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File:__hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….png (212.77 KB,728x728)


Do you play any online games you'd like to play with kissu people?
Maybe this could be a thread to play some games together online? I think the stuff should ideally be free, cheap, or already have multiple players here.

Personally, I'd like to start playing Power Bomberman together again. It's a free fan game it's really fun, featuring a crapload of characters (including the new slutty ones) in beautiful pixel form and lots of cool maps. We had a thread for it about a year ago.
You can play it offline too, if you want to practice.

So, what multiplayer games do you want to play?


File:1515874185966.jpg (278.08 KB,1920x1080)

No one wants to play anything anymore. It's impossible to get any OJ games or anything else nowadays.


File:[Doki] Yuru Yuri 2 - 11 (1….jpg (858 KB,1920x1080)

I don't play many games online but if one of them is mentioned here and people are playing it I might. I'm quite self conscious so I don't think I could suggest a game because probably nobody plays them and if they did I would feel pressure on me because I suggested it but if other people are already playing a game that I have as well then it would be fine and I would not feel like I have expectations on me so much.


File:12749895_224163244599436_1….jpg (24.94 KB,480x480)

I want to play monster hunster rise sunbreak when it releases


File:0004a.png (66.15 KB,862x1152)

Fightcade has a boatload of arcade games and handful of console ones. I wouldn't mind playing some co-op sometime.


File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….jpg (394.32 KB,1920x1080)

Do you make posts about it? Do you start the lobbies and ask for people to join?
It can be awkward and daunting to start the process as >>88706 mentioned
and it does often end in failure, but if you just wait for other people to do it then it will always fail to materialize.

Yeah, I'll definitely be playing that one

What is that exactly? I've heard about it before. Is it a centralized emulator like retroarch or something?


give me a few weeks and I will be always open to 100% OJ


File:__amaterasu_smite_drawn_by….png (982.03 KB,808x1200)

I've been trying to get into Smite, but I'm pretty bad at it still.


I play singleplayer games, and I play multiplayer games in singleplayer mode.


'ate mobas


I love using celestial beam as ra on bots too stupid to get out of the way


don't subject yourself to MOBAs.....


File:fightcade-2-landing-screen….jpg (150.32 KB,1009x757)

>What is that exactly? I've heard about it before. Is it a centralized emulator like retroarch or something?
Kind of? It's basically a netplay frontend for FBNeo and a few other emulators. It's got lobbies for individual games and you can "challenge" another person to play against them without having to jump through hoops like port-forwarding, although it does require you to make an account. It also uses GGPO so you can play pretty much lagless if you're not worried about the occasional rollback or jittering around, I did a few shootygames with a friend some time back and it was more than playable. Most people use it to play older arcade fighting games (hence the name,) but it's still got a bunch of other stuff.


I think SRB2 Kart would be a fun multiplayer game to play with Kissu. it's very moddable and has tons of custom characters, (Anime girls yay!) tracks and gameplay mods such as tricks


File:[LoopSubs] Machikado Mazok….jpg (354.07 KB,1920x1080)

Nice. Yeah, I went through the headache of playing emulators in the early 00s online and it was really, really annoying. It's good to see that stuff get streamlined. What kind of games did you have in mind? I love those beat 'em up stuff, which might be what you were talking about in the first post.

Ohhh, yes that one is a great idea. I've seen clips of it and it looks really fun and visually very impressive.


Love me a good kart racer. I'd be down to play anytime.


File:AyaLikesMobas.jpg (155 KB,1280x720)


Sonic karts is pretty great. There's a mountain of mods too, the Soku-style weather one is awesome.

>What kind of games did you have in mind?
Dunno! I'd need to dig back through the list of supported games. I've mostly been interested in shooters recently (above pic was from Rapid Hero/Arcadia,) but it's kinda of hard to text chat while playing them given the auto-scrolling nature, and I'm not sure you can pause the emulator in multiplayer. I wouldn't mind playing a beat 'em up, but I'm probably not very good at them.


File:java_wthKylSXKt.png (1.31 MB,1138x761)

Would anyone want to try playing Haven and Hearth again when the world resets? It's apparently overdue, but no indication of it happening so far. It could be next week or in 5 months or more.
Also, we really need to set up a date to try this SRB2 Kart thing. Maybe this Sunday? Or what day(s) are good for you if you're interested?


I'll play hnh for sure.


