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One time I posted on /mu/ and a guy responded to me through vocaroo. He was polite and open about his experiences playing the recorder (he had a bad experience learning it in grade school). That kind of charismatic honesty scared me off the board.


Music? Never heard of it


File:su4552933.jpg (559.91 KB,1246x1152)

How do I listen to music?


I don't have several weeks of music downloaded, you do...


Only Kessoku Band, they're the next big thing I tell you


HARDCORE TANO*C has been good to me lately I hope we can have HARDCORE SYNDROME 17 soon


Yuri music is wonderful





My favorite dungeon theme from DT2. Aquaplus please make more DRPGs and someone translate them unlike DT2-2.
(have I mentioned how great of an artist Amaduyu Tatsuki is today?)
Its battle theme is great too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_vLF7geJ5g





I absolutely love the Silent Hill soundtrack. Rock just goes really well with it's style of horror.


the youtube poster


Hey only that last post was mine. Can I be the silent hill poster instead.


Love SH3, maybe even as much as 2.



good album


less than I used to, but it's more varied.


this song was so amazing at the time and still is


really like this band, very comfy music


File:04. Sayonara O Oshiete.mp3 (3.51 MB,175x175)



Youtube has been nice to me recently



This is really cool. Are these OPs, EDs or OST?


Cartagra's OST is great for that winter melancholy feeling. Always fills me with a certain wistful sadness when I listen to it.


Thank you for reminding me of Jun Togawa, I hadn't listened to this in a long time. Always gives me the goodman feels.



Good album


I miss this sexy junkie.




Loved this anime





everyone may have forgotten about bocchi, but what about aru??


Vice-president of the world!


Ari still gets art to this day!




I like it when Touhou arranges take inspiration from other songs.






new year new me I'm done listening to music!







Best football song I've heard in a long time



Serani Poji is so good... I recommend Lamp if you like Shibuya-kei and cute music.


Can't believe I had forgotten how freaking good im@s music is. I'm on a binge now.


File:1-3 最終列車は25時.mp3 (6.54 MB,175x173)

Funny that you mention Lamp, I love them as well.


Funny that you mention Lamp, I love them as well.


Bulgarian Babushka choir.


the story of me accidently making a kuso post on kissu



Really like the steel drums in this


This is one of those albums that makes sound itself stimulating


Didnt like the movie but loved this song


never forget how the director had his teen son write this because he couldn't


>Frenesi - Cupra (2009)
Love this album


wanted to post this and say 'getting some real 2010 vibes from this' and then I checked and it actually released in 2011 hehe, they just uploaded it to youtube now.




literally me


File:1465247085568.png (269.64 KB,480x301)

Drakengard 3 was a great game.



PinnyP music often invokes a deep melancholy in me


Been waiting forever for this MV to come out.


Really love listening to music


File:[YOOOOO] Sugar Sugar Rune ….mp4 (7.72 MB,720x480)


File:1634055229600.png (130.47 KB,352x422)

Very cool ED.



they did it again!



I remember really liking this song years ago when I was watching karekano, then remembering I really liked it when I rewatched some of it a few months ago, and then remembered that I really liked it when I watch suzume no tojimari a month ago, but I dont think I had ever bothered to listen to the actual song outside of those things until now


File:05 Entombed.ogg (7.19 MB)

I hope I'm not the only one who loves boom boom music...


It's still pretty good, but I'm not sure that it appeals to me as well without the Karaoke-like charm of the Karekano ED.


moe warms the soul





Oideyo Shibamata!


very late response, but i just wanna link to >>>/cry/1198



new pino


love touhou music


Theme of browsing kissu with only /qa/ open



I used to want to fuck Malon so bad






Two seconds in, I was already thinking of this.


Why'd you change your mind?


Onimai seems to be connecting pretty well with the more happy and energetic parts of otaku culture well.


nanahira covers everything




Give me the power to create a huge mess of everything!



quite a Nier sound


oh it's a mashup





that soundtrack changed my life i think


File:Steins;Gate - BD-BOX Disc5….mp4 (31.02 MB,1280x720)


any Griselda fans on kissu? i love how effortless this beat sounds. been listening to it since it came out last year.


da da dada


crazy vocal range...




look at her go





Michiel van den Bos


kinda epic



gotta eco


probably my favorite utawarerumono song


File:02. Vern☆My Love.mp3 (10.78 MB,175x175)



very pretty track, i'll have to check out the rest of this artist's music


Experimental but I find it very relaxing.


