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File:[MTBB] Bakemonogatari - 09….jpg (258.54 KB,1920x1080)


Are you good at catching references in media?




File:[MTBB] Nekomonogatari (Bla….jpg (235.4 KB,1920x1080)

There's a million different MTBB release on MAL.


File:[MTBB] Nekomonogatari (Bla….jpg (404.4 KB,1920x1080)

Wow, way to screw up twice. Meant nyaa and releaseS.


File:[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy -….jpg (304.71 KB,1920x1080)

Sometimes. It has to be quite blatant, really. Stuff like "The character is named ___ which is a play on words referencing the title of chapter 23 of ___" is not something I'll ever notice. Direct poses like the OP there, though? Yeah, pretty good I guess. Or just genre gags like the shoujo face are pretty good.
But, really, so much of it is referencing stuff you'd need to be Japanese to recognize and TL notes aren't going to help at all.


File:[MTBB] Nisemonogatari - 09….jpg (239.2 KB,1920x1080)

some of it is like one single frame like this miniscule appearance of osamu dazai


File:[HorribleSubs] Asobi Asoba….jpg (81.79 KB,1280x720)

Generally, yes, but I do need other people to point the more obscure ones out so there may be lots I miss too.


File:[DameDesuYo] Blend S - 02 ….jpg (223.19 KB,1920x1080)

woah is that a blend-s reference?


Monty Python? Nice.


File:OVA - As Long As You Act D….jpg (426.99 KB,1242x706)

It depends on when the anime/manga/whatever is made.


File:ayaya wkwk.gif (373.79 KB,500x625)

Is this an Action 52 reference?


File:[SubsPlease] Henjin no Sal….jpg (271.15 KB,1920x1080)

Truly the eternal reference


Is it still a reference when barely anyone remembers what it's referencing anymore?


File:lucky star pani poni.webm (1.19 MB,1280x720)

Yes, it is!


File:[MTBB] Nisemonogatari - 03….jpg (378.97 KB,1920x1080)

You have to remember that Japan is the oldest country in the world. The median age there is almost 50. It's all 30+ people like me watching those shows (that's the age of the main character as well), so they're old enough to get the reference.

I think this is a Takato Yamamoto reference for those who don't know about him by the way. Not a very famous artist. Similar style to Yoshitaka Amano.


One day, somebody will make a reference to pregnancy, and no one will get it.


File:[SubsPlease] Henjin no Sal….jpg (332.6 KB,1920x1080)

I'm not sure if it was ever a reference that the majority would catch since it was an internet thing before social media existed. I'm not knowledgeable of the Japanese internet of the 00s (or today) but I don't think the percentage of people who "got it" would be that much lower. It wasn't clear to me from the preview or even the first episode, but Salad Bowl is definitely aimed at an older audience with storylines of homelessness, cults, hostesses, infidelity investigations and it it's even steering into cute daughter simulator territory. But, it's also not unusual for there to be references that older people would get in kid's shows. This is stuff people said of Spongebob 25 years ago.
The 3D program that Noa uses is blatantly 3DS Max as well, but that's probably not really a reference as much as it's niche knowledge that 99% of people won't catch. But, isn't that kind of how references work?


File:Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sen….jpg (99.54 KB,1024x576)

Do you prefer western references or eastern ones?


File:samurai wow.jpg (394.15 KB,1280x720)

I like both but as a westerner I am obviously going to recognise the western references a lot more than the non-anime eastern ones.


File:Takato-Yamamoto-le-site-du….jpg (995.85 KB,1200x1148)

The Western ones are obviously much easier to recognize it, not just because it's Western, but because it has to be something famous enough for the Japanese to know about it. If it's something like: >>124909 >>124958 then it's harder of course. The only reason I know about Yamamoto is because I saw his art a few times before on /a/ and /his/. He made a one shot that's part of this collection that you can read here by the way: https://mangadex.org/title/fa64adbc-fb1b-44bd-ab4a-45bad1cc3e69/ax-alternative-manga It's chapter 9.


File:C-1716752838970.jpeg (958.79 KB,2782x1280)

I know him through that Shimabara Rebellion pic that always pops up whenever someone brings up samurai and christianity.


File:takatoyamamoto-4.jpeg (432.89 KB,1250x826)

Yeah, if someone posts him on /a/ or /his it has to do with Japan and Christianity.


File:[MTBB] Owarimonogatari S1 ….jpg (536.8 KB,1920x1080)

This one is a bit strange to me. It's referencing the Powerpuff girls artstyle along with a squid kid from Splatoon. There were previous Powerpuff girls references made before.


File:76254d8683f81a8a352c60afe4….gif (324.81 KB,480x270)


File:TOHEART2_m87DM7v7B0.png (712.57 KB,800x600)

I remember those earlier times on the internet when referencing Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was seemingly a requirement. Apparently it was a thing over in Japan as well?


File:BAKEMONOGATARI - c118 (v14….jpg (580.15 KB,1065x837)

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