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Why do people like barbeque sauce? Meats are supposed to be salty, whats so enjoyable about putting a sweet sauce on them? To me, it tastes awful and completely ruins the flavor of the meat.


I wouldn't really know since I'm more of a honey mustard person myself. Think it makes the enhances the flavorfulness of the meat a bit if it's not the best cut. Now if I had a nice steak, I wouldn't slather any overpowering sauce on it since that'd be tarded because the steak is supposed to be good on its own, and putting BBQ sauce on it would be like saying your steak is a failure.


Budget barbecue sauces are gross. There are less sweet varieties though that are much nicer imo.


Because it adds sugar to the meat and some people like their meat to taste like candy


I don't find it sweet I think it is flavourful. Whenever I get a hamburger at a fast food store I get one with barbecue sauce. My grandma used to make a tomato sauce that was more flavourful and better for hamburgers though, but then maybe if she made a barbecue sauce that would be better again...


a lot of meat in america is made to be cheap instead of good, so we sort of ended up relying on sauce as a way to cover up the fact that our meat is sub-par on average

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