I love shameless album covers like this one.

The song is nice too.


her voice is really attractive





The gimmick is that each verse only uses a single vowel.


Only just now learned that Maon Kurosaki passed away recently.
This means that this inspiring ED in the Franime was her last gift to us all. It feels strange.


dang 35, that's really young




I wonder if this song was meant for a scrapped season 4 or something.


File:[BTN] Sayonara Zetsubou Se….jpg (96.1 KB,612x720)

It's not scrapped, they're just waiting for the right time to release it!




new kikuo
more buddhism


the cycle of life and death continues


Very kafkaesque mindset.


Parody hentai OVA first, based of that doujin





Very disappointing that they didn't remix this track for the remake.


new ナナヲアカリ


This season has so many shows to watch already and now i get to hear ナナヲアカリ whenever I watch the elf-otaku show too!


I like Pururin.


I still have this as my ringtone.


A message to all kimo posting kimota.





When I was watching the film I was kicking myself because I knew I recognized the song but I just couldn't put 1 and 1 together to place it. It really bothered me.


Tactical amnesia is a very useful thing.



The /qa/ theme song






For some reason the artstyle reminds me of gorillaz


Not sure if Beatles or Evangelion.



File:Fuy-B91aEAAj4i6.jpg (82.44 KB,900x893)

The 躁鬱ダンス in this video is beginning to take off!


amai yume wo misete, ma-i-su-rii~


Heroin addict veins.


surely he's only doing it as a means of channeling the Appalachian spirit.






Great song to listen to while sad


The /qa/ man


A reminder to play Nier


Nakamura Emi is seriously godly


Very good style parody (of Talking Heads).


Really like this song.


Another persona banger


This is an orchestral cover or whatever you would call it of a song from Last of the Mohicans, a 90s movie.
I have memories of hearing this as a kid, although I still haven't seen the bulk of the movie. My older sister loved to watch the finale, though, so I remember it (and this song) quite well.
(Go to 3:22 if you don't want to watch the whole thing and want to just hear the part that everyone remembers)



♪ .∧__∧       .∧__∧  ♪  ∧__∧        ∧__∧  ♪  ∧__∧
   (´・ω・`) ))   (( (´・ω・`)   (´・ω・`) ))    (( (    )    .(    ) ))
 (( ( つ .ヽ  ♪  ./ ⊂ ) )) .(( ( つ .ヽ  ♪   ./    ) )) (( (    ヽ  ♪
♪  〉 とノ ) ))  (( ( ヽつ .〈  ♪  .〉 とノ ) ))  (( (  (  〈  ♪  .〉  )  ) ))
  (__ノ^(___)     (_)^ヽ__)    (__ノ^(___)     .(_)^ヽ__)    (__ノ^(___)


Omelette du fromage




new pino


Please Play-Bite me, Miku


shitsurei, kamimasuta


hard to describe hylics ost really, but it's quite nice



really farty brappy synths


cotd is really good
feel like a lamer for only just now getting into them




do do do dodo dodo do-do


Teto's new voice is really nice


A pretty fun video, the same song remixed in different styles of EDM


Nelward is really good. He does that 80s/90s revival style that's popular on the interwebs right now but he's way better at it than most.


i want to make music with DECtalk paul



Maybe it's nostalgia, but nothing will ever top the rendition from the original movie. It was so epic and fit perfectly with the tone and scale of that film.


Been doing stuff to youtube autoplay and it's sent me down a Megumi Hayashibara road, so I've been listening to a bunch of Slayers and Saber Marionette themes. Always gets me in the mood to do stuff.


This song helps me when I'm in a sigh mood.


I love the kind of melancholy vibe you get in a lot of western media from the late-60s and 70s. It was the fallout after the excesses of postwar era, and it really shows in the culture of the time.


Kokoro Toshokan has a very nice OP song.


the song that plays when I get banned from /qa/


I really love the old version of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds.


    ∧ ∧___  ♪
   /(*゚ー゚) /\
 /| ̄∪∪ ̄|\/
   |        |/
     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄



Love Shibayan and love bossa nova


Man, I wish Black Lagoon could get a S3.


Absolutely love touhou remixes



mannnnn I need to replay TWEWY


MADs are music, right?


Good song.






