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File:b743635e5273bab49cdaaccf2e….jpg (390.94 KB,550x733)

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What are some interesting news articles you've read lately /qa/?

I was surprised after reading this that of all companies Apple implemented a privacy measure that lost them money.


>Apple, for its part, sells ads only in a handful of its own apps and doesn’t take a cut of ad revenue in third-party iOS apps.
Lack of reading comprehension of OP’s part. The PR this change makes will lead to more hardware sales that easily offset that minuscule loss.

Also, news belongs to the seasonal board, not here.


File:[Serenae] Tropical-Rouge! ….jpg (372.88 KB,1920x1080)

Hmm, yeah I think I agree with the other guy. It's a strong PR move for Apple and as it's a giant corporation they surely hired people to do the calculations and see if it was going to be lucrative. These companies are never our friends.
I guess real world business news might be better on a seasonal board so I'll move it. If you disagree you can talk about it there or on /b/ or something.


File:1625066836524.jpg (121.24 KB,1150x800)

Yeah Apple seems to be on fire lately. I've been debating whether I should get one of those new ARM Macbooks that'll nicely fit in with the rest of my setup, or a new Windows laptop with 10th gen Intel CPU for half the price - I already have an iPhone, an iPad and the AirPods. The most alluring feature for me is how my wireless earphones can seamlessly switch between your devices depending on which one you're using at that moment. I always have to put my earphones into pairing mode before connecting to my Windows laptop - or they will always connect to either my phone or tablet - so that will be one less hassle to deal with if I had a Mac. We'll see. Lots of people are telling me to hold out for the next gen Macs with M1X or M2 chips, but by that logic they will tell me to hold out for the upcoming Macs with M2X or M3 chips next year as well and ad infinitum..


This thread makes me nervous. It's too easy for news to veer off into dumb stuff like politics and social issues.


File:37a108f1f5e2fa5650ed45976d….jpg (1.46 MB,1278x1430)

Then we just post more news than there can be discussion

By the way, where does kissu get their news from?


File:[touhou][group][artist- na….jpg (394.31 KB,800x580)

I just check Fark a couple times a day. It's like the opposite of imageboards because almost everyone is older than me if I read the comments.


Holy crackers, didn't even realize that place was still around.


The real world is depressing and there's never any good news so I just don't pay it any mind. I only pay attention to tech-related news.


stopped caring a while after trump got elected but I used to browse spidr.today and sometimes foreign policy

for tech news I just browse /g/ out of habit and some times HN or slashdot. I have some feeds for my distro news and security news too.



File:__arisaka_mashiro_ao_no_ka….jpg (550.22 KB,845x1200)

I get my news from all the worst places; /pol/, youtube, and NPR.


NPR is good, but yeah the others would be less accurate than a coin flip


File:63cb608aa9c5bb4e077ed55025….jpg (610.58 KB,800x1266)

i don't, only occasionally checked local city government website
if something really important happens, it would've have leaked to the places i usually check, so i will know about it anyways

i found that /g/ is the only place for finding tech news that can affect you personally
nothing valuable on hn in this regard, according to webshit weekly


the problem with NPR is how infuriatingly biased they are
even local stuff is often just a thinly veiled promotion of some local left-wing activist
the news portion is usually fine but most of the programming isn't news and as soon as any reporting or "journalism" segment comes on it's a crapshoot as to whether it's simply reporting on the thing or an attempt to make you see the thing in a certain light


stick to ap and reuters if you want news
all media buy their news from them and make biased interpretations


i want news but i want something to listen to in the car more
which leaves npr and talking heads on youtube/podcasts
i guess ap and reuters should have their own radio/podcasts haven't really looked


File:1498080728702.jpg (86.45 KB,810x780)

NPR is "left" the same way CNN is "left". They may be biased, but they most certainly aren't left-wing. As far as I'm concerned, they're utter centrists (because they are)...



that's fair, calling it left-wing isn't really right
it's more like what your wine aunt that lives the city life and always has her heart on her sleeve
there is a specific audience they are catering to, and i don't think i'm apart of that audience anymore


damn it radical centrism. polluting the minds of the youth


>i found that /g/ is the only place for finding tech news that can affect you personally
Yeah they rarely break the news but usually the valuable stuff on hn makes its way to /g/ too. Although every other thread tries to start a race war at least it doesn't feel like they're part of some sort of guerrilla marketing operation unlike the threads on reddit or hn.
a radical centrist youth sounds like the most boring thing ever, what are they supposed to become once they mellow out?


Guys just watch China Uncensored and America Uncovered.


Found a more interesting article there.
I guess now audacity will be officially classified as a botnet.


