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File:2021-05-23_19.52.42.png (1.85 MB,1920x1057)

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Kissu! Kissu! Would you be interested in playing some Minecraft together?

Last time there was a server, people were a bit divided on whether it should be creative or survival, so I set up a basic hub when you first spawn in so you can choose which you'd rather play on. At any time you're free to head back and swap which world you're playing on as you see fit.

The server will be based on 1.16.5, but is mostly client agnostic. You can play on just about any version of Minecraft from the past few years, including Bedrock Edition - which includes phones, and consoles. But, if you decide to play on an older version, things will look a bit different since new blocks and items will be rendered as older blocks and items depending on what version you're on.

There is just one limitation to the server itself, however... Because it's a free server, if no one has been online for about 5 minutes, the server will automatically shutdown beyond my control. I typically have #qa open all day, so if the server goes down, either say something there, or make a post in this thread.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.


File:2021-05-24_18.42.08.png (1.86 MB,1920x1057)

To Join:
IP: kissu.aternos.me
Port: 54294 (only necessary for Bedrock Edition)


Hmm... perhaps....
I've never played Minecraft before, so it's a bit overwhelming


woah all this is already set up? i'll join in a bit then


can you not join with pirated mineycrafta?


Oh, one second. I'll enable that.


I changed the server to be offline mode, so people without Minecraft can join.


did you buy a server


Not really. It's a free server hosting service.


guess that's fine for a game server


File:2021-05-25_03.56.55.png (2.2 MB,3840x2081)

Not sure how I'm going to go about making a roof for this house...


SO uhh... I'm going to need instructions on what Minecraft version to download and stuff. If possible I'd like to get the version that has support for the raytracing stuff. Pirating minecraft mods isn't too difficult so I'm curious as to how it looks outside of youtube videos


File:raytracing.png (2.76 MB,1920x1038)

the unofficial raytracing is cool but kinda difficult to play without a compatible texture pack so when using a mods it's kinda frustrating to use as blocks that should emit light don't and some modded blocks just appear as transparent despite supposedly being solid, i'm using the SEUS raytracing shaders in this pic. Over all it's pretty nice for a vanilla experience but maybe not worth the performance impact compared to other shaders, even by the same guy who does SEUS.


Yeah, (un)fortunately minecraft mods are heavily monetized and that means piracy is a thing. I should be able to find some without issue, but what Minecraft version should I be using for this server?
OP says based on 1.16.5, but what year is that one?


From what I heard the server allows for most any version to play. Although the server seems to be down right now so it's waiting for OP to wake up.


The server is on 1.16.5. You can join with lower versions, you just won't be able to take advantage of newer items and blocks since they'll look like older items and blocks to you.


The server is back up.

Here. Download the 1.16.5 setup I made. If you have MultiMC downloaded, you can extract it into the instances folder and everything should be set up to start playing. I included the texture packs I'm using as well as a bunch of shader packs depending on your preference. There's also a few extra mods for convenience: one is for a minimap, another a world map, and one allows you to download server maps.

Minecraft 1.16.5 Setup: https://files.catbox.moe/td89ow.zip
MultiMC: https://files.catbox.moe/td89ow.zip
MultiMC Cracked: https://github.com/AfoninZ/MultiMC5-Cracked


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (270.13 KB,1920x1080)

First and second link are identical, but I did save both links. Thanks.


Oh, whoops... The link to MultiMC should just be https://multimc.org/


File:MultiMC_oO6EAI82tT.png (33.48 KB,802x632)

what am I supposed to do here
or did I launch the wrong program?


oh nevermind I read >>72462 again


no wait, I'm still just sitting at the image here not knowing what to do >>72466


nevermind again, I think I know what I'm doing


Well, for anyone who is still having trouble:
When you extract MultiMC, inside it's folder is one called "instances", unzip "Minecraft 1.16.5" into that folder. When you open up MultiMC, you should see an icon that says "Minecraft 1.16.5", clicking launch will start up Minecraft. If you don't see "Minecraft 1.16.5" when you start MultiMC, just make sure that the zip you extracted earlier doesn't have another folder titled "Minecraft 1.16.5" inside of it. If so, just cut and paste that folder into the instances folder.


