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File:de5f4a26d917f24ec7b363a132….jpg (695.77 KB,2500x2000)


Was thinking about reading all of Go Nagai's works but then realized it'd probably be impossible given just how much he wrote. It's pretty insane compared to almost any other mangaka out there.


What are the most notable ones to check out though? I've read Devilman, some Harenchi Gakuen, some Mazinger, Cutie Honey, and all of Getter (although does that really count?) Was considering watching and maybe reading Dororon Enma-kun next (OVA/Remake TV) since the OP was cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIsQqRoyKqo


File:img-gONzeg5pMl2s4xLHCn0qO.jpeg (565.14 KB,1024x1024)

They kinda stopped to translate Maboroshi Panty and 3rd or 4rth chapter of Harenchi Gakuen is misplaced. No to mention, if u read it in original japanese it gonna take heluva amount of time to collect em all even if scanned


File:The.Fable.S01E08.Because.I….jpg (253.06 KB,1920x1080)

Man, that's quite the impressive bibliography. When there's that much I'd say it's unlikely that all of it is worth reading when compared to reading a variety of authors. No human is great enough to be so prolific without making sacrifices.


File:DivinaCommedia_GoNagai.jpeg (68.24 KB,419x595)

>written, illustrated, or otherwise contributed to over 360 manga titles
No, it's not impossible to read 360 manga titles, anonymous. I have read over a thousand. And if you actually take a quick look at the list most of it is stuff related to Devilman, Mazinger, Getter and Cutie Honey and also a lot of spinoffs based on them, his most notable works. Otherwise it's mostly just a bunch of short chapter and one shot stuff which isn't very relevant. There's also some other worth mentioning ones such as Violence Jack, Shutendouji, Demon Lord Dante and Dante Shinkyoku (a manga adaptation of Dante's Divine Comedy).


File:C-1716952775042.png (1.93 MB,1701x1200)

(Not OP)
>Dante Shinkyoku
It's a very interesting one, I made a bunch of comparisons between this one and Doré's illustrations (with bonus Miura) back in >>116588.
And yeah, the first link to Yadamon shows it's just one volume, just like how Full Metal Lady and Super Girl UFO are only a few chapters long. It's easier to notice if you check out Mangadex and cross-reference with JP sites. But others are several volumes long, like the 4 of Hounds of Heaven, 5 of Lovely Angel, or 10 of Go Nagai's Samurai World. That's from a cursory search, absolutely nothing to scoff at.
Oh, and jumping to the end of the Hounds one I came across Amakusa with his characteristic ruff and cross like that of >>124966. Neat stuff.


File:13.jpg (153.38 KB,713x1024)

>like the 4 of Hounds of Heaven
It's only 13 chapters long. That's short in my opinion.
>5 of Lovely Angel
37 and I suppose this is worth mentioning as well since it's straight up erotica with lots of sex and nudity unlike Harenchi Gakuen and Cutie Honey which are just pervy. But unlike Harenchi Gakuen which was the first ecchi this obviously wasn't the first erotica work of manga since it came out in 96. I just read the first chapter and it's silly as hell. Never read it before.
>10 of Go Nagai's Samurai World
No translations for that unfortunately. It seems to be a collection of stories.


File:14.jpg (271.86 KB,713x1024)


Now that's some effective marketing.


File:C-1717021078972.png (1.84 MB,1189x1770)

>It's only 13 chapters long.
Yeah, but most chapters have between 50 and 90 pages, so it's still fairly long. According to Kodansha's site, the official total is 912 pages:
You can see it if you select a volume and check out the ページ数 part, they're each of average length. Really though, my point is that with these three alone you already end up with 19 volumes, that's pretty sizeable already. But add Abashiri Family's further 15 volumes (where a molester is accidentally swallowed up by a giantess so to rescue him they make her shit him out? wtf), 9 more from Guerrilla High, Maboroshi Panty and Kekkou Kamen, then 7 from Oira Sukeban, 9 from Susano Oh, and then you end up with a total of fifty nine volumes, which is "shonen running weekly for ten years" territory, longer than Dragon Ball but not quite as long as Naruto or Bleach.

It's interesting, I get the impression that originally he liked to work more with (relatively) shorter stories, since the first runs of those mentioned in >>125029 are actually in line with the ones listed above, in the 4-7 range for Devilman, Mazinger, Getter, and Jack. It's in its second part that Jack goes way higher, for example.


File:16.jpg (1 MB,1272x2056)

A lot of this untranslated stuff like Samurai World though. There's also Hanappe Bazooka which has 10 vols but was only translated up to chapter 4 (less than 10% since it has 41 chapters). Also has a 45 min OVA.

All hail the father of mecha and pervy shit in anime/manga.


File:011.jpg (256.35 KB,783x1200)

A cool thing about Devilman is that you can see the influence it had on Berserk right in the first chapter (it's not present in certain editions however). The demons in the Great War of Gods are obviously reminiscent of the Eclipse demons in Berserk. And also the obvious parallels between Akira/Ryo and Guts/Griffith.


File:fatherdied.jpg (180.23 KB,794x1226)

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