File:15. happiness of marionet….flac (16.16 MB,175x173)

This Umineko song really sticks out to me. The others are really great and quite emotional, but something about this one and the times in the story when it's used really gives it a fantastic feel.


Yeah, it's probably the best of the 'positive' songs in the game, debatably the best of all in the game.




the umineko ost is spectacular from start to finish, i can't even think of another series that had me as excited to hear new tracks each installment



surprises me that Feryquitous managed to almost exclusively land his electro tracks in Nikke



Is weird that Youtube recomended me a guy with only 75 subs and a video of 100 views


er... actually did I get this by watching on of his alternate channel's King of the Hill clips...


no it does that for me all the time



new 稲葉曇




nice samba


odd video from ナナヲアカリ


What was it?


Nanawoah Akari


The link on the video embed is broken it seems. Opening it in youtube seems to bring you to the right video though.




I want to nakadashi the artist


I know this will probably fly under people's radar so I have the strong urge to point it out: the part that starts at 1:30 is a reference to a korean singer called E Pak Sa who gained popularity in Japan around the 90s. He plays a style of music called pon-chak disco which consists of upbeat, campy medley tracks that originally were played by bus drivers in korea in order to stay awake, here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMvzp6--Xbo


very cute animation of the cat girl


manomano that's catchy


always loved this song


A true classic.


Interesting bit of history about an interesting(boson) song.




it's time to sleep


nice album


TRU final stage music



Saw someone point out that the theme in Deathsmiles is a remix of the Drakengard weapon menu and I instantly heard it. Surprised it took me until I saw a comment to recognize it.



Early morning.
Head hurts.
Time for sleep.



music of the gods


Little Dark Age is a very good song, although I'll admit that the internet's ruined it for me a bit. Every time I see it paired with a w*jack edit I get a pit in my stomach.


The rest of MGMT's music doesnt have that stigma really... if you can handle how out there it gets


People pair songs with obnoxious memes and tiktoks all the time, don't let them bother you. It's a good song, was just listening to it the other day


I love Congratulations.


Their self titled album is just "eh", but the opening track is great.



Expected Rewrite of the Life, wasn't it, but still not disappointed. Man, rewrite would be a joy to have a readthrough of if it weren't so long.


liking that youtube actually gives me content with less than 10k views that I might be interested in.


File:04. もしも僕が -hope-.flac (21.85 MB,175x175)

There's just something magical when you know a song for being purely instrumental and there's a voiced version on an album


Speaking of Rewrite, there was a really nice album released for its 10th anniversary.









very enthusiastic blep!


UFO 见えるよ 寂しい仆らは
身体の数だけほしがるよ 抜き取る数だけ満ちてゆくよ

UFO 浮かぶよ 膨らんで浮かぶのさ
宇宙に漂う幽霊船 星巡る环になってふくらむよ

UFO UFO 返して 仆の
UFO UFO 返して 仆の





I know the youtube algorithm can be quite shit, but recently with all the new lowish view video recommendations you can find some real nice gems. Like this one I found as a newly uploaded -Topic song




For some reason I have an inexplicable desire to go back and watch some pre-2000s anime.


It's weird how foreign Old English sounds. Wonder if German anon can make any sense of it.


Version without the ad.



my daughter is really cute


in a parallel world, this song is an anime OP.


Bossa Nova can be good even if it's not Touhou.


I agree


PoE is great for listening to music




open the door
get on the floor


Wehrmacht denpa.


I vibe



Love Denonbu


Love this song, thanks Daicon IV.


new Akeboshi Rockets song!



I don't know why this song is so powerful in drawing emotion from me, those first 30 seconds, damn. I don't even have that much nostalgia for Fable, it's one of my favorites but I played it in my late teens, so it's not like I have that much nostalgia for it.


Finally found a Miku song I've been searching for, for a few years. I had it on an old laptop still.


U.N Owen was her but phonk, the song is geniunely a great masterpiece https://youtu.be/5FPtE1C2b2c?feature=shared


shit, i fucked up the link, apologies



Wonder if there'll ever be another scene with as much doujin material as it.


With the amount of art its getting. Blue Archive has a chance. Voiceroid also has a very active doujin scene


Thread's about to hit bump limit....


The courage to post Western music.


Lunch theme.


My older brother liked to play this NBA game on Genesis and although I didn't like the game, I remember liking the title theme.
Ah, the legendary Master System/Genesis sound chip



party niiiiight
mochimochi zunda nodadadada

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