Speaking of news and politics, every now and then I remember that the origin of "gerrymander" is literally the most dad joke thing ever. The redistricted area looked like a salamander and I guess the guy running for office was named Gerry, so the press named the district "gerry-mander", and it just sort of stuck. For some reason...


This is the exact direction I expected the thread to go, but not the one I wanted it to. Politics stink...


File:[SubsPlease] Ochikobore Fr….jpg (152.87 KB,1280x720)

Man, I don't get how anything funny is considered a 'dad joke'. They were just called 'jokes' for the previous 10,000 years. What changed, huh?! Anyway...

Related article: https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/07/evolution-of-the-dad/


The term "dad joke" usually refers to things that are almost puns but aren't quite. Gerrymander for example is kind of a pun on salamander, but not really.



Incest between third and fourth cousins resulting in markedly higher reproductive rates.


File:1513485451722.jpg (66.72 KB,736x588)

I wonder... How many people actually know many of their 3rd or 4th cousins?


my parents are 2nd gen.
it's quite interesting. in case of our family, me and my sister got some of the highest ~0.5% results in the IQ test and we all pretty healthy.
in the same time some relatives (like 3 families) who are in the same position as us have at least 1 retarded child. it's always the first child for some reason, in our case I am the first child.


Apparently it's a fad in an Iranian city to purposely destroy your penis's ability to get erections by cracking it. Uhh....


People are dumb


The penis should be treated with kindness and respect.


File:508dd6e92ec169be137a630acf….jpg (158.93 KB,1215x750)

everything about that article makes me uncomfortable and upset.


Even putting the sources aside I don't think it's possible for this to be a thing. Religious societies always glorify the man's ability to mate with a woman and doing something to damage your cock would be something the top level religious figures(being in line with government's desire to create a large population of taxpayers and millitary able men) would excommunicate you for.


No idea about the melmagazine part (I just grabbed the link from Fark), but I mean it's just over a hundred reported incidents so it's not enough to drive a people extinct or anything.


whore you quoting?



Instead of the Olympics killing Japan, Japan is killing the Olympics... A good turn of events.


That kind of defeats the purpose if it's fourth cousins... It makes sense though, they are related enough to be compatible but not too related either.

I don't know that I would agree with that, considering the Byzantine penchant for castrations and also just Monks in the Christian world in general who of course do not breed(and catholic priests for that matter).


Seems that religion is just as much about fertility as it is about removing people from reproducing. Maybe imageboards and religion have more in common than people think


Only there was never a target that this was aimed at, it was not like they were banning undesirables from breeding and encouraging the rich too, the rich were encouraged to become priests too.

I think this primitive idea that all nations and religions care about is fertility is just primitive and for numerous reasons it really does not hold up to scrutiny.


Seems like the future of crypto may be in centralization...



That's not really crypto at all... You could easily claim the same thing for USD, or EUR because of online transactions...


Did they not have electronic transactions before now or something? Seems odd there'd be such a buzz over this if it weren't a new thing.


It's not necessarily that they didn't have electronic transactions, but that they've completely eliminated physical currency in favor of all transactions being digital.


Oh, well I guess that's something. Though isn't that a bit worrying in the case that there's a blackout or something? Or if their systems screw up


I suppose it could be, but it's not really any different than if you wanted to buy something using a credit or debit card during a blackout. The only difference is I'm fairly sure it's mobile phone-based. From what I understand, it pretty much works the same as stuff like PayPal's Venmo, where you share a link for sending/receiving money and then use that to complete transactions.


I guess the difference is even without credit cards cash still exists as a viable way to pay for goods. If China gets rid of its physical currency then everyone is just screwed if that happens or if an error occurs when doing transactions. There just doesn't seem to be much of a point unless they want to use this as a way to track every transaction so that people can't do anything without the government knowing.


That's not really what it is, it's a separate currency entirely, a purely digital one. They still have the regular Yuan.

Many other nations are looking into this too. It provides the central bank with much more control over things and gives them much more insight into how the economy is running and what actions to take.

I don't think it competes with Crypto anyway as Crypto currency is not actually a currency anyway, it's no more a currency than Diamonds are.


File:mag1c - #Zhengzhou - as a ….mp4 (485.07 KB,348x720)

Lots of flooding in China and it caused an explosion at an aluminum factory and uhhh... damn
Mushroom cloud, multiple shockwaves, and then the realization that it's not actually a warm sunset that was filling the sky


Feels like just yesterday they had an industrial plant blow up... or was that the Lebanon one... they all blend together


While scary for their destructive power, those explosions are always pretty cool to look at.


