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A thread for interesting news, like the invention of new springs to the discovery of new sponges!
News that makes people upset is great for clicks, but not a good fit for this thread.
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What will the moon miners eat then?


The moon cheese, obviously.


Imported food with a backup of agriculture supported by imported soil and domesticly produced fertilizer.



Really not sure what's "lewd" about it, but it's funny



Fortunately it's a whole bunch of nothing.


>from stacking blocks to writing poetry
Yeah and AI poetry is sooooo moving


Google's "verse by verse" is awful... GPT-2 could probably do better with prose poetry.


I've never been impressed by any of this "AI" stuff. It's really just fancy pattern recognition.


File:2022-05-30T093328Z_1973975….jpg (62.56 KB,770x513)

>Mona Lisa gets caked by man disguised as old woman at the Louvre


they recreated what a black whole sounds like, its really eerie


Unless this guy has some sort of trauma with that painting like a certain JoJo character did, this just seems like a very sad cry for help.





This is straight out of the Willy Wonka movie



File:Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 1….png (1011.88 KB,2517x884)

About the New German tank, the Panther, there are quite a few interesting details about the Panther on the Rheinmetall website. Even a brochure.

It has an auto loader as well as many of the features that a new tank would want to have, all of the buzz words about things like being fully digitalised and able to connect to all kinds of networks and it has things like 'optimised shooter to sensor links' and the ability to command the tank from any of the four positions in the tank. Yes it still has 4 seats, one is for an optional specialist.

It's a bit lighter than a Leopard 2 at 59 tons, I found that a bit surprising, it's still a big tank and even if it has an auto loader it;s still got a big turret and it's covered in god knows what. Speaking of some of that god knows what, it has a Natter 7.62 weapons station which has all kinds of advanced targeting abilities, it's odd to have a .50 co ax but then a 7.62 RWS, though Rheinmetall do sell a .50 Natter as well so that could be used if it was wanted. It also has an inbuilt drone launcher which I suspect is a large driver behind keeping the fourth crewman.



Plus of course it has the new 130mm gun that they tried to sell to the Brits before in their challenger upgrade program(they didn't go for it).


I wrote on /win/ that the owner of Breached Forums was arrested for getting FBI information and that the other staff(admin) took over running the site and restricted his access to site infrastructure so the FBI couldn't shut them down.

Well they just shut it down anyways


nvm, the admin deleted the site


probably cold feet after seeing his buddy get arrested


good thing its spring now


Linus didn't follow Tech Tips's youtube channels are all down after he was hacked for some crytpo stuff:
Apparently other tech-related youtube channels have been hacked recently for the same purpose. It reminds me of when some guy hacked some major twitter accounts to do the same thing. Things could have been far worse in this or that situation, but the people just want a quick buck and crypto scams are the preferred way to do it.


File:(╹ᴗ╹ ).jpg (29.56 KB,405x358)

That's why I don't trust linux


Lmao another guru got pwnt


He's already back, and there's a video on the whole issue


Linus Tech Twinks



America did this as well. But the more significant thing to me is that people in the government have known spyware installed on their official phones...


The headline says Twitter and Instagram as well.


Even then, Government employees shouldn't be using those on their work phones...


Government employees are twerking and flossing.


Government employees are glowing.


at least 4chan is safe


File:[SubsPlease] Benriya Saito….jpg (160.37 KB,1920x1080)

A big asteroid passed by between the Earth and the Moon this weekend, a "once in a decade" event.

Also in related news some "prebiotic compounds" found on another asteroid. There's a theory that meteorites crashing into Earth are what gave it the ingredients and environment needed for life to come about, so it's pretty cool.



Started researching stocks and now my news recommendations are full of bitcoin, MLM scams and other equally scammy articles.

I guess that's the real retail stock trader experience


File:[Rom & Rem] Urusei Yatsura….jpg (260.53 KB,1920x1080)

Don't use magnets to wipe data off meteorites!

>In a new study, Foteini Vervelidou, a planetary scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and her colleagues have documented the destructive power of the hand magnets, which are often made from rare-earth metals such as neodymium and are typically about 10,000 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field. When brought within a few centimeters of a rock, the researchers found, the magnets overwrite vestigial fields contained in iron-based minerals such as magnetite and reset them to the higher strength and orientation of the magnet. In an instant, a unique view into the heart of distant rocky bodies can be erased. Black Beauty, for example, is the only known meteorite old enough to “remember” Mars’s magnetic field before it started to disappear about 4 billion years ago.

(gave up on trying to find a magnet-related image so here's Lum)


File:web1_cat-collar-1.jpg (152.82 KB,960x640)

Sad statistics in the article, but an interesting partial solution (and this picture is funny)



time for some state funded coin mining?


better to export it to neighbors. I don't think they have the infrastructure set up for more volume of electricity.


That's stupid as hell. They should do what I've been saying for ages: use excess power to generate hydrogen from electrolysis and then use that for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


Quebec had another outage of 500'000 people. no where near me though
This province suck


The UK blocked Microsoft's purchase of Activision.

However Microsoft and Activision say they will contest this decision.




Few days ago an oil tanker crashed underneath one of the major highway bridges and melted the steel support beams causing it to collapse. Pretty huge in that it'll be weeks until the highway is clear to use again.


That's impossible. Car fuel can't melt steel beams.


Steel literally cannot melt. It's impossible.

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