Sorry for the restart... Server has a mind of its own.


Didn't think I'd get so invested as to play all day. Hopefully some more people take notice and join. I think for now I'm content with living out my server time as a farmer now.


Would it be possible to share the start permission with others here so we don't have to wait for OP to get up to start the server?


I made an account "poutqa".


Oh, that's a clever idea! I'll add that right now!




It's telling me it can't resolve the hostname. What error is this?


had that error happen to another server I tried to join earlier today. might be an issue with mojang? if not, try closing minecraft and opening it again?


File:javaw_uKWorWhgco.png (6.02 KB,465x123)

Is the default minecraft loader in here somewhere, because I can't find it. I need to launch it once to try out shaders


got it working
pretty dang atmospheric when it's raining at night although it's kind of hard to appreciate in a static image


File:2021-05-27_17.09.56.png (2.83 MB,1920x1080)

bleh forgot image


File:2021-05-27_17.11.12.png (3.47 MB,1920x1080)

dump start


File:2021-05-27_17.11.32.png (3.4 MB,1920x1080)

shiny wet square pumpkins


File:2021-05-27_17.12.24.png (3.75 MB,1920x1080)

don't think these reflections are accurate


File:2021-05-27_17.14.34.png (4.27 MB,1920x1080)



File:2021-05-27_17.16.55.png (4.18 MB,1920x1080)

is this thing in a boat?


File:2021-05-27_17.19.20.png (3.91 MB,1920x1080)


File:2021-05-27_17.20.23.png (3.88 MB,1920x1080)

shininess isn't consistent on the lilypads or it would look pretty amazing
maybe if I had the settings higher..


File:2021-05-27_17.21.22.png (3.76 MB,1920x1080)

weird refraction... are these glass blocks or something?


File:2021-05-27_17.21.51.png (3.82 MB,1920x1080)

thus concludes some screenshots I was taking without doing much other than downloading a texture pack and a shader


File:2021-05-27_17.31.40.png (3.93 MB,1920x1080)

good ol' godrays


File:2021-05-27_17.32.46.png (4.49 MB,1920x1080)



File:2021-05-27_17.33.05.png (4.39 MB,1920x1080)



File:2021-05-27_17.33.11.png (4.07 MB,1920x1080)



File:2021-05-27_17.33.32.png (4.14 MB,1920x1080)



File:2021-05-27_17.34.28.png (3.52 MB,1920x1080)

water is very nice as expected


File:2021-05-27_17.34.44.png (3.73 MB,1920x1080)

very nice indeed


File:2021-05-27_17.35.34.png (4.14 MB,1920x1080)

ok last one for now
hmm should probably optimize these images since the file size is excessive


File:2021-05-26_14.29.55.png (996.24 KB,1920x1058)

Been having a little bit of trouble with mobs freezing. Here's a picture I took of a cow that froze while I was leading it to my pasture. I tried to get it started moving again by removing the block beneath it, but it just started hovering in midair.


File:2021-05-27_04.39.20.png (1.07 MB,1920x1058)

bringing a bee home with a zombie piglin along for the ride


File:2021-05-26_22.23.20.png (1.82 MB,1920x1057)

Creeper record factory


File:2021-05-28_12.22.45.png (548.21 KB,1920x1058)

I didn't realize that bees could ride in boats.


File:2021-05-28_12.23.32.png (2.02 MB,1920x1058)


File:2021-05-29_08.44.09.png (1.45 MB,1920x1058)

What the fuck?



File:2021-05-31_00.53.34.png (2.96 MB,1918x1016)

Fishing for books while I wait for the XP farm to fill


File:2021-05-31_14.57.36.png (1.64 MB,1920x1058)

Built the flying machine from this guy's tutorial but with honey blocks substituted for the slime blocks.

