunately this means the fighter classes kind of suck later in the game. I hate it because I really like them, but at least they still have utility with debuffs, tanking and offensive dispel.
Anyway, after I finish queueing up some episodes for seasonal stream I'll attempt the casino boss I think.

Well, I guess since I already posted a bunch of stuff I suppose I should bump. I wasn't expecting to post much.
Liz is buffed up to attack the offtopic sage guy.


I love those gigantic scythes


File:acting.mp4 (4.8 MB,1280x720)

Ehhh... I'm actually kind of too strong for the weak form of the superbosses, but I'm not quite ready for the true forms yet. I killed them, but it's not worth showing videos of because it's quite boring. However, the situation with the casino boss woman (shown here >>117143 ) is that she plays along and pretends to be weak in the battle since I paid 500k gold for it. I thought it was pretty funny for an end-game superboss since they're otherwise murderous monsters/gods.


File:DT22_en_gPZlqSQ2Bi.jpg (656.45 KB,2561x1440)

One of them dropped a Madoka robe. It kind of sucks unfortunately.


File:powerlevelin.mp4 (12.2 MB,1280x720)

Powerleveling after a level reset to (which increased Liz's stats by 5).
This might be the last time I do it, as it's kind of tedious. The reason I'm doing it right now is because I just got a strong weapon to test out.
(can't figure out why recently some of these video conversions are putting the black bar on the side)


File:Cover.jpg (582 KB,1500x1500)

Nice, AB has the soundtrack to this. Definitely worth a listen! May upload it if anyone wants it (and the 2-2 one).
I think the old filesharing thread has fallen off by now.


Ah, I'd appreciate it if you do.


That Lillian outfit is pretty amazing, is that just what she normally looks like or do you have to equip it?


File:19 彼女の一面.mp3 (7.85 MB)

Alright, I'll do that then. I'll make a filesharing thread soon and get these uploaded on mega somewhere. These soundtracks are really quite amazing. 2's soundtrack is better than 2-2, but 2-2 still has some great songs. It was going to be hard to beat 2's which I now realize is one of my favorite soundtracks ever, much less match it. Maybe it's best to think of it as an expansion of it since the game itself is. It does make use of some of 2's music, too, which is to be expected.
There is a unique quality to it. Pure, undistilled VGM and it reminds me of why I fell in love with the stuff so long ago. Across the 2 games there's like 15 regular battle themes and maybe 10 boss ones.
But, there are good "warm" songs too like this one that plays during happy scenes. Now that I think about it more, Utawarerumono is a VN with an elaborate (and quite frankly GREAT) game attached to it and so are the Dungeon Traveler games. And VNs need fantastic music.


File:casino2.mp4 (14.21 MB,1280x720)

I just want to show off the casino post-game dungeon. I really liked it a lot. The music and general theme is good, but I also loved the various floor puzzles that featured a variety of switches and one-way doors and other stuff. This whole dungeon was a blast. Unfortunately, the dungeon after it was an ugly prison-type setup with a lack of music and it should have been before this one.


how do you record?


neat, not something you'd expect from a dungeon crawler


File:Cha0003c_6JO.png (5.11 MB,2249x3097)

OBS and I use Handbrake to give it a reasonable filesize. My monitor is an ultrawide which this game understandably doesn't support, so I have to trim off the sides which had been working fine until a few days ago. I wonder what I messed up.

Yeah, it's her Joker outfit. She has great outfits, too.


File:ENE0636.png (2.09 MB,1712x1313)

Finally got around to testing some item drops and made a little list. It's kind of annoying to do this, but some of the effects are really strong! I might farm some of them depending on how strong the upcoming bosses turn out to be.

Berserk - Red Feather, Deep-Fried Mystery, Graduation Yearbook
Defender - Dried Mandra
Re-usable TP Heal 100 - Forbidden Fruit
+Phys Attk/Def to PARTY - Evoker of Spring
+Phys Accuracy - Refreshing Eye Drop, Youthful Love Letter
+Phys Evade - Bubble Lotion
Party Status Heal - Sacred Bud, Paper Crane of Prayers
Resuscitate - Primordial Clay, Crimson Jewel
+Max HP - Oasis Water
Pure Damage - Chemical 4969 (100 damage)
Clone - Silver Key, Living Shadow
Sleep - Lump of Jealousy
Paralyze - Savage Paralyzing Claw
Slow - Supergravity Machine
INT-based Attack Items - Soul Pact (TP Drain), Crystal Skull, Tempest Orb, Methane Hydrate, Water of Wrath, Habiki Figurine (All),
Instakill - Ferryman's Boat
Enemies Flee - Cloaking Device
Group TP Heal - Mandra Trefoil


File:TOHEART2_75Cgt7hgGn.png (909.59 KB,800x600)

Hmm... to revive this thread now to post about ToHeart2 or to revive it later to post about ToHeart2: Dungeon Travelers 1...


File:TOHEART2_9EeJYy9QOS.png (949.09 KB,800x600)

Hnnggghhhh... I think I'll have to start doing some ToHeart2 blogging later. Aquaplus's charm has already captured my soul again. This is truly a magical experience... the best that mankind has to offer...


File:TOHEART2_RP7XMTFqd7.png (958.42 KB,800x600)

I guess I'm going to do what I did at the beginning of this thread. Dungeon Travelers 1 uses characters from ToHeart 2 so I'm being introduced to them now. IT'S TIME FOR TOHEART 2! I have put this off for far too long. (the unofficial translation patch was late 2017 and was a decade in the making according to the guy who did it, Ittaku/conman)

Konomi is the childhood friend and she's very cute! I think these characters are hard to do well because there's the implied familiarity you're supposed to have at the beginning. She is currently the bulk of character interactions, so I suppose I'm getting familiar with her. I've even already seen her with bed hair, and no it's NOT for perverted reasons. This is one of those things that let you know that you're reading something done by the masters. Something she should be sensitive about is instead silly (especially with the pajamas) because they're childhood acquaintances. But still, there is still something intimate about seeing her this way...

One downside with the 'controller-as-mouse' thing is it keeps re-appearing on the screen...


File:TOHEART2_tQF2qBxKWv.png (948.21 KB,800x600)

Konomi's mom Haruka! Quite sexy if you ask me. I remember her being a character in the DRPG so this is worth knowing. She's said to be fierce and violent if you talk about her being old. I guess that's not a particularly unique trait, but it's done well enough.


File:TOHEART2_obgWZF9LmP.png (608.77 KB,800x600)

Yuuji, the requisite male friend that is simultaneously the voice of reason and comic relief. He's rich from a rich family, so that offers some story potential.


File:TOHEART2_wVNDh046m6.png (431.55 KB,800x600)

Komaki, the reluctant new student council president! (I think that was the role?)
She has a very soothing voice when she talks slowly. The voice reminds me of Atuy from Utawarerumono, but it's not her. I'm sure there's some Japanese term for this, but I'm not really good at that kind of thing. She does her best with her new responsbilities, hoping not be crushed by them due to her shy nature. Dangerously moe...

These are the only characters introduced so far. I've seen glances of others...


File:dc45d568fa167f53108cb74012….jpg (212.74 KB,791x1151)

>Dangerously moe...
She really is! I couldn't stop giggling from the moe overdose when I saw her again in Dungeon Travelers opening scene.


File:089_AMADUYU_TATSUKI_ART_WO….jpg (2.76 MB,4846x6958)

I think she's a clear favorite of Amaduyu when you look through his artbook. Hmm... she's definitely very appealing, but I'm only a couple hours in so it's too early to really give a fair assessment.


Mind me asking whether you're playing the PC or PS3 version? Not sure if there's any major difference but the PS3 one's far larger in size.


File:TOHEART2_vFkpxbezO1.png (775.84 KB,800x600)

The PC "X-Rated" version. It's the only one with a fan translation. The PS3 seems like a superior experience without NSFW, with animation and even a new character, but there's no translation. So, I don't really have a choice. I'm also someone that thinks sex scenes are important for character realization if they were written with that in mind so I think I'd go with this one anyway.
I'm not aware of any WTC-style PS3 patches, but I guess I didn't really go searching outside of vndb, ab and nyaa.


Oh, here it is specifically:

The following contents have been added or changed in PlayStation 3 version.
-Added new Heroine
-ToHeart2 AnotherDays recorded as the first consumerization
-Introduction of motion portrait
-Refinement of scenario
-Added Event CG

AnotherDays is a side story thing so I assume it just means it's included as a bundle.


this skirt is very cute


File:TOHEART2_0BwgjjDSnE.png (942.56 KB,800x600)

First impression of Yuma was of course that she's a total... unpleasant person. Her competitive nature paired with her over-the-top annoyance at the protag and general incompetence makes for some entertaining scenes. I could see the romance for her being very fun. I feel like calling her a tsundere isn't right, as she's just tsun right now. The hints are there that she will turn into one, however.


File:TOHEART2_CjleJouuHI.png (1017.69 KB,800x600)

I don't remember the names of these two, they barely had a presence in this scene (and I decided to choose a different event in that timeframe so I consider them still unknown currently). The aqua-ish hair one seems kind of fun.
This reminds me that I need to stop looking at each event for each choice and instead commit to a decision and ignore the other branches.

Speaking of, I hope this isn't one of those VNs that locks you out of "true romance" routes because you didn't choose to spend time with the same girl every time right from the very beginning. I still want to actually see them all. It seems like there's always a choice to go home as well, so I wonder if there's a hidden girl behind an "avoid everyone" route.


File:TOHEART2_i7g4xb0bma.png (775.82 KB,800x600)

Sasara (I didn't remember her name and had to look it up) seems very nice, but I've barely seen her. I am very susceptible to her type; the isolated girl that people misjudge. She seems cold, but she's actually kind. I want to help her! Is she cold to others to protect herself from being hurt? Hmmm....


File:TOHEART2_Fl0NSQ6fin.png (753.09 KB,800x600)

Needless to say, Ma-ryan is hilarious. Although I don't feel anything for her (yet?), I really want to see her route because it's sure to be fun. Well, there could be some Grisaia-level stuff behind her personality, but so far she's just a fun idiot. She seems to be the oldest student I've seen so far, but behaves as a mischievous brat.


File:TOHEART2_1U47XrmiI8.png (977.39 KB,800x600)

Lastly, I'm quite curious about this "robot maid" who is most likely not actually a robot maid.
If she's not, the description was at least realized with Ist: >>114894
Just like with Ist, the ear covers are very heavily emphasized. I think it's fair to say someone on staff really likes maid robot ear covers.
Man, it's going to be very hard to choose a girl. I hope the decision comes naturally. Often in these games I have to choose between who I would think would have the most entertaining route and who I best mesh with and appreciate.


File:TOHEART2_vQhuN66moz.png (861.62 KB,800x600)

Genjimaru... is a dog


holy on topic sager


File:TOHEART2_qUqDTalTlJ.png (793.23 KB,800x600)

Well, I was going to bump it later after I had more to say.


File:TOHEART2_6yMPOWpmEM.png (510.29 KB,800x600)

These old stories really are a time capsule. It feels like it was such a short era where we burned stuff with personal disc burning drives, but here it is preserved forever in the creations of that time. Now instead of just complaining that people older than us are tech illiterate we can complain about those younger than us, too!
In another part of the story someone left the phone off the hook so they wouldn't be bothered. Man, this stuff really makes you feel old...




so dungeon travellers 1 uses characters from toheart 2... does toheart 1 have different characters, do they appear in any dungeon travellers game? are dungeon travellers 2 characters original or same characters?
i dont think i said it but i did think this robomaid was cute. questions above were because was wondering whether >>126535 was same character


File:db2e57c0fadfb709c393299c2b….jpg (190.72 KB,600x450)

Forcing my dad to listen to my burned Kraftwerk CDs in the car!


i got my mum to listen to touhou rearranges back in the day


File:TOHEART2_BUlvjTjf9w.png (Spoiler Image,701.9 KB,800x600)

>Speaking of, I hope this isn't one of those VNs that locks you out of "true romance" routes because you didn't choose to spend time with the same girl every time right from the very beginning.

It seems like Sasara disappears if you spend time with anyone else from the first time you see her, so it looks like I'm doing her route first and ignoring everyone else apart from guaranteed story, which is kind of... eh. She did draw me in and I'm enjoying her story a lot, but making a choice so quickly before even half of the girls have been introduced and nearly all of them are still strangers is quite strange. I spent one introductory event with her (which was great) and I have to decide right away if she's the route I want. As I said her type/situation is definitely something that appeals to me, but this is practically a "love at first sight" situation with how quickly you need to abandon everything. Argh, these multi-route VNs feel so unethical sometimes because I "cheat" on them so I can see their individual stories. I would have loved to have learned about Sasara and helped her without necessarily going on her route.

But, I will say that I really like her route so far. It has the heartfelt stuff that I crave. I don't require much to start tearing up in these and sure enough it's there.
I did see another character introduction, a certain redhead, but it feels wrong to introduce anyone in the thread now since I'm supposed to have already chosen Sasara, so it will have to wait.


File:TOHEART2_W66bsqTFvR.png (636.06 KB,800x600)

Toheart 1 has different characters and you don't need to have any knowledge of it for ToHeart 2, but I think it's in the same universe. I'm sure there are references, but nothing concrete.
It seems vndb has an entry for the announced Toheart 2025 Project! https://vndb.org/v51053
I'm pretty sure the robot shopkeeper in DT2-2 is a completely new character, but maybe she's a reference to something.
I remember this broom mentioned here being a great Maid weapon in the Dungeon Travelers games. (why do I remember this useless stuff...)


File:TOHEART2_Kmy5dttsEV.png (696.9 KB,800x600)

Setting up the LAN for the school! Ahh... the nostalgia stings a bit. Obviously this was going to feature stuff from the 00s since it's from that time, but I didn't think it would affect me so much.
The good news of a route that diverts so soon is that it seems to last a while!


File:TOHEART2_xbF3SKXSW5.png (792.37 KB,800x600)

I guess she's showing up more than I thought she would in Kusugawa's (Sasara's) route so it's time to mention her.
Tamaki is a fiery, strong-willed older sister type that is very mischievous and occasionally overbearing with behavior teetering on bullying at times, but it's the fun kind (a bit harsh against her brother though).
She reminds me of Kuon for various reasons and even shares a pose or two with her from the relatively little I've seen of her so far. Not entirely Kuon-like of course, but it's difficult for me not to see it since I think of myself as highly responsive to Kuon signals. She even has her own Nekone in Konomi. >>126483
I have to admit that I'm finding it difficult to not immediately restart and pursue Tamaki.


>She reminds me of Kuon
Sigh... You don't get to claim that when you couldn't see how Nobeta reminded me of Yume...


File:crop resize 026_AMADUYU_TA….png (1.82 MB,1018x1785)

But I was joking and did say that the hair and eyes were similar afterwards. I only know of Nobeta as patreon bait and not as a character, but she was a witch action game or something, right? Quite a bit different from Yume's show.
It's deeper for Tamaki and Kuon since they share some personality traits in addition to sharing the exact same format of origin and creators.


In the nobeta/yume case I only meant it in the first place as an appearance-based resemblance and not something deeper.
>sharing the exact same format of origin and creators.
I don't think this counts for anything unless you're prepared to say that all N characters in ToHeart remind you of all M characters in Utawarerumono and vice versa.


File:TOHEART2_63wnGDZbC3.png (628.62 KB,800x600)

Left out the rest of her quote here >>>/jp/76784 hehehe
She's really fun, but I'm not sure if Ma-ryan has a route since I'm basically on Sarara's now. I guess it could diverge, but it will feel kind of bad to do it now.


File:TOHEART2_kybomMkmvQ.png (653.65 KB,800x600)

Okay, this route is nuts. It seemed like the most serious and down-to-earth one there could be. It was very emotional and indeed I'm getting closer to her, but a short event recap:

1. She falls from a tree and I have to grab her chest to keep her from falling down
2. [Nice serious and emotional events happen here]
3. We install LAN cables in the school computer lab and the cables wrap around her like tentacles with a nice CG
4. Some more emotional stuff
5. Ma-ryan, sensing Kusugawa/Sasara's increased desire to seem appealing to me, dresses her in a maid outfit to sell food in the cafeteria despite her shy nature
6. Yuugi, Tamaki and Konomi join the student council with us to help Kusugawa out. We head to a storage room to officially disband the "UMA Club" that is investigating aliens and the sole member sends Sasara into a trance where she first thinks she's 4 years old. Then she re-enters a trance and now she's a deep-voiced warrior from Mu. She is only disarmed by me grabbing her breasts.


File:whaaaaaaaa.mp4 (5.74 MB,800x600)

...and then THIS happens. This isn't exactly a spoiler, but if you want to go in fully blind don't watch it. I think it highlights the classic Aquaplus charm, though.


File:TOHEART2_0D7YWfDGUI.png (858.42 KB,800x600)

Oh, yeah, that girl is Sasamori. Her introductory event was quite fun, but I'm not sure if I like her that much based on first impressions. But, you can't judge a VN character that way so I'll have to learn more. The paranoid/supernatural obsession characters can be fun, I guess, but it can also get tedious.


File:TOHEART2_C6NyVYcO31.png (Spoiler Image,683.3 KB,800x600)

Ruuko... is an alien??? How mysterious...
This seems like a surprise character so I'm going to use spoiler tags. Her speech is interesting and I do like unusual girls, but this whole VN is full of them so
She likes to say "Ruuu" and she also likes to put her arms in the air. Thinking back on the era this was made and the sense of humor involved, this seems like a very obvious Ronald reference.


How short are these routes if you seem to be blowing through them?


File:TOHEART2_fkXLR1azQd.png (888.81 KB,800x600)

Oh, I'm not. I'm still on Sasara's route. Well, I say "route" but it's more that I'm ignoring every other event because if I ever choose to spend time with anyone else Sasara disappears from the selection screen. I said earlier that my preference would be to actually get to know the girls before choosing, but if I see a choice disappear then I'm going to take it. Of the time spent about 85% of it is Sasara-choice-exclusive events while the other 15% is stuff that happens that isn't tied to any specific character, like waking up and talking to Konomi before heading to school.
The post you're replying to has a pic from one of those 'general' scenes that probably happen no matter what, although Tamaki is now a regular in Sasara events as well.


dumb routard


File:TOHEART2_Pwn22zJFiR.png (Spoiler Image,620.26 KB,800x600)

The route has entered the most serious phase and wow, it's really good! Quite the emotional rollercoaster of beautiful highs and sorrowful lows, but nothing too severe. Great support from friends nudging the relationship along in their own way and her parents, well, that's a spoiler. I feel like I know Sasara very well now. Her quirks, positive and negative, make her a very interesting person. Just one character here in Toheart 2 stands above so many others in characterization. It's no exaggeration that Sasara, just one girl, is more interesting than entire rosters of most media. I know this will be true for almost every character, too.
The characters are so very human with clearly empathetic stories. As much as you get get angry at a person, you know the reason for their behavior.
One of the things that stands out in stories like this is when "you"/the protag is the relatable 'terrible with girls/socializing' type and situations become worse because of that. Days are ruined and people are hurt, the failure being apparent. When it's just smooth sailing with the universe bending to his benefit there is no room for growth. That so much pain is endured gives extra meaning to the eventual triumph. Ah, Aquaplus, you are truly the masters. While I regret putting off reading this, I'm also happy I get to experience it for the first time right now.

Sometimes I wish VNs weren't so niche and you could actually talk to people about them more often...


File:TOHEART2_WbGTgRQqPV.png (693.72 KB,800x600)

Ah, the wonderful experience of love...
Completed Sasara's route. Very beautiful and emotional. I dare say the conclusion was of epic proportions with some Higurashi vibes, although grounded in reality. I can't do it justice without writing 20 paragraphs, but I don't think I'll do that.
Her sex scene was indeed worthwhile and the timing of it was perfect, the rest of the story clearly building up to it at that certain time and place. People that read the SFW console version missed out on something important. One of the things in the scene that surprised me, yet was story appropriate, was that she had involuntary urination. Not the "female ejaculation" thing, but an actual yellow stream in the CG. This was something alluded to since she has some developmental issues to to poor parenting, so while it would make fetishists happy it also had an emotional connotation to it.
I didn't want the route to end. I think the amount of routes will be lower than I previously thought, as I'm sure Ma-ryan only exists in Sasara's route and was purely a supporting character. There is a 'Toheart 2 AnotherDays' sequel/side story thing but it's not translated. I may look into AI trasnlation stuff again soon, but I've been procrastinating doing for the Utawarerumono bonus chapter since I always want to say that there's something I can still read related to Utawarerumono, but now that a new Utawarerumono project was announced... okay I should stop with the stream-of-consciousness posting.
If you missed the thread I made on /jp/ there's a new ToHeart project in development as well! YEAH!


on topic sager


File:TOHEART2_6srp9I6biR.png (584.05 KB,800x600)

Tamaki is great. It's early in her route so it's just fully silly and fun, but I saw glimpses of her kindness in Sasara's route.
I bet I''m going to enjoy this route a lot!

Well, I don't just want to bump the thread every time so it's like a semi-sticky of me doing a VN commentary thing. But I'll bump it this time for you!


File:TOHEART2_OzFVNWls8c.png (Spoiler Image,486.62 KB,800x600)

Tamaki's route was way too short.
Initially I thought it might be the "time flies when you're having fun" effect since I'm prone to ignoring the outside world when I get into these, but no, it was definitely not something that I should have been able to get through in such little time.
I don't understand... she's a major character and she features prominently in official art. This was waaaaay too short. Some of her scenes were even shared as you can see on the "map" here with Konomi: >>126910. Then on other days I actually had to choose the 'go home' option because there simply wasn't any event with her. Huh?

But, I guess enough complaining about the length. It was a really nice and heartwarming story as expected. Unlike Sasara's route the confession was not until the very end, with no regular scenes as boyfriend and girlfriend apart from the short epilogue scene hinting at the future. This is something I strongly dislike, but I guess it's not too unusual. The climax of the story that contained the confession and love scene was quite long and emotional! If you count the pre-sex parts the scene had 7 CGs not counting variations, so that was quite impressive. But... I wanted more time with her....


File:v003020.jpg (77.27 KB,800x600)

I remember looking forward to seeing Yuuji's reaction to me dating his sister but that sadly never happened.


File:TOHEART2_5aymJ7mmqB.png (Spoiler Image,690.25 KB,800x600)

Yeah, that would have been fun. Spending time together as a couple was completely missing; a nice continuation of the story and celebration of love would have been wonderful. Instead I'm simply taken to the title screen and encouraged to start the process over again with a different girl. It's wrong! It's cruel!
I don't know if writers think that there needs to be the "conflict" and pursuit in order for the story to be engaging, but it's definitely not true. Well, it's been 20 years so hopefully they know better by now.


File:TOHEART2_zVoFfMayse.png (615.49 KB,800x600)

Finished Karin's route. These routes feel short.
Maybe Sasara's route was the one that was longer than the others, or maybe it just felt that way because it was far more dynamic and dramatic.
Karin is a paranormal/UFO/etc-obsessed girl with a teasing/playful personality, but the route didn't really highlight the paranormal stuff much. Why is it that it was on Sasara's route that there was paranormal club event (with Yuuji and the others) where we searched for an alien(?) at the school (and I found her) but the similar event for Karin was just me bumping into a random girl for 20 seconds? The hypnosis event even worked on Sasara while in Karin's route I had to play along. Strange...
It panned into regular romantic-type stuff quite fast with the paranormal club in the background, which was enjoyable, but I was expecting a bit more zaniness since she started out zany and was also very zany in Sasara's route. It was cute and enjoyable, but I just didn't feel any connection to her. The thing with these stories is if I don't feel any connection to the girl then everything becomes less remarkable.
Maybe it was a mistake to do Tamaki's route so early, and also Sasara's since it was very emotional by comparison.

Current objective* route rankings:

1. Sasara
2. Tamaki
3. Karin

Tamaki is my clear favorite so far, but I have to admit that Sasara's route was far more fleshed out with conflict and resolution and a whole host of emotions and character stories. But, the climax of Tamaki's story was truly wonderful and she's the one I feel most connection to. I'm also extremely bothered with the knowledge in Tamaki's route that she came back for me after we pledged our love as kids (although "I" didn't realize it) and the whole reason I'm bad with girls is because I subconsciously love Tamaki. Every other route is me rejecting this beautiful story of a love which lasted for years even across a distance. I... this REALLY bothers me and I think it tainted Karin's route for me. Tamaki is suffering...
I think I'll save Komaki's route for last since she is the other character that features prominently, and Konomi will be second to last. But... Tamaki...

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