>They still have the regular Yuan
Oh, thought they were getting rid of it, that makes sense then.


That seems... Dumb. Like really dumb. So, now China has 3 currencies? RMB for foreign transactions, Yuan for domestic transactions, and now digital Yuan also for domestic transactions. I don't get it at all...


Really not a fan of Apple's locked down ecosystem and absurd pricing, but the privacy stuff (and by extension, crushing advertising analytics) is definitely making me reconsider my opinion of them. Maybe if they open up the software side more, I'll consider switching to iOS in the future.




Wasn't sure whether to post this at first or not, but this story seems to be developing into a real big deal. I guess it does make sense given that instead of a person, it's an entire state suing over workplace harassment.



It would have been nice to be a bit more descriptive... I certainly wasn't intending on seeing someone's leg cut open and seeing the exposed flesh beneath laters of muscle...


>Belarusian Sprinter Who Feared for Her Safety Is Offered Asylum in Poland

Thought this seemed odd at first, but apparently Belarus is a whole lot worse off than I knew. Makes me glad to live in a first world country: https://archive.ph/8v3Tr


Read somewhere that they used the military to order an EU plane to land when flying over their airspace to arrest a journalist who fled the country. Don't know the details because they're so far away but yes, that's not something a country interested in peace does.


Actually that's probably the second article I linked you're referring to


i wouldn't know because there are no slugs at the end of archive links


anyways... it's a bit of a running theme that border states have poor standards of living. Ukraine and North Korea come to mind as well.


File:_119773586_imgpsh_mobile_s….jpg (87.54 KB,976x549)

That giant ship that blocked that canal finally reached its destination after being held for a few months due to payment disputes. Better late than never I guess?


This is a nice article



Can't wait for China to finally solve the Chinese problem for video games. It was looking grim with all the steadily growing gacha from China, but I think China has what it takes to stop China.


> Circa 2010, as Tesla was developing its first mass-market car, the Model S sedan, engineers on the project would occasionally hitch rides from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley on Musk's private jet. On one such trip, an engineer recalled asking Musk his opinion on the sedan's suspension - should it be sporty, like a BMW, or cushy, like a Lexus?
> "I'm going to sell a f--- load of cars, so whatever suspension you need so I can sell a f--- load of cars - that's the suspension I want," Musk replied, the engineer said



Nice numbers, and even nicer post.


Well, throw all that good will for Apple into the toilet. No way I'm getting within 10 feet of one of their devices now.



>good will for Apple
good will for Apple


forgot it's one word


>The best-case scenario that I can imagine is that the government is pushing them to do this, and they leaked details early precisely to mobilize widespread opposition.
it's an interesting thought


their implementation in the documentation details make sense, but it's horribly presented

don't care for apple though. they make bad products and decisions


¥ Runner, Tsimanouskaya, complains about coaches
¥ Government calls in to have her returned back
¥ Grandma calls in and tells her it's not safe. Media narrative is that runner is crazy and needs psychiatric testing
¥ In airport Tsimanouskaya walks up to Japanese police officers and probably says something along the lines of "tasukete" and is taken into protection by the security.
¥ Poland grants family Assylum, grandma couldn't make it though
Stories such as these make me trust democratic governments and police for a day or two.


Some people charge 250$-2500$ to write and maintain wikipedia articles about small businesses.



File:1774.webp (58.59 KB,620x465)

This is cool! An old fast food restaurant in Pompei was restored and it's open to the public. (to look at, not eat at)
I find it interesting that there's a painting of butchered chickens, presumably advertising the ingredients. Strangely, however, they are not in smiling cartoon form inviting us to eat them.


I really like the styles of wall paintings apparently used in homes (more likely villas) in Rome. The different styles are really cool - they even had a minimalist phase! It's always a little strange to contemplate how such brilliant artistry would largely disappear throughout the dark ages and give way to "unique" Christian art.



File:snapshot-69.jpg (70.21 KB,932x524)


>Matt Lapoint said his store had $7,000 worth of rare figurines.
>"It's not like they stole things that i can run out and order from a distributor," he said. "They took everything that was collectible and hard to find."
>He said his store just celebrated its one-year anniversary after opening during the COVID-19 pandemic.
>"So we are still day to day with our finances," he said. "I don’t know what I’m going to do."

What a cruel world.


I haven't liked LTT for quite some time, but they got access to the Steam Deck and did a really good and thorough job reviewing it. It honestly looks pretty great even in this early prototype stage. I just wish they would've looked a bit more at the UI and desktop experience, but from the brief shots of it it looks pretty good too.