Attempting to set it moving by lighting a fire with flint and steel gave me no fire (maybe because of the honey block change), but using sand works. You don't even have to waste the sand as I expected you might; it stays in the aircraft. Only problem is you don't get the delay allowing you time to get in the minecart before it starts moving. Water also works as he mentions in the video, but leaves big waterfall columns behind if you don't manage to get the water back in the bucket before the aircraft leaves it behind.


Also, thanks for the potions, NWB. They were very helpful when I had to recover the aircraft over the ocean.


File:different-blocks.png (2.18 MB,1920x1058)

Thanks to a generous donation of slime balls from Berun, I was able to test the machine with the two blocks on which a fire is supposed to be lit replaced by slime blocks. As a result, I've been able to confirm that the lack of burning issue is caused by the honey block change. You can light fires on top of slime blocks but not honey blocks. Unfortunately, replacing only the two blocks with slime blocks results in a nonworking vehicle. Pic related is what happens.

After some analysis of how the machine works, I'm now pretty confident that the problem is the slime blocks and honey blocks not sticking together. The basic operation of a flying machine is that the sticky piston in the back pushes the front forward, then the sticky piston in the front pulls the back forward. Honey or slime blocks being pushed/pulled by the pistons pull blocks stuck to them along with them. In this case, the failure happened in the second step, when the front attempted to pull the back forward. The honey block that the arrow is pointing to is supposed to pull the block behind it forward, but since that block is replaced by a slime block, it doesn't happen. As a result, the four circled blocks are left behind. Since these four blocks contain the piston that is supposed to push the front forward in the next step, movement halts.

I've switched the blocks back to honey, and the flying machine is now working again. So far my best method for starting the machine moving is to place a wooden slab at the point where the fire is supposed to be started and light it on fire. This consumes the slab, but wood can be regrown. I tried experimenting with other blocks in an attempt to find something that wouldn't be consumed, but it was to no avail. While you can light a fire on top of a stone or dirt block which will go out after a bit without consuming the block, the fire is one block above the region monitored by the observer and does not trigger it. In the case of the wood, it's not the fire going out that triggers the observer but the wooden block disappearing. I thought of stone slabs which take up half a block, but you cannot light fires on top of them.

My biggest issue now is that after flying for around 1 1/2 kilometers, the free server decides I've been idling too long and kicks me. Sitting in a minecart while flying protects from some lag-related glitches, but it apparently doesn't protect against disconnect. Upon reconnecting, I get put into a weird state where I'm falling from the aircraft, but there seems to be some state that thinks I'm still in the minecart, because when I press shift, it dismounts me, and I'm back in the craft. (I was able to discover this because it kicked me out over water where I survived the fall.) Unfortunately, dismounting from the minecart during flight is a good way to fall out of the aircraft for real. So I'm going to have to find something I can do while flying, something other than looking around and snapping pictures, that will make the server see me as not idle.


Are you able to fish while in a boat? Maybe you could throw your fishing rod occasionally to make the server believe you're active.


I was thinking that too. Tested and it works.


File:2021-06-02_00.41.00.png (2.04 MB,1920x1058)

I was finally confident enough of the thing working to test reconfiguring the direction of the aircraft in the field rather than over home base. To ensure I'd be able to dismount even if I didn't come in 100% perfect, I expanded the platform into a pattern of glass walkways. As an unplanned bonus, the rows of lights I put up on it make it easy to tell when you're due north/south/east/west of the platform, meaning it's time to stop and turn to get home. The test worked out pretty well.


File:2021-06-02_21.48.03.png (2.35 MB,1920x1057)

We had a very good and proper fight with the wither to get this beacon. Nothing went wrong at all. Wasn't even a problem, really.


server is down what do I doo


Sorry about that. The server is back online.

If you, or anyone else wants to be able to start the server when its down: make an account on aternos.org, and share your username in this thread. That way I can share "start server" permissions so you can start the server if its ever down.


File:2021-06-03_22.09.07.png (788.21 KB,1920x1057)



teen base destroyed, teens banned.
admin world edit'd the entire thing

teen btfo'd


Indeed. I can forgive your use of xray or your thievery, but I set only one rule: no lag machines. Of course, yours was entirely ineffectual due to your own incompetence, regardless: no rude dudes allowed.


