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What are some interesting news articles you've read lately /qa/?

I was surprised after reading this that of all companies Apple implemented a privacy measure that lost them money.
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i wouldn't know because there are no slugs at the end of archive links


anyways... it's a bit of a running theme that border states have poor standards of living. Ukraine and North Korea come to mind as well.


File:_119773586_imgpsh_mobile_s….jpg (87.54 KB,976x549)

That giant ship that blocked that canal finally reached its destination after being held for a few months due to payment disputes. Better late than never I guess?


This is a nice article



Can't wait for China to finally solve the Chinese problem for video games. It was looking grim with all the steadily growing gacha from China, but I think China has what it takes to stop China.


> Circa 2010, as Tesla was developing its first mass-market car, the Model S sedan, engineers on the project would occasionally hitch rides from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley on Musk's private jet. On one such trip, an engineer recalled asking Musk his opinion on the sedan's suspension - should it be sporty, like a BMW, or cushy, like a Lexus?
> "I'm going to sell a f--- load of cars, so whatever suspension you need so I can sell a f--- load of cars - that's the suspension I want," Musk replied, the engineer said



Nice numbers, and even nicer post.


Well, throw all that good will for Apple into the toilet. No way I'm getting within 10 feet of one of their devices now.



>good will for Apple
good will for Apple


forgot it's one word


>The best-case scenario that I can imagine is that the government is pushing them to do this, and they leaked details early precisely to mobilize widespread opposition.
it's an interesting thought


their implementation in the documentation details make sense, but it's horribly presented

don't care for apple though. they make bad products and decisions


¥ Runner, Tsimanouskaya, complains about coaches
¥ Government calls in to have her returned back
¥ Grandma calls in and tells her it's not safe. Media narrative is that runner is crazy and needs psychiatric testing
¥ In airport Tsimanouskaya walks up to Japanese police officers and probably says something along the lines of "tasukete" and is taken into protection by the security.
¥ Poland grants family Assylum, grandma couldn't make it though
Stories such as these make me trust democratic governments and police for a day or two.


Some people charge 250$-2500$ to write and maintain wikipedia articles about small businesses.



File:1774.webp (58.59 KB,620x465)

This is cool! An old fast food restaurant in Pompei was restored and it's open to the public. (to look at, not eat at)
I find it interesting that there's a painting of butchered chickens, presumably advertising the ingredients. Strangely, however, they are not in smiling cartoon form inviting us to eat them.


I really like the styles of wall paintings apparently used in homes (more likely villas) in Rome. The different styles are really cool - they even had a minimalist phase! It's always a little strange to contemplate how such brilliant artistry would largely disappear throughout the dark ages and give way to "unique" Christian art.



File:snapshot-69.jpg (70.21 KB,932x524)


>Matt Lapoint said his store had $7,000 worth of rare figurines.
>"It's not like they stole things that i can run out and order from a distributor," he said. "They took everything that was collectible and hard to find."
>He said his store just celebrated its one-year anniversary after opening during the COVID-19 pandemic.
>"So we are still day to day with our finances," he said. "I don’t know what I’m going to do."

What a cruel world.


I haven't liked LTT for quite some time, but they got access to the Steam Deck and did a really good and thorough job reviewing it. It honestly looks pretty great even in this early prototype stage. I just wish they would've looked a bit more at the UI and desktop experience, but from the brief shots of it it looks pretty good too.



Thought they had done this a while ago? Also now which are they going to make the primary, funi or CR? Funi was their property to begin with, but CR is arguably much more well known.


from another article
>Sony and Funimation have completed their acquisition of Crunchyroll. Beginning lats year, Sony Pictures Entertainment had expressed their interest in acquiring the Crunchyroll following reports of AT&T expressing their interest in selling it, and it was then that a deal was formed. But following a a series of investigations into the acquisition, Sony and Funimation have now completed their planned acquition of the Crunchyroll anime brand.



I wonder how an isekai with an established character will be. Probably would actually make things interesting


Another big data breach, this time at T-Mobile:
Maybe at this point people should just assume that all of their personal information is out there



Being popular sure has it's own problems

I read that they reversed this recently


That'd be one hell of a quick reversal. Maybe they instantly realized that they'd have no audience left.


The problem was always about banks rejecting payments. As shown they worked out their issues with banks somehow.

Pornography is being heavily criticized for being a mimic of the conventional porn industry with human trafficking and CP. Financial institutions don't want to lose face for being caught up with them.


>Pornography is being heavily criticized for being a mimic of the conventional porn industry with human trafficking and CP
I don't know what this sentence means.


The title is sensationalist but the article uses citations from proper research

I don't know why it is, but banks really despise criminal activity from people of a low socioeconomic group.



Would Kissu break the rules and lower their social credit score to game?


Imagine being Activision-Blizzard right about now.



The voice actress who dubbed Mercy was murdered mid August as well. Let a friend who had become homeless stay at her house. Stack that on top of the California State sexual harassment lawsuits.

With China cracking down on anything vaguely to do with US culture and their investment into the Chinese mobile market I wonder if the company is going to start tanking soon. Not only are they getting battered culturally, legally, now monetarily.


For green energy, we must scrape the seafloor for minerals. There really is no clean, happy way to power civilization, huh.


Oh there's a 20m version of the video (separate from the article)


We just need to kill more poor people, less people, less energy needed.


When can we harness the energy of volcanoes that want to kill us all...


The biggest issue I have with this is the double layered greenwashing. Saying that by doing this we'll get more clean energy AND save the environment



Apparently Toxoplasmosis is associated with risk of developing psychosis, but the link between how and why that's exactly the case isn't well understood. Put another way, exposure to cat feces could potentially cause a person to develop psychosis. If true, it seems exceedingly rare for this to be an exact cause, but apparently the chief researcher on this topic maintains that the exact reasoning behind someone developing psychosis due to exposure to Toxoplasma is potentially related to genetic predisposition for some sort neurological inflammation while also during the period of brain development. Interesting stuff.


I wear a face mask when cleaning a litterbox. I acknowledge that it exists, but health issues that are mysterious, directly effecting our lifestyles and potentially life altering are sensationalized either in direction of fear or recklesness. If there were a strong link, you'd think it would be reported by now, but as that article says there's a lot of zero correlation in experiments.


>there's a lot of zero correlation in experiments.
Well... Not exactly. It seems researchers do agree that Toxoplasma has some role in inducing psychosis, but from the sample sizes evaluated they found no cases in which Toxoplasma did in fact induce psychosis. I think it's a little like trying to find a condition that affects 1 in 10,000 people. With only 5,000 people, it's pretty likely that you simply won't identify a single case. After all, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


File:225156076072580b61acc7a976….jpg (1.14 MB,1080x1920)


File:Serval.jpg (481.37 KB,1600x1109)

Not exactly newsworthy, but just imagine seeing one of those around town. I'd want to be friends with it..



File:a72051d0-ef2e-11ec-a95e-4….webp (66.39 KB,675x422)



I thought pee was poison to crops and something that spread disease, but I guess that's just poop.
Though, this study was done in Africa so I don't think they have the same processed/chemical diet that we do



File:10141500d1dfcdcb1aa4e26eba….jpg (367.47 KB,790x835)

>a device that allows military robots to have a human-like “sense of touch” capability

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