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File:1437138177604.gif (460.01 KB,250x250)


Everyone has seen this dance, but most people don't know where it's from. I find that a little depressing.


cute armpits.

um... anyways... I think it's mostly forgiveable given how old Pani Poni Dash is, and what's more, most people have probably seen traced variants that would otherwise lead someone to believe it's either just fan OC, or from a completely different series entirely.


File:__rebecca_miyamoto_and_tac….jpg (113.96 KB,850x680)

I think the /qa/ stream of it at least brought it, and the series, a lot more attention. Especially because of how many good things everyone, even detractors of the stream, had to say about it. Although I guess in general Cinco de Maho probably piques more intrigue in PPD than the stream did, maybe.


File:ecchi is bad riesz.jpg (105.61 KB,269x380)

I like it when people mutate stuff into other related stuff, or even only semi-related stuff. Pretty much everything has a Touhou version, or it used to.
And if you know both references it really enhances the thing and makes you feel warm inside. The only issue I'd have is when people profit from the source material without giving credit or a cut of the money, but I think that mostly happens with music and that's a pretty horrible industry in general.


now that I know that dance is from pani poni dash I've added it to my watchlist.

I have watched many an anime and played many a game because of some crossover meme catching my interest colliding with my desire for learning about the source material for everything


File:26 - No One Knows What May….png (1.28 MB,1242x706)

becky desu


File:R.gif (1.03 MB,400x627)

thank you


File:5dcae5f37d56a61444bccac16b….gif (274.1 KB,200x200)


File:1588702151601.webm (1.42 MB,1280x708)

I hope you're prepared for all the references. There are so many that gg had to include a pdf file for each episode to explain them all.


I've seen Pani Poni Dash mentioned so many times on 4chan, I thought everyone knew about it

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