I tried to tell him too soon but he wouldn't listen fucking teen………


>entirely ineffectual due to your own incompetence
I mean, the server's TPS was already dogshit. Whenever I turned it on, it did have a noticable impact. And that was with 26 armorstands. Not even a respectable number (stack and a half, ha.)
Do you guys have a fuckin chunkload plugin with some laggy ass farming flying machine going every two minutes or so? The TPS goes from playable to 2b2t really, really quickly.
I guess with such a small playerbase it's not a really big longterm problem (less players resulted in a higher TPS) but I'd just do self hosting at that point. Even a shitbook can do it better than Aternos.
The only other thing that's questionable is you /tp-ing around. I don't think any other brownbricks server on the ring has a badmin that does that. Violation of the NAP subtracts 3 points (out of ten) automatically

5/10 might survive 2021. Upgrade to premium aternos and shell out the shekels or move to alt hosting for a 7/10 could be comfy. You'll just always have a tingling feeling that someone is watching...
should've listened bro


is the server dead?


It goes down whenever there isn't someone playing.
See >>72779 regarding turning it back on.


Okay I made an aternos account. mewklecream


You should now have permission to start the server at any time.


File:1622938100573.png (1.6 MB,1911x1013)

they got what they fucking deserved…………..


File:1622938191071.png (1.47 MB,1911x1007)

that's what they get for deleting my base……..



File:It can't be helped.png (217.69 KB,900x851)

Oh well, probably for the best anyways since we'd need a new world for the 1.17 update anyways.
Comes out in 3 days btw OP


Since when does he "identify" as gnfos instead of 8gag?


Won't the new patch need time to get cracked or something, or otherwise made compatible with that launcher?


We can't wait to burn the new one to the ground, too.

All that is piss - Returneth to piss.
- John 3:17


Guess I'll need to stop being lazy and upgrade from wood then.


Not sure, maybe, but I'd imagine it wouldn't take too long to be made compatible.


I have zero experience with Minecraft so maybe it's nothing. I guess it depends on how well it's built to handle additions. I'd think the answer would be "very well" due to how it's monetized so it might be really fast.


The instant you little pissants start up that new server you're fucking *DEAD*.
- GN


merorin was here, you guys are toast


File:Derp.mp4 (1.26 MB,1920x350)

Nope. It's just a setting in a config file that says "Online=false" to disable checking with the Mojang nameserver for account verification.

The main bottleneck in updating will be how long it takes for PaperMC to update. After that, it's a matter of testing plugins for compatibility, and potentially waiting for updates for them if they're incompatible or buggy.

teens... Be grateful I'm keeping the server cracked for now. If you'd like to continue your e-war, I'll gladly install an account management plugin so you have to register to play.


but i own the game


File:2021-06-05_21-27-55.mp4 (9.76 MB,1280x720)

>mdw i burn pissu's shitty server to the ground


accept these demands and the terror attacks will end
lift the bans so I can stream it again
no more following us around invisibly "rude" hypocrite
no more world editing our bases out, you can pvp but do it without abusing your position
no more giant houses made from wood tell me you weren't asking for it officer

when you agree to all these things
we can be frens


Back to 8gag.


Back to kakashit nenpoop.


Actually we're just going to flush your piss server down the toilet anyways. Fucking idiots.


File:Screenshot 2021-06-05 2301….png (19.87 KB,567x65)


Very important form you should fill out:



I technically own the game but I never heard back from their support about fixing my account, so I put down no.


Ah. I just want to get an idea of how many people are playing cracked or not.


got banned after the roll back……..


more plugins more rules good job jannie man


File:452bce00a8ce95d59d1fcaf21c….jpg (48.66 KB,554x524)


Sorry about that. If you're who I think you are, then you were unbanned earlier today.


I am not sure how this work but I made an account

also what the hell is going on here. isn't this game just about mining?


it's a game about autism


perfect for /quality autism/


On the survey I put down that I'd like the world to carry over to 1.17, but after seeing all the little things that went wrong after the last rollback from partly-working world editing software, I can see how a completely fresh world might be more fun than a world with a lot of little broken stuff people feel compelled to fix. What do others think?