Thought they had done this a while ago? Also now which are they going to make the primary, funi or CR? Funi was their property to begin with, but CR is arguably much more well known.


from another article
>Sony and Funimation have completed their acquisition of Crunchyroll. Beginning lats year, Sony Pictures Entertainment had expressed their interest in acquiring the Crunchyroll following reports of AT&T expressing their interest in selling it, and it was then that a deal was formed. But following a a series of investigations into the acquisition, Sony and Funimation have now completed their planned acquition of the Crunchyroll anime brand.



I wonder how an isekai with an established character will be. Probably would actually make things interesting


Another big data breach, this time at T-Mobile:
Maybe at this point people should just assume that all of their personal information is out there



Being popular sure has it's own problems

I read that they reversed this recently


That'd be one hell of a quick reversal. Maybe they instantly realized that they'd have no audience left.


The problem was always about banks rejecting payments. As shown they worked out their issues with banks somehow.

Pornography is being heavily criticized for being a mimic of the conventional porn industry with human trafficking and CP. Financial institutions don't want to lose face for being caught up with them.


>Pornography is being heavily criticized for being a mimic of the conventional porn industry with human trafficking and CP
I don't know what this sentence means.


The title is sensationalist but the article uses citations from proper research

I don't know why it is, but banks really despise criminal activity from people of a low socioeconomic group.



Would Kissu break the rules and lower their social credit score to game?


Imagine being Activision-Blizzard right about now.



The voice actress who dubbed Mercy was murdered mid August as well. Let a friend who had become homeless stay at her house. Stack that on top of the California State sexual harassment lawsuits.

With China cracking down on anything vaguely to do with US culture and their investment into the Chinese mobile market I wonder if the company is going to start tanking soon. Not only are they getting battered culturally, legally, now monetarily.


For green energy, we must scrape the seafloor for minerals. There really is no clean, happy way to power civilization, huh.


Oh there's a 20m version of the video (separate from the article)


We just need to kill more poor people, less people, less energy needed.


When can we harness the energy of volcanoes that want to kill us all...


The biggest issue I have with this is the double layered greenwashing. Saying that by doing this we'll get more clean energy AND save the environment



Apparently Toxoplasmosis is associated with risk of developing psychosis, but the link between how and why that's exactly the case isn't well understood. Put another way, exposure to cat feces could potentially cause a person to develop psychosis. If true, it seems exceedingly rare for this to be an exact cause, but apparently the chief researcher on this topic maintains that the exact reasoning behind someone developing psychosis due to exposure to Toxoplasma is potentially related to genetic predisposition for some sort neurological inflammation while also during the period of brain development. Interesting stuff.


I wear a face mask when cleaning a litterbox. I acknowledge that it exists, but health issues that are mysterious, directly effecting our lifestyles and potentially life altering are sensationalized either in direction of fear or recklesness. If there were a strong link, you'd think it would be reported by now, but as that article says there's a lot of zero correlation in experiments.


>there's a lot of zero correlation in experiments.
Well... Not exactly. It seems researchers do agree that Toxoplasma has some role in inducing psychosis, but from the sample sizes evaluated they found no cases in which Toxoplasma did in fact induce psychosis. I think it's a little like trying to find a condition that affects 1 in 10,000 people. With only 5,000 people, it's pretty likely that you simply won't identify a single case. After all, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


File:225156076072580b61acc7a976….jpg (1.14 MB,1080x1920)


File:Serval.jpg (481.37 KB,1600x1109)

Not exactly newsworthy, but just imagine seeing one of those around town. I'd want to be friends with it..



File:a72051d0-ef2e-11ec-a95e-4….webp (66.39 KB,675x422)



I thought pee was poison to crops and something that spread disease, but I guess that's just poop.
Though, this study was done in Africa so I don't think they have the same processed/chemical diet that we do



File:10141500d1dfcdcb1aa4e26eba….jpg (367.47 KB,790x835)

>a device that allows military robots to have a human-like “sense of touch” capability


>That update will add the ability to report users who abuse the game's chat system and allow for "reported players [to be] be banned from online play and Realms after moderator review."
>bans will limit players' ability to join private servers

Siiiigh. On top of axing Mojang accounts and requiring a Microsoft account and now this... I don't think I'm going to touch Minecraft again... Thanks for selling out Notch.


Well maybe you should just stop swearing at the 8 year olds playing the game...