I would be down to try SRB2 Kart on sunday not sure about anyone else though


remember wanting to try haven n hearth way way back, but now i think i'm too jaded to really enjoy something like it.


Also yeah who will be hosting? I can perhaps make a mod pack for the game but I am not sure what I should include


I'd play SRB2K, but maybe not on a sunday. Fri or Sat would work better for me.


I know absolute nothing about the game myself. What kind of mod stuff is there? Is there a listing of it somewhere for us to look at?



There is all kinds of stuff, custom characters, custom tracks, custom gamemodes and custom gameplay features


Yeah, Sunday was just a day I was throwing out there. Friday or Saturday might work... maybe. We do have anime streams on those days that I host for about 4-5 hours, but there's a lot of time outside that window and not everyone is up for the stream as well.
I wish imageboards had some sort of lobby system to sign up for things...


could always do a poll


Dang, that's a lot of stuff. I guess add anything you want and people could nominate stuff in the thread?
And yeah, poll for a day to play could work. Just 3 of us (I think) right now so maybe see if we can get some more interested before doing that, though.


File:srb2kart custom intermissi….png (111.64 KB,1600x900)

I also tossed together a custom intermission screen to use with the pack it looks alright


I found a list of characters here:https://wiki.srb2.org/wiki/SRB2Kart/Chart_of_characters

If anyone wants a character from here tell me and I will add it to the srb2k pack


I have a bunch of characters scattered around my addons folder, should I upload a zip of them?


If you want to, sure!


That is not an easy to read list at all, huh. I'll look through it tomorrow because I'm too tired to look at rows of text right now.

Sure, sounds good.



playing the worst moba in existence right now


which one


We didn't end up playing last weekend, but was anyone still interested in trying SRB2Kart?


I am it would be fun


Alright I have the srb2kart pack made I'll upload it somewhere and share it. Just place the folder in your kart folder when you play and the game will automatically load it when joining a server with the mods. Also when we do play download something called moemansion it a custom version of kart with uncapped framerate and other features, you also might want to turn off screentilt which is in "bird" in settings.


unlikely to be awake when you decide to play but if i am i'll join


Here it is. If you are going to host with this pack read the readme.


I should probably clarify that I wasn't the one planning to host, and likely couldn't anyway with my horribad connection. I just wanted to see if anyone else would still be up for it.


Yeah, I'm interested and I'm downloading this. I'm also doubtful that I'd be a good host, but I'm not sure. My upload is capped at 1MB/s and I don't know if that's related to hosting or anything. I don't get disconnected very often, however, so maybe that's good?


Bleh. Would it be a hassle for your to put this in a rar or zip? Mega's ZIP thing never seems to work for me


File:2022_07_02_004332.jpg (246.49 KB,1920x1080)

I'm up for Monster Hunter Rise stuff about now. Well, not RIGHT now, but in the coming days and weeks.
Really don't want to rush things, though.


File:C-1660072812218.png (1.54 MB,1813x822)

BigSunbreak update tomorrow!!!
Will kissu play this with me in the next days or on the weekend?


I think I'm up for it. Well, I say "I think" because I'm MR 4 or something so I'm not sure I can do the new stuff. Also, once Friday hits I'll be obsessively playing Haven and Hearth for a while.
What timing...


File:12749895_224163244599436_1….jpg (24.94 KB,480x480)

Its from MR10 up


Does that mean there's 10 ranks of MR??? I mean, 10 real "do these quests" ranks?
Hmm, no, that doesn't seem right since I was already seeing elder dragons at 4.
Yeah, I guess I'm not there yet...


File:d8a7b87a1bc8f4254ad44552e2….png (1.72 MB,1065x1455)

Probably could hunt some new monsters tomorrow. I feel like I'm pretty much at the end, and I'm assuming once this cap is unlocked I'll easily be at MR1O or higher.

Also for the most part I don't really understand all the hate for Rise. It may be smaller than world, and less graphically impressive, but it still plays really well. I really took a liking to the way they changed up the default way you can play the weapons.


File:1607482678917.png (493.46 KB,783x649)

Tomorrow only?
I have work in 8 hours and I get back in 17 hours.
Can we make this work?


File:1446842422662.jpg (509.48 KB,950x633)

I made that post yesterday


Also I've got a lobby opened up now
PW: 1337


You made this post this morning!!
And I have to sleep now!

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