I think I'd prefer to just start fresh on a new world.


File:Screenshot 2021-06-07 2202….png (16.68 KB,628x303)

Fine by me. The other person who said yes decided to stop playing, so that works out.


is the server getting updated today?
I don't care if it's a new world or not I just wanna play with legos


When PaperMC updates to 1.17, the server will update.


A PaperMC dev has written extensively about the update process, and they'll even be livestreaming their work. But right now they're waiting for an updated release of Spigot, which they are a fork of.


Or I should say first they're waiting for a new release of Spigot. I don't think Minecraft 1.17 is even out yet.


File:Minecraft - It’s here! Bri….mp4 (8.34 MB,1280x720)

Minecraft is out now. Next waiting on Spigot, then Paper.


apparently the full world generation update isn't until later this year what the hell


Yeah... I think they said a while ago that they were splitting the Caves & Cliffs updates, so I think this one is technically just the Caves & Cliffs update.


If you want, when you generate a new world I found a very nice seed that starts in a pretty mountain biome. Also a nether fortress very close nearby.



Great, it's another tr4nny, because of course it fucking is.

It seems like it's just goats and everything we want was delayed again. At least they released some of the features in a fork https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/622bf0fd298e1e164ecd05d866045ed5941283cf/CavesAndCliffsPreview.zip


i'm sure the kids love this kind of animation, but i'm no longer a kid. I am an ADULT


Spigot has been released for 1.17, so now we're waiting on Paper.

Regarding the Caves & Cliffs stuff, the Spigot people say:
>Mojang has delayed many features, including extended world heights, generation changes, and certain blocks/items to Minecraft 1.18. Although most of these features are still accessible in 1.17 through the use of either the experimental datapack or commands, and Spigot provides APIs for them, it must be remembered that these features are experimental/disabled for a reason. You are welcome to test them, report Spigot bugs, and contribute API, but be cautious and wary of bugs and the potential for future incompatible changes. There is every chance a world created with the experimental datapack will not be able to be upgraded to 1.18 when it is released. You also cannot remove the experimental datapack once it has been added to a world.


I'm so mad that they delayed the most important bit because of workspace stress, world gen works almost flawlessly in the snapshots already.
maybe they want to add more shit? I hope they do.


It must be a weird feeling to work on a game with tens of millions of people waiting to see your work. You need to get it as close to perfect as possible because one mistake instantly counters thousands of perfect decisions in regards to reputation


I've heard there's a new Minecraft snapshot out, it comes with a preview of the new world generation. Is it any good or worth looking at?


When the new world generation comes out, I'll start up the server again if people want to play minecraft some more. Just bump the thread whenever, or mention it on IRC, and I'll see about starting the server back up.


Looked at updating the server and it wasn't as hard as I was expecting. Everything should be up and running for people to join in a few hours or so. Hopefully.


Hours? But it's already late.


Minecraft server is now updated to 1.17.1 and online at:



i'll check it out tomorrow


i forgot that i need to reinstall it


The thing for me is that I never played Minecraft. I did walk around a bit last time, but never really did anything. I think it has the same sort of thing as Terraria that people tend to progress 10x faster than I would at my own pace so it's really not meant to be, anyway.


Well, the difference with Minecraft is that there's not really any real linear progression like Terraria. Although it might've looked like a lot had been done, the most we did was clear some land, make some buildings, and explore the nether. The progress wasn't exactly fast either considering we were playing for maybe 8-12 hour stretches each day over the course of a week or two... I don't think changing the difficulty would really make things go any slower considering unlike Terraria, items respawn after some amount of time in Minecraft. If anything, it would just make people feel discouraged for losing items and not making it back in time before they're gone for good.

Maybe to make things go slower it would be better to have some sort of community goal or build rather than just letting everyone go off and build on their own? I'm not sure.


Yeah, Minecraft doesn't really have any progression system. It has a nice farming system I wish they'd develop on though.


>items respawn
Meant to say: items despawn

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