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File:EgJt-DsUMAM20Sk.png (276.73 KB,1230x1739)



File:rinechun_s_blonde_dog_girl….jpg (229.09 KB,600x700)

who isn't!


File:Lolicon(CUnet)(noise_scale….png (553.03 KB,786x558)


I'm really proud of kissu.


File:Gumi - Rampaging Lolitahol….mp4 (21.43 MB,640x356)

Rampaging lolitaholic


I had recently noticed on /ec/ that more petite looking girls tend to get posted and get more likes on images there. I was going to make a post about it to discuss but I guess this clarifies my observation.


I only really like dickgirls, but sometimes they're in a loli-like form I guess? It's not my preference, though


watcha talking bout
cow posters are way more active


doesn't mean that people exclusively fap to loli though, I answered yes and I don't


Is it truly the quantity that matters, or is it the quality.


quantity has a quality all of its own


I am not a lolicon, quite dislike the stuff. But don't tell anyone here! I don't want to get stuffed in a locker!


Get in the locker, dork!


I bet all the four non-lolicon votes were from you!


File:mayo.jpg (223.85 KB,1199x899)

Lolicon, siscon, mamacon, cutecon. I don't care as long as it's cute.


File:079ae302a01c0fc46191595b2….jpeg (313.73 KB,1280x1450)

Tried to vote "yes", but it seems that I already did...


File:file.png (1.14 MB,850x1181)

I'm not exclusive & don't mind standard loli
But giant mature big boobers are more appealing 2bh


voted on my own poll again


depends on whos askin


man who ISN'T?!

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