File:Nipponia_nippon.jpg (512.67 KB,780x1100)

Japanese bird formerly extinct in wild slowly being brought back- spaghetti futures looking up

That seems really extreme, especially since the way this stuff works is generally automated so false positives or trolling to get people banned will be popping up.
The other takeaway from this is that everyone is being monitored and recorded.


dude, its more likely that the 8 year olds are swearing at everyone else


Today, one of Canada's main telecom providers was completely out of service across the country.
Phones basically fully unusable, not even able to connect 911 and stuff.


You can't pay with debit cards anywhere in Canada right now, only Credit. Apparently Rogers supports interac here and so the entire thing is broken.


It's not about that. It's about the ease in which the system can be abused and the fact that band extend to private servers. Meaning, if you get banned from someone reporting you on a big server, you won't even be able to comnect to a private server you and your friends make for instance. It's incredibly extreme punishment and not at all something Minecraft needs. People have been managing servers fine for over a decade now without Microsoft deciding they need to play a role.


File:g5WZgds9fAN9jHTC.mp4 (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB,1280x716)


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (253.28 KB,1920x1080)

That's news, but murder isn't particularly interesting.
Check THIS out:
The earth's iron core partially solidifying 550m years ago, possibly playing a direct role in evolution? Now THAT is cool.


I wonder if there are any cool beasts that live near the core that humans have yet to discover. I doubt it but one can dream...


Clearly not the core but we just found an entire ecosystem 1000m below the ice in Antarctica, it's possible.


File:20242458_p0.jpg (1.51 MB,1443x1924)

Love Hina mangaka got elected into The House of Councillors. I haven't exactly paid much attention to the guy, but I hope him getting into the Diet has a positive effect on not only manga but otaku media as a whole.


File:EHHHHHH?!.jpg (111.55 KB,1280x720)



Another great trooper for the fight for decensoring.


File:SpiderRobot_1024.gif (844.95 KB,1024x415)

Hey, kid. Do you like robots? Do you like spiders? Do you like dead people? If so, have I got some news for you:

Spider necrobots. Building the future one step at a time.


this is really cool


More spiders should die for science.


At least it shows that, even in death, spiders are better than bats.


Sometimes I'm scared of spiders.


Eight legs, eight eyes, and eight spiders behind you.



This is cool and all, but I wonder just how helpful it will be. It just tells us how proteins fold, it doesn't necessarily tell us what they do, right? I heard a lot of people saying this could be helpful for creating novel drugs, but I wonder about that. Seems like a good way to accidentally give people prion diseases.


It's extremely complicated, even discussing protein folding requires a degree. Really though this will just be another tool for Biochemists to work with on their more focused research.


apparently there was some news about Unity, some things with layoffs and the CEO being an ass to customers or something... no worthwhile articles to find


File:68ffbeae44.png (436.05 KB,2378x1189)

The second thing seems a bit overblown, but the kind of thing which would be posted on Twitter by people who want to start eFights


I'd firmly place that into the "being an ass" category.


Looks like a single statement with multiple levels of interpretation of what was said.


it's multiple things he's said in different contexts


He should not swear. The third statement is probably right though.


I may have missed it, but if not, I'm surprised no one has picked on the recent news regarding SSRIs and depression. In particular, serotonin levels appears to have nothing to do with depression, despite SSRIs being effective in some people.



well, this isn't like "space telescope found new habitable planet!" so what can I do.
it's for the medical industry to decide what medicine is supposed to be used. The study in question doesn't even have any experiments associated with it, rather it's a review of past literature that comes to a conclusion contrary to the literature.
The entire article can be summed up in one graph which is the author's grading of evidence strength.

So, what's the big deal here? That more research is required. I guess we already knew that because it's science.
I guess it's also something to point out that a very open cult religion in the US thinks medication to treat personality disorders is immoral.


I remember reading about something like that a few years ago already when I was researching OCD and depression.
It seems that these kinds of thing are fairly complex with multiple contributing factors but a lot of it relates to really simple things. Like simply diet, excersise or stress. It seems to me that there is an internal factor to this being related to what I mentioned before but that it can be exacerbated by the external such as what is happening in your life and how your mind reacts to it and so both need to be managed.



Apparently the queen may be in poor health and there's been a rush for the royal family to come to her side. There haven't yet been any announcements, but it sounds quite dire.


Oh, the news just broke:
the queen has passed.


File:70d0bd742b43fbf1a9b22fd5f0….jpg (2.22 MB,1748x2480)

The Queen is dead,
Long live the Queen!


File:__bojji_and_kage_ousama_ra….png (207.3 KB,560x885)

>Long live the Queen!
*the King


It's sad. It's the end of an era.


don't fret, every so often a politician shows up, tries to become a new king, and royally fucks everything in the country up


This is so sad. The Commonwealth of Canada must be devastated.

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