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File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (142.02 KB,1280x720)





I didn't want to believe, but here we are. Umineko and Higurashi are officially the exact same universe. A Ciconia tie in is inevitable at this point.


File:1486343871525.jpg (18.92 KB,323x251)

She is finally here




I finally started reading Umineko because of this episode. I should have started earlier, but I half expected the Featherine in the OP to be a fake out. I need to start trusting my gut more, instead of overthinking things.


I hate VNs so I started reading the manga adaption around christmas, but I kind off lost interest around chapter 3


No need to force yourself, I guess. Any particular reason why you don't like VNs? It's a shame Umineko didn't get a proper adaptation so it could be enjoyed in whatever medium people prefered.


Well "hate" was probably too strong a word, but they are just too "slow" for me, if that makes sense. As an example, Chapter 1 of Higurashi was like 8 hours in the VN, but about 30 minutes in the manga or 3 episodes in the anime (though the later cuts a lot of stuff out).
It's just hard for me to stay invested in something for that long.


Fair enough. I like spending a lot of time on one thing, but that isn't for everyone.


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (123 KB,1280x720)

I'm going to need to remove /cry/ from my /all/ setup, it's the second time someone rushed to post a spoiler. I swear, it's really not that difficult to wait a day


File:[SubsPlease] Higurashi no ….jpg (160.46 KB,1280x720)

Wasn't the purpose of the board to be able to post spoilers without care...

Also holy hell she's tall


File:featherine stitch.jpg (209.37 KB,2075x2386)

>Also holy hell she's tall


key framers forgot that she's a highschool student in this


Is it really a spoiler if it was revealed in the OP